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Lasell Leaves 


Member of American Alumnae Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 


First Vice-President: 
Second Vice-President: 
Recording Secretary: 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Lillian Reese Roche '50 (Mrs. Paul H.) 
108 Pearson Rd., Somerville (MO 6-5712) 

Muriel Ross Benshimol '46 (Mrs. Richard) 
175 Summer Ave., Reading (RE 2-2093) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (CE 5-3615) 

Corresponding Secretary: Lillian Feneley Cooley '45 (Mrs. Duane S.) 
3 Garden Road, Concord (EM 9-3876) 

Treasurer : 

Assistant Treasurer: 

Alumnae Fund 
Chairman : 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

37 Frederick St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G. ) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale (LA 7-3071) 

Alumnae Clubs Advisor: Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 

41 Brentwood Dr., Holden (Pleasant 6-3015) 

Scholarship Committee 
Chairman : 


Alumnae Secretary: 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 (Mrs. L. P.) 

Box 854, New Hampton, N.H. (Bristol 4-2210) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 

15 Miles Dr., Quincy (GR 9-7198) 

Elaine Towne Batson '43 (Mrs. R. R.) 

749 Commonwealth Ave., Warwick, R.I. 

(Regent 7-5540) 
Betty Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F. M., Jr.) 
52 Brewster Ave., Braintree Highlands (VI 3-5097) 
Elizabeth Sleight Dexter '53 (Mrs. C. G.) 
Trim Town Rd., North Scituate, R.I. 

(Niagara 7-5321) 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 


Editor: Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Assistant: Marguerite S. Merrill 





NO. 1 


Commencement Awards 2 

On the Campus 3 

New Faces on the Campus 4 

Faculty and Administration 6 

Lasell Alumnae, Inc 8 

Club News 12 

Class News 16 



Cover: Dr. and Mrs. Packard entertain officers of Executive Council. L. to r. Secretary 
Marilyn Senior, President Lynn Flusser, Treasurer Ellen Smith and Vice-President 
Linda Chiaramonte. All are members of the Class of I960. 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 



1959 Jacket Winners 
Melisse Jenkins and Nancylee Rotman 

Class Nite Exercises on Saturday, 
June 6, 1959 were held on the Recrea- 
tion Field, and the highlight of the 
evening was the announcement of the 
top-ranking Seniors and Jacket Win- 

Graduated with "Highest Honors" 
were Joan Conradi, Gladys Oro, Anna 
Natsis, Linda Dazley and Linda Bailey. 
Named for "Honors" were Carole 
Grieve, Jean Alesio, Celeste Brodeur, 
Dorothy Fantoni, Betsy Coulson and 
Sharon Deiml. 

Jackets were awarded to Melisse Jen- 
kins and Nancy Rotman, chosen as 
"representative Lasell girls" by a com- 
mittee of students and faculty. 

Earlier in the program the Athletic 
Shield was presented to Ann Brown, 
1959's leader of the Blue Team. Mem 
bers of the winning crew, "Senior 
Stripes", each received a letter "L". 

Carol Anderten and Nancy Gotz were 
the co-captains of the crew comprised 
of Sally Bridger, Catherine Carver, 
Joanne Curtis, Joanne King, Barbara 
Lewis, Nancy Lincoln, Carol MacLeod, 
Brenda Miller, Nancy Rotman, Judith 
Sherman, Judith Sias and Mary Beth 

A gold Lamp pin is awarded to a 
student who has won her major "L" 
in three or more sports during the two 
years at Lasell. Recipients included 
Katharina Decas, Donna Grover, 
Katherine Moore and Anna Natsis. 

The traditional Foods and Clothing 
awards are made at the Senior Class 
Banquet, held this year on May 21st 
at Winslow Hall. Priscilla Williams 
won first prize in Foods and Marilyn 
Miller ranked second. The gold thim- 
ble was awarded to Christine Waible, 
and the silver thimble to Dorothy 



Third Graduation Exercises 

Nursing Program 

Wednesday evening, September 30, 

Dr. Richard M. Packard, Speaker Rita 
Kelleher, dean of Boston College 
School of Nursing, Barbara Johnson, 
Millicent Carlson, Judith Kaufman. 
Second row: B. Meade Simpson, Sandra 
Brideau, Carolyn Reid and Vivian 
Spooner Wass 

Not least among the innovations 
which marked the opening of Lasell's 
109th session is the fact that the presi- 
dent's home, or the "White House" as 
it has come to be known, served as the 
center for varied social events of the 
opening week. Most elaborate of the 
affairs scheduled was the gala open 
house on Saturday evening, September 
19, when Dr. and Mrs. Packard were 
hosts to 700 members of the student 
body and the faculty. In view of the 
numbers involved, the facilities of the 
spacious residence were supplemented 
by an outdoor tent, pitched on the 
adjoining lawn and decorated with 
Japanese lanterns. 

On Wednesday evening, the 16th, 
Dr. and Mrs. Packard entertained the 
college administration, staff, faculty and 
resident heads for dessert and coffee. 
The previous Thursday they entertained 
the rest of the large college family. 
Occasion was a mid-morning coffee 
break, at which time the kitchen staff, 
all members of the housekeeping depart- 
ment and the maintenance crews were 
invited to meet the Packard family and 

tour the newly decorated White House. 
Following the graduation exercises 
of the third annual Nursing Program, 
there was a reception at the president's 
home for the graduates, their families 
and the other students currently in the 
Nursing curriculum. 

The Lasell campus, traditionally al- 
most a ghost town during the summer 
months, teemed with people this past 
vacation as four large groups made use 
of the college facilities for national and 
regional conferences during June and 
and July. The season opened with the 
annual national meeting of the 
Women's International League for 
Peace and Freedom from June 16 to 
22. Attended by more than 150 dele- 
gates from 20 states, Canada, Israel 
and South America, the League heard 
a series of distinguished speakers, in- 
cluding Dr. Karl Sax, professor of 
biology at Harvard; Dr. A. Paul Hare 
of the department of social relations 
at Harvard; and Professor Emile 
Benoit of Columbia University. 

From June 23 to 29 the Quakers 
of New England assembled on campus 
to hold their 299th annual meeting. 
More than 300 members of the Society 
of Friends were present for devotional 
services, panels, and lectures. 

The Northern New England annual 
Y-Teen conference followed from June 
29 to July 3. Organized under the 
sponsorship of the YWCA, the five- 
day meeting was attended by approxi- 
mately 125 girl delegates. 

The final conference was an annual 
leadership training school conducted by 
the United Presbyterian Church, Synod 
of New England and the Board of 
Christian Education of the United 
Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. 
Courses and laboratory experiences 
were arranged for church leaders on 
all levels and were held at Lasell from 
July 12 to 18. 



Mrs. Frances Johnson 

Mrs. Frances W. Johnson, newly 
appointed Assistant Academic Dean, 
has already won the respect of both her 
colleagues and her advisees by the rapid- 
ity of her grasp of Lasell affairs and 
her helpfulness in coping with the 
kind of problems Lasell girls specialize 
in. This flair for coping has been the 
determining factor in Mrs. Johnson's 
career to date, and she brings to Lasell 
a rich background in guidance and 
counseling experience which dates from 
her graduation from college. 

A native of Torrington, Conn., and 
a graduate of Torrington High School, 
Mrs. Johnson did her undergraduate 
work at Connecticut College for Women, 
from which she received her B. A. 
degree in 1953. Her marriage to a 
medical student doing his work at the 
University of Colorado and at Stan- 
ford took her to the West, and she 
embarked on graduate work in the 
area of educational guidance at Colo- 
rado College in Colorado Springs, with 
interludes of related course work and 
counseling at the University of Colorado 
along the way. In 1956 Mrs. Johnson 
received her M. A. degree from Colo- 
rado College in her chosen field. 

That same year she enrolled for 

postgraduate work in guidance at San 
Francisco State College where, while 
still a student, she was named to the 
faculty committee which initiated the 
first guidance program at the huge 
South San Francisco High School. 

A tireless scholar, Mrs. Johnson's 
deep convictions about the education 
of young women are inspiring to hear 
about, and it is reassuring to know that 
they come from the heart and that she 
worked her own way completely 
through college and graduate school, 
even managing by virtue of attending 
two colleges and holding down three 
jobs simultaneously for one brief period 
to help her young doctor as well. And 
all this with honor grades which made 
it possible for her to be a four-year 
recipient of one of the coveted Swayze 
Scholarships at Connecticut College for 

Miss Marguerite M. Barrett of Need- 
ham, Mass., has been named one of 
three new instructors in the Art Depart- 
ment. Her associate is Mrs. Ann V. 
Cuneo of Boston, and they both hold 
the degree of B. S. in Art Education 
from the Massachusetts School of Art. 
Miss Amelia J. Terrazano of Avon, 
Mass. comes to Lasell straight from a 
career in professional commercial art, 
in which she has had experience in 
the fields of advertising and newspaper 
fashion illustration. 

Two new members of the Secretarial 
Department are Miss Margaret S. 
Ford of Bailey Island, Maine and Miss 
Mary Jo Sweeney of Peabody, Mass. 
Miss Ford, a graduate of the College 
of William and Mary, holds the M. Ed. 
degree from Boston University. Miss 
Sweeney received the B. S. in Ed. degree 
from State Teachers College. 

Mr. Charles W. Fielder comes to 
the History Department as a replace- 


ment for Dr. Packard. A native of 
North Dakota, Mr. Fielder was edu- 
cated at the U. S. Naval Academy at 
Annapolis and served in the last war 
as a naval aviator with the rank of 

New instructors in the English De- 
partment are Mr. Edward R. Lawson, 
Jr. and Mr. Kenneth Matheson. Mr. 
Lawson has attended Rutgers Univer- 
sity, and holds both the A. A. degree 
from the College of General Education 
and the B. A. degree from the College 
of Liberal Arts of Boston University, 
where he is currently completing the 
requirements for his Master's degree. 
Mr. Matheson, also a Boston University 
man, holds the Bachelor's degree from 
the College of Liberal Arts and Mas- 
ter's from the Graduate School. He is 
a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and of 
the B. U. Alumni Corp., of which he 
once served as vice-president. 

Mr. William K. Tinkham of Nan- 
tucket will also be associated with the 
History Department. A veteran of the 
second World War, Mr. Tinkham has 
studied at Oxford University, Boston 
University and the Harvard Graduate 
School of Arts and Sciences, where he 
is currently engaged in work leading 
to the Master's degree. 

Mr. Kenneth R. Whittemore of Nor- 
wood has been named a new instructor 
in Sociology. A graduate of St. Law- 
rence University, Mr. Whittemore has 
also studied at the Andover Newton 
Theological School and the Crane 
Theological School of Tufts University. 

Mrs. Bettina Hall Harrison of Win- 
chester will instruct in courses in Lab- 
oratory Technology and Microbiology 
in the Science Department. Mrs. Harri- 
son is no stranger to the campus, having 
taught here in 1940-41. She received 
the B. S. degree from the University 
of Massachusetts and the M. A. degree 
from Radcliffe College. 

Miss Florence Liston of Cambridge 
will assist Mrs. Ruth Lindquist in the 

Science Department. She has taught 
at Wellesley College, has been a teach- 
ing fellow at Harvard and is a member 
of the American Chemical Society, the 
American Association of Textile Chem- 
ists and Colorists, and the Harvard 
Teachers Association. 

Miss Lois D. Polley joins the Lasell 
faculty in the position of instructor in 
Fundamentals of Nursing. She is a 
graduate of the New England Baptist 
Hospital School of Nursing, and of 
Boston University, from which she re- 
ceived the B. S. degree in 1957. A 
member of the Army Air Force Nurse 
Corps, Miss Polley has also served as 
assistant instructor at both the Newton- 
Wellesley Hospital and the New Eng- 
land Baptist Hospital School of Nurs- 

Mrs. Dorothy S. Wadman, a substi- 
tute in the English Department last 
year, will devote her time exclusively 
to speech. Mrs. Wadman is a graduate 
of Simmons College and of Boston 
University Graduate School. Before 
coming to Lasell, Mrs. Wadman has 
taught on the faculties of Wheelock 
College and Newton Junior College. 

Mrs. Jane C. Wyman, a college 
neighbor on Woodland Road, now 
joins the faculty as an instructor in 
Child Development. 

New Assistant Librarian is Mrs. Rita 
P. Abbott of Sherborn. Mrs. Abbott, 
a graduate of the University of New 
Hampshire and of the Simmons Col- 
lege Graduate Library School. 

Among the seven new housemothers 
on campus to greet new and returning 
students are Miss Constance Blackstock 
'09, Mrs. Marion Miller, mother of 
Janet Miller Schmid '41, and Mrs. 
Ellen Miller, niece of the late Mrs. 
Statira P. McDonald. Miss Blackstock 
has returned to Clark Cottage, Mrs. 
Marion Miller has been assigned to 
Hawthorne House, and Mrs. Ellen Mil- 
ler is at Blaisdell. 



Election of three new members to 
Lasell's Board of Trustees was an- 
nounced in July. They are Dr. Donald 
J. Winslow of Auburndale, Dr. Den- 
ton G. Nutter of Newton Centre and 
Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 of Au- 

Dr. Winslow, younger son of the 
late ' Dr. and Mrs. Guy M. Wins- 
low, holds B.S. and M.A. degrees from 
Tufts University and Ph.D. from Bos- 
ton University, where he is chairman 
of the English Department. He is a 
member of Phi Beta Kappa, The 
Modern Language Association, The 
National Council of Teachers of Eng- 
lish and The College English Asso- 

Dr. Nutter is the husband of Mil- 
dred Strain Nutter '17 and father of 
Marion Nutter Bredehoft '55. A 
graduate of Harvard College and Har- 
vard Medical School, Dr. Nutter has 
maintained a general medical practice 
in Newton Centre for forty years and 
is an emeritus member of the surgical 
staff of the Newton-Wellesley Hospi- 

"Tap", a past president of Lasell 
Alumnae, Inc., is secretary of the Class 
of 1937 and has served as class agent 
chairman since 1952. 

Dr. Egon E. Kattwinkel, chief cardi- 
ologist at the Newton-Wellesley Hos- 
pital, has been elected president of the 
Greater Boston Chapter of the Massa- 
chusetts Heart Association. Dr. Katt- 
winkel is a Trustee of the College. 

Commencement at Lasell always 
seems incomplete without the presence 
of Mrs. Alice Hilliard Smith Corbin, 
trustee and former faculty member. 
Barbara Smith Huntington '23 reports 
that her mother met with a most un- 
fortunate accident, resulting in a bro- 
ken right shoulder, while on her way 
to Auburndale last May. Mrs. Corbin, 
driving north with Mary Godard 
Hadley x-'23, stopped for luncheon in 

Shreveport, La., and fell in the lobby 
of one of the local hotels. The latest 
word reports her fast and complete 

Frances King Dolley (Fac. '08-' 17) 
is "delighted to know my grand-niece, 
Betty Nevin, has been accepted at 
Lasell for September 1959. Do hope 
this year will bring a return to the 
college for me." 

Dorothy E. Shank (Fac. '12-'20) and 
two co-authors have completed the 
manuscript of a textbook on Foods 
and Nutrition. Miss Shank writes: "It 
will be published late in I960 or early 
1961 and will be for senior high 
school use. The trend now is to illus- 
trate textbooks profusely so getting 
photographs that are suitable and try- 
ing to think of ideas for drawings and 
working with the artist who executes 
these ideas are almost as much work as 
writing the copy. Have recently lec- 
tured to Ohio dietitians about elec- 
tronic cooking in hospitals and have 
done some consultant work for a com- 
pany that makes mobile kitchens. 
There aren't many dull moments, and 
I am inclined to agree with one of my 
retired friends: 'Retirement is fun if 
you have time for it.' " 

"Retirement" Tea 
May 28, 1959 

Miss Elsie Cook, Miss Hallie MacAr- 

thur, Mrs. Elise Jewett and Mrs. Maida 



Kay Menges Brick (Fac. '32-'36) 
was one of the 125 women pilots par- 
ticipating in the "Powder Puff Derby" 
on the Fourth of July weekend. Mrs. 
Brick's co-pilot in the 13th All Wom- 
en's Transcontinental Air Race was 
artist Marion Lopez of Norton, Mass. 

In May Elizabeth Swaney Parella 
(Fac. '48-'52) won a working fellow- 
ship in a national contest sponsored by 
the Vogue Pattern Service of New 
York City. Vogue chose a high school 
teacher and a college instructor in 
home economics to serve as associate 
editors for six weeks this summer, and 
Mrs. Parella was the winning high 
school teacher. Her duties with Vogue 
included one week in Greenwich with 
Conde Nast Publications, where the 
patterns are made, and the remainder 
of the time in the New York office. 
For the past four years Betty has been 
the home economics teacher for both 
the junior and senior high schools of 
Newtown, Conn. During that time 
she developed the department in all 
phases — sewing, clothes designing, 
cooking and homemaking — to the 
point where the Newtown school sys- 
tem has gained a reputation for having 
one of the best courses in homemak- 
ing. In September Mrs. Parella was 
appointed head of the home economics 
department in the new Easton-Red- 
ding Regional School. 

Miss Jane Stonberg, instructor in 
Psychology since 1958, became the 
bride of Herbert Rakatansky on June 
14, 1959. A graduate of Brown Uni- 

versity, he is in his fourth year at 
Tufts University School of Medicine. 

Former Bursar Miss Muriel A. Lan- 
dau has been appointed assistant treas- 
urer of Bradford Junior College. Miss 
Landau and Virginia Tribou (Fac- 
'36- ) have moved to a new apart- 
ment at 3 University Avenue, Burling- 
ton, Mass. 

Dr. James M. Moulton is acting 
chairman of the Department of Biolo- 
gy at Bowdoin College for this college 
year. Dr. Moulton is the husband of 
Hope Kibbe (Fac. '43-'49). 

Jacob Edwards, son of Helen W. 
Peirce of the English Department, is 
now assistant director of admissions at 
Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 

One of the ten graduate winners of 
travelling scholarships for study over- 
seas, awarded by the Boston Museum 
School of Fine Arts, was granted to 
Edward Praczukowski. He and his 
wife, the former Anne Malone (Fac. 
'55-'59) are now in Europe. 

The College extends sympathy to 
Miss Elinor Hoag and to Mrs. Mar- 
garet French, members of the English 
Department. Miss Hoag's father, Mr. 
John B. Hoag, died in August at his 
summer home in Sandwich, N. H. Mr. 
Hoag was a retired principal of the 
Woburn (Mass.) School Department. 
Prof. Charles W. French, husband of 
Mrs. French, passed away on May 26, 
1959. He was professor-emeritus of 
modern languages at Boston Uni- 

Commencement Day — 1959 



Alumnae Day 1959 proved the most 
successful in Lasell's long history. 
Nearly 500 Alumnae returned to campus 
to join the reunion celebration. Alum- 
nae returned with husbands, Alumnae 
returned with children and Alumnae 
returned with Alumnae. This year 
initiated a new schedule for the re- 
unioning classes. 

The all-class luncheon, served "Under 
the Big Top" on the Recreation Field, 
highlighted the change of schedule, and 
evening parties were arranged by the 
individual classes. The day began with 
registration and morning coffee at 
Plummer Library, and President Doro- 
thy Mosher Stone '42 called the annual 
meeting to order at 11:30 a.m. in 
Rand Lecture Hall. Shirley Gould 
Chesebro '33 read the minutes of the 
1958 meeting, and Ruth Turner Crosby 
'42 gave the treasurer's report. 

President Stone announced the final 
receipts of the 1958-1959 Alumnae 
Fund campaign, and reviewed the vari- 
ous activities of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 
She told of the American Alumni Coun- 
cil meetings, held in January at the 
University of Massachusetts, attended 
by herself, Elizabeth Harrington Logan 
'49, Marjorie MacOymon '32, and Mr. 
Robert K. Brandriff, newly appointed 
Director of the Alumnae Fund. Dodie 
read the names of the returning stu- 
dents to whom substantial scholarships 
for 1959-60 had been granted. She 
mentioned particularly our Alumnae 
clubs which had participated in the suc- 
cessful sale of Christmas wrapping 
paper, the profit of which is credited 
to The Alumnae "Scholarship Fund. 

Ilene Derick Whelpley '41, chair- 
man of the Nominating Committee, 
announced the following slate of officers 
of the Board of Management for the 

coming year: President, Elizabeth Har- 
rington Logan '49; 1st Vice President, 
Lillian Reese Roche '50, 2d Vice Presi- 
dent, Muriel Ross Benshimol '46, Re- 
cording Secretary, Priscilla Parmenter 
Madden '37, Corresponding Secretary, 
Lillian Feneley Cooley '45, Treasurer, 
Ruth Turner Crosby '42, Assistant 
Treasurer, Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36, 
Alumnae Clubs Advisor, Dorothy Inett 
Taylor '30, Alumnae Fund Chairman, 
Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 and Schol- 
arship Committee Chairman, Shirley 
Gould Chesebro '33. Directors include 
Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19, Antoinette 
Meritt Smith '43, Elaine Towne Bat- 
son '43, Betty Williams McGowan '47 
and Elizabeth Sleight Dexter '53. The 
chairman of the Nominating Committee 
for 1960-61 officers is Dorrit Gegan 
Green '45, and her committee includes 
Lorraine Anderson Crabtree '45 and 
Beverly Peterson Bentley '49. 

Re-elected to the Lasell Corporation 
for 1960-1964 were Marion Ordway 
Corley '11, Barbara Ordway Brewer 
'35 and Ruth Turner Crosby '42. 

Dodie then introduced incoming- 
president Elizabeth Harrington Logan 
and turned the meeting over to her. 
On behalf of the graduating class, 
President Joyce Smethurst '59 presented 
a check to Libby. The check to the 
Alumnae Fund automatically entitles 
each member of the Class of 1959 to 
membership in the Alumnae Associa- 
tion for one year. 

A roll call of classes followed and 
special recognition was given to several 
long-distance travelers. The meeting ad- 
journed with the singing of the Alma 

Respectfully submitted, 
Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 
Recording Secretary 






Balance in Bank May 31, 1958 " $ 4,993.29 

Regular Contributions 11,908.32 

Christmas Paper Project Payments 538.60 

Alumnae Supper Receipts 133.88 

TOTAL INCOME $17,574.09 


Leaves : 

Printing and Mailing of May Issue ('58) 1,357.11 

Printing and Mailing of Fund Issue 1,241.89 

Printing and Mailing of February Issue 1,482.13 

Printing and Mailing of May Issue ('59) 2,282.84 


Agents' Business: 

8500 contribution envelopes and 10,000 letterheads 250.95 

5500 reminders — Postcards 57.50 

A$ stamped envelopes 856.99 

5500 \4 stamps 55.00 

Calendars 70.00 

Office Expenses : 

Clerical Expense 152.50 



Council Expenses : 

A AC Dues 55.00 

Expenses for (3) to District I Conference 90.00 

Expenses to Lasell Alumnae Council for (2) 99.82 

Lasell Alumnae Council Expenses 28.51 


Christmas Paper 715.00 

Freight on Christmas Paper 4.35 



Miscellaneous : 

330 postcards 6.60 

Bonding Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer 37.50 

File Report to Commonwealth of Massachusetts 3.00 

Safety Deposit Rental 6.60 

Bank Service Charges 17.02 

Telephone calls and postage for Treasurer 10.00 

100 I4 stamps for Secretary 1.00 

Petty cash for Alumnae Office 10.00 

Check Charges .48 

1/4 Page ad for Lasell Lamp 15.00 




Transferred to General Savings Account 5,000.00 
Transferred to Scholarship Fund 98.80 

Returned Check 5 00 



BALANCE ON HAND 5/31/59 3,563.50 

Balance on Hand 5/31/59 in Newton Waltham Trust Co. 3,563.50 


General Fund 

Balance in Newton Savings Bank, May 31, 1958 
Add: Interest 

Transferred from General Fund 
Checking Account 

U. S. Savings Bond Cashed 

Gifts from Clubs 

Deduct: Gift to Lasell Junior College 

Balance in Newton Savings Bank 5/31/59 

U. S. Savings Bonds, redemption value 5/31/59 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank, 5 shares 

BALANCE ON HAND 5/31/59 $10,965.88 

Building Fund 

Balance Newton Savings Bank, May 31, 1958 $10,495.50 

Add: Interest 242.31 

Gifts from Clubs 448.00 








Deduct: Gift to Lasell Junior College 10,000.00 

Interest on loan 77.78 



Balance in Newton Savings Bank Building Fund 5/31/59 1,108.03 

Scholarship Fund 

Balance in West Newton Savings Bank 

May 31, 1958- 3,749.32 

Add: Interest 90.58 

Cooperative Banks' Dividends 65.63 

Gifts from Clubs 913-56 

Deduct: Payment to Lasell Junior College 

for 5 scholarships 1,500.00 





Balance in West Newton Savings Bank 5/31/59 
Needham Cooperative Bank, 5 shares 

BALANCE 5/31/59 


$ 4,319.09 


General Fund Checking Account 
General Fund Savings Account 
Building Fund 
Scholarship Fund 

TOTAL 5/31/59 

S 3,563.50 




$ 19,956.50 


Newton- Waltham Bank & Trust Co. (Check Acct.) 

Newton Savings Bank (General Fund) 

Newton Savings Bank (Building Fund) 

"West Newton Savings Bank (Scholarship Fund) 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank, 5 shares (Gen. Fd.) 

Needham Cooperative Bank, 5 shares (Schol. Fd.) 

U. S. Savings Bonds 

TOTAL 5/31/59 

$ 3,563.50 

$ 19,956.50 
Noel Martinson, Treasurer 

1959 June Queen and Attendants 

L to r. Brenda Moors '59, Judith Robinson '59, Queen Frances Lembo '59, Marina 

Kokxhoorn '60, Joan Conradi '59 and Elizabeth Fager '60. Crownbearer is 

Pamela Logan, daughter of Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49. 





Mrs. William J. Dunne 
(Sheila McLaughlin x-'54), President 
250 Welch's Point Rd., Milford, Conn. 

Mrs. James E. Kenney, Jr. 

(Sara Parsons '48), Secretary 

3000 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, Conn. 

The annual supper meeting was held on 
April 21st at the Trumbull home of Sally 
Taylor Murray '49. Twenty-two members 
were in attendance and our special guests 
were Miss Muriel McClelland and Miss Mar- 
jorie MacClymon '32. The two Miss Mac's 
brought us up-to-date with the campus news 
and everyone enjoyed the colored movies of 
recent college activities. The Club presented 
Miss MacClymon with a check for the Alum- 
nae Building Fund. 

Ann Tucker conducted a short business 
meeting before the movies. The reports were 
read and Ann announced that the May meet- 
ing, on the 21st, would be at the home of 
Betty Yeuell Collins. Ann also read a 
letter from the New Haven Club suggesting 
a joint meeting. Eunice Stack O'Connor 
offered her home in Milford for an early 
fall combined meeting. 

Present at the April meeting: Betty 
Yeuell Collins '38, Sally Warner O'Such 
'55, Shirley Pike '55, Charlotte Gilman Ken- 
nedy '49, Sara Parsons Kenney '48, Janice 
Weyls Moore '51, Priscilla Freeman Mc- 
Cartney '51, Betty Lyman Zsiga '29, Sheila 
McLaughlin Dunne x-'54, Barbara Watts 
Rubino '54, Marguerite Slade Bolland x-'18, 
Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor '25, Lorrayne 
Hron Hulton '44, Ann Robertson Miller 
'37, Doris Eitapence MacDonald, HS '25- 
'26, Harriet Smith Rawson '33, Frances 
Stephan Howells '38, Eunice Stack O'Con- 
nor '31, Ann Louise Tucker '56, Judy St. 
John Peterson '50 and Sally Taylor Murray 

Mrs. Raymond Rung of Michael's Jewelry 
Store in Bridgeport was our guest speaker on 
May 2 1 at the Fairfield home of Betty Yeuell 
Collins. Mrs. Rung demonstrated flower and 
table arrangements and it was a most en- 
joyable evening. 

At the business meeting it was announced 
that the June tea would be held on the 23rd. 
The Club officers for 1959-60 were elected at 
this time also. Sheila McLaughlin Dunne x- 
'54 will be president, Sally Warner O'Such 
'55, vice-president, Sara Parsons Kenney '48, 
secretary and Betty Yeuell Collins '38, 

Attending the May meeting: Frances 
Stephan Howells '38, Lorrayne Hron Hulton 

'44, Betty Yeuell Collins '38, Betty Lyman 
Zsiga '2.9, Sally Taylor Murray '49, Barbara 
Watts Rubino '54, Elizabeth Oppel Morris 
'26, Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor '25, Janice 
Weyls Moore '51, Shirley Pike '55, Sally 
Warner O'Such '55, Sheila McLaughlin 
Dunne x-'54, Margo Miller '59, Ann Louise 
Tucker '56 and Judy St. John Peterson '50. 
Frances Stephan Howells '38 was hostess 
for the June Tea at her home in Fairfield. 
The party was well attended by club mem- 
bers, present-day students and prospectives. 


Mrs. Donald Osborne 

(Theresa Thompson '22), President 

3 Church Street, Belfast, Maine 

Mrs. Ralph Thompson 

(Mary Lou Weymouth '22), Secretary 

33 Miller Street, Belfast, Maine 

The Eastern Maine Club held a luncheon 
meeting on June 11, 1959 at the Tarratine 
Club in Bangor. Following luncheon the re- 
ports of the secretary and treasurer were read 
and approved. The Nominating Committee 
submitted a slate of officers for a term of 
two years and the following were elected: 
President, Theresa Thompson Osborne '22, 
Vice President, Janis Huston Mountain '53, 
and Secretary Mary Weymouth Thompson 

Following the election the new president 
asked for ideas for increasing membership 
and interest in the club and suggested that 
those present try to contact inactive and po- 
tential new members and get together in 
small sub-area groups in the interim between 
the two regular luncheons held in June and 

It was decided to have the fall meeting on 
Tuesday, October 6, 1959 at the Home Port 
Restaurant in Searsport. 

Theresa Thompson Osborne reported that 
she had made several pleasant calls on Miss 
Maude Mathews '89 who resides in Belfast 
and is one of the oldest living graduates of 
Lasell. A greeting card was signed by all 
present and taken to Miss Mathews. 

Attention: North Shore Residents 

Greater Boston Area Alumnae 
Interested in a local club division??? 


Diane Palady Barry '49 (Mrs. J. M.) 

4 Woodland Drive, North Reading 

(North Reading 4-2083) 




Mrs. Elmer Ring 

(Gertrude Hooper '32), President 

South Freeport, Maine 

Mrs. Charles R. Baker 

(Nancy Pryor '50), Secretary 

South Freeport, Maine 

Josephine Angelo Hurd x-'30 opened her 
Portland home on June 18, 1959 for the 
June meeting of Lasell Alumnae. Ruth 
Peterson x-'32 fashioned gorgeous floral 
centerpieces on each dining table of rare 
single white peony blossoms with smaller 
flowers that harmonized with Mrs. Hurd's 
Spode and Meissen place settings. 

A business meeting conducted by President 
Lillian Morong Wilson x-'24 followed a 
buffet luncheon. It was voted that we now 
call our club "The Lasell Junior College 
Club of Southern Maine", for we have alum- 
nae from all sections of the area. Agents 
were named in each town to simplify notify- 
ing the members of future meetings. Tenta- 
tive plans were made for a joint summer get- 
together with the Eastern Maine Club. A 
round of applause was given Lillian Morong 
Wilson for her wonderful work as president 
during the past year. She has worked very 
hard to establish an active group . and her 
efforts have been very rewarding. 

New officers were presented: President, 
Gertrude Hooper Ring '32, Vice President, 
Flora Harrison Clifford x-'19, Secretary, 
Nancy Pryor Baker '50 and Treasurer, Hen- 
rietta Sharpe Smith '45. 

Attending the June meeting: Florence 
Merritt Baker '24, Maxine Mann Bancroft 
'40, Flora Harrison Clifford x-'19, Frances 
Coombs '19, Elizabeth Tarr Benton '22, 
Dorothy Frost Frost x-'ll, Shirley Olesen 
Somes '49, Gertrude Hooper Ring '32, Lor- 
raine Lombard Roberts '31, Helen Sanborn 
Rowe '20, Lillian Morong Wilson x-'24, 
Josephine Angelo Hurd x-'30, Nancy Pryor 
Baker '50, Pauline Pulsifer Worth '27, Eliza- 
beth Laughlin Wadsworth x-'22, Ruth Peter- 
son x-'32 and Marcia Fogg Roberts '14. Our 
guests included Mrs. Gerald Clifford, Jr. and 
three prospective students, Irene Tuttle, Judy 
Broggi and Donna Skillings. 


Mrs. Arthur Beever 

(Diane Heath '49), President 

620 Chestnut St., Manchester, N. H. 

Joan M. Bates '58, Secretary-Treas. 
Purgatory Road, Mount Vernon, N. H. 

The annual spring meeting was held at 
the Highway Hotel in Concord on Saturday, 

May 2, 1959. Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. 
Packard were guests of the Club at this meet- 
ing. Dr. Packard gave an up-to-date report 
of the college program. 

At the business meeting, conducted by 
Diane Heath Beever '49, it was voted to 
raise the annual dues to $2.00, and the mem- 
bers were in favor of participating in the 
Christmas Wrapping Paper project for the 
coming year. Camie Porter Morison '40 and 
Jane Upton Perkins '47 gave an enthusiastic 
report of the Annual Alumnae Council Meet- 
ings at Lasell. 

The fall meeting is scheduled for October 
3 at The Manchester Country Club. 

Present at the May meeting were: Dr. and 
Mrs. Packard, Lois Hutchinson '51, Camie 
Porter Morison '40, June Smith Noreen '48, 
Diane Heath Beever '49, Julia Parker Haas 
'49, Dorothea Africa '12, Betty MacEwen 
House '46, Dorothy Piper Bottalico '45, 
Marylin Sargent Babineau '50, Jane Upton 
Perkins '47, Marion Stevens x-'13, Joan 
Bates '58, Clara Parker Colby '12 and Bar- 
bara Rockwell Tweddle '42. 


Mrs. John A. Kroner, Jr. 

(Naomi Peck '52), President 

99 Chipman Drive, Cheshire, Conn. 

Mrs. David H. Rogers 

(Audrey Silver '55), Secretary 

41 Thorpe St., North Haven, Conn. 

The New Haven Club held its annual din- 
ner on May 13, 1959 at the Race Brook 
Country Club. Guest speaker was Marjorie 
MacClymon '32, Alumnae Secretary. Out- 
going president, Joan Murano '55 announced 
the new officers for the coming year: Presi- 
dent, Naomi Peck Kroner '52, Vice Presi- 
dent, Sally Visel Hayes '55, Secretary, Au- 
drey Silver Rogers '55, and Treasurer, Carol 
Merwin Robinson '55. 


Janet Holmes '55, President 
3875 Waldo Ave., Riverdale, N. Y. 

Sally Munns '55, Secretary 
603 Shippan Ave., Stamford, Conn. 

The Greater New York Club entertained 
eight Freshmen and their mothers at a tea on 
Saturday, September 12, 1959 at the home 
of Frances Angel Levenson '22. The Long 
Island Division plans a luncheon the latter 
part of October. Joanne Monahan Garrity 
'51 is serving as chairman of that group. 




Helen W. ROBSON '24, President 
507 South 42d St., Philadelphia, Penna. 

Mrs. James Graham 

(Louise Crank x-'53), Rec. Secy. 

403 Country Lane, Narberth, Penna. 

The annual spring meeting of the Phila- 
delphia-South Jersey Club was held on April 
11, 1959 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 
After, a delicious luncheon, Helen Robson 
conducted a short business meeting. It was 
voted to send an advertisement for the 1959 
Lamp, and to send attractive peasant-doll pin 
cushions for the Alumnae June Table. 

Following the meeting, the girls enjoyed 
a tour of the Museum's displays. Present 
were: Helen Robson '24, Anna G. Wood x- 
'18, Jane E. Gray '29, Lois McLucas Martin 
'48, Marguerite Mcllvain Ricker x-'29, Jo 
Holbrook Metzger '22, Jennie Hamilton 
Eliason '04, Lynn Metzger Pharo '45, Shir- 
ley Gibbons San Soucie '53, Jacquelyn 
Word Stallings '49, Emily A. Clemens x-'03, 
and Isabella C. Clemens '01. 


Mrs. James N. Ferguson III 

(Nancy Chase '53), President 

Cobble Hill Rd., Lincoln, R. I. 

Mrs. Georgianna Lawrence 

(Georgianna Taber HS '33-'35), Rec. Secy. 

Box 442, Taunton, Mass. 

A resume of the Club's 1958-59 program: 
Twenty-eight members and nine freshmen at- 
tended the September Coffee Hour at the 
Plantation Club. At the October business 
meeting, held at the home of Carol Ann 
Cunningham '55, Christmas wrapping paper 
was distributed. Mrs. Allen Fine was our 
November guest speaker, and she discussed 
the Volunteer program at the Butler Health 
Center in Providence. Betty Lou Foy Reid 
'52 was hostess for the annual Christmas 
party, and Mary Quick Dean '14 invited the 
Club to her home for the January meeting. 
In February we met at the home of Dorothy 
Higson White '42 and enjoyed a demonstra- 
tion on the use of color co-ordination in 
home decorating. 

Joan Darelius Chirnside '53 and Betty 
Lou Foy Reid '52 were in charge of the food 
sale on February 14th at the Shephard Com- 
pany Store in Providence. The March busi- 
ness meeting was well attended at Marcia 
Corey Hansen's '42. "Living in Mexico" was 
the subject of an illustrated lecture by guest 
Mrs. Snyder at the Lincoln home of Nancy 
Chase Ferguson '53- The Lindsey Tavern was 
the scene of our annual May Banquet and we 

were delighted to have as our college guests, 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Packard. The final 
meeting of the year featured a Pot Luck 
supper and Chinese auction. Elaine Crook 
Berrell '53 was hostess for the June gather- 


Mrs. David Bird 

(M. Jeanne Meyer '48), President 

Box 184, R.F.D. #1, Vienna, Va. 

Edna Goodrich x-'33, Rec. Secy. 

Apt. 75, Alto Towers 

3206 Wisconsin Ave., N. W. 

Washington 16, D. C. 

President M. Jeanne Meyer Bird '48 pre- 
sided at the meeting held on March 12, 1959 
at the home of Priscilla Johnson Foltz '52. 

The minutes of the November meeting 
were read and approved, and the club's finan- 
cial status was reviewed. Edna Goodrich read 
correspondence received from Lasell regard- 
ing the interviewing of prospective students 
in this area by alumnae, and it was generally 
agreed that members would prefer advance 
notice of any calls to be received regarding 
such interviews. 

We learned through our President that 
Mr. Hugh Jenkins, speaker at our November 
meeting, will be glad to supply any further 
literature from the Foreign Students Service 
Council desired by members of our group. It 
was agreed to send a contribution to that 
organization and it was also suggested that 
any members who could do so would donate 
time to the Council. 

A new schedule of meetings was discussed 
and the following found favor with the 
majority: first week of October; first week of 
December; early March — business meeting; 
late April — a tea; and first week of June — 
a barbecue. 

It was a pleasure to have with us our 
former member, Ellen Grover MacVeigh 
'48, who with her husband has moved back 
to the Washington area; and to welcome a 
new member, Jean Watson Wetrich '46, 
recently moved from Bridgeport, Conn. 

Vice president Rosamond McCorkindale 
Blizard '45 announced the following commit- 
tee for the nomination of officers: Agnes 
Neu '39, Jeanne Meyer Bird and "Corky" 

Present at the meeting were: Jeanne Mey- 
er Bird, Rosamond McCorkindale Blizard, 
Pauline Philbrick Gritz '35, Edna M. Good- 
rich x-'33, Priscilla Johnson Foltz, M. Patri- 
cia Wilson '54, Agnes Neu, Jean Watson 
Wetrich, Charlotte Guptill Norcross x-'48, 
Ritamae Hinchliffe McCusker '38, Carol 
Weldon Leahy '51, Ellen Grover MacVeigh 
and Dorothy French Lally x-'42. 




Mrs. Lester Fontaine 

(Carolyn Powers '52), President 

641 Prospect St., East Longmeadow, Mass. 

Sandra C. Smith '56, Secretary 
195 Eton Road, Longmeadow, Mass. 

Eleanor Bradway Lammers '45 was chair- 
man of the annual luncheon meeting of 
the Western Massachusetts Club on May 23, 
1959 at the Storrowton Tavern, West Spring- 
field. Mr. Ben Snyder of the Springfield 
Symphony Orchestra was the guest speaker. 
The June picnic was held at the home of 
Virginia Bacon Hooper x-'34, and Carolyn 
Chapin Snyder '55 and Betty Carter Steele 
'47 were co-hostesses. 

Officers for the coming year include: 
President, Carolyn Powers Fontaine '52, Vice 
President, Dorothy Nickerson Tehan '44, 
Secretary, Sandra C. Smith '56 and Treas- 
urer, Joan Conley Eid '56. Chairmen of the 
committees are: Program, Midge Leary 
Hacker '47, Ways and Means, Barbara 
Baldwin Smith '50, Nominating, Carolyn 
Chapin Snyder '55, Telephone, Virginia 
Bacon Hooper x-'34 and Hospitality, Mari- 
lyn Ross '49. 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Packard will be 
our guests at the November 18th supper 


Mrs. William J. Graye 

(Ann Chupis x-'38), President 

295 Maple Ave., Shrewsbury, Mass. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Reney 
(Betty Scrimgeour x-'46), Cor. Secy. 
196 Moreland St., Worcester, Mass. 

Officers for the coming year are: Presi- 
dent, Ann Chupis Graye x-'38, Vice Presi- 
dent, Anne Borden Domey '54, Recording 

Student guests of The Worcester Club 
Plummer Library — April 16, 1959 

Secretary, Amelia Yankus White '41, Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Betty Scrimgeour Reney 
x-'46 and Treasurer, Eleanor Smith Cutting 
x-'28. Directors include Elizabeth McCarthy 
Ahaesy '53, Virginia Dostal Easterbrooks 
x-'4l and Frances E. Wright x-'17. 

The program of meetings scheduled for 
1959-60 is as follows: 

September: a cookout at the home of 
Martha Phillips Fearing '54. 

October: a book review by Mrs. Everett 
Oldham at the home of Elizabeth McCarthy 
Ahaesy '53. 

November: an auction at the home of 
Betty Scrimgeour Reney x-'46. 

December: annual Christmas party at the 
Huguenot Restaurant, '34 Elm Street, Wor- 

January and February: no meetings. 

March: a tour of the Craft Center in 

April: guest speaker, Phyllis Laws, interior 
decorator, at the home of Ann Chupis Graye 

May: dinner meeting at the Stockholm 
Restaurant, Worcester Municipal Airport. 




The Date is: April 1-2, I960 

Twelfth Annual Alumnae Council Meetings 

Plan To Be With Us 





Mira Sweet Hall received greeting cards 
from near and far and visits from relatives 
when she celebrated her 100th birthday on 
September 18, 1959. Mrs. Hall, a former 
Auburndale resident, attended the Seminary 
from 1874 to 1882. She is now living at a 
Buzzards Bay nursing home. 


In Memoriam: Sallie L. Hollingsworth 

Thompson '83-'89 of Evansville, Indiana in 
April 1959. 

Helen Staples Ellsworth '88-'89 of Du- 
buque, Iowa in May 1959. 

Nancy Boyce Van Gorder '87-"89 of Wil- 
loughby, Ohio on May 29, 1959. Mrs. Van 
Gorder's daughter, Jane Watterson, writes: 
"Mother was killed instantly in an auto- 
mobile accident. She had a wonderful life 
with many deep satisfactions — a life rich in 
service and strong in faith. She was well, 
active and alert to the end." 


Maude Mathews and her twin sister, Miss 
Mable Mathews, celebrated their 90th birth- 
day on April 1, 1959- The Misses Mathews 
were born in Belfast, Maine and have lived 
together in the home their father built in 
1875. Miss Mable spent winters in Boston 
while Maude was attending Lasell. After a 
trip to Europe they have lived almost con- 
stantly in Belfast, where they have been 
active in all civic affairs. 

Maude Mathews '89 with twin sister, 
Mabel, April 1, 1959 


In Memoriam: Josephine Chandler Pierce 
on August 13, 1959. Mrs. Pierce, a Maiden 
(Mass.) resident for eighty years, was 
prominent in charitable and civic work. 
Born at Charlestown, she was a daughter 
of John G. Chandler, owner of the Durgin 
Park Market Dining Halls and a prominent 
Maiden banker. Mrs. Pierce was an honor- 
ary member of the Maiden Old & New, a 
member of the Centre Methodist Church 
and the Maiden Hospital Ladies Aid. She 
served as life secretary of the Class of 1896 
and was a Trustee of the college from 1921 
to 1949. Mrs. Pierce was a member of the 
Executive Board of the Lasell Trustees from 
1922-1940. She is survived by a brother, 
Mr. Ernest Chandler of Maiden. 


Mrs. F. F. Lamson 

( Lena Josselyn ) , Secretary 

21 Water ston Rd., Newton, Mass. 


The Class of 1899 was not represented on 
campus in June, but several were with us in 
thoughts. Evelyn Ebert Allen wrote: "The 
60th Reunion of our class will be a very 
important occasion and I deeply regret I 
will not be able to attend. How the years 
have flown by ! And how dearly I cherish 
the memory of my happy days at Lasell and 
of the dear girls who were my classmates." 

And from Gertrude Watson Linscott: "I 
imagine few of my class will be at Lasell for 
I have had no word from those with whom I 
am in touch. Many at our ages find travelling 
very tiring. Do hope the weather is in good 
favor and my very best wishes for the con- 
tinued success of the college." 

M. Edith Prentice Knight suffered a bro- 
ken hip a few years ago and is now at The 
Methodist Home in Franklin, Indiana. She 
sent love and best wishes to all. 

Catherine Mason Prosser sent regrets and 
added: "The cordial invitation to attend the 
Commencement festivities as a guest of La- 
sell is very tempting, and I am sorry I cannot 
accept. It would give me great pleasure to 
see the many additions and improvements 
since our day." 


From California Mae Chisholm Brown 
writes: "Somewhat of a victim of arthritis, 
but far from a victim in outlook." 



Barbara Vail Bosworth '05 forwards a 
change of address for Grace Hardy: The 
Homestead Rest Home, 226 Main Street, 
Leominster, Mass. 


Mrs. Harry Carlow 

( Edith Anthony ) , Secretary 

60 Church Green, Taunton, Mass. 

Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06 had 
a most enjoyable May luncheon date with 
Julia Potter Schmidt in Evanston. 

Gertrude Graham Welsh was the guest 
of Fannie Dealey Decherd for the Metro- 
politan Opera season in Dallas last May. 
Annie Dealey Jackson added: "We Dealey 
girls — Fannie, Annie and Maidie (Moroney 
'14 ) always enjoy reminiscing about our 
Lasell days." 


Mrs. Clifton A. Hall 

(Charlotte Ryder), Secretary 

149 Cedar St., Bangor, Maine 


Needless to say, many times I have gone 
over in my mind the very enjoyable sojourn 
at Lasell in celebration of our 50th Reunion. 
It was so pleasant being together in Wood- 
land — but what a far cry from our days of 
1909. Maria Riker Hume, Louise Funk- 
houser Colegrove, Constance Blackstock and 
I were joined by Charlotte Ryder Hall '08 
for the memorable week end. 

We all came away feeling Lasell will 
continue to be the fine school it has always 
been and we are proud to be numbered 
among the Alumnae. We all hope for a 
good year ahead. 

Have listed below a bit of news from 
classmates who were unable to join us on 
June 6th: 

Annie Crowe Collum: As president of the 
alumnae of a Winnipeg school, could not be 
present at Lasell. Says she keeps alert by her 
interest in nieces and nephews. 
Frances Ebersole Hall: Sailed for Italy in 
May — one of many trips abroad. Four 
times a grandmother. 

Amanda Hexter Levy: Planning a trip to 
California with her fourteen-year-old grand- 
daughter. Also has three grandsons. Her 
address is The Highland Apts., 4217 Lamo 
Alto, Dallas, Texas. 

Edith Houghton Heckert: Still resides in 
Red Oak, Iowa, where her husband is in the 
printing business. Has three grandchildren. 

50th Reunion Group 

Dorothy Wells Seller: Health prevented her 
coming — a broken hip impairs her walking. 
Katherine H. Wheeler: Completing her 
second year of retirement from teaching 
music to retarded children in the public 
schools of St. Paul. Now enjoying her 
home, books and concerts. 

Edna Wald sent a friendly greeting to all 
via telegram, and notes of regrets from x- 
'09ers came from Elizabeth Robinson Breed, 
Louise W. Brown, Ada Wood Peterson and 
Mildred Woodbury Page. 



Mrs. George C. Dumas 

( Olive Bates ) , Secretary 

Box 216, Hanover, Mass. 

The Class extends sympathy to Josephine 
Woodward Rand, whose husband, Leon W. 
Rand, passed away April 15, 1959. Mr. 
Rand, a retired Boston wool merchant, was 
a graduate of Harvard College and during 
World War I served the government as a 
wool expert. The Rands have three sons, 
Capt. Woodbury Rand, stationed at Maguire 
Air Force Base in New Jersey, and James 
and Robert of Brookline. 

Marion Hale Bottomley, director of Vol- 
unteer Services at the Mary Fletcher Hospital, 
anticipated a busy summer with her "new 
pet project." Ninety teen-age girls were 
scheduled to join the Junior Group of Vol- 
unteer nurses' aides. 


Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

( Margaret Jones ) , Secretary 

26 Lilac Lane, Princeton, N. J. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Vera Bradley Findlay, who lost her husband 
and her older son within two weeks early 
this summer. Vera's only daughter is Fran- 
ces Findlay Douglass '35. 



Rose Baer Trexler x-'l6 supplies us with 
a new address for her sister, C. Elizabeth 
Baer Tracy x-Tl: 3615 Chevy Chase Lake 
Drive, Chevy Chase, Md. 


Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

( Clara Parker ) , Secretary 

8 High St., Goffstown, N. H. 


Mrs. A. L. Stirn 

( Mary Fenno ) , Secretary 

43 East Loop Rd., Dongan Hills 

Staten Island, N. Y. 


Mrs. R. R. Jenks 

(Ruth Thresher) , Secretary 

200 Sand Hill Cove Rd., Narragansett, R. I. 

Mary Bingaman "greatly appreciated re- 
ceiving the group picture of 19l4's Reunion. 
Now visiting with Carolyn Moore in Duluth 
and had a nice day with Esther Underwood 
Evans on my way here from New Jersey. 
We who were at Lasell for Commencement 
had a lovely time although we missed our 
many classmates. Ruth Thresher Jenks did 
so much to make our reunion a happy one 
and we were all so interested and impressed 
at the growth of the college. My best wishes 
for its continued success." 

We are especially happy to report that 
Mary Quick Dean is now very much im- 
proved and enjoying the usual busy fall 
schedule. She was unable to be on campus 
at Reunion time, but had first-hand reports 
of the day from Charlotte Ryder Hall '08 
and Maria Riker Hume '09 when they 
visited her in Providence. 

Nellie Youngers Henkle writes: "Am 
now living in Westbrook (Conn.) with my 
sister. Came here from Mystic after my 
husband's death in 1956. Have two daugh- 
ters and five lovely grandchildren. Four of 
them are granddaughters so I am looking 
forward to day when at least one of them 
starts for Auburndale." 

1914 Reunion Group 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

( Nell Woodward ) , Secretary 
39 Lincoln St., Manchester, Mass. 

From P. O. Box 121, Laguna Beach, Calif., 
Evelyn Hauser Allen x-'15 writes to The 
Alumnae Office: "I am very eager to get 
in touch with a former Lasell friend, Kath- 
ryn Hoag Norgren. I am an adopted Cali- 
fornian now and I hope it will be possible 
for us to get together soon." 


Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

( Mabel Straker ) , Secretary 
79 Carpenter St., Foxboro, Mass. 

Wilda Berkey Cartland x-T6 writes: "Mr. 
Cartland has now retired and we have pur- 
chased a home in Claremont, N. H." Wilda's 
address is "White Birches," 25 Charlestown 

From Charlotte Whiting Clark: "Recent- 
ly moved from Stamford to Beacon Falls, 
Conn., where I have purchased a new home 
— 123 Cooke Lane. Also have accepted a 
new position as draftsman with the City 
Planning Commission of Waterbury." 


Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd), Secretary 

160 E. 48th St., New York, N. Y. 

En route to Hawaii, Helen Saunders 
stopped in California for a visit with Vir- 
ginia Anderson Swanson. Helen returned to 
West Hartford "via the long way home" — 
Jasper National Park, Lake Louise and Banff. 

Mildred Goddard True x-T7 has moved 
from Lynnfield to New Rochelle, N. Y. Her 
address there is 2226 Dalmer Avenue. 


Mrs. Carl L. Eaton 

(Mildred Cary), Secretary 
5 Grove St., Winchester, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Octavia Hickcox Smith on 
September 6, 1959, after an illness of several 
months. Mrs. Smith was a member of the 
Sunshine Circle of the North Congregational 
Church of Woodbury, Conn., the Woodbury 
Garden Club and the Woodbury Women's 
Club. She is survived by her husband, a son, 
three daughters and three granddaughters. 
Mrs. Smith has served as Class Agent since 

Other News: Mabel Katherine Bowman 
x-T8 has forwarded a new address: 15 Birch 
Road, West Hartford, Conn. 



Octavia Hickcox Smith '18 

Wedding Anniversary last year had the sur- 
prise feature of four Scottish Bagpipers ( in 
kilts) piping each guest to the garden. 

Edith Vance Nicholson: Our midnight 
flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong in late 
January 1955. It bore the earmarks of real 
adventure — tension was at the breaking 
point with Red China over Matsu and 
Quemoy Islands. 

Rosenda Cabrera: Attending the Inter- 
American Conference in Caracas, Venezuela 
five years ago. 

The answers to all questions will reach 
you shortly. 

— M. V. N. 

Other News: The Class extends sympathy 
to Fleet Beatty Cox x-T9, whose husband 
John, passed away on May 16, 1959. 


Mrs. S. S. Cline 

( Eleanor Thompson ) , Secretary 

Amenia, New York 

Mary Elizabeth Hubbard Wood has moved 
from Burbank to Los Angeles, Calif. — 309 
South Gardner Street. 


Mercie V. Nichols, Secretary 
59 Ripley Road, Cohasset, Mass. 

Dear Girls, 

From all reports our 40th Reunion was a 
grand one. Those attending were Peg 
Houser Hamlin, Frances Coombs, Sybil 
Weymouth Braniff and Dorothy Hall. And 
on campus with husbands were Priscilla 
Alden Wolfe, Helen Moss Post and Miriam 
Bell Bell — the three couples moved on to 
a four-day visit in New Hampshire with the 
Wolfes and were joined there by Olive 
Chase Mayo and husband. 

In June I was in Europe for a two-month 
tour of the British Isles and Scandinavia, 
travelling with my first Lasell roommate, 
Mary Eshleman Willauer. x-'19. We were 
two of the very fortunate 81 survivors of the 
hotel fire in Stalheim, Norway and a har- 
rowing experience it proved to be. 

The returned questionnaires are soon to 
be multigraphed and sent to each of you, 
but I would like to share a few of the 
answers to our #5 Question: "Highlight 
of the last five years." 

From Mary Eshleman Willauer: Our 35th 


Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 
( Doris Bissett ) , Secretary 
130 Reservoir Road, Wollaston, Mass. 

In April Helen Louis Griffin x-'21 called 
at Bragdon Hall, and in July Sarah Pauline 
Wild Gordon x-'21 visited the Alumnae Of- 
fice. Sarah Pauline was planning a visit with 
Alice Grimes Griffin '20 en route to New 

New Addresses: Ruth Elizabeth Johnson 
Kriho x-'21: Route 3, New Auburn, Wis. 

Mildred Knight Norwood: 246 Highland 
Ave., South Portland, Me. 

Hazel Slockbower x-'21: 630 Eugenia 
Rd., Vero Beach, Fla. 

1919's Picnic Table 



Margo Lovering Harris '22 with daugh- 
ter Ann Harris Hughes '55 and young 
Barry Hughes 


Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering), Secretary 

3 Lovering Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty) , Assistant 

314 San Juan Road, Watsonville, Calif. 

Margaret Reid Perry still regrets having 
missed Reunion in '57 and adds: "My grand- 
children are fast growing up — one, nine, 
one, seven and our baby is now five. My 
unmarried son, Jim, is out of the air corps 
and is now affiliated with the Armoured Car- 
rier Corp. in Bayside, L. I." 

Jo Holbrook Metzger '22 with grand- 
daughter JoAnne Pharo, daughter of 
Lynn Metzger Pharo '45 


Adrienne E. Smith, Secretary 
19 Owatonna St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Mrs. Wilder N. Smith 

(Antoinette Meritt) , Assistant 

1 5 Miles Dr., Quincy, Mass. 

Dr. Ruth Emery x-'23 has recently been 
elected a member of the Board of Trustees 
of Nasson College, Springvale, Maine. Dr. 
Emery, a former member of the Lasell facul- 
ty, is associate professor of history at Rut- 
gers University. She is a founder and present 
executive secretary of the Conference on 
British Studies. Ruth is president of the 
Berkshire Historical Conference and is a 
member of the American Historical Associa- 
tion, the American Association of University 
Women and the American Association of 
University Professors. Dr. Emery has also 
published several articles and reviews on 
19th century British history. 

Louisa Venable Kyle's husband was at- 
tending an August convention in Boston and 
she "was very happy to pay her first visit in 
thirty-five years at Bragdon Hall." 


Helen B. Perry, Secretary 
172 Porter Street, Melrose, Mass. 

Attending our 35th Reunion were: Fran- 
ces Badger, Dorothy Ballou Collier, Doro- 
thy Barnard, Frances Bliss Crosby, Mariet- 
ta Chase Stedfast, Edith Clendenin Stahl, 
Edith Hadley McLean, Maude Murray 
Keene, Esther Palmer Dwinell and Helen 
Perry. Being the first year for all classes 
(with husbands and families) to have a pic- 
nic lunch under a huge tent on the Recrea- 
tion Field, three '24-husbands — Messrs. 
Arthur L. Collier, Ernest Crosby and Edward 
C. M. Stahl, and Edith's daughter, Mrs. 
David F. Edwards, whose husband is in 
Korea, joined our group. At a short business 
meeting, Edith resigned as Class Secretary 
and "Honey" Perry assumed this important 
job with the unanimous approval of those 
present. Dot Collier is the new Class Agent, 
replacing Dorothy Barnard, who has served 
so well since the initiation of the system. 

"Honey" Perry mailed a Questionnaire 
prior to Reunion and the following excerpts 
are from the replies. Frances Badger: social 
work and golfing. Dorothy Barnard: in 
charge of food service at Radcliffe Graduate 
Center. Dorothy Ballou Collier: serving 
second term as president of New Dorcas 
Society of Marblehead Unitarian Church. 
Likes golf, knitting, bridge and travelling. 



1924's Representatives 

Last December she and Arthur were guests 
of the Commanding Officer and his wife 
aboard Carrier "WASP" for luncheon and 
presentation of Mr. Collier's book "A Fam- 
ily Sketch" to the ship's library. Mr. Collier's 
great grandfather was a seaman on the 
"WASP" in the 1812 Battle between WASP 
and FROLIC, and the book contained much 
about this ancestor Jack Lang. (Destroyer 
"LANG" in World War II carried President 
Roosevelt to Yalta ) . 

Frances Bliss Crosby: with husband spent 
four months travelling in Europe, where Mr. 
Crosby did considerable research on The 
Reformation, preparatory to the publication 
of a book. Fran likes golf and sailing in the 
summer months. Esther Palmer Dwinell: 
does volunteer work at the Bay State Re- 
habilitation Clinic in Boston. Hobbies in- 
clude bowling, golf, contract bridge. Mar- 
guerite Murray Keene: daughter Nancy 
(Bean Lord, Lasell '50) has three children. 
Marguerite enjoys music groups, garden and 
bridge clubs. Edith Hadley McLean: secre- 
tary to Belmont Town Engineer. Has nine 
grandchildren. Edith Clendenin Stahl: sec- 
retary to Woman's Auxiliary of St. James 
Church, the Book Club, and garden club. 
Travelled abroad in 1951 and 1957 and 
drove 1200 miles through the West in 1958. 
Marietta Chase Stedfast: volunteer work at 
Friends of Deaconess . Thrift Shop and en- 
joys gardening in New Hampshire. Has ten 

Replies from classmates unable to join us: 
Virginia Stevens Burns: State President of 
the American Legion Auxiliary, volunteer at 
Veteran's Hospital. Has six grandchildren. 
Louise Titus Callahan: has two sons — one 
the father of six children; the other is in the 
Air Force and stationed in San Francisco. 
Margaret Lonval Epps: works with husband 
in his architect's office; recently sold the 
Gray Gables Inn at Bourne. Helen Terry 
Francisco: daughter Judy enters Wellesley in 
September '59, son Arthur, Jr. attends Yale 
and was recently married. Elizabeth Ander- 
son Hanna: Red Cross Gray Lady; enjoys 
trips to Los Angeles to visit daughter Judy 
and two grandchildren. Frances Royce John- 
son: daughter Kay is a freshman at Jackson 
College and aspires to become a doctor. Mr. 

Johnson is associated with the American Cy- 
anamid Company. Frances often sees her 
former Carpenter roommate, Isabelle Varney 

Ruth Pratt Johnson: Manager of Mrs. 
Wilbur Johnson Travel Service in Indianapo- 
lis; most recent trip took her to Japan, the 
Philippines, Hong Kong and Hawaii. Mem- 
ber of the Board of Indianapolis Business 
and Professional Women's Club, immediate 
past president Woman's Rotary Club of In- 
dianapolis; Board of Managers United Chris- 
tian Missionary Society and Women's Coun- 
cil Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. 
Carolyn Vicary Krider: lives on a farm 
twelve miles from Canton, Ohio; raises 
Guernsey cattle; enjoys gardening and church 
work. With husband and another couple 
spent a month sailing around the Bahamas in 
a schooner. Lucile Norris Leyda: Board 
member of Y.W.C.A., Girl Scouts, Chairman 
of Iris Show for local Garden Club. Build- 
ing a new home. Eleanor Parsons Macurda: 
two years ago spent five weeks with husband 
on a European business trip, and last year 
enjoyed three weeks on the West Coast at- 
tending a convention of the National So- 
ciety of Security Analysts. In August '58 
they drove 10,000 miles by way of Denver, 
to Glacier National Park, Banff, Lake Louise, 
Jasper to Vancouver and back via Beloit, 
Wisconsin where Mr. Macurda spoke at a 
Seminar. Son Bradford, Jr. won a Ford 
Scholarship in high school and graduated 
from the University of Wisconsin with high 
honors. Hayden is attending California Tech. 
and Nancy is a sophomore in high school. 

Brenda Copeland Marshall: sells real es- 
tate in Wellesley and Wellesley Hills and 
would like to be able to help Lasellites find 
new homes or sell their own. Daughter 
Judith graduated from Lasell in 1957 and 
for a graduation present joined the college 
European party. Katharine Knox McClaren: 
hospital volunteer work, church groups and 
travel. Has two daughters, two sons and 
three grandchildren. One daughter teaches 
at a private school in Asheville, N. C, where 
many of the students are children of mission- 

Adele Bigham Nelson: Daughter Diane 
Nelson Cowan was graduated from Lasell in 
1951. Adele and husband enjoyed a freighter 
cruise of the Caribbean last winter, and her 
brother and sister-in-law (Dorothy Ely Big- 
ham '21) leave shortly for a six-months' tour 
of Africa. First grandchild born in Decem- 
ber 1958. 

Alice McCaghey Shuler: Very involved in 
garden club work. Has one son, a college 
freshman. Katharine Webb: "No news of 
myself — same job for over thirty years, 
which is not wise for any secretary, but I 
have enjoyed it and the people and advan- 



tages of a local non-business office." Helen 
Earl Potter x-'24: A wedding consultant and 
teaches entertaining. Recent trip via jet 
plane to Hawaii and the Islands. Has two 

Bertha Krakauer Ryan: with husband Jack 
made a spring tour of Richmond, Washing- 
ton and New York. Recently wrote Made- 
leine Roth White '26: "My daughter Margie 
was married at Easter. Bob is a very fine 
boy but has many years of study ahead of 
him. He is studying orthodontia at Emore 
College in Atlanta. He spent two months 
with us in Haiti last year. Our son 'Haps' 
has finished school and now has six months 
of training with the Marines. Since he spe- 
cialized in Foreign Trade, he may wind up 
in South America. I'm afraid our little fami- 
ly will always be scattered. Jack is on his 
tour of the Caribbean properties and Mexico. 
I join him in Haiti late in June and shall 
spend the summer there." 


Mrs. George E. Sprague 

(Helen Black), Co-Secretary 

3 1 Van Brunt Ave., Dedham, Mass. 

Mrs. George A. Jenkins 

(Barbara Cushing), Co-Secretary 

3 Kent St., Concord, N. H. 

The #1 Questionnaire has already gone to 
all '25-ers. Have You mailed your answer? 
Please do. 

Jessie Matteson Ray sends this note to 
Helen McNab Willand "We are planning a 
September trip to New York, but doubt we 
shall make Boston — and what fun it 
would be to see you!" 

Carolyn Beecher Wood has been on 
campus often for her older daughter, Caro- 
lyn, was a member of the graduating class. 
Carolyn was married to Charles A. Brox, 
Jr. on June 13, 1959. 


Bride Carolyn Wood Brox '59 with 

mother, Catherine Beecher Wood '25 

and sister, Betsy 


Mrs. Elmer J. Bloom 

( Mariesta Howland ) , Secretary 

415 W. Crestwood Drive, Peoria, 111. 

Even tho' 1926 is certainly a travellin' 
class, I'm sure that half the enthralling jour- 
neys are never recorded here. 

However, as I write, Audrey Jackson Dade 
x-'26 and her author-husband are whirling 
thru Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark 
and Sweden (after a June week in Paris) 
and thence on to Norway, winding up with 
a week in London. And on September 15th 
Anita Krakauer Prieto and her Philip whiz 
to Europe by jet plane, a first stop in Paris, 
then a sojourn in Geneva with her sister 
Miriam, who will accompany them on a 
motor trip thru Switzerland, Germany, Aus- 
tria and Italy. 

And a "trek" in our own hemisphere was 
that of Margaret Anderson Gage and her 
husband, Dan, who left Sacramento July 
20th for Texas, thence to Mexico City, to 
Guatemala City and on to San Jose, Costa 
Rica, all by. plane, sailing home from Gol- 
fito to California by lazy United Fruit Steam- 
er August 18th. The occasion for the trip 
(if "Andy" and Dan need an "occasion") 
was Dr. Gage's desire to study the banana 
industry in connection with his articles in 
the field of economics and business adminis- 
tration. (It is interesting, by the way, that 
Dan predicted in a 1955 magazine article 
that the sale of small foreign-made cars in 
this country would soon force Detroit to 
redesign their models in order to compete! ) 

Before winding up her teaching year at 
Mariemont School in Sacramento and pack- 
ing for the Central American "circle tour," 
Andy was hostess for a miniature Lasell re- 
union. On April 5, Madeleine Roth White, 
her husband Herb, and Minerva Damon 
Ludewig '27 drove over from Burlingame 
in Minerva's Volkswagen for a day in 
the Gages' hospitable patio-terrace. Writes 
Andy: "It was a gorgeous day and we ate 
outdoors for the first time this year. Dan 
took pictures and Herb took movies. It 
was grand seeing all of them." Minerva's 
wry postscript read: "Dan and Herb are 
good listeners!" Minerva, who now has an 
apartment in San Francisco returned to the 
Gages' for a week end of conviviality in mid- 

The Whites — who now make a yearly 
trip to San Francisco to visit business inter- 
ests — returned to Peoria in late April, but 
June 3d found "Rothie" again "en voyage" 
on a motor trip East with friends to visit 
younger son Billy and his bride in their 
new house in Depew, N. Y. Older son Cur- 
tis has just entered the brokerage business 
with his Dad. 



As to other Twenty-Sixers, Lolita del 
Pino x-'26, from her home in Havana, loy- 
ally continues to interpret the Castro regime 
to me; and a note from Betty Oppel Morris 
sings the praises of grandmotherhood. 

Our own news is — as in most families 

— an admixture of "sad and glad." April 
30 Elmer and I motored east to be with 
Maris at Smith College's Fathers' Week end 

(mamas are a "fifth wheel" during this 
celebration, but I never miss a stay in the 
Berkshires! ) and thence over to New York 
for a few days at the Statler to see old 
friends and enjoy theatre with Nadine 
Strong James and her husband. During that 
time I had the inestimable privilege of meet- 
ing and talking with wonderful Dr. William 
Hitzig, who worked on the project of the 
Hiroshima Maidens — and more recently 
helped to bring the Ravensbruuck "Lapins" 
to this country for similar rehabilitation — 
and to discuss with him his last fall's visit to 
Schweitzer in the Lambarene forests. 

But the month of May drew to a sad 
close when my husband's mother, a remark- 
ably cultivated and gifted woman — whom 
I've always called Belle-Mere, because of 
our mutual interest in the French tongue 

— drifted away from us in her sleep May 
27 th. Although she was 88 years old, and 
had led a rich, full life, crowded with travel 
all over the world, blessed with five sons 
and honored by her community for her 
musical, civic and philanthropic leadership, 
it was, of course, a great rending of a tie, 
and also, as one of her friends put it, "the 
end of an era." I was poignantly reminded 
of that era — the golden days when Lasell 
girls wore brocaded bustles down to dinner! 

— when it became my task to collate for my 
young daughter all the laces and linens and 
silver goblets which were laid away in this 
day of barbecue spits and "TV dinners"! 

On July 1st at the School Board reorgan- 
ization meeting I "yielded up the gavel" 
(the term of the Presidency is one year only) 
only to receive a far prettier one as souvenir! 
I thought it was very subtle of my gentlemen 
colleagues to present me with a dainty little 
feminine gavel of ebony with a silver band! 
July 5 th we toured east again — this time 
to open the summer household at Scituate, 
Mass., I for a "rest," Peb to his beloved boat, 
Maris for swims and visits, and Elmer to 
join us later. The only labor currently in 
sight is to prepare Miss Maris for Chat- 
tanooga's "Cotton Ball" in late August when 
she will be the houseguest of the Ball's 

Visiting a mutual friend in Scituate, I 
had a pleasant reunion with Betty Johnson 
Coffin, long ago of Lowell, and now of 
Petersburg, Virginia. Betty and her attractive 
soldier-husband, Naylor, are stationed at Fort 

Lee, where Naylor instructs "rookies" and 
Betty is a social welfare worker for the Red 
Cross. Family bereavements have brought 
them to New England several times the past 
year, but for ten years they have been con- 
firmed Southerners. 

I'm hoping to get up to Auburndale for 
a visit — as well as to hear from more La- 

— M.H.B. 


Mrs. David Rosen 
( Rosalie Brightman ) , Secretary 
8 Still St., Brookline 46, Mass. 

Rosalie Brightman Rosen reports: "The 
summer was a happy and pleasant one — 
our time was spent at the house at Gray 
Gables and the marina at Falmouth, where 
we kept our new boat. Saw Esther Josselyn 
the other day — she is enjoying her new 
secretarial position in the Boston office of the 
Sheraton Corporation." 

New Addresses: Minerva Damon Ludewig: 
719 Gonzalez Drive, San Francisco, Calif. 
Vera Hambleton Plunkett: 465 Geary St., 
San Francisco, Calif. 


Lillian G. Bethel, Secretary 
The Waltham Hospital, Waltham 54, Mass. 

Word has at long last come from Haru 
Tokito Matsuda. The letter, dated Novem- 
ber 12, 1958, addressed to Lil Bethel, reads 
in part: "I have not forgotten that I still 
owe letters to many Lasell girls and friends. 
They were so kind and helped me when two 
of my children were ill and I was in great 
need. The office where I worked for about 
ten years was closed in February and ever 
since I have been living on what is called 
retirement allowance. 

"My elder 26-year-old son graduated from 
a theological college in Tokyo and is study- 
ing at Pasadena College in California. He 
started his second year there in September 
1958. A scholarship fund to cover two thirds 
of his expenses has been given to him and 
he works part time for the other one third. 
He is healthy and is doing well in his studies 
now — though there was the usual language 
difficulty to overcome. Good education is 
the best and most lasting gift that parents 
can give their children, I believe. It was 
so in my case, and I am hoping to give it 
to my children also. 

"At present my first concern is to keep 
alive and keep them alive. My daughters, 
22 and 17, are healthy now, but the younger 
boy is not quite healthy yet. He is still 



'29's "30th" 

pale and cannot work like the other boys of 
his age. He wants to go to Hokkaido Uni- 
versity as he cannot depend on manual labor. 
The older daughter finished high school in 
March 1958 and she hopes to study English. 
The younger girl now goes to a senior high 

"It has been thirty years since I graduated 
from Lasell and how I'd love to visit the 
college again and see my friends. But it will 
always be a dream. I often think of the 
green campus — the walk through the woods 
from Woodland Park to the main building. 
Please give my kind regards to our class- 

Haru's mailing address is: c/o Church of 
the Nazarene, W-12, S-16 Sapporo, Hok- 
kaido, Japan. 


Mrs. Allan Van Demark 

(Phyllis Beck), Secretary 
28 Maple St., Lockport, N. Y. 

Dear Girls, 

Perhaps you have been thinking you 
would not hear any news of our 30th Re- 
union at Lasell — and you were almost 
right! It is because ole Em is so very fallible, 
and she's the one who wanted to write up 
the day for you. 

For me the reunion began on Friday, June 
5, when Teddy Pratt Brown met me at 
Bradley Airport and we had the drive from 
Hartford to Wellesley to begin catching up 
on conversation. Teddy's first big news was 
that for the past twelve hours she had been 
a grandmother — and here she was en route 
to reunion instead of viewing her brand new 

Harry Hewins Sanderson had us as sleep- 
ing guests, and others came in for the eve- 
ning — Kay Braithwaite Woodworth, Julie 
Clausen Bowman (all the way from Ore- 
gon! ) , Eleanor Humphrey, Preble Borden 
Gruchy and Ronnie Cornell Cannon. 

Saturday, June 6, 1959, began as a beauti- 
ful New England summer day — cool but 
sunny, altogether auspicious for the excite- 
ment of 30th Reunion for the Class of 1929. 
Not that '29 was the only reuning class, you 
understand, but for us all the others were 
a part of the delightful background. The 
house now known as Plummer Library is the 
center of alumnae activities and on this day 
it was buzzing. It was here that all return- 
ing alumnae gathered to register, pick up 
luncheon tickets, drink coffee and find each 

You can imagine the fun when all of 
these caught sight of one another: those of 
the evening before plus Zip Daggett Wilson, 
Leora (Tiny) Adams Neal, Margaret Allen, 
Betty Barker Abondalo, Mary Barton Libby, 
Conkie Chalmers Harlow (and daughter 
Dee), Dorothy Cole MacRae, Olive French 
Whitehead, Barbara Goodell Trott, Dorothy 
Hayward Sutherland, Marion Kingdon Far- 
num, Mary Korper Steele, Betty Lyman 
Zsiga ( and genial doctor-husband ) , Verta 
MacLeod Haines, Mydie Page Haven, Midge 
Schaller Schoonmaker, Betty Wells Tuttle 
and Irene Murray Pettapiece (a lively pair, 
as always ) , Maudie Williams Gittleson, 
Barbara Wilson Horton, Esther Angel 
Frank, Peg Ward Swanson and a little later, 
Magee Wethern. 

The total alumnae gathered for a brief 
and well-ordered meeting in The Science 
Building — one of the newest additions to 



the campus. The most exciting news we 
learned there was that Miss Constance Black- 
stock, after many years in India, will return 
to Lasell as a resident head in September 
'59- Miss Blackstock was present with her 
50th Reunion group at the Alumnae meeting 
and it was truly wonderful to see her again. 

Luncheon was served picnic style. Tables 
were set up under a huge white tent, but 
the '29ers picked up box-lunches and chairs 
and took to the lawn under some of the 
same fine big trees you may remember. This 
was where we were for the reunion group 
picture-taking, and this was where we were 
when the rain started! The rain was the one 
and only disappointment of the day for it 
prevented the walking tour of the campus 
to see the new buildings and revisit the old 
ones. Many of us missed the President's re- 
ception too — we hurried to cars as soon as 
we could and returned to Wellesley. 

A dozen or more gathered at Harry's and 
had the most fun reading about the rest of 
you from the returned questionnaires. In- 
cidentally, these have since been summarized 
and filed for future reunions. There was 
much conversation, much looking at old and 
new photographs, and much, MUCH of the 
"what do you know about so-and-so" talk. 

This continued with the larger group at 
the sherry party given by Harry Hewins 
Sanderson, Verta MacLeod Haines, Marion 
Kingdon Farnum and Ronnie Cornell Can- 
non at Ronnie's home. Those of you who 
were at the 25 th remember the lovely open 
house at Ronnie's — well, you just know 
the delightful occasion this party was. The 
rain, which continued, did not matter very 

The beautiful climax to a wonderful day 
was at Zip's spacious new home — buffet 
supper. Here we not only ate elegantly and 
visited more, but found time to sing old 
songs with Zip at the organ, and have a 
brief, informal class meeting. Magee told us 
a little of the 1959 Lasell, but mostly we 
talked about how very much we missed each 
of you who could not come. We even started 
then and there to plan for 1964 — hoping 
to see more '29ers. 

This was Our Day — and you can see that 
the girls who arranged it gave us one to 
remember. I am convinced that Lasell's Class 
of 1929 is the most special and that its 
returning members become more appealing 
and attractive with each reunion. Do plan 
to be at the next one. 

Love and best wishes to each of you, al- 


P.S. News gleaned from the class question- 
naires will be included in the February issue 
of the Leaves. 

Other News: In mid- August Harriet Holt 
Buker requested a transcript of her Lasell 
work and added: "We have just returned 
from a month in Santa Barbara and Ventura, 
California. Delightfully cool there — slept 
under two blankets each nite — and the New 
Jersey humidity seems unbearable now. A 
recent letter from Verta (MacLeod Haines) 
made me wish I had been with the Reunion- 
ers, but I was in the midst of graduation 
activities. Requests for programs by my 
a cappella choir have been coming in all 
summer — we can do only a few concerts 
outside of school and it is frustrating to 

The Class extends sympathy to Marion 
Kingdon Farnum, whose father Mr. Fred 
Kindon, passed away in August. Mr. King- 
don was the grandfather of Deborah Farnum 
Varney '56. 


Mrs. Reginald W. Holt 

( Helen Roberts ) , Secretary 

8 Watering Lane, Darien, Conn. 

Mrs. Richard F. Murray 

(Corinne Cowdrey) , Assistant 

748 Webster St., Needham, Mass. 

Phyllis Jensen Swenson and Corinne 
Cowdrey Murray enjoyed a delightful visit 
with Elsie Moore Johnson in Wakefield, 
N. H. Phyllis contributed a clipping from 
the Rochester (N.H.) Courier and we quote 
in part: 

"Gage Hill Farm, the home of a family 
of farmer-lawyers and teachers for over a 
century, has opened its doors and ancient 
sliding shutters for year-round living. 
Herbert and Elsie Johnson, the present 
owners, have completed the restoration on 
which they have devotedly worked week ends 
and vacations for fourteen years, and have 
come to live on their much-loved hilltop. 
Both of them are connoisseurs of antiques 
and have been collectors for years. Now that 
Mr. Johnson has retired as a representative of 
the Upjohn Company, they have opened an 
antique shop in the long shed, which they 
have pine panelled. Fine old china, glass- 
ware, lamps, woodenware, furniture, braided 
rugs, their own handiwork, make an alluring 
display for the antique lover and collector. 

"Mrs. Johnson has exceptional ability as 
a decorator, and Mr. Johnson excels in re- 
finishing woodwork and furniture. All the 
work of restoration and redecoration, even 
the pine-panelling, they have done them- 
selves. They have salvaged and made use of 
everything. Even the rustic sign, 'Gage Hill 
Farm,' hung on the gnarled bole of the huge 
maple by the driveway is a facsimile of the 
penmanship in a Gage account book. 



"Now, with the Johnson's own fine an- 
tique furnishings, the spacious rooms are a 
delight to see. The house is replete with the 
beautiful simplicity of by-gone days. 

"Wakefield is fortunate in having Her- 
bert and Elsie Johnson as permanent resi- 
dents. Mr. Johnson is a Past Master of the 
Burlington (Vt.) Lodge. Mrs. Johnson has 
held office in the Eastern Star, is past presi- 
dent oi the Burlington Woman's Club, also 
of the Northwest District of the Federated 
Women's Clubs of Vermont. She is known 
for her delightful talks on cooking, especial- 
ly for her program, 'Yesterday's Christmas 
Dinner,' in which she illustrated with old- 
time kitchen gadgets how the housewife of 
a hundred years ago prepared for the holiday. 
She has been an active member of the Bur- 
lington Garden Club. Both Mr. and Mrs. 
Johnson are members of the Wakefield- 
Brookfield Historical Society and are inter- 
ested in church activities." 

From Joan Collier Cooper: "The past year 
has been a sad one for us as both my mother 
and brother passed away. Our daughter, 
Carolyn, will attend Framingham State 
Teachers College in September. My hus- 
band is now chief electrician at the Revere 
Sugar Refinery in Boston. Looking forward 
to 30th Reunion." 

Helen Trautman Murray x-'30 included 
Lasell in her New England tour this sum- 
mer. Helen's present address is 9035 N. 
Karlan, Skokie, Illinois. 

And a new address for Dorothy Camin 
Rozan: 1142 Blake, Lansing, Mich. 

Lenna Lyon Hill '31, Betsy Rogers, 

Mildred Hill, Charles Rogers and 

Peggy McClaren Rogers '32 


Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

( Karin Eliasson ) , Secretary 

Cloyne Court, Qtrs. CD., Newport, R. I. 

Agatha Canfield's recent request for a 
transcript of her Lasell work comes from this 
intriguing address: 2 Trompeter Gade, St. 
Thomas, Virgin Islands. Agatha writes; "Yes, 
I have taken up residency in these beautiful 
Islands and hope to make a contribution 
through music and youth here. It was a long 
time ago that I was an active Lasellite, but 
I never cease to hold my Alma Mater with 
great fondness and respect." 

Marjorie Tillotson Barnes has moved to 
71 Melbourne Road, Pittsfield, Mass. 


Mrs. H. R. Macy 

(Katharine Hartman) , Secretary 

Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden St., Belmont, Mass 

Anne M. Domina x-'57, daughter of 
Elinor Small Domina, became the bride of 
Ensign William P. Hewel on June 13, 1959 
in Keene, N. H. Anne, who has completed 
her training at the New England Baptist 
Hospital School of Nursing, is now on the 
staff of the Boston Lying-In Hospital. 

Dr. and Mrs. Merrill D. Lipsey of New 
York City have announced the engagement 
of their daughter, Louise Belinda, to Peter 
Cahners Harpel. Peter, the son of Char- 
lotte Cahners Glass, is attending Harvard 
Medical School. 

Minerva Pritchard Barratt writes: "Our 
son, Donald, was married to Donna Holden 
of Rochester, N. Y. on December 27, 1958. 
They are both members of the Class of 
1959 at Michigan State University. Daughter 
Betsy has been accepted at St. Lawrence Uni- 
versity for September 1959." 

In April, Natalie Park served as chairman 
of the Belmont (Mass.) Committee for Na- 
tional Library Week, in charge of arrange- 
ments for exhibits in the local store win- 
dows. Nat, a lieutenant commander in the 
Naval Reserve, is a member of the Winsor 
School faculty. 

New Addresses: Frances Pingree Temple- 
man x-'32: Thornewood Road, Windmill 
Farm, Armonk, N. Y. 

Barbara Stanley Ulrich: 1554 N. Federal 
St., Pompano Beach, Fla. 



Ens. and Mrs. William P. Hewel 

(Anne Domina x-'57, daughter of 

Elinor Small Domina '32) 


Mrs. E. M. Clark 

( Ruth Stafford ) , Secretary 

31 Fairview St., Simsbury, Conn. 

Mrs. Carl I. Hayes 

(Virginia Ogden) , Assistant 

196 Wentworth Ave., Edgewood, R. I. 

Alice Hayes, daughter of Virginia Ogden 
Hayes, is a freshman at Middlebury College. 
She was graduated magna cum laude from 
Classical High School in Providence in June 
1959, and was a finalist in the Merit Schol- 
arship examinations. Carl, Jr., entered New 
York Military Academy this fall. Last April 
Oggie had a good visit with Jean Murphy 
Aneda in Delaware. 

New Addresses: Hope Decatur Rowland: 
5904 Ramsgate Rd., Washington 16, D. C. 
Eileen Hedstrom Sundberg x-'33: 204 W. 
Main St., Norwalk, Ohio. 


Mrs. Raymond N. Garon 

( Dorothy Secord ) , Secretary 

3 1 Wesley St., Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Barlett,) Assistant 
Oak Hill Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. 

Our 25th Reunion was a very enjoyable 
affair with twenty-three classmates on hand 
for the day, Saturday, June 6, 1959. There 
is much pleasure in renewing old friendships 

and catching up on all the news, and we 
all wished more of you had been with us. 
We first met for Morning Coffee at Plummer 
Library and talk flowed so fast and with such 
enthusiasm we had to be called and reminded 
it was time for the picnic luncheon. 

The only business transacted at our gather- 
ing in the Alumnae Lounge was the informal 
election of Dorothy Secord Garon as Class 
Secretary to fill the vacancy created by the 
resignation of Roberta Davis Massey. Helen 
Gibbs Studley will replace Carol Morehouse 
Jones as Class Agent. 

Among the first to arrive was Phyllis At- 
kinson Stone — lovely as ever — and Phyl 
reported she will soon move to Topsfield. 
Barbara Blaisdell White came from Ver- 
mont — a new address : 62 Liberty St., Mont- 
pelier. Beepy's daughter Cynthia is 13, and 
Stephen, 10. Emily Cleaves Martin arrived 
with her 11 -year-old daughter Pamela. Emmy 
and her husband have a clock business. It 
was good to see Virginia Collins Lorentzen, 
now at home in Wollaston. Lucinda Cum- 
mings Carr keeps busy with the usual home- 
maker duties and her two sons, Wendell and 
Rodney. Wendell has completed his first year 
at U.V.M. and will work at Nantucket this 

Frances Day Meyers drove from Snyder, 
New York, and combined the reunion trip 
with a visit to her parents who still live in 
this area. Fran has three sons and a daugh- 
ter. Edith Downey is curator of education 
at the Children's Museum in Hartford. She 
is working for her master's degree in edu- 
cation at the University of Hartford — via 
the night school route. 

Helen Gibbs Studley lives in an "out-of- 
this-world" ranch house in Needham with 
her husband and two children, Lee and Judy. 
To Helen goes our thanks for her assistance 
with the reunion and her willingness to serve 
as class agent. Jean Gilbert Carley was as 
peppy as during school days. Jean's son 
Gilbert is 19 and Susan, 17- 

Helen Hall Streeter came with Angelita 
Santiago Gebelein '33 and it was wonderful 
to see them both. Jane Jensen Bailey was 
accompanied by her Polly Jane, who attends 
Dana Hall, and Alice Schrade VanderVoort 
came with daughter, Mary Alice. Alice has 
two sons, Peter 17, and John, 10. Marjorie 
Jones Hopkins had her two daughters, Susan 
and Judith, with her. Midge, who also has 
a son Stephen, is a busy housewife and finds 
time too for extra work — "flower arranging 
for a local hotel." 

Mabelle Hickcox Camp is the busy mother 
of thirteen-year-old Cynthia, and Myrtle 
Marshall Cochrane has one daughter, Karen. 
On hand too was Bettina Potter Janse — 
looking not a whit older than in 1934. Her 
Ted is 23 and Sandra, 22. 



1934's Corner 

Dorothy Secord Garon, a shadow of her 
former self, was present with all the wit and 
humor of old. She, as the mother of three 
boys, is busy as "chauffeur, cleaning woman, 
washer woman, nurse — all under the head- 
ing of housewife." Dot has many outside 
activities — church, P.T.A. and Y. Muriel 
Thacker Drury came with her husband, son 
and daughter from Schenectady. Lillian 
Thrasher Rowell, a kindergarten teacher, 
also has three children — George, 20, Caro- 
line, 17, and Herbert, 10. 

Annabeth Williams Bergen drove from 
Buffalo on Friday with Fran Day Meyers and 
spent the weekend on campus. Annabeth's 
former roommate, Sally Swanson Dahlberg 
'35, joined us for luncheon. Sally was ac- 
companied by her husband and daughter, 
who plans on Lasell in the near future. 

Beth Snow Bissett is placement counselor 
for the Burton Personnel Service in Boston. 

And — there was Me — Ada May Bart- 
lett Degree. My husband and I have three 
sons — Bob, Jr., now in the Army, Stephen, 
a high school junior, and Peter is in the first 
year of junior high. Peter is active in a Fife 
and Drum Corps and our summers are busy 
attending meets and parades. 

It was suggested that a directory of our 
classmates be made available to all who wish 
them. Please send your request for same 
to me. 

"Regrets" came from: Barbara Beers 
Hodgson, who had to cancel at the last 
minute. Barbara's older daughter is labora- 
tory technician at Phillips Andover, son 
James is 11 and Donna Lou, 7. Capt. Hodg- 
son is assistant chief of staff of Naval Re- 
serves in Boston. 

Bettina Cook Kalback lives in California 
with her husband and three children, David, 
Jean and Paul. Mabel Crowe Sias is "busy 
keeping up with two teenagers." 

Roberta Davis Massey sent greetings and 
love to all. Sincere thanks from all of us to 
Bobbie for her twenty-five year's service as 
class secretary. 

Dell Masterjohn, a technician for the 
Johns Manville Corp., was enjoying a Cali- 
fornia vacation. Carol Morehouse Jones was 
busy packing the family for the move to 
Rochester, N. Y., and Natalie North Hinch- 
liffe wrote: "Had been looking forward to 
Reunion, but that is the graduation day at 
Thayer Academy and our older son is a mem- 
ber of the senior class. For the past eight 
years I have been studying pottery and now 
have the beginnings of my own studio — a 
kiln and a wheel — and I love it. Inciden- 
tally, my son's best girl enters Lasell in Sep- 
tember so I may be back for a visit after all." 

Virginia Ripley Lent was in the throes of 
house hunting and added: "P.T.A. and the 
Girl Scouts keep me busy. Our girls are 
growing up fast — Karen is 12 and going 
into the 8th grade, and Lois Ann is 10. Bar- 
bara Hinckley Meyer sent a new address — 
407 Juniper Lane, Cheshire, Conn. — and 
reports she has a son, Peter, and two daugh- 
ters, Emily and Deborah. Nina Keppler 
Dusenbury lives in Wellesley with her two 
children, James and Mildred. Barbara Kerr 
Marshman's son Bruce is 19 and daughter 
Linda, 16. Bernice Loveland Megargel has 
two sons, Wayne, 12, and Bruce, 10. 

Mary Fitch Huggett's plans were cancelled 
and Mary wrote: "Please give my love to 
everyone. Shall miss being with you all. We 
enjoy the average family activities in a small 
suburb. Anne was married early in April 
and is now living nearby in Pittsburgh. Jim 
is twelve, finishing the 7th grade and has his 
first paper route. Charlie is 10 and active 
in everything. I have the usual housewife 
chores, cub scouts and my own charitable 
organizations to keep me busy." 



Virginia Leahy Berwick suffered a shoulder 
injury and was very disappointed not to join 
us. Ginny has five children, four daughters 
and a son, and yet manages to find time for 
piano teaching. 

Celia Kinsley Percival was "getting ready 
to move back to the Boston area. My hus- 
band is now with Sylvania in Woburn and 
we will be living in Winchester — 26 
Thornberry Rd. It is really like coming home 
again after being away eight years. Shall be 
glad to visit Lasell and see all the changes 
that have been made." 

— A.M.B.D. 


Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

( Barbara King ) , Secretary 

111 Wilcox Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer 

( Barbara Ordway ) , Assistant 

19 Fern St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Kay Peck Dietler writes: "We love Char- 
lotte (N.C.), but do miss northern friends. 
Have been very negligent and do want to 
bring you up-to-date with the family: Kathy, 
born May 7, 1943; Sally, born March 8, 
1948; and Ned (E.N.D., Jr.) born April 7, 
1953- Hello to anyone who might remember 
me — and I'm planning on June I960!" 

Harriet Colwell Reeves has a new address : 
1210 Spruce St., Winnetka, 111., and Priscilla 
Winslow is at 22 Chauncy St., Cambridge, 


Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

( Audrey Smith ) , Secretary 
603 N. Fourth St., Sterling, Colo. 

Ruth Ellsworth Laas has recently moved 
to a new Cape Cod home at 33 Melrose Ave., 
Needham, Mass. Jeanette White Eaton x-'36 
has a new Needham address too — 21 Eaton 

It had been eighteen long years since 
Jeanette Tifft Jeffcock had been on campus. 
Jay was visiting her parents in Hopedale 
(Mass.) and brought daughter, Janet, for a 
tour of the college. 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

( Louise Tardivel ) , Secretary 

50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale, Mass. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Barbara Burnham Rice, whose 17 -year-old 

son, Philip, passed away on April 8, 1959- 
Philip, a senior at Amherst Central High 
School, had been accepted at Paul Smith 
College for 1959-60. He was active in Boy 
Scout work and in the early spring had ac- 
companied his group of Explorer Scouts to 
the Marine base at Cherry Point, N. C. 
Philip's most recent hobby was restoring an 
antique automobile. He is survived, in addi- 
tion to his parents, by a sister, Joan 12, and 
two of his aunts are Nancy Burnham Hen- 
derer '41 and Jane Burnham Eliason '45. 

Sympathy is also extended to Priscilla 
Parmenter Madden, whose father, Mr. Ver- 
non E. Parmenter, died May 11, 1959- 

New Addresses: Lucille Huse Chappell: 
5646 S. Perk Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Evelyn Towle Slotnick: 35 Kingswood 
Rd., Auburndale, Mass. 

Countessa Wood Hall: 3075 Freeman St., 
Coconut Grove, Fla. 


Mrs. W. D. Harshbarger 

(Virginia Wilhelm) , Secretary 

80 Mountain Terrace Rd. 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

( Mildred Birchard ) , Assistant 

Box N, Humarock, Mass. 

A thank-you to Doris Eitapence Mac- 
Donald (H.S. '25-'26), who thoughtfully 
forwarded an August bulletin published by 
the Sponge Products Division of the B. F. 
Goodrich Company. The Shelton (Conn.) 
"Personality of the Month" describes Mar- 
garet McEnerney: "She has been associated 
with Sponge Products for thirteen years and 
is currently handling the clerical work in the 
Plant #2 Laboratory. 

"Margaret was born and educated in 
Derby, attending St. Mary's Grammar School 
and Derby High. Her ambition at this time 
was to become a fashion designer, and she 
enrolled at Lasell Junior College, graduating 
with a major in Home Economics. Margaret 
was always active in Girl Scouting, and dur- 
ing this period did counseling work at their 
camps during summer vacations. 

"When America began to mobilize its de- 
fenses against the Axis powers, Margaret be- 
came a member of the Ansonia Draft Board. 
In 1943, Margaret joined the WAVES and 
took 'boot' training at Hunter College. She 
attended Yeoman's School at Oklahoma 
A. & M., and upon completion was trans- 
ferred to Sampson, New York, where she 
spent the remainder of her enlistment. Her 
duties at Sampson were clerical and person- 
nel work, and she advanced to the rating of 
Yeoman First Class. 



"Margaret was discharged in 1946, began 
working for Yale University in a clerical ca- 
pacity and later worked for the Veterans 
Administration in New Haven. Shortly after 
her discharge from the service, Margaret 
joined the American Legion. She was made 
Adjutant and served in this capacity until 
1951. She was elected Commander of the 
John H. Collins Post and was the first and 
only woman to be so honored. The next year 
at the. State American Legion Convention she 
was elected to serve as vice-commander for 
women in the state. Subsequently she was 
appointed by the state commander to be the 
representative of the American Legion on the 
Veterans Administration Volunteer Service 
Advisory Board at the West Haven Veterans 

"At the recent American Legion Conven- 
tion in Hartford, Miss McEnerney was pre- 
sented with a trophy and citation for the 
outstanding woman Legionnaire of the year." 

Lee Shepard Wilgus is State Membership 
Chairman for the National Rehabilitation 
Association and secretary of the Health and 
Welfare Club of Clark County, Ohio. 

From Olive Boynton Garron: "Discovered 
last summer that Barbara Clarkson Moody 
x-'38 and I have more than Lasell in com- 
mon. We both vacation at Ocean Park 
(Maine), and our ten-year-old sons are 
ardent young scientists." 

Irene Gahan Burbank writes to Arlene 
Wishart Sylvester: "Hope to see old Lasell 
friends over the May 30th weekend when 
we go to Madison, Conn. Thought it would 
be great fun to have a reunion with some 
of our wedding party — this year brings our 
20th anniversary. Betsey will go to Colby 
Junior College in September, and Bill will 
enter the Salisbury School in Connecticut. 
Leona will enter junior high and be at home 
to keep Dan and me company. After our 
wonderful 20th reunion, I am already count- 
ing the years for our next — do hope we 
can plan to have husbands and children join 
in the celebration." 

Betsey, Leona and Bill Burbank 
(Irene Gahan '38) 

From the Class of 1939 


Mrs. Eugene L. Cushman, III 

(Ruth "Kupe" Shepard), Secretary 

60 Shore Ave., Eastern Point, Groton, Conn. 

The Class of 1939 was well represented 
at the 20th Reunion — as evidenced by the 
accompanying picture. There was a slight 
misunderstanding about the report — but 
'twill follow in a later issue of the LEAVES. 

Other News: On Saturday, May 16, 1959, 
Mary C. O'Connor became the bride of 
George G Lorantos. Mary is medical secre- 
tary for Dr. Anton Fried of Newton, and 
her husband is associate director of the Na- 
tional Braille Press in Boston. Their new 
address is 23 Hillcrest Rd., Medfield, Mass. 

Julia Keegan Fuller is one of the two 
Welcome Wagon hostesses in the Southboro- 
Marlboro (Mass.) area. She is a past presi- 
dent of the American Legion Auxiliary, and 
has been an active worker in the United 
Cerebral Palsy and American Cancer Society. 
Her two children, Patty Ann and John, are 
four and three years old. Julia's present ad- 
dress is Flagg Rd., Southboro. 

Eleanor Wentworth Person's (x-'39) 
daughter, Marcia, was among the "prospec- 
tive" student callers in the late spring. 
Eleanor told us that Marcia's Westwood 
(Mass.) High School friends include the 
sons of Mary Flaws Nelson x-'38 and Helen 
Allen Follett '34. 

New Addresses: Lt. Laura C. Cobb, USN: 
NAV Commsta, Navy 128, F.P.O., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Ruth Conklin Anderson: 153 Chestnut 
Hill Rd., Wilton, Conn. 


Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

(Priscilla Sleeper), Secretary 

32 Rumford St., West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 

(Ruth Sullivan) , Assistant 

17 Hemlock Rd., Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

New Addresses: I. Jean Church Smith x-'40: 
Shafter Way, Route #1, Box 340, Carmel, 




Mrs. J. W. Sheffer, Jr. 

( Janet Jansing ) , Secretary 

123 Garden Rd., Oreland, Penna. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 
65 Ralph Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Born: To Harriet Hanson Nelson,- a fourth 
child, first son, Stewart Frederick, on June 
28, 1959. 

Other News: Ginny DeNyse forwarded a 
clipping from the March 15, 1959, edition 
of a New Bedford (Mass.) newspaper. It 
reads: "Controlling interest in Sullivan- 
Foster, Inc., one of New Bedford's largest 
and oldest general contracting firms, has been 
bought by John B. Nicholson, former gen- 
eral manager of Theodore Loranger and 
Sons. Mr. Nicholson is married to the for- 
mer Mary L. Doig. They have three daugh- 
ters, Jane, 11; Ann, 8, and Gail, IYj, and 
reside at 47 Bush St., South Dartmouth." 

Ginny's note also included: "Eleanor Pfaff 
had a wonderful European vacation last fall. 
She has simply beautiful colored pictures of 
her travels through England, Egypt, Turkey 
and the Far East. My own spring vacation 
to the Virgin Islands now seems years ago!" 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Sue Cairoli Peck, whose mother passed away 
in the early summer of 1959- 

Susan, daughter of Kathryn Starkey 
Litehiser '42 


Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

(Mary Hurley) , Secretary 

4712 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant 
1784 Washington St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Barbara Rockwell Tweddle served as 
waterfront director at Camp Wabasso, Brad- 
ford, N. H. Camp Wabasso is sponsored 
by the Newton Girl Scout Council. During 
the school year, Barbara teaches kindergarten 
in the Concord (N.H.) public schools, and 
has had ten years experience as a camp staff 
member, two of them at Wabasso as a pro- 
gram specialist. 

En route to a Cape Cod vacation spot, 
Ruth Deremer Callard and family called at 
Lasell. Her son, Bob, is now l4, and the 
twins, Pat and Pam, are 10. Ruth, secretary 
of her class at Miss Beard's School, has been 
working on their building fund campaign. 

A new address for Elizabeth Hutchison 
Buttrick: 4 Acre View Drive, Northport, 
N. Y. 


Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

( Nathalie Monge ) , Secretary 

28 Juniper Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Marilley 

(Elizabeth McAvoy) , Assistant 

4314 Mathews Lane, Kensington, Md. 

Engaged: Vida S. Pike to Gordon Henry 
Morrison of Wellesley Hills, Mass. Gordon, 
a graduate of Tufts College and Babson In- 
stitute, served with the Navy in the Pacific 
during World War II, and is currently sales 
engineer for Metals and Control in Attleboro. 
Bertha Simpson x-'43 to Gerald E. Bal- 
langer of Bangor, Maine. Bertha is employed 
as a public health nurse by the Old Town, 
Milford and Bradley Visiting Nursing As- 

Married: Nazarene Mondello and Salvatore 
F. Stramondo on July 25, 1959. Nan's new 
address is 63 Henry St., Framingham, Mass. 

Born: To Clarice Lothrop Davin, a daughter, 
Roberta Lee, on April 16, 1959. 

Other News: Eleanor Millard Parsons and 
family have moved to Chicago, where her 
husband is now pastor of the Hyde Park 
Baptist Church. Their address there is 5739 
Blackstone Ave. 

Gail Alexander Chappius x-'43 forwarded 
a new address: Fairwood Lane, Lake Hills, 
Hamilton County, Tennessee. Her son, John, 
is now eight years old. 



Jackie Wilson White is now living at 113 
Madison Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. She 
has one son, Phillip, and four daughters — 
Roxanne, Erica, Victoria and Pamela. 

New Addresses: Gloria Ermilio Ozimek: 26 
Brian Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 

Edith Lippert Weiss: 8347 Dover St., 
Houston 17, Tex. 

Dorothy Marr Peckham: 1010 Myrtle 
Ave., Watertown, N. Y. 

Nancy Nettel Doig x-'43: 13 Stearns Ave., 
Leominster, Mass. 

E. Muriel O'Connor Lee: Box 1202, 
Twenty Nine Palms, Calif. 


Mrs. William E. Greene 

( Barbara Bresette ) , Secretary 

18 Hodges St., Attleboro, Mass. 

Mrs. John B. Riddlemoser 

( Suzanne Lange ) , Secretary 

3 Joyce Ave., Amityville, L. I., N. Y. 


We are starting off the next five years 
with two new secretaries — Barbara Bresette 
Greene — in a weak moment — agreed to 
be secretary, and Suzanne Lange Riddle- 
moser — bless her — said she would assist. 
Please do take time to send a word or two 
occasionally — we all just love News. 

June the sixth dawned bright and clear — 
nary a cloud in the morning sky, tho' plenty 
brewed during the course of the day. We 
arrived at Lasell about ten (it looks more 
beautiful than you would even remember) , 
registered and coffee'd at Plummer, tacked 
the 1944 Banner on a tree and were open 
for business. (Incidentally, several of us still 
have our miniature class banners — do you? 
Barbie Goodwin Flint even has her Fresh- 
man cap.) Ginny Wolfe Perkins and her 
older daughter, Sharon, and Peg Portmore 
Scheuerman were the first to arrive, but 
quickly followed by: Evelyn Allen Clune, 
Jean "Soupie" Campbell, Libby Burpee 
Crooker, Barbara Bresette Greene, Betsey 
Maynard Staples, Clio Lupo Murphy, Sue 
Lange Riddlemoser, Freda Reck Dubin, 
Lorrayne Hron Hulton, Betty Rhind Lee, 
Claire McCreery Simmons, Dottie Nicker- 
son Tehan, Joan Mills Barry, Dot Tobin 
Staffier, Barbara Staples Virgie, Vivian 
Snow Ohlhorst, Ruth Blaisdell Simmons, 
Marge Wing Berry, Betty Walsh Schwartz 
x-'44, Imogene Williams Genewich and 
Katie Cogswell Darnton. 

Several brought children — or at least 
some of the children. Freda Reck Dubin 

was accompanied by Ben, Lynnie, 10, and 
Bobbie, 6. Ben was the only husband present 
but bore up beautifully. Lorrayne Hron 
Hulton came with her ten-year-old Susan, 
Betty Rhind Lee had Wendy, 11, and Katie 
Cogswell Darnton brought Barbie. Margie 
Wing Berry's two daughters were dressed 
alike, but "Soupie" Campbell didn't bring 
a single gal — as Girl Scout Director of 
Manchester, Connecticut, "Soupie" claims 

As we lunched under the trees on the 
Recreation Field, the first black cloud loomed 
overhead. We thought only the happiest of 
thoughts as the sky grew darker, and a few 
stalwart souls finished their lunches in the 
rain — for rain it did. 

Not nearly as many as expected gathered 
at The Pillars for dinner for by that time 
the rains came in earnest. Priscilla Lincoln 
joined us there. 

We enjoyed reading the questionnaires and 
share some of them with you. Each and every 
one who did not come to Reunion was really 
missed — and do plan now for our 20th. 
It was a happy, happy day and June 1944 
did not seem so far in the past. As Barbie 
Bresette Greene commented: "How can this 
possibly be our 15th Reunion — I am still 
so young and beautiful." 

Gathered from the Questionnaires: 

Dorothy Annino Iseman: assistant man- 
ager of a card and gift shop. 

Evelyn Allen Clune: medical secretary to 
her doctor-husband, and takes care of Bar- 
bara Jane, 12, James, 9, and Laurie, 4. 

Edna Barker Nelson: promises to be with 
us in 1964. The Nelsons have David, 7, 
and Paul, 3. 

Barbara Bresette Greene: entertained us 
all in her own inimitable way. Has added 
the class secretarial duties to her regular 
"for pay" ones. 

Libby Burpee Crooker: looked just as cute 
as on graduation day. Her Ronald is twelve, 
Diane is ten and Joan soon has her eighth 

Jean Campbell: received her B.A. degree 
from Brown University. Is a Girl Scout 

Diane Carbulon Poulos: sent greetings 
from Wilmington, Delaware. Daughters Pa- 
trice and Alicia are six and three, respectively. 

Martha Clark Corson x-'44: everyone was 
so pleased to have her good news. Her two 
sons are both redheads — Clark, the older, 
now stands 6'2" and Craig is the local grade 
school "giant." Marty reported a recent visit 
with Sue Blackinton Smith x-'44. 

June Carew Mange: so wanted to come, 
but just couldn't manage to get away. Vir- 
ginia Anne is ten years old. 



15th Reunioners 

Gloria Clifford Gifford: sent a picture of 
their four youngsters and added: "Three 
years ago we bought an old house which we 
are attempting to modernize and enlarge for 
our growing family. Bob is part owner and 
manager of 'Gifford's' — records, players, 
cameras, photofinishing. 

Katie Cogswell Darnton: lives in Wen- 
ham with Jack (of course) and their three 
— Barbie, 10, Ginny, 4, and James, lVi- 

Alma Copp Fearnley: recently moved from 
Marblehead to Pittsford, N. Y. Neill was 
ten in April and Margaret was five in May. 

Grace Crossland Spurr: so disappointed 
not to be with us. Until two years ago, 
Grace was office supervisor of the Research 
Department of Olin Mathieson Chemical 

Lib Donnelly Chapman: sent love to all 
from Broadalbin, N. Y. 

Jessie Doig Clark: we were delighted to 
see the pictures of her Thomas, 6, and 
Nancy, 4. 

Dottie Fuchs: an administrative assistant 
with the Carnegie Corporation of New York. 

Jeff Fleer Cooper: claimed the distinction 
of our "farthest from home" at reunion. 
The Coopers live in New Wilmington, 
Penna., with their three sons, Larry, 10, 
Bill, 8, and Frank, 4. 

Barbara Goodwin Flint: the Flints have 
three children — Jeffrey, 8, Jill, 6, and 
Jay, 3. 

Polly Hanley Kuhn: promises to make 
the 20th. At the moment slightly busy with 
John, 10, Melinda Ann, 8, Peter, 4, and 
Kevin, 3. 

Shirley Haviland Woody: planned to be 
with us, but at the last moment could not 
make it. They operate a farm in Jutland, 

N. J., her husband is a sports editor for the 
Newark Evening News, daughter Susan is 
ten, and son Luke is seven. 

Lorrayne Hron Hulton: accompanied by 
daughter Susan. Left at home were the 
two boys, Jeffrey, 8, and Peter, born last 

Nancy Lyons Brown: "Would love to see 
any of you gals who might come this way — 
2618 San Domingo, Coral Gables, Fla. We 
have our own airplanes and operate business 
trips to the Bahamas. Ricky is now seven 
and Jeffrey, four." 

Jeannette Jones Mcintosh x-'44: has two 
daughters, Susan and Nina. 

Sue Lange Riddlemoser: looking for much 
news from all the gals in the next five years. 
Her four sons keep her busy. 

Joe Leroy Bramm: received her B.S. in 
Education at the University of Tennessee in 
1946, married Dr. Horace G. Bramm in 
1950, and now has a son and a daughter. 
Joe's spare time is spent with the board of 
the Huntsville (Ala.) Civic Orchestra, Men- 
tal Health Association, and the local Garden 
Club. Joe is president-elect of the Medical 
Auxiliary and vice-president elect of the 
local PTA. 

Priscilla Lincoln: a clerk in the Post Office 
and grocery store in Southville, Mass. The 
Lincoln family have owned and operated the 
store over sixty years. 

Clio Lupo Murphy: with daughter, Kathy, 
and son, Daniel, the Murphys are great 
boating enthusiasts. 

Joan Mills Barry: her family includes 
Jim, Jr., Craig and Deborah. 

Dotty Nickerson Tehan: a great supporter 
of the Western Massachusetts Club. Nancy 
is now seven and Johnny is three. 



Jane Maynard Robbins: as disappointed 
as we all were not to be on hand. 

Betsy Maynard Staples: a busy Navy wife 
with the usual new address: 27 Toppa Boule- 
vard, Newport, R. I. Jane is twelve and 
David, nine. 

Virginia Nelson Lake: the Lake household 
in Hyde Park, N. Y., is an active spot — 
three boys and a girl. 

Jean O'Brien Heavey: "packing to move 
to Boston from Camillus, N. Y." Son Peter 
is eleven. 

Frances Pariseau Ouellette x-'44: now 
lives in Taunton, Mass. Has one son, Joel. 

Priscilla Perley Kerans: we all missed 
Pris and many joined in on the phone call. 
She reported a spring telephone visit with 
Alba Squarcia McLinskey. The Kerans have 
three sons. 

Peg Portmore Scheuerman: busy with 
church and school affairs in the beautiful 
country town of Boxford, Mass., where they 
have a new home. Rickey is now 13, Karl, 
11, and Sarah Jane is 7. 

Betty Rhind Lee: eleven-year-old Wendy 
came with Betty, while Pam, seven, stayed 
at home with Daddy. 

Freda Reck Dubin: little Sarita Ann was 
the only Dubin left at home. 

Ann Scott Thompson: another last-minute 
disappointed gal. 

Elizabeth Shellenbach Riedy: To the ques- 
tion "Present Occupation," Betty answered: 
"Just a busy mother." And what a wonder- 
ful family she and her doctor-husband have 
— Thomas, Jr., 13, Frank, 9, Michael, 8, 
Lisa Ann, 7, Christopher, 5, Rory Lee, 4, 
Patricia 3, and Margaret Mary, 1. 

Rosamond Smith Busboom: also has a 
doctor-husband. With their two daughters, 
they live at 2310 Sunset Lane, Greely, Colo. 

Vivian Snow Ohlhorst: came from Wap- 
pingers Falls, N. Y., to join us. Has two 
daughters and a son. 

Barbara Staples Virgie: now lives in Tar- 
iffville, Conn. The Virgies have two boys 
and a girl. 

B.J. Strickler Mertz: too busy at home 
with three young sons. 

Faith Taylor Maloney: had hoped to be 
with us. The Maloneys and daughter, Beth, 
now live in Southbridge, Mass. 

Dorothy Tobin Staffier: the three Stafher 
daughters were on hand to see the Crowning 
of the June Queen. , 

Betty Walsh Schwartz x-'44: a great treat 
to see Betty. She now lives in Norwood, 
N. J., with her two sons. 

Imogene Williams Genewich: arrived in 
Auburndale on Friday with her sister, Anna- 
beth Williams Bergen, a member of 1934's 
reunion group. Imogene has two boys and 
a girl. 

Virginia Wolfe Perkins: came with daugh- 

ter Sharon, 10. Chester celebrated his 14th 
birthday in June and Catherine is four. 

Claire McCreery Simmons: told us of the 
great visit she and husband Ed enjoyed with 
Alice Crosby Martin in Florida. Claire's son 
Douglas is six, and Diane is four. 

— K.C.D. 

New Addresses: Juel DeNezzo Calnen: 853 
Beechwood Rd., Orange, Conn. 

Anne Fisher Stewart: 79 Berkley Place, 
Glen Rock, N. J. 

Millicent Greason Booth: 36 Cutler St., 
Watertown, Conn. 


Mrs. Calvin R. Carver 

( Emma Gilbert ) , Secretary 

5 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

( Jean E. Logue ) , Assistant 

49 Eaton Ave., Woburn, Mass. 

Penny Henry Goggins writes: "After five 
boys we finally have been blessed with a 
daughter. Nancy Eileen Goggins arrived 
December 24, 1958 — Christmas Eve — a 
perfectly wonderful present for all. The boys 
were completely thrilled with her — though, 
of course, the novelty has worn off some- 
what. Now that she has started to wear 
dresses they consider her just beautiful!" 

And from Peggy Brickett Sawyer x-'45 : 
"I graduated from the New England Dea- 
coness Hospital in 1947. Worked in the 
operating room there for a bit after mj 
marriage in 1948, and then proceeded tc 
more than fill our Natick home with off- 
spring. The family now includes David, 10. 
Susan, 7, Lynda, 5, and Mark, 3. Work a 
bit part time in the local hospital, and there 
is the routine PTA, church and Cub Scout 
duties. Do correspond with Diana Teele 
x-'45. She is now Mrs. Norman J. May 
and her address in England is Amberley 7, 
Gloweth Villas, Truro, Cornwall. Her hus- 
band teaches French and history and their 
children are Joanne, Byrony Jane and Julian." 

Marjorie Olson Bjork tells of the arrival 
on November 3, 1958, of her third child, 
second daughter, Laura Ann. Praises in the 
"aunt department" are coming from Wini- 
fred Olson Carlson '50. 

New Addresses: Mary Conant Whitman: 
Briar Brae Rd., Stamford, Conn. 

Ruth Eastman Schlichting: 327 Lincoln 
Ave., Lockport, N. Y. 

Betty McEwen Price: 809 Tenth Ave. 
South, Naples, Fla. 



Mr. and Mrs. William H. Klingbeil 
and Family (Susan Slocum '45) 


Mrs. Payson B. Langley 

( Lee Pool ) , Secretary 

5145 Harper Rd., Solon, Ohio 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

(Mary Jane Magnusson) , Assistant 

85 West Brookside Drive 

Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Born: To Jean Thiel Weld, a third child, 
first son, David Cheever, Jr., on February 
15, 1959. 

To "Corkie" Schlegel Cathcart, a third 
child, first son, Bruce Cameron, on July 29, 

Other News: Joan Hodgdon Munson is 
now living at 3370 Gunston Road, Alexan- 
dria, Va., and "enjoying the Washington 
Club meetings. Our son, Stuart Colburn, 
celebrated his second birthday in July." 

The headlines of a feature story in the 
May 18th edition of the Worcester (Mass.) 
Gazette read: "Mother Puts Four to Bed, 
Then Studies for Degree." The newspaper 
account continues: "When graduation time 
rolls around next month, the majority of 
college students all over the country will be 
going home to mother and dad — at least 
temporarily. At Annhurst College in South 
Woodstock (Conn.) there will be one nota- 
ble exception. When Mrs. Irene (Tomasek) 
Charbonneau receives her Bachelor of Sci- 
ence degree June 3d, she will be coming 
home to a lively foursome: Philip, 10, 
Glenn, 8, Joy, 7, and Jay, 4 — her children. 
If anyone is wondering how a young house- 
wife and mother of four managed to accom- 
plish this, there is even more cause for 
wonder at the excellent job Mrs. Charbon- 
neau has done on both fronts. At Annhurst, 
she has been on the dean's list consistently. 
At home, she has arranged her schedule so 
that not only does the work get done, but 

up until this last semester, she has always 
been home when the children arrived from 

"In 1947 she married Philip Charbonneau, 
Jr. and they settled in Grosvenor Dale, where 
Philip is the postmaster. The next six years, 
which saw the births of Philip III, Glen, 
Joy and Jay, were a little too busy for much 
outside activity. After Jay's birth, she began 
to take an evening course in philosophy at 
Annhurst, one evening a week, which she 
continued for three years. Her love for 
this and her admiration for the school started 
the longing to complete the requirements 
for her bachelor's degree. 

"Two years ago, she began the day courses, 
majoring in accounting, minoring in social 
studies. Since then, she has made the eight- 
mile drive daily, spending an average of 
three hours a day in class." 

Irene has been appointed to the faculty of 
the Webster High School for the year 1959- 

New Addresses: Jane Caswell Rossi x-'46: 
1016 Old Mill Rd., Pasadena, Calif. 

Margaret Harman Salisbury: 37 Branch 
Brook Dr., Belleville, N. J. 

Evelyn Hillis Sirles: 1007 S. Skyway 
Blvd., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Deborah Newton Warren: Fruit St., Nor- 
folk, Mass. 

Jane Schmidt Alberts: 184-38 Midland 
Parkway, Jamaica, N. Y. 


Gloria Sylvia, Secretary 
All West 24th St., New York 11, N. Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 
( Lois Kenyon ) , Assistant 
Woodstock Valley, Conn. 

Born: To Joan Lambert Laffin, a fourth 
child, second daughter, Carol, on December 
29, 1958. 

To Betty Ann Williams McGowan, a son, 
Mark Jay, on March 11, 1959. 

To Florence Lomasney Saltzman, twin 
sons, John and Edward, on May 6, 1959- 

To Mary Kinney O'Connell, a third child, 
second son, Christopher John, on July 15, 

Other News: Dorothy Papani Palmer 
writes: "Bob and I love living in Hingham 
(Mass.). We built a home at 7 Martin's 
Cove Road, World's End about four years 
ago and enjoy it with our two sons, Nicoho- 
las, two, and Robert, Jr., who arrived in 
January 1959-" 

A new address for Barbara Somerville 
Black x-'47 is 47 Cornwells Beach Road, 
Sands Point, L. I., N. Y. Barbara has three 
children: Beverly, 12, Dorothy, 9, and Wal- 
ter, one. 



New Addresses: Priscilla Ames Ruggles: 
91 Jordan Blvd., Delmar, N. Y. 

Beverley Barnes: 3028 Shipping Ave., 
Cocoanut Grove, Fla. 

Betty Jane Cnossen Whitehead: "Wyn- 
croft," 9 Harvard Dr., Media, Penna. 

Elizabeth Kirby Bartlett: 43 Prospect St., 
Reading, Mass. 

Betty Peirce: 773 Highland Ave., Need- 
ham, Mass. 


Beryl N. Groff, Secretary 
Box 1853, San Francisco 1, Calif. 

Miriam Day, Assistant 
4 Locke Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Married: Jacquelyn Abbott x-'48 and Wal- 
ter Vernon Jones, Jr. on December 27, 1958. 
Jackie is office manager of the Wildcat Ski 
Area in Pinkham Notch, N. H., and her hus- 
band is associated with the Remick Gas and 
Electric Company in Tamworth, N. H. 

Dorothy Piranian and Thomas F. Ryan on 
April 3, 1959- Dottie's new address in San 
Francisco is 1659 Grant Avenue. 

Linnea Kneller and Thomas William Mix 
on August 22, 1959. Betty Ann Finnell '49 
was Lynn's maid of honor and Marilyn New- 
hall Kendall '50 was a bridesmaid. Joanne 
Block Wilkinson was an honorary attendant. 
Mr. and Mrs. Mix are now living at 26 
Carey Avenue, Watertown, Mass. 

Born: To "Bubbles" Davenport Weidmann, 
a daughter, Mary Ellen, on October 14, 1958. 
To Rosada Marston Cole, an adopted 
daughter, Renea Charlene. Renea was born 
January 15, 1959 and came to live with the 
Coles on April 30th. 

Other News: Audrey Tracey Tirrell, mother 
of three daughters, is now living at 41 Over- 
look Road, Marblehead, Mass. 

Early in the season, Berry forwarded a fine 
newspaper picture of Johnny Antonelli, 
mound ace of the San Francisco Giants, with 
his two daughters, Lisa and Donna. Rose- 
marie Carbone is Mrs. Antonelli and mother 
of the cute little girls. 

We are glad to report that Doris Trefny 
Kennedy is making .a good recovery from a 
March automobile accident. Tref writes from 
265 Vitmar Place, Park Ridge, N. J.: "The 
neck brace has been most uncomfortable and 
creates much difficulty in writing. Would 
love to have the address of Martha "Mice" 
Miller." P.S. So would The Alumnae Office. 

New Addresses: Elaine Burrell King: 
Washington St., Medford, Mass. 


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mix 
(Linnea Kneller '48) 

Annette Chase Scribner x-'48: 42 Walnut 
Rd., Hamilton, Mass. 

Marilyn Clark: Apt. 1, 121 S. Palm, 
Beverly Hills, Calif. 

Elizabeth Duffill Wiese: 320 East 53d 
St., New York, N. Y. 

Mike Hires: 820 Cory Dr., Inglewood 
3, Calif. 

Elsie Paulson: 2661 Wexford Rd., Colum- 
bus 21, O. 

Lois Tackella Hunter: 29 Normandy Dr., 
Northport, N. Y. 

Elaine Troen Cole x-'48: 101 Craigie St., 
Portland, Me. 


Mrs. Walter J. Connolly, Jr. 

(Paulie Quilty) , Secretary 
24 Wardwell Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 
Mrs. John R. Shrewsbury 
(Joan DeGelleke), Secretary 
Upper State St., Guilford, Conn. 
Mrs. Dana A. Hamel 
(Kay Poore) , Secretary 
2827 Dellview Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. 
June 6th was a delightful day at Lasell, 
and our thanks to Libby and Straw for plan- 
ning a terrific Tenth Reunion. Seventy-three 
'49-ers registered, and as we checked in at 
Plummer Library, we challenged (over the 
coffee cups) the new arrivals for names and 


1949 — Section #1 

faces. Must say everyone looked chic — 
maybe a bit rounder in places and some a 
bit more subdued, but not one a bit older. 

At the annual meeting of Lasell Alumnae, 
Inc., at Wass Hall (a perfectly beautiful new 
Science Building) our own Libby Harring- 
ton Logan was introduced as the new Presi- 
dent. This is a well-deserved honor for 
Libby and we all wish her well. Following 
a most pleasant luncheon (under a tremen- 
dous tent on the Recreation Field ) , Straw 
presided over a class meeting. We discussed 
ideas in regard to a memorial for P. L. 
Anderson Phypers, first deceased member 
of '49. It was voted that a note be sent to 
each girl in the class asking for suggestions. 
Reference books for the library was one sug- 
gestion made at the Reunion meeting. Straw, 
as class agent, stressed the growing im- 
portance of the Alumnae Fund at Lasell 
and reported only 36% of the Class of 1949 
contributed in the current year's drive. Do 
try to dig deeper and send a check this year. 

As evidenced by the heading of our col- 
umn, we also elected new class secretaries. 
Kay, Didge and I hope we can do as well as 
our predecessors. Please do keep the news 

"Fun" Prizes were then awarded to Long 
Distance Travelers: Barbara Berry Roberts 
(Nebraska), Kay Poore Hamel (Michigan), 
Evie Frye White (Indiana) , Nat Hall Camp- 
bell (North Carolina) and Carolyn Clark 
Thomas (Virginia). Most Children: Straw 
Lawson Donahue, four. Most Recent Mar- 
riage: Kathleen Mahoney Schofield, January 

31, 1959. Changed the Most: Prilly Randall 
Hurter and Carol Dunn Burns. Changed the 
Least: Paulie Quilty Connolly. 

Libby's daughter, Pamela Logan, was 
crown bearer for the June Queen at the 
Crow's Nest ceremony, and we did enjoy 
the President's Reception for Alumnae and 
faculty. It was great fun to see Miss Jean 
Watt, our class advisor, and many other 
faculty friends. However, for most of us it 
was sad to say goodbye to President and 
Mrs. Wass, and difficult to find the proper 
words to express our thanks to them for the 
years of dedication to Lasell. Mr. Wass not 
only undertook a successful building pro- 
gram, but has worked to attract outstanding 
faculty and improve our college scholastically. 
We '49-ers will miss him. 

Saturday evening forty of us, "stag" or with 
our spouse, joined again for cocktails and 
dinner at The Meadows. All in all we had 
a great fun day together with the friends 
with whom we had shared so much in those 
two short years, and whom we seldom see 
because of distance, jobs, husbands, children 
or a hundred other reasons. In true spirit, 
we departed making mad plans for "we must 
get together often between now and 1964." 
Let's hope that we do — at least, through 
the news in the LEAVES. 

Present at Reunion were: Nat Hall Camp- 
bell, Mary Shoemaker Budge, Polly Don- 
aldson Converse, Marty Hurd Davenport, 
Nancy Curtis Grellier, Betty Ann Felker 
Hancock, Carol Cedergren Henrickson, 
Beverly Wallace Markey, Ann Hollett 



1949 — Section #2 

Munro, Joan Stowe Pedersen, Joan Phelan, 
Barbara Berry Roberts, Joan Pauling Smith, 
Pat Lane Harlow, Nancy Conners Stoddard, 
Carolyn Clark Thomas, Betty Smales Young, 
Carol Dunn Burns, Jean Wormuth Craig, 
Helen Hamilton Croot, Violet Drulie 
Dhimos, Sue Baer Gluck, Jane Wadhams 
Hazen, Nan Colman Hill, Prilly Randall 
Hurter, Diane Baird Jasset, Nancy New- 
hall Mackay, Jeanne Zedren Scott, Joan 
Thornton Briand, Joan Caswell, Jean Gil- 
more Cook, Eleanor Ritchie Elmore, Mary 
Gilmore, Judy Parker Haas, Betty Rain- 
ville Hallenbeck, Kay Poore Hamel, Joan 
Kennedy Johnson, Pam Johns Leighton, 
Janet White MacLure, Taffy Maclnnes 
Miller, Fay Robbins Morehouse, Marilyn 
Ross, Joan DeGelleke Shrewsbury, Ann 
Fletcher Wilson, Norma Pickett Wise, Evie 
Frye White, Mona Carson Bumpus, Betty 
Toscano, Jewell Ward Grainger, Pat Quirk 
Jones. And with husbands: Gene Starrett 
Anderson, Straw Lawson Donahue, Paulie 
Quilty Connolly, Joan Wolfe Wickham 
x-'49, Boots Potier Grey, Jan Gray Palin, 
Diane Palady Barry, Bev Peterson Bentley, 
Janice Wilder Davidson, Polly Martini 
Everett x-'49, Jean Sargent Lee, Libby Har- 
rington Logan, Sally Taylor Murray, Dot 
Lindestrand Magnuson, Audrey Mitchell 
McKibben, Corinne Capone McGuiggan, 
Mary Mosher Schorer, Kathy Mahoney 
Schofield, Boydes Wilson Smith x-'49, Eva 
Laitenen Stromski, Kay Raizes Stameris and 
June Gray Taylor. 

Prior to reunion questionnaires were sent 
to all on the 1949 mailing list. 120 were 
returned and we shall pass along the infor- 

mation in later issues of the LEAVES. 

— P.Q.C. 

Born: To Fay Robbins Morehouse, a third 
daughter, Kimberly Ann, on October 20, 

To Patricia Troup Dye, a daughter, Cindy 
Lee, on April 12, 1959. 

Other News: The Cape Cod USO in Fal- 
mouth was under the direction of Cynthia 
Britton x-'49 during the spring of 1959. 
Cynthia had been a staff aide at the USO in 
Orlando (Fla.) and was invited by the na- 
tional USO secretary to serve in Falmouth 
until a permanent director was appointed. 
Cynthia began her work with this organiza- 
tion as a junior hostess in 1952, subsequently 
became chairman and a year later program 
director and staff aide. 

Eugenia Piper Nelson has recently moved 
to Titusville, Penna. (213 N. Perry St.), 
where her husband is in the insurance busi- 
ness. Gene has two children — Arvid III, 
born August 31, 1956, and a daughter Carol 
Lynn, born January 4, 1958. 

We have been brought up-to-date with 
Mary Shoemaker and Jeanne Zedren. Mary, 
now Mrs. Robert D. Budge, is living at 13 
Manor Rd., Livingston, N. J., and is the 
mother of a son and a daughter, Bruce and 
Sandra. Jeanne was married in October 1953 
to William C. Scott. The Scotts, who live 
at 145 Harvard St., Newtonville, Mass., have 
one daughter, Leslie Jean, born February 4, 

New Addresses: Jane Alford Young: 14834 
Dunnet Ave., La Mirada, Calif. 



Marilyn Prince Karcher x-'49 and 

Family at Valley Forge. Marilyn is the 

daughter of Louise Stevens Prince '22 

Dorothy Bessette: Apt. #6, 625 Orton 
Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Mary Dearborn Haig: Apt. #7, 1420 
Lakeshore Ave., Oakland, Calif. 

Carol Dunn Burns: Boardman Lane, Tops- 
field, Mass. 

Marie Foster Elmer x-'49: 720 Hillsdale 
Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley: 2945 Wood- 
lawn Ave., San Marino, Calif. 

Lois Mallon Maher: 100 E. 200th St., 
Euclid 19, Ohio. 

Willa Murray McGann: 12 Ridgewood 
Lane, Scotia, N. Y. 

Betty Vail Morrissey: 61 Riverside Drive, 
Hamden, Conn. 


Sally C. Hughes, Secretary 
102 Cabot St., Newton 58, Mass. 

Mrs. Paul H. Roche 

( Lillian Reese ) , Assistant 

108 Pearson Rd., Somerville, Mass. 

Engaged: Margaret Weber to V. James 
Andretta, Jr. Peg's fiance is an alumnus of 
the Lawrenceville School and Princeton Uni- 

Married: Marion Ettinger and Henry Cleave- 
land McDonald on May 17, 1959, in Scars- 
dale, New York. Ellen O'Brien Montemurro 
was one of Marion's six attendants. The new 
address for the McDonalds is 33 Fieldstone 
Drive, Hartsdale, N. Y. 

Gloria Drulie and Holger Edward Schluntz 
on June 28, 1959, at the Goddard Chapel 
of Tufts University. Naomi Cox and Violet 
Drulie Dhimos '49 were two of Gloria's 
bridesmaids. Violet's daughter, Chrissy Lee, 
was the flower girl and Master Robert Dhimos 
served as page. 

Born: To Betty Jean Jones Bolton, a second 
daughter, Carol Ann, on February 12, 1959. 

To Lillian Reese Roche, a third child, 
second daughter, Patricia, on March 14, 1959. 

To Claire Wallis Harris, a daughter, Linda 
Ann, on March 16, 1959. 

To Marilyn Bartlett Erratt, a son, Bruce 
Lynn, on March 23, 1959. Two of Bruce's 
proud aunts are Natalie Bartlett Adams '36 
and Virginia Bartlett Gay '38. 

Other News: The 1959 Commencement ad- 
dress was delivered by Dr. John W. Brush 
of the Andover Newton Theological School. 
Dr. Brush is the father of freshman class 
president, Deborah Brush Morse x-'50. The 
latest news from Debby: "We are in Sacra- 
mento ( Calif. ) , where my husband is doing 
his two-year stint with the Air Force. He is 
radiologist for the hospital at Mather Air 
Force Base. Have been moving about some 
— a year in Chicago and one in Detroit 
before coming to California. Following two 
more years of residency training for my hus- 
band, we hope to settle again in New Eng- 
land. We have two daughters — Cynthia 
Jean, 3, and Susan Gale, IV2- They prac- 
tically live outdoors in the sun — and most 
of my time is spent chasing them." Debby's 
address is 129 Kurtz Way, Mather Air Force 
Base, Calif. 

Lillian Reese Roche '50 and children 



Joan Wallace Billings '50 with 
Loren and Lisa 

Correction to the February 1959 LEAVES 
and our apologies to Joan Wallace. Joan is 
Mrs. Robert E. Billings (not Westwood) and 
she lives at 45 Churchill Rd., Westwood, 
Mass. Lorraine LeClaire Ridgway is god- 
mother for Joan's younger daughter, Loren. 

Sabra Turner Stockdale sends a new ad- 
dress: 118 Haverhill Drive, DeWitt, N.Y., 
and adds: "Moved to this Syracuse suburb in 
January 1959 and are enjoying it very much. 
Lloyd is a sales engineer with Weston In- 
struments. Lindy Sue is three and Chuck will 
be two in June ('59). They are always into 
some mischief but they are much fun." 

New Addresses: Barbara Chipman Will: 
145 S. Washington St., North Attleboro, 

Joann Creveling Ahlbum: 76 MacDougal 
St., New York 12, N. Y. 

Jean Davies Stanley: 41 Norman Ave., 
Cranston 10, R. I. 

Jeanne Hackett Desmond: 2478 Weston 
Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Nancy Ann Houde Dyer: 319 Chedding- 
ton Rd., Linthicum Heights, Md. 

Diane Krause Sherman: 189 Sterling Rd., 
Trumbull, Conn. 

Constance Large Collins: 229 Maryland 
Ave., Erie, Penna. 

Marilyn Munson Farrar: Shagbark Rd., 
West Bridgewater, Mass. 


Mrs. Robert B. Borden 

( Barbara Adams ) , Secretary 

12 Myrna Rd., Lexington, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

( Barbara Voorman ) , Assistant 

303 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Mary Ellen Wait, Assistant 
7 Warren Terrace, Newton Centre, Mass. 

Born: To Jan Wolf Tarrant x-'51, a son, 
John Daly, on February 14, 1959- 

To Jean Schuster Robbins, a son, Frank 
Richard, on April 14, 1959- 

To Lorna Becker Harrington x-'51, a third 
child, first son, Wesley James, on April 17, 

To Barbara Adams Borden, a third child, 
first son, Robert Bruce, Jr., on June 3, 1959- 

Other News: Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. 
Saulnier of Framingham (Mass.) have an- 
nounced the engagement of their daughter, 
Jeanne Marguerite, to Ralph C. Segura of 
San Francisco, Calif. Ralph was graduated 
from De La Salle Normal School, Lafayette, 
La., and St. Michael's College, Santa Fe, 
N. Mex. 

On April 18, 1959, Nancy Rice became 
the bride of Richard Anthony Hopkins of 
Montclair, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins 
honeymooned in Bermuda and are now liv- 
ing at 1420 York Ave., New York 21, N. Y. 

The latest address for Alice Stover Kach- 
line is 51 Sandra Place, Hamburg, N. Y. 
"Smoky" is the mother of three daughters — 
Leslie Carol, Kimberley Anne, Nancy Alice 
— and a son, James Edward, born in March 

Lindy Sue and Chuck Stockdale 
(Sabra Turner '50) 



New Addresses: Maryanne Ankuda Drury 
x-'51: High Mowing School, Wilton, N. H. 

Dorothy Delasco Sines: 15694 Tetley St., 
La Puente, Calif. 

Susan Goetz Preston: 31 Carman Rd., 
Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Shirley Gregory Gardner: Weed Ave., 
R.R. 2, Norwalk, Conn. 

Barbara Jankowski Rusch: 72 Plain Hay 
Path Rd., Bethpage, L. I, N. Y. 

Virginia Klenske: 4223 West Fifth St., 
Los Angeles 5, Calif. 

Sally Swainson Callahan: 45 Westerfield 
Rd., Hamden, Conn. 

Mary Vogler Greene: 4613 Mimosa Drive, 
Bellaire, Tex. 

Barbara Walker Paul x-'51: 22 Birch Rd., 
Great Notch, N. J. 

Carolyn Weare Shaw: 6024 Hillcrest, 
Detroit 36, Mich. 


Mrs. Edward Berghaus 

(Suzanne Baney,) Secretary 

13 University Avenue, Chatham, N. J. 

Engaged: Winifred Domark to Raymond J. 
Moylan, Jr. An alumnus of Williston Acade- 
my and Trinity College, Raymond served as 
lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force and is cur- 
rently employed by Travelers Insurance Com- 
pany of Hartford. 

Marilyn Hetzke to Jack Richard Moore of 
Marshall, Mich. 

Married: Janet Bolster and George E. Peter- 
son, Jr. on April 11, 1959. Janet's new 
address is 2975 Laurel Street, San Diego, 
California. She is now on the editorial staff 
of the San Diego Tribune and her husband 
is associated with the Railway Express Agency 

Rosalie Caiger and Robert Bradford Sar- 
gent on April 18, 1959. Rosalie's brides- 
maids included Betty Cook Burgess x-'52 
and Harriet Ward x-'52. The Sargents are 
now living on Conant Street, South Acton, 

Naomi Peck and John A. Kroner, Jr. on 
May 2, 1959 at Hamden, Conn. Betsy 
Brown Cramer, Joyce Wardle Chapman and 
Virginia Smibert Swanson were bridesmaids. 

Nancie Shean and John Walter Roth on 
August 22, 1959 at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Nancie's maid of honor was sister Suzanne 
Shean '56. Nancie is vice president of The 
South Florida Club and her present address 
is 814 N. E. Fifth Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, 

Born: To Carole Smith Diamond, a second 
son, M. Gregg, on November 30, 1958. 

To Eleanor DePalma McCarthy, a son, 
Kevin Frederick, on February 11, 1959. 

To Joan Fischer Bell, a daughter, Linda 
Joan, on March 18, 1959. 

To Terry Wingate Machette, a daughter, 
Piper Davis, on March 22, 1959. Terry's 
new address is Apt. 118-C Wallworth Park, 
Haddonfield, N. J. 

To Bonnie Gill Smith, a third child, sec- 
ond son, Lewis, on April 22, 1959- 

To Betty Lou Foy Reid. a second daugh- 
ter, Lynda Ann, on June 10, 1959. 

To Audrey McKay Prince, a daughter, 
Deborah Ann, on June 17, 1959. 

Other News: ATTENTION: '52-ers: Have 
you noticed that our column grows shorter 
and shorter as the years go by? It isn't nec- 
essary, you know. I am sure you enjoy — as 
I do — reading about classmates. Please keep 
us informed! At least, send us the high- 
lights and the whereabouts. How about it? 

S. B. B. 

Joanne Purcell Brooker has moved to 
1240 S. Taylor Street, Arlington, Virginia. 
Purcie is working for the Department of the 
Interior, Bureau of Land Management, and 
says: "It all adds up to lots of weeds." 

Barbara Wenzel, a research assistant at the 
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Boston, is 
working for the National Institutes of Health 
through Harvard Medical School. She is 
doing cancer research. In August Barbara 
was busily preparing for a three-month 
jaunt in Europe and promised a detailed ac- 
count for the February LEAVES. Her past 
vacations have included a summer in Cali- 
fornia, a long sunny stay in Florida, and time 
enough in the Laurentians to become "a 
pretty good skier." 

New Addresses: Carol Frank Sweeney: 37 
East Bel-Meadow Lane, Chagrin Falls, O. 

Nancy Gray Mulcahy: 1502 Stansneld 
Dr., Fayetteville, N. C. 

Joan Hochstuhl Wallace: 22 Woodside 
Drive, Greenwich, Conn. 

Dorothy Mulhere Barrett: 5 Bonnie Lane, 
New City, N. Y. 

Marlene Murray Zuker: 2132 Wilming- 
ton Pike, Dayton, O. 

Barbara Sieder Gay: 701 Chase Drive, 
Corpus Christi, Tex. 

Joan Stillwell Smith: 13007 Flack St., 
Silver Spring, Md. 


Mrs. Harry Gardner 

(Althea Janke) , Secretary 

30 Main St., Emerson, N. J. 

Mrs. Roland A. Nesslinger 

( Sylvia Pfeiffer ) , Assistant 

90 Belle Ave., Mt. Rt. #1, Delaware, Ohio 



Born: To Naney Preston Strohmeyer, a 
daughter, Sarah Lawrence, on September 9, 

To Eugenia Snow Averill, a third son, 
Clifton Stephen, on January 21, 1959. 

To Martha Guhring Gremley, a second 
daughter, Kathryn Jean, on May 1, 1959. 

To Molly McBride Kalogeros, a third 
child, first daughter, Susan, on July 19, 

To Elizabeth Sleight Dexter, a daughter, 
Dawn Elizabeth, on July 30, 1959- 

Other News: Audrey Thompson became the 
bride of Charles Joseph Rielle, Jr. on May 
2, 1959. Mr. Rielle, a graduate of Middle- 
bury College, is associated with Cannon 
Mills in New York City. 

Mary F. Thomas brings us up-to-date: 
"In October 1953 I was married to Carl H. 
Justice. We now have three children: Carl 
III, born October 27, 1954, Wendy Ann, 
born February 11, 1956, and Frances Eloise, 
born January 30, 1959. My husband is in 
the Army — a career man — and is now sta- 
tioned in Korea. Until he returns in No- 
vember the children and I will be with my 
parents at 15 Roanoke Avenue, Jamaica 
Plain, Mass." 

In March Patricia Ripley Petit wrote: 
"My husband, daughter Kim and I have just 
moved to our new home, which my husband 
built himself. It is built on the four acres of 
land we own here in Harmony, Rhode Is- 
land. I have an interesting position with the 
law firm of Roberts and Coffey in Provi- 

Joan Sevigny has requested a transcript 
of her Lasell work to qualify for a California 
Medical Laboratory's license. Joan's present 
address is 2528 Sarda Way, Rancho Cordova, 

Gene Snow Averill admits: "In spite of 
the fact that three young boys really keep me 
going, I have accepted the presidency of the 
Wellesley Hills (Mass.) Junior Woman's 
Club for 1958-60." 

From the Quincy (Mass.) Patriot Ledger 
on August 24, 1959 we quote: "A Wollaston 
secretary is one of twelve attractive young 
women selected as models for the Pageant 
Review of Fashion to be held in Rockefeller 
Plaza, New York City, on September 10 to 
mark the oil industry's centennial. As she 
takes part in the pageant depicting historic 
events in the industry's growth, Miss Cather- 
ine Fay will wear, in addition to her cos- 
tume, a star sapphire coronation creation 
valued at $25,000. The jewel is man made. 
Prior to the pageant, Miss Fay and the other 
models will participate in a parade down 
Fifth Avenue in automobiles of various 

At present, Kay is secretary to the assistant 

vice president in charge of sales for the Ethyl 
Corporation, and during her spare time she 
also manages to do volunteer work at one of 
the New York hospitals. 

New Addresses: Diane Appel Klevens 
x-'53: 1401 Park St., Atlantic Beach, N.Y. 

Patricia Clark Doolin: 38 East Street, 
Essex Junction, Vt. 

Shirley Gibbons SanSoucie: 2208 Joshua 
Road, Lafayette Hill, Penna. 

Marie Kaden: 28 Sidlaw Road, Brighton, 

Barbara L. Smith Tingley: 18 Kearns 
Road, Granby, Conn. 


Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

( Martha Ellis ) , Secretary 
169 Lexington St., Watertown, Mass. 

Mrs. Alan W. Coles 

( Ann Lethbridge ) , Assistant 

82-A Woodland Road, Short Hills, N. J. 

Many thanks to former class secretary, 
Betty Lindsay Buhler, for compiling, sort- 
ing and editing the news gleaned from 
1954's reunion questionnaires. Part II will 
follow in the February issue, and we sin- 
cerely regret space (and price) prevents our 
including the many delightful pictures of 
1954's children. Ed. 

Grace Adamian: dietitian at Harvard's 
Stillman Infirmary. 

Carol Bagley Jackson, 9 Godfrey Ave., 
Hampton, N. H.: sent picture of sons 
Charles and Edward. 

Joan Barraclough Bandre: "My sons, 
John and Peter, and I will not be able to 
make Lasell for June 6th is their father's 
graduation day." 

Carolyn Berghahn Whitman: second 
daughter, Debra Ann, born November 18, 

Betty Born Deacon: is a unit supervisor 
for the Northeast Service Center, Internal 

Ann Bowerman Logan: sent regrets and a 
new address: 31 Wendell Ave., Pittsfield, 

Nancy Collari Keeman: enclosed pictures 
of herself, husband and son Peter. Their 
new address: 1140-D East Doran Street, 
Glendale, Calif. 

Suzanne Collins Cleveland, 14 Bowdoin 
Street, Andover, Mass.: pictures of her two 
daughters, Leigh, born Sept. 25, 1956, and 
Bobbi Jane, born June 10, 1958. 

Grace Duncan Lumm, 37 Jones Drive, 
New Britain, Conn.: "So sorry to miss all 
the fun. Thought you'd like to see my Wil- 
liam Duncan, born February 15, 1956." 

Janet Egan Anderholm x-'54: daughter, 
Karen, born February 26, 1959. 



Five Years Out 

Mabel Fastiggi Fiscella: son, Joseph, Jr., 
arrived November 27, 1958. 

Kristin Fernlund: doing private secretary 
work and has an apartment at 214 E. 51st 
St., New York, N. Y. 

Anna-Mae George Wogan: third child, 
second son, Glen George, born March 14, 


Louise Gracey Hawley: husband is now 
teaching in West Babylon, L. I. and plans 
graduate work at Cornell. Daughter, Kathy, 
was born January 15, 1959. 

Myrna Grace Hadley Hottum: 49 Kauf- 
man Rd., Cheektowaga, N. Y.: medical sec- 
retary at the Roswell Park Memorial Insti- 
tute. Daughter Linda Ann is now three years 

Mary Hayden Durkee: substitute teacher 
in Burlingame, Calif. 

Shirley Herold Johnson: second daughter, 
Karen Beth, born December 15, 1958. 

Joan Hildebrandt: received a B.S. degree 
in Business Management from Fairleigh 
Dickinson University in 1957 and is now at- 
tending Cornell University. "Will finish my 
exams on June 5 th and plan to leave for 
New Haven and Ann Chidsey's wedding. 
Have a wonderful day and say Hi to every- 

Patricia Lawston Ruskowski x-'54; Tim 
ber Drive, Calverton, N.Y. : Pat has a 
daughter, Sharon Lee, and son, Anthony 
Jr., was born October 15, 1958. 

Carole Mattucci Wall: secretary at the 
Lederle Labs, American Cyanamid Company, 
Pearl River, N. Y. 

Mary McCulloch Bush, 32 5 Forest 
Blvd., Park Forest, 111.: enclosed picture 
of herself with Debbie, born May 5, 1957, 
and Bobby, born May 15, 1958. 

Allison McFarlin Convery x-'54, South 
Summer St., Edgartown, Mass., attached 
picture of two children, Susan and Leo. 

Mary McLeman Brown x-'54, 865 Niag- 
ara Falls Blvd., Buffalo, N. Y.: a technolo- 
gist at the Edward J. Meyer Hospital in 
Buffalo, where her husband is training in 
internal medicine. 

Judy Messier Wood: Kama Erickson 
Feltham forwarded the news that Judy's 
twin sons had just arrived to make a total 
of three boys under two and a half years 
old. If you care to volunteer for baby-sit- 
ting, Judy's address is 16 Retrop Road, 
Natick, Mass. 

Sybil Moore Pinkham, 11218 Orleans 
Way, Kensington, Md.: "Busy with a new 
home, caring for little Cindy and Billy, 
and planning a vacation in Nassau this 
summer." Syb's younger sister, Katherine, 
was among the 1959 Lasell graduates. 

Joan Morrill Mansfield: daughter, Deb- 
orah Joan, arrived September 29, 1958. 

Beverly Mulock MacDonald : "My 
thoughts will be with you all on June 6th. 
At present we are in Texas where my hus- 
band is completing flight training with the 
Navy. We expect orders soon and will for- 
ward a new address early in the fall." 

Martha Norlin Swanson: enclosed a 
"waiting - for - Santa" photo of Lorene 
(8/25/55) and Wendy Ellen (8/20/56). 

Ruth Paetz Braun: sent greetings to all 
and sent a snap of son, Hugh — Hugo E. 
Braun III. 

Bettina Pierce Romaine, North Granby 
Rd., Granby, Conn.: now busy with two 
children — Jeffery Alan and Hollister 
(Holly), who was born August 18, 1958. 

Ann Rood Perry: new address — 120 
Farwell Street, Newtonville, Mass. 



Betty Shaw Morrison: "I'll be thinking 
of you all — the distance from Miami 
to Boston is a bit. too far this reunion." 

Joan Trenholm Morris: planning a July 
vacation in Rhode Island and Maine. Joan 
now lives in California and has two dar- 
ling daughters. 

Priscilla VanDine Redmond, 45 Gladmar 
Drive, Rochester, N. Y. : "How I'd love to 
see you all. Bit busy with our new daugh- 
ter, Karen, who arrived April 20, 1959." 

Barbara Watts Rubino: secretary to the 
vice president of the University of Bridge- 
port (Conn.) . 

June Weidner Burns x-'54: has a son, 
Jay Patrick, and daughter Jill Ann was 
born December 5, 1958. June now lives 
at 39 Maple Ave., Floral Park, N. Y. 

M. Patricia Wilson: "Plans for my com- 
ing wedding are underway and can't possibly 
make reunion. Many, many things have 
happened since graduation — and each 
one better than the last. Janie Master, 
Nancy Atwood, Toni Hayden and I decided 
to come to Washington in September 1956. 
I came in May of that year and went to 
work in the District Sales Office of General 
Electric. Lived at a boarding house until 
the gals arrived, and to fill some of the 
spare time, I decided to take fencing les- 
sons. Can just hear Mrs. Cousins and 
Miss "Mac" McClelland say — Will wonders 
never cease? Toni shared an apartment 
in Arlington, Va., with a cousin, and Janie, 
Nancy and I remained in Washington. 1958 
was THE year for us — Janie became en- 
gaged in March, Nancy announced her 
engagement in July, and I had my ring 
on December 1st. Have enjoyed the 
Alumnae Club here and always love news 
of Lasell. Have a wonderful, wonderful 

Helen Wood Queenan: daughter, Anne 
Marie, was born October 8, 1958. 

Lois Woodward Hofer: daughter, Karen 
Elizabeth, arrived April 27, 1959. Stephen 
is now two years old. The Hofers live 
at 5 Colton Road, West Hartford, Conn. 

Nancy Hawk Gilbert: contributed the 
following poem, "Class Reunion," which 
appeared in a New Jersey newspaper: 

The brilliant successes are busy, but 

Or wire on Alumni Day, 
While the threadbare failures, addresses 

Understandably stay away. 
Which limits attendance, year after year, 
As anyone plainly can see, 
To the middling, the local, the slightly 

queer — 
To my friends, that is, and to me. 

. . . B.L.B. 

Mrs. William H. Moebius 
(Ann Chidsey '54) 

Engaged: Mary Lafayette to Walter Scott 
Wingo of Washington, D.C. Mary has 
been a secretary in the Department of 
State since 1956, and Walter, a graduate 
of George Washington University, is em- 
ployed by the Washington News. 

Married: Adrianne Borden and Edward 
Albert Domey on April 4, 1959 in Worces- 
ter, Mass. Anne, vice president of the Wor- 
cester Lasell Club, is now living on Marble 
Road, Sutton, Mass. 

Beverly Cassoli and Lt. Robert Francis 
McCarthy on April 4, 1959 in Braintree, 
Mass. The McCarthys are now at 22 Dixon 
Road, Newfields, N. H. 

Janet McElgunn and William Joseph 
Flynn on April 11, 1959. All 1954 resi- 
dents of Blaisdell were present at Janet's 
wedding. Her new address is 88 Oxbow 
Drive, New Providence, N. J. 

Jane Master to James John Houston on 
May 2, 1959. Their new address is Apt. 
577, 2005 Key Boulevard, Arlington, Va. 

Ann Chidsey and William Harry Moebius 
on June 6, 1959. 

M. Raye Smith x-'54 and Walter Judd 
Sawyer on June 13, 1959. 

Prudence Thacker x-'54 and Robert 
Duncan Stewart on June 20, 1959 in 
Hyannis, Mass. The Stewarts are now liv- 
ing in Cummaquid. 



Joan Pickett and Douglas John Morrow 
on August 1, 1959 at the Martha-Mary 
Chapel in Sudbury, Mass. Corinne Coyle 
was a member of the wedding party. 

Mary Patricia Wilson and Willard S. 
Kane on August 8, 1959. Jane Master 
Houston was Pat's matron of honor and 
Nancy Atwood Cook, a bridesmaid. 

Born: To Eleanor Sclare Mazur, a daughter, 
Jill, on February 2, 1959. 

To Martha Phillips Fearing, a son, John 
Lincoln, on February 28, 1959- 

To Faith Harvey Fisler, a daughter, 
Katharine, on April 21, 1959- 

To Nancy Swanson Horsfield, a daughter, 
Sharon Anne, on April 30, 1959. 

To Elaine Budarz Wiatrowski, twin 
daughters, Lynn Carol and Linda Ann, 
on June 4, 1959. 


Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

(Carolyn Chapin), Secretary 

123 Vadnais Circle, West Springfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

(Ruth Birch), Assistant 

2464 Alida St., Oakland, Calif. 

Mrs. Alan Nelson 

( Susan Twitchell ) , Assistant 

Unit 84, 70 Central Avenue 

New Haven, Conn. 

Engaged: Marlene Berman to Milton Blair 
Lewis of Brookline, Mass. 

Sandra Brideau to Herbert Buckley. 
Sandy's fiance is a graduate of the Univer- 
sity of New Hampshire. 

Carolyn Chase to Richard Carson Pur- 
cell of Indianapolis, Ind. 

Donna Gearhart to Vincent Edward Leo. 

Nancy Goodman to Howard C. Cobin, 
an alumnus of Lowell Technological Insti- 

Beverly Kimball to Richard H. Lamburn. 

Jean Phillips to Robert Shay of Concord, 
N. H. Jean is a stewardess with United 
Airlines and her fiance, a graduate of 
Trinity College, is associated with Sylvania 
Electric Products. 

Mary Waterman to William Francis 
Weaving. Polly is now on the nursing 
staff of Grace-New Haven (Conn.) Com- 
munity Hospital. 

Married: Susan Gray and Alan Charles 
Lichtenstein on April 7, 1959 at New 
Haven, Conn. 

Shirley MacDonald and 2d Lt. Robert 
Louis Biamonte, USAR, on April 11, 1959. 

Charleen Herrling and Dr. Theodore N. 
Smith on April 18, 1959- Charleen's new 
address is 160 Long Lane, Upper Darby, 

Barbara Lindsay and Donald Eaton Ray 
on May 16, 1959 in Auburndale, Mass. 
The Rays are now living at 7 13 River 
Street, Mattapan, Mass. 

Patricia Regamey and Frank Donald 
Switaj on June 6, 1959. 9 Ridgeland Road, 
Wallingford, Conn, is Pat's new address. 

Shirley Pike and James Francis Ams- 
pacher on June 20, 1959- Frances Bristol 
was Shirley's maid of honor, and Carol 
Merwin Robinson was a bridesmaid. 

Elaine Gaysunas and Joseph Francis 
Coppinger on June 20, 1959- Carole 
Gaysunas Dalrymple '54 was matron of 
honor for her sister. Elaine's present address 
is 46 Court Street, Newtonville, Mass. 

Born: To Lorrie Ginsburg Magid, a son, 
Keith Stuart, on January 6, 1959. 

To Carolyn Chapin Snyder, a third child, 
first son, Edward Richard, on March 15, 
1959. The Snyder family are now living 
at 123 Vadnais Circle, West Springfield, 

To Mary Lee Gowdy Belcourt, a son, 
David John, on June 2, 1959. 

To Ruth Dyer Graf, a son, Jeffrey, in 
March 1959. 

Other News: From 77V^ Main Street, 
Potsdam, N. Y., Joan Geddes Grant writes: 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Biamonte 
(Shirley MacDonald '55) 



Grandmother Geddes with Jeff, son of 
Joan Geddes Grant '55 

"Paul and I now are the very proud parents 
of a baby boy, born on April 15, 1959. 
I am enclosing a picture of him with my 
mother taken on July 4th. Paul begins 
his senior year at Clarkson College of 
Technology. We are all proud of him 
for he is #1 man in his class in the 
electrical engineering department. On my 
next visit home — Lexington, Mass. — I 
hope to see all at Lasell." 

Jane Bailey Bordon was director of a 
summer day camp for retarded children at 
the People's Institute, Northampton, Mass. 
Jane, a graduate of Springfield College, has 
conducted classes in physical education at 

Marcia Harrington McCarthy '55 and 
Priscilla Fenton Abercrombie '55 with 
Priscilla's Janet, born March 28, 1959 

Sunland, a state institution for retarded 
children in Gainesville, Florida. 

Rev. Eric Swanfeldt, husband of Jean 
Van Buskirk, was appointed pastor of the 
Warren Methodist Church, Plymouth, N. H. 
on August 1, 1959. The Swanfeldts and 
daughter, Cheryl, have moved to the Metho- 
dist parsonage there. 

Valerie Montanez Hooven sends a new 
address — 7104 Pine Tree Lane, West 
Palm Beach, Fla., and adds: "My husband 
operates a cattle ranch in Belle Glade 
and has a sod business in Lake Worth. 
I am hoping to make Fifth Reunion and 
see old friends. If any '55-ers are travel- 
ing this way, please stop to say hello." 

Sally Ann McGill is really enjoying San 
Francisco — "a beautiful city and heavenly 
climate. Spent the winter weekends ski- 
ing and now am doing quite a bit of sail- 
ing, which I adore. Enjoying my work 
with the Liberty Mutual Insurance Com- 

Patricia Reynolds Fisher is hoping her 
husband's new assignment will be nearby 
so "we'll all be together again. Our son, 
'Buzz,' had his first birthday in May and 
he keeps me busy. Capt. Fisher has been 
stationed in Greenland since August 1958." 

Mary Alice Everett writes: "I was gradu- 
ated from the University of Pennsylvania 
in June 1958 with the degree of Bachelor 
of Science in Physical Therapy. Now work- 
ing at a school for cerebral palsied children 
in Peapack, N. J. 

Priscilla Fenton Abercrombie's letter 
came from her new address: 71 Ruckman 
Road, Hillsdale, N. J. And she added: "Had 
an .early summer call from June Anderten 
Seifert and her husband. June is working 
for a manufacturer of children's clothes and 
she designed a cute dress for Janet." 

Sue Thomas Wiard's new address: c/o 
Capt. Robert C. Wiard, Jr. 067519, B Co. 
1st B.G. 27th Inf. Regt. 25th Div., APO 
25, San Francisco, Calif. Sue writes: "Bob 
is now here in Hawaii — at Schofield Bar- 
racks — for a three-year tour. We spent 
five grand weeks in the East, visiting family 
and friends, before driving cross-country to 
San Francisco, thence by boat to Pearl 
Harbor. Even Trooper — just three — 
enjoyed himself. He is quite the seasoned 
traveler now." 

New Addresses: Patricia Burt Schiewetz: 
124 Marcella Road, Webster Farms, Wil- 
mington, Del. 

Linda Nolin Ahern: 49 Broadway, 
Arlington, Mass. 

Caroljean Somers Irrgang: 91-641 
Laukona Loop, Ewa Beach, Oahu, T.H. 




101 Montgomery Ave., Bala-Cynwyd, Penna. 

Mrs. Rudolh A. Kraft, Jr. 
(Peggy Schwingel), Assistant 
12 Station Rd., Cranbury, N. J. 

GAIL SWETT, Assistant 
42 Perry Dr., Needham, Mass. 

Engaged: Margaret Cain to George Sargent, 
Jr., a graduate of the Bentley School of 
Accounting and Northeastern University. 

Patricia Luchka to Bruce Edward Butter- 
worth of Warwick, R. I. 

Frances Nettleton to Philip John Kon- 
sella. Fran is employed by Mountain State 
Telephone and Telegraph Company of Den- 
ver, Colorado, and her fiance, a graduate of 
the University of Denver, is affiliated with 
the accounting firm of Alexander Grant 
and Company in that city. 

Ann Pasquale to John F. Bassett. John 
attended Harvard College and received his 
degree from Bowdoin College. 

Janet Parmenter, daughter of Ruth 
Shepard Parmenter '25, to George Webster 
Ellinwood, Jr. George is an alumnus of 
Colby College. 



Michael Handler 
(Carole Smith '55) 

Angel Pennio to Ronald P. Gallerani 
of Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Gail Robinson x-'56 to Lt. Ronald Shep- 
hard Briones of Seattle, Wash. Lt. Briones 
is a helicopter pilot with the U.S. Army. 

Married: Elaine Bertini and Robert Wil- 
liam Roske on May 16, 1959. Nancy Jo 
Treulich Altschuler x-'56 was a member of 
the wedding party. Elaine's new address is 
45 Hastings Avenue, Pawtucket, R. I. 

Reyna Oldeman and Richard Alan Stein 
on May 26, 1959. 

Patricia Dahlgard and Milton Richard 
Schroeder on May 23, 1959. Pat's attendants 
were Bette Walsh and Barbara Murdock. 

Sheila Paquette and Capt. Alfred E. 
Ward on June 13, 1959. Capt Ward, a 
graduate of Columbia University and Co- 
lumbia's School of Dental and Oral Sur- 
gery, is stationed at Williams Bay, Wis. 

Nanci Mae Smith and Earl M. Weissman 
on July 16, 1959. Ann Beden Servetnick 
was Nanci 's matron of honor. Mr. and 
Mrs. Weissman are now living at 65 
Tedesco Street, Marblehead, Mass. 

Claire Westhaver and Edward C. John- 
son, Jr. on July 18, 1959. 

Joyce Bliss and Nelson Paul Doyle on 
August 1, 1959. Joyce is president of the 
Vermont Lasell Club. 

Born: To Elizabeth Larrabee Martin, a 
son, Scott Douglas, on February 1, 1959. 

To Priscilla Broad Weston, a daughter, 
Chris Ann, on June 13, 1959. Priscilla's 
present address is 126 East Williamson, 
Harlingen, Texas. 

To Nancy E. Smith Marchese, a daugh- 
ter, Debra Lee, on August 5, 1959. 

Other News: In April Nancy Vieweger 
Pentz wrote from 45 Lakeview Avenue, 
West Long Branch, N. J.: "Getting ready 
to join Bob for two months in Augusta, 
Ga. — have been two months at Fort 
Knox, Kentucky. Judy Solodar Levy's 
(x-'56) son, Scott Stuart, is a perfect 
angel. He was born December 3, 1958." 

Diana Smith continues her duties as a 
business representative for the New York 
Telephone Company. 

Judith Fish x-'56 was awarded a B.S. 
degree from the college of home economics 
of Syracuse University on June 1, 1959. 
Judy was a member of the Syracuse Ski 
Club, Home Economics Club and was social 
chairman and Shaw Dormitory standards 
council member. 

Iris Wolfe has been awarded a scholar- 
ship by the Jewish Professional Women's 
Club of New Bedford, Mass. Iris will 
enter Boston University, as a sophomore, to 
study for an A.B. degree. For the past two 
years she has been at the New England 


Center Hospital in Boston, working in the 
infectious disease research laboratory. 

Gail Finley became the bride of Joseph 
Dobbs on December 26, 1958. Joe, a 
graduate of Presbyterian College, Clinton, 
S. C, has recently completed his active duty 
in the Navy as a pilot. 

Beverly Brown Barkevich's new address 
is 10 Morband Avenue, White Plains, N. Y. 
Bev is in the office of American Tel & 
Tel, and her husband, employed by the 
Peckham Road Corp., is attending West- 
chester Community College. 

Ruth Grossman Goldman's daughter, 
Laura Sue, was born in El Paso, Texas on 
June 21, 1958. 

Carolyn Kelley writes from South Den- 
nis (Mass.) : "Have a position on the local 
weekly newspaper. Many happy memories 
were brought back to me as I watched 
the TV news pictures of the Father-Daugh- 
ter weekend. My sincere best to all at 

Nancy Jean, daughter of Elizabeth 
Larrabee Martin '56 

New Addresses: Eleanor Brown: Apt. 4- A, 
409 E. 64th Street, New York, N. Y. 

Hanna Den Hartog: 461 Beacon Street, 
Boston, Mass. 

Paula Harrigan Farrelly x-'56: 603 Jan- 
wood Drive, Mobile, Ala. 

Nancy Ivers Johnston: 19 Dix Street, 
Winchester, Mass. 

Terry Kilgore Mannix: 521 Third 
Avenue, Pelham, N. Y. 

Reyna Olderman Stein: 393 Mansfield 
Street, New Haven, Conn. 

Suda Osathanugrah: c/o Secretary-Gener- 
al, Civil Service Commission, Grand Palace, 
Bangkok, Thailand 

Joan Raymond Healey: Apt. 1203, 
Darlington Apts., Charleston, S. C. 

Barbara Simpson Baier: 15 North Park, 
Auburn, N. Y. 


Mrs. Robert C. Chase 

(Joan Stanford), Secretary 

734 Maryland Avenue, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Patricia Koules, Assistant 
201 Goden St., Belmont, Mass. 

Barbara Sturges, Assistant 
6 Stanley Oval, Westfield, N. J. 

Engaged: Camilla Carlson to David H. 
Ellsworth. David is a graduate of Gover- 
nor Dummer Academy and the University 
of Virginia. 

Linda Erdman to Lawrence Kevin 
O'Mara of Groton, Conn. 

Margaret Ann Fagan x-'57 to C. Richard 
Ficks. Peggy's fiance, who served with 
the U.S. Army Air Force during World 
War II, is in charge of public relations for 
the Hartford Fire Insurance Company 

Priscilla Johnson x-'57 to Robert J. 
Quinn of Schenectady, N. Y. 

Sheila Levine to Stuart Uram. Stuart 
received his bachelor and master degrees 
from M.I.T. and will receive a Doctor of 
Science degree there this year. 

Annette McDonnell x-'57 to Leo Fran- 
cis Delaney. 

Sheila Miller to Herbert J. Cohen of 
Port Jefferson, N. Y. 

Jane Shapiro to Eugene H. Axelrod. 
Jane was graduated from New York Uni- 
versity in June and her fiance is studying 
for a doctorate at Columbia University. 

Married: Sandra Kettle and Charles John 
Rocknak, Jr. on March 22, 1959. Judith 
Muncaster was a member of the bridal 

Frances Howell and William Edward 



Rodenhizer on March 28, 1959 in Weston, 

Gail Vose x-'57 and John William 
Etsch on April 11, 1959. Gail's new 
address is 16 Fairfield Avenue, Westport, 

Anita Polcari and Donald Francis Hume 
on April 25, 1959. 

Marilyn Sandberg and Earl Stephan Prol- 
man on May 2, 1959. Marion Ruttle and 
Nancy Johnson were two of Marilyn's 

Jane Carpenter x-'57 and Richard Louis 
Kline on May 30, 1959. 

Libby Ann Reinholtz and Arthur Alan 
Michaelson on June 7, 1959 in Newton, 

Chong Hyo Lee and Young II Shin on 
June 10, 1959. Lora has made her home 
for the past four years with Mr. and 
Mrs. Lloyd D. Taylor (Dorothy Inett '30) 
of Holden (Mass.) and was given in mar- 
riage by Mr. Taylor. 

Joan Stanford and Robert Carroll Chase 
on June 12, 1959. Martha Whitcomb and 
Carol Ann Farnham were two of the 
bridesmaids. Joan is the daughter of Alice 
David Stanford '28. 

Anne Domina x-'57, daughter of Elinor 
Small Domina '32, and Ens. William 
Philip Hewel on June 13, 1959. 

Margaret Hubbard and Garry Thomas 
Higgins on June 13, 1959. Peggy and her 
husband honeymooned in Bermuda and are 
now living at 78 Orchard Street, Cos Cob, 

Ann Moulton and Robert Abner Hastings 
on June 20, 1959 at Marblehead, Mass. 

Nancy Adams and James George Moris- 
sette on June 20, 1959- Among the bride's 
attendants were Peggy Ann Fagan x-'57 
and Patricia McConnell. 

Lucile Martel and Ens. Robert Michel 
Huggins on June 27, 1959. Sheila Graham 
was Lucile's maid of honor. 

Sally Payne and John Stephen Perley 
on June 27, 1959 at Laconia, N. H. Margaret 
Hubbard Higgins and Marcia Jones 
Leighton were honorary bridesmaids. 

Glenna Cook and Jack Alyn Sharkey on 
July 2, 1959 at Maunee, Ohio. 

Ramona Kean and Donald Kerivan Lane 
on August 2, 1959- 

Gail Sullivan and James Ellis Wilson, 
Jr. on August 8, 1959 at West Haven, Conn. 

Born: To Marcia Hamilton Killeen, a 
daughter, Sharon Patricia, on May 18, 1959. 
To Carol Juechter Dixson, a second son, 
Michael Gerard, on May 21, 1959. 

A Note of Thanks 
To the Class of 1957: 

I want to extend my sincere thanks 
for the beautiful picture given to 
Lasell in memory of my daughter, 
Jeanne. It touched me deeply to 
know the girls thought so much of 
a classmate. 

Again many, many thanks for this 
lovely memorial. 


Dorothy Cook Reynal '25 

To Nancye Van Deusen Connor, a 
daughter, Deborah Joyce, on June 24, 1959. 

Other News: Barbara Thorndike was 
graduated in June from Columbia Univer- 
sity's College of Physicians and Surgeons, 
having completed a two-year course in Occu- 
pational Therapy. 

In addition to a B.S. degree in Education 
at Tufts University in June, Nancy Whitney 
received a teaching certificate from the 
Eliot-Pearson School for Nursery School 
and Kindergarten Teaching. Nancy will 
teach in Wethersfield, Conn, this school 

Lora Lee Shin was awarded a bachelor 
of music degree, honors with distinction, at 
the 1959 New England Conservatory Com- 
mencement. Lora was selected to perform 
the Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 with the 
New England Conservatory Orchestra at the 
graduation concert. 

Joan Bielski has requested a transcript 
of her Lasell work for she "plans to enter 
graduate school at San Jose State in Sep- 
tember 1959. After graduating from Cardi- 
nal Cushing College in June, I joined 
United Airlines as a stewardess and have 
been in Chicago this summer. This has 
been a tremendous experience, but I feel 
I want to work for my master's degree and 
teach school — (me of all people)!" 

Judy Leventhal Winer writes from 173 
Lafayette Street, Salem, Mass.: "Judy 
Komito was maid of honor at my wedding 
August 31, 1958. The bridesmaids included 
Norma Gamins, Carolyn LeGoff and Sandra 
Brideau '55." 

Barbara Letson informs the office that 
she is now Mrs. E. K. Weaver, 27 Chestnut 
Street, Worcester, Mass., and Roberta 
Dodkin, now Mrs. Richard H. Dutton, 
is living on Unicorn Avenue, Stoneham. 



Marion Heinsohn Mitchell '58 

Peggy Kenison Haraty's new address is 
113 Oakland Street, Springfield, Mass. 
She and Donald were married on May 
23, 1959. 

From Audrey MacAdam Lowe: "Effec- 
tive July 1, 1959 my address will be c/o 
Virus Research Institute, Veterinary College, 
Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Know this 
sounds very misleading, but Jack, who 
graduated from the Veterinary College in 
June, is interning at the Large Animal 
Clinic for a year or possibly two. We are 
all fine and Bill grows by leaps and bounds." 

New Addresses: Nancy Adams Morissette; 
55 Stewart Avenue, Bethpage, L. I., N. Y. 

Edith Berger Kaplan: 50 Bishop Drive, 
Framingham, Mass. 

Marjorie Day: 3214 Hudnall, Apt. B, 
Dallas 35, Tex. 

Frances Howell Rodenhizer: 11 Fern 
Street, Auburndale, Mass. 

Sandra Kettle Rocknak: Lauoka Harbor, 

Lucile Martel Huggins: 4818 Muir 
Avenue, San Diego, Calif. 

Gayle Ness McLaren: 67-05 B 223d 
Place, Bayside, N. Yr 

Charlene Sargent Kiley: 25 Forest Street, 
Greenwood, Mass. 


Virginia M. Ambrose, Secretary 

82 Eastern Drive 

Wethersfield, Conn. 

Mrs. John A. Fairchild 

(Betty Anderson), Secretary 
1052 Farmington Ave., 
West Hartford, Conn. 

Marian A. Hume, Secretary 

16 Fountain Street 

West Newton 65, Mass. 

Engaged: Ann Cronin x-'58 to Joseph J. 
Latosck. Ann is associated with Beverly's 
Sportswear at Shoppers' World in Framing- 
ham, and her fiance is with the Allied 
Stores Corp. of New York. 

Judith George to Harvey B. Stephens 
of Springfield, 111. Harvey, a graduate of 
Bowdoin College, is attending the Univer- 
sity of Chicago Law School. 

Sara Greenberg x-'58 to Robert George 

Eleanor Harman to Peter D. Hug. Peter 
is with National Theater Supply Company 
of Charlotte, N. C. 

Marian Hume to Hutchin Tibbetts. 
Marian is planning a June wedding. 

Barbara Johnson to James L. Reid, Jr. 
of Portland, Maine. 

Charlotte Lerner to Louis Holzman. 
Charlotte's fiance is attending Boston Uni- 

Barbara Levine x-'58 to Stephen Liebes- 
kind of Waterbury, Conn. Stephen attended 
the Hotchkiss School and was graduated 
from the University of Pennsylvania in 

Barbara Montag to Irwin R. Macey. He 
was graduated from Boston University Law 
School in 1956 and is now associated with 
Macey and Macey of Boston. 

Joan Reichert to R. Thomas Strother. 

Helene Schwartz to Gilbert Wolpe. 
Helene is an assistant at the New England 
Medical Center. 

Joyce Stirling to Richard Fox. Joyce 
is employed by Pratt and Whitney and her 
fiance is with Flight Enterprises, Inc. 

Antoinette Thomas to Ronald Bouchard 
of Burlington, Vt. 

Married: Sandra Wilson and Bertram 
Swartz on March 15, 1959. Jacquelyn 
Smith was Sandy's only attendant. 

Judith Gray and Paul Gerard Lane on 
March 20, 1959 in Portland, Maine. Judy 
and her husband are now living in Los 
Angeles, where he is associated with the 
Allyn and Bacon Publishing Company. 

Sheila Donahue and Lt. Paul Francis 
Hutter on March 21, 1959. Sheila is living 
at 250 La Paloma, San Clemente, Calif. 

Carole Haugh and Harley H. Anderson 
on March 29, 1959. Carole's bridesmaids 
included Edith Cleary and Grace Goodale. 
15 Grant Street, Lexington, Mass. is the 
new address. 



Betty Anderson Fairchild '58 with 
maid-of-honor Janet Hicks and brides- 
maid Judith Meeham 

Betty Anderson and John Allen Fair- 
child on April 4, 1959. 

Virginia Huelsen and Ralph Peter Hay- 
den on April 4, 1959 at Millburn, N. J. 
Ginny's new address is 77 Hemenway Road, 
Woodfield Estates, Framingham, Mass. 

Marsha Singer and Richard B. Marshall 
on April 5, 1959. The Marshalls are living 
at 31 Charlesbank Way, Waltham, Mass. 

Marion Heinsohn and Ens. Douglas Johns- 
ton Mitchell, USNR, on April 11, 1959. 
Joyce Mitchell '59 was a bridesmaid, and 
classmates attending the wedding included 
Kathy Roberston, Nan McAuliffe, Gladys 
Mettler and Melanie Grill. 

Diane Murray and Philip Lewis Reyn- 
olds, Jr. on May 28, 1959 at Belmont, 

Constance Baker and Ronald Robert 
George on June 13, 1959. Two of Connie's 
bridesmaids were Ellen Mahoney Simmonds 
and Judith Meehan. 

Marika Lonsain x-'58 and John Frank 
Taormina on June 13, 1959 at Great 
Neck, L. I. 

Francine Klein and Morton V. Madison 
on June 14, 1959. Francine's present ad- 
dress is 411 Bronx River Road, Yonkers, 
N. Y. 

Claire Gallerani x-'58 and Richard 
James Rooney on June 14, 1959. 

Susan Rapaport and Dr. Irving Arnold 
Paul on June 28, 1959. Sue's new ad- 
dress in Bangor is 812 Broadway. 

Sue Allen and Clarence Edward Good, 
Jr. on July 5, 1959. 

Joyce Chadbourne and Theodore Laurent 
Gardner on July 25, 1959 at Springvale, 
Maine. Joyce's new address in Brunswick 
is 24 Cedar Street. 

Elizabeth Hambro and Davis Fowle 
Burnes on July 25, 1959. Betty is a 
technician at the New England Medical 
Center and her husband is employed by 
Houghton-Mifflin Company in Burlington, 

Judith Rossi x-'58 and Ronald G. Zef- 
firo on July 25, 1959 at Torrington, Conn. 

Born: To Barbara Lee Clark Owen x-'58, 
a son, Douglas Clark, on October 9, 1958. 

To Sue Pressel Webb x-'58, a son, 
Theodore William, Jr., on March 27, 1959. 
Ted's proud grandmother is Helane Jones 
Pressel '32. 

To Elaine Piotti DeGiacomo, a daughter, 
Denise Marie, on April 3, 1959. 
Other News: Patricia Nordling has re- 
turned to college to complete her course 
in the Nursing Program. One of her final 
official appearances as "Miss Massachusetts 
of 1958" was at a Southbridge variety show 
offered under the auspices of the South- 
bridge Area Junior Chamber of Commerce. 
During the year she has been making 
appearances for charities such as the March 
of Dimes, tuberculosis and cancer drives, 
speaking at various functions and partici- 
pating in parades. Many of her appearances 
were for the Jaycees, sponsors of the "Miss 
Massachusetts" contest. Pat has recently re- 
ceived a generous scholarship from the 
Pepsi Cola Company. 

Starr Tupper writes: "On March 28, 
1959 I was married to Ronald J. Shannon 
at the Tufts University Chapel. He has 
one more year at the University to complete 
his course in Economics. I am doing unit 
control work at Jordan Marsh and love 
it. Our address in Somerville is 214 High- 
land Avenue." 

Cynthia Willey x-'58 became the bride 
of Thomas E. McMillen on June 22, 1957, 
and Doreen Allen x-'58 was married to 
John Ames Wiggins on June 14, 1958. 
Doreen's new address is 15 Glenwood 
Avenue, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Martha Wittenberg is now Mrs. Nathan 
Plotkin. Martha's husband is attending Law 
School in Hartford and they are living at 
136 Sigourney Street. 

Jane Brodkey Wohlner's (x-'58) husband 
completed his law course in June and 
their present address is 3328 South 82 
Avenue, Omaha, Neb. Jane's "mail order" 
letter requested a tee shirt for her young 

Sue Patack x-'58 is a secretary for the 
Civil Service Employees Association, Inc. 
in Albany, N. Y., and Linda Truell is 
with Allied Purchasing Corporation in New 


Marjorie Dickstein and Margot Stern 
share an apartment at 525 Beacon Street, 
Boston, and June Leary's Boston address 
is 270 Brookline Avenue. 

Barbara Montag was graduated in June 
from the Eliot-Pearson School for Nursery 
School and Kindergarten Teaching, affiliated 
with Tufts University. During her two 
years at the Eliot-Pearson School, Barbara 
served as social chairman of her dormitory 
and president and assistant to the house 
resident. At Tufts she was in dramatics, a 
member of the international and legislative- 
judicial committees and also served as stu- 
dent assistant to the librarian. Barbara has 
accepted a position in the Braintree public 
school system for this year. 

Notice: The February issue of the LEAVES 
will carry a summary of the 1958 Reunion 

New Addresses: Constance Baker George: 
28 Lakewood Ave., Newton Highlands, 

Carole Bartholomew: 1615 Irving Street 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Selma Beckerman x-'58: 95 Cornwall 
Road, Kensington, Conn. 

Beverlee Raymond x-'58: 990 Ridgefield 
Rd., R. F. D. 1, Wilton, Conn. 

Katharine Robertson Campbell x-'58: 35 
Jones St., New Hyde Park, L. I., N. Y. 

Patricia Sindall: 600 Crescent Ave., 
Plainfield, N. J. 


Carole Grieve, Secretary 
340 Gray St., Arlington, Mass. 

Melisse Jenkins, Secretary 
234 Riverview Ave., Drexel Hill, Penna. 

Joan Valentine, Secretary 
Al Beverly Rd., Wethersfield, Conn. 

1959 Class Secretaries 

Melisse Jenkins, Joan Valentine, 

Carole Grieve 

In Memoriam: Eleanor C. Johnson died on 
July 11, 1959, after several months' ill- 
ness. She was the younger daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Henry Johnson of Norwalk, Conn., 
and the sister of Lynn Johnson Alexander 
'57. Eleanor was graduated from the Norwalk 
High School in 1956, and was an active 
member of the Class of 1959. Because of 
illness, she returned to her home on April 
13 th and was unable to attend the Com- 
mencement activities. 

Engaged: Barbara Baldauf to Lindsey Fran- 
cis Rice of Wellesley Hills, Mass. Lindsey, 
son of the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William Brooks 
Rice, is an alumnus of Boston University 
and of Babson Institute. 

Patricia Bowen to Joseph Charles White, 
USA, of Hartsville, S. C. Pat's fiance, a 
1958 graduate of Babson Institute, is now 
stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. 

Brenda Moors to Thomas A. Sullivan. 
Tom is a member of the Class of I960 at 
the United States Coast Guard Academy, 
New London, Conn. 

Married: Judith E. Barnstead and Manuel 
N. Francis on June 13, 1959. Judy, sister of 
Nancy Barnstead Leland '52 and Sally Barn- 
stead Feeney '54, is now living at 186 
Glezen Road, Wayland, Mass. 

Carolyn Wood, daughter of Catherine 
Beecher Wood '25, and Charles A. Brox, 
Jr. on June 13, 1959 at Methuen, Mass. 
Betty Lee Coulson was one of Carolyn's 

Diana French x-'59 and Theodore A. 
Hatch on June 13, 1959. Alice Khacha- 
doorian was a bridesmaid. 

Jean Babcock and Allan Hart Watson 
on June 20, 1959 in West Hartford, Conn. 
Dorothy Knobel was one of the attendants. 

Cynthia Brossman and Frederick William 
Ancona on June 20, 1959. Joan Valentine 
and Junis Anderson were bridesmaids. 
Cynthia's husband is a senior at Babson. 
Institute and they are living at 863 Boston 
Post Road, Weston, Mass. 

Linda Larson and Douglas Mather 
Behrendt on June 20, 1959. Karen Daniels 
and Gail Denby were members of the bridal 
party. The Behrendts honeymooned in 

Brenda McLafferty and Walter S. Man- 
chester on June 30, 1959 in Rangeley, 


Jean Barnes Butts (HS '41-4.2) has 
recently moved from Northbrook, 111. Her 
new address is Lalani Lodge, Apt. 4, 4438 
North 27th Street, Phoenix, Ariz. 

CALENDAR 1959-60 


September 17 Registration of New Students 

September 19 Registration of Returning Students 

September 21 Formal Opening 

November 16 Beginning of Second Quarter 

November 25 after classes to ) 

, . , > Thanksgiving 

November 30 for classes ) 

December 16 after classes to \ 

I960 > ...... Christmas Vacation 

January 5 for classes ; 

February 1 Beginning of Second Semester 

March 11-13 Father-Daughter Weekend 

March 25 End of Third Quarter 

March 25 after classes to ~| 

k ., „ r 1 i Spring Vacation 

April 5 for classes ) 10 

April 22 Bowdoin Concert 

May 13 Lasell Night at Pops 

June 9 Baccalaureate 

June 10 End of Second Semester 

June 11 Alumnae Reunion; Class Night 

June 12 Commencement 

F^j&ruaru lyte 

Lasell Leaves 

j -~ „, 


'"*•*># ^» 


Member of American Alumnae Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 


First Vice-President: 

Second Vice-President: 

Recording Secretary: 

Corresponding Secretary 

Treasurer : 

Assistant Treasurer : 

Alumnae Fund 
Chairman : 

Alumnae Clubs Advisor: 

Scholarship Committee 
Chairman : 

Directors : 

Alumnae Secretary: 


Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Lillian Reese Roche '50 (Mrs. Paul H.) 
108 Pearson Rd., Somerville (MO 6-5712) 

Muriel Ross Benshimol '46 (Mrs. Richard) 
175 Summer Ave., Reading (RE 2-2093) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (CE 5-3615) 

Lillian Feneley Cooley '45 (Mrs. Duane S.) 
3 Garden Road, Concord (EM 9-3876) 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

170 Harvard St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
10 Laurel Ave, Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A, Jr.) 
50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale (LA 7-3071) 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 

41 Brentwood Dr., Holden (Pleasant 6-3015) 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

110 Carver Rd, Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 (Mrs. L. P.) 

Box 854, New Hampton, N.H. (Bristol 4-2210) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 

15 Miles Dr., Quincy (GR 9-7198) 

Elaine Towne Batson '43 (Mrs. R. R.) 

749 Commonwealth Ave, Warwick, R.I. 

(Regent 7-5540) 
Betty Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F. M, Jr.) 
52 Brewster Ave, Braintree, Highlands (VI 3-5097) 
Elizabeth Sleight Dexter '53 (Mrs. C. G.) 
Trim Town Rd, North Scituate, R.I. 

(Niagara 7-5321) 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 


Editor: Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Assistants: Marguerite S. Merrill 

Elsie McDermott 




NO. 2 


Dedication of New Dormitory .... 2 

On The Campus 3 

Faculty and Administration 3 

Club News 4 

Class News 7 

Cover: 1. to r. : Mr. Earl H. Ordway, Mrs. Ordway, Mrs. Clarissa Bassett, Dr. Richard M. 
Packard and Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19. (See Dedication of New Dormitory, p. 2). 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription S3-00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 



In brief but impressive ceremonies 
on Thursday, November 5, 1959, 
Lasell's new dormitory officially be- 
came Ordway Hall as its cornerstone, 
filled with mementoes of the campus 
in 1959 was firmly cemented into 

Following the invocation by the 
Reverend Frederick W. Rapp, Dr. 
Packard announced the decision of the 
Board of Trustees to honor Mr. Earl 
H. Ordway's fifty years of service to 
the college by naming the new struc- 
ture after him. After a brief outline 
of Mr. Ordway's long association with 
this campus, Dr. Packard introduced 
representatives of various branches of 
the current Lasell family, each of 
whom placed some relevant document 
in the copper box for permanent 
preservation within the cornerstone. 

These included Priscilla Alden 
Wolfe '19, chairman of the Board 
of Trustees, for the Trustees; Elizabeth 
Harrington Logan '49, president of 
Lasell Alumnae, Inc., for the alumnae; 
Helen L. Beede '21, college recorder, 
for the Lasell Corporation; Mrs. 
Clarissa Bassett, instructor in science, 
for the faculty; and Linda Chiara- 
monte, vice-president of the Executive 
Council, for the student body. Final 
contribution was by Dr. Packard, who 
dropped into the container a small 
collection of clippings covering cur- 
rent and recent events in Lasell his- 

Mr. Ordway, half-brother of Lasell's 
late president emeritus, Dr. Guy M. 
Winslow, was graduated from the Uni- 
versity of Vermont in 1909, by which 
institution he was also awarded mem- 
bership in Phi Beta Kappa the sames 
year. He came to the college in 1911 
as instructor in physics and house 
planning. Ultimately he took over 
entire supervision of Lasell's buildings 
and grounds. In 1945 he was elected 
to the Board of Trustees, where hel 
has served on the Finance Committee 
and Executive Board. 

Mr. Ordway was accompanied at 
the dedication ceremony by Mrs. Ord- 
way, his son David, and daughter, 
Barbara Ordway Brewer '35. 

The new dormitory, a modification 
of the style of the Williamsburg resto- 
rations, is located on Maple Street. 
The building houses twenty-seven stu- 
dents on three floors, all rooms being 
complete with adjoining baths. The 
large living room is finished in Wil- 
liamsburg colors and furnished with 
matching period furniture, the gift of 
Lasell Alumnae, Inc. Automatic laun- 
dry facilities have been incorporated 
for the use of the residents, as well as 
a downstairs kitchen. All rooms are 
connected with a private telephone in- 
tercom system and the building is pro- 
tected by a complete fire alarm system. 

Mrs. Agnes Garland, mother of 
Janet Garland Wilson '46, is the resi- 
dent head of Ordway Hall. 



Dr. and Mrs. Packard were hosts to 
more than 300 Auburndale neighbors 
and friends, local alumnae and college 
trustees at a tea and open house on 
Sunday afternoon, December 6th. In 
view of the considerable community 
interest in the newest additions to the 
campus, Converse and Ordway Houses 
were included in the festivities, as well 
as "The White House," where refresh- 
ments were served. Members of col- 
lege government and residents of the 
two new dormitories assisted in guid- 
ing the guests within the buildings 
and from one part of the campus to 
the other. 

Bernard Peiffer, recognized as the 
greatest jazz pianist in Europe today, 
opened the Lasell Concert Series in 
Winslow Hall on Monday evening, 
November 23d. French-born and 
trained Peiffer has appeared for the 
past two years at the Newport Jazz 
Festival. The second of two concerts 
scheduled for the current year will offer 
Betty Allen, soloist with the Boston 
Symphony, the New York Philhar- 
monic and the Berlin Philharmonic 
orchestras. Arrangements have been 
made for an April appearance of the 
gifted mezzo-soprano. 

The centennial year of the publica- 
tion of Charles Darwin's "The Origin 
of Species" was commemorated twice 
at Lasell during the first week of No- 
vember. Prof. Edwin P. Booth of 
Boston University's School of The- 
ology was guest speaker at an all-col- 
lege chapel service at Winslow Hall 
on November 2d, when he discussed 
the details of Darwin's biography. 
Later in the same week, Dr. Packard 
opened the current series of lectures 
sponsored by the Adult Education 
program of the Auburndale Congre- 
gational Church with his talk on 


Former trustee Winslow R. Howland 
has been honored by a memorial 
trophy to be awarded annually to a 
member of the Bowdoin College var- 
sity football team. A member of Bow- 
doin's 1959 eleven will be the first 
recipient of the new trophy, known as 
the Winslow R. Howland Football 
Trophy, presented to the college by 
friends and 1929 classmates. Mr. How- 
land served on the Finance Committee 
and Executive Board of Lasell's Trus- 
tees from 1945 until his death in Feb- 
ruary 1958. 

Jule Nelson Diggs (Fac. 1915-17), 
mother of Mary Diggs Pearson '52, 
writes: "We are in France on a two- 
year assignment with Communications 
and Electronics Division of the Army. 
Thoroughly enjoying our stay here - — 
travelling about rural communities as 
well as the fascinating cities." 

Ruth E. Manghue, instructor of sec- 
retarial science since 1954, is the au- 
thor of an article appearing in the 
December 1959 issue of the Junior 
College Journal. "Merchandising 
Mathematics in the Junior College Re- 
tailing Curriculum" is based on a re- 
search project Mrs. Manghue used in 
partial fulfillment of the requirements 
for her M.A. degree at Teachers Col- 
lege, Columbia University. 

In September Jeanne B. Cousins 
(Fac. 1945- ) represented Mr. Har- 
rison Tweed, as the delegate for Sarah 
Lawrence College at the inauguration 
of Dr. Asa Smallidge Knowles as pres- 
ident of Northeastern University. 

Helen W. Peirce (Fac. 1953-58) has 
joined the faculty of Franklin Tech- 
nical Institute of Boston. Jean Watt 
(Fac. 1946- ) replaces Mrs. Peirce as 
advisor to the Class of I960. 




Adrienne E. Smith '23, President 
19 Owatonna St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Suzanne G. Wadsworth '56, Cor. Secy. 
15 Norwood St., Winchester, Mass. 

Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth '26 and 
Esther Josselyn '27 poured at the annual 
Silver Tea held on Sunday, November 1, 
1959' at Winslow Hall. After Madeline 
Farmer Ryder x-'15 read the secretary's 
report, President Lynn Kneller Mix '48 
announced that the Club would sell Christ- 
mas wrapping paper again this year. She 
then introduced Dr. Richard M. Packard, 
who delighted us all with his very up-to- 
date account of the college program. 

Nominations for club officers for 1959-60 
followed and the approved slate is as 
follows: President, Adrienne E. Smith '23; 
Vice President, Jacquelyn Temperley Dey 
'50; Recording Secretary, Joan Kearney 
Cormay '51; Corresponding Secretary, 
Suzanne G. Wadsworth '56 and Treasurer, 
Miriam Day '48. Linnea Kneller Mix will 
serve as Club Advisor, and the chairman 
of the Nominating Committee is Diane 
Palady Barry '48, assisted by Rosamond 
Cornell Cannon '29 and Muriel- Ross 
Benshimol '46. 

Directors of the Greater Boston Club 
are as follows: Three Year Term: Helen 
Richter Hanson '46, Esther Josselyn, Edith 
Taccone Kearney x-'51, Clara Deitz Rosen- 
burg '30 and Kate Tobin Yelle '58. Two 
Year Term: Patricia Howe Bassett '57, Joan 
Hanson Blake '46, Ann Chapman Brine 
'48, Sandra Shelton '56 and Dorothy Asel- 
tine Wadsworth '26. One Year Term: 
Genevieve Hurley Cummings '47, Amalia 
Gori '55, Marilyn Newhall Kendall '50, 
Mary Small Lee '48 and Gertrude Quinn 
McKenna '46. 



Mrs. Robert L. Smith 

(Joy Gustavson '50), President 

1329 Rowe Rojad, Schenectady, NY. 

Mrs. Daniel R. Taylor 

(Nancy Tripp '55), Cor. Secy. 

37 Greenway Circle, Albany, N. Y. 

The annual October meeting of the 
Capital District Club was held at the 
Crossroads. Restaurant in Latham, New 
York. At the business meeting, conducted 

by President Jane Ann Perry '50, sugges- 
tions were made for stimulating interest 
among the many Alumnae in our area. 
This year the group will sell Christmas 
wrapping paper again, the profit of which 
is credited to The Alumnae Scholarship 

New officers include: President, Joy 
Gustavson Smith '50: Vice President and 
Program Chairman, Joan M. Shanley '55; 
Corresponding Secretary, Nancy Tripp 
Taylor '55; Recording Secretary and Pub- 
licity Chairman, Sally Churchill Downes 
'56; and Treasurer, Millicent Horton 
Hughes '26. 

A vote of thanks was extended to out- 
going President Jane Ann Perry and 
Josephine Caruso Kuchera '41, who have 
given so generously of time and efforts. 

The Club is looking forward to a better 
attendance at the February meeting. Those 
present in October were: Jane Ann Perry, 
Josephine Caruso Kuchera, Grace Douglass 
Schindler x-T2, Carolyn Sproat Spigner '32, 
Daisy Gilbert Buck x-'07, Angeline Emery 
MacCulloch '14, Eloise Smith Riley '26, 
Millicent Horton Hughes '26, Nancy 
Hughes Smaldone '51-, Nancy Stupak 
Parker '47, Nancy Gould Ellsworth x-'50, 
Joy Gustavson Smith '50, Sally Churchill 
Downes, Joan M. Shanley and Nancy 
Tripp Taylor. 


Mrs. Donald Osborne 

(Theresa Thompson '22), President 

3 Church Street, Belfast, Maine 

Mrs. Ralph Thompson 

(Mary Lou Weymouth '22), Secretary 

33 Miller Street, Belfast, Maine 

A luncheon meeting was held on October 
6, 1959. at the Home Port restaurant in 
Searsport. Alumnae Secretary Marjorie 
MacClymon '32 was guest of the Club. 

At the business meeting it was voted 
to send a check to the Alumnae Scholarship 
Fund. It was announced that the spring 
meeting would be held in Bangor on 
April 23, I960, and Dr. and Mrs. Richard 
Packard will be our guests. 

"Winner of the door prize, an enameled 
Lasell tray, was Miss Faustina Curtis of 
Bangor. While in Maine, Miss MacCly- 
mon was the house guest of President 
Theresa Thompson Osborne. 

Present at the luncheon were: Marjorie 
MacClymon '32, Charlotte Ryder Hall '08, 
Constance Chalmers Harlow '29, Ethelle 
Cleale Collett '22, Faustina Curtis '88-'89, 


Helen Gray Porter x-'07, Georgie Duncan 
Seavey '02, Lydia Adams Godsoe '18, 
Alice Fernandez Harkins '33, Esther Nor- 
cross Dougherty '18, Florence Wyman 
'91-92, Barbara Stover Van deBogert '33, 
Bertha Simpson x-'43, Theresa Thompson 
Osborne '22, Janis Houston Mountain '53, 
Julia Crafts Sheridan '10, Pearl Thompson 
Hasey '31 and Mary Lou Weymouth 
Thompson '22. 


Mrs. Arthur Beever 

(Diane Heath '49), President 

Upton Lane, R.F.D. #2, Goffstown, N. H. 

JOAN M. BATES '58, Secy.-Treas. 
Purgatory Road, Mount Vernon, N. H. 

The Concord Chapter of the New 
Hampshire Club sponsored a card party in 
November and sent a substantial check to 
The Alumnae Scholarship Fund. Alumnae 
responsible for the successful event in- 
cluded: Betty Ann Felker Hancock '49, 
Camie Porter Morison '40, Jane Upton 
Perkins '47, Judy Parker Haas '49, Bar- 
bara Rockwell Tweddle '42 and Dorothy 
Piper Bottalico '45. 



The Greater New York Club 

The first meeting of the Long Island 
Division of the Greater New York Lasell 
Club was held at Stouffer's Restaurant in 
Garden City on October 31, 1959- Carolyn 
Loewe Jones '49 and Joanne Monahan 
Garrity '51 were co-chairmen of this initial 

During the open business meeting, the 
Alumnae present expressed a desire to 
form a permanent Long Island Club with 
officers and a schedule of meetings. The 
chairmen will report on the progress of 
organization at a luncheon meeting, in 
January. Joan Wolfe Wickham x-'49 will 
serve as chairman for the January affair 
and she will be assisted by Joan Pauling 
Smith '49 and Ann Hollett Munro '49. 

Alumnae attending the October meeting 
included: Ruth Bayles Markham '41, 
Florence Boehmke Edmondson '23, Lois 
Brenner Zimmerman '51, June Cherry 
Bruns '42, Virginia Johnson Irwin '52, 
Audrey Saunders Eisser '44, Marilyn Maass 
Eramo x-'50, Beryl Schelhorn Frey '55, Dale 
Clement Copeland x-'55, Florence Mangan 
Putnam '51, and special guest Janet Holmes 
'55, president of the Greater New York 


Helen W. ROBSON '24, President 
507 South 42d St., Philadelphia, Penna. 

Mrs. James Graham 
(Louise Crank x-'53), Rec. Secy. 
403 Country Lane, Narberth. Penna. 

The annual fall meeting of the Phila- 
delphia-South Jersey Lasell Club was held 
September 26, 1959 at Stouffer's Restau- 
rant in Philadelphia. 

After a delicious luncheon President 
Helen W. Robson introduced Alumnae 
Secretary Marjorie MacClymon '32, who 
gave a report of the activities and program 
at the college. 

We were very happy to welcome Melisse 
Jenkins, one of 1959's Jacket Winners and 
a Class Secretary, to our group. 

The spring meeting will be held at 
Ingelnook Inn in Swarthmore. 

Present at Stouffer's were: Helen W. 
Robson '24, Marjorie MacClymon '32, 
Helen Hall Streeter '34, Josephine Laughton 
Hopkins '28, Melisse Jenkins '59, Louise 
Crank Graham x-'53, Ruth Kohn Wein- 
berg '52, Earlene Spigner Black '53, Mar- 
guerite Mcllvain Ricker x-'29, Jennie 
Hamilton Eliason '04, Jane E. Gray '29, 
Anna G. Wood x-'l6, Shirley Gibbons San 
Soucie '53 and Claire Stolzenberg Manger 


Mrs. James N. Ferguson, III 

(Nancy Chase '53), President 

Cobble Hill Rd., Lincoln, R. I. 

Mrs. Georgianna Lawrence 

(Georgianna Taber HS '33-'35), Rec. Secy. 

Box 442, Taunton, Mass. 

The Rhode Island Club sponsored a 
Coffee Hour at the Plantation Club in 
Providence for local members of the Class 
of I960 and incoming freshmen. The 
Seniors assisted club members in answer- 
ing questions of the new students, and the 
club officers explained the functions of the 
Rhode Island Club. Among those present 
were: Marion Munro Waitt '45, Elaine 
Crook Birrell '53, Betty Lou Foy Reid '52, 
Joan Darelius Chirnside '53, Nancy Chase 
Ferguson '5.3, Eleanor Munro '48, Patricia 
Ripley Petit '53, Georgianna Taber Law- 
rence x-'35, and present-day students: 
Georgia Beaumont, Judith Youlden, Joan 
Kushner, Brenda Alperin, Nancy Bromage, 
Barbara Story, Barbara Gavitt, Patricia 
McKinnon, Louise Motta, Sue Elsbree, 
and Brenda DiBari. 


Marion Munro Waitt opened her home 
for the October business meeting, and 
Christmas wrapping paper was distributed 
at the November meeting, held at the 
home of Lois Schaller Toegermann '50. 
Dr. Eugene Crouse of the Rhode Island 
Cancer Information Center was the guest 
speaker at the November meeting. Eliza- 
beth Sleight Dexter '53 was hostess at the 
annual Christmas party, and a dinner dance 
was 'well attended on Saturday, December 
12, at the Harbor Beach Lodge in Matta- 

We invite all Alumnae in the area to 
attend our meetings, regularly held on the 
second Wednesday of each month. 


Mrs. Elmer Ring 

(Gertrude Hooper '32), President 

South Freeport, Maine 

Mrs. Charles R. Baker 

(Nancy Pryor '50), Secretary 

Main Street, South Freeport, Me. 

The annual fall meeting of the Portland 
Lasell Club was held on September 19, 
1959 at the Westcustogo Lobster House in 
Yarmouth. Marjorie MacClymon '32, 
Alumnae Secretary, was our speaker for 
the afternoon. 

Ruth Peterson x-'32 arranged a lovely 
floral centerpiece of Bells of Ireland and 
white phlox. President Gertrude Hooper 
Ring '32 discussed plans for selling Christ- 
mas wrapping paper, proceeds of which 
will go to the Alumnae Scholarship Fund. 

Attending the luncheon were: Marjorie 
MacClymon '32, Frances Knight Mann '29, 
Caroline Lindsey Haney '20, Louise Stevens 
Prince '22. Lillian Morong Wilson x-'24, 
Ruth Peterson x-'32, Shirley Olesen Somes 
'49, Henrietta Sharpe Smith '45, Frances 
Coombs '19, and Gertrude Hooper Ring 

On November 4th, the club was invited 
to participate in an All-College Night at 
Westbrook Junior College. Gertrude 
Hooper Ring and Nancy Pryor Baker '50 
represented Lasell and were on hand to 
answer questions and distribute catalogs 
to interested local high school students and 
their parents. 


Mrs. W. S. Kane 

(M. Patricia Wilson '54), President 

3419 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville, Md. 


(Ritamae Hinchliffe '38),,Rec. Secy. 

3048 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va. 

A buffet supper was enjoyed by eighteen 
members at the first meeting of the 1959- 
60 season of the Washington Club at the 
Bethesda home of Anne Campbell Terrill 
x-'37. President Patricia Wilson Kane '54 
opened the business meeting by welcoming 
the new members and then called for the 
reports of the secretary and the treasurer. 

The schedule of regular meetings for the 
year is as follows: 

December 2, 1959: at the home of Dor- 
othy French Lally x-'42, assisted by Rosa- 
mond McCorkindale Blizard '45. Guest 
speaker: Mrs. Edna McQuarrie of the Hot 
Shoppe Catering Department. 

March 2, I960: at the home of Ellen 
Grover MacVeigh '48. Guest speaker: Mr. 
Leland McCarthy of the Better Business 

April I960: a luncheon meeting. De- 
tails to be announced later. 

June I960: a barbecue at the home of 
Marjorie Stuart Olds '36. 

Officers for the current year are: Presi- 
dent, Patricia Kane Wilson; Vice Presi- 
dent, Ellen Grover MacVeigh; Recording 
Secretary, Ritamae Hinchliffe McCusker 
'38: Corresponding Secretary, Anne Camp- 
bell Terrill; and Treasurer, Dorothy French 

Those attending the October meeting in- 
cluded: Marjorie Stuart Olds, Rosamond 
McCorkindale Blizard, Dorothy French 
Lally, Pauline Philbrick Gritz '35, Char- 
lotte Rosier Couture '56, Dorothy Dant- 
scher Kline '56, Ellen Grover MacVeigh, 
Agnes M. Neu '39, C. Elizabeth Baer Tracy 
x-'ll, Harriet Lindsey Dinsmore '43, Carol 
Weldon Leahy '51, Janice Marr Demer '39, 
M. Patricia Kane Wilson, Edna M. Good- 
rich x-'33, Anne Campbell Terrill, Judie 
Gushue Blythe x-'55, Jean Watson Wetrich 
'46 and Ritamae Hinchliffe McCusker. 

Western Massachusetts Supper Meeting 
Cornelia Eaton Sutton '07 pouring, 
Hostess Midge Leary Hacker '47, Club 
president Carolyn Powers Fontaine '52, 
Dr. and Mrs. Packard 



Mrs. Lester Fontaine 

(Carolyn Powers '52), President 

641 Prospect St., East Longmeadow, Mass. 

Mrs. Richard C. Swain 

(Sandra C. Smith '56), Secretary 

467 Cold Spring Ave., West Springfield, 


The Western Massachusetts Club opened 
its fall season on October 21, 1959 at the 
home of Charlotte Bragg Burke '42 in 
Longmeadow. Barbara Baldwin Smith '50 
was co-hostess, and Michael Jackson, local 
radio and television personality, was the 
guest speaker. 

A buffet supper on November 18 hon- 
ored Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Packard 
at the home of Midge Leary Hacker '47. 
Co-hostesses for the affair included Mari- 
lyn Ross '49, Eleanor Rochford Nolan 
x-'49, Sue Cross Sibley '47 and Helen 
Breed Solberg '33. 

Virginia Bacon Hooper x-'34 of West 
Springfield opened her home for the Christ- 
mas party on December 16th. Included in 
the program were Christmas readings by 
the club president, Carolyn Powers Fon- 
taine. Barbara Iris Johnson '35 assisted 
the hostess. 

The first event of the New Year will be 
a whist party on January 20th at the home 
of Barbara Baldwin Smith, with Charlotte 
Bragg Burke assisting. A fashion show and 
dessert bridge will take place on February 
17, I960 at the Longmeadow Community 
House for the benefit of the Alumnae 
Scholarship Fund. Barbara Baldwin Smith 
will be general chairman of this event. 

At the home of Bernice Cunningham 
Smith x-'26 on March 30, the members of 
the executive board will entertain present 
and prospective students of the college at 
a coffee hour. On April 20, Kitty Broman 
will speak on "Women in Television." 
This meeting will be held at the home of 
Dorothy Nickerson Tehan '44. Sue Ross 
Westberg '45, and Sallyann Bartlett Abel 
'51 will assist. 

The annual luncheon and election of of- 
ficers will take place on Saturday, May 21. 





Luncheon: March 12, I960 



— Wilshire 


Mrs. Stewart B. Anderson 


Pickett Lane 


Grove, Calif. 

Merilyn Peck Erickson '52 is chairman of 

Bringing the season to a close, Carolyn 
Powers Fontaine will open her home on 
June 13 for the annual picnic. In case of 
rain, it will be held the following day. 



A 50-star flag, dedicated in memory of 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Cass (Mary 
Packard), was unfurled at the morning 
service, October 11, 1959, at the Newton 
Methodist Church. The gift was made by 
Mrs. Esther Welton of San Diego, Calif., 
Mr. Kingman Cass of Winchester and Mr. 
William Cass of Newton, Mass. 


Bertha Lillibridge Merrill ('91-'94) was 
recently honored at a dinner at the Wesley 
Methodist Church in Minneapolis. Mrs. 
Merrill has taught Sunday School for 65 
years and presently conducts a class for 
adults each week. 

Grace Dwinal Pushard ('92-'93) is now 
living at 5614 Sanford Road, Houston, 


Margery M. Schuberth forwards a new 
address: 1594 East Howard Street, Pasa- 
dena, California. 


In early November, Mabel Taylor Gan- 
nett wrote: "My daughter, her husband 
and I have just returned from a delightful 
motor trip. Drove over 2200 miles in 
eleven states, and viewed four mountain 
ranges — the Blue Ridge, the Smokies, 
the Cumberland and the Alle^henies. Plan 
to be in Auburndale in June." 


Mrs. F. F. Lamson 

(Lena Josselyn), Secretary 

21 Waterston Rd., Newton, Mass. 

We always welcome news from Edith 

Howe Kip, who adds: "Very much good 

luck to the college in the coming year." 


Even now Harriette Ward Walker is 
"hoping to see many friends at Lasell for 
our 60th Reunion — June 1961." 


In Memoriam: Louise A. Martin x-'02 on 
November 9, 1959 in Meriden, Conn., after 
a long illness. 


Other News: Bessie Fuller Perry writes 
from 192 North Main Street, Suffield, 
Conn.: "Recently visited Ethel Knowlton 
Whiting x-'02 in Ellsworth, Maine. Met 
Georgie Duncan Seavey, her daughter and 
two granddaughters for luncheon in Bucks- 
port. Georgie and Bertha Warren x-'02 
were among my summer guests in Con- 


From Mary Goodwin Olmsted: "My fam- 
ily and I spend the month of August, and 
usually a part of July, at our cottage on 
Caspian Lake, Greensboro, Vermont. 
Would love to see any friends vacationing 
in that part of New England." 


A reception at the Weston (Mass.) Golf 
Club on Saturday, October 17, marked the 
50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. 
Walter R. Amesbury (Jane Ford x-'04). 
Mrs. Amesbury has been active in church 
and civic organizations, among them the 
Daughters of the American Revolution 
Chapter in Newton Lower Falls, which 
she served as vice-regent. Mr. Amesbury, 
former treasurer of the college, has been 
an official of the Waltham Hospital since 
1933. Having served there for several 
years in the dual capacity of treasurer and 
administrator, he retired this summer as 
administrator but continues as treasurer. 
The Amesburys have two sons and a 
daughter, Virginia Amesbury Stone '38, of 
Southboro. Their youngest son, Stanton, 
a Navy pilot, was killed during the inva- 
sion of North Africa in World War II. 

And from Daisy Gilbert Buck: "Enjoyed 
the annual fall meeting of the Capital 
District Lasell Club, held this year at the 
Crossroads Restaurant in Latham, N. Y. 
I was the oldest alumna present — having 
had my 75th birthday last July, Grace 
Douglass Schindler represented the Class 
of 1912, and Angeline Emery MacCulloch 
'14 was also present. We are looking for- 
ward to seeing more friends at the Feb- 
ruary meeting." 


Mrs. Clifton A. Hall 

(Charlotte Ryder), Secretary 

149 Cedar St., Bangor, Maine 

I enjoyed being at Lasell for Com- 
mencement in June 1959 — my 51st re- 
union, and the 50th celebration for the 
Class of 1909. Had a delightful week in 
Boston with Maria Riker Hume '09. Late 
June visitors in Bangor included Mr. and 
Mrs. Thomas Goodall of Sanford, Me. Mr. 
Goodall is the brother of Mildred Goodall 
Fairbanks '10 and the late Lela Goodall 
Thornburg. Was so sorry not to have seen 
Mildred when she was north this summer. 
Grace Emerson Cole has moved to a new 
apartment ■ — 812 East McClure Street, 
Peoria, 111. Her brother passed away this 
summer. Betty Love Macey is enjoying 
her new home in Florida, but will return 
to Indianapolis for the summer months. 
At the Eastern Maine Lasell Club fall 
luncheon, I met the new president, Theresa 
Thompson Osborne '22, a close friend of 
Louise Morrell Nestler. The Osbornes 
have recently moved from Ridgewood 
(N.J.) to Belfast, where they are remod- 
elling a beautiful old sea captain's house. 



Mrs. Harry Carlow 

(Edith Anthony), Secretary 

60 Church Green, Taunton, Mass. 


Lilian Douglas Heeb writes: "My du- 
ties as president of the San Gabriel Valley 
Y.W.C.A. keep me very busy this year. 
Had a recent and delightful visit with 
Mae Chisholm Brown x-'07, who is now 
residing at Kingsley Manor for Senior 
Citizens in Los Angeles." 


Mrs. George C. Dumas 

(Olive Bates), Secretary 

Box 216, Hanover, Mass. 

Class Agent Josephine Woodward Rand 
writes: "My home will be headquarters 
for our 50th Reunion in June. Our class 
letter is on its way, as usual, and everyone 
is participating in its success." 


Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

(Margaret Jones), Secretary 

26 Lilac Lane, Princeton, N. J. 


Eleanor Warner Salisbury "spent a de- 
lightful afternoon with Edna MacDonald 
Sheppard and her husband at their Santa 
Ana (Calif.) home." The Salisburys were 
en route to the Orient in March. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Grace Harvey Hall and her sisters, whose 
mother, Mrs. George Harvey, died in No- 
vember in her 92d year. Grace's sisters in- 
clude Marion Harvey Pitz x-'12," Nellie 
Harvey Phillips x-'17 and Esther Harvey 
Switzler '25. 


Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

(Clara Parker), Secretary 

8 High St., Goffstown, N. H. 

In Memoriam: Charlotte I. Harris x-'12 

on October 28, 1959 after a long illness. 
Miss Harris was a director of the Butler 
Health Center in Providence and an Amer- 
ican Red Cross executive. Her volunteer 
Red Cross service included work at the 
Davis Park VA Hospital, Providence, and 
at various military installations, including 
Quonset Point and Newport. Miss Harris 
was named "woman of the year" by the 
Woonsocket Quota Club in 1945 for her 
outstanding war and community service rec- 
ord. She is survived by a nephew and by 
her sister, Marguerite Harris Stewart x-'l4. 


Mrs. A. L. Stirn 

( Mary Fenno ) , Secretary 

43 East Loop Rd., Dongan Hills 

Staten Island, N. Y. 


Mrs. R. R. Jenks 

(Ruth Thresher), Secretary 

200 Sand Hill Cove Rd., Narragansett, R.I. 

Dorothy Hartshorn Underwood writes: 
"We had a happy family summer at the 
Jaffrey (N. H.) farm. High spots of 1959: 
our 45th Reunion, a daughter born to our 
daughter Deborah, and a trip to St. Thom- 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

(Nell Woodward), Secretary 

39 Lincoln St., Manchester, Mass. 

Nancy Ann, daughter of Frances 
Johnson Edwards '15 

Good news from Florida indicates that 
Sue Tiffany is better now than she has 
been for a long time. Sorry not to have 
visited with her this fall when she was at 
Lasell for the annual Trustees' Meeting, 
but did enjoy the long telephone chat. 
Evelina Perkins was in Auburndale for the 
same meeting for "Perky" is a member of 
the Lasell Corporation. 

October brought a fine letter from Bess 
Emerine, who had just forwarded our Class 
Letter to Ada Patterson. Ada, our class 
traveller, recently returned from a South 
Pacific cruise which included Australia, 
New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa and 
Hawaii. During the summer Bess had seen 
Peg Bauman, Marion Lerch Mehle '16 — 
now a Pasadena resident — and Lydia 
Rich Gray x-'19 of Chicago. Bess is still 
too busy with welfare work to be certain 
about Reunion in June, but is hoping. 
That applies to Florence Evans Valpey and 
Peg Bauman also. Definitely coming to cel- 
ebrate our 45th are Gladys Wilkes Mc- 
Cutchen and Ada Patterson. 

Frances Johnson Edwards forwarded a 
recent photo of her daughter, Nancy Ann, 
who was graduated from Vassar in 1950, 
and received her Ph.D. in political science 
from Columbia University in 1954. At 
present Nancy Ann is an assistant profes- 
sor at Bucknell LTniversity, Lewisburg, 

— N.W.C. 




Mrs. R, M. Kimball 

(Mabel Straker), Secretary 

79 Carpenter St., Foxboro, Mass. 

With her endless activities, Rose Baer 
Trexler x-'l6 must never have a spare 
moment. She serves as chairman of Pub- 
lic Relations for the Lehighton (Penna.) 
Hospital Board, is chairman of the Gray 
Ladies, and is the only woman serving on 
the Industrial Board in that city. At the 
time of her November letter, she was 
"hoping to squeeze in time" to assume 
chairmanship for the Volunteer Services 
of the Red Cross. 

Margaret Henning Rogers sends greet- 
ings to all '16-ers and a cordial invitation 
to any traveling through Colorado. Her 
address in Boulder is 757 Eighth Street. 

Via our Round Robin letter, Dorothy 
Brate McPherrin gives news of Margaret 
Jones Gill in Brazil. 

Mildred Strain Nutter '17 graciously en- 
tertained at her annual Lasell picnic in 
Pocasset in August. Marion Griffin Wol- 
cott and Freda Griffin Leining '20 visited 
me a few days before, and we attended 
the party with Marion Beach Barlow and 
her sister Judy (Beach Barker '13). 

My first grand-daughter, Elizabeth Stock- 
bridge Winans, was born in April 1959. 
My son and daughter and their families 
have a house together across the street 
from me at the Cape. Every day in the 
summer the five boys, ages 2-3-4-5-7, two 
Winans and three Kimballs, come for lolly- 

Please add a little more news to the Round 
Robin — we need news of each other for 
the Leaves. 

— M.S.K. 


Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd), Secretary 

160 E. 48th St., New York, N. Y. 

just live on in the summer, and over Labor 
Day weekend cruised to Saybrook, Conn, 
and up the Connecticut River as far as 
Middletown. The three boys are married 
now — one lives in Warwick (R. I.) and 
the other two are on the West Coast — 
one in Lovermore and one in Berkeley. 
Spent the month of June with them and 
had much fun with the grandchildren — 
of which we now have seven! News is not 
all happy, however. My husband had a 
coronary attack recently but with rest 
and quiet, I am sure he will soon be well." 

Barbara McLellan McCormick enjoyed a 
visit in Belle Fourche, S. D. with her Lasell 
roommate, "Casey" Craig Rowand before 
taking off for Alaska with "Casey" and her 

Anita Hotchkiss Scott writes from Fort 
Lauderdale, Fla.: "Early in the summer we 
took the entire family to the West Coast. 
Went via train, stopping at Reno for a few 
days, and drove from there to San Fran- 
cisco. Enjoyed the drive along the coastal 
highway and around the Olympic Peninsula. 
Took the boat to Victoria and Vancouver 
and train from there to Toronto. At Banff 
we were fortunate to see Queen Elizabeth 
and Prince Phillip. We plan to return to 
Connecticut for the holidays and will come 
back here to stay until May." 

Your Secretary spent a delightful Sep- 
tember afternoon at Lydia Adams Godsoe's 
lovely home in Camden, Maine. Lydia and 
her husband escorted us over their spa- 
cious acres and it was a real treat to ad- 
mire their beautiful view of the Atlantic 
Ocean, the Camden Hills and the distant 
points along the Maine Coast, as well as 
to inspect Lydia's many varieties of or- 
chids. This is a most satisfying hobby 
with her. 

And to any and all of you '18-ers who 
have news of yourselves or our classmates, 
please write me. As Time goes along, the 
friends of our, youth are more precious. 
Let's keep in touch with one another ! 



Mrs. Ca"rl L. Eaton 

(Mildred Cary), Secretary 

5 Grove St., Winchester, Mass. 

Connie Allen Dunbar writes from Box 
25, Slocum, R. I.: "Was so happy to move 
back to the Narragansett Bay area after 
thirty years' absence, and we are loving the 
quiet country life. Have a boat which we 


Mercie V. Nichols, Secretary 
59 Ripley Road, Cohasset, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Carolyn Kuhn Feffer x-T9 
in May 1959. Mrs. Feffer's survivors in- 
clude a sister, Florence Kuhn Myers '20. 

Fleet Beatty Cox x-'19 on November 4, 
1959 in Three Rivers, Michigan. She is 
survived by two daughters, Harriet Cox 
Reardon and Priscilla Cox Therrien. 




Mrs. S. S. Cline 

(Eleanor Thompson), Secretary 

Amenia, New York 

From Rochester, N. Y., Marion Eaton 
Gumaer writes: "Have four granddaugh- 
te-s and a grandson, Elliott Wilder III. 
Elliott, Jr. practices law in Rochester. I 
am most fortunate!" 

Lillian G. Grant is "continuing my late 
Dad's business (begun in 1910), and have 
just been elected 1st Vice President of the 
Manchester (Conn.) Board of Realtors." 


Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 

(Doris Bissett), Secretary 

130 Reservoir Road, Wollaston, Mass. 

With a generous check for the current 
Alumnae Fund, Edith Geeson Seewald 
x-'21 sent this news: "My daughter, Jean, 
i and son, Brewster, are both married. I 
I have two delightful granddaughters, Su- 
zanne and Jennifer Wylie, in Cincinnati. 
My father, now 86 years old, makes his 
home with me in Newton Highlands." 

Early in November, Marian Blivin Mac- 
Donald wrote: "My husband and I just re- 
turned from a marvelous vacation in the 
1 Orient. Best wishes for the college." 

Two new addresses: Marion Bodwell 
Lesher: 1 Park Street, Sanford, Me. 

Janet Hannah Gibbs: 93 Electric Ave., 
Fitchburg, Mass. 


Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering), Secretary 

3 Lovering Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty), Assistant 

314 San Juan Road, Watsonville, Calif. 

Lilian Wood Wood writes: "I am as- 
sistant to the executive secretary of the 
Alumnae Association at Wheaton College. 
My son, Stanley, is computor group su- 
pervisor of general dynamics, electric boat 
division at Groton, Conn. He has two 
children and I thoroughly enjoy my role 
as grandmother. My younger son, Robert, 
i who lives in Beverly Farms, Mass., is a 
^ systems and procedures analyst at the Wil- 
i mington branch of Avco Corporation." 

Elizabeth Laughlin Wadsworth x-'22 en- 
I joyed the months of September and October 
t touring England, France and Switzerland. 

We are delighted to know that Mary 
Caroline Staples, daughter of Helen Jean 
Libby, is "seriously talking Lasell for Sep- 
tember 1961." 


Adrienne E. Smith, Secretary 
19 Owatonna St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Mrs. Wilder N. Smith 
(Antoinette Meritt), Assistant 
15 Miles Dr., Quincy, Mass. 

Adrienne Smith has added one more re- 
sponsibility to her extremely busy schedule. 
Dree has accepted the presidency of the 
Greater Boston Club for the coming year. 

In December, Toni Meritt Smith received 
a card, postmarked Lima, Peru, from Jean- 
nette Merrick Moss. Jean adds: "Have had 
a wonderful trip through South America. 
Stopped over four days in Ecuador to see 
the children and are now heading toward 
the Canal and home. The weather has been 
ideal all the way — for it is spring here." 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Margaret Bullock Reed, whose mother, 
Mrs. Rose Bullock, passed away in Decem- 
ber 1959. 


Helen B. Perry, Secretary 
172 Porter Street, Melrose, Mass. 

Adele Bigham Nelson has been named 
executive secretary of the Council on Ag- 
ing of the Syracuse and Onondage Coun- 
ty (N. Y.) Council of Social Agencies. 
She is a member of the board of directors 
of the Council on the Aging, the Wagon 
Wheel, and Huntington Family Center. 
Adele is also editor of the State Directory 
of Golden Age Clubs and Day Centers, 
published by the joint legislative committee 
on problems of the aging. She is a mem- 
ber of Harmony Circle, past president of 
Boys' Club Auxiliary, Visiting Nurse As- 
sociation and the auxiliary of the Univer- 
sity Hospital of the Good Shepherd. Her 
past community service has been extensive 
including work for the United Campaign, 
the Syracuse Junior League, American Can- 
cer Society, and Adele is the mother of 
two children, Wayne, Jr., and Diane Nel- 
son Cowan '51. 

Dorothy Ballou Collier and husband, 
Arthur, enjoyed their annual late fall trip 
to Canada. This year Dorothy is a mem- 
ber of the fund committee for a new Sun- 
day School Building at their Marblehead 



Florence Merritt Baker's new address is 
Box 28, R. R. #2, South Portland, Maine. 

Helen M. Robson, president of the Phil- 
adelphia-South Jersey Lasell Club, com- 
ments: "The account of class reunions in 
the LEAVES made me very sad to think I 
missed the 35th. Lasell Alumnae Inc. has 
achieved so many worthwhile projects that 
I am proud to be a member." 


Mrs. George E. Sprague 

(Helen Black), Co-Secretary 

31 Van Brunt Ave., Dedham, Mass. 

Mrs. George A. Jenkins 

(Barbara Cushing), Co-Secretary 

3 Kent St., Concord, N. H. 

The beginning of your self-appointed 
committee's efforts to plan 1925's 35th Re- 
union took place on October 28th when 
Helen McNab Willand, Martha Fish 
Holmes, Martha Wilcox Hills and Helen 
Black Sprague met for luncheon, signed 
and mailed the first Questionnaires to our 
classmates. The response to the letter has 
been excellent, but there are still many 
who have not answered. Please do ! 

The following have indicated their hope 
to attend Reunion on June 11, I960: Ruth 
Shepard Parmenter, Ethel Clow Black, 
Estelle Jenney, Helen Wahlquist Wolcott, 
Dorothy Keeler Stewart, Blanche Avery, 
Mildred Whyte Goddard and Peg Gordon 
Ferguson. The latter two sent Helen Mc- 
Nab Willand addresses for some of our 
"Lost" members. Mildred reports that her 
two sons are married, and Peg's daughter, 
Nancy, who graduated from Lasell in 1959, 
was married in early September. 

Lucile Hopkins Willenbrok lives in 
Scarsdale, N. Y., and adds: "Just near 
enough to New York City to see all the 
shows and shops — and love it." 

One of our most loyal x-'25ers is Claire 
Stritzinger Daller of Norristown, Penna. 
She would like to join us in June, but will 
not be able to make it because of her teach- 
ing duties in Upper Merion. Claire's son 
is a senior at Brown. She also sent a con- 
tribution for the Alumnae Fund — in- 
cidentally, these questionnaires provide a 
fine opportunity to do your little share. 
And we shall be most happy to forward 
the checks to the college. 

Ruth Shepard Parmenter lives in Shrews- 
bury, Mass. and her oldest daughter, Janet, 
Lasell '56, was married in September. 
Martha is attending college in Pennsyl- 
vania and . the youngest daughter, Linda, 
is in high school. Dorothy Keeler Stewart 

has been working in the I.B.M. Department 
of Houghton Mifflin, Publishers for the 
past five years. The Stewarts enjoyed a 
Florida vacation last spring and their 
usual September holiday saw them in 

Blanche Avery hopes to be in Auburn- 
dale in June, but there could be a "con- 
flict" due to her teaching schedule in 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Ethel Clow Black and 
husband own and operate Black's Paper 
Store and Gift Shop in Wolfeboro, N. H. 
She writes: "In my spare time I am sec- 
retary of the Board of Trustees for Hug- 
gins Hospital, also of the Executive Com- 
mittee and Chairman of the Public Health 
Nursing Committee. Not too many dull 

From Granby, Connecticut, Helen Wahl- 
quist Wolcott writes: "My husband is a 
public accountant and tax consultant, and 
also has a real estate business. I had been 
working part time as a roving secretary 
for my old-time employer, National Fire 
Insurance Company, but I resigned and am 
now full-time secretary for my husband. 
About a year ago I started my own collec- 
tion agency, The Granby Collection 
Agency, for we had many clients who de- 
sired assistance in collecting back bills. 
We have our office right here at home and 
I find little time for any outside activities." 

Estelle Jenney sent a newsy little note 
from Cambridge: "Am still at my longtime 
job with Simplex Wire and Cable Com- 
pany. My last summer's jaunt took me to 
the Canadian Rockies — Banff, Lake 
Louise, and Jasper Park (really breathtak- 
ing) — then on to Vancouver, Victoria, 
Seattle, Mt. Rainier National Park and 
San Francisco. The last three days I spent 
in Carmel on the ruggedly beautiful Mon- 
terey Peninsula, where California really 
lived up to its sunny reputation. It was 
very pleasant to spend one of these days- 
with Ruth Buffington, and to see her love- 
ly home, garden, studio and fine water col- 
ors. Ruth and her housemate took me on 
a drive down the spectacular coastline 
route (which you may have seen pictured 
in a recent issue of The National Geo- 
graphic) as far as the Big Sur, where we 
had a delicious and chatty lunch on the 
patio of the Big Sur Lodge. Must concede 
that California has something special, and 
perhaps that is where I shall go to 'sit in 
the sun and dream' when my rocking chair 
days come along." 

We will keep you posted on plans for 
Reunion and please make a real effort to 
join us in Auburndale on June 11th. 

— H.B.S 




Mrs. Elmer J. Bloom 
(Mariesta Howland), Secretary 

415 West Crestwood Drive, Peoria, 111. 

Thanks to Dode Schumaker Walthers, 
who heeded my recent lament that "half 
the enthralling journeys never get recorded 
here," there comes the news that Ede Jen- 
sen White took a breather from her busy 
profession of florist and left for Europe 
at August's end. Ede spent a week in 
scenic Norway, then two delightful weeks 
in Denmark with relatives, and on to a 
tour-group in London. From Venice she 
wrote Dode, "Am gradually working south 
in search of warm weather" and she must 
have found the warm weather, for her four 
months' wanderings did not confine her to 
Europe and she wrote later from Tangier, 
"All this seems a long way from home, 
with the Arabs in fezzes and their women 
wrapped in veils." 

Dode herself has known both joy and 
sorrow — joy in her year-old granddaugh- 
ter, Karen, and sorrow in the loss, Septem- 
ber 11, of her beloved mother. Mrs. Schu- 
maker, whom '26 will remember as so 
bright and charming, had been a helpless 
invalid for the past fifteen years. 

Another — and inveterate — "tripper" 
is our Margaret Anderson Gage. Andy's 
summer Central American trip led her by 
plane from San Jose to Palmer where the 
Gages were shown "one half" of the 
bridge which is the last link in the Pan 
American Highway, and to be finished in 
a year. Of Golfito (next stop) Andy wrote: 
"This was one of the most outstanding, 
exciting and interesting days of our entire 
lives." (Quite a statement from 1926's 
"globe trotter" !) Her reason: "We toured 
for three hours back into the banana fields 
and watched the cutting, lifting and racking 
onto the backs of donkeys who brought the 
banana loads right to the water's edge of 
the beautiful bay ... It was an incredible 
sight to see the boats loaded ! As each man 
loaded with bananas trots past the man 
stationed at the hold of the ship, he 
whacks off with a hugh machete the stem 
on each end of the bunches — and we are 
told sometimes a man doesn't get his arm 
in far enough and THAT gets sliced off 
too !" The United Fruit boat had an all- 
Dutch crew and its course followed the 
lovely coastline of Mexico, then on up to 
California to bring the Gages home. Dur- 
ing her absence Andy had been made a 
grandmother — her daughter Linda gave 
birth to a baby girl, Patricia, in late July. 
She now reports her usual brimming fall 
schedule — not only is she continuing her 
teaching, but is taking two courses at Sac- 
ramento College — an Audio-Visual class 

Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth '26 and 

Family. Suzanne, second from right, is 

a member of the Class of 1956 

and one on United States Government. 

And the last travel report came from 
Anita Krakauer Doerr the night before she 
and her husband left for their six weeks' 
European sojourn. Her plans (beside the 
Geneva visit with her sister) included Paris, 
Aix-les-Bains, the Italian Lakes, Munich, 
Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna and the 

How pleasant it was to hear from Elinor 
("Steve") Stevens Stockman, who wrote 
that she had the keen pleasure of motoring 
her daughter Marguerite to Lasell, there 
to enter the Class of 1961 — and added, 
"Already she loves it!" After the momen- 
tous matriculation, "Steve" and her hus- 
band went on into Boston and from there 
she chatted by telephone with her former 
roommate, Liz Forgie Hay x-'26, who lives 
in Braintree. Steve adds: "But I ought to 
'back up' to the summer of 1958 when we 
had a most pleasant call at Lasell to choose 
curriculum and a room in delightful Wood- 
land. We had driven up from our vacation 
spot in Eastham, Cape Cod, where we were 
staying at a cottage across the pond from 
those owned by Kay Braithwaite Wood- 
worth '29. I had read in the Leaves 
about the Woodworths' purchase of Nauset 
Haven Cottages and so I dropped in to 
see Kay one day and got the Lasell news. 

"Last November when we celebrated our 
25th wedding anniversary, Audrey Jackson 
Dade x-'26 was one of our guests at Open 
House and 'twas good to see her again. 
Mabel Michell Pyott x-'26 of Fort Lauder- 
dale, Fla., was very ill all last winter, but 
is greatly improved now. She hopes to 
come north next summer and will spend 
some time with me when she arrives." 
Steve (bless her!) adds that she timed her 
letter for October because she noticed I 



asked for some news BEFORE Christmas ! 
(Go all of you and do likewise.) 

Doing exactly that was Ginnie Amos 
Farrington, whose holiday screed began, in 
the old A-Mouse tradition of wit: "After 
nary a line from me in so long a time, I 
should not be surprised to read in the 
Leaves: 'My friend, once a dear gentle 
Mouse, is now a rat.' But our fall has been 
hectic and we now hope to run over to 
Nassau for a few days after Christmas. My 
daughter Carolyn (Farrington Corson '51) 
writes me all about my precious grandson. 
In July Carolyn and Doug bought a lovely 
house in Connecticut, a Cape Cod split- 
level. Our Bob is a senior at the Univer- 
sity of Miami, and my Dad, at 93, is still 
sharp and alert." 

And now I must relate a great personal 
loss to me and which will also seem tragic 
to all those who recall her. On September 
1st, Lolita del Pino x-'26, my first Lasell 
roommate and most beloved Spanish "tu- 
tor," died in a Havana hospital when her 
heart suddenly failed under an apparently 
routine breast operation. The dramatic 
therapy of heart massage caused her to 
rally, but only for a few hours. She 
died in the prime of life, seemingly healthy, 
certainly happy — for she retained her 
faith in Castro's "Liberacion" — and living 
a scholarly, dedicated life for others. I 
know you all can hear her still — as can I 
— calling down the corridors, "Ma-ri-es- 

My own life continues to be full of 
"treks" — back West Sept. 1st, back East 
(to deliver Maris as a junior at Smith — 
where she revels in Prof. Salvadori!) with 
five heavenly HOT days at the seashore; 
then over to New York for theatres and a 
brief meeting with Nadine Strong James ■ — 
brief because Nadine was about to enplane 
for Europe to visit an aunt in France and 
then to enjoy a Swiss sojourn with her hus- 
band. Incidentally, the Jameses "re-uned" 
with Babs Aspegren Danielson x-'26 in 
Vevey and enjoyed hearing about the new 
villa a-building there. We've made our 
usual Lake Forest trips to see Peb (who 
inherits my passion for linguism and is 
taking Russian!), and in November I 
spent five days in Chicago, partly to attend 
the Illinois School Boards Convention — 
where OUR Board is apparently the first in 
the nation to DEMAND some research into 
Urban Problems! (Imagine the U.S. Office 
of Education "having no data" on such a 
snow-balling situation!) Some time also 
was devoted to the Society of Mayflower 
Descendants in Illinois as I have just been 
named to the Executive Board. And since 
I've picked "tasks that are never done," I 
am still on School Board Committees and 

Symphony Committees in my own city. 

Add to the roll call of grandmothers 
our Madeleine Roth White. A red-haired 
little girl named Laura Elizabeth has been 
born to Rothie's son, Billy, and his young 

— M.D.H.B. 

Other News: Emma Ockert has "taken up 
painting as a hobby — concentrating on 
Early American decoration — and love it!" 

Mary Freeman Wisdom proudly an- 
nounces the arrival of a grandson, "our 
first grandchild. Our son, and youngest 
child, is in his first year at Harvard Law 

From Honolulu, Helen Duncan Devereux 
sends: "Aloha nui to all my '26-ers and 
thereabouts ! We have been up to our ears 
in house renovations for months. The 
worst is over and we hope to be back to 
normal soon." 

Gertrude Moeller Baum writes: "Am 
happy to have a representative at Lasell this 
year. My niece, Joan Moeller, of Orange, 
Connecticut is a member of the Class of 
1961. Walter and I flew to Europe in May 
— spent several weeks in Italy, Switzerland, 
Austria, France and England. Loved every 
minute of it." 

Natalie Albury Boswell x-'26 admits: 
"Life gets lonely here on Paradise Island 
• — would love to hear from my Lasell 
friends." Nat's address: Box 2, Nassau, 
N. P., Bahamas. 


Mrs. David Rosen 
(Rosalie Brightman), Secretary 
8 Still St., Brookline 46, Mass. 

Dear '27-ers, 

Madeleine Robinhold Leinbach added to 
her greeting: "Have become a member of 
the grandmothers' club — and it doesn't 
make me feel one bit older. Rebecca Faith 
Smith is the name of our darling, and I 
rather hope she will lisp. Had a grand 
New England vacation last August, visit- 
ing Cape Cod, Bar Harbor, Franconia 
Notch and a very short stay in Boston." 

Lucy Field Wildman declares: "The 
Wildmans are all healthy and happy. We 
now have two granddaughters — Judy, 
3V2, and Debbie, ten months. Our young- 
est son, Jerry, was a member of The 
Stephen Foster Story cast at the Bardstown 
(Ky.) summer theatre." 

From Minerva Damon Ludewig comes 
the message that "another Christmas finds 
me in a pretty little San Francisco apart- 
ment. Have been quite busy arranging 
the house and doing volunteer work with 
United Activity. Has been fun getting re- 
acquainted with 'Andy' Anderson Gage '26 



and her very nice husband, who live nearby 
in Sacramento." 

Georgia Parrish Campbell says: "Sid and 
I are planning a spring trip to the East 
and hope to say Hello to you. Sid is 
president of the realty board and I am 
president of the Women's Club. We are 
in the process of building a new clubhouse 
so there are many meetings and much to 
do. I'm still going to college one night 
a week and, as the boys say, 'Mum expects 
to graduate in June,' or — 'Grandma 
hopes to.' Our eldest son, Jack, is prac- 
ticing law in La Mesa and we are fortu- 
nate to have the grandchildren near. Dave 
is in San Francisco and will graduate in 
June — if the draft doesn't claim him first. 
Our youngest is a freshman at Arizona 
State University, and we have had some 
wonderful weekends in Phoenix. Life is 
full — in fact, brimming over — and 
not nearly enough hours in the day to 
do all we want to." 

Katherine Tufts Wiese and husband 
"still maintain our northern Wisconsin 
resort and love this outdoor life. Our son, 
David, is in the Navy and Carol is a junior 
at the University of Wisconsin." 

I had a delightful encounter with Min- 
nie Remick Dandison, who was shopping 
in Boston for her daughter's wedding. 
Mrs. Remick was with her — both looked 
just wonderful and were delightfully 
happy over the great occasion. Mardie 
Silliman — looking slim and chic — is 
continuing her wonderful work in dis- 
tributing books for the Merchant Marine 

As for me — Life continues to be ex- 
citing and crammed between my career de- 
mands and life at home. Right now we 
are planning a winter vacation in Jamaica. 
I do hope everyone has a wonderful I960 
— and do remember to "put a little fun 
in all your classmates' lives" by sharing 
your activities, and those of your families. 

— R.B.R. 


Lillian G. Bethel, Secretary 
The Waltham Hospital, Waltham 54, Mass. 

Dared to risk the "penalty" of Deadline 
Dates, and waited for word of Bettie 
Smith Scollon. "Holiday Greetings to 
Friends from Sunny California" arrived in 
the nick of time and we are happy to share 
with you: 

"From 62 El Camino Drive, Corte 
Madera: Surprise! Like most people we 
know, we have often talked of moving to 
a warmer clime. In the spring of this year 
we decided to do it — spent several 
months tying up loose ends in Buffalo and 

East Aurora, and on July 25th packed our- 
selves in the red Ford and were on our 
way — directly across country to Chicago. 
Iowa, Nebraska, touched upon the Blade 
Hills, spent a night in Cheyenne with 
friends, Denver, Salt Lake City. Nevada 
■ — and then, California, arriving in the 
Bay Area on August 3d. 

"Like mad we scurried about looking 
for a home while vacationing at the same 
time in a lovely motel with swimming 
pool, and were fortunate enough to find 
just the right- house the day before the 
furniture arrived. Here we are — pretty 
well established in Marin County, about 
eight miles north of the Golden Gate 
Bridge and exciting San Francisco. Corte 
Madera is a small town situated among 
smaller hills of the coastal range, most of 
which is west of us and therefore cuts out 
much of the roughest sea winds, also fog. 
The whole area is very scenic. 

"Tom is gradually becoming used to 
business ways in the Bay Area and hopes 
to find a measure of success in another 
year. In the meantime, I have an interest- 
ing job with a firm of patent attorneys in 
the heart of financial San Francisco. The 
19th-floor window faces the East Bay and 
the Bay Bridge, from which I see ships 
passing to and from the Orient. 

"Do come out to visit ■ — any and all. 
Best wishes for I960." 

Evelyn Douglass Hooper happily "finds 
things going along as usual — summer at 
Bass River on the Cape, golf, and a round 
of work at the church. Our two daughters 
are at Northwestern University — one, a 
senior, and the younger is a freshman. 
Their brother is a high school sophomore. 
My best to all '28-ers." 

Joan Johnson Doriot forwards this new 
address: 3030 North Seventh St. #48, 
Phoenix, Arizona. Her husband is now 
associated with the Valley National Bank, 
and daughter, Dorothy, is a freshman at 
the North Phoenix High School. 

Many thanks to Mariesta Howland 
Bloom '26, who thoughtfully sent word 
of Catherine Worrall Flint. "Kitty re- 
joiced in a perfect Thanksgiving celebra- 
tion for her son, Bill, returned from the 
University of Bologna in Italy where he 
had been working on his Master's in Ad- 
vanced International Studies. Daughter 
Beesie, with husband and baby, journeyed 
from Philadelphia for the family party." 


Mrs. Allan Van Demark 

(Phyllis Beck), Secretary 

28 Maple St., Lockport, N. Y. 



'29's Reunion Arrangers 

Marion Kingdon Farnum, Zip Daggett 

Wilson, Marjorie Schaller Schoonmaker, 

Verta MacLeod Haines, Harriet Hewins 


As promised, we list a few additional 
remarks (statiscally, we regret) from the 
questionnaires returned for last year's re- 
union. And we share too the aerogramme 
letter, dated Tokyo, Japan, May 26th, from 
Peggy Contrell White: 

"Colonel and I left New York in Janu- 
ary, crossed the States via bus, visited our 
four grandchildren in Cincinnati and spent 
a week at the Arizona research station of 
the American Museum of Natural History, 
of which Colonel is a field associate. From 
Travis Air Force Base near San Francisco, 
we flew via Military Air Transport Service 
to Hickham Field in Hawaii, where we 
spent twelve perfect days of sightseeing. 
Our next stop in the Philippines included 
a five-day visit at Baguio. From there we 
journeyed on to Taiwan for a month's 
stay and managed five days in Hong Kong 
■ — that fabulous and beautiful city. We 
arrived in Japan on Easter Sunday and 
then the Colonel went to work. The 
Blakemore- White Expedition went to Hok- 
kaido Island for brown bear — but alas, 
no bear showed, so we are returning to 
New York with precious little to show 
for the six months' journey save a detailed 
report on bear for the Museum but no 
skins. The Colonel hunts with camera 
and hopes to get material for articles for 
magazines. His article, 'We Retired to 
The Seven Seas,' published in the August 

1958 issue of Cor&net tells our story with 
pictures. Also Outdoor Life, the January 
'59 copy, carried the story of a successful 
expedition here last year for goat-antelope. 

"Japan is a beautiful country — two 
months spent here in 1958 and two in 

1959 have made us more eager to return. 
The people are so gracious and friendly. 
We leave tomorrow by MATS, flying via 

India and Europe, and are looking for- 
ward to seeing our brand new grandson in 
White Plains. Good luck and much happi- 
ness to all." 

Esther Angel Frank: Daughter Nancy 
Ida b. 5/24/50. Esther received her B.S. 
degree from School of Social Service, Sim- 
mons College, 1932. 

Mary Barton Libby: Children: Charles 
b. 3/25/42, Deborah Ann 9/10/47. Mary 
does part-time secretarial work. 

Preble Borden Gruchy: Children: Doug- 
las b. 6/15/32; Ronald b. 9/5/33, Fraser 
b. 12/20/46. 

Katherine Braithwaite Woodworth: 
Daughter Sally Florence b. 4/23/46. Kay 
and husband operate the Nauset Haven 
Cottages at Eastham, Mass. 

Constance Chalmers Harlow: Children: 
Damaris b. 1/19/38, Frances b. 9/15/44. 
Damaris will graduate from Wellesley in 
I960, and Frances plans to go to Pembroke 

Julia Clausen Bowman: Daughter Pa- 
tricia Clark b. 2/6/53. Julia received her 
B.A. from the University of Wisconsin 
in 1932. 

Dorothy Cole MacRae: Two daughters: 
Dorothy b. 9/16/39 and Jean b. 9/5/41. 

Rosamond Cornell Cannon: Children: 
Marcia (now Mrs. William A. Campbell) 
b. 4/27/39 and Madison M., Jr. b. 

Emily Crump Ramstetter: Son, Charles 
Andrew, Jr. b. 3/18/47. Em is now a 
licensed insurance agent and attends the 
University of Richmond's Evening School 
of Business Administration. 

Isabelle Daggett Wilson: Daughter 
Marilyn b. 11/27/38. Marilyn, who spent 
the summer in Europe with a college 
group, will graduate from Bates College 
in June I960. 

Dorothy England Chester: Teaches pri- 
vate art classes. 

Olive French Whitehead: Two sons: 
Thomas b. 6/17/35 and Robert b. 1/4/37. 

Doris Gardner Bigelow: Two daughters, 
Doris and Donna. Doris, now married, 
lives in Scranton, Penna. 

Barbara Goodell Trott: Step-son Theo- 
dore, Jr. is director of Statistics and Re- 
search for the state of Maine; daughter 
Barbara b. 12/4/39; son Roland b. 7/2/45. 

Dorothy Hayward Sutherland: Daughter 
Marcia Anne b. 10/5/44. 

Harriet Hewins Sanderson: Two sons: 
George, married in July to Linda Sullo '59; 
Jon Page, married in November 1958. 

Eleanor Humphrey: Has been enjoying 
living in Florida and is a salesgirl at a 
Delray Beach dress shop. 



Marion Kingdon Farnum: Daughter 
Deborah graduated from Lasell in 1956. 

Mary Korper Steele: Two children: 
Carol Ann b. 1/30/41 and William R. 
Ill b. 4/4/45. Carol is a student at 
Wheelock College, Boston, and Billy at- 
tends The Loomis School. 

Elizabeth Lyman Zsiga: Daughter Mary 
Beth now married. 

Verta MacLeod Haines: Son Robert b. 

Mary McEvoy Robideau: Son Brian is a 
regent scholarship winner at Manhattan 
College of Engineering. 

Irene Murray Pettapiece: Daughter Joyce 
is married and has a five-year-old son. 

Helen Ohm Kingsman: Three daughters: 
Barbara, now Mrs. H. A. Rapp; Phyllis, 
now Mrs. B. W. Tarke; and Virginia b. 

Alice Pratt Brown: Children: Hayden II 
b. 5/15/36, William W., Jr., b. 1/17/39, 
Alice b. 7/16/45. 

Marjorie Schaller Schoonmaker: Daugh- 
ter Joan b. 10/6/41. 

Betty Wells Tuttle: Betty is co-owner of 
Tuttle's Camera Shop, Fort Pierce, Fla. 

Margaret Wethern: Instructor of Speech 
and Dramatics at Lasell. 

Barbara Wilson Horton: Office manager, 
Foster's Real Estate and Insurance, Fitch- 
burg, Mass. 

Marjorie Knowles Anderson: Daughter 
Karin's first child, a son, was born June 
1, 1959. 

Jean Ayr Baker: Children: Jean b. 
7/27/38, Paul b. 5/4/40, Daughter Jean 
was chosen to model as "Bride of the 
Month" for Bride and Home Magazine. 

Charlotte Brooks Armstrong: Daughter 
Dorothy Joan received her master's degree 
from School of Social Services, University 
of Chicago. Charlotte is manager of the 
stock transfer department of the Second 
National Bank, New Haven, Conn. 

Constance Chase Marchant: Daughter 
Joan b. 4/26/40. Husband Milton just 
completed twenty-five years of service with 
Kendall Mills in the Midwest. 

Dorothea Clark Johnson: Two sons: 
Walter b. 12/4/46, Alan b. 9/18/37 died 
in 1956. 

Elizabeth Gilbert Forsyth Lyman: Bet- 
ty's husband, Dr. Lyman, passed away in 
February 1959. 

Janet Kaufman Robinson: Children: Di- 
ane b. 9/24/40, David b. 2/2/48, Debra 
b. 1/5/53. 

Alice Light Leavitt: Children: Wilma 
b. 7/26/34; James b. 7/14/37, Nancy b. 
8/20/39, Willis b. 6/26/43. 

Frances Mann Knight: Son, Richard b. 

25th Wedding Anniversary "Open 


Frances Mann Knight '29 

Marguerite Mcllvain Ricker x-'29: 
Daughter Carol b. 1/18/50. Marguerite 
is manager of La Pierre Hotel in Ocean 
Grove, N.J. 

Madeline Mears Granton x-'29: Madeline 
has two daughters and two granddaugh- 
ters. Younger daughter, Janet, graduated 
from the Newton-Wellesley Hospital in 
June '59- 

Dorothy Merrick Berthold x-'29: Doro- 
thy, secretary to superintendent of schools 
in Rockville, Conn., has a daughter, Janet. 

Catherine Morley King: Catherine's 
older son, Charles, Jr., graduated from 
Dartmouth in 1957 and has a master's de- 
gree in Engineering. Howard, a graduate 
of Mercersburg Academy, is now attend- 
ing Hobart College. Daughter Cathy was 
looking forward to an extended European 
tour and entered Bradford Junior College 
in September 1959- 

Elizabeth Palmer Bedell: On the faculty 
of Weymouth (Mass.) High School. 

Barbara Peirce Gove: Daughter Beverly 
is a member of the freshman class at 

Marion Roberts Dyer: A member of the 
faculty at the Hampden (Maine) Academy. 
Reported a fine visit with Dorothy Siller 
in Cleveland in 1958. 

Ruth Rowbotham Strickland: In No- 
vember '59 announced the engagement of 
her daughter, Robie, to William Walton 
Fisch of Atlanta, Georgia. Ruth's son. 
Freeman, Jr., was born February 6, 1938. 

Jeannette Smith Orne: Daughter Judith 
has two children, and son Peter, Bowdoin 
'57, was married in July 1958. 

Jean Starkey McCarthy: Daughter Betty 
Belle and older son, Charles, are both 



Ruth VanAllen Wells x-'29 describes 
herself as a busy "wife, mother, grand- 
mother and official hostess for dignitaries 
visiting Dr. Wells, president of the Free- 
doms Foundation at Valley Forge. This is 
the largest awards organization in the 
world, giving recognition for outstanding 
work for preserving and extending the 
American Way of Life. Since my marriage 
in June 1930, life has been one of much 
travel, heavy schedules and fascinating 
people and friends. Dr. Wells is national- 
ly-known lecturer, economist and educator 
and I travel with him to dozens of college 
campuses each year. Our own home is 
constantly house-guesting famous Amer- 
icans and visiting dignitaries and the more 
one becomes acquainted with the truly 
BIG in the U.S.A., the more wonderfully 
brilliant, and humble one knows them to 
be. This is written to prove that a once 
shy, Lasell girl has put to everyday use 
and has been ever so grateful for the 
wonderful training I received at the school 
so very long ago. Best wishes to all for 
a happy reunion." 


Mrs. Reginald W. Holt 

(Helen Roberts), Secretary 

8 Watering Lane, Darien, Conn. 

Mrs. Richard F. Murray 

(Corinne Cowdrey), Assistant 

748 Webster St., Needham, Mass. 

On Saturday, October 24, 1959 Ruth 
Lenahan became the bride of Carl Kask 
in Bristol, Vermont. They will make their 
home in Bellows Falls, where Carl, a 
public relations man for Holmes Trans- 
portation of Worcester (Mass.), is em- 
ployed with Gay's Express, Inc. 

Marilyn Pearce '57 tells us that her 
mother, Dorothy Meeker Pearce, plans to 
return to New Jersey in April. Dottie's 
address is now Schiedamsedijk 56-e, Rotter- 
dam, Holland. 

Clara Dietz Rosenburg proudly an- 
nounces the arrival of her second grand- 
daughter on August 7, 1959- 


Mrs. Hr S. Monroe 

(Karin Eliasson), Secretary 

Navy #510, General Delivery 

U.S. Naval Support Activity 

F. P. O., New York, New York 

The Monroe (Karin Eliasson) Yule Log 
comes from Naples, Italy dated Thanks- 
giving Day, November 26, 1959: 

Dear Friends, 

This year has gone by like a minute — 
and the minute began with all of us 
thoroughly enjoying life in Newport, 
Rhode Island, where Hank had a very 
interesting job as C. O. at the Underwater 
Ordnance Station. His duties there re- 
quired him to make many trips — but 
none too long and we had many merry 
reunions in our comfortable set of quar- 
ters on his return. 

Karin kept up her most interesting round 
of activities — making new friends as well 
as frequently reunioning with old ac- 
quaintances — one of the many aspects 
of this wonderful Navy life we enjoy more 
with every passing year. You all know 
what an ardent "Ike" fan she has always 
been, and to have some of her socializing 
in the home where he first lived in New- 
port was — at times — more than she 
could stand. 

Ann and Sally found new and lasting 
friends at the excellent Newport school, 
where Ann (15) had been a cheer leader 
in junior high. Sally (13) had her own 
activities but we noticed that many of the 
boys in Ann's crowd found our home more 
appealing with friend Sal in the back- 
ground. Sally, we thought, was unaware 
of this situation for some time — ! But 
you all know how mistaken parents can 
sometimes be ! 

Little Kay — Karin, junior — has 
brought us . all more joy than we could 
possibly express. For some strange rea- 
son she seems to prefer boys — in fact, 
she has been known to say: "Boys are nice! 
I'm a boy!" But we feel she is pulling 
our collective legs. She is an extremely 
happy child, and in many ways, old for 
her four years. 

Now, for the late late news to explain 
the "Naples" dateline. We had had rumor 
as early as August that we might be mov- 
ing to new lands "about Christmas time." 
For reasons beyond our control we had 
word in late September that Hank was to 
go to a fine sea command in the Mediter- 
ranean and he must be there on the 24th 
of October. With less than three weeks' 
notice we sailed together from New York 
on October 14 via American Export Line. 
Hank had to leave us in Spain, fly to 
Napoli and go to sea immediately. He re- 
turned to Naples in his flagship the day we 
girls arrived on the SS Exeter — and to- 
gether the two ships steamed in formation 
off Naples for several hours because a 
terrific storm prevented their entering 
port. The girls had the roughest possible 
Mediterranean voyage yet stopped in Cadiz 
and Barcelona and Marseilles for sight- 



Today, Thanksgiving Day, we drove the 
beautiful Amain Drive and had a magnifi- 
cent view of the Bay of Naples as we 
dined at the Excelsior Vittorio Hotel in 
Sorrento. We thought particularly of our 
family and friends, and felt especially 
grateful for the many blessings of life. 

Very best wishes for the New Year and 
love to all. 

— K.E.M. 

Other News: Mildred Bell Cole's daugh- 
ter, Barbara Ann, is a Lasell freshman, 
enrolled in the medical secretarial course. 

While in Boston, Ruth Bee Jackson and 
a friend took time to drive about the 
campus and revisit Bragdon Hall. 

Lenna Lyon Hill and family were No- 
vember guests of Peg McClaren Rogers '32 
in Silver Spring, Md. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Helen Schaack, whose father, Mr. Nicholas 
W. Schaack, passed away in June 1959. 


Mrs. H. R. Macy 

(Katharine Hartman), Secretary 

Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden St., Belmont, Mass. 

Leslie Barker is now associated with 
Ganzer Realty in Scottsdale, Ariz. Her 
new address: 3239 E. Medlock Drive, 

From Helane Jones Pressel: "Have seen 
Elinor Packard Hills x-'31 several times this 
past summer. Her two eldest sons are in 
college — Fred at Tufts and Larry at 
Lewis and Clark. I now have two grand- 
children — Karen and Theodore, Jr., chil- 
dren of Sue Pressel Webb x-'58. 

Barbara Stanley Ulrich declares: "Florida 
living is ideal. Here there is time to live! 
Can't be old age makes the change more 
attractive for I feel younger every day!" 

Ethel Buchanan Horner's daughter (and 
Jack Horner's niece), Lynne, is a member 
of the Class of 1961, as is Ann Davidson, 
niece of Marjorie Tarbell Adams. 

Kay Hartman Macy has "been having 
great pleasure in trying to parlay a small 
hobby into a small business. In the sum- 
mer and fall I dry masses of flowers from 
my garden and make arrangements for 
sale. It is fun experimenting with various 
colors and types and this year the del- 
phinium and dahlias have been particu- 
larly successful and lovely — drying true 
to form and color." 


Mrs. E. M. Clark 

(Ruth Stafford), Secretary 

31 Fairview St., Simsbury, Conn. 

Mrs. Carl I. Hayes 

(Virginia Ogden), Assistant 

196 Wentworth Ave., Edgewood, R. I. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kermit H. Moore (Alice 
Hutton) announced the marriage of their 
daughter, Judith, to Mr. Raymond Russell 
Goehring, Jr. on August 15, 1959 at Wells- 
boro, Penna. Judy is a graduate of Chat- 
ham College. 

Anna Mills Koeck recently requested a 
Lasell catalog for her daughter, Nancy, 
who is attending high school. Anna's son 
John is 21, and Bob is 17. 


Mrs. Raymond N. Garon 

(Dorothy Secord), Secretary 

31 Wesley St., Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Bartlett), Assistant 

Oak Hill Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. 

The 1959 Hallowe'en Parties given for 
1700 children of the Newton Schools was 
under the chairmanship of Dr. R. Emerson 
Sylvester, with Dorothy Secord Garon serv- 
ing as program chairman. Dr. Sylvester, 
husband of Arlene Wishart Sylvester '38 is 
the college physician. 

The Louise Duffey Travel Agent Inc. of 
Hingham (Mass.) is now managed by Celia 
Foss, who has had more than 15 years of 
experience with large travel bureaus 
throughout the country. 

Dorothy Secord Garon '34 and 
Dr. R. E. Sylvester 



25 Years Ago — and What Is the 
News Today? 


Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

(Barbara King), Secretary 

111 Wilcox Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer 

(Barbara Ordway), Assistant 

19 Fern St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Barbara Iris Johnson writes: "My major 
(and strictly volunteer) job this winter 
is managing the Coffee Shop of Wesson 
Maternity Hospital in Springfield. Looking 
forward to our 25th Reunion." 

Betty Allenbaugh Weller's son, Harry 
III, is attending Dennison University; #2 
son, Chuck, is in the 10th grade and Judy is 
a sixth grader. 

From Barbara Briggs Stanton: "I am em- 
ployed part-time at Newton Junior College 
— doing the secretarial work for the two- 
year Nursing Program, inaugurated there 
in September 1959." 

Elizabeth Dupka Cupp x-'35 and family 
have returned to Pittsburgh, Penna. Diz's 
address is 4550 Norwin Road. 

Marion Cleveland Head is "chairman 
of the leaders of the Camp Fire Girls of 
Groton (Mass.), and also leader of one 
of the Bluebird groups — enjoy the work 
tho' it keeps me busy." 


Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

(Audrey Smith), Secretary 
603 N. Fourth St., Sterling, Colo. 

Perfect reading material any cold, grey 
winter morning is the attractive circular 
describing the Town and Beach and Tahiti 
Sands, motel apartments located at 317 
Riviera Drive, Sarasota, Florida. The two 
units are operated by Mr. and Mrs. Ray- 
mond E. Perkins (Hildegarde Baxter) and 

Billie adds: "We are on the waterfront, 
have a fishing pier, two boat docks, fresh 
and salt water swimming pools. This spot, 
overlooking downtown Sarasota, is located 
on a point away from the hustle and bustle 
of the city and offers ample space for sun- 
bathing. Each year more and more North- 
erners are discovering this is an ideal sum- 
mer vacation spot. 

"It was wonderful to see Emily Hubbel 
"Weiss and family last spring. Although it 
had been twenty-three years since Em and I 
had seen each other, our tongues were soon 
wagging fast and furiously in typical 
schoolgirl fashion. Our husbands were 
most understanding." 

In September 1958 Jeanne Keck joined 
the faculty of Mississippi Southern College, 
where she teaches piano. 

From Selma Amdur Aks: "Busy — busy 
— busy . . . Daughter Liz celebrates her 
17th birthday in February and son John is 
fifteen. I am singing with my husband's 
chorus. He is a choral conductor in New 
York City, in addition to his teaching 
duties at Sarah Lawrence." 

Mary "Luke" Elton Remig entertained 
Esther Sosman in October when Esso came 
east for vacation. Luncheon guests in- 
cluded Janet Jansing Sheffer '41 and Miss 
Ruth Rothenberger, now dean of women at 
Llrsinus Colleqe. 

Edwin, son of Barbara Ordway Brewer 



William Squiers Read 
(Virginia Squiers '38) 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

(Louise Tardivel), Secretary 

50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale, Mass. 

Virginia Webb Tompkins writes: "We 
are happily settled in our new home — 80 
Merriweather Road, Grosse Pointe Farms, 
Michigan. Had a wonderful six-weeks' 
vacation in Europe last May — my husband 
is a member of the Detroit Olympics Com- 
mittee and we attended meetings in Mu- 


Mrs. W. D. Harshbarger 

(Virginia Wilhelm), Secretary 

80 Mountain Terrace Road 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

(Mildred Birchard), Assistant 

Box N, Humarock, Mass. 

In November. Virginia Squiers Read 
wrote to Arlene Wishart Sylvester: "Our 
oldest, Bill, is now a freshman at Adams 
State College in Alamosa, Colorado — 
majoring in forestry — and just loving it. 

He and his roommate, a boy from Persia, 
spend weekends skiing, horseback riding, 
mountain climbing and exploring old 
mines. Priscilla has another year of high 
school and plans to enter Blackburn, a 
college in southern Illinois, and then on 
to the seminary to prepare for the ministry. 
Our youngest is looking forward to a medi- 
cal career — we hope at Tufts." 

Marjorie Furbush Gledhill and family 
"enjoyed Lasell Nite at Pops so much, we 
are ready to send our reservations now for 
next spring's concert. Daughter Sara hopes 
to be at Lasell in September 1962." 

Bernice "Lee" Shepard Wilgus, a dele- 
gate to the National Rehabilitation Con- 
vention in Boston, called at Bragdon in 
October. This was Lee's first visit to the 
college in eleven years. 

A new address for Patricia Goodwin 
Comber is 83 Hersey Street, Portland, 


Mrs. Arthur A. Anderson 

(Ruth Conklin), Secretary 

153 Chestnut Hill Road, Wilton, Conn. 

Many and sincere thanks to Kupe 
Shepard Cushman, who has served as class 
secretary for two years and who success- 
fully managed the details of 20th Reunion. 
Ruth Conklin Anderson has agreed to take 
on the secretarial duties for 1939 ■ — so 
send her a bit of work — and soon. 

The Reunion Questionnaires supplied 
the following: 

Florence Smith Kenney: 32 Martin Drive, 
Lake Delta, Rome, N. Y. 
Children: Jack 5/23/42; Gail 2/21/45; 

Barbara Sue, 1/15/53. 
Comment: '"We moved 3 years ago to a 
new home on Lake Delta, eight miles 
from Rome. Am busy taking the chil- 
dren back and forth to Rome in the 
winter but worth the effort when sum- 
mer rolls around. We have a boat so 
we all enjoy water skiing." 
Doris Huntington Manning: 9 Cleverdon 
Rd., HoHokus, N. J. 
Children: Jeremy 3/4/44; David 5/11- 

46; Douglas 12/24/53. 
Comment: "Cooking about sums it up — 
church work, P.T.A. and various activi- 
ties of teenage youngsters keep me 
busy. We live in a small rural com- 
munity which is really agog with 
Marie Dunston Murray: 1912 Baltimore 
Avenue, Panama City, Florida. 
Children: Don Scott Murray 11/1/43; 
Bruce Wayne Murray 11/4/46; Kent 
Dean Murray 1/26/48. 



Bonnie Baker Thieme '39 and Family 

Comment: "Trying to keep up with Don 
and Babe Ruth League and Bruce 
and Little League. Thoroughly en- 
joy working in the yard and fussing 
with houseplants. My husband is 
Comptroller and Management Engi- 
neer at the U.S. Navy Mine Defense 
Laboratory here." 
Barbara Albrecht Minnig: 631 Roslyn 
Ave., Akron 20, Ohio. 

Children: Donald Irwin, Jr. 6/23/48; 
Rebecca Jane 7/4/49; Michael 2/19/- 
52; Hurl David 5/25/53; Barbara Al- 
brecht 2/20/56. 

Comment: "Had expected to get away 
and be with you this year but my hus- 
band's father died and I just can't 
leave home at this time. "We had 
cocktails with "Lambie" Henderson 
Chillingworth in her lovely home in 
Honolulu this winter. It was wonder- 
ful to see her ^again." 
Cora Pratt Gillett: 469 Maple St., Win- 
netka, Illinois. 

Children: Pamela 9/24/44; Winkie 

Comment: "Have been active for 12 years 
in Junior League and do hospital 
volunteer work. We come East twice 
a year, do wish we had an up to date 

list of where everyone lives so could 

give some of you a call when we're 

in your area! !" 
June Peterson Blanchard: Ballast Lane, 

Marblehead Neck, Mass. 
Children: James A., Ill, 6/27/46; Robert 

T. (stepson) 3/31/37. 
Comment: Active with North Shore 

Babies' & Children's Hospital Auxil- 
iary; Hobbies — tennis, bowling & 

Janice Marr Demer: 5804 Ogden Court, 

Washington 16, D. C. 
Children: Jane 12/18/45; Ricky 11/21/- 

47; Judy 8/3/49. 
Comment: Naval Officers Wives Club, 

Dental Wives Club. 
A'mee Perras Freeman: 505 Winter St., 

Framingham, Mass. 
Children: Michelle Claire 10/17/50; 

Robert Sawyer 6/30/53; Suzanne 

Pauline 7/27/54. 

Ruth (Kupe) Shepard Cushman: 60 Shore 
Avenue, Eastern Point, Groton, Conn. 

Children: Marinell 9/11/49; Ruth Shep- 
ard 9/10/53. 

Comment: "Still sailing — now with 
family. Active in high school alumnae, 
"Y" Club and up to my neck in Girl 
Scout work." 

Louisa Clark Harrington: 399 Lexington 
St., Waltham, Mass. 
Children: Elliot Hersey, Jr., 10/23/42; 

Alden Clark 11/22/44. 
Comment "Teach four-year olds at the 
Green Acres Day School, held here 
at my mother's home. Also busy with 
church work and activities at the boys' 

Laurana Wilson Wightman: Star Route, 
Woodstock Valley, Conn. 
Children: Marcia 4/12/43; Judith 

Comment: "Office work." 

Jessie Page: 147 Kent St., Brookline, Mass. 
Comment: "Job: Exec. Secretary to Pres. 

— Potter Drug & Chemical Corp. 
Clubs: Altrusa Club of Boston, Appa- 
lachian Mountain Club, Common- 
wealth Figure Skating Club. Since 
1939, I have graduated from Boston 
Univ. (secretarial major, Bus. Ad. 
minor). Have taken several nice trips 

— 2 months in Europe, 2 trips to 
Caribbean, one each to California & 
Canadian Rockies." 

Ruth Conklin Anderson: 153 Chestnut Hill 
Road, Wilton, Conn. 
Comment: "Fairly busy girl, work part- 
time at the 'Carousel' a lovely Toy 
Shop in Westport ■ — Volunteer at 
Norwalk Hospital on Mondays." 



Jeanne Daniels Wheeler: 76 Palmer Ct., 
Pittsburgh, N. Y. 

Children: Mary-Jane 11/24/44. 

Comment: Main interests at the moment 
are P.T.A., Gray Lady Volunteer work 
and Newcomer's Club. 
Katharine Farnell Guay: 513 Santa .Clara 
Way, San Mateo, California. 

Children: Thomas William 11/6/56; 
Paul Emile 4/19/58. 

Comment: "Am quite busy with my two 
boys and love to work in the garden 
— flowers & vegetables. We love the 
climate here and way of living. Do 
work in church auxiliary — lots of it 
is social too ! Would love to see any- 
one from class who comes out here. 
We are 22 miles south of San Fran- 
Jane Fales Miner: 219 Charlotte Dr., East 
Greenwich, Rhode Island. 

Children: Betsey Rogers — 1943; Curtis 
Lindol — 1946. 

Comment: "I don't get to do much 
traveling except our family camping 
trips. Last summer we camped through 
Eastern Canada and had a wonderful 
time. Two years ago we bought a 
small house on Greenwich Bay — 
have a nice yard and a vegetable gar- 
den which I love. We also have a 
small (18 ft.) sailboat and spend much 
of the summer either swimming or 
sailing. Still active in Girl Scouts 
and do get involved in Boy Scouts 
too. We lead a quiet semi-rural life 
and love it." 
Janice Rogers Wilson: Box 644, Litchfield, 

Children: Richard A. 1/10/47; Paul E. 
1/25/50; Stephen A. 3/17/51; Bruce 
A. 9/26/53. 

The Mannings 
(Doris Huntington '39) 

Catherine Myers Growe '39 and 
husband Dick 

Comment: "P.T.A., Church School, Com- 
munity Projects, Fund Drives, Den 
Mother for Cub Scouts." 

Bonnie Baker Thieme: Box 269, River- 
view Drive, Bluffton, Indiana. 
Children: John 12/4/43; Linda 10/3/47; 

Laura 5/49. ' 
Comment: "Women's Federation Club, 
President of Kappa Alpha Theta 
Alumnae Club, Secretary of Psi Iota 
Xi, State Philanthropic Sorority, Girl 
Scout Leader, Church, P.T.A." 

Winifred Trudeau Foskett: 91 Claypit Hill 
Road, Wayland, Mass. 
Comment: "Since our last reunion, Paul's 
business sent us to Whittier, Calif., for 
a year and another to Milan, Italy. 
Home again, we built our Cape in 
Wayland where I find myself happily 
gardening in the time left over from 
such local activities as League of 
Women Voters, and Community Cho- 

Mary Doherty Dagle: 160 Langdon Avenue, 
Watertown 72, Mass. 
Children: Constance 11/28/45; Nancy 

3/14/47; Carol Ann 12/28/53. 
Comment: "I am kept quite busy with 
P.T.A. and Girl Scout work. Trying 
to keep up with my two oldest girls 
and their activities keeps me on the 
ball. My love to all the girls." 

Ellen Stoll Belbruno: 597 Montauk Ave- 
nue, New London, Conn. 
Children: Edward 8/2/51; Barbara 9/- 



Comment: "Nothing very exciting, I'm 
afraid ! The usual — P.T.A., cooking, 
cleaning, an occasional night out with 
the girls." 
Catherine Myers Crome: 1095 Idema 
Drive, S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Children: Robert Bruce Crome 4/20/48; 
Caren Caldwell 4/25/53. 

Comment: "Sorry that I cannot make 
the reunion. It would be fun to see 
everyone again." 
Martha Bryant Waldorf: 32 Bond St., 
Westminster, Maryland. 

Children: Martha Mary 7/15/43; Helen 
Ann 3/26/51. 

Comment: "Busy with P.T.A. and 
Church & Scout work, and college 
functions (Western Maryland College, 
where my husband is Athletic Director 
and Football Coach). Certainly wish 
I could attend this reunion. What do 
you hear from "Sis" Wagner Shulman 
and my room-mate "Tex" Parks? 
Have lost all track of them. Best 
regards to everyone." 
Marian Traxler Crum: 6923 Arizona Ave- 
nue, Los Angeles 45, California. 

Children: Leslie Ann 5/26/46; Jack 

Comment: "Woman's Club, Church work, 
P.T.A. Play loads of bridge, swim 
daily in our new home swimpool. 
Enjoy archery as a family hobby. Shoot 
in tournaments as a family team." 
Ruth (Ellen) Bull Reid: 511 Queen Street, 
Alexandria, Virginia. 

Children: Robert 7/17/51. 
Nancy Hale Canning: 28 Strong Ave., 
Portland, Conn. 

Children: Patricia Leigh 6/30/46; Clin- 
ton Hale 5/12/50. 

Comment: "Too much ■ — - H-H & other 
County Extension Committees, Girl 
Scout Town Committee, Pres. Port- 
land District Nurse & Welfare, Den- 
tal Program, Town Swimming Pro- 
gram, Director Community Fund." 
Jean Michael Petersen: 66 Standish Circle, 
Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Children: Wayne Reed 8/9/44; Andrea 
Elizabeth 3/15/53. 

Comment: "A little of 'this and that' in 
the way of P.T.A., church etc., but 
primarily a creature-of-the-home who 
considers family a full time occupa- 
tion. Discovered the fun of ice skat- 
ing this year as I learned with my six- 
year old daughter. Will serve as Presi- 
dent of the Babson Institute Faculty 
Wives Club this coming year." 
Nancy Allen Schmetzer: Timerlane Drive, 
Box 424, R.R. 1, Pennington, New 

Children: Nancy "Penny" 3/23/49; Sally 

Allen 4/29/51. 
Comment: "Help with P.T.A., Brownies, 

Church S.S." 
Helen Fprsberg Powers: 57 South Flagg 

St., Worcester 2, Mass. 
Children: Lianelle (Lee) 4/21/45; Janis 

Gail 6/15/47: Andrea 6/7/49; Robin 

Marion 4/13/56. 

Virginia Thomas Baxter: 83 Colby Road, 
No. Quincy, Mass. 
Children: Thomas 8/31/46. 

Barbara Wells Isham: 321 Brookline St., 
Needham, Mass. 
Children: David 11/16/43; John 7/20/- 

Phyllis Smillie Spence: 5 Cherry St., 
Lexington, Mass. 
Children: Cheryl Anne 4/3/43; Bruce 
Guy 6/27/47. 

Ruth Grover Gardner: 9010 Candalaria Rd., 
N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Children: George K. 9/19/49; Harold 
E. 8/3/51; Robert T. 10/18/54. 

Comment: "Spend most of my time keep- 
ing up with the three boys mentioned 
above. I do manage however to play 
golf and. have done some work with 
the Y.W.C.A. in the Adult Planning 
Group. Sorry I can't be with you, but 
I'll sure be thinking of you." 
Barbara Rose Wood: Sharpless Road, 
Heckessin, Delaware. 

Children: David Dudley 5/3/43. 

Comment: "Garden Club and gardening, 
weaving, reading to a blind man. Staff 
member of Volunteer Bureau, Chair- 
man of Church Circle, Bridge Club. 
Vacations in Bermuda, The Keys and 
California this summer (we hope)." 
Madeline Edie Roslund: 3 Hill St., New 
Rochelle, N. Y. 

Children: Arthur E. Jr., 6/26/48; John 
Edie 10/6/51. 

Comment: "Believe it or not I've been 
up to my ears in P.T.A. work for the 
last few years. These past two years 
I've been Vice-Pres. so I'm on the 
go most of the time. As one might 
expect with boys I've also done Den 
Mother for two years. Along with 
this my church work takes plenty of 
time. Haven't seen any '39-ers in 
years except Peggy Christiansen Mar- 
bach. Although I haven't been at La- 
sell recently, I think and talk of college 
days often — especially with my sister- 
in-law, Constance Pettigrew Edie '45. 
Connie has an eight-year-old daughter 
and we both look forward to having 
another Lasellite in the family. Would 
love to see or hear from any and all." 



Georgia Pierce Steck: 151 Kendall Ave., 
Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. 

Children: Diana 11/43; Jacquelyn 9/46; 
Joann 2/52. 

Comment: "Recently I've been busy 
sandwiching housework and child care 
between Girl Scout activities and our 
Junior Service Group, a branch of the 
Hospital Auxiliary. I play bridge and 
have been West several times since 
'39 to visit my family — California and 
Oregon. Do hope there will be a 
great reunion in 1964 — I'll be there 
Romena Bowden Johnson: 572 Pleasant St., 
Brockton, Mass. 

Children: Virginia 3/8/45; Kenneth 
1/25/47; Paul 4/23/48. 

Comment: "Keeping myself busy between 
home and working as receptionist in 
a funeral home. Hope I really make 
the 25th reunion." 


Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

(Priscilla Sleeper), Secretary 

32 Rumford St., West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 

(Ruth Sullivan), Assistant 

17 Hemlock Rd., Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

Born: To Frances Hodge Dwyer, a third 
child, second daughter, Erin Frances, on 
September 10, 1959. 

Other News: Barbara Schilf, manager of 
the Bethway Kennels and Stables at Beth- 
any, Conn., showed her Norwich Terriers 
at the Westminster Kennel Show in Janu- 

Jane Hutchinson Wulfing writes from 5 
Park Place, Keokuk, Iowa: "We moved the 
factory, The St. Louis Gear Company, 
here in October. Bought a large house, 
overlooking the Mississippi River and have 
remodelled it from top to bottom — inside 
and out." 

From Priscilla Chappie Lindley: "The 
Lindleys — five strong — drove nearly 
9,000 miles this summer. Saw so many 
wonderful sights on the trip to the West 
Coast. Definitely planning on our 20th 


Mrs. J. W. Sheffer, Jr. 

(Janet Jansing), Secretary 

123 Garden Rd., Oreland, Penna. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 

Apt. 12-F, 325 Clinton Ave., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Dear Girls, 

I spent a very delightful day late in 
October with Esther Sosman '36, who was 
East from California. She arrived in Ore- 
land in the morning and we took off for 
Collegeville to the home of Mary "Luke" 
Elton Remig '36. Former dean Ruth Roth- 
enberger joined us for luncheon and an aft- 
ernoon of visiting. When we returned 
home, our "mob" descended upon her and 
the girls were certainly carried away with 
Esso. A few weeks ago "Ditsy" Gillis 
Montgomery and I met head-on at Wan- 
amaker's in Jenkintown. It was the Sheffers 
turn for Thanksgiving dinner this year and 
Grace Sheffer Hendrick and family were on 
hand for the celebration. 


Other News: Lucille Armand Boyle writes: 
"Finally have all three children off to 
school. Spend time doing P.T.A., Red 
Cross, and Newcomer's Club work — plus 
all the wonderful social activities in and 
around Albany." 

Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan and family 
"had an early April vacation in Arizona 
and California. Already looking forward 
to our 20th Reunion — let's all make a 
special effort to be on hand." 

The Class extends sympathy to Mary 
Haller Stone, whose father passed away in 
the spring of 1959. 

New Addresses: Natalie Ashton Blake: 133 
Bridgeton Road, Portland, Maine. 

Marguerite Nuoffer x-'4l: 2265 Larkin 
Street, San Francisco, Calif. 


Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 
(Mary Hurley), Secretary 
4712 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant 
USA Washington St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Born: To Dorothy Mosher Stone, a fifth 
child, second daughter, Suzanne, on Octo- 
ber 7, 1959. 

Mazel and Bobby Merrill 
(Marjorie Allyn '42) 



Other News: From Ruth Bowlend Eckhoff: 
"Quite a number of Lasellites stop at our 
coffee shop en route to the White Moun- 
tains. Always delighted to see them." 

Shirley Egglefield Schless writes: "One 
day last summer I met Dorothy Martin 
Berdan '4l, my Lasell 'senior sister.' Her 
husband is the weathennan on our local 
(Plattsburg, N.Y.) TV station. Have lost 
track , of both Muriel Stark and Peggy 
Smitt — does anyone have their addresses?" 
Peggy is now Mrs. H. J. L. Frank, Jr., 
820 Whittier Drive, Beverly Hills, Cali- 
fornia. The Alumnae Office has no ad- 
dress for Muriel. 

The Recorder's Office received this note 
from Jane Nelson Johnson: "Please send 
information regarding entrance require- 
ments. Pam is now in her junior year of 
high school and wants very much to at- 
tend a college in the East." Jane's address 
is 143 Fiesta Circle, Orinda, California. 

Mary Mallory Carroll called at Lasell 
one October weekend. Mary has two daugh- 
ters — Molly, 11, and Barby, 6/2. 

New Addresses: Barbara Hayton: 2605 
Eighth Street South, Arlington, Va. 

Nina Hobson Mellor: Wepawaug Road, 
Woodbridge, Conn. 

Joel Ouellette 
(H. Frances Pariseau x-'44) 


Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

(Nathalie Monge), Secretary 
28 Juniper Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Marilley 

(Elizabeth McAvoy), Assistant 

4314 Mathews Lane, Kensington, Md. 

Married: Esther Roth and Alfred Garbe on 
April 26, 1959 at Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
Jane Cook Cardoza x-'43 and Ruth Daven- 
port Walker were among the wedding 
guests. Esther's new address is 137 Orchard 
Street, White Plains, N. Y. 

Vida Pike and Gordon Henrv Mo r nson 
on August 8, 1959 at Wellesley, Mass. 
The Morrisons are now living at 2 Shaw 
Road, Wellesley Hills. 

Bertha Simpson x-'43 and Gerald Ernest 
Ballanger on November 26, 1959 at Ban- 
gor, Maine. Bertha's new address is 303 
Hammond Street, Bangor. 

Other News: Jane Cook Cardoza x-'43 
writes from 505 W. Rosslyn, Fullerton, 
Calif.: "My husband was transferred in 
September and we are enjoying all the new 
sights of California. Plan Thanksgiving 
Day in San Francisco." 

Carol Burns Fitzgerald is "enjoying the 
fast-growing children and their many ac- 
tivities. All five of us plan to spend 
February in Florida." 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Ann Clauson Chasse x-'43, whose father, 
Gov. Clinton Clauson of Maine, passed 
away in December 1959. 


Mrs. William E. Greene 

(Barbara Bresette), Secretary 

18 Hodges St., Attleboro, Mass. 

Mrs. John B. Riddlemoser 

(Suzanne Lange), Secretary 

257 Humphrey St., Seven Islands, 

Quebec, Can. 

Dear Gals, 

Hello to all from the far north of Canada 
— on the St. Lawrence River ! 

Little did I think at our Reunion last 
June, that I would soon be a Canadian im- 
migrant, living in a French Province. Such 
is the construction business ! This is a fast 
growing town with a population of about 
10,000. Our four boys are enrolled in an 
English speaking school, but French is a 
required subject. We arrived here on July 
30th and to date have seen no Lasell 
friends. Please write. 

— S.L.R. 



Diane, daughter of Lillian Feneley 
Cooley '45 

Other News: Barbara Goodwin Flint's 
fourth child, second daughter, Joan Carol, 
arrived on August 11, 1959. 

Gloria Boyd MacDougall and Bruce were 
in Boston for the Harvard-Princeton game 
and took time out to call at Bragdon. They 
and their two daughters, 11 and 8, are 
very much enjoying life in New Canaan, 

The Greater Lynn Council of Girl Scouts, 
Inc. has recently appointed Anne Calder 
Dick as district director for West Lynn, 
Lynn Woods and Swampscott. Anne's hus- 
band is a member of the Saugus High 
School faculty. 

New Addresses: Ruth Blaisdell Simmons: 
8 Owings Stone Road, Barrington, R. I. 

Janet Dean Hannula: 11 Piedmont Drive, 
R.D. #1, Cranbury, N. J. 

Elizabeth Hills Eggers: 13870 Cicerone 
Lane, Los Altos Hills, Calif. 

Rachael Kellogg: 1632 Main Street, New- 
ington 11, Conn. 


Mrs. Calvin R. Carver 

(Emma Gilbert), Secretary 

5 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

(Jean E. Logue), Assistant 

49 Eaton Ave., Woburn, Mass. 

June Ahner Gilroy writes enthusiastical- 
ly: "That was a wonderful fund raising 
letter. Wish I were able to send a much 
more sizable check, and while the every- 
day activities keep me too busy to support 

Alumnae activities, Lasell still occupies 
a very warm spot in my thoughts." 

Saunda Pease Taylor reports: "My two 
children are growing fast — Judy is now 
in the seventh grade and Jeff in the third. 
This year I am a den mother — quite a 
change after five years of work with the 
Girl Scouts. Have become interested in 
politics, serving as vice president of the 
local Women's Republican Club." 

Betty McEwen Price is "now a permanent 
resident of Florida. The three children a-e 
all in school and during the winter months 
I work in a resort wear shop. In the sum- 
mer I loaf and thoroughly enjoy the love- 
ly, white Gulf Coast beach. Spent five 
weeks last summer on Long Island visiting 
Pat Smith Flood and her family." 

Jane Baringer Wordsworth "ran into 
Jeanne Towne Reavey in the grocery store 
in October. She has been living in Hins- 
dale (111.) since July. We each have four 
children and are looking forward to shar- 
ing Thanksgiving dinner." 

New Addresses: Constance Blades Britton: 
361 Walnut St., Bridgewater, Mass. 

Florence Home Bredahl: Oak Glen 
Court, Simsbury, Conn. 


Mrs. payson b. langley 

(Lee Pool), Secretary 
5145 Harper Rd., Solon, Ohio 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

(Mary Jane Magnusson), Assistant 

85 West Brookside Drive 

Larchmont, N. Y. 

Roger, David and Jamie Gilroy 
(June Ahner '45) 



Rod and Elizabeth Thurston 
(Eleanor MacDonald '45) 

In Memoriam: Suddenly on November 9, 
1959, Margaret Campbell Sayre. Peggy is 
survived by her husband and young son. 

Other News: Virginia Terhune Hersom 
was a member of the cast of the Augusta 
(Me.) Players production of "The Solid 
Gold Cadillac." Three performances of this 
well-known play marked Ginny's first 
appearance with the Maine group. 

Bettyjane Renison Ballard and family en- 
joyed a month of winter vacation in Florida 
last year, and a summer of boating on Long 

Elizabeth Wilks Hulbert is "enjoying 
part-time secretarial work with the Shore 
Line Board of Realtors, Inc. in Madison, 
Conn. This, plus the routine P.T.A., Girl 
Scouts, etc., keep me more than busy." 

Margaret Harman Salisbury writes from 
37 Branch Brook Drive, Belleville, N. J.: 
"Dick was transferred from Texas and is 
now an appraiser with the Union Dime 
Savings Bank of New York. Joan is at- 
tending kindergarten this year — I am 
the classroom mother." 

Janet Garland Wilson forwarded a 
clipping from the Schenectady Union Star 
with news of Ann Alger Ehrlich '47, and 
added a bit of news of the Wilson family: 
"Elizabeth and Kimball keep me fairly (?) 
busy. David continues his work at the 
General Engineering Laboratory at G.E. 
and in addition to the Junior League, I 
am doing publicity for the Volunteer 
Bureau of Schenectady. For the present, 
I admit I have dropped the local Alumnae 
activities — but I shall return!" 

Irene DiVitto became the bride of 
Angelo Tullio on November 8, 1959- 
Irene's new address is 5 5 East Main 
Street, Mi I ford, Mass. 

Born: To Phyllis Paige Downes, a daughter. 
Donna Rae, on May 13, 1959. 

To Corinne Wilkins Staid, a son, Jona- 
than, on May 13, 1959. 

To Lee Parker McBurnie, a third child, 
first son, W. Scott, on May 26, 1959. 

To Nan Somerville Blowney, a fourth 
daughter, Martha Jane, on May 29, 1959. 


Gloria Sylvia, Secretary 
411 West 24th St., New York 11, N. Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 
(Lois Kenyon), Assistant 
Woodstock Valley, Conn. 

"We three are now Islanders and dearly 
love the 'new way of life'," writes Carol 
Birath Dennison. She continues: "Marsh 
is assistant treasurer of the British-Ameri- 
can Life Insurance Company, Ltd. in Nas- 
sau, and we are busy island-hopping." 

Flying is the latest hobby of Sybil Dunn 
Stevens, who obtained a student pilot li- 
cense in August. Syb writes: "Steve re- 
ceived his private pilot's license and we 
flew in our own plane to a medical meet- 

The Ballard Boys — Tom and Maclean 
(Bettyjane Renison '46) 



Kristan, daughter of Sybil Dunn 
Stevens '47 

ing in Oklahoma. Plan to come via the 
clouds to our next reunion in Auburndale ! 
Our oldest — Kristan — is a future 
Lasellite, and the others include Craig. 7, 
Brooks, 2, and Andrea, 1. Greetings to all!" 

Meriam Rainey Phillips is now a member 
of the faculty of the Medford Lakes (N.J.) 
Elementary School. Mim teaches kinder- 
garten, and son, Doug, is a fifth-grader. 

Ann Alger Ehrlich has been appointed 
to a newly created position of membership 
chairman of the Planned Parenthood 
League of Schenectady County. Ann, ex- 
tremely busy in community affairs, is a 
member of the Welcome Wagon and 
Junior League in Schenectady. 

Joanne McMillan Mars sends the good 
news that her second child, a son, Steven 
Andrew, was born May 17, 1959- Joanne's 
new address: Meadowbrook Manor, R.R. 
#2, Brookfield, Conn. 

New Addresses: Joan Cox Perkins: 9410 
Wadsworth Drive, Bethesda, Md. 

Joyce Hayes Whitman x-'47: 413 West 
Main St., Huntington, L.I., N. Y. 

Patricia Winslow Kemmerlin x-'47: 1549 
Central Parkway N.E., Orangeburg, S. C. 

Dorothea Zuschlag Torgersen: 618 Or- 
chard Lane, Stillwater, Okla. 


Beryl N. Groff, Secretary 
Box 1853, San Francisco 1, Calif. 

Miriam Day, Assistant 
4 Locke Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Born: To Carol Galligan Massard, a son, 
James Douglas, on July 8, 1959- 

To Betty Jane Culver Thomson, a son, 
Alexander Gordon, on August 12, 1959. 

To Louise Gleason Chock, a third child, 
second son, Timothy John, on December 
3, 1959. 

Other News: Paula Drake is teaching phys- 
ical education at the Cape Elizabeth (Me.) 
High School. Paula adds: "Enjoying this 
work after my year abroad — - the job in- 
cludes both junior and senior schools. 
Hope to introduce some Danish gymnastics 
in the classes, and am looking forward to 
another stay in Denmark soon." 

Gini Hall Anderson and husband planned 
to come from California for the holidays, 
"including a visit in North Carolina with 
Nat (Hall Campbell '49) — our first visit 
to her home there." 

Lois McLucas Martin reports that she 
and "Edith Hussey Adams '28 were co- 
chairmen of a church bazaar in Bucking- 
ham, Penna. in November. We had much 
fun working together !" 

Barbara Ershler is now assistant training 
director at B. Altman & Company in New 
York. Barbara's city address is 522 E. 
20th Street. 

A new venture for Jeanne Meyer Bird: 
"Working steadily in the art field, have 
had the success of a painting accepted by 
the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washing- 
ton for the Annual Area Show." 

Anne Louise (Nancy) Chapman Berl 
is "busy keeping up with three pre- 
schoolers, a house and volunteer work — 
but love it. Wish I might see some of the 
old gang more often." 

Another "happy housewife" is Shirley 
Thorne Brady, who writes: "Keep myself 
busy by gardening and hobbies, active in 
the West Essex Junior Women's Club. Had 
our annual vacation at South Chatham on 
the Cape — and we do love it there. So 
pleased to know of the expansion going 
on at the college and hope to see it soon." 

Sheryl, Mark and Robin McGowan 
(Betty Williams '47) 



Brooke Culver, daughter of Betty 
Culver Thomson '48 

Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan came east at 
Thanksgiving for her parents' 40th wedding 
celebration. She promises to send pictures 
soon of Glenn, 4, Lori, 3, Cherie, 2, and 
Jan, one year old. 

New Address: Ellen Grover MacVeigh: 
4802 Broadbrook Court, Bethesda 14, Md. 


Mrs. Walter J. Connolly, Jr. 

(Paulie Quilty), Secretary 

24 Wardwell Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. John R. Shrewsbury 

(Joan DeGelleke), Secretary 

Upper State St., Guilford, Conn. 

Mrs. Dana A. Hamel 

(Kay Poore), Secretary 

2827 Dellview Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Married: Jacqueline- Rollat and George H. 
Labarowski on April 4, 1959. Jackie's ad- 
dress is now 603 Skokie Avenue, Highland 
Park, 111. 

Nancy Hayden and Gerd Drooff on Sep- 
tember 10, 1959 at New Britain, Conn. 
Mary "Vicki" Hayden Durkee '54 was her 
sister's only attendant. Gerd is a graduate 
of Cologne University, Cologne, Germany. 

Born: To Jean Cook Jacobs, a second son. 
Peter, on February 1, 1959. 

To Zerlina Lewis Barnett, a fifth child, 
fourth daughter, Mary Zerlina, on October 
31, 1959. 

Other News: This happy note from B. J. 
Stephenson Riedel: "On August 20, 1959 
Kurt Frederick Riedel came to live with 
us ! He was 3*/2 months old, blond, blue- 
eyed, and boasts the cutest dimples. A 
most welcome addition after seven years." 

Mary Anne Otto Nelson, recently moved 
from Marcus, Iowa, is "so happy to be in 
New England again. My husband is now 
in business with my father." Mary Anne's 
new address is 5 Marion Road, West 
Acton, Mass. 

Jacquelyn Word Stallings writes: "After 
the long haul of medical school and five 
years of surgical residency in Philadelphia, 
Lacy and I have finally settled with our 
Three in Raleigh — close to home. Would 
lcr r e news of anyone in this area." Tackie's 
address: 2404 White Oak Road, Raleigh, 
N. C. 

Mary Dearborn Haig "drove about the 
campus in September when we were va- 
cationing. Must admit we nearly missed 
Woodland Road for the modern houses 
present a vastly different approach. Realize 
there have been many changes since 1949 
and was sorry there was not time to really, 
check in." 

From the State of Maine: Louise Keene 
Mills has moved to 155 Broadview Avenue, 
Auburn, and Katherine White x-'49, now 
Mrs. George R. Lawrence, lives at 152 
Commonwealth Drive, Portland. 

Joan DeGelleke Shrewsbury, one of the 
newly-elected secretaries, sends this friendly 

"Finally heard from the Cape Cod Con- 
tingent — Patricia Madden Nelson x-'49. 
Husband Bob assists Pat's father at the 
Madden's sporting goods store in Hyannis. 
The Nelsons have three sons. Another 
Hyannis resident is Pat Terry Chase x-'49, 
mother of two boys and a girl. Corky 
Sisson Wannie had hoped to join us at 
Reunion, but gave priority to a Cape 
Charity Ball. 

"Lil Reinesch Mallon and lawyer-hus- 
band Vin are enjoying their new home in 
Smithtown, Long Island. Lil is a private 
secretary in Hicksville, four miles from 
Vin's Westbury office. 

"Reunion weekend for Judy Wilson Kel- 
ton proved to be moving day — a long 
distance venture from Pennsylvania to Cali- 
fornia. With Elihu, 5, Christine, 4, and 
Margaret, 3, Judy finds she is the vitamin 
pill taker in the family. 



"Paulie (Quilty Connolly) and I were 
delighted to welcome Betsy Barstow Allen 
x-'49 and family to Connecticut. Betsy is 
now living at 52 Harding Street, New 
Britain, with her husband and three chil- 
dren, Debby, 7, Jeffrey, 5, and James, 3. 

"Have frequent telephone visits with 
Betty Vail Morrissey in nearby Hamden. 
Betty hears from Nancy Irwin Van Dorn, 
mother of three, who lives in La Jolla, 
California. Shirley Anderson Daly and four 
children came from Wisconsin to spend the 
summer in Middletown. 

"The summer also brought two wonder- 
ful visits with Ratsy Simonton Foster. She 
was spending the summer on Long Island 
and in the early fall moved from Aiken, 
S. C. to 9 Granite Road, Alapocas, Wil- 
mington. Dela. Ratsy's son, Donald, is 
five, and the twin girls, Fay and Frances, 
are nearly three. 

— J.D.S." 

And from secretary Kay Poore Hamel: 
"We are renting temporarily a new tri- 
level and have high hopes of buying or 
building soon. Have moved nine times in 
the past seven years and wonder if we 
shall ever settle. Dana has formed a new 
plastics packaging business — things are 
just great — with one horrible drawback 
— I never see him, it seems. 

"Following one of the Notre Dame foot- 
ball games, we stopped for a short visit 
in Elkhart with Evie Frye White. All is 
just fine with Evie and family. Via letter 
Jean Sargent Lee (ambitious gal) tells me 
she has enrolled in two classes at Boston 
University this year. Cindy and Peter 
lead her a merry chase and she finds 
time for studying scarce. Jean, with hus- 
band Bob, spent two wonderful summer 
weeks cruising the New England coast. 

"Any '49-ers in the Fort Wayne vicinity? 
Would love to see you — and welcome 
letters from all — wherever . . . 

— K.P.H." 

David, Lisa and Katheryn Stallings 
(Jackie Word '49) 


Mrs. Clyde A. Fasick 

(Sally C. Hughes), Secretary 

102 Cabot Street, Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Paul H. Roche 

(Lillian Reese), Assistant 

108 Pearson Rd., Somerville, Mass. 

Engaged: Iris Schofield to John Coleman 
McDonough of Norwood, Mass. Iris is a 
secretary with the Stone ft Webster En- 
gineering Corp., and her fiance, a North- 
eastern alumnus, is presently associated 
with the Radio Corporation of America 
at their Burlington plant. 

Married: Cynthia Butler and John W. 
Barnes on October 31, 1959 at Framingham, 
Mass. Cynthia's new address is South Main 
Street, Petersham, Mass. 

Born: To Joan Hahn Fern, a third child, 
first daughter, Cynthia Jane, on March 10, 

To Carolyn Snook Rauscher, a second 
son, David, on April 28, 1959. 

To Marilyn Maass Eramo x-'50, a son, 
Jon Frederick, on April 29, 1959. 

To Ruth Mount Ivins, a third daughter, 
Dorie Ann, on June 2, 1959- 

Other News: Carmen Santo, associated with 
Tropic Air, Ltd., is now living in Jamaica, 
B.W.I. Her address there: Box 188, Monte- 
go Bay. 

Marilyn Munson Farrar sends a new 
address in West Bridgewater, Mass. — 3 
Shagbark Road. Her husband is manager 
of the Eastern States poultry processing 
plant in Avon. 

Doris Oneal Becker and Ed are happily 
situated in their new home — built to 
their own specifications and plans ■ — at 
29 Cedar Drive, Bedminster, N. J. Dorie 
writes: "Really loving it here in the country 
— the split-level is nestled on a hillside 
and gives us a wonderful view of the 
countryside for miles around." 

Joanne Harrington Price and Betty Jean 
Jones Bolton have just discovered they 
are "very near" neighbors in Wilmington, 

Elizabeth Maclnnis Deal's husband. Jack 
"is being transferred to work at M.I.T. 
and we expect to be in the Boston area 
early in I960. Have thoroughly enjoyed 
California living, but we are all anxious 
to return to the East." 

Sally Smith Brothers forwards a new 
address — 5517 S. Saratoga St., New Or- 
leans, La. Sally's two sons are Hank, 2, 
and Chalmers, eight months. 



Mr. and Mrs. George C. Wilson III 
(Honey Spackman '50) 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Wilson III 
(Helen "Honey" Spackman) are one of 
the busiest and most popular young couples 
of Tyrone, Penna. Honey, mother of three 
sons and an eight-months-old daughter, 
Wendy, is a director of the Community 
Recreation Association, a member of the 
Hospital Auxiliary and a past-president of 
the Junior Women's Club. George, who 
serves on the boards of several community 
service groups, is president of the Wilson 
Chemical Company. 


Mrs. Robert B. Borden 

(Barbara Adams), Secretary 

12 Myrna Rd., Lexington, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

(Barbara Voorman), Assistant 

303 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Mary Ellen Wait, Assistant 
7 Warren Terrace, Newton Centre, Mass. 

Born: To Janet Fornoff Hauber, a second 
daughter, Karen Jean, on November 27, 

To Margie Cushing Gershaw, a second 
son, Gary Paul, on April 16, 1959. 

To Mary Jane White Metier, a daughter, 
Alison Brevoort, on May 15, 1959. Mary 
Jane's new address is 20259 Lorain Road, 
Fairview Park, Ohio. 

To Cynthia Porter Horton, a daughter, 
Ann, on June 28, 1959- 

To Kit Ballard Heck, a fifth child, fourth 
daughter, Jeanne Marie, on July 28, 1959. 

To Nancy Topping Heeley, a son, Doug- 
las Allan, on August 12, 1959. 

To Nancy Pollock Earley, a daughter, 
Jane Frances, on August 21, 1959. 


William Wheeler McKinley 
(Mary Wheeler '50) 

Steve and Susie Deal 
(Elizabeth Maclnnis '50) 



To Barbara McRoberts Collingwood, a 
fourth child, second son, Keith Bradley, 
on September 6, 1959. 

To Joan Mary Williams Arnold, a 
son, Willard B. IV "Andy," on October 
5, 1959. 

Other News: Alice Pittenger, a civilian 
employee, is on a two-year tour .with the 
Army. She is now in Japan and hopes 
to come home via Europe — in time for 
10th Reunion! Alice's mailing address is 
P.O. Box K, A.P.O. 94, San Francisco, 

Barbara Adams Borden reports receiving 
a letter from Gerry Griffin Thompson x-'51, 
who with her husband and "Wee Willie," 
now two, have this intriguing address — 
88 Apple Tree Lane, Wallingford, Conn. 
Their new home is actually built in the 
middle of a lovely apple orchard. 

Barbara also forwarded this recent news 
of Phyllis Kozloski Murphy, who writes 
from 109 Roy Street, Springfield, Mass.: 
"How these eight years have flown! My 
husband Bill is assistant traffic manager 
for the United States Envelope Company 
here in Springfield — and we consider 
ourselves most fortunate. Have our own 
little home — a five-room ranch house to 
which we have added a garage and en- 
closed porch just this year. Our three 
children are Christine Ellen, 6, Thomas 
William, 4, and Patricia Lynn, six months 
old — or better known as Chris, Tom 
and Pat. Chris is loving kindergarten and 
thinks she is quite grown up — especially 
with jewelry and heels. Tom is truck- 
happy and at the moment, his ambition 
is to be a garbage truck driver! Pat is the 
original living doll — though, of course, 
we are slightly prejudiced." 

Among the November callers on campus 
was Pauline M. Towne x-'51, who added 
to the call form sheet: "Have not seen 
anyone from Lasell since my student days." 

Another x-'51er — Maureen Kane re- 
ceived her M.A. in psychology from Wes- 
leyan University in June 1959- 

Barbara Ferns Becker writes: "We're 
living in Princeton, N. J. (Province Line 
Road) for the academic year while Dick 
is visiting Fellow in the Physics Depart- 
ment. All so thrilled to be north again — 
the 'all' includes an enormous collie, who 
came with the lease to the modern house, 
two cats and our own sweet Kathy." 

Janet Underwood Wall x-'51 "recently 
saw Betty Vollmer Muir at a local play. 
She, husband Bill and three daughters are 
all very well. Hear from Jo Vojir Massey 
frequently and hope to visit her in New 
Jersey one weekend soon." 

John P. Clifford, Jr. 
(Nancy Roetting '51) 

Anna Stevenson Mangano is "busy chas- 
ing the twins and trying to keep one step 
ahead of them. So very proud of my hus- 
band who is now a Fellow of the Ameri- 
can College of Surgeons. Hope to visit 
Lasell soon for my sister is now enrolled 
with the freshman class." 

Joyce Weitzel Flanagan and husband 
were fall houseguests of Sally Bartlett Abel. 

Margaret Stewart Robbins writes from 
8005 Hayden Drive, West Hills, Knoxville, 
Tenn.: "Transferred here in June and would 
love to hear from anyone in the area. Son 
Jackie is now 2|/a, and Linda was born 
December 1, 1958." 

With the same "transfer" story is Evelyn 
Quinzani Kerins. Evelyn is now at 1130 
Collett Avenue, Granada Hills, California, 
where her husband is a missile systems 
engineer with RCA. And she too "would 
love to hear from any Alumnae in this 

From the Waterbury (Conn.) Republican 
of October 25, 1959: "Mrs. Donald C. At- 
wood, the former Joan Barnett, resides with 
her husband and two children, Marcy and 
Peter on Scott Avenue, Watertown. She 
is a member of the Lioness Club for which 
she served as program chairman and has 
been active in the Couples Club of the 
First Congregational Church, and has 



worked in various capacities with the Red 
Cross, Cancer Society, United Fund and 
the bloodmobile program." 

Susan Baker Chase reports from Wen- 
ham, Mass.: "Everybody healthy and happy 
here, — Robert, 4, Laurie Jane, lYi, and 
my husband, who now has his own in- 
surance and real estate office. Patsy Preble 
Foster is due home from Caracas in I960." 

New Addresses: Carole Armstrong Bunter: 
26 James Place, Jefferson Heights, Catskill, 
N. Y. 

Margaret Ann Gardner Larkin: 22 Pine 
Court, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Martha Hendrix Williams: 82 Lincklaen 
St., Cazenovia, N. Y. 

Patricia Raeder Crone: 12 Blossom 
Heath, Williamsville, N. Y. 


Mrs. Edward Berghaus 

(Suzanne Baney), Secretary 

13 University Avenue, Chatham, N. J. 

Born: To Sally Lacock Walden, a third 
child, second daughter, Donna, on April 
15, 1959. 

To Mary Anne Amon Richter x-'52, a 
daughter, Laura Dee, on July 25, 1959. 

To Phyllis Gleason Riley, a son, Wayne 
Charles, on September 23, 1959- 

To Teresa Giordano Martignetti, a 
fourth child, second son, Carl, on October 
22, 1959. 

Meredith and Lynda Reid 
(Betty Lou Foy '52) 

Other News: On Saturday, September 12, 
1959, Joyce Ann Carroll became the bride 
of Eugene J. Mulcahy at Newton, Mass. 
Gloria Lee Donovan was a member of the 
bridal party. Joyce is now living at 26 
Chiswick Road, Brookline. Her husband, 
a graduate of Boston University Law 
School, is secretary to Gov. Furcolo. 

Joan Roberts Limmer and husband en- 
joyed a cross-country sightseeing tour en 
route to California. Chuck has been trans- 
ferred to the Berkeley office and their 
new address there is 2037 Francisco Street. 
Marjorie Dyer Hubbard's (x-'52) new 
home is at 405 Marcia Avenue, Independ- 
ence, Missouri. Her husband is associated 
with the Glens Falls Insurance Company in 
Kansas City. 

Another new home-owner is Lois Hickey 
Treacy — 20 Lenox Place, Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Her daughter, Sharon, was born June 4, 

From Marguerite Rudolf Mesinger: "Our 
second child, a son, was born in December 
1958. Had a grand visit in July with 
Frances Peters Dunlevy and family. In 
addition to his duties with the Allegheny 
County school system, John is teaching 
a course in psychology at the University of 

Virginia Easton Simpson x-'52 writes 
from her family's home in Connecticut: 
"Staying in Harwinton with Mother while 
Sam is on a tour of duty with the Air 
Force in Morocco. Claudine Magee Ray- 
croft, her son and daughter came from 
Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) for a day this sum- 
mer — did we ever chatter !" 

Melissa Morris, four-year-old daughter 
of ■ Ginny's twin sister, Louise (Easton 
Morris) has won a part in the forthcoming 
movie "And Then They Cried," to be 
filmed in Majorca. Melissa's father is di- 
rector of special events for the American 
Forces Network in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Joan Hockstuhl Wallace writes: "Soon 
after moving to our new home in Green- 
wich, discovered that Adrienne DeMaria 
White lives just a few miles away. We've 
had many a pleasant get-together with her, 
her husband and their young son and 
daughter. Our George is now a year and 
a half old — we are all so very well and 

Rena Silverman's new hobby is photog- 
raphy, and her annual vacation to the 
West provided excellent material for both 
the Polaroid and three-lens movie cameras. 

Shirley Warriner Randall is enjoying do- 
ing substitute teaching this year, and Bar- 
bara Wulbrede Pacocha continues as physi- 
cal education director at the Pawling 
(N.Y.) Central School. 



Mrs. Roland A. Nesslinger 

(Sylvia Pfeiffer), Assistant 

3 Mason Court, Delaware, Ohio 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Roth 

(Nancie Shean '52) 

August 22, 1959 

Joan Ellsworth Bateman's son, Eric, cele- 
brated his second birthday on New Year's 
Day I960. 

B. Marlene Murray Zuker and Helen 
McCulloch Beight met in Montgomery, 
Alabama, where their husbands were at- 
tending Squadron Officers School at the 
Air University. Marlene's two children are 
Hunter, 3 '/a, and Pamela, 15 months. 

Marie Piotti Maier exclaims: "Quite a 
family reunion in October — my sister, 
Marjorie Piotti Haughey '55, her daughter 
Deborah Ann (1955's Class Baby), our 
younger sister, Elaine Piotti DeGiacomo 
x-'58 and I entertained our sister-in-law, 
Ruth Giroux Piotti x-'59 from California." 

New Addresses: Priscilla Johnson Foltz: 
Apt. 2, 95 N. Broadway, White Plains, 
N. Y. 

Eleanor Mekelones Marple: 10 Holly 
Lane, Town of Rye, Port Chester, N. Y. 

Dorothy Rich Andersen: 95 Goudy Street, 
South Portland, Maine. 

Joyce Wardle Chapman: 51 Blakeslee 
Drive, Wallingford, Conn. 


Mrs. Harry Gardner 

(Althea Janke), Secretary 

30 Main St., Emerson, N. J. 

Engaged: Janet M. Chase to Charles M. 
Ash of Glen Rock, N. J. A February 
wedding is planned. 

Elsie M. Knaus to Joseph G. Clemt. 
Elsie's fiance, who studied at Upsala Col- 
lege, is a bank examiner with the United 
States Treasury Department. 

Carol Moriarty to Lt. Charles Phillip 
Phleger of Highland Park, N. J. Lt. 
Phleger is an alumnus of Seattle Univer- 
sity and Washington State College. 

Barbara Morris to Leo Kenneth Louria 
of Brooklyn, N. Y. Leo, a graduate of 
Amherst College and the University of 
Syracuse Law School, is associated with the 
Sperry Gyroscope Company of Great Neck, 
L. I. 

Married: Evelyn Earle and Adrian Knight 
Lukeman on January 31, 1959. Evelyn and 
her husband commute to their New York 
offices from their apartment at 39-30 52 
Street, Woodside 77, N. Y. 

Jean Nazarian and Martin Martinian on 
April 18, 1959. The couple honeymooned 
in Bermuda and are now living at 40 
Windsor Street, Arlington, Mass. 

Audrey Thompson and Charles Joseph 
Reille II on May 2, 1959- Classmates at- 
tending the wedding included Jeanette 
Roberts Mann, Jane Corbin, Carolyn Simp- 
son Hayden and Carol Buthray DeWaele. 

Born: To Jeanette Roberts Mann, a second 
daughter, Debrah, on December 8, 1958. 

To Margaret Angus Christman, a second 
child, first son, Robert Clark, on March 12, 

To Priscilla Alden Bemis, a daughter, 
Cynthia Ann, on March 20, 1959. 

To Carolyn Simpson Hayden, a second 
son, Kevin, on May 9, 1959. 

To Barbara Crossley Deans, a second 
daughter, Susan, on May 21, 1959- 

To Cynthia DeGelleke Cole, a daughter, 
Elizabeth Anne, on June 26, 1959. 

To Gail Robinson Venable, twin sons, 
Robert and Bruce on June 28, 1959. Gail's 
new address is 308 Gilbert Ave., Mather 
Heights, Mather AFB, Calif. 

To Althea Janke Gardner, a third child, 
second son, Kenneth Gerard, on August 
13, 1959. 

To Joan Eckert Lowenstein, a son, on 
October 25, 1959. Joan's present address is 
38 Tindale Road, Middletown, N. J. 



Scoti and Mark Ambard, children of 
Virginia Wilder Ambard '53, grand- 
children of Virginia Hight Wilder '27, 
great-grandchildren of the late Lorena 
Fellows Sawyer '99 

Other News: June Martin Godfrey sends 
this word: "Eleanor Andrews McDonah is 
now confined at the New England Medical 
Center with polio. She would love to 
hear from friends, and please do write 
her — Mrs. Robert McDonah, 20 Weber 
Road, Belmont, Mass. Eleanor's third child, 
first son, was born in the early fall of '59." 

Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger shares a recent 
letter from Virginia Wilder Ambard: "It 
has been a year since the Ambards arrived 
in Hawaii, and so much has happened 
during that time ! We have moved no less 
than three times and now hope the faculty 
housing will provide a permanent address: 
72 Piper's Pali, Honolulu 14. The house 
— a duplex — is very ample and boasts 
a gorgeous view of Diamondhead from the 
front lawn. Blessings of all blessings, we 
have a yard ■ — at last, a safe play area 
for Mark and Scoti. 

"We feel so very proud and smug for 
we now have a son and a daughter — 
Scoti arrived on February 11, 1959- Her 
full name: Lorena (for my grandmother, 
Lorena Fellows Sawyer '99) Scott (just 
because we like the name) Ambard (that 
speaks for itself). Mark will be three in 

"Gene has been busy building a 16' 
utility boat for fishing and waterskiing. 
And has built a trailer too — both works 
of art, as only Gene would do. 

"There is one more member of the 
Ambard family — a very beautiful Bur- 
mese kitten. He is rich brown in color, 
very affectionate and loves the water. 

"Would love to see any friends who may 
be out this way. Aloha and best holiday 
greetings to all." 

From Ponca City, Okla., Mary Lou 

Kirk and Mary Levis 

(Karen Floberg '53) 

Burke Alexander writes: "We are looking 
forward to a New England vacation in 
I960 — it has been five years since my 
last visit in Maine." 

Helen Pearlstein Golden would "love to 
hear from the Chandler girls — have lost 
track of them in recent years." 

Carol Bridgetts is now Mrs. Robert Cad- 
mus, H-2 Cottage Court, Clifton, N. J. 
Janet Chase was Carol's maid of honor. 

Priscilla Alden Bemis "gave up the 
Priscilla Shop in January '59 to become 
a full-time housewife and mother. There 
are six Lasell graduates in Cheshire 
(Conn.), three of whom are members of 
the Junior Women's Club, so I manage to 
keep posted on the college news." Pris- 
cilla's street address is 26 Hemlock Ridge. 

Mary Blackham Kelly has returned to 
her native town of Belmont (25 Carleton 
Road) and has enjoyed visits with Marty 
Folkins Hawes and Ellie Johnson Palmer, 
both in nearby Sudbury. 

Jean Burke Johnson and husband have 
bought an old home — plus forty acres of 
land — ■ in Westbrook, Maine. Jean adds: 
"My best to Kay Fay — wherever???" 

Martha Guhring Gremley and family are 
enjoying Shrewsbury (Mass.) — "a young 
neighborhood crowd offers much fun for 
both parents and children. Best to all 1953 
residents of Draper ■ — ■ would love to hear 
from one and all." 

From Jean Nazarian Martinian we learned 
that Joan Humphrey Flavin was East for 
her summer vacation and was a guest of 
Marie DiSilva Stocki. 

Thea Janke Gardner enjoyed "a good 
visit with Jean Weeks Hanna at mid-sum- 
mer. She and Taj keep active in com- 
munity projects and are thoroughly enjoy- 
ing North Carolina. Greta Nilsson Masson 



and family vacationed in New Jersey too. 
Audrey Thompson Reille, Greta and I 
and husbands had a gay dinner party one 
evening. Greta and I exchanged pictures 
and stories of the children, and Audrey 
told of meeting Olga Suro when she and 
Charlie were honeymooning in Puerto 

Doris Gartner is a receptionist at the 
I. T. T. Laboratories in Nutley, N. J., and 
Mary Wiedemayer continues "to look for- 
ward to each new day of teaching at the 
Neighborhood House (pre-school) in Mill- 

Karen Floberg Levis writes: "Having a 
wonderful experience with Art for the 
first time in my life. The Junior League 
of Rockford (111.) purchased 100 reproduc- 
tions of a marvelous cross-section of famous 
painters' works. Five grade schools were 
selected by the Board of Education and 
each month we take a different painting 
to be left there for four weeks. We try 
to stir imagination and interest as well as 
to teach the children the meaning of art. 
The results are thrilling." 

Nancy Kittell Martin celebrated the holi- 
days in her new home ■ — 293 West Shore 
Drive, Marblehead, Mass. 

Krista, daughter of Nancy Bilezikian 
Kamborian '53 


Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

(Martha Ellis), Secretary 

169 Lexington St., Watertown, Mass. 

Mrs. Alan W. Coles 

(Ann Lethbridge), Assistant 

82-A Woodland Road, Short Hills, N. J. 

Mrs. William H. Moebius 

(Ann Chidsey), Assistant 

120 W. Big Bend Blvd., 

Webster Groves, Mo. 

In Memoriam: Nancy Rhodes in early 
November 1959, after a brief illness. 

Married: Marcelline Govoni x-'54 and 
Peter Willard Holtje on September 6, 
1959 at Wellesley, Mass. Ruth Ann Stock- 
bridge '53 was a member of the wedding 

Jean Rambeau x-'54 and Lt. Richard D. 
Little in September 1959 at Newtonville, 
Mass. Jean was graduated in 1957 from 
Boston University, School of Education. 

Born: To Judith Connor Faherty, a second 
daughter, Jenny, on July 16, 1959- 

To Ann Lethbridge Coles, a daughter, 
Ann Elizabeth, on September 18, 1959- 

To Joan Fuller Freeman, a son, Mark 
Richard, on October 9, 1959. 

To Ann Olsen Schlubach, a daughter, 
Linda Ann, on October 10, 1959. 

To Barbara Watts Rubino, a son, Daniel, 
Jr., on October 11, 1959. 

Other News: Class Agent Sandy Mac- 
Dougall Sullivan, husband Wally, and son 
Mark have returned from Virginia and are 
living on the edge of the campus — 409 
Auburn Street, Auburndale. 

Carole Gaysunas Dalrymple, recently 
moved to Cleveland, finds her next-door 
neighbor none other than Mary Burke 
Brinn '53. Helen Wood Queenan and 
family are now living in Pittsfield, where 
husband Jim has a new position with a 
local law firm. Beverley Bruce Dan- 
deneau's husband is associated with the 
legal department of Raytheon. 

"Always looking for Lasell friends" is 
Betty Engel Faber x-'54. Betty has two 
daughters, Phyllis and Joyce, and lives at 
12510 N. E. First Court, Miami, Florida. 

Penny Thompson has resigned her posi- 
tion at the Albany Hospital Medical 
Clinics and is now a full-time student at 
Russell Sage College, with a master's de- 
gree in sight. While at the hospital. Penny 
was particularly interested in working with 
retarded children. Nancy Husted Koerner 
conducts a class for mentally retarded chil- 



Penny Thompson '54 

dren in Ipswich, Mass. Nancy's new ad- 
dress there: 94 County Road. 

Continuing the busy routine of secre- 
taries are Janet Welch and Corinne Coyle. 
Janet is employed by Epsco, Inc. in Boston, 
and Corinne, with the New Haven Rail- 
road, is planning a winter vacation in 
Hawaii. Shirley Read Lupien is now su- 
pervisor of unit control at the Jordan 
Marsh store in Shoppers' World, Framing- 

Janet Baumgartner forwarded a new ad- 
dress — 610 W. 115th Street, New York, 
N. Y., and added that she is enrolled at 
the School of General Studies, Columbia 
University, and is making application for 
admission to the doctoral program in clin- 
ical psychology. 

Marjorie Happ Pettit reports a wonder- 
ful reunion-like weekend in July with Toni 
Walsh Wyner and Judy Dandurand Du- 
chaneau and families. 

Two recent notes read: "Finally settled 
down. . . ." From Patricia Kelsey Scharf, 
15 Seneca Ave., Essex Junction, Vt.: "Here 
in the north country since July and love 
it!" And from 6000 Fulton Ave., Van 
Nuys, California, Joy Lanner Bird writes: 
"After our return from Brazil we enjoyed 
an extended vacation and now California 

Margaret Robson Priddy sends this bit 
of news: "Barbara Jennings '55, a steward- 
ess with Eastern Air Lines, shares an apart- 
ment with another stewardess, a parrot 
and a motor scooter — 581 DeLeon Drive, 
Miami Springs, Fla. Gloria Becker Liddy's 
(x-'54) husband, Tom, was graduated from 
medical school in June." 

The Office has learned that Janet Egan 
x-'54 was married to Spencer Anderholm 

on July 9, 1955. They have a son, Jeffrey, 
and a daughter, Karen. Janet's new home 
is located at 63 Eastwood Road, Bristol, 

New Addresses: Carol Hachman Thurston: 
16 Chauncy St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Joan Pickett Morrow: 1713 Common- 
wealth Ave., Brighton, Mass. 

Sara Rojas: Apartado Aereo 7240, 
Bogota, Colombia. 

Barbara Shehadi Kitson: 50 Crescent 
Drive, New Providence, N. J. 

Lee H. Smith: 6 Oakland St., Wellesley 
Hills, Mass. 

M. Patricia Wilson Kane: 3419 Tulane 
Dr., West Hyattsville, Md. 


Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

(Carolyn Chapin), Secretary 

123 Vadnais Circle, West Springfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

(Ruth Birch), Assistant 

2464 Alida St., Oakland, Calif. 

Mrs. Alan Nelson 
(Susan Twitchell), Assistant 
Unit 84, 70 Central Avenue 

New Haven, Conn. 

Married: Helen Peters and Lt. William 
Ray Guy on. August 29, 1958. 

Sandra Stone and Martin Myeron on 
April 19, 1959- Sandy's new address is 
43 Sagamore Avenue, Winthrop, Mass. 

Nancy Goodman and Howard Charles 
Cobin on August 30, 1959 at Rochester, 
N. Y. 

Tommy, Dana and Frank Trocino 
(Merilyn Budlong '54) 



Mary Sweenor and Frank Ruggieri on 
July 4, 1959. Mary and Frank are now 
living at 74 Norman Avenue, Cranston, 
R. I. 

Susan Shepardson x-'55 and Joseph Harry 
Buchanan on August 15, 1959 at Madison, 
N. J. 

Marlene Berman and Milton Blair Lewis 
on September 6, 1959. Norma Shrier x-'55 
was one of Marlene's attendants. 

Carol Dovey and Daniel E. Evarts III 
on September 19, 1959. Carol's address is 
191 Hamiltonian Drive (Middletown), Red 
Bank, N. J. 

Patricia Brown and Clifford G. Bowers 
on October 17, 1959- Their new address in 
Fitchburg (Mass.) is 104 Mechanic Street. 

Beverly Ann Kimball and Richard Henry 
Lamburn on November 7, 1959 at Little- 
ton, Mass. 

Gail Gluck and Walter B. Davis on No- 
vember 9, 1959. Gail's new address is 
194-010 64th Circle, Fresh Meadows, N. Y. 

Sandra Brideau and Herbert Buckley on 
November 19, 1959 at Berlin, N. H. Car- 
olyn LeGoff was Sandy's only attendant. 
The Buckleys are now at home at 11 
Main Street, Berlin. 

Born: To Jean Mills Einarson, a son, 
Stephen Jon, on January 28, 1959- 

To Marion Domber James, a son, Stephen 
Perry, on March 4, 1959. 

To Marilyn Valter Maclay, a son, Rob- 
ert Dennis, on April 1, 1959. 

To Rose Marie Ravalese Ermilio, a sec- 
ond child, first son, Francis, on May 27, 

To Marcia Harrington McCarthy, a 
daughter, Lynda Lee, on September 25, 
1959. Lynda's grandmother is Eleanor Lee 
Mahoney x-'30. 

To JoAnne DiPietro DiMarco, a second 
child, first daughter, Lisa Marie, on Octo- 
ber 8, 1959. 

Ann Elizabeth Vesey 
(Phyllis Thompson '55) 

Robert and Kenneth Barton 
(Stephanie Purcell '55) 

To Jean VanBuskirk Swanfeldt, a son, 
Eric Scott, on October 24, 1959. 

To Mimi Choi Cooper, a daughter, Amy 
Fauchere, on November 6, 1959- 

Other News: Joanne Larsen "spent a week 
this summer chaperoning ten girls to the 
National Convention of the Future Home- 
makers of America in Chicago. Tried to 
reach Sally Spicer Frazier but to no avail." 
Joanne has returned to the Kennebunk 
(Me.) High School, where she is home 
economics instructor. Her address there 
is 23 High Street. 

Enjoying her third year of primary 
school teaching is Nancy Bray. Nancy, 
who graduated from Lesley College in 
1957, is in Manchester, N. H. 

Phyllis Thompson Vesey writes: "Had a 
wonderful August vacation at Rangeley 
Lakes and in Bennington, Vt. While sight- 
seeing in Marblehead, whom should we ask 
directions of but Miss Carolyn Chapman! 
My husband has completed his final qual- 
ifying examination and is now working on 
the Ph.D. thesis at Boston University Grad- 
uate School. Our second daughter, Lynn 
Martha, was born on September 23, 1959-'' 

Stephanie Purcell Barton admits "life is 
exciting with our three sons — Robert, 
Jr., Kenneth, and Johnny, now four months 

Angela Tabellario, graduated in June 
from the University of Rhode Island, is 
doing a year's dietetic internship at the 
Grace-New Haven Community Hospital in 
New Haven, Conn. 



Far from "the hills of Old New Eng- 
land" are Patricia Friberg Karnedy, June 
McLaughlin Lombino and Caroljean Som- 
ers Irrgang, but all three write the same 
"we love it very much." Pat's new address 
is 6119 Rollins Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa; 
June lives in San Mateo, Calif.; and Carol- 
jean's daughter attends hula classes in 

Nancy Legare deWolf and husband Jim 
were' looking forward to their annual 
Christmas vacation in Massachusetts with 
Nancy's parents (Alice Libbey Legare '25). 
Sandra Lally Hovey, husband and daughter, 
Deborah Ann, are permanent California 
residents too. Ron is an auditor with Lit- 
ton Industries and their home address is 
20755 Vanowen Street, Canoga Park. 

Nancy Lincoln is a sales assistant with 
a New York firm and shares a garden 
apartment with two friends at 14 West 
10th Street. Amelia Gori has accepted a 
secretarial position with the Boston office 
of Warner Brothers Pictures. 

New Addresses: Ethel Griffin Browning: 55 
North Reading St., Manchester, N. H. 

Deborah Hay Bird x-'55: 789 Main 
Street, Westbrook, Me. 

Barbara Judd Ozinga: 476 Latham Street, 
Maywood, N. J. 

Sandra C. Smith Swain '56 


Betsy Belsterling, Secretary 
101 Montgomery Ave., Bala-Cynwyd, Penna. 

Mrs. Rudolph A. Kraft, Jr. 

(Peggy Schwingel), Assistant 

4 Princeton PL, Princeton Junction, N. J. 

Mrs. Martin B. Hamilton 

(Gail Swett), Assistant 

1569-A Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 

Engaged: Carolyn Collins x-'56 to Edward 
B. Dalton of Brighton and Wareham, Mass. 

Gail Frank to 2d Lt. Gerald Shawn Wells, 
U.S.A. Lt. Wells, a graduate of the Uni- 
versity of Notre Dame, is stationed at 
Fort Lee, Virginia. 

Ann Phipps to Harold F. Foley of Mai- 
den, Mass. Harold, an alumnus of Tufts 
University, is a research associate at M. I. 
T. They plan a spring wedding. 

Margot P. Quinn to Peter E. Gamer- 
dinger of Granby, Conn. Pat, president of 
the Connecticut Valley Lasell Club, has 
chosen May 7, I960 as her wedding day. 

Sandra Ward to Charles Vernon Turner, 
USN, of Hanson, Mass. 

Married: Audrey Spawn and Gerald Rich- 
ard Stockman on July 11, 1959 at Summit, 
N. J. Patricia Strawbridge Mulhern and 
Helen Decker Hillman were in the wed- 
ding party and other classmates present in- 
cluded Iris Wolfe, Carol Phalen Swiggett, 
Phyllis Steckler Thomas, Joan Yaghjian 
Papazian, Gretchen Hughes Gilbert and 
Betsy Belsterling. Audrey and Gerry are 
now living at 75 Drexelbrook Drive, 
Drexel Hill, Penna. 

Janet Parmenter and George Webster 
Ellinwood, Jr. on September 12, 1959 at 
Shrewsbury, Mass. The couple honey- 
mooned in Bermuda and are now living 
at 230 Jay Street, Brooklyn Heights, N. J. 
Janet is the daughter of Ruth Shepard 
Parmenter '25. 

Sandra C. Smith and Richard Crosby 
Swain on September 19, 1959 at Long- 
meadow, Mass. Joan Conley Eid was ma- 
tron of honor, and Joan Polidor Selander 
was one of the four bridesmaids. Sandra, 
daughter of Bernice Cunningham Smith 
x-'26, is secretary of the Western Massa- 
chusetts Lasell Club, and her new address 
is 467 Cold Spring Avenue, West Spring- 

Frances Nettleton and Philip John Kon- 
sella on September 19, 1959 at Madison, 
Conn. Fran's new address is 5402 West 
Eighth Avenue, Denver 15, Colo. 

Gail Swett and Martin Bristol Hamilton 
on September 26, 1959 at Needham, Mass. 



Yumiko Hattori Furuhata '56 in tradi- 
tional costume, wedding reception — 
October 12, 1959 

Sandra Shelton was one of Gail's at- 

Ann Pasquale and John Francis Bassett 
on September 19, 1959- Constance Nastasi 
Mehos was a bridesmaid. Ann's new ad- 
dress is 185 Plymouth Avenue, West 
Quincy, Mass. 

Barbara Murdock and James Arthur 
Woods on October 3, 1959 at Duxbury, 
Mass. Patricia Dahlgard Schroeder was one 
of Barbara's bridesmaids. 

Yumiko Hattori and Taketo Furuhata on 
October 12, 1959 at Tokyo, Japan. 

Priscilla Mathewson and Dr. Howard 
William Halfman on November 17, 1959. 
After a wedding trip to the Caribbean, Dr. 
and Mrs. Halfman returned to their new 
home on Governor's Island, Laconia, N. H. 

Born: To Cynthia Swett Watson, a daugh- 
ter, Pamela Susan, on March 29, 1959- 

To Beverly Breed Hovey, a second 
daughter, Cynthia, on April 16, 1959. 

To Patricia Holland Bird, a daughter, 
Donna Lee, on April 24, 1959. 

To Sylvia Rafkin Hurwitz, a son, Peter 
Jonathan, on May 6, 1959. 

To Evelyn Shear Pinsof, a son, Bruce 
Allan, on October 13, 1959. 

To Elaine Richardson Lefebvre, a second 
son, Craig Michael, on October 14, 1959. 
Elaine's new address is 512 Sherwood Road, 
Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J. 

To Sally Herman DeRosa, a daughter, 
Betsy Sue, on November 1, 1959. Betsy is 
the first girl to be born in the DeRosa 
family for fifty-one years. 

To Joan Yaghjian Papazian, a daughter, 
Melanie Joan, on November 6, 1959. 

Other News: Dr. Percy Hodgson, past 
president of Rotary International, has 
most kindly forwarded several charming 
pictures of Miko Hattori's wedding as 
well as a local newspaper account of his 
trip. Dr. and Mrs. Hodgson, foster parents 
of Yumiko during her stay in the United 
States, flew to Tokyo for the ceremony on 
October 12, 1959. The yarn thread for 
Miko's wedding dress of white nylon 
Chantilly lace came from Mr. Hodgson's 
own mill in Pawtucket — for "she wanted 
it that way." When asked what she 
wanted for wedding gifts, to be purchased 
with money from United States friends, 
Yumiko wrote the Hodgsons: "A rotisserie 
oven, an electric mixer, and other gadgets 
for the kitchen." Her husband, American- 
educated Taketo "Mike" Furuhata, is an 
executive engineer and assistant to the 
executive director of the Nuclear Energy 
Department of C. Itoh & Company, Ltd. 
Miko's new address in Tokyo is Room 
#304 Daikanyama Tokyu Apt. Annex, 44 
Shuraku-cho Shibuya-ku. 

Bette Walsh enjoyed a European vaca- 
tion after her June graduation from Colum- 
bia University. She visited Holland, Bel- 
gium, France, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Switz- 
erland and the British Isles. 

Class Secretary Peggy Schwingel Kraft 
writes: "In the midst of moving into our 
new home, so know I have been lax in 
scouting news of classmates. Promise to 
be back on the track for the spring issue." 
Martha Forristall Smith is happily settled 
in a new ranch home at 6 Julie Lane, 
Bloomfield, Conn. 

Also in the "unpacking" state is Natalie 
Flather Humphrey. Her husband has been 
assigned to a sales territory in Western 
Connecticut and their new home is located 
at 346 Lee Avenue, Cheshire, Conn. Nat is 
looking forward to attending the New 
Haven Club meetings. 

Carol Fitzpatrick Harrell plans to be in 
Newport, R. I. — 26 Cliff Avenue — un- 
til late spring I960. Her husband is serv- 
ing aboard the U.S.S. Abbot. Another 
Navy-wife, Joan Raymond Healey, is do- 
ing secretarial work in Charleston, S. C. 
She and Warren plan to return to their 
home city, Pawtucket, R. I., in June. 

Labor Day weekend guests of Carol 
Wuestefeld Sampson were Charlotte Rosier 
Couture and Dorothy Dantscher Kline. 
Dotty was married on June 7, 1958 and is 
now living at 436 Leesburg Pike, Falls 
Church, Virginia. Carol's new home in 
Hamden (Conn.) is located at 61 Jesswig 



Van, son of Adele DeFrancesco Towle 

Suzanne Wadsworth has been elected 
corresponding secretary of the Greater 
Boston Club. Her mother, Dorothy Asel- 
tine Wadsworth '26, is a member of the 
Board of Directors. 

Ellen Benner, who is now on the staff of 
the Ladies' Home Journal, tells Betsy 
Belsterling: "My work there and New 
York City are the greatest." 

Janice Engstrom Barbato continues her 
secretarial work with Raytheon of Wal- 
tham. Her husband, Gene, is a civil en- 
gineer, employed by Cerel-Perini. 

From Phoebus, Virginia, Adele DeFran- 

Robert Phelps MacKinnis 
(Ann Phelps '56) 

cesco Towle writes: "Enjoying the South 
— my husband is stationed at Fort Mon- 
roe — but we are anxious to return to 
New Jersey. Van, now four months old, 
keeps me busier than I ever thought 

Dionisia Constantine received her de- 
gree from Tufts University in June 1958 
and is now on the staff of Green Acres 
Nursery School in Waltham. 

Leanne Kessler Skolnick is "enjoying 
our little ranch house in Beverly — 17 
Temi Road. I am working for a Salem 
doctor, and my husband is a buyer at 
Filene's Northshore." 

New Addresses: Alicia Albright Kulp: 330 
Columbia Ave., Lansdale, Penna. 

Mary Bauer Profenno: West Common- 
wealth Drive, Portland, Me. 

Donna Lee Bird 
(Patricia Holland '56) 

Future Lasell Roommates 

Marcia Richard (Carol Corning '56) and 

Pamela Watson (Cynthia Swett '56) 



Carol LeCompte Cuthbert: 2633 Rich- 
mond Hill Rd., Augusta, Ga. 

Patricia Strawbridge Mulhern: 2429 Nor- 
mandy Rd., Ardmore, Penna. 

Gail Van Riper Rogers: Box 204, 433 
Tenth Street, Del Mar, Calif. 


Mrs. Robert C. Chase 

(Joan Stanford), Secretary 

llA Maryland Avenue, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Patricia Koules, Assistant 
201 Goden Street, Belmont, Mass. 

Barbara Sturges, Assistant 
6 Stanley Oval, Westfield, N. J. 

Engaged: Marilyn Braverman x-'57 to 
Robert Joel Mades of Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Marilyn's fiance is an alumnus of The New 
Preparatory School, the Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology and Tufts University. 
Merle Frylinck to Ralph B. Craig, Jr. 

i of Durham, N. H. Ralph is a graduate of 

i the University of New Hampshire, from 
which he received his master's degree. 

Linda Lasky to Harry Evan Ruocco of 
New Haven, Conn. The wedding will take 

i place early in I960. 

Sheila Marcus to Carl B. Zucker of 

i Holyoke, Mass. A graduate of Boston Uni- 
versity, Mr. Zucker is a director of the 

I Holyoke chapter of the Massachusetts 
Tuberculosis and Health Association, and 
is a member of the Public Relations 
Society of America. He is chairman of 
the Employee Division for the 1959-60 

| Community Chest campaign. 

Mary Jo Miller to John R. Kris. John 
is a graduate of the College of William 

i and Mary, received his master's degree 
from Trinity College and served with the 
United States Marine Corps in the Far 
East. He is personnel director of the film 
division, Polaroid Corporation, Boston. 

Marilyn Pearce to Richard Arthur Schrei- 
ber of Knoxville, Iowa. Marilyn, daughter 
of Dorothy Meeker Pearce '30, and her 
fiance attended the University of Heidel- 
berg, Germany, and he is now completing 
his studies at Central College, Pella, Iowa. 
Joyce Pendergast to Paul Joseph Maney 
of Cambridge, Mass. Paul, an alumnus of 
Boston College, is studying for his master's 
degree at its Graduate School of Business 

/ Administration. A spring wedding is 

I planned. 

Marilyn Tietler x-'57 to Arnold Gilbert 

I Liebman of Springfield, Mass. 

II Married: Nathalie Towne and James Burke 
I Fisher on June 27, 1959 at Needham, Mass. 

Suzanne Fournier was maid of honor, and 
Nancy Jerome was one of Nat's brides- 
maids. The Fishers are now living at 10 
Rivercrest, Hanover, N. H. 

Patricia Tarracciano and Robert Ciccone 
on July 11, 1959 at Mount Kisco, N. Y. 

Judith Komito and Richard N. Oster on 
July 18, 1959- Norma Gamins was a mem- 
ber of the bridal party. Judy is continuing 
with her mursery school teaching in Cleve- 
land, and her husband is a graduate of 
Purdue University. Their new address is 
15610 Van Aken Boulevard, Shaker 
Heights 20, Ohio. 

Margaret Elder and Walter Pounds on 
August 21, 1959- Peggy's new address is 
313 Plover Avenue, Miami Springs, Florida. 

Janice Barbuto and Edwin Wallwork on 
August 30, 1959 at Newton Centre, Mass. 
The Wallwork's new address is 545 Heath 
Street, Brookline. 

Patricia Howe and Donald Knowlton 
Bassett on October 17, 1959 at Wellesley, 
Mass. Barbara Bean was a bridesmaid and 
Lasell guests included Miss Virginia Blood, 
Miss Muriel McClelland, Barbara Flint, 
Patricia Koules, Ann Donnelly, Joyce 
Conza Swaine, Linnea Kneller Mix '48 and 
Mary Parmakian Asadoorian '56. The 
groom is a nephew of Eunice Bassett 
Ziergiebel '33. 

Frances Costa and Richard Joseph 
Powers, Jr. on October 17, 1959- Fran's 
new address is 7905-A Knollwood Road, 
Towson, Maryland. 

Camilla Carlson and David H. Ellsworth 
on November 7, 1959 at Longmeadow, 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Bassett 
(Patricia Howe '57) 



Debbie Connor's First Christmas 
(Nancye Van Deusen '57) 

Muriel Hagerthy and Frederick C. 
Brueck, Jr. on November 14, 1959. 

Jo-Anne Mancini and Dominic F. 
Barisano, Jr. on November 22, 1959. To's 
address is now 64 Robbins Street, Wal- 
tham, Mass. 

Eleanor Kuchta and Robert Joseph 
O'Neil on November 28, 1959 at Chicopee 
Falls, Mass. 

Born: To Carol Sealund Reed, a daughter, 
Jennifer Sealund, on January 16, 1959. 

To Dorothy Fenley Manning, a son, 
Jeffery Richard, on March 2, 1959. 

To Suzanne Jouret Kowalski, a daughter, 
Suzanne, on May 6, 1959- 

To Patricia Dessureau Mercier, a daugh- 
ter, Debra Michelle, on May 9, 1959. 

To Barbara Letson Weaver, a daughter, 
Deborah Lee, on July 31, 1959. 

To Lillian Ting Zau, a son, in July 1959- 

To Marcia Lipsey Freedman, a son, Mark 
Allan, on August 8, 1959. 

Other News: Marcia Hamilton Killeen has 
returned "nearer home" and promises to 
call very soon. Dick is now enrolled in 
the Executive Training Program of G. Fox 
and Company in Hartford and they are 
living at 5 Durham Road, Longmeadow, 
Mass. Marcia adds: "Sharon is now seven 
months old — and just as cute as can 
be." Shall try to get a picture for the next 
LEAVES. Am looking forward to seeing 
friends at the Western Massachusetts Club 

Nancye Van Deusen Connor and Phil 
are "really loving our new Cape Cod 
house — 18 Reardon Road, Hudson, Mass. 

Just a perfect fit for Debbie — who is 
getting the urge to roam around. The 
peaceful days will soon be over." 

The Office has recently learned that 
Marilyn Lundstrom was married on No- 
vember 9, 1957 to Timothy McCrudden. 
Marilyn and Tim, with daughter Diane 
Marie, born December 23, 1958, are now 
living at 1630 Commercial Street, Wey- 
mouth, Mass. 

Charlene Sargent Kiley sends a Boston 
address for Kwan Ching Kan x-'57 — 153 
Baystate Road. Kwan Ching is a senior 
at the Sargent School of Physical Therapy. 

Joan Deshefy has announced her en- 
gagement to Dean J. Patenaude, a senior 
at West Virginia Wesleyan, and they plan 
a June wedding. Joan is in charge of a 
branch laboratory of the Middlesex Me- 
morial Hospital in Essex, Conn. She is 
now a registered medical technologist and 
current public relations chairman of the 
Connecticut Society of Medical Technol- 

Virginia Field is now assistant buyer for 
the boys' department of R. H. Stearns 
Company in Boston, and Sue Garratt Wol- 
lard is manager of the teenage department 
in a branch store of Woodward and 
Lothrop. Sue's new address is 504 Glen 
Carlyn Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. 

From Pittsburgh (Penna.), Barbara Cupp 
writes: "My father was transferred to the 
Pittsburgh . office and I shall live here — 
4550 Norwin Road — with my parents 
until April, when I'll be married to Robert 
W. Hurst." 

And Barbara Thorndike sends this word 
from Denver: "Doing my internship as an 
occupational therapist with the Army!" 

Carol Swartz, who works with Paula 
Ristau in a local advertising agency, shares 
a Boston apartment with Mary Jane 

While on a late summer's vacation in 
California, Sheila Graham enjoyed a visit 
with Lu Martel Huggins in San Diego. 

Joan Stanford Chase is "very much en- 
joying my secretarial work here. Bob is 
attending Graduate School in Public Ad- 
ministration at the Maxwell School of 
Syracuse University." 

Marcia James, full-time graduate stu- 
dent at Boston University School of Edu- 
cation, is also a resident assistant — 
housemother — at the new women's dor- 

Patricia Dodge "plans to continue my 
studies at George Washington University, 
beginning with the February term. Have 
a new address too — 1426 21 St. N.W., 
Washington 6, D. C." 




Virginia M. Ambrose, Secretary 

82 Eastern Drive 

Wethersfield, Conn. 

Mrs. John A. Fairchild 

(Betty Anderson), Secretary 

1052 Farmington Ave., West Hartford, Conn. 

Engaged: Harriet Beard to Jame-s Frost 
Ackerman, Jr. of New Haven, Conn. Jerry 
is a medical secretary at the Grace-New 
Haven Community Hospital, and her fiance, 
a graduate of Cornell University, is as- 
sociated with the American Brass Company 
in Torrington. Harriet, daughter of Har- 
riet Garlick Beard x-'38 plans a spring 

Catherine Burns to George L. Maxton 
of Newtonville, Mass. 

Barbara M. Davis x-'58 to Arnold 
Lawrence Cohen, a graduate of New York 

Barbara Frucci x-'58 to David A. Nimmo, 
Jr. of Red Bank, N. J. Barbara attended 
the Tobe-Coburn School for Fashion 
Careers in New York, and David is a 
student at Rutgers University. 

Jetta Fucito to Anthony J. LaCava, Jr. 
Jetta is a student at Southern Connecticut 
State College, and her fiance, a graduate 
of Wesleyan University, will receive his 
M.A. degree from Colgate University in 

Barbara Hauben x-'58 to Dr. Allan M. 
Wolfe of Yonkers, N. Y. Dr. Wolfe, an 
alumnus of Georgetown University and 
NYU. College of Dentistry, is on the 
staff of the Jewish Memorial Hospital and 
has offices in Tuckahoe. 

Janet Hicks to Richard P. McCoy of 
Pleasantville, N. Y. 

Marian Hume to Hutchin David Tib- 
betts of Boston, Mass. Marian plans a 
June wedding. 

Marion Karasik to Gary Cohn. Marion, 
a senior at Hofstra College, plans a sum- 
mer wedding. 

Marianne Keefe to Thomas A. Papp of 
Belchertown, Mass. Tom attended As- 
sumption Academy in Worcester and is 
presently serving in the United States Navy. 

Donna Levine to Harold J. Shurberg. 
Donna is presently employed with the 
Travelers Insurance Company in Hartford, 
and Harold is attending the University of 
Pennsylvania Dental School. 

Edwina Schofield x-'58 to John S. Mars- 
den, Jr. Edwina is an X-ray technician at 
the Morton Hospital in Taunton, Mass. 

Elaine Shanken to Dr. Daniel Fischer 
of Hamden, Conn. Dr. Fischer received 
his M. D. degree from the University of 

Leila Kay Steen to Alexander Hamilton, 
Jr. of Stratford, Conn. Kim is planning a 
fall wedding. 

Sandra Ward to Charles Vernon Turner. 
Sandy is a secretary at the Plymouth 
(Mass.) office of the Metropolitan Life 
Insurance Company, and Charles is a 
student of aviation elect r onic techniques 
at the Weymouth Naval Air Station. 

Gail Winalski to Elliot Evan Burd of 
Oak Park, 111. Gail is employed by the 
Connecticut General Life Insurance Com- 
pany in Hartford, and her fiance is a field 
representative of the Travelers Insurance 
Company in Chicago. 

Constance Wolcott to George Henry 
Mason, an alumnus of the Cornell Gradu- 
ate School of Business and Public Admin- 
istration. A spring wedding is planned. 

Jean Wynott to Robert M. Delahunt of 
South Weymouth, Mass. Jean is a hostess 
with Trans World Airlines, and Bob, an 
engineer with Polaroid Corporation, is at- 
tending Suffolk Law School. 

Married: Peggy Harman and Peter Dana 
Hug on July 18, 1959- Peggy's attendants 
included Judy Watson, Harriet Beard and 
Carol Christopher. 

Cynthia West and Robert Paul Cremonni 
on July 19, 1959- Bob is a senior at Bab- 
son Institute and their apartment address 
is 72 Abbott Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Barbara Bronstein and 2d Lt. Bernard 
Joseph Wolsky on August 16, 1959. 

Jane Gregson and Carleton Burrill Earp 
on August 29, 1959. Jane's new address is 

Lt. and Mrs. Wolsky 
(Barbara Bronstein '58) 



Joan McDaniels Rollins '58 

50 Reddington Street, Swampscott, Mass. 

Judith Watson and James Arthur Lewis 
on August 29, 1959- Virginia Ambrose was 
one of Judy's attendants. The new address 
for the Lewises is 18 Mitchell Court, 
Wethersfield, Conn. 

M. Margaret McGrail x-'58 and Marshall 
Davis Capen on August 29, 1959. 

Elaine Tracey and Paul F. McCarthy on 
September 12, 1959 at Quincy, Mass. Elaine 
and Paul are now living at 44 Wayne 
Street, Quincy. 

Judith George and Harvey Bennett Ste- 
phens on September 12, 1959 at Mansfield, 
Mass. Carol Ann Briggs was Judy's maid- 
of-honor and Veronica Reif x-'58 was a 
bridesmaid. The new address is Apt. 108, 
5330 South Blackstone, Chicago, 111. 

Antoinette Thomas and Ronald Bouchard 
on September 19, 1959. Toni is now liv- 
ing at 365 Flynn Avenue, Burlington, Vt. 

Joan McDaniels and Charles McCaus- 
land Rollins on September 19, 1959. Joan's 
present address is Main Street, Raymond, 
N. H. 

Mary Ann Loughman and William 
Charles McDade on October 3, 1959 at 
Springfield, Mass. 

Janice Piccioli and John R. Anketell on 
October 3, 1959 at Framingham, Mass. 

Joyce Stirling and Richard M. Fox on 
October 10, 1959- Honor attendant was 
Marion Oliver. 

Diane Collins and Henry Judd Whit- 

field on November 1, 1959 at Lawrence, 
Mass. Suzanne Collins Cleveland '54 was 
her sister's matron-of-honor. 

Cynthia Clary and Richard Peter Grace 
on November 28, 1959 at Hartsdale, N. Y. 
Susan Clary Delahunt served as matron-of- 
honor for her twin, and Jean Wynott was 
one of Cynthia's four bridesmaids. 

Nancy (Gray) Sonshine and Alvin E. 
Kerstein on November 29, 1959. 

Born: To Susan Van Horn Van Arsdale, a 
daughter, Kathryn Edith, on June 10, 1959. 
Edith Stone Schure '27 is the proud grand- 

To Polly Jones Sameth, a son, John Ed- 
win, on July 5, 1959. 

To Joyce Rutherford Shuey, a daughter, 
Linda Carol, on October 12, 1959. Joyce's 
new address is 1416 Patrick Henry Drive, 
Falls Church, Va. 

Other News: Sally Clarke and Betty Crowe 
are secretaries with Sylvania Electric Prod- 
ucts in Needham (Mass.), and Ann Avery 
is in the accounting department of Avco 
Research in Boston. Sally and Ann en- 
joyed a Bermuda vacation in July. 

Constance Johnson is now in the trust 
department of the Second Bank-State 
Street Trust Company of Boston, and June 
Valter is associated with Time, Inc. of 
New York. 

Helen Mowat is working at the New 
England Conservatory of Music and shar- 
ing a Boston apartment with Betty Ann 
Wellington, a secretary with the American 
Express Company. 

Early in the summer Marilyn Lanoue ac- 
cepted a position with the Boston Safe 
Deposit and Trust Company, and Janet 
McPherson has entered her second year of 
nurses training at the New England Bap- 
tist Hospital. 

Roxanne Miller, now a registered medi- 
cal technologist, is on the staff of Grace- 
New Haven Medical Center. Judy Meehan, 
who spent last year in Boston, is now a 
medical secretary in Hartford. 

Dorothy Woods is teaching nursery 
school in Providence, and "enjoying it tre- 

Carole Paolino, a senior at Syracuse Uni- 
versity, is majoring in fashion merchandis- 

From Marilyn Pfersch White x-'58: "On 
June 27, 1959 I was married to J. David 
White and we are now living at 1258 
River Road, Edgewater, N. J. Virginia 
Huelsen Hayden was my matron-of-honor." 

Judy George Stephens is food supervisor 
of the Cafeteria Dinette at Marshall Field 
and Company in Chicago. More than 4,000 
customers are served daily. Judy's husband 



is a senior at the University of Chicago 
Law School. 

Donna Levine writes to Marian Hume: 
"Just thought I'd check in with a bit of 
news. I am an underwriting trainee at the 
Travelers Insurance Company in Hartford, 
and have recently announced my engage- 
ment to Harold Shurberg, a student at the 
University of Pennsylvania Dental School. 
Judy Kaufman and Elaine Jarow -attended 
Peggy Fox Friedman's wedding in Cleve- 
land — a fabulous affair." 

A word or two from the Reunion Ques- 

Patricia Woolley: Student at University 
of Connecticut. 

Sandra Wilson Swartz: Secretary, Ad- 
vertising Department, Color Picture Pub- 
lishers, Inc., Boston. 

Patricia Watson: Student at Simmons 

Linda Truell: Attended Laboratory In- 
stitute of Merchandising, now on execu- 
tive training program of Allied Purchas- 
ing Corporation. 

Sylvia Tchakurides: Senior bacteriologist, 
Peter Bent Brigham Hospital. 

Bette Ann Stubbe: Medical secretary and 
assistant to Dr. Irving S. Wright, cardio- 
vascular specialist, of New York City. 

Leila Kay Steen: Student at University 
of Connecticut. 

Jacquelin Smith: Secretary, Patent Office, 
United Aircraft. 

Meade Simpson: Completed Lasell Nurs- 
ing Program, September 1959. 

Gail Seibert: Secretary, Merck, Sharp & 
Dohme, Research Laboratories, Rahway, 

Carol Perrotti: Student of medical tech- 
nology, St. Raphael's Hospital, New Haven. 

Marilyn Lanoue: Completed secretarial 
course at Chandler School in June. 

Mary Landini: Secretary, Sylvania Elec- 
tric, Waltham. 

Marilyn Hayes: Secretary, Pratt & Whit- 
ney Aircraft. Attending evening classes at 
the University of Hartford. 

Mary Gail Fenn: Student at University 
of New Hampshire. 

Ruth DeLuca: Accounting department, 
Pepperell Manufacturing Company. 

Nancy Cincotti Emmons: Medical secre- 
tary, Newton-Wellesley Hospital. 

Virginia Buonagurio: Attended Hunter 
College, and now assisting in a nursery 

Joan Bates: Brokerage technician, Con- 
necticut General Life Insurance Company, 
Manchester, N. H. 

Susanne Babcock Edington: Dental as- 

Janet McPherson: Student at School of 

Nursing, New England Baptist Hospital. 

Margaret Moore: Completed technical 
training at Johns Hopkins Hospital; now 
engaged in a glaucoma survey for the 
Government at the hospital. 

Carolee Salowitz: Employed by the City 
Building Supply Company and attending 
evening classes at Teacher's College of 
New Britain, Conn. 

Martha Wittenberg Plotkin: Secretary, 
Underwood Typewriter Corp. 

Beverly Vincent Jennings x-'58: Com- 
pleted secretarial course at Katharine Gibbs 
School; now with the Springfield office of 
Monsanto Chemical Company. 

Patricia Sindall: Laboratory technician. 

Barbara Swedlin: Candidate for B.S. de- 
gree in Education at Hofstra College. 

Roxanne Miller: Attended Yale Univer- 
sity School of Medical Technology 1958- 

Phyllis Lefebvre: Assistant buyer, jewelry 
department, Grover Cronin, Inc. 

Laurel Krebs: Student at Drexel Institute 
of Technology. 

Frances Klein Madison: Medical secre- 

Deborah Keith Estabrook: Secretary, Har- 
vard Business School. 

Dorothy Higginson Mayville: Laboratory 

Sheila Donahue Hutter: Completed med- 
ical technical training at St. Joseph's Hos- 
pital, Providence. 

Barbara Davis x-'58: Will graduate in 
June I960 from School of Commerce, New 
York University. Major in Retailing. 

Renie Crowder: Student at American In- 
ternational College and part-time nursery 
school teacher. 

Donna Carr: Student at University of 

Carol Briggs: Student at School of Pub- 
lic Relations and Communications, Boston 

Terry Brahe: Student at Pennsylvania 
State University. 

Linda Braslow: Technician, Sloan-Ket- 
tering Institute for Cancer Research. 


Carol Grieve, Secretary 
340 Gray St., Arlington, Mass. 

Melisse Jenkins, Secretary 
234 Riverview Ave., Drexel Hill, Penna. 

Joan Valentine, Secretary 
47 Beverly Rd., Wethersfield, Conn. 

Engaged: Catherine Carver to Richard A. 
Robie of Augusta, Maine. A June gradu- 



ate of the Bentley School of Accounting, 
Dick is now associated with the Avco 
Electronics Research Laboratories in Bos- 

Elsa Finard to Barry Waxman, a senior 
at Harvard College. 

Jeanne McShain to David A. White of 
Rochester, N. Y. Jeanne, a member of the 
staff of the Milford (Conn.) Nursery 
School, was supervisor of arts and crafts 
for the Hamden summer playground recre- 
ational program. 

Sandra Poole to F. Porter Adams of West 
Concord and Dennis, Mass. A June wed- 
ding is planned. 

Louise Ruma to Richard John Ivers, a 
graduate of the Michigan College of Min- 
ing and Technology. 

Harriet Stallings to John P. Jarosh of 
Newton, Mass. Harriet is a junior at Sim- 
mons College, and John is attending the 
Museum School. 

Priscilla Wakeling to Barry Gilman Pat- 
ton of Lincoln, R. I. 

Married: Angelina DeMasse and James Jo- 
seph Maville on June 27, 1959 at Hanover, 
N. H. Janet Smith and Diane Potts were 
members of the wedding party. 

Marjorie Hoar and Leslie O. Sherman on 
June 27, 1959. Marjorie's new address is 
P. O. Box 171, Durham, N. H. 

Martha Grearson and John Alfred Her- 
bert on July 10, 1959. Martha is a medical 
secretary in Cambridge, and her husband 
is a senior at Harvard College. 

Ellen Tendler and Cpl. Bernard Cohen, 
USMC, on July 12, 1959 at New Haven, 
Conn. Ellen's husband is stationed with 
the U. S. Marine Corps at the United States 
Naval Academy, and their address is 34 
Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, Md. 

Linda Sullo and George Hewins Sander- 
son on July 18, 1959- The groom's mother 
is Harriet Hewins Sanderson '29. 

Cynthia Boynton and William Edwin 
Davis, Jr. on August 26, 1959. Melisse 
Jenkins was maid of honor, and two of the 
bridesmaids were Judith Whitman and 
Jeanne McShain. Cynthia's new address is 
1509 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas. 

Harriet Dwyer x-'59 and Peter Goss Kil- 
bourn on August 29, 1959 at Lowell, Mass. 

Susan McComb and Stephen Newton 
Powers on August 29, 1959. Martha Win- 
ters was one of Sue's attendants. The Pow- 
ers are now at home at 5 Abbott Street, 
Wellesley, Mass. 

Nancy Fuller and Edward E. Lyons on 
September 12, 1959 at Brockton, Mass. 
Mary Lou Teegardin Magee was a member 
of the bridal party. 

Ann Brown and Lawrence Boyle on Sep- 
tember 12, 1959. Linda Brown '56 was her 
sister's maid of honor, and two of the 
bridesmaids were Jane Dwyer and Marcia 
Rideout. 4-B Woodland Hill Apartments, 
Wellesley Hills, Mass. is Ann's new ad- 

Nancy A. Ferguson and Richard Maurice 
Chapman on September 12, 1959 at Troy, 
N. Y. Nancy is the daughter of Margaret 
Gordon Ferguson '25. New address: 370 
Dutchess Turnpike, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Nancy Emerson and Paul James Sharpe 
on September 12, 1959. Jacquelyn Seth 
was maid of honor. Nancy's new address 
is 286 Warren Street, Needham, Mass. 

Barbara Kirshman and Albert Allen 
Wise on September 13, 1959 at Water- 
bury, Connecticut. Joan Sycle and Louise 
Sonken x-'59 were included in the wedding 
party. Barbara's husband is now attending 
the U. S. Army Air Defense School at Fort 
Bliss, and their address is 630 Arizona 
Street, El Paso, Texas. 

Beverly Bigelow and John Whitman III 
on October 24, 1959. Linda Bailey was one 
of Beverly's attendants. 

Patricia McSheehy and Frederick C. Hur- 
ley, Jr. on October 24, 1959 at Boston, 
Mass. Pat is the daughter of Villa Magune 
Clarkson '35. 

Merilyn LeSieur x-'59 and Alan Roger 
Miller on October 31, 1959. Alan is com- 
pleting his studies at Boston University 
School of Law. 

Barbara Kneeland and Richard Wilson 
Sherwood on November 7, 1959. The cou- 
ple is making their home in Raleigh, where 
Dick is a senior at North Carolina State 

Barbara Howell and Peter Bruce Talbott 
on November 14, 1959 at Stamford, Conn. 
In March they will go to Germany for two 
years, where Peter will be on a tour of 
duty with the service. 

Sandra Van Voorhies x-'59 and Peter 
Walker Nordham on November 14, 1959. 

Ruth Wyss and Paul Lynn Colville on 
November 21, 1959 at Stamford, Conn. 

Joan Levitt x-'59 and Martin E. Green- 
berg on November 22, 1959 at Merion, 

Karen Lord and Thomas F. Conroy. 
Tom, a graduate of Maine Central Insti- 
tute, is now in his junior year at the Uni- 
versity of Connecticut. 

Mary Lou Teegardin and John Russell 
Magee. Mary Lou's new address is 410 
Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, Mass. 

CALENDAR 1959-60 


September 17 ...-:... . Registration of New Students 

September 19 Registration of Returning Students 

September 21 Formal Opening 

November 16 Beginning of Second Quarter 

November 25 after classes to ") 

> Thanksgiving 

November 30 for classes ) 

December 16 after classes to \ 

i960 / . . . • • Christmas Vacation 

January 5 for classes ; 

February 1 Beginning of Second Semester 

March 11-13 Father-Daughter Weekend 

March 25 End of Third Quarter 

March 25 after classes to \ 

. ., . , > Spring Vacation 

April 5 for classes ) 10 

April 22 Bowdoin Concert 

May 13 Lasell Night at Pops 

June 9 Baccalaureate 

June 10 End of Second Semester 

June 11 Alumnae Reunion; Class Night 

June 12 Commencement 




ft/?/ /<?££ 

Lasell Leaves 






Member of American Alumnae Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 


First Vice-President: 
Second Vice-President: 
Recording Secretary: 


Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 

4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Lillian Reese Roche '50 (Mrs. Paul H.) 
108 Pearson Rd., Somerville (MO 6-5712) 

Muriel Ross Benshimol '46 (Mrs. Richard) 
175 Summer Ave., Reading (RE 2-2093) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (CE 5-3615) 

Corresponding Secretary: Lillian Feneley Cooley '45 (Mrs. Duane S.) 
3 Garden Road, Concord (EM 9-3876) 

Treasurer : 

Assistant Treasurer: 

Alumnae Fund 
Chairman : 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

170 Harvard St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale (LA 7-3071) 

Alumnae Clubs Advisor: Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 

41 Brentwood Dr., Holden (Pleasant 6-3015) 

Scholarship Committee 
Chairman : 

Directors : 

Alumnae Secretary: 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 (Mrs. L. P.) 

Box 854, New Hampton, N.H. (Bristol 4-2210) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 

110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale (LA 7-8961) 

Elaine Towne Batson '43 (Mrs. R. R.) 

749 Commonwealth Ave., Warwick, R.I. 

(Regent 7-5540) 
Betty Williams McGowan '47, (Mrs. F. M., Jr.) 
52 Brewster Ave., Braintree Highlands (VI 3-5097) 
Elizabeth Sleight Dexter '53 (Mrs. C. G.) 
Trim Town Rd., North Scituate, R.I. 

(Niagara 7-5321) 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 


Editor: Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Assistants: Marguerite S. Merrill 

Elsie McDermott 



MAY, I960 

NO. 3 


On The Campus 4 

Club News 9 

Engagements and 

Marriages 12 

Births 15 

Class News 20 

Cover: At the Long Island Division Luncheon, Feb. 6, I960. 1. to r. Mercy Sinsabaugh 
Ingalls '87, Joan Wolfe Wickham x-'49 and Mabel Taylor Gannett '95. (Photo by 
Newsday, Long Island) 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 




The Board of Trustees announce the 
appointment of Dr. Blake Tewksbury 
as third president and eighth head of 
Lasell Junior College. Dr. Tewksbury 
will succeed Dr. Richard M. Packard, 
chairman of the Social Studies Depart- 
ment, who has occupied the post on an 
acting basis during the current year. 

Dr. Tewksbury was graduated from 
Bowdoin College in 1934 with the de- 
gree of Bachelor, of Arts, receiving 
honors in Latin. He held teaching posts 
at Milo, Maine, at Thornton Academy 
in Saco, Maine, and at the Rye Country 
Day School, Rye, N. Y., from 1934-40. 

After completing some graduate work 
at Harvard University, he received his 
master of arts degree from New York 
University in 1940, majoring in educa- 
tional administration. He joined the 
faculty of Keystone Junior College, La 
Plume, Pa. in 1940 as registrar. In 1943 
Dr. Tewksbury was advanced to the 
position of vice-president and two years 
later became president of one of the 
leading private junior colleges in Penn- 

In 1954 President Tewksbury re- 
ceived an honorary Doctor of Laws de- 
gree from Bucknell University in Lewis- 
bury, Pa. In presenting the degree, 
Dean William H. Coleman cited Dr. 
Tewksbury's "constructive services" as 
a teacher and administrator in the grow- 
ing junior college field. 

During Dr. Tewksbury's administra- 
tion, Keystone Junior College enlarged 
its educational facilities and added sev- 

eral new buildings including a library, 
gymnasium, faculty residences, a wom- 
en's dormitory and a dining hall now 
under construction. During the same 
period the endowment of the institution 
grew from nothing to over $500,000. 

Born in Auburn, Maine, Dr. Tewks- 
bury is the son of the late H. J. R. 
Tewksbury, for many years editor of the 
"Portland (Maine) Sunday Telegram." 
The family is descended from the found- 
ers of Tewksbury, Mass. 

Mrs. Tewksbury, the former Margaret 
H. Ricker of Buckfield, Maine, is a 
graduate of Boston University and 
taught several years prior to her mar- 
riage. The couple have two sons, Blake 
Grayson and Mark, 16 and 14. 

Dr. Tewksbury has served as presi- 
dent of both the junior College Council 
of the Middle Atlantic States and the 
Pennsylvania Association of Junior Col- 
leges. He has recently completed two 
three-year terms as a member of the 
national board of directors of the Amer- 
ican Association of Junior Colleges and 
has served as a member of the executive 
committee of the Middle States Asso- 
ication, the area accredited agency. He 
is a member of the Lackawanna Trail 
Joint School Board and the Scranton 
Kiwanis Club. In recent years he has 
served on Gov. Leader's committee on 
educational problems in Pennsylvania 
and the regional White House Confer- 
ence group. Dr. Tewksbury has trav- 
elled extensively in this country and in 



In Memoriam: Susan E. Tiffany on 
March 23, I960 at Avon Park, Florida. 
Miss Tiffany, a member of the Class of 
1915 and a Life Member of Lasell 
Alumnae, Inc., has served on the 
Board of Trustees since 1922. Former- 
ly a resident of Blandford (Mass.), she 
was the organizer of Heart's Ease Cir- 
cle of King's Daughters, a past regent 
of Mercy Warren Chapter, DAR, of 
Springfield, a charter member of the 
Blandford Historical Society and a 
member of the board of directors of 
the Blandford Country Club. Miss 
Tiffany is survived by a cousin, Mrs. 
Mylon Merchant of Avon Park, Flor- 

Jean C. Marion on March 11, I960. 
Mrs. Marion, a graduate of Massachu- 
setts General Hospital School of Nurs- 
ing, had served as superintendent of 
nurses at Boston Lying-in Hospital 
and as superintendent of the Commu- 
nity Health Association of Boston. 
Mrs. Marion was resident nurse at the 
college from 1937 to 1941. 

Other News: Blanchie B. Hall (Fac. 
'45-'48) is now head medical records 
librarian at the Memorial Hospital in 
Albany, New York. Mrs. Hall is the 
mother-in-law of Lynn Blodgett Hall 

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Moulton 
(Hope Kibbe, Fac. '43-'49) and family 
will sail from San Francisco on July 
28th for a year in Australia. Hope 
writes: "Mai has been awarded a Ful- 
bright Scholarship to study on the 
Great Barrier Reef during 1960-61. 
This will be more research concerned 
with the acoustical biology of marine 
animals and he is truly eager to com- 
pare the situation there with Bimini 
and with Bermuda, where we spent the 
summer of 1958. We are all going on 
this Australian venture and will live 
in Brisbane. Plan to return home via 
England and Scotland, where we shall 
visit Dundee friends." 

Charles L. Hanson on April 30, 
I960. Mr. Hanson, a noted authority 
on English composition, for forty-two 
years was head of the English Depart- 
ment at Mechanics Arts High School, 
now Boston Technical High School. He 
was a member of the New England 
Associations of Colleges and Secondary 
Schools, the Cambridge Club, the Friday 
Evening Club, and was a trustee of the 
North Avenue Savings Bank of Cam- 
bridge. Mr. Hanson served on the ad- 
ministrative staff of the college from 

Russell A. Winslow, son of Trustee 
Richard A. Winslow, has been elected 
features editor of the Harvard Law 
Record, weekly student publication of 
the Harvard Law School. Russ is a sec- 
ond year student. 

Marie Campbell will become the 
bride of Thomas S. Lambert of Bos- 
ton on May 14, I960. Miss Campbell 
was an instructor in Nursing from 
1958 to I960. 



The college is happy to welcome to 
its faculty a charming new recruit to 
the English Department, Dr. Chun-Jo 
Liu, who replaced Mrs. Helen Peirce 
(Fac. '53-'59). 

A native of Peking, Miss Liu at- 
tended the National South West Asso- 
ciated University, from which she re- 
ceived her Bachelor of Arts degree. 
She received the Master of Arts degree 
from Occidental College in Los 
Angeles, and then attended the Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin Graduate School, 
from which she received her doctorate 
in 1952. By coincidence, while study- 
ing at Wisconsin, she attended lectures 
by Professor Wylie Sypher, chairman 
of the Department of Language, Liter- 
ature and Arts at Simmons College 
and husband of our own Mrs. Lucy 
Sypher (Fac. '29- ). 

Currently Dr. Liu lives in Cam- 
bridge, where she shares an apartment 
with a music major from Vassar, and 
follows her many enthusiasms in an at- 
mosphere which she finds both stim- 
ulating and satisfying. The proximity 
of the great Harvard Center for Orien- 
tal Studies has tempted her to under- 
take the study of Japanese, and is fol- 
lowing a course in calculus in the Har- 
vard Extension series. 

Dr. Liu has already established a 
considerable reputation in scholarly 
circles in this country and is the author 
of at least two monographs in the field 
of her special interest: "Heroes and 
Heroines in Modern Chinese Fiction" 
which was published by the Far East- 
em Journal, and_ "People, Places and 
Times in Five Modern Chinese 
Novels". At the same time she has 
been busy as a teacher as well, with 
faculty appointments at the University 
of Wisconsin, Brooklyn College, Vas- 
sar College, and most recently, the 
University of Florida. 

"Books of All Time" was the theme 
of Lasell's seventh annual Book Fair 
was held on Tuesday and Wednesday, 
February 23 and 24, I960. Distin- 
guished visitors to the campus for the 
occasion were Miss May Sarton, poet 
and novelist, and Professor Robert 
W. Rogers, chairman of the English 
Department of the University of Illi- 

Miss Muriel McClelland, assistant 
dean and director of physical educa- 
tion, and Miss Tilia Fantasia, of the 
physical education department, chap- 
eroned the sixty-first annual White 
Mountain trip on February 4-7, I960. 

On March 25 sixty-six students and 
four chaperones flew to Bermuda for 
the spring vacation. Dean June Bab- 
cock, Miss Harriet Atwood, Miss 
Frances Atwood and Miss Fantasia ac- 
companied the girls. 

The Seventh Father-Daughter Week- 
end was held at the college on March 
11-13, I960. The festivities began on 
Friday evening with a performance of 
"Elizabeth, the Queen" at Winslow 
Hall. Highlights of the Saturday pro- 
gram were a Talent Show — "Life 
with Father" — presented in the after- 
noon at Winslow Hall, and a "Wild. 
West" Costume Dance in the evening. 

The faculty of the Art Department 
opened its initial exhibition of work 
in Carter Hall on Wednesday after- 
noon, March 16. The showing contin- 
ued through Friday. Miss Jacquelin 
Saunders exhibited water and oil 
colors; Mr. Donald Warren ■ — ■ archi- 
tectural plans, sculpture and paintings; 
Miss Amelia Terrazano — fashion il- 
lustrations and clothing designs; Mrs. 
Ann Cuneo — sculpture, painting and 
weaving; and Miss Marguerite Barrett 
— crafts and drawings. 



Susan Ellis '60, Lelia Walker Saunders '01; Sandra Lund '60, Marceline Freeman 

Jones '06-'07 


Charlotte Brown '60, Dorothy Hale Brown '26; Jane Chevers '60, Dorothy Plattner 
Chevers x-'33; Linda Collett '60, Ethelle Cleale Collett '22, Nancy Collett Hendrichs '47 


Marion Hockridge '60, Marion Goodrich Hockridge '18; Janet Sawyer '60, Frances 
Wheeler Sawyer '31; Linda Teich '60, Carol Griffin Teich x-'32 



Lynne Cadieux '61, Palma Champegny Mello x-'29; Barbara Cole '61, Mildred Bell 
Cole '31; Marienne Collins '61, Phyllis Rhinehart Collins x-'32; Carol Ann Hackett '61, 

Doris Morin Hackett x-'38 

Lynne Horner '61, Ethel Buchanan Horner '32; Christine Lewis '61, Harriet Cole 

Lewis '31; Flora Spigner '61, Carolyn Sproat Spigner '32, Earlene Spigner Black x-'53 

(sister); Marguerite Stockman '61, Elinor Stevens Stockman '26 


Lynn Dawson '61, Miriam Smith Dawson x-'25; Jane Wilson '61, Granddaughter of 

Sarah Springall Youmans x-'17 


SISTERS . . . 

Kathryne Bouret '60, Loretta Bouret Aucoin x-'40; Faith Bowker '60, Cornelia Bowker 
x-'59; Judith Cassoli '60, Beverly Cassoli McCarthy '54 

Elizabeth Fager '60, Marjorie Fager '51, Jean Fager '53, Marrilyn Fager '61; Kendra 
Knowles '60, Katherine Knowles Scully '57; Marina Kokxhoorn '60, Gerardine Kokx- 

hoorn '61 

Brenda Rawding '60, Joan Rawding '58; Susan Smith '60, Carole Smith Diamond '52; 
Joyce Thomas '60, Antoinette Thomas Bouchard '58; Judith Williams '60, Donna 

Williams O'Connor '55 


SISTERS . . . 

Deborah Clark '61, Suzanne Clark '55; Martha Dazley '61, Linda Dazley '59; Marrilyn 
Fager '61, Marjorie Fager '51, Jean Fager '53, Elizabeth Fager '60; Faith Fuller '61, 

Joyce Fuller Brophy '54 

Gerardine Kokxhoorn '61, Marina Kokxhoorn '60; Sheila Komito '61; Judith Komito 

Oster '57; Nancy Pickett '61, Joan Pickett Morrow '54; Elizabeth Schwingel '61, 

Mary Ellen Schwingel Skove x-'52; Constance Smith '61, Judith Smith Long '57 

Sheila Stevenson '61, Anna Stevenson Magnano '51; Martha Swett '61, Cynthia Swett 

Watson '56; Valerie Tarracciano '61, Patricia Tarracciano Ciccone '57; June Vara '61, 

Shirley Vara Gallerani '53; Gail Warren '61, Jean Warren Tredwell x-'57 




Mrs. Mason Hills Stone 
(Adrienne E. Smith, '23), President 
7 Breamore Rd., Newton 58, Mass. 

Suzanne G. Wadsworth '56, Cor. Secy. 
15 Norwood St., Winchester, Mass. 

The Greater Boston Lasell Club spon- 
sored a successful food sale on February 
13, I960, at the Waltham Stop & Shop. 
This project was under the capable leader- 
ship of Helen Richter Hanson, '46 and Joan 
Hanson Blake '46. 

The Club is having a very active and 
happy year; flowers again will be sold 
at the Boston Pops at Lasell Night. 

Again this year, under the leadership 
of Patricia Howe Bassett '57, food will 
be sold to the students on campus. 

Col. Robert Carter was the speaker at 
our annual April luncheon at The Wood- 
land Country Club. 


Mrs. Robert L. Smith 

(Joy Gustavson '50), President 

1329 Rowe Road, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Mrs. Edward J. Downes, Jr. 
(Sally Churchill '56) , Rec. Secretary 
1829 Western Avenue, Albany 3, N. Y. 

Joy Gustavson Smith '50, our newly- 
elected president, conducted her first meet- 
ing at the home of Sally Churchill Downes 
'56, on February 23, I960. 

We decided to plan five meetings each 
year and discussed the possibility of a pic- 
nic meeting in June at either Lake George 
or Saratoga Lake, and a fashion show- 
luncheon in September. 

Mr. Paul R, Taylor, father-in-law of 
Nancy Tripp Taylor '55, and a member of 
the New York State Legislative Assembly, 
gave a brief history of the insurance field 
and discussed insurance investments. 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Packard will 
be the special guests at the April 12th 
meeting at Joy Gustavson Smith's '50 home 
in Schenectady. 

Attending the February meeting were: 
Joy Gustavson Smith '50, Lynn Babbitt 
Cooper '45, Carolyn Sproat Spigner '32, 
Nancy Tripp Taylor '55, Angeline Emery 

MacCulloch '14, Grace Douglass Schindler 
x-'12, Anne Winkle Winkler '50, Joan M. 
Shanley '55, Jo Anne Carrk '58, Priscilla 
Ames Ruggles '47, Jane Glassbrook Ham- 
ilton '43, Joyce Brandt Francis '49, Jane 
Anne Perry '50, Joyce Davies Harrison 
'50, Sally Churchill Downes '56. 



The Greater New York Club 

The second meeting of the Long Island 
Division of the Greater New York Lasell 
Club was held on February 6, I960 at 
The Swan Club in Glenwood Landing. 
The committee for this most successful 
luncheon included Joan Wolfe Wickham 
x-'49, Ann Hollett Munro '49 and Joan 
Pauling Smith '49. 

We were very pleased to have as our 
first guest speaker, Alumnae Secretary 
Marjorie MacClymon '32. On behalf of 
Lasell Alumnae, Inc. she extended the in- 
vitation to two of our members to be the 
Alumnae Council guests in April. 

The business session of the meeting was 
conducted by Joanne Monahan Garrity '51, 
assisted by Carolyn Loewe Jones '49. We 
were especially happy to have with us two 
of the most loyal college alumnae, Mercy 
Sinsabaugh Ingalls '87 and Mabel Taylor 
Gannett '95, who were introduced to the 
group from the head table. 

The Nominating Committee appointed 
to prepare a slate of officers for the year 
April 1960 - March 1961 include: Joan 
Wolfe Wickham, Chairman; June Cherry 
Bruns '42, and Junis Anderson '59. 

Those present at the February luncheon, 
in addition to those mentioned above, were: 
Kit Ballard Heck '51, Raemary Chase 
Duryea '46, Marjorie Langworthy Hegeman 
'43, Florence Mangan Putnam '51, Cynthia 
Platz Latham '49, Betty Renison Ballard '46, 
Ruth Bayles Markham '41, Carolyn Simp- 
son Hayden '53, Joan Hahn Fern '50, Jac- 
queline Pfeiffer Lueth '48, Grace Schwarz 
Wall x-'46, Barbara Lewis '59, Nancy 
Wilder '59, Florence Nagel Stump x'44, 
Barbara Hill Breen '51, Virginia Marshall 
x-'50, Audrey Callahan Cohill '50, Jean 
Ostrander Lowman '50, Joeyna Raynal 
Rearwin '52, Jean Warren Tredwell x-'57, 
Gloria Warner Farrell '50, Suzanne Kellner 
'56, Beryl Schelhorn Frey '55, June Weid- 
ner Burns x-'54 and Frances Long Bunnell '31. 




The Greater Boston Club 

The third meeting of the North Shore 
group was held in February at the home 
of Helen Champagne Trook '32. In March, 
Diane Palady Barry '49 entertained the 
girls at her home. The club worked on 
items to be sold at the June table on Alum- 
nae Day June 11th. 


Mrs. James N. Ferguson, III 

(Nancy Chase '53), President 

Cobble Hill Rd., Lincoln, R. I. 

Mrs. Georgianna Lawrence 

(Georgianna Taber HS '33-'35), Rec. Secy. 

Box 442, Taunton, Mass. 

One of our youngest club members, 
Nancy Gronquist '59, was the hostess for 
our January meeting. Mrs. Eric J. Softly, 
director of education at the Central Bap- 
tist Church in Providence, was the guest 
speaker in February. Mrs. Softly gave an 
illustrated lecture on her recent trip to the 
Holy Land. The club members were the 
guests of Elaine Bertini Roske '56 at this 

Jean Davies Stanley '50 and Lois Schaller 
Toegemann '50 were co-chairmen of the 
food sale held on February 13, I960 at 
Shepard's Store, Providence. Assisting at 
the sale were Betty Lou Foy Reid '52 and 
Georgianna Taber Lawrence. 

Marilyn Weeden Davidson '49 enter- 
tained the club at her home in March, and 
Jean Davies Stanley was the April hostess. 

The annual meeting is scheduled for 
May 11th at the Grist Mill in Seekonk, 


Mrs. Edward T. Chalfant 

(Helen L. Cole '28), President 

12300 Moss Ranch Road 

Town and Ranch Estates 

Miami, Florida 

Mrs. William C. Lewis 

(Harriet C. Cole '31), Secretary 

4000 Malaga Avenue, Coral Gables, Fla. 

The annual luncheon and business meet- 
ing of the South Florida Lasell Club was 
held on Saturday, February 6, I960 at the 
Escape Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. In at- 
tendance there were twenty-two Lasell 
"girls" and two guests. As the group gath- 
ered and chatted, all registered and were 

South Florida Club Meeting 
February 1960 

given name cards tied with ribbon bows of 
Lasell blue. The luncheon table held a cen- 
terpiece of blue and white carnations and 
"mums" and paper canoes filled with white 

Elizabeth Robinson Breed x-'09 presided 
and Margaret Trice Gibbens x-'l6 asked the 
blessing. The president gave a few words 
of greeting and each one introduced her- 

An informal discussion of schooldays 
followed, highlighted by memories of 
Bertha Hayden King '03, and report of 
1959 Commencement and Class Reunion by 
Irene Murray Pettapiece x-'29. Several of 
our members reported daughters or rela- 
tives at Lasell now or recently. A very in- 
teresting and informative letter was read 
from Dr. Packard. 

The following officers were elected: 
Helen Cole Chalfant, '28, President, Har- 
riet Cole Lewis '31, Secretary and Eugenia 
Swift Lawrence x-'23, Treasurer. 

The following members were present: 
Bertha Hayden King '03, Lelah Cone Shaf- 
fer x-'06, Elizabeth Robinson Breed x-'09, 
Maria Riker Hume '09, Myrtle Ellis Brophy 
'13, Clara Paton Suhlke '15, Susan Tiffany 
'15, Evelina Perkins '15, Margaret Trice 
Gibbens x-'l6, Lisinka Kuehl Dawson 
x-'23, Mabel Mitchell Pyott x-'26, Irene 
Murray Pettapiece x-'29, Miriam Smith 
Dawson x-'24, Bernice Silva Davis '35, 
Nancy Morse Stanfield '44, Joan Jones '47, 
Barbara McNeish Carr '50, Eleanor Barton 
'50, Susan Schofield Jeffrey '55. 




Mrs. Louis A. Pipes 

(Florence Stetson '37), President 

2918 Fourth St., Santa Monica, Calif. 

Mrs. Stewart B. Anderson 

(Gini Hall '48), Secretary 

11651 Pickett Lane, Garden Grove, Calif. 

The annual luncheon meeting of the 
Southern California Lasell Club was held 
at Bullock's-Wilshire on Saturday, March 
12, I960. 

After a delicious luncheon of chicken 
with wild rice, President Florence Stetson 
Pipes '37, opened the meeting by having 
each girl introduce herself by class, tell 
where she was from, number of children 
she had, and her husband's occupation. 
The engineers were most predominant. 

Sixteen people, unable to attend, sent 
contributions. They were: Edna Wool- 
son Bean x-'l4, Priscilla Dow Brown '45, 
Argenta MacDonald Carothers x-'05, Laura 
Chase '02, Cleora Brooks Clokey '01, 
Marian Traxler Crum '39, Jean Humbird 
Dickason x-'13, Edith Holman Dolliver 
x-'17, Lucie Harrison Eimer '40, Carol Ken- 
neally Gardner '55, Elizabeth Castner Ham- 
mond '22, Winifred Whittlesby Knowlton 
'12, Marriott Degan MacDonald x-'ll, 
Helen Ebersole Swartzel x-'03, Helen Over- 
holser Towle '16, Lucy Young Walker 
x-'08, Ellen Chase Wood '02. 

Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley '49 offered 
her home in San Marino for our October 
informal get-together. 

Recognition was given to the following: 
Kate Wheldon Plumb '02, who represented 
the oldest class attending; Carol White 
Noerdlinger '57, who represented the 
youngest class; and Chris Bilakos Farma- 
sonis '48, our most recent bride. 

Others present not previously men- 
tioned included: Gertrude List Alford '41, 
Marty Moyer Anson '48, Marjorie Hills 
Buffington '37, Isabelle Bowers Church 
x-'03, Barbara Rymer Cole '48, Pat Zeigler 
Dillingham '47, Julia Klingensmith Frey 
x-'28, Janet Pearson Hauck '53, Michelle 
Hires '48, Sandra Lally Hovey '55, Peg 
Jones Howry '38, Trudy Ruch Kauffman 
'42, Claire Quinzani Kerins '51, Doris 
Somerville Krom '40, Doris Wilson Lehners 
'26-'28, Mary McConn Maguire '29, Mary 
Potter McConn '05, Marian Rushton Miller 
'43, Jean Bohacket Pegram '41, Barbara 
Harris Ryan '46, Elaine Reed Simpson '46, 
Dorothy Dale Smith '15, Esther Sosman '36, 
Jane Alford Young '49. 


Mrs. W. S. Kane 

(M. Patricia Wilson '54), President 

3419 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville, Md. 

Mrs. J. P. McCusker 

(Ritamae Hinchliffe '38), Rec. Secy. 

3048 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va. 

Pat Wilson Kane '54 presided at the 
December meeting held at the Arlington 
home of Dorothy French Lally x-'42. She 
suggested that we send get-well cards to 
former club president, Beth Baer Tracy 

Members present at the December meet- 
ing included: Pat Wilson Kane, Dorothy 
French Lally, Ellen Grover MacVeigh, 
Rosamond McCorkindale Blizard '45, Rita- 
mae Hinchliffe McCusker '38, Janet Payson 
Dinan '39, Agnes Neu '39, Marjorie Stuart 
Olds '36, Pauline Philbrick Gritz '35, Anne 
Campbell Terrill x-'37 and Jean Watson 
Wetrick '46. 


Mrs. Lester Fontaine 

(Carolyn Powers '52), President 

641 Prospect St., East Longmeadow, Mass. 

Mrs. Richard C. Swain 

(Sandra C. Smith '56), Secretary 

467 Cold Spring Ave., West Springfield, 


Barbara Baldwin Smith '50, was general 
chairman for the "Spring Fashion Tuneup" 
and bridge party held in February at the 
Longmeadow Community House. Proceeds 
of the affair benefit the Alumnae Scholar- 
ship Fund. 

Models included: Elda Volpe Van Wart 
'47, Sandra Smith Swain '56, Joan Conley 
Eid '56, Carolyn Powers Fontaine '52, Peg- 
gyanne Riker Miller '51, Eleanor Bradway 
Lammers '45, Bernice Cunningham Smith 
x-'26, Elizabeth Leland Kibbe '38, Judith 
Rakosky Baskin '59. Phyllisan Kozloski 
Murphy '51, and Betty Jensen Curtis '39 
assisted the models. 

Other chairmen of the various commit- 
tees were: Eleanor Bradway Lammers "45, 
table arrangements; Sallyann Bartlett Abel 
'51, refreshments; Margaret Leary Hacker 
'47, hostesses; Mary Rochford Nolan x-'49, 
pourers; Jeanne Moseley Frank '56, door 
prizes; Merilyn Peck Erickson '52, tickets; 
Barbara Iris Johnson '35, music; Frances 
Gay Linford '39, decorations; Dorothy 
Nickerson Tehan '44, publicity. 




Rhoda O'Donnell '47 to Carl Walter Erickson. 

Phyllis Burckett '49 to Walter P. Ulichy. 

Suzanne Webber x-'53 to Wilburn W. Hornbuckle. 

Janet Sorensen '54 to Berch Onanian. 

Judith Hartnett x-'55 to Thomas Anthony Clavin. 

Joan Murano '5 5 to Philip Kenneth Swanson. 

Barbara Schuster '55 to John Warren Klinefelter. 

Cynthia Tredeau '55 to Paul Wegerdt. 

Ann August '56 to Benjamin Hart Marcus. 

Betsy Belsterling '56 to Lt. John A. Jordan, Jr., USN. 

Elaine Card '56 to David P. LeFort. 

Betty Lee Domijan x-'56 to Richard E. Fournier. 

Carol Curtin '57 to Ronald F. Walsh. 

Lenore Hagopian '57 to Lt. John S. Solakian. 

Caroline Killam '57 to Henry Gerdes Moller.. 

Carolyn LeGoff '57 to Lt. Frank Joseph Hogan, Jr. 

Elizabeth May '57 to Ens. Thomas W. Kolls. 

Patricia McAuley '57 to Ens. Craig Bennett Haines, Jr. 

Shirley Schools x-'57 to Joseph S. Veno. 

Ada Whitmore x-'57 to William T. Suydam. 

Sharon Abbett '58 to William Charles Boyd. 

Bonnie Beckwith '58 to William Stanley Morrison. 

Millicent Carlson '58 to James Stanley O'Brien. 

Nancy Cusack '58 to Pvt. J. Courtney McGroarty, Jr. 

Mary Ellen Davis x-'58 to Richard S. Williams, Jr. 

Barbara Gunther '58 to Lawrence H. Dallin. 

Marjorie Guterman '58 to Lester Dembitzer. 

Mary Landini '58 to Edward F. Doyle, III. 

Dorothy Lezon '58 to Laurien A. Levesque, Jr. 

Rosalie Muller '58 to David Phillips Carr. 

Mary Beth Murray '58 to Philip Richard Cass. 

Elizabeth Nolan '58 to Roy J. Mochi. 

Deborah Perry x-'58 to F. Robert Moran. 

Mary Rasimas '58 to Ens. Donald R. Gavini. 

Ruth Ann Smiley x-'58 to Frank Edward Richardson. 

Nina Wachsmuth x-'58 to Daniel Field, Jr. 

Marjorie Borromey '59 to Michael Richard Kiely. 

Levette Corthouts '59 to Thomas J. Landry. 

Kathryn Eckert '59 to Richard G. Bodner. 

Sandra Hall '59 to Frederick H. Oberg. 

Elizabeth Healy '59 to Gerald S. Shelby. 

Martha Jane Houle '59 to Leo P. Walsh. 

Frances Reid '59 to Peter Michael Kip. 

Mary Louise Sieracki '59 to Michael Joseph Nash. 

Beverly Sutton '59 to Robert Fitzsimmons. 




Adrienne E. Smith '23 and Mason Hills Stone on February 27, I960 at Auburndale, Mass. 
Jean M. Corboy x-'40 and Albert Leo Condon, Jr. on February 6, I960 at Milford, Mass. 
Patricia Connolly (HS '43-'44) and Darrell Anderson Dance on December 30, 1959. 
Mary Owens '45 and Richard F. Browning on New Year's Day I960 at Gorham, Me. 
Christena Bilakos '48 and Basil P. Farmasonis on September 26, 1959 at Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Sally Hughes '50 and Lt. Clyde A. Fasick, USAF, on November 28, 1959 at Newtonville, 



Adrienne Smith Stone '23 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Mulcahy 
(Joyce Carroll '52) 

Iris Schofield '50 and John Coleman McDonough on December 26, 1959 at Needham, 

Barbara DeVeau x-'51 and Charles Wallace Martin on February 12, I960. 
Joan Dunlap '52 and Jerry E. Fullerton in May 1959. 
Barbara Morris '53 and Lee Kenneth Louria on January 24, I960. 
Elsie Knaus '53 and Joseph G. Klemt on February 20, I960. 

Janet M. Chase '53 and Charles Mason Ash on February 20, I960 at Glen Rock, N. J. 
Silvia Faccio '53 and John D. W. Tirrell on February 27, I960 at West Englewood, N. J. 
Emily Betts '54 and Robert J. Reilly on January 3, I960 at Boston, Mass. 
Mary Helen (Polly) Waterman '5 5 and William F. Weaving in the summer of 1959- 
Joan Baker '55 and Richard Cornell on August 29, 1959 at Rochester, N. Y. 
Donna Gearhart '55 and Vincent E. Leo on December 8, 1959 at Kennett Square, Penna. 
Nancy Ann Lincoln '55 and Hugh M. Martin on January 23, I960 at Great Neck, N. Y. 
Barbara Kingsman x-'56 and Herman A. Rapp, Jr. on May 2, 1959 at Pelham, N. Y. 
Patricia Luchka '56 and Bruce Butterworth on July 25, 1959. 
Marylin Mingle x-'56 and Bruce A. Gemberling on August 29, 1959- 
Georgia Davis '56 and John Philip Smith on October 17, 1959 at Washington, D. C. 
Nancy Hietala '56 and Peter A. Grammas on December 12, 1959 at Ipswich, Mass. 
M. Judith Gans '56 and Benjamin R. Nathanson on March 6, I960 at Norwalk, Conn. 
Gail Beverstock '57 and Robert Josephson on June 27, 1959- 
Harriet Ann Wason '57 and Robert Peabody Carter on November 14, 1959 at Waban, 

Dorothy Fenrich '57 and Ernest DelGuercio on November 21, 1959 at South Orange, N. J. 
Annette Bogdan '57 and James S. Ferris on December 12, 1959. 

Marilyn Tietler x-'57 and Arnold G. Liebman on December 19, 1959 at Springfield, Mass. 
Marilyn Braverman x-'57 and Robert J. Mades on December 27. 1959 at Newton, Mass. 
Merle Frylinck '57 and Ralph B. Craig, Jr. on January 2, I960 at Durham, N. H. 
Linda Lasky x-'57 and Harry E. Ruocco on January 7, I960 at Woodbridge, Conn. 



Annette Bogdan Ferris '57 

Nancy Ferguson Chapman '59 
September 12, 1959 

Margaret Fagan x-'57 and Carl Richard Ficks on January 16, I960 at West Hartford, 

Mary Jo Miller '57 and John R. Kris on February 6, I960 at Springfield, Mass. 
Janet Coulter '57 and Lt. Bradshaw Langmaid, Jr. on February 13, I960 at Cambridge, 

Katharine Wallace '57 and Wesley T. Lott on February 20, I960 at Marlboro, Mass. 
Judith Brower '58 and Donald E. Heyer on September 26, 1959. 
Carole Bartholomew '58 and Malcolm Walter Dusseau on December 27, 1959. 
Jean Wynott '58 and Robert M. Delahunt in January I960. 

Joan Reichert '58 and Robert Thomas Strother on January 2, I960 at Branford, Conn. 
Nancy Spargo '58 and Donald A. Goodridge on January 2, I960 at Wilmington, Dela. 
Janet March '58 and Thomas E. Murphy, Jr. on January 16, I960 at Auburndale, Mass. 
Elaine Shanken '58 and Dr. Daniel G. Fischer on January 24, I960 at New Haven, Conn. 
Harriet Beard '58 and James Frost Ackerman, Jr. on February 6, I960 at Milford, Conn. 
Gail Winalski '58 and Elliott Burd on February 13, I960 at Hartford, Conn. 
Jacquelynn Seth '59 and Robert C. Greymont on December 19, 1959 at Needham, Mass. 
Jean Alesio '59 and Francis J. Johnson on December 26, 1959 at Whitman, Mass. 
Barbara Balkus '59 and Arthur R. Sgroi on January 2, I960 at Holliston, Mass. 
Carole Kumins '59 and Richard K. Nelles on January 10, I960 at Brookline, Mass. 
Geraldine Downing x-'59 and William A. Degrenia in February I960. 
Sarane Symonds x-'59 and James R. Willing on February 13, I960 at Essex, Conn. 



To Jean Burroughs Rawson '43, a third child, first daughter, Anne, on January 26, 1959- 

To Betty McAvoy Marilley '43, a daughter, Kate, in September 1959. 

To Jean "Penny" Henry Goggins '45, a seventh child, second daughter, Margaret May, 
on December 9, 1959. 

To Elizabeth Kendall Hunter '46, a daughter, Nancy Ellen, on July 30, 1959. 

To Barbara Weeks Dow '46, a son, John Joseph III, in September 1959- 

To Kathryn Woolaver Parsons '46, a fifth child, first daughter, Katherine Ann, on Octo- 
ber 20, 1959- 

To Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt '47, a third son, William Paul, on June 29, 1959. 

To Suzanne Pearce Schultz '47, a second son, Peter Donald, on November 30, 1959- 

To Mary Brown Gorman '47, a third child, second daughter, Laura Elizabeth, on Decem- 
ber 16, 1959. 

To Betsy Curtis Winquist '48, a third child, second daughter, Karen Louise, on March 
24, 1959. 

To Nancy Parker Klontz '48, a daughter, Donna Louise, on March 24, 1959- 

To Ellen Grover MacVeigh '48, a son, John Preston, on April 20, 1959- 

To Mary Small Lee '48, a daughter, Patricia Ann, in May 1959. 

To Susan Corbin Fusco '48, a daughter, Pamela Lynn, on May 2, 1959. 

To Dorothy Page Kuehl '48, a fourth child, second daughter, Cynthia, on August 14, 1959. 

To Mary Starr Maxson Winquist '48, a son, John Robert, on August 29, 1959. 

To Dorothy Azadian McKinnon '48, a third child, second son, David Matthew, on Octo- 
ber 3, 1959. 

To Martha Kennedy Ingersoll '48, a second daughter, Mary Louise, on October 15, 1959. 

To Carol Fay Smith '48, a third child, second son, Dean, on October 28, 1959- 

To JoAnn Hanson Long '48, a fourth child, second daughter, Rebecca Laurel, on Decem- 
ber 30, 1959. 

To Kathleen Mahoney Schofield '49, a son, Thomas Daniel, on November 7, 1959. 

To Mary Wheeler McKinley '50, a son, William Wheeler, on March 4, 1959- 

To Jean Davies Stanley '50, a third son, Jon Davies, on March 7, 1959. 

To Claire Moriarty Roberts '50, a daughter, Elizabeth Ann, on May 8, 1959. 

To Lorraine Grontoft Sutton '50, a third child, second daughter, Debra, on May 25, 1959- 

To Doris Pinkham Collins '50, a second son, David Wayne, on June 15, 1959. 

To JoAnn Brooks Shaffer '50, a third child, second son, Randall Wilson, on July 15, 1959. 

To Sally Starck Haven '50, a fourth child, third daughter, Paula, on October 1, 1959- 

To Joan Dorau Hohorst '50, a third child, first daughter, Nancy Elizabeth, on October 2, 

To Clara Silsby Lamperti '50, a third son, Jeffrey Robert, on November 23, 1959. 

To Dorothy Goehring Rourke '50, a fifth child, third son, Steven, on November 20, 1959. 

To Priscilla Freeman McCartney '51, a daughter, Melissa, on March 3, 1959. 

To Cynthia Stanley Spicer '51, a daughter, Sally Ann, on June 16, 1959- 

To Karin Long Ernst '51, a son, Jeffrey, on August 15, 1959. 

To Dana Kraus Snyder x-'51, a son, Peter Stott, on October 27, 1959. 

To Barbara Hill Breen '51, a third child, first son, James Mason, on October 27, 1959. 

To Dorothy McPherson Wickersham '51, a second daughter, Cynthia, on February 19, 

To Pauline Coady Goodwin '52, a daughter, Martha, on June 3, .1959- 

To Chloe Comstock Singarella '52, a son, John, on July 1, 1959. 

To Frances Peters Dunlevy '52, a third child, first daughter, Carolyn, on November 2, 

To Carole French Willis '52, a third son, Michael Hugh, on November 12, 1959. 

To Claire LaLiberte Adler '53, a second daughter, on March 24, 1959. 

To Leonora Coronella Krueger '53, a daughter, Karen Lee, on July 23, 1959. 

To Doris Hungerford Zaenglein '53, a third child, second daughter, Lynne Louise, on 
October 8, 1959- 

To Mary Blackham Kelly '5 3, a son, William F. Ill, on January 15, I960. 


To Annette Dufton Dagg '54, a second son, Ritchie Gilbert, on February 6, 1959- 

To Nancy Perry Voll '54, a son, Thomas Andrew, on October 21, 1959. 

To Margaret Cary Waelter '54, a son, Cary Lawton, on November 21, 1959- 

To Thelma Greenberg Florin '54, a son, John David, on November 6, 1959- 

To Tonia Walsh Wyner '54, a son, Jeffrey, on January 5, I960. 

To Martha Ellis Brooks '54, a second son, Phillips Ralston III, on February 29, I960. 

To Hope Duguid Dauwalter '54, a daughter, Robin, on March 4, I960. 

To Dorcas Styles Hodgkins '55, a second daughter, Kama Styles, on January 25, 1959. 

To Jean Ryder Tyler '55, a third daughter, Beth Dyanne, on June 15, 1959. 

To Susan Schofield Jeffrey '55, a daughter, Susan Brenda, on July 27, 1959. 

To Patricia Gura Conroy '55, a son, Michael Jr., on August 3, 1959. 

To Susan Thomas Wiard '55, a daughter, Kathryn Thomas, on November 6, 1959. 

To Nancy Tisler Hurley '55, a son, Lawrence Mark, Jr., on January 12, I960. 

To Valerie Montanez Hooven '55, a second daughter, Melony Ann, on February 2, I960. 

To Diane Jacobson Rosenberg '56, a son, Lee David, on August 25, 1959- 

To Sandra Davis Hudson '56, a daughter, Robbin Kathleen, on August 30, 1959- 

To Mary Tilton Ayre '56, a third daughter, Linda Lee, on September 17, 1959- 

To Sarah Churchill Downes '56, a son, in December 1959. 

To Bette Perlstein Shapiro '56, a daughter, Susan Beth, on December 12, 1959. 

To Carol LeCompte Cuthbert '56, a son, Jeffrey Doane, on December 21, 1959- 

To Joan LeCaron Gevinski '56, a son, Christopher Edward, on December 25, 1959. 

To Therese Kilgore Mannix '56, a daughter, on February 1, I960. 

To Paula Harrigan Farrelly x-'56, a son, Richard III, on February 2, I960. 

To Amy Shuttleworth Jensen '56, a daughter, Amy, on February 8, I960. 

To Renate Griemsmann Judson '57, a daughter, Rebecca Lee, on May 12, 1959. 

To Dorothy LeCaron Watson '57, a daughter, Traci Lynn, on June 13, 1959. 

To Edith Berger Kaplan '57, a son, Harrison Joseph, on June 15, 1959- 

To Carol White Noerdlinger '57, a daughter, Lucy Anne, on June 23, 1959. 

To Ellen Kienzle Aikins '57, a son, Mark Richmond, on July 3, 1959. 

To Deborah Odgers Lordon '57, a son, Michael Robert, on August 29, 1959. 

To Judith Leventhal Winer '57, a son, Andrew Scott, on October 12, 1959- 

To Evelyn Sanders Brewster '57, a daughter, Karin Linnea, on December 20, 1959. 

To D. Joan Keezer Pecukonis x-'57, twin sons, Burton Keezer and Breton Edmund, on 

December 22, 1959. 
To Lynn Johnson Johnston '57, a daughter, Deborah Lynne, on January 12, I960. 
To Marion Heinsohn Mitchell '58, a son, Scott Douglas, on February 7, I960. 
To Betty Anderson Fairchild '58, a son, James Allen, on February 22, I960. 





Suzanne Rose, Cynthia Clark '57; Rebecca Judson, Renate Griemsmann '57; Bill Lowe, 

Audrey MacAdam '57 

Stephanie and Cynthia VanAlstyne, Frances Mitchell '54; Peggy and Butch McMullan, 
Clare Gammons '50; Holly and Jeffrey Henrich, Barbara Travis '55 

The McElraths, Margaret Fish '39; The Haggertys, Natalie Zimmermann '41 



Dean Hamilton Huh, Roberta Loud '54; Billy Cole, Barbara Rymer '48; David Cole, 

Barbara Rymer '48 

Linda and Karen Cook, Polly Weeks '54; Kurt, Robbie and Gail, Joan Alkire Behrle 
'51; Lucinda and Robin Favreau, Muriel Smith '52 

Craig and Janet Yeager, Phyllis Turner '50; Mark and Greg Goodman, Barbara Rost '52; 
Kevin and David Burns, Barbara Herzog '52 



Deborah and Mary, Elizabeth Page Sealey, '32; Tod and Sue Ellen, Paula Flath 

Hurley x-'51 

Three Darntons, Katherine Cogswell '44; Three McKinnons, Dorothy Azadian '48; 

Three Vollers, Nancy Wilbur x-'45 

The Aliens, Barbara Jewell '48; The Kuehls, Dorothy Page '48; The Joneses, Marilyn 

Newitt '48 





Mercy Sinsabaugh Ingalls reports a de- 
lightful Christmas holiday: "My four chil- 
dren were with me, four grandchildren and 
two great-grandchildren — all so very well 
and happy. After seeing Maude Mathew's 
'89 picture in the LEAVES, I wrote to her 
and had a prompt reply." Mrs. Ingalls was 
among those attending the first luncheon 
meeting of the Long Island Division of the 
Greater New York Club in February. 


In Memoriam: Ethel Loud on February 20, 
1960. Miss Loud was graduated in 1899 
from Miss Lucy Wheelock's Kindergarten 
Training School, now Wheelock College, 
and was a first grade teacher for forty years 
in the Everett (Mass.) schools. She was 
retired in 1939. Miss Loud is survived by 
a sister, Grace Loud '95. 


Mrs. f. F. lamson 

(Lena Josselyn), Secretary 

21 Waterston Rd., Newton, Mass. 

Myra Davis '95-'97 writes: "As usual, 
am very busy with weaving and spinning 
■ — ■ teaching and filling special orders. Spent 
the Christmas and New Year holidays in 
New York with a friend and had a won- 
derful time." 


In Memoriam: Carol Case Dennison on 
January 27, I960. Mrs. Dennison had been 
connected with the management of Case 
Brothers in Manchester, Conn., for more 
than 50 years and was chairman of the 
board at the time of her death. During 
World War I, Mrs. Dennison served as an 
auxiliary ambulance driver and was an ac- 
tive worker for the League of Nations and 
the World Court. She is survived by two 
sons, Wells Case Dennison and Robert Case 
Dennison, both of Manchester, and by seven 


Georgie Duncan Seavey's "latest report on 
the family — I have two new great-grand- 
children. Janet Croissant, six months old, 
born in Honolulu, now lives in Kentucky; 
and Michael Croissant, five months old, born 
in Portsmouth, N. H., now claims Mississippi 


Bertha Aiken Meyers x-'05 is enjoying a 
three-room apartment on the campus of the 
Tilton School in New Hampshire. She adds: 
"I love it here — a beautiful country town, 
with hills, mountains and lakes nearby — 
scenes of my girlhood." 


Mrs. Harry Carlow 

(Edith Anthony), Secretary 

60 Church Green, Taunton, Mass. 

Elizabeth Thielens Miller x-'06 and hus- 
band are "so proud of our two sons, two 
daughters-in-law, and seven grandchildren — 
four to sixteen years." 


In early February Helen Carter Johnson 
was looking forward to a California vacation 
and a visit in Los Angeles with her former 
roommate, Florence Stark Hoyt x-'08. 


Mrs. Clifton A. Hall 

(Charlotte Ryder), Secretary 

149 Cedar St., Bangor, Maine 


Mrs. George C. Dumas 

( Olive Bates ) , Secretary 

Box 216, Hanover, Mass. 

Via air-mail from Tokyo comes this long- 
awaited word from Constance Chappell 
x-'lO: "Warmest thanks for the letter from 
Lasell telling of our 50th Reunion. Impos- 
sible! My sister and I both have many and 
happy memories of that wonderful school. 
We are both teachers of English Language 
and Literature in Japanese Women's Colleges. 
Though our life in this fascinating city 
becomes only more and more delightful, we 
shall probably return to Canada for retire- 
ment in about a year." The address for Con- 
stance is: Tokyo Joshi Daigaku, Iogi-Machi, 
Suginami-Ku, Tokyo. Mary Chappell's (x- 
'10) work is at Tsuda College, Kodaira- 
Machi, Kitatama-Gun, Tokyo. 


Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

(Margaret Jones), Secretary 

26 Lilac Lane, Princeton, N. J. 



In January Kathleen Moore Knight for- 
warded this news: "Recently returned from 
eight months in Europe, principally in Spain, 
Sicily and Austria. Now settled for a quiet 
winter 'on the beach' at Martha's Vineyard, 
getting in condition for the next migration. 
My 36th book 'Beauty is a Beast' has been 
published and I am now at work on the 37th 
— with a setting in Sicily." 


Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

( Clara Parker ) , Secretary 

8 High St., Goffstown, N. H. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Annie Merrill David, whose husband, Mr. 
Edward W. David, passed away in February 

Clara Parker Colby and Mildred Hall 
Leber with Mr. Colby and Dr. Leber drove 
to Philadelphia for Mr. David's services. 
Also present were Helen Merrill Strohecker 
'16, her husband, Lucy Russell Webb x-'ll, 
her husband and son. 

Sympathy is also extended to Jane Parsons 
Westervelt, whose husband passed away in 
June 1959. Jane writes: "My son and 
family have been living with me while their 
new home is being completed. My year-old 
granddaughter is a great source of comfort." 


Mrs. A. L. Stirn 
(Mary Fen no), Secretary 
43 East Loop Rd., Dongan Hills 
Staten Island, N. Y. 


Mrs. r. r. Jenks 

(Ruth Thresher), Secretary 

200 Sand Hill Cove Rd., Narragansett, R. I. 

Ethel Vance Foster admits that "one of 
the highlights of the year was receiving news 
of our 45th Reunion and the picture of those 
attending. In December I had a wonderful 
reunion with my former roommate, Helen 
Rollins Fisher." 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

( Nell Woodward ) , Secretary 
39 Lincoln St., Manchester, Mass. 


Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

(Mabel Straker), Secretary 

79 Carpenter St., Foxboro, Mass. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to Dr. 
Carol Rice and to her sister, Katharine 
Rice Broock '20. Their mother, Mrs. Herbert 
H. Rice, passed away on December 21, 1959. 


Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd) , Secretary 

160 E. 48th St., New York, N. Y. 

In Memoriam: Eleanor Bothwell Hyndman 
x-'17 on September 19, 1959 in Quebec City, 
P.Q., Canada. 

Other News: Helen Saunders sends "Greet- 
ings from Buenos Aires! Saw President 
Eisenhower in Rio and just missed him in 
Montevideo on March 2d, but saw the crowds 
waiting for him. The weather has been 

Mary Taylor Gish "has been extremely 
interested in work for and with the blind. 
Have attended many of the National Con- 
ventions for the Blind and while in Boston 
in 1958, I enjoyed a brief tour of the Lasell 
campus. Have a wonderful family in my 
twin daughters and a fine son. Jean is the 
mother of two little girls, and Joan is much 
interested in music and is a member of a 
local symphony orchestra in Denver." 


Mrs. Carl L. Eaton 

(Mildred Cary), Secretary 
5 Grove St., Winchester, Mass. 


59 Ripley Road, Cohasset, Mass. 

From Yarmouth, Maine, Frances Coombs 
writes: "Recently had a pleasant visit with 
Helen Sanborn Rowe '20 in Portland. Am 
still carrying happy memories of our 40th 
Reunion. Continue to be busy with church 
affairs, the Portland Rossini Club, Eastern 
Star, and the Bates and Lasell Clubs." 


Mrs. S. S. Cline 

(Eleanor Thompson), Secretary 

Amenia, New York 


Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 

(Doris Bissett), Secretary 
130 Reservoir Road, Wollaston, Mass. 

Margaret Loomis Collingwood is happily 
situated in Albuquerque (N. Mex.) close by 
her daughter, Marcia (Collingwood Martin 



'50) and the four wee Martins. Margaret ad- 
mits, though, that it is a "fur piece" from 

And from Ruth Rawlings Mott: "We are 
very busy in civic and social affairs and ac- 
tivities of the ever-growing Mott Foundation. 
Daughter Susan, who has two children, now 
lives in Birmingham, Alabama; our son is 
a senior at Columbia University and our 
youngest daughter is attending school in 
Switzerland. Best wishes to all my class- 


Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering), Secretary 

3 Lovering Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty), Assistant 

315 San Juan Rd., Watsonville, Calif. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Margot Lovering Harris, whose mother, Mrs. 
Frank Lovering, passed away on March 17, 
1960. In addition to her daughter, Mrs. 
Lovering is survived by her husband, a son, 
four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. 
A granddaughter is Ann Harris Hughes '55. 


Mrs. Mason H. Stone 

( Adrienne Smith ) , Secretary 

7 Braemore Rd., Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Wilder N. Smith 

(Antoinette Meritt) , Assistant 

110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Mercedes Rendell Freeman 
on January 30, I960, after a short illness. 
Born in New York City, September 18, 
1901, she had lived in Yonkers for fifty 
years. Mercedes was graduated from Yonkers 
High School in 1921 and from Lasell 
Seminary in 1923. Secretary of her class at 
Lasell, she later served as secretary of the 
New York Lasell Club and she was a Life 
Member of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 

Mrs. Freeman was graduated from Teachers 
College, Columbia University in 1926 and 
taught home economics in the Yonkers 
Public Schools for thirty years. This year 
she was teaching at Walt Whitman Junior 
High School, and was the delegate from that 
school to the Yonkers Teachers Association. 

Mrs. Freeman was a member of the 
Morsemere Methodist Church. For many 
years she had been chairman of the Cheer 
Committee of the Yonkers Sunshine Society. 
During World War II she was a Staff As- 
sistant of the Yonkers Chapter, American 
Red Cross and also a member of the Ration 
Board of the U.S. Citizens Service Corps. 

Mercedes Rendell Freeman '23 

Surviving is her husband, John P. Free- 
man, to whom she was married June 30, 
1928. Mr. Freeman is the president of the 
Line-O-Mat Company, manufacturers of ma- 
chines that paint lines on roads. 

Two daughters also survive. Miss M. Joan 
Freeman lives at home at 594 Palisade Avenue, 
Yonkers, and Mrs. Charles H. Karsten 
(Helen) in New Platz, New York. There 
are two grandchildren, Karen and Kenneth 

— R.H.S. 

Other News: Florence Boehmcke Edmond- 
son sends a new address — 215 Tahlulah 
Lane, West Islip, L. L, N. Y. — and adds: 
"Sorry to have missed Reunion — but better 
luck next time. No special news except the 
grandchildren are increasing. We now have 
six — three of each." 

Anne Daugherty Slater and husband en- 
joyed a July visit with Jean Merrick Moss 
and husband, Bob. A highlight of the stay 
was a dinner party which included Arline 
Allsopp DeHart. 


HELEN B. Perry, Secretary 
172 Porter Street, Melrose, Mass. 


Mrs. George E. Sprague 

( Helen Black ) , Co-Secretary 

31 Van Brunt Ave., Dedham, Mass. 

Mrs. George A. Jenkins 

(Barbara Cushing), Co-Secretary 

3 Kent St., Concord, N. H. 



35th REUNION: June 11, I960. Please 
note the change of date. When our com- 
mittee of four met last fall, we mailed 
questionnaires and letters announcing June 
4th as Alumnae Day. Shortly thereafter at 
the opening of the college year, Lasell 
designated Commencement exercises would 
be held on June 11 and 12, I960. 

Martha Wilcox Hills has kindly consented 
to serve as Reunion Chairman. The response 
to our "early" questionnaire has been ex- 
cellent and as of March 1st, the following 
girls promised to join us on campus in June: 
Dorothy Cook Reynal, Catherine Beecher 
Wood, Florence Harding Hallett x-'25, Ruth 
Mayes Longmire, Peg Gordon Ferguson, 
Esther Harvey Switzler, Dorothy Hagadorn 
Taylor, Ruth Shepard Parmenter, Ethel Clow 
Black, Helen Wahlquist Wolcott, Dorothy 
Keeler Stewart, Estelle Jenney, Mildred 
Whyte Goddard, Blanche Avery, Barbara 
Cushing Jenkins, Helen Black Sprague, Mar- 
tha Fish Holmes, Helen McNab Willand 
and Martha Wilcox Hills. 

Items gleaned from the first round of 
questionnaires : 

Esther Harvey Switzler, a Wellesley resi- 
dent, has been active in the real estate 
business for the past twelve years. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Potter 
(Helen Earl x-'24) 

A pleasant surprise was a long letter from 
Glenna Bullis, 2914 Darby Lane, Lafayette, 
Indiana. Glenna is co-ordinator of the 
Achievement Center for Children, a service 
for non-achieving children. 

Catherine Beecher Wood is active in 
Methuen (Mass.) community activities — 
church, hospital and local clubs. Much tra- 
veling is involved in visiting her three 
children — widely scattered — Potsdam, 
N. Y., Columbia, Miss., and Washington, 
D. C. 

Florence Harding Hallett x-'25 (grand- 
mother of seven) has conducted a successful 
real estate business in Mansfield (Mass.) for 
over twenty years. When Mr. Hallett retires 
from his Boston brokerage business, they 
plan extensive travelling. 

Ruth Mayes Longmire is "re-orienting" 
herself to life in Charlotte, N. C. Her son 
attends Southwestern at Memphis, Tenn. 

Like so many of our group, Peg Gordon 
Ferguson leads a busy and useful life — 
active in hospital and Junior League work, is 
a member of the Board of Directors of 
Family and Children's Service. Daughter 
Nancy, graduated from Lasell in 1959, is 
now married, and Peg's second daughter is 
a secretary and lives at home. 

Our special thoughts and sincere sympathy 
go to Dorothy Cook Reynal, Ruby Hola- 
bird Keeler and Ruth Martin Lansing. Mr. 
Reynal, Mr. Keeler and Mr. Lansing died 
during the past year. 

Lois Bryant Warner writes that she has 
given up her banking position to become 
secretary to the Headmaster of the Morris- 
town School for Boys in New Jersey. Lois 
loves the education field and finds it more 
rewarding than any work she has ever done. 
Her son, Ray, is a student at Manlius. 

Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor writes: "Com- 
pleting my 18th year with the Red Cross 
Blood Bank in Fairfield, Conn. Am now 
taking up tennis again — which I gave up 
twenty-five years ago because of AGE!" 

Jo Miller Berry sent Christmas greetings 
from Redding Road, Georgetown, Conn. The 
Berrys have three children — two boys and 
a girl — and a new grandson. 

Louise Hegeman Whitman's outside in- 
terest is with The Newington (Conn.) Home 
for Crippled Children, where for seven 
years she has done volunteer work with the 
nursery and kindergarten-age children. Louise 
and Johnny also have an "escape" home on 
Cape Cod. 

Emma Smith Quereau x-'25 is active in 
church work and does relief nursing. Her 
husband is with the National Bureau of 
Standards in Denver, Colorado. Their two 
daughters are now high school and college 



We are hoping Edna Hart Hoyt will come 
from California to join us for Reunion. Her 
daughter was married on Thanksgiving Eve. 

Ruth Burlington writes from Carmel, 
California: "I am doing quite a bit of 
painting — mostly water colors, but some 
oils too. Am a member of the Carmel Art 
Association and was very excited when the 
curator of the gallery recently phoned me 
to say that three of my paintings had been 
sold. Enjoy craft work also — making 
mobiles, driftwood sculptures and garden 
pieces. A few years ago I exhibited thirty 
pieces of driftwood at the Desert Art Gallery 
in Palm Desert. 

"Estelle Jenney visited me while on her 
California vacation in the fall of '59 — we 
had lots to talk about. Wish I might join 
the '25-ers in June, but know it is im- 
possible. However, if any of you come to the 
West Coast and are in the vicinity of Carmel, 
be sure to look me up." 

.... And this, "Dear Doves," ends my 
five years of service — with Barbara — as 
class secretary. There have been times when 
news was non-existent and deadline was upon 
us. But it has been a pleasant task and we 
have enjoyed it. I have loved reading each 
and every questionnaire that has come in 
recent months and sincere thanks to all who 

My personal news is that we — the 
Spragues — are returning to Connecticut 
this summer. My husband has been trans- 
ferred to the New York office of Kendall 
Mills and while — in a sense — I "shall 
be going home," we dread leaving the Bos- 
ton area — especially Dedham, where we 
have been for twenty years. We have made 
many fine friends. 

Our "new" home — a big white house — 
in Old Lyme (two miles from the Connecti- 
cut Turnpike) is but five miles from my 
mother. Our son graduates from Harvard in 
June, and our daughter, now the mother 
of two little boys, will be nearby in Con- 
necticut too. If you are traveling, do look 
us up. 

In the meantime, I shall hope to see 
many of you at Reunion. 

— H.B.S. 


Mrs. Elmer J. Bloom 

( Mariesta Howland ) , Secretary 

415 West Crestwood Drive, Peoria, 111. 

The Christmas issue of the Mariemont 
School Bulletin (Sacramento, Calif.) was 
this delightful story, "Around the World 
with Santa Claus," written by Margaret 
(Andy) Anderson Gage: 

"Most of us associate Christmas with sym- 

bols of Santa Claus, decorated pine or fir 
trees, holly and mistletoe, candy, nuts, toys, 
and presents. To the Germans must go the 
credit for the origin of 'our' kind of Christ- 
mas. They are the ones who used the 'Tan- 
nenbaum', hand carved wooden toys, carols 
and the jolly old chap named Kris Kringle, 
or Santa Claus to brighten up the Yuletide, 
or as they called it, 'Weinhacten'. 

"Christmas has similar terms in other 
countries. In France it's Noel; Spain, Navi- 
dad; and Italy, Natale. 

"As we go south in Europe, the pine trees 
disappear, and a Christmas tree is hardly 
known in this area. But in Yugoslavia the 
oak is burned the night before Christmas, 
and must still show sparks during the next 

"Santa Claus or his counterpart is largely 
a custom of the north countries. In Eng- 
land and Holland he is St. Nick or St. 
Nicholas, in Denmark he is known as the 
benevolent little old man of the attic, 'Jul- 
Nisse'. The country children of France are 
delighted with 'Melchior', who is a sort of 
Santa Claus in reverse. He is a ludicrous 
wicker straw man led through the streets on 
a donkey. The children give him, through 
his attendants, food and gifts which are 
taken to the parish church and presented to 
the poor. 

"In Italy there is a beneficent old witch, 
'Befana', who, dressed in rags, supposedly 
goes from house to house on a broomstick, 
leaving presents on the hearth for the chil- 
dren. The Precipio, a collection of statuettes 
of the Holy Family, shepherds and Wise 
Men gathered around a miniature manger, 
replaces the Christmas tree of the northern 

"Samischlaus, usually a young Bishop 
dressed with a white beard and red robe 
walks in the villages of Switzerland, delight- 
ing the children who offer him food and 

"Spain is a good deal like Italy with per- 
haps more emphasis on the Three Wise Men 
or Tres Reyes who substitute for Santa 

"Our neighbor to the south adds an in- 
teresting game for the children. In Mexico 
a grotesque but merry face is painted on an 
earthen bowl. It is filled with fruit, candy, 
nuts and good-luck charms, and suspended 
from the ceiling. When all is ready, it is 
started swaying and each child is successively 
blindfolded. He then tries to crash the 
Pinata with a stick. When one finally suc- 
ceeds, all the others rush to grab what falls 
from the broken Pinata. 

"Yes, they are all a little bit different, but 
all have the theme of happy children and 
peace on earth and good will towards men." 



The Bulletin also printed the biography, 
"Meet the Author": 

Margaret Gage was born in Illinois, spent 
summers in the north woods of Wisconsin 
or with grandparents in Portland, Oregon. 
At sixteen she travelled and studied piano 
abroad, followed by two years of college at 
Lasell Junior College, and taking piano and 
musicology at the New England Conserv- 

From there to University of Wisconsin, 
but before finishing her senior year she mar- 
ried Daniel Gage, a native Californian — 
Stanford graduate whom she met in Boston 
when he was attending Harvard Business 
School. Her husband was a professor at the 
University of Oregon and so she finished 
her A.B. degree, (majoring in public school 
music and piano), at that college. 

Shortly after that her husband took a 
leave of absence to study for his Ph.D. and 
they went abroad for him to attend the 
University of Munich in Germany, and then 
back to complete it at the University of 
Michigan. Dr. Gage is presently on the 
faculty of Sacramento State College. 

In 1937 Dr. and Mrs. Gage travelled to 
the Orient — the Islands, Japan, China, 
Hong-Kong and the Philippines. In the 
past ten years the Gages have toured South 
America, six months in Europe and this 
past summer to Central America. 

In between trips Mrs. Gage accompanied 
for the Tuesday Club Choral of Sacramento 
and for soloists, and continued taking col- 
lege courses toward a California Teachers 
Credential. Four years ago she substituted 
in the City Schools of Sacramento, followed 
by a year in the Arden-Carmichael district. 
She was pleased to be selected as a per- 
manent kindergarten teacher at Mariemont, 
where to her delight she can give her classes 
MUSIC, MUSIC, and more music. 


Mrs. David Rosen 
( Rosalie Brightman ) , Secretary 
8 Still St., Brookline 46, Mass. 

The Class extends sympathy to Marjorie 
Maxfield Smith, whose husband, Mr. Wil- 
liam Smith, passed away in January, I960. 

Lettie Krause Eyer proudly announces the 
arrival of her first grandchild, Christi Jean, 
on September 10, 1959- Christi's parents 
are Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Eyer of Worth- 
ington, Ohio. 


Lillian G. Bethel, Secretary 
The Waltham Hospital, Waltham, Mass. 

Jean Smith Orne '29 and grandson, 

Phoebe Dotten Low's "son, Dick, is a 
freshman at Maine Maritime Academy in 
Castine, and daughter, Bonny, a junior in 
the Winchester High School." 

And from Pierson College at Yale Uni- 
versity, Helen Kowalewski Sandback writes: 
"I am still secretary to the Master at the 
College, and love my big family of boys and 
all the distinguished guest lecturers. My 
boss, the renowned Quincy Porter (former 
Pulitzer prize winner in music), had the 
world premiere in January here of his new 
Harpsichord Concerto." 


Mrs. Allan Van Demark 

(Phyllis Beck), Secretary 

28 Maple St., Lockport, N. Y. 

Julia Clausen Bowman will "never forget 
our Thirtieth! The brief glimpse of those 
of you who were there was like taking a 
trip back in time. Let's make it a weekend 
next time instead of only one day! ! !" 

A Connecticut snowstorm greeted Eleanor 
Pitcher Hansen on her return from a 24-day 
Caribbean cruise. Eleanor's daughter, Bar- 
bara, now employed by a New York adver- 
tising firm, "loves the work and her Green- 
wich Village apartment." 

A change of address for Mildred Walker: 
166 Grand Avenue, Apt. 10-B, Englewood, 
N. J. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Harriet Hewins Sanderson, whose father, 
Mr. G. S. Hewins, passed away in early 




Mrs. Reginald W. Holt 

( Helen Roberts ) , Secretary 

8 Watering Lane, Darien, Conn. 

Mrs. Richard F. Murray 

(Corinne Cowdrey), Assistant 
748 Webster St., Needham, Mass. 

Joan Collier Cooper writes: "Our daugh- 
ter, Carolyn, is a freshman at Framingham 
State Teachers College. She is enjoying the 
Home Economics Course, and we were so 
pleased when her name appeared on the 
Dean's List for the first semester." 

From Harriet Kimberly Coale: "Nothing 
too exciting outside the routine of daily 
living — however, I now hold the position 
of Deputy Town Clerk in Kensington, Conn. 
It is interesting and keeps me on my toes! 
Both boys also keep me going with their 
various activities and there is seldom a dull 


Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

( Karin Eliasson ) , Secretary 

Navy #510, General Delivery 

U. S. Naval Support Activity 

F.P.O., New York, New York 

Kitty Comstock Lavis writes from 
Phoenix: "Have lived in the fantastic and 
beautiful state of Arizona since 1946. My 
oldest son now attends a California college, 
and the twins — boys — are in preparatory 
schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania." 

"Just tending the family and maintaining 
the pace of the 60's keeps me going," admits 
Betty Condit Kessel. Her older daughter, 
Barbara, is a freshman at Chatham College 
in Pittsburgh, and Harriet Ann is a freshman 
at New Trier High School in Winnetka, 111. 

From Betty Way Kendall x-'31: "Between 
a back injury and many official duties, I have 
not been able to attend the recent meetings 
of the Washington Lasell Club. My husband 
is Special Counsel to the President, a wonder- 
ful single client for a lawyer. Our son is 
a member of the Class of 1961 at Princeton." 

Betty Daun Kirkland and daughters, 
Barbara, 17, and Brenda, 12, called at Lasell 
in late February. Betty's husband was at- 
tending the American College of Surgeons 
meetings in Boston. 


Mrs. H. R. Macy 

(Katharine Hartman), Secretary 

Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden St., Belmont, Mass. 

Holiday greetings from Lib Page Sealey 
brought this additional news: "Neil gradu- 
ates from Skowhegan High School in June 
and plans to continue at the University of 
Maine. Mary, high school freshman, is presi- 
dent of her class and we were proud to see 
her name on the Honor Roll. Debbie is 
fast growing away from us. Early this fall 
she washed and ironed all the dolls' clothes 
and has packed them away in the attic with 
their owners." 

Also reporting from the State of Maine 
is Helen Fitch Foley: "So happy to send 
word of the arrival of a second grandson. 
James Scott Merrow arrived on February 5, 
I960 and he is a darling. Our oldest son, 
William, and Barbara A. Henry were married 
on January 16, I960. Bill has been an in- 
structor with the Air Force and his four- 
year term of service will be completed this 

Barbara Merritt Batten has every right to 
be proud of daughters Barbara and Joanne. 
At the beginning of this college year, the 
local (Highland, N. Y.) paper carried the 
following account: "Two sisters, each a 
winner of a New York State Regents schol- 
arship, resumed their studies recently. Jo- 
anne Batten returned to Albany where she 
is entering her junior year at the State 
College for Teachers. She is pursuing studies 
leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, with 
a major in social studies. She has been on 
the Dean's list for three semesters, is a 
member of Gamma Kappa Phi sorority, and 
has been appointed junior counselor at Alden 
Hall for the school year. 

"Barbara is attending the College of Agri- 
culture at Cornell University. She was gradu- 
ated from Highland High School in June, 
with a Regents diploma with honors." 

We remember too that Joanne is the god- 
child of Ann Litchfield Blamire. 


Mrs. E. M. Clark 

(Ruth Stafford), Secretary 

31 Fairview St., Simsbury, Conn. 

Mrs. Carl I. Hayes 

(Virginia Ogden), Assistant 

196 Wentworth Ave., Edgewood, R. I. 

Answering an SOS from the recently 
formed Lakeville (Mass.) Hospital Volun- 
teers, Mrs. Arthur D. Gebelein (Angelita 
Santiago) has come to the aid of the group 
with suggestions and advice pertinent to the 
formation of a Lakeville Hospital Auxiliary. 



Angie, who was chairman of the Women's 
Division of the building fund for Morton 
Hospital in Taunton, and is a director and 
chairman of the ways and means committee 
of the hospital's Women's Auxiliary is a 
valuable asset in directing the first steps 
of an organization now being established to 
serve a hospital that is destined to be the 
center for chronic diseases of adults and 
children of the whole Cape area. 

With working plans and drawings for a 
new $5,000,000 hospital to replace the old 
buildings at the State sanatorium, and the 
future looking bright for the realization of 
this long standing dream, a Lakeville Hos- 
pital Women's Auxiliary is an important 
part of the over-all picture. 

In 1939 Angelita served as chairman of 
the Massachusetts Society of Prevention of 
Cruelty to Children drive in Taunton, is a 
past secretary of the board of directors of 
the Taunton Red Cross Chapter and is 
presently a board member. She is past di- 
rector of the Brick House School, of the 
Girls' Club and the Female Charitable Or- 
ganization. Her other activities in Taunton 
include that of being a director of the Boys' 
Club Women's Auxiliary and membership in 
the Historical Society. 

Helen Burwell kindly shares a recent 
note from Alice Fernandez Harkins, who 
writes: "I am a part-time housemother at 
the University of Maine. Daughter Gracia, 
R.N., is now affiliated with the Eastern 
Maine Hospital in Bangor, and Margaret 
was married in November. Son Mike is 
with the Army security in California, 
Bernard, a college senior, and the four 
younger ones are very active." 

Lieut, (j.g.) Robert Hohner and Kath- 
erine Stewart were married in June 1959 
at Dayton, Ohio. Lt. Hohner, son of Chris- 
tine Murphy Hohner, is an instructor at the 
U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. 


Mrs. Raymond N. Garon 

( Dorothy Secord ) , Secretary 

31 Wesley St., Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Bartlett), Assistant 

Oak Hill Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. 

In Memoriam: Virginia Collins Lorentzen 
on February 7, 1960. In addition to her 
husband, Mr. Gustav Lorentzen of North 
Quincy, Mass., Ginny is survived by her 
mother, two sisters and a brother. 

Other News: The new address for former 
Class Agent Carol Morehouse Jones is 29 
Oak Manor Lane, Pittsford, New York. 
Carol's husband is executive vice-president 
of the Central Trust Company of Rochester, 
and their daughter, Nancy, will graduate 
from Mount Holyoke College in June. 


Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

( Barbara King ) , Secretary 

111 Wilcox Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer 

(Barbara Ordway), Assistant 

19 Fern St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Our thanks to Barbara Iris Johnson, who 
will serve as Reunion Chairman. We are 
looking forward to seeing many '35-ers on 
Alumnae Day, June 11, I960. 

Frances Findlay was married to Mr. David 
Hall on September 21, 1959 and is now 
living nearby in Cohasset, Mass. — 250 
King Street. 

In March, Bernice Silva Davis and family 
left Florida to join Mr. Davis in Japan. 

New Addresses: Ruth Fischer Speckel: 9037 
Manchester Road, Silver Spring, Md. 

Dorothea Panesis Nord: 11328 Waterford 
St., Los Angeles, Calif. 


Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

(Audrey Smith), Secretary 
603 N. Fourth St., Sterling, Colo. 

Ruth Koritzky Kopelman writes: "My 
twin sons are college seniors — David is 
graduating from Harvard, and Arie is at 
Johns Hopkins University." 

Jeanne Siff Tapper, whose daughter is 
interested in enrolling at Lasell, is already 
looking forward to June 1961 and Reunion. 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

(Louise Tardivel), Secretary 

50 Aspen Ave., Auburndale, Mass. 

Mary Ruth Sanford is enjoying her an- 
nual winter holiday at Ormond Beach, 
Florida, with her mother Irene Sauter San- 
ford '06. Priscilla Parmenter Madden and 
husband, Leo, also vacationed in Florida. 

Elizabeth Doe x-'37 is now Mrs. Ralph 
G. Peaslee, Jr. of 709 Club Drive, Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

A new address for Meta Searles Hopkins 
is 74 Melrose Avenue, Needham, Mass. 




Mrs. W. D. Harshbarger 

(Virginia Wilhelm), Secretary 

80 Mountain Terrace Road 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

(Mildred Birchard), Assistant 

'Box N, Humarock, Mass. 

The "Hostess Hints" column of a recent 
edition of the Worcester (Mass.) Telegram 
reprinted several favorite Greek recipes of 
Florence Christopulos Patterson. The ar- 
ticle also brought us up-to-date on Flor- 
ence's activities in the city: "A dedicated 
worker for Parent-Teacher Associations, Mrs. 
Patterson is past president of Oxford Street 
School PTA, past president of the Worces- 
ter Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, 
and public relations chairman for PTA on 
the state legislative board dealing with edu- 
cational problems. She is also a past first 
vice-president of the Republican Woman's 
Club and a member of the League of Women 
Voters. While attending Lasell, Mrs. Pat- 
terson met her husband who was a student 
at Harvard University School of Law. Mr. 
Patterson is an attorney who is also promi- 
nent in the local political field. They have 
three children, C. William II, Christopher 
and Deborah." 


A recent caller at Bragdon — "for the 
first time in twenty years" — was Janet 
Whitten Smith x-'39. Janet, who was visiting 
her parents in West Medford, lives at 24 
Sunset Boulevard, Pittsford, N. Y. 

The Summerhays Children 
(Florence Ross '40) 

Eleanor Borella x-'39 has been accepted 
by the newly created National Aeronautics 
and Space Agency for a fine position as the 
result of competitive examination. Eleanor 
has been employed in the U. S. Navy De- 
partment for the past fifteen years. 

New addresses include: Nancy Allen 
Schmetzer, Timberland Drive, Box 424, 
R. R. 1, Pennington, N. J.; Janice Rogers 
Wilson, Box 644, Litchfield, Conn.; and 
Eleanor Wentworth Person x-'39, 365 Dover 
Road, Westwood, Mass. 


Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

(Priscilla Sleeper), Secretary 

52 Rockledge Drive, West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 

( Ruth Sullivan ) , Assistant 

17 Hemlock Rd., Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

TO ALL THE GALS OF 1940: It's 
Reunion Time. You have returned 
your questionnaire, of course? 
We'll see you on June 11th in 

Frances Britton Holden, who is looking 
forward to Reunion, writes: "Spent a won- 
derful week with my husband and four boys 
at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch (Amaron, 
New Mexico) this past summer. We recom- 
mend this training experience to you who 
are Den Mothers or Cubmasters." 

This note from Florence Evans McLaugh- 
lin — 32 Pilipu Place, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii: 
"I'll not be able to join the Class of 1940 
this year. My husband, a disbursing officer 
with the Third Marine Division, is now sta- 
tioned on Okinawa. Just for the record — 
we have three lovely daughters: Nancy, 15, 
Audrey, 13, and Sally, 11. My very best 
greetings to all." 

The Class extends sympathy to Jean Adams, 
whose mother passed away in August 1959. 

New Addresses: Barbara Donohue Cain: 
631 Oakridge Drive, North Canton, O. 

Sybil Hartley Eshbach x-'40: 15 Lone 
Pine Path, Weymouth, Mass. 

Gertrude McLaughlin Metelnick x-'40: 
724 Clinton Place, Evanston, 111. 

Virginia Nason Johnson x-'40: 24 Wal- 
nut Road, Swampscott, Mass. 



The Averill Carolers 
(Geraldine Bixby '41) 

Gene and Jane Fisher and Family 
(Jane Gray '41) 


Mrs. J. W. Sheffer, Jr. 

( Janet Jansing ) , Secretary 

123 Garden Rd., Oreland, Penna. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 

Apt. 12-F, 325 Clinton Ave., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

We are indeed grateful to Lucile Hyde 
Ramsdell x-'06 for sending news of her 
daughter, Frances Ramsdell x-'4l. In 1957 
Fran received her Ph.D. in Microbiology 
from California University in Los Angeles 
and is now associated with the United States 
Public Health Service. She is in charge of 
the training program of the Communicable 
Disease Center. The present address for 
Fran is 2182 Johnson Ferry Road, Atlanta 
19, Georgia. Fran is one of our third gen- 
eration alumnae — her maternal grandmother 
was the late Roberta Steell Hyde 78-80. 

Ginny DeNyse forwards these bits of 
news: Jean Bohacket Pegram's daughter, 
Sarah, was born on November 12, 1959. 
Jean's note also brought word of Ann Buckle 
Fischer — Ann and her husband had a 
combined business and pleasure trip last 
fall that took them to Madrid, Paris, Rome 
and London. Eleanor Pfaff, now an ardent 
skier, spends winter week ends at Stow, 
North Conway and other New England 
sports areas. 

Jayne Hein Muth is now a program direc- 
tor with the Southwest Branch of the YWCA 
in Cleveland. 

A new address for Sue Cairoli Peck is 288 
Stratfield Road, Bridgeport, Conn. 

The Class extends sympathy to Jane Tan- 
ner Ahearn x-'4l, whose husband passed 
away in February I960 after a short illness. 
Mr. Ahearn was chief underwriter in the 
New York office of the Employers Liability 
Assurance Corp. Ltd. of Boston. 



Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

(Mary Hurley), Secretary 
4712 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant 
4 Washington St., Auburndale, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Patricia Patten Kennedy on 
February 29, 1960. Patty was president of 
the Sterling (Mass.) Women's Club, and 
a member of the Sterling Girl Scout Com- 
mittee and the Parent Teacher Association. 
Besides her parents and husband, she leaves 
a son, Fred W. Ill, a daughter, Karol, and 
four sisters, one of whom is Margaret Patten 
Fagan x-'44. 

Other News: Nancy Helene Niedringhaus 
arrived on April 27, 1959. Nancy is the 
fourth child, second daughter, of Helen 
Cizek Niedringhaus. 

The Class extends sympathy to Elizabeth 
Allen, whose mother passed away on Febru- 
ary 26, I960. Mrs. Allen was a sister of 
Florence Skinner Anderson x-'15. 


Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

( Nathalie Monge ) , Secretary 

28 Juniper Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Marilley 

( Elizabeth McAvoy ) , Assistant 

4314 Mathews Lane, Kensington, Md. 

Mary Ledbetter Bastean addressed her 
latest letter to Mr. Robert Brandriff, director 
of the Alumnae Fund for the current year: 
"I was more than delighted with your letter 
of October 1959 and since I have two future 
Lasell candidates, I am vitally interested in 
the future of Lasell. My young daughters 
(ages 10 and 12) have been in southern 



Harriet Lindsey Dinsmore '43 
and Christine 

schools and are already looking forward 
to college days in New England." Mary's 
present address is 2491 Echo Drive N.E., 
Atlanta, Ga. 


Mrs. William E. Greene 

( Barbara Bresette ) , Secretary 

18 Hodges St., Attleboro, Mass. 

Mrs. John B. Riddlemoser 

( Suzanne Lange ) , Secretary 

257 Humphrey St., Seven Islands 

Quebec, Canada 

Carolyn Hill Plumer sends a new address 

— R. D. #4, Elmrest Drive, Dallas, Penna., 
and adds: "We moved here — ten miles 
from Wilkes-Barre — early in November. 
John is the sales manager for Maxwell 
House Coffee in this area." 

Audrey Saunders Eisser is "delighted that 
Long Island has its own division of the 
Greater New York Alumnae Club. Was 
sorry to have missed the February luncheon 
meeting — we were in the process of selling 
one house and moving to another." Audrey's 
new home is at 55 Parkwoods Road, Plan- 
dome, L. I. 

Secretary Sue Lange Riddlemoser reminds 
all '44-ers: "Am a Canadian immigrant but 
do not expect to be so permanently. Find 
that in the construction business, one lives 
out of trunks and cartons. Do hope to have 
more news for the next issue of the LEAVES 

— when my gal friends remember me and 
the Eskimos." 


Mrs. Calvin R. Carver 

(Emma Gilbert), Secretary 

5 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

(Jean E. Logue), Assistant 

49 Eaton Ave., Woburn, Mass. 

Saunda Pease Taylor has been elected 
president of the Women's Republican Club 
of Manchester, Conn. Saunda, a member of 
the Republican Town Committee for the past 
two years, has been a member of the GOP 
Club's executive board for three years. 

Constance Arley Brown reports : "My prac- 
tice continues to grow all the time and in 
a few more weeks I will be starting the third 
year in my own office." 

Doris Wittman Ruckle has "just retired 
from my duties in the Tenafly (N.J.) of- 
fice of the New York Stock Exchange firm 
of Spear, Leeds and Kellogg, managed by 
my husband." 

New Addresses: Joy Cartland Fowler x-'45 : 
2925 Westover Drive, Wichita, Kan. 

Jeanne Towne Reavey: 730 Woodland 
Ave., Hinsdale, 111. 


Mrs. Payson B. Langley 

(Lee Pool), Secretary 

5145 Harper Rd., Solon, Ohio 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

(Mary Jane Magnusson), Assistant 

85 West Brookside Drive 

Larchmont, N. Y. 

Pat Luther Wilkin writes: "We bought 
a little 'Cape' in Walpole — 6 Eleanor Road 
— last July. Now our Holly, who is nearly 
three, has a lovely yard to play in and many 
children to play with. Bob is now assistant 
to the American news editor of the Christian 
Science Monitor and I have become active in 
the local drama group." 

Corinne, Denise and Bruce Cathcart 
(Corinne Schlegel '46) 



Rev. George N. Economos, husband of 
Doris Stamatos, has assumed his new duties 
as assistant pastor for the St. Vasilios Com- 
munity in Peabody, Mass. During their stay 
at his former parish in Tucson, Doris com- 
pleted her work for a degree in education 
from the University of Arizona. 

Molly Ing Louis and husband were house- 
guests in October of Naomi Kahrimanian 
Kuzoian. Molly and Leighton, who flew 
from Honolulu to San Francisco, drove across 
the States, visiting many college friends 
along the way. 

From Jean Schultz Olliffe: "The Far East 
is beautiful. Especially enjoyed our tour 
of Japan." 

New Addresses: Joan Babcock Keller: 27 
Albright Circle, Madison, N. J. 

Beverly Briggs Wente: 2745 29th St. 
N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Barbara Meech Cunningham: 6512 Mar- 
jorie Lane, Wichita, Kan. 

Jane Schmidt Alberts: 9 Griffen Road, 
Framingham, Mass. 

Judith Woodbury Berenson x-'46: 87 
Pinckney St., Boston, Mass. 


Gloria Sylvia, Secretary 
411 West 24th St., New York 11, N. Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 

(Lois Kenyon), Assistant 
Woodstock Valley, Conn. 

Sally Waring Buffinton's (x-'47) husband 
has been appointed Director of Athletics at 
Tabor Academy. 

Rosemarie Cote Butler writes from Lew- 
iston, Maine: "John and I have four children 
— two boys and two girls. We live in a 
rambling nine-room house and love it." 

A brief note from Joan "Casey" Jones: 
"Still flying high for Eastern Airlines." 
Joan's home base is Miami, Florida. 


Beryl N. Groff, Secretary 
Box 1853, San Francisco 1, Calif. 

Miriam Day, Assistant 
4 Locke Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Our most recent bride, Christena Bilakos 
Farmasonis, is now living at 3431 Club 
Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. Her husband, a 
graduate of the University of California, is 
an insurance broker, heading the Basil P. 
Farmasonis Company of Los Angeles. After 
Lasell, Christena studied in Germany at the 
University of Heidelberg and received her 

The Young Trevisans 
(Nancy O'Rourke '48) 

Master's Degree from the University of 

Marge Cramton Lothrop writes: "Are 
there any Lasell friends in the Dallas (Texas) 
area? We are enjoying it here — do miss 
the winter weather — yet, in spite of it, 
the entire family has a terrific new hobby — 
ice skating!" 

Carol Galligan Massard forwarded a 
lengthy newspaper account plus family group 
picture of the Johnny Antonelli family 
(Rosemarie Car bone). Rosemarie and her 
popular National League pitcher husband 
now have three children — John II, Donna 
and Lisa. 

Carolyn McLay Holden's "big news for 
1959 was the arrival of our adopted daugh- 
ter, Ellen Virginia, who celebrated her half- 
year birthday in February." 

Eleanor Munro spent a two-week's vaca- 
tion in California — was in Pasadena for 
the Tournament of Roses Parade and the 
annual Rose Bowl football game. 

Martha Moyer Anson writes: "On our 
recent trip East for my brother's wedding, 
we stopped in Ohio for a brief visit with 
Dottie Hayes Kattell and her darling family. 
Ruth Davison is now with the U.N.R.W.A. 
in Jerusalem." 

Shirley Tighe Barrett is "in the process 
of moving. Bob has accepted the position 



of Veterinary Radiologist at Cornell Univer- 
sity, and the children and I hope to leave 
Kansas and join him shortly. The children 
are growing fast — John, just six, is in 
kindergarten and is much taken with the 
girls. Christie, four, is torn between growing 
up to be a Mommy or a Dale Evans." 

From Sue Corbin Fusco: "We have moved 
again — 6207 86th Avenue, Carrollton, 
Hyattsville, Maryland. My husband was 
awarded his Doctor of Education degree in 
1958 and served as assistant to the president 
of Peabody College (Nashville, Tenn.) for 
a year. In September we came here when 
Gene was appointed a research specialist 
with the U.S. Office of Education in Wash- 
ington. I am no longer teaching and am 
thoroughly enjoying the new career of 
housewife and mother." 

A new address for Martha (Mice) Miller 
Willett is 41 Balmoral Street, Andover, Mass. 

The Class extends sympathy to Mary 
Small Lee, whose father passed away in 
February I960. Mr. Small was supervisor of 
field administration in the general agency 
department of the John Hancock Mutual 
Life Insurance Company of Boston. 


Mrs. Walter J. Connolly, Jr. 

(Paulie Quilty), Secretary 
24 Ward well Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. John R. Shrewsbury 

(Joan DeGelleke), Secretary 

Upper State St., Guilford, Conn. 

Mrs. Dana A. Hamel 

(Kay Poore), Secretary 

2827 Dellview Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

New Addresses: Jean Cook Jacobs: 353 E. 
Carlisle Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nancy Newhall Mackay: 20 Winterset 
Lane, West Hartford, Conn. 

Virginia Towe Beck: Parkside Road, Har- 
rington Park, N. J. 


Mrs. Clyde A. Fasick 

(Sally C. Hughes), Secretary 

102 Cabot Street, Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Paul H. Roche 

(Lillian Reese), Assistant 

108 Pearson Rd., Somerville, Mass. 

Janet Foley "Toured Europe with a friend 
and had a fabulous nine weeks. Visited the 
British Isles, France, Italy, Switzerland and 
Holland. We rented a Renault for a month 
and saw much of the beautiful countryside. 

Looking forward so very much to Reunion 
— Sally Smith Brothers and Barbara Rock 
Wallingford promise to come too." 

Another European traveler this fall was 
Janice McGoughran — her second trip 
abroad took her to Rome, Lucerne, Inter- 
laken and Paris. 

"Planning on Reunion — for sure" are 
Helen Kovalinas Ierardi and Barbara Schnelle 
Orton. Barbara, who now lives at 57 Sussex 
Drive, Lewes, Dela., has "three lovely chil- 
dren — two boys and a girl. The oldest, 
Rich, is now in first grade." 

June Spottiswoode Beaulieu announces: 
"We adopted a four-month-old boy in July. 
John Edgar, or Johnny, keeps us hopping 
but we are so thrilled to have him and he 
has brought so much pleasure to our home." 

Marcia Collingwood Martin forwarded a 
sweet Christmas picture of her four — two 
boys and two girls - — - and the much-appre- 
ciated news of her family in Albuquerque. 
The "family" includes her next-door neigh- 
bor and mother, Margaret Loomis Colling- 
wood '21. 

Joan McKinney Aldrich, husband and 
three daughters — Pamela, Barbara and 
Susan — have just moved to a new home at 
71 Ferris Lane, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

New Addresses: Jean Duerr King x-'50: 
51 Richards Road, Port Washington, N. Y. 

Barbara McNeish Carr: 638 N.E. 19th 
Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Iris Schofield McDonough: Lot 24, Paul- 
son Drive, Burlington, Mass. 

Esther Snowdon Richmond, 4 Redin Lane, 
East Longmeadow, Mass. 

Dorothy Torner Monahan: 38 Nokomis 
Ave., Oakland, N. J. 

The Moshers 
(Robin Witt '51) 




Mrs. Robert B. Borden 

( Barbara Adams ) , Secretary 

12 Myrna Rd., Lexington, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

( Barbara Voorman ) , Assistant 

303 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Mary Ellen Wait, Assistant 
7 Warren Terrace, Newton Centre, Mass. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Harriet Schwarz Hamilton, whose husband, 
William Hamilton, Jr., was instantly killed 
in an automobile accident on February 17, 
I960. The Hamiltons have four young sons. 

Interested in organizing new branches of 
Lasell Clubs are Georgia Bakes Sigalos and 
Ann Van derVeer Lander. Georgia, who has 
recently moved to 311 Rye Beach Avenue, 
Rye, New York, has already made plans for 
a Westchester Division of the Greater New 
York Club, and Ann is busy with names of 
girls in the Syracuse area. In November 
Ann attended her high school reunion and 
had a great visit with Marge Fager and 
Arlene Lauchaire Tagellenti. 

Nancy Cusack Smith discovered "the 
house — after five years — suddenly grew 
too small for the five of us. We have moved 
— actually just around the corner — and 
our address is now 59 Pomeroy Road, Madi- 
son, N. J. 

Barbara Harter Pinneo and husband toured 
Europe last summer. Mr. Pinneo is rector 
of Christ Episcopal Church in Chattanooga, 

Joan Barnett Atwood played the part of 
the princess in a performance of "Sleeping 
Beauty," sponsored by the Junior League of 
Waterbury, Conn. Joan admits "it was 
great fun — but slightly upsetting when the 
wee ones screamed from the audience "There's 
our Mommy.' Looking forward to next June 
and Reunion." 

New Addresses: Marion Finke Berntson 
x-'51: 2430 Sherbrooke Court N.E., Atlanta, 

Betsy Lyon Wilson x-'51: R. F. D. 1, 
South Acton, Mass. 

Barbara McRoberts Collingwood: 178 
Contact Drive, West Haven, Conn. 

Elizabeth Ruppert West x-'51: 1035 
Sleepy Hollow Lane, Plainfield, N. J. 

Virginia Starck Redmond: 307 Tuxedo 
Place, Hawthorn, N. Y. 

Susan Velie MacMillan x-'51: 2400 Oak- 
land Road, Wayzats, Minn. 

Barbara Walsh Patterson x-'51: 1334 
Coddington Road, Brooktondale, N. Y. 


Mrs. Edward Berghaus 
( Suzanne Baney ) , Secretary 
13 University Avenue, Chatham, N. J. 

Dorothy Mulhere Barrett and family are 
"just loving a new seven-room ranch house 
in the country" — 5 Bonnie Lane, New 
City, N. Y. 

Shirley DeMund continues to enjoy her 
work in St. Petersburg, Florida. "Have been 
in the city attorney's office since March 
1959 — there is always something new to 
see and I look forward to a winter without 

Joan Dunlap Fullerton is "doing part-time 
nursing in one of the local hospitals." Joan's 
address is 2003 Austin Street, Amarillo, 

Early in the new year Pat Giles and Nancy 
Molumphy x-'52 headed for the San Fran- 
cisco area and were "excited about the 
planned trip and new work." 

Colette Powers Davis writes: "Our most 
exciting news is the adoption of a son, Paul 
William. Paul arrived at our house just two 
days before Christmas — six months old and 
seems to be very happy with us." 

New Addresses: Carol Ann Brady Brown 
x-'52: 311 Whitendale Ave., Visalia, Calif. 

Dana Dyer Downing: 949 Ryan Road, 
Florence, Mass. 

Joan Fischer Bell: 14 Gerard Ave., P. O., 
Old Bridge, N. J. 

Patricia Moulton Cudmore: 73 Plain St., 
West Bridgewater, Mass. 


Mrs. Harry Gardner 

(Althea Janke), Secretary 

30 Main St., Emerson, N. J. 

Mrs. Roland A. Nesslinger 

(Sylvia Ffeiffer), Assistant 
3 Mason Court, Delaware, Ohio 

This good news from Sharon Staley Hack- 
mann: "Now that we are permanently 
settled ( we hope ) , I am very much inter- 
ested in joining the activities of the Southern 
California Lasell Club. I shall look forward 
to their next meeting." Sharon's new address 
is 322 Milan Place, Anaheim, Calif. 

And from Beverly Thornton Hallowell: 
"We were thrilled to move into our new 
Cape Cod home just before the Christmas 
holidays — Happy Hollow, Roy Avenue, 
Holliston, Mass. My husband is now an 
assistant to the manufacturing superintendent 
at Kendall Mills in Walpole." 



: :--:-' r x ~ 

Dawn Elizabeth Dexter 
(Liz Sleight '53) 

Mary Thomas Justice writes: "Carl, the 
three children and I are now living in Vir- 
ginia — U-31-A Gray's Hill Village, Fort 
Belvoir. Hope to be in Boston at Commence- 
ment time and shall certainly come to Lasell." 

Joan Wilckens Pittis is "happily busy 
with the two children — Larry, five years 
old in April, and Alison Joan, now three." 

7 Upland Road, Burlington, Mass. is the 
location of Shirley Vara Gallerani's "new tri- 
level home. Our three sons are growing like 
weeds — David is iVz, Ricky, IYj, and 
Mark, fourteen months." 

Joy Ufford Penderville is "now settled 
after much traveling during the past two 
years. Jack is now out of the service and is 
with TWA." 

New Addresses: Silvia Faccio Tirrell: 289 
Sylvan Knoll Rd., Stamford, Conn. 

Sally Garratt Dean: 347 Ridge Rd., Mun- 
cie, Ind. 

Nancy Kittell Martin: 293 W. Shore 
Drive, Marblehead, Mass. 

Elsie Knaus Klemt: 55 Robinhood Ave., 
Closter, N. J. 

Audrey Lang Clark: 6323 Lockport Rd., 
Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Barbara Morris Louria: Apt. 7-B, 411 E. 
53d St., New York, N. Y. 

Greta Nilsson Masson: 303 Maxwell Lane, 
Waco, Tex. 

Joan Smith Nagle: 2688 Jordan Ave., 
Pittsburgh, Penna. 


Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

( Martha Ellis ) , Secretary 
169 Lexington St., Watertown, Mass. 

Mrs. Alan W. Coles 

( Ann Lethbridge ) , Assistant 

82-A Woodland Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 

Mrs. William H. Moebius 

(Ann Chidsey), Assistant 

24-C Bordentown Manor Apts., 

Bordentown, N. J. 

Margaret Somerville Beringer is "doing 
part-time work in a dentist's office. Looking 
ahead to a mid-winter Florida vacation." 

Corinda Johnson Deans writes from 
681 7-B Blenheim Rd., Baltimore, Md.: "My 
husband and I have been living here in 
Maryland for three years and until recently 
I had a very interesting job as a secretary 
for a group of chemists and engineers. Cer- 
tainly enjoyed seeing everyone at Reunion 
last June." 

Bettina Pierce Romaine "keeps busy with 
the two children and all the normal house- 
hold chores. Enjoy country living — Granby, 
Conn. — and we try to find time to devote 
to civic activities." 

Lee Fuller Sherwood and husband find 
their new business enterprise exciting and 
interesting. "Last spring we opened a small 
nursery center and hope to be able to offer 
more plants and varieties this year." Lee's 
address is Box 375, Salisbury, Conn. 

Toni Walsh Wyner now lives at 85 Sum- 
mer Street, Kingston, Mass., and her four 
children are Linda, Debbie, Robbie and 

From Frances Mitchell VanAlstyne: "An- 
other move — February 1st — makes ten 
changes in address in five years of marriage! 

Ken, Sally Ann and Sally Lynn Nun- 
gesser (Sally Ann Evans '54) 



My husband is with IBM and the children 
are growing fast. Life is busy but wonder- 
ful !" Fran's latest address is 3013 South 
108th Street, Omaha, Neb. 

Betty Lindsay Buhler is now a secretary 
with the Capital Gains Research Bureau in 
Larchmont, N. Y., and Maroah Shailer is a 
legal secretary in Hartford. 

Catherine English Poehler is employed at 
Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany as 
executive secretary to the Director of News 
and Information. We are pleased to share 
this first-hand news of Cathy from Gudrun 
Strasse 3/1, Munich 19, Germany: 

"In April we shall celebrate our fifth wed- 
ding anniversary — have two beautiful, 
impish daughters — and have been living 
here in Europe for the past three years and 
enjoying it very much. It all started shortly 
after our wedding in April 1955 when Herm 
developed a yen to return to his native Ger- 
many to complete work on his doctorate de- 
gree in physics. We religiously saved our 
pennies for a year and a half and in October 
1956, when Ann was just three months old, 
we set sail. Shortly after arriving in Munich 
I found a job with Radio Free Europe, first 
as a copy editor, later as secretary and more 
recently as executive secretary. I enjoy the 
work very much but must admit at first 
I was a bit awed by its international scope. 
Most interesting of all is the opportunity of 
working with people of so many nationalities. 

"Do miss everyday life with the children 
— we do have a full-time nursemaid for 
them and I must admit she disciplines them 
much better than I. The children both speak 
German and my present project is teaching 
them English. Ann has advanced to the stage 
where she can say, 'That is a table,' and 'My 
name is Anne Poehler' — with a delightful 
accent, of course. They both sing 'God 
Bless America' with great gusto. 

"Do hope Martha Norlin Swanson reads 
this and writes me soon so we can pick up 
where we left off several years ago. I've 
been out of touch for so long that I know 
I shall find it strange when we do return to 
the States — by the end of I960. But I 
know too we shall all be more than a little 
homesick when we finally leave this lovely 
country." — C.E.P. 

New Addresses: Emily Betts Reilly: 20 
Abington Ave., Holbrook, Mass. 

Susan Cluett Stocker: 563 Edgewood Rd., 
Mansfield, O. 

Patricia Flett Davidson: 1098 Massachu- 
setts Ave., Arlington, Mass. 

Ida Marrazzo Mutchler: 50 Independence 
Ave., Quincy, Mass. 

Deborah Potter Waugh: 47 High St., 
Andover, Mass. 

Anne and Jennifer Poehler 
(Catherine English '54) 


Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

(Carolyn Chapin), Secretary 

123 Vadnais Circle, West Springfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

(Ruth Birch), Assistant 

2464 Alida St., Oakland, Calif. 

Mrs. Alan Nelson 

(Susan Twitchell), Assistant 

Unit 84, 70 Central Avenue 

New Haven, Conn. 

Jo Anna Loiacona's stationery is imprinted 
"In flight with Western Airlines" and her 
note reads: "Presently a stewardess with 
Western Airlines and based in Denver. Plan 
to be married on May 14th at Old Mission 
San Gabriel, one of California's oldest mis- 
sions. My fiance is a pilot with Western 
and we shall live in Los Angeles. Have had 
several visits with Adrienne Vitali in Colo- 
rado Springs — we both send our best to 
all for a wonderful Fifth Reunion." 

Mildred Monahan Regan's "Tom gradu- 
ates from Tufts Dental School in June. He 
will go on to an internship in July — but 
where, we don't yet know." 



•---■ 5 

Barbara Schuster '55 
Shower Party — November 1959 

Mary Mack Gutsche and Brett vacationed 
in California last summer and he is now com- 
pleting his third year at the University of 
Rochester Medical School. 

From Sally Ann McGill: "All visitors 
welcome! Still enjoying San Francisco and 
surrounding areas. Delightful weather all 
year round. My February vacation plans in- 
clude the Olympics at Squaw Valley." 

856-B Maple Avenue, Myrtle AFB, S. C. 
is the new address for Patricia Reynolds 
Fisher, who writes: "Ray, Buzz and I moved 
here in September and were very fortunate 
to find a lovely new house right on the 
Base. Thoroughly enjoying Myrtle Beach 
and all it has to offer." 

Abby Alderman Kleinberg sends "greet- 
ings to all" and her new address: 139 Hub- 
inger Street, New Haven, Conn. 

To Miss Beede, Nancy Bray writes: 
"Thank you for forwarding my transcript 
to Boston University. Now in my third 
year of teaching — first graders — and just 
love it. Have been thinking of coming to 
Boston next year though my real thoughts 
are in the direction of California. Polly 
Farrell '54 enjoys teaching there so much." 

New Addresses: Beverly Kimball Lamburn: 
21 Chapman St., East Hartford, Conn. 

Mary Lee Klipper Singer: 604 South Main 
St., New City, N. Y. 

Judy Lanese Karazulas: 639 Albany Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Nancy Lincoln Martin: 17 Schenck Ave., 
Great Neck, L. I., N. Y. 

Shirley MacDonald Biamonte: 6 Boulder 
Dr., Burlington, Mass. 

Lucinda Nolin Quigley: 10 Fieldstone Dr., 
Hartsdale, N. Y. 

Marguerite Roth: P. O. North vale, Rock- 
leigh, N. J. 

Sally Visel Hayes: Point Pleasant Rd., 
Branford, Conn. 

Joan Walbrecher Rehfeldt: Calle Cunullos 
#555, Santurce, Puerto Rico. 


425 Redleaf Road, Wynnewood, Penna. 

Mrs. Rudolph A. Kraft, Jr. 

(Peggy Schwingel), Assistant 

4 Princeton PL, Princeton Junction, N. J. 

Mrs. Martin B. Hamilton 

(Gail Swett), Assistant 
15 69- A Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 

"Candy" Kane Bender writes from Apt. 
9, 38 Revere Road, Drexel Hill, Penna. and 
brings us up-to-date with herself: "On De- 
cember 28, 1957 I was married to A. Douglas 
Bender, a graduate of Williams College, 
Class of 1957. We lived in Iowa City, Iowa 
for a year while Doug completed work for 
his Master's degree in Physiology, and I 
attended one semester at S.U.I. — transferred 
from Eliot-Pearson. Last July we returned 
East and Doug is now working for his Ph.D. 
at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia 
and is taking a research assistantship at 
Lankenau Hospital. Our son, Kane Douglas, 
was born October 29, 1958 and his grand- 
parents are delighted we are now on home 

Barbara Foster entertained the members 
of The Rochester Club in February by show- 
ing colored slides of her fall vacation tour 
of Europe. Bobbi writes: "A bit of comment 
on my absolutely grand tour — September 
5th we flew to Paris, where we spent four 
marvelous days — and then began via rented 
car. First to Switzerland and then up and 
down through the French Alps to the Riviera 
— into Italy and the Italian Riviera, which 
we found completely different from the 
French Coast. On to Genoa, Pisa and then 
wonderful Rome, Florence and Venice. Our 
route then followed through the Brenner 
Pass to Austria — the friendliest, cleanest, 
sweetest little bundle of land in the world. 
We had three days in London — and then 
the sad return to office routine on October 

Judith Littlefield Clark is "working for 
my P.H.T. (Putting Hubby Through) — 
husband Ronnie is attending Harvard Busi- 
ness School." 

Mary Panetta, a secretary at Sylvania, 
planned a winter vacation spree with Carole 
Slamin whose work is with the Air Force 
Cambridge Research Center, Florida and 



New Orleans' famed Mardi Gras were in the 

From Sally Quicke Reiss: "Still here at 
the University of Illinois and enjoying the 
excitement of a large university. Phil hopes 
to take Ph.D. preliminary exams in the 
spring. Had a marvelous camping vacation 
trip last summer — ten days at Yellowstone 
Park and on to the Grand Tetons. Have 
fallen in love with the mountains and look 
forward to a return visit. Only one drawback 
here — no Lasell friends about!" 

Sandy Shelton is eagerly awaiting summer 
— "when I'm off to Europe for a year of 

Mary Porter Darroch's husband, Ron, is 
a navigator for S.A.C. at the Barksdale 
(La.) A.F.B. Also in the south — 2326 
Lake Lucina Drive, Jacksonville, Florida — 
is Mary Jane Dorr LeVert. Mary Jane's hus- 
band was graduated from Boston University 
in June 1959 and they hope to be in Florida 

Marilyn Tomancak, a medical technologist 
at the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital 
in Brighton, now shares a Cambridge apart- 
ment with Sue North. 205 Mt. Auburn 
Street is the location. 

Nancy Ahlgren Tewes is "living tem- 
porarily in New Jersey while my husband 
relocates in new position of technical sales 
representative for the American Cyanamid 
Company — in the Agricultural Division. 
We hope our permanent location will be in 
the northeast." 

Two new San Francisco devotees are Lor- 
raine Saunders and Betty Hintze. In Febru- 
ary they found a "perfect apartment" at 1225 
Taylor Street. 

From Box 187, Riverton, Wyoming, Nancy 
Bumpus Huntley writes: Darrell, Scotty and 
I had a brief visit in Boston early last sum- 
mer — but the time was too short to get 
together with Lasell friends. We are hoping 

Carolee Scribner Cain '56, son Frankie, 
and Margaret Cain '56 

for an extra-long vacation this year. We 
have our own home and Darrell is in busi- 
ness for himself. I am a secretary for Pan 
American Petroleum Corp. in Riverton. Any 
'56-ers heading West in the coming summer 
months — please let me show you some of 
the beautiful sights in this part of the 

New Addresses: Gail Boynton Morris: 26 
Tindall Dr., R. D. 1., Clinton, N. Y. 

Ann Burchell Dooust x-'56: 193 E. Fair- 
mount, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Patricia Hayes Schueller: Del-Aire Trail- 
er Park, Easton, Penna. 

Gail Finley Dabbs: Virginia Court Apts., 
West Columbia, S. C. 

Marylin Mingle Gemberling x-'56: Coe 
Lane, Ansonia, Conn. 

Carolee Scribner Cain: Lowell Road 
Trailer Park, Salem Depot, N. H. 

Patricia Small Godiksen: 160 Federal St., 
Elmwood, Conn. 

Ann L. Tucker: 57 Edgehill Place, Fair- 
field, Conn. 

Joan Yaghjian Papazian: 16 Chachapa- 
cassett Rd., Barrington, R. I. 


Mrs. Robert C. Chase 

(Joan Stanford), Secretary 

734 Maryland Avenue, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Patricia Koules, Assistant 
201 Goden Street, Belmont, Mass. 

6 Stanley Oval, Westfield, N. J. 

Barbara Flint spent the month of March 
touring South America and wrote to 
Joan Stanford Chase: "It is carnival time 
— the color and excitement as well as 
the natural beauties of these countries is 

From D. Joan Keezer Pecokonis x-'57: 
"On August 23, 1958 I was married to 
Edmund Pecokonis, a Colby College grad- 
uate. Lived in Poughkeepsie, New York 
for a year, and Ed is now Director of 
Guidance for the Ellington (Conn.) 
schools. Our twin sons, Burton Keezer 
and Breton Edmund, arrived on December 
22, 1959." 

Carol White Noerdlinger reports a new 
address — 88 N. Bonnie Avenue, Pasadena, 
Calif. — and adds: "My husband is about 
to receive his Ph.D in Theoretical Physics 
at the California Institute of Technology. 
Continued my own education at U.S.C. to 



within a semester of receiving a B.F.A. 
in Painting and took the final exams just 
three weeks before the arrival of our 
daughter, Lucy Anne, on June 23, 1959. 
Spent the Christmas holidays in Massachu- 
setts and now fully realize how very much 
we love California's sunshine." 

Carole Crandall Stiles also forwarded a 
change of address — R.F.D., Route 2, 
Sycamore, 111. ■ — ■ "the fifth state we have 
lived in during the past two years. Have 
not been in touch with Lasell friends — 
and hope the summer vacations will bring 
a few of the gals our way." 

Jeanne Rice Morgan is secretary to the 
vice-president of a firm of research engi- 
neers and is very much enjoying her new 
Framingham (Mass.) home. During the 
past year she attended the weddings of 
Lulu Martel Huggins and Jane Rannacher 

Patricia Abeson was graduated in June 
1959 from Buffalo State Teachers College 
and is presently teaching economics in the 
Junior-Senior High School of Harrison, 
N. Y. 

Margaret Babikyan, a student at the 
New England Conservatory, promises to 
"breath Lasell air again" — and very soon. 

Judy Muncaster is "flying out of Chicago 
— a stewardess with United Airlines." 

Carol Praeter is doing private nursing 
duty in Boston, and in September Sally 
Collins will be graduated from the Chil- 
dren's Hospital School of Nursing. 

While on vacation in Puerto Rico and 
the Virgin Islands, Eileen Conradi, Carol 
Braun, Sally Barnes and Judy Smith had 
a grand reunion-visit with Diane Yordan 
Serralles x-'57. 

And from Bobbi Sturgis: "Am now 
working as secretary to one of the editors 
of the College Textbook Department at 
the McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 
and am enjoying my work and new apart- 
ment — 425 West 23d Street, New York 
City. Have had a few wonderful week ends 
of skiing this winter — first since Lasell 
days. Saw Aud MacAdam Lowe at Dottie 
Fenrich's wedding, and often have dinner 
with Dee Warren. Bobbie Flint and I are 
to be bridesmaids at Charlie Killam's wed- 
ding in April and shall send a report — 
and (I hope) pictures." 

New Addresses: Janet Coulter Lang- 
maid: Hdqt. Sault Ste. Marie A.D.S., K.I. 
Sawyer AFB, Gwinn, Mich. 

Dorothy Fenrich DelGuercio: Apt. C, 
92 Gales Drive, New Providence, N. J. 

Suzanne Fournier: 16 Garrison Road, 
Brookline, Mass. 

Merle Frylinck Craig: 357 Marlborough 
St., Boston, Mass. 

Muriel Hagerthy Brueck: 861 S. W. 
Second Ave., Dania, Fla. 

Ellen Kienzle Aikins: 862 Red Oaks 
Dr., Elberon, N. J. 

Dorothy LeCaron Watson: 22 Morton 
St., Waltham, Mass. 

Judith Levanthal Winer: 26 Clement 
Ave., Peabody, Mass. 

Janet Longaker: Fontainebleau Apts., 
131 Springfield Rd., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Janet Lutringer: 42 East Maple St., 
New Canaan, Conn. 

Judith Muncaster: 2756 North Pine 
Grove Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Floreen Rounseville: 19 Garlen Road, 
Katonah, N. Y. 

Evelyn Sanders Brewster: 130 Madison 
Ave., Quincy, Mass. 

Patricia Tarracciano Ciccone: 279 N. 
Bedford Road, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

Margaret Wefer Lang: 64 Sagamore Rd., 
Bronxville, N. Y. 


Virginia M. Ambrose, Secretary 
82 Eastern Drive, Wethersfield, Conn. 

Mrs. John A. Fairchild 

(Betty Anderson) , Secretary 

1052 Farmington Ave., West Hartford, Conn. 

Barbara Batty and Marilyn Welter at- 
tended the January wedding in Wilming- 
ton (Dela.) of Nancy Spargo and Donald 
A. Goodridge. Nancy and Don are both 
employed at the Hercules Powder Company 
plant in Wilmington. 

The winter vacation for Carol Christo- 
pher and Barbara Cummings included the 
Olympics and a week of skiing at Sun 

Gwen Buell Bevier writes: "We are 
now enjoying real country living — Island 
Road, Blythebrook Farm, Millis, Mass. The 
latest addition to our family is an English 
Setter puppy — Shawskie Sir, III." 

From Ann L. Reeves: "Secretary of Delta 
Delta Delta at Mount Union College. 
Will graduate in June and have a B.S. 
in Elementary Education. Recently had a 
good visit with Lee Powers, who is now 
living in Illinois." 

Sue Greenhut, attending New York Uni- 
versity, plans to become an elementary 
school teacher. 

Sylvia Tchakurides finds "work most en- 
joyable — in the Bacteriology Laboratory 
of the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in 
Boston." Gretchen Caldwell reports in like 
manner of her medical secretarial work in 



Audrey Biggerstaff completed a year of 
training in Medical Technology, passed 
the Registry Examinations in November 
'59, and is now a member of the staff at 
the Springfield (Mass.) Hospital. 

Ann Avery writes: "Currently employed 
as secretary to the controller at Avco 
Corporation. Sally Clarke and I had two 
weeks of vacation in Bermuda last sum- 

New Addresses: Carole Bartholomew Dus- 
seau: 209 Roosevelt St., Jacksonville, N. C. 

Cynthia Clary Grace: 183 Massachusetts 
Ave., North Andover, Mass. 

Helen Crowder: 1086 State Street, 
Springfield, Mass. 

Priscilla Owen Thayer: 191 Weston 
Street, Waltham, Mass. 

Joan Reichert Strother: East Main St., 
Branford, Conn. 

Alba Spinale: 30 Lawrence Lane, Lex- 
ington, Mass. 

Cynthia Willey McMillen x-'58: 49 
Spruce St., Oneonta, N. Y. 

Jean Wynott Delahunt: 71 Marlboro St., 
Wollaston, Mass. 


Carol Grieve, Secretary 
340 Gray St., Arlington, Mass. 

234 Riverview Ave., Drexel Hill, Penna. 

Joan Valentine, Secretary 
Al Beverly Rd., Wethersfield, Conn. 

Pictured in the Boston Sunday Herald's 
new "Miss 9 to 5" column were Carol 
Grieve and Maureen Sullivan. Carol is a 
reservations clerk with the United Air 
Lines in Boston, and Maureen is a secre- 
tary at M.I.T. Maureen's routine typing 
often consists of reports on space flight 
research for the Department of Aeronautics 
and Astronautics. 

Maryann Stackpole is now acting assist- 
ant buyer in handbags at Grover Cronin's. 
Maryann commutes from Auburn to Wal- 

Jane Dwyer is secretary to the superin- 
tendent of schools in Webster, Mass. This 
secretarial post covers work for the towns 
of both Webster and Dudley, including 
payrolls and bookkeeping for both school 
systems, which operate under one superin- 

Joyce Mitchell was graduated in Janu- 
ary from Eastern Air Lines flight attendant 
training school in Miami and has started 
her career as an EAL stewardess. Joyce 

is now based in New York and from there 
she will fly to the many cities Eastern serves 
in 25 states, Canada, Bermuda, Puerto 
Rico and Mexico. 

Carol Slocum is now Mrs. Charles Cap- 
per of 109 Warren Street, Watertown, 

Nancy Bennett and Carol Hetherington 
are continuing their studies at the Eliot- 
Pearson School for Nursery School and 
Kindergarten Teaching at Tufts University. 

Marilyn Beaton has enrolled at the State 
Teachers College in North Adams, Mass., 
and Phyllis Anne Smith has transferred to 
Douglass College in New Brunswick, N. J., 
where she is majoring in Home Economics. 

In October, Barbara Grigely Hitchery 
left Connecticut to join her husband in 
Formosa. Barbara and Joe will return in 
July I960 and plan to make their perma- 
nent home in Decatur, Illinois. 

Joan Conradi is a medical secretary with 
a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey, 
and has recently moved to 15 Cleveland 
Avenue, Newark. Since September Judy 
Gratcyk has been in Washington, where 
she is employed by a branch of the U. S. 

Joanne Curtis has been named one of the 
supervisors for the Meriden (Conn.) 
YMCA's first season of family swimming 
nights. Joanne was certified a lifesaver in 

Jane Legsdin x-'59 is now Mrs. Davis 
C. McLeod of 344 Lake Avenue, Newton 
Highlands, Mass. 

Harriette (Appley) Adams x-'59 has re- 
cently completed the stewardess training 
course with American Airlines. 




Nancy Rounds (H.S. *44-'45) is now Mrs. 
Charles Stimson of 1484 Arroyo View 
Drive, Pasadena, California. Nancy re- 
cently requested a transcript of her Lasell 
work be sent to Los Angeles State College. 

Doris Wilson Lehners (H.S. '25-'27) 
writes from 10457 Ashton Ave., West Los 
Angeles, Calif.: "My husband and I spent 
a delightful month in Hawaii in the early 
fall. Plan to spend the month of July in 

Jeanette Woodruff Fischer (H.S. '29- 
'30) comments: "Paid a quick call at Brag- 
don in late June and was most impressed 
by the many changes on campus. My son, 
George Lawrence III, is 19, and daughter 
Linda is 16." 



Through our service, 83 members of the Class of 1959 have 
found exceptional and pleasant positions. Among the com- 
panies who have employed our trained graduates this year are: 

American Air Lines 
American Cancer Society, Boston 
American Trust Company, San Francisco 
Benton & Bowles, Inc., New York 
Bethlehem Steel Company, Boston Office 
Central Intelligence, Washington 
Connecticut Light & Power, Meriden 
Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover 
First National Bank, New Haven 
Grover Cronin, Waltham 
Hartford Hospital, Hartford 
Harvard Medical School, Cambridge 
Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc., Nutley 
Hotel Somerset, Boston 
Lahey Clinic, Boston 
Ludlow Manufacturing, Needham 
I. Magnin & Company, New York 
Massachusetts State Teachers Assoc, Boston 
Mrs. Visser's Nursery School, Philadelphia 
New York Telephone Company 
Northeastern University, Boston 
Woodward & Lothrop, Washington 

Our Placement Service is Yours. Requests 
are many. Do let us hear from You. 

Please Contact: Miss Inez M. Atwater, Placement Director 
Lasell Junior College, Auburndale 66, Mass. 



Saturday, June 

Eleventh Alumnae Day 

10.30 a.m. 

Alumnae Registration and Morn- 
ing Coffee, Alumnae Head- 
quarters, Plummer Library 

11.30 a.m. 

Annual Meeting of Lasell Alum- 
nae, Inc. 

12.30 p.m. 

Alumnae Luncheon 

The Recreation Field 

3.00 p.m. 

Crowning of the June Queen 

3.30 p.m. 

President's Informal Reception 

8.00 p.m. 

Commencement Awards 
Recreation Field 

Torchlight Parade 

Sunday, June Twelfth 

Commencement Address 

Recreation Field 

11.00 a.m. 

Dr. Roy Pearson, Dean 

Andover-Newton Theological 


/9w £o 

Lasell Leaves 

Commencement and \ ^km>alx l ^ !> 

Fund Issue 




No. 4 

Alumnae Fund Director: 
Robert K. Brandriff 

Alumnae Fund Chairman: 
Louise Tardivel Higgins 


Ruth Turner Crosby 

Alumnae Secretary: 

Marjorie A. MacClymon 

Alumnae Fund Secretary: 
Marguerite M. Merrill 
Dorothy Ulmer Willis, 




Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 




L. to r., front row: Commencement Speaker Dr. Roy Pearson, Linda Chiaramonte, 
Linda Telfer, Marilyn Senior, Lynn Flusser, Dr. Richard Packard. Rear, 
Marion Hockridge, Janet Sawyer, Martha Yerkes, Ruth Work, Diane DeCicco, 

and Emily Ruane. 

The Class Nite Exercises which preceded Lasell's one hundred fifth Annual 
Commencement were held on the Recreation Field on Saturday, June 11, I960. 
Dr. Richard M. Packard welcomed the parents and guests of the 260 graduates: 
"We are very glad that so many parents are here to see the presentation of awards 
which have been earned this year by the Senior Class. You fathers and mothers have 
made a great investment of love and money in your daughters and we like to have 
you join with us in pride and appreciation for what they have accomplished. The 
awards we will give tonight are traditional — some based on very old traditions, 
some on newer ones. The nice feature of traditions is that they connect the 
present with the past and the future, and make each class a part of that continuous 
stream of college life which is the institution." 

First presented were the Athletic Awards. Ellen Smith, Claire Sullivan and 
Joan White were each given a Lasell pin for their participation in three or more 
sports during their two years at the college. The Tennis Singles Tournament was 
won by Jeanne Wickenden, whose name will be engraved on the tennis trophy, and 
she was awarded a souvenir pin. The Blue Team, under the leadership of Janet 


Olsen, scored the highest number of points in intramural competition this year 
and Janet was awarded the Blue and White Shield. The college teams have now 
evened the score, each winning the Shield sixteen times. 

Linda Telfer, chairman of the Building Fund, presented Dr. Packard with a 
check in the amount of $1,611.78, which will be used for the future development 
of the campus. 

Mrs. Mary Blatchford VanEtten recognized the members of the Class of 
I960 who had been named to the Dean's List for four semesters: Judith Blake, 
Carol Cookson, Barbara Davies, Dianne DeCicco, Judith Edmonson, Sallie Flowers, 
Leslie Ghilani, Marion Hockridge, Marily MacKinnon, Anne Sutherland Rollins, 
Emily Ruane, Phyllis Stone, Claire Sullivan, Joan White and Ruth Work. 

The Foods Awards, miniature loaves, were first given in 1882 and are one of 
the oldest of traditional awards. A gold loaf, first prize, was won by Mary Jane 
Hazrick, and a silver loaf was presented to Nancy Marie Mullin. A gold thimble, 
first award for highest average for four semesters in the Clothing Course, was given 
to Audrey Bergesen, and a silver thimble to Carol Vincent. 

Gold and silver medals were awarded to girls graduating with Honors and 
with Highest Honors. Honors requirements are student records that are free of 
any deficiencies and whose total average for four semesters has been 3.5 out of 4. 


L. to r. Frances Kokxhoorn '61, Marina Kokxhoorn '60, Queen Elizabeth Fager 
'60, Maid of Honor Jill Hartmann '61, Eleanor Blodgett '61 and Sallie Flowers 
'60. Crown Bearer: Marthanne Gilbert Carver, daughter of 1945's Queen, Emma 

Gilbert Carver. 


Silver medals were won by Dianne DeCicco, Emily Ruane and Janet Sawyer. To 
graduate with Highest Honors a student maintains a four-semester average of 3.7 
out of 4. Gold medal winners were Marion Hockridge and Ruth Work. 

For the first time five members of the graduating class were chosen "repre- 
sentative Lasell girls" and were awarded the coveted Jackets. The highest college 
award recipients were Linda Cbiaramonte, Lynn Flusser, Marilyn Senior, Linda 
Telfer and Martha Yerkes. 

The traditional torchlight parade marked the close of the evening's program. 
Martha Yerkes, president of the senior class, delivered the farewell speech at The 
Crow's Nest, the I960 banner was replaced by that of the Class of 1961, the 
torches were extinguished and seniors and freshmen sang the Alma Mater. 


Dr. Roy Pearson, Dean 

Andover-Newton Theological School 

Newton Centre, Massachusetts 


If I were being graduated from college today and if I had some knowledge 
of the generations immediately preceding my own, I suspect that I should think 
of myself as having been robbed. I should know, of course, that I had many 
things which my father and my grandfather did not have, but that would be part 
of my problem; my better fortune would lie in many things, and there would be 
so many other areas in which I think that I could only envy those who went before 

I should have power steering on my automobile, and my father and my 
grandfather would not have had that when they were graduated from college. I 
should have air-conditioning and ball-point pens, wonder drugs and television, jet 
airplanes and nylon stockings and electric shavers; and when my father and grand- 
father were graduated from college, not only would they not have had these things, 
they would not even have known about them. 

But if my own commencement were occurring today, how could I avoid the 
awareness that my father and my grandfather had something else which I did not 
have? They had an earth whose resources were apparently inexhaustible, whose 
indestructibility was unchallenged, and whose resilience under man's mistreatment 
was one of the facts of life too obvious even to be mentioned. They had a native 
land whose two mighty oceans and two contiguous neighbors provided impregnable 
barriers against invasion or other attack by an enemy. They had a nation still young 
enough to be naive, still naive enough to believe its professions, and still believing 
enough of what it professed to find expedience a less persuasive argument than 
fact. If I were leaving college today, I should know that when my father and my 
grandfather left their colleges, they had certainties which I found less than certain. 
That the past deserved their respect and the present their devotion and the future 
their hope, that life was really worth living and work really worth doing and the 
world really worth saving, that honesty deeply mattered and faithfulness truly 
counted and righteousness actually prevailed — these unquestionable assumptions 
of my father and my grandfather are daily questioned all around us, and were I 
being graduated from college today, I do not think that I could avoid the feeling 
that I had been robbed of my birthright. 


It was in such a mood that I stumbled on that poem by Robinson Jeffers and 
then on those words that I have stolen for my title. While this America settles 
in the mould of its vulgarity, Jeffers sadly smiles and remembers that "the flower 
fades to make fruit, the fruit rots to make earth." "Life is good," he says, "be 
it stubbornly long or suddenly a mortal splendor : meteors are not needed less than 

But for my children, I would have them keep their 
distance from the thickening center; corruption 

Never has been compulsory, when the cities lie at the 
monster's feet there are left the mountains. 1 

I do not suppose that anyone but the poet himself ever fully understands what 
the poet means by his poem, and sometimes I even wonder about the poet himself! 
As I first read Jeffers' lines, I assumed that the words "there are left the mountains" 
probably referred to a situation like that of guerrillas engaged in revolution. When 
the party in power makes it dangerous for them to follow their accustomed ways, 
they leave the cities and towns, they avoid the open fields and well-travelled roads. 
They take to the hills. They hide in the mountains. 

But with the passing of the days and the refusal of the poem wholly to leave 
my mind, another meaning thrust itself upon me. Modern astronomy has taken 
away some of the confidence we used to have when we spoke about the unshakability 
of the eternal hills, but as far as earth itself is concerned, mountains are still about 
as permanent as any aspect of the landscape, about as immovable, about as enduring. 
And if there be any verities that transcend earth's limitations, if there be any realities 
that remain impervious to earth's corrosions, if there be any attributes of man's 
nature that persist in spite of his own perverse attempts to destroy them, what better 
symbols could you find for them than the mountains ? 

"When the cities lie at the monster's feet, there are left the mountains." What 
mountains? Let me suggest four of them. 

First of all, righteousness. That word is harder to define than you may think. 
Look it up in the dictionary, and you find the usual, exasperating information 
that righteousness is "the quality or state of being righteous." And that does not 
help very much. Turn to a thesaurus, and you discover words like integrity, honesty, 
virtue, godliness, purity and nobility. That is a little better, but still it leaves me 

Righteousness is certainly related to truth. This is the vertical dimension in 
which the quality of a human life is brought into conformity with fact, with reality, 
with the physical, moral, and spiritual laws of the universe. Some people will de- 
scribe these circumstances as the will and acts of God. Some will not. At the 
moment, I do not care what you call them as long as you recognize that righteousness 
is not possible apart from truth. 

Righteousness is also certainly related to justice. This is the horizontal dimen- 
sion in which, at the deepest levels of human existence, no individual is made to 
count for more than one. In one sense, this means that every person receives the 
same benefits from life, in another that he is given the same opportunities, and in 
still another that both his benefits and his opportunities are matched with his needs 
and his capacities. Justice is not a simple concept, but what matters here is the 
recognition that injustice and righteousness do not make good companions. 


At the risk of gross oversimplification, I should like to assume that righteous- 
ness is the constancy with which a person adapts himself to truth and justice, and 
the point I make is that in the midst of all that changes and decays this mountain 
still endures. By way of illustration, consider a few facts about the world around 
us. The living standards of the American people are approximately three times 
as high as those of European peoples and between five and ten times higher than 
those of our fellow men in Asia. As recently as two or three years ago, there were 
two abortions to every three births in Japan. During the past forty-five years some 
sixty-three million human beings have been killed in war. In the United States of 
America hundreds of thousands of men and women are denied education, homes, 
and employment for no other reason than the color of their skin. A boy whose 
license has been suspended borrows an automobile from a girl's parents, drives 
it at high speed into a utility pole, kills the girl herself, another girl and boy, 
and injures two others. The boy himself is released from the hospital after treat- 
ment for minor cuts and bruises. 

What is your first reaction to this recital of facts? What are the words that 
first enter your mind? Perhaps: "How unfortunate!" Perhaps: "How horrible!" 
But far more likely: "How unfair! How unjust! How wrong!" What part of our 
conscience comes to us at birth, what part is born only of maturity, and what part 
would never come at all without the indoctrination of our elders — these are 
fascinating questions; but whatever the answers may be, we can scarcely escape 
the fact that there is something in the heart of man which makes moral distinc- 
tions and which regards those distinctions as dependent on objective reality, 
wholly unconnected with man's own desire or preference. 

You remember, don't you, the incident of the wringing lamp in Moby Dick? 
Screwed at its axis against the side, the lamp slightly oscillates in Jonah's room, 
and as the ship keels over toward the wharf with the weight of the last bales re- 

the lamp, flame and all, though in slight motion, still 
maintains a permanent obliquity with reference to the room; 
though, in truth, infallibly straight itself, it but made 
obvious the false, lying levels among which it hung. The 
lamp alarms and frightens Jonah; as lying in his berth his 
tormented eyes roll around the place. . . . The floor, the ceiling 
and the side, are all awry. "Oh! so my conscience hangs in 
me!" he groans, "straight upward, so it burns; but the 
chambers of my soul are all in crookedness." 2 

There is something like that in the heart of each of us — a discomfort in the 
presence of crookedness. Some things are right and some things wrong, some 
things good and some things bad, some things just and some things unjust. Our 
own understanding of them may be imperfect, and the changing years may alter 
the prevailing consensus; but still the distinction remains. "When the cities lie 
at the monster's feet, there are left the mountains." What mountains? First of all, 
the mountain of righteousness, whose peak is usually shrouded in mist, whose 
slopes man seldom climbs without hardship and danger, and yet to whose enduring 
existence we steadily bear witness in the guilt that tortures our consciences and the 
wretchedness that stalks the world. 


Second, beauty. It is not hard to forget that mountain today. In fact, it is 


much harder to remember it. Of course, some of our neglect is not deliberate. 
We simply become so involved in other things that seeing, we do not perceive 
and hearing, we do not understand. Moreover, there is a great deal in the en- 
vironment of most of us that can only be described as ugly. The uncontrolled in- 
dustrialization of our cities, the mass production of our homes, the ravaging of 
our countrysides, the awkward adolescence of our experiments with new forms of 
art, the absorption in the profitable and the preoccupation with the practical — 
from such a culture beauty has often been largely excluded, and where beauty does 
not exist, it can hardly be found. 

But some of the neglect is more reflective. "I wanted to do a show with real 
realism," a television producer once said. And where did he find his "real realism"? 
Among the petty hoodlums, prostitutes, homosexuals, unwed mothers, shoplifters, 
and pyromaniacs. Yet one need not deny the fact that what he found was real 
to make the counterclaim that reality has other dimensions, too. Is dishonesty 
more real than honesty, impurity more real than purity, perversion more real than 
wholesomeness ? Is not one of the reasons why beauty is so often suspect among 
us the fear we have of being found gullible ? Beauty, we think, is too good to be 
true. Taking delight in it is an evidence of immaturity, a token of philosophical 
shallowness, the proof that we do not know what life is all about. 

Let me, then, reveal my immaturity, my shallowness, and my ignorance by 
confessing that I often emerge from my house on an early spring morning — 
or an afternoon in autumn, or an evening in summer, or a cold winter night — and 
find myself breathing a "Thank you, God!" which has only the most involuntary 
connection with any theological beliefs that I happen to hold. "Thank you, God, 
for the bright blue sky with never a cloud as far as the eye can see. Thank you, God, 
for the clean yellow tulips against the rich brown earth of my garden. Thank you, 
God, for the untrammeled white snow on the hillside above me. Thank you for 
the poetry of Browning and the novels of Hardy, for the plays of Shakespeare 
and the music of Bach, for the sculpture of Michelangelo and the painting of 
Raphael. Thank you for the unrewarded goodness of my parents, the loyal 
patience of my wife, the exuberant joy of my children. Thank you for work and 
play, for love and worship, for ideas and ideals, for hopes and dreams, for honor 
and faith and sacrifice." 

The healing loveliness of unspoiled reaches of sky and sea and land; the 
exquisite charm of man's own noblest adventures with shape and with color, 
with sound and with story; the incredible radiance of a human spirit that asks 
no privilege save that of serving its fellows and seeks no reward except the 
welfare of man — they have not departed from the earth, these flashes of glory 
and grandeur, these glimpses of harmony and light. "When the cities lie at 
the monster's feet, there are left the mountains." What mountains? Second, 
the mountain of beauty, whose very nearness sometimes breeds contempt and 
whose wonders are often hidden by the jungle growth around it, but whose 
tender majesty is born anew with every morning and whose quiet splendor 
daily offers faith and hope and peace. 


And then, third: love. I hesitate even to mention that word in this con- 
text. Words are useless if they do not mean for the hearers what they mean for 
the speaker, and the meanings of "love" are so diverse that "love" has lost 
most of its meaning. 

"I love," we say. The words are simple enough in themselves, but so 


much depends upon what follows: so much depends upon the object of the 
verb. Time was when the object would always be a person: I love my father, or 
I love my mother; I love Tom, or I love Mary. But not today. "I love," we 
say, and what is the object most likely to be? Orchids or roses, fried lobsters or 
charcoal steaks, sport cars or mink coats or Chanel No. 5. 

"I love," we say. The words are simple enough in themselves, but even 
when the object of the verb is a person, so much depends upon the interpreta- 
tion of the verb itself. Do we mean, "I love you because you are the means to 
some of my ends, because you are an instrument that increases my happiness, 
because you give pleasure to my body or support to my pride or security to my 
future?" Or, on a somewhat higher level, do we mean, "I love you because 
we need each other's assets, because we can exploit each other's talents with 
damage to neither and with profit to both, because we like the same things and 
enjoy the same experiences and share the same goals"? Or, on the highest level 
of all, do we mean, "I love you because I see in you the very handiwork of God 
himself; because I find in you a person, someone who can never be regarded 
as the means to an end but must always be counted an end in his own right; because 
in you I have encountered a part of God's creation that deserves my sympathy, my 
helpfulness, my devotion, and perhaps even my life" ? 

It is with this last kind of love that I am presently concerned, and upon such 
love the conventional limits cannot be imposed. "You shall love your neighbor 
as yourself," the ancient commandment goes. And who is my neighbor? "He is 
the near one and the far one," H. Reinhold Niebuhr has said; "the one beside the 
road I travel here and now; the one removed from me by distances in time and space, 
in convictions and loyalties. He is my friend, the one who has shown compas- 
sion toward me; and my enemy, who fights against me. He is the one in need, 
in whose hunger, nakedness, imprisonment and illness I see or ought to see the 
universal suffering servant. He is the oppressed one who has not risen in rebellion 
against my oppression nor rewarded me according to my deserts as individual or 
member of a heedlessly exploiting group. He is the compassionate one who 
ministers to my needs: the stranger who takes me in; the father and mother, sister 
and brother." 

Love of that kind has little to do with liking and nothing to do with self- 
seeking. In the eyes of the world it is usually foolishness, and in the heart of 
its possessor it is frequently hardship and sorrow. But in the deep darkness of man's 
enduring hatred it is the flame that lights the way homeward, and before the 
threat of nuclear catastrophe it holds the only hope that man can yet be saved. 
"When the cities lie at the monster's feet, there are left the mountains." What 
mountains? Third, the mountain of love, whose simplicity is the deepest wisdom, 
whose mercy the surest justice, and whose gentleness the most incontrovertible 


Fourth and finally, time. This is not precisely the word that I want, but I 
have not been able to find a better one. In part, what I have in mind is immortality, 
but I mean something vastly more inclusive than the mere persistence of an in- 
dividual personality beyond its body's death. In part, what I mean is eternity, but I 
have in mind something far more personal than a cold infinity of days. Actually 
timelessness probably comes closest to my meaning — timelessness in the individual 
himself and timelessness in the universe around him. 

Begin with the individual. I happen to believe in immortality. To be sure, 
I cannot prove it, but neither do I know anyone who can disprove it. I cannot tell 


you what life after death is like, but neither do I know anyone who can tell you 
what it is not like. And for reasons that have their roots in the sensible goodness 
of God I believe that in the soul of man there is an eternal dimension which, be- 
ginning on the earth, extends to realms unearthly. 

A couple of generations ago, there was a great preacher in England whose 
name was F. B. Meyer. He had a fatal disease, and one day he wrote to a friend 
that his doctors had given him only three days to live. "Don't bother to write," he 
said, and then he added those words so lately on the lips of Caryl Chessman: 
"we'll meet in the morning." 4 

Words like that are important to me. They are important to me because I 
believe them to be true, and their truth is important to me for reasons more im- 
mediate than any hope I may have of going on living forever. It takes some of the 
fever out of my life right here on the earth — some of the haste and some of the 
recklessness. In one sense, if I have forever, I have time — time for reading, time 
for thinking, time for friendship, time for service. In another sense, if I have for- 
ever, I have no time at all — no time for carelessness, no time for hatred, no time 
for cruelty; for I shall have to live with myself for a long, long time, and building, 
I had better build well. But in both senses, immortality is important to me: it 
makes a difference — or it ought to make a difference — in the life I live every day. 

There are many people, however, who do not believe in immortality, and 
when I add time to the roll of my mountains, its presence on the list is not de- 
pendent on that faith. When the young Winston Churchill was studying at 
Sandhurst, there was an Egyptian at the school, and to the surprise of almost 
everyone, he showed no interest in digging for ancient Roman pottery in the fields 
around the institution. Pressed for an explanation, he replied that he was "not 
much interested in modern art." 5 And however unhappy the Romans might have 
been about his attitude, you have to say that the Egyptian had a commendable 
perspective. Whatever we may think about our own immortality, there is no deny- 
ing the fact that the world has been here for a long time, and in spite of all man's 
threats against it, the world is likely to be here for a long time to come. People 
have existed on the earth for many thousands of years, and the chance is still 
great that they will exist on it for more thousands. 

The further consideration, which makes these thoughts relevant to my pres- 
ent purpose, is that when the fathers eat sour grapes, the children's teeth are set 
on edge. People will still be alive on the earth when I am dead — people whose, 
opportunities for significant existence will depend in large part on the way that 
I have lived before them. There is nothing I can do to change the past, but the 
manner of my life today affects not only today but also tomorrow. "When the 
cities lie at the monster's feet, there are left the mountains." What mountains? 
Fourth, the mountain of time, whose endlessness rebukes my despair, whose avenues 
invite my exploration, and whose infinite potentiality beseeches my faithfulness. 

"When the cities lie at the monster's feet, there are left the mountains." If I 
were being graduated from college today, I hope that I should not forget them. 
I hope that in their rugged peaks I should find not only a refuge but also a mandate. 


1. "Shine, Perishing Republic," Chief Modern Poets of England and America, ed. Sanders 
and Nelson, p. 740 

2. Spencer Press, p. 35 

3. The Purpose of the Church and Its Ministry, p. 37, 38 

4. How to Become a Christian, Samuel M. Shoemaker, p. 124 

5. Winston Churchill, Robert Lewis Taylor, p. 89 



Friday Evening Dinner 
Woodland Dining Room 

The Twelfth Annual Lasell Alumnae Council Meetings were held on April 
1 and 2, I960 at Rand Hall. President Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 opened 
the Saturday morning meeting, welcomed the group and introduced the members 
of the Board of Management of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. and the two delegates from 
the newly-formed Long Island Division of the Greater New York Club, Beryl 
Schelhorn Frey '55 and Joan Wolfe Wickham x-'49, who were the guests at this 
year's Council. 

Libby told of the new buildings at Lasell and that the Alumnae had furnished 
the living room in Ordway House and extended an invitation to all interested to 
visit the buildings. She reported on the Alumnae Scholarships awarded this year 
and spoke briefly of the American Alumni Council meetings which were attended 
by representatives from Lasell Alumnae, Inc. Libby announced that the reunion 
plan adopted last year will be continued this year. Alumnae Day on June 11, I960 
will feature the all-class catered luncheon served "under the big tent" on the 
Recreation Field. 

Dr. Packard thanked the Alumnae for inviting Mrs. Packard and him to the 
Social Hour and Council Dinner on Friday evening and extended an invitation 
to tea at the White House at the close of the meetings. He spoke briefly about 
current activities on campus, told of the great need for a Student Center and a 
building to house the Secretarial Department. 

After a recess during which coffee was served, Libby introduced the guest 
speaker, Mr. Edward H. Turner, vice president for development at Colby College. 
His topic was Capital Funds and he emphasized the importance of careful planning 
in advance for a long-range program and stressed the fact that one must create 
an atmosphere for giving. 

A panel discussion was this year's innovation for the afternoon session. 
With Libby Logan as moderator, the panel included Marjorie MacClymon '32, 
Dorothy Inett Taylor '30, Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 and Louise Tardivel Higgins 
'37. They reported on conditions pertaining to Class Secretaries, Clubs, Current 
Events at the college and the Alumnae Fund. A general discussion and question 
period followed. 



The festivities of Alumnae Day, June 11, I960, were concentrated for the 
second successive year "Under the Tent" on the Recreation Field. Reunioners — 
nearly 450 of them — registered at alumnae headquarters in Plummer Library, 
enjoyed morning coffee, met old friends and toured the Old and New spots on 

At eleven-thirty Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 called to order the annual 
meeting of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. Libby welcomed all present and gave a brief 
resume of the year's progress at the college. She announced that Dr. Blake Tewks- 
bury has been appointed Lasell's new president and that Dr. Richard Packard will 
continue in his former position as Chairman of the Social Studies Department. 
It was also announced that the Board of Management had voted to have a portrait 
of Dr. Guy M. Winslow reproduced in color and presented to the college. 

Alumnae Fund Chairman, Louise Tardivel Higgins '37, reported that the 1959- 
60 campaign was the most successful to date and extended thanks to Mr. Robert 
Brandriff, who served as Director. Winners of Alumnae Scholarships for 1960-61 
were announced by Shirley Gould Chesebro '33. 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 extended greetings from the Board of Trustees, 
of which she is Chairman, and congratulated the Alumnae on their support of 
the Fund. She also encouraged all to ask questions and to take an active interest 
in the alumnae program. 

Libby next introduced the president and treasurer of the Class of I960, 
Martha Yerkes and Janet Sawyer, daughter of Frances Wheeler Sawyer '31. They 
presented a check in the amount of $780 to the Alumnae Fund and this contribution 
automatically entitles each member of the graduating class to membership in 
Alumnae, Inc. for the coming year. 

Advantages of having the annual business meeting at the time of Annual 
Council Meetings were discussed and a motion was made and passed to change 
Article VI of the Constitution and By-Laws to read: "The annual meeting of 
Lasell Alumnae, Inc. shall be held at the time of the Annual Alumnae Council 

The slate of officers for 1960-61 was read by Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37, 
and it was accepted as read. Alumnae elected include: President, Elizabeth Har- 
rington Logan '49; 1st Vice President, Lillian Reese Roche '50; 2d Vice President, 
Diane Palady Barry '49; Recording Secretary, Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37; 
Corresponding Secretary, Lillian Feneley Cooley '45; Treasurer, Ruth Turner 
Crosby '42; Assistant Treasurer, Ruth Busivell Isaacson '36; Alumnae Clubs 
Advisor, Dorothy lnett Taylor '30; Alumnae Fund Chairman, Louise Tardivel 
Higgins '37; and Scholarship Committee Chairman, Shirley Gould Chesebro '33. 
Directors for 1960-61 are: Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19, Antoinette Meritt Smith '23, 
Elaine Toivne Batson '43, Betty Williams McGowan '47 and Elizabeth Sleight 
Dexter '53. Lorraine Anderson Crabtree '45 is chairman of the Nominating 
Committee, and will be assisted by Marcia Kesseli Allen '47 and Corinne Capone 
McGuiggan '49. 

A check for the Scholarship Fund from the Chicago Lasell Club was pre- 
sented by Margherita Dike Hallberg '10, a past president and former treasurer 
of the Illinois group. 


The Class of 1910 drew an enthusiastic round of applause when nine repre- 
sentatives stood as the reunioning classes answered to Roll Call. Their reunion 
was planned by Josephine Woodward Rand, former president of Lasell Alumnae, 
Inc., while her sister, Nell Woodward Collins, served as chairman for the Class 
of 1915. Also from the 50th Reunion group came several long-distance travelers: 
Julia Hamilton Peters, Great Falls, Montana; Lucy Aldrich Berston, Flint, Michi- 
gan; Reva Burman Batt from St. Louis; and Margherita Dike Hallberg and 
Cornelia Stone from Illinois. Jessie Matte son Roy, president of the Class of 1925, 
came from California; and 1925 also boasted two reunioning "mothers and 
daughters" — Catherine Beecher Wood and Carolyn Wood Brox '59, and Mar- 
garet Gordon Ferguson with daughter, Nancy Ferguson Chapman '59- 
The meeting was adjourned and a box luncheon was enjoyed by all. 

Respectfully submitted, 
Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 
Recording Secretary 


MAY 31, 1959 — MAY 31, i960 


Balance on hand, May 31, 1959 $ 3,563.50 

Alumnae Contributions 12,837.00 

June Table Receipts 50.00 

Alumnae Luncheon Receipts 596.25 

Reunion Picture Receipts 143.00 

Project: Christmas Wrappings 866.40 
Partial Payment for May Issue of Leaves 

by Lasell Junior College 1,516.34 





Printing and Mailing — Fund Issue 



Printing and Mailing — Feb. Issue 




Agents' Business 

15,000 Contribution envelopes & express chgs. 



17,500 Envelopes, sketches & express chgs. 


Letterheads & express chgs. 


5000 stamps 


7500 Envelopes, letterheads & express chgs. 





American Alumni Council Dues 



Expenses to District I AAC Conference 


Expenses to Lasell Council for Two Alumnae 


Flowers, napkins, paper cups for Lasell Council 


500 Badges and cards for Lasell Council 


Speaker's expense to Lasell Council (donated 


Lasell Alumnae Fund) 


$ 350.03 




Christmas Paper 
Freight on Christmas 



$ 793.28 

Furnishings for Living Room in New Dormitory* 

Rug and Pad 

$ 1,845.00 



Fireplace equipment 








Draperies, drapery fixtures and fabrics lor 

covering furniture 


Two planters 


$ 3,932.74 

,500 appropriated — $3,932.74 presently paid out, additional $567.26 to cover the 
remaining outstanding bills 


Caterer — Alumnae Luncheons 
Bonding — President, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer 
Filing Tax Report with Comm. of Mass. 
One-half pymt. for tent for outdoor activities 

on Alumnae Day and Graduation 
Photographer — Reunion pictures 
Christmas cards for 1959 graduates 
Collection charges on checks 
14 -page ad in I960 Lamp 
200 Birth certificates 
Bank service charge 
Petty cash 
Telephone calls 














Transferred to Alumnae Building Fund 


Balance on hand 5/31/60 ( Newton- Waltham Trust Co.) 


General Fund — Newton Savings Bank 
Balance on hand 5/31/59 
Add: U.S. Savings Bond Cashed 

$ 1,102.05 


$ 8,513.29 


Transferred to Building Fund 
Transferred to Scholarship Fund 

Balance on hand 5/31/60 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank — 5 shares 










$ 6,115.24 



Building Fund — Newton Savings Bank 
Balance on hand 5/31/59 
Add : Interest 

Gifts from Clubs 

Transferred from General Fund 

U.S. Savings Bond cashed 

Balance on hand 5/31/60 

Scholarship Fund — West Newton Savings Bank 

Balance on hand 5/31/59 

Add : Interest 

Cooperative Bank Dividends 

Gifts from Clubs 

Transferred from General Fund 

Profit from Sale Christmas paper (1958-59) 

Deduct: Gifts to 3 Scholarship Recipients 
Pymt. made to Lasell Jr. College 

Balance on hand 5/31/60 

Needham Cooperative Bank — 5 shares 






$ 6,822.74 

$ 1,000.00 

$ 1,000.00 

$ 5,822.74 

General Fund Checking 

General Fund Savings 

Building Fund 
Scholarship Fund 

TOTAL 5/31/60 

Newton-Waltham Bank & Trust Co. 
$ 8,513.29 (Checking Account) 

Newton Savings Bank (Gen'l Fd.) 
6,115.24 Newton Savings Bank (Bldg. Fd.) 
5,343.75 West Newton Savings Bank 
6,822.74 (Schp. Fd.) 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank 

$26,795.02 (5 shares) 

Needham Cooperative Bank 

TOTAL 5/31/60 

$ 5,343.75 






Ruth E. Crosby. 



Highest Average Contribution: 



Largest Amount Contributed: 

With 55 members or less: 1918 

With 55-125 members: 1938 

With over 125 members: 1956 

Largest Percentage of Contributors : 

With 55 members or less: 1908 

With 55-125 members: 1923 

With over 125 members: 1956 




Note: The number of contributors includes all Life Members who contributed during the 
current year (indicated by an L in front of the name). Other Life Members are 
listed at the end of each class list. The count of each class for figuring the percentages 
includes living graduates with known addresses and non-graduate givers (the latter 
indicated by x) . 

All classes before 1906 


Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 

Total amount contributed: $357.00 
Number of contributors: 42 
Average contribution: $8.50 


. Mercy Sinsabaugh Ingalls 

Maud Snyder Davis 

Florence C. Wyman 

Grace A. Johnson 

Nellie M. Richards 

Clara Souther Lingle 
xGrace Dwinal Pushard 
Mabel Taylor Gannett 
Myra L. Davis 

Bessie Brainard Schmadeke 
L Edith Howe Kip 

Grace Washburn Hoskins 

Gertrude Watson Linscott 

Eva Raymond Perkins 
xAlice Taylor Potter 
Isabella C. Clemens 
Katherine E. McCoy 
Lelia Walker Saunders 
Harriette Ward Walker 
xMary Buffinton Chace 
Georgie Duncan Seavey 
L Bessie Fuller Perry 

Ellen McGrew Hollenbeck 
L Clara McLean Rowley 
xCora Stone Trimmer 
xBertha White Sprague 
Isabella Blackstock Beardsley 
xlsabelle Bowers Church 
xEmily A. Clemens 
Agnes Drake Foss 
L Edith Ebersole Doud 
Mary Goodwin Olmsted 
Bertha Hayden King 
Ida Mallory Lyon 
xLucia Parcher Dow 

xGrace Ordway Miller 
xBertha Aiken Meyers 
Edith Harber Wright 
Margaret Henderson Soule 
xArgenta MacDonald Carothers 
xEleanor Percy Irish 
Barbara Vail Bosworth 

Other Life Members: 

Josephine H. West '91-'93 
Georgianna Adams McElfresh 

Eme M. Prickett '91 
Harriet L. Freebey '95 

Josephine Chandler Pierce '96 

(Deceased ) 
Emma Aull Duncan '98 
Clifford Dasher Stephens '98 
Evelyn Ebert Allen '99 
Alice Jenckes Wilson '99 
Alice R. Kendall '99 
Elsie B. Reynolds '00 _ 
Joanna Deering Kirk '02 
Kate Wheldon Plumb '02 
xHelen Ebersole Swartzell^ '03 
Jennie Hamilton Eliason '04 
xHelen Royse Shirk '05 _ 
Laura Weaver Buxton '05 
Helen Carter Marcy 

Total amount contributed: $63.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Average contribution: $9.00 

xLucy Miller Robotham 
xElizabeth Polhemus Rockwood 
L Maude Simes Harding 

Sarah H. Strong 
xElizabeth Thielens Miller 
xMary-Florine Thielens Peeples 

Lucy Wilson Errett 

Other Life Members: 
Edith Anthony Carlow 
Helen Carter Marcy 
Mildred Peirce Fuller 
Irene Sauter Sanford 
Dorothea Turner Moulton 
Elsie Young Hayden 
Lilian Douglass Heefo 

Total amount contributed: $73.00 
Number of contributors: 9 
Average contribution: $8.00 

Helen Carter Johnson 
L Fern Dixon Leahy 
L Lilian Douglass Heeb 
xCarre Fuller Eldridge 
xDaisy Gilbert Buck 
xHelen Gray Porter 

Clara Huttenbauer Levy 
xSadie Peckham Mayers 
xCarrie Sessions Dodge 

Other Life Member: 
xjennie Drew Hinman 
Charlotte Ryder Hall 

Total amount contributed: $102.00 
Number of contributors: 8 
Average contribution: $12.50 

xlmo Blakestad King 
L Grace Emerson Cole 

xElsie C. Fengar 
L Grace T. Griswold 

xAlice Hobbs Worcester 

xEthel McCorkindale Harwood 
L Louise Morrell Nestler 
L Charlotte Ryder Hall 

Other Life Member: 
Elizabeth Love Macey 





Maria Riker Hume 

Total amount contributed: $60.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Average contribution: $8.50 

Constance E. Blackstock 
L Annie Crowe Collum 
xGertrude Leonard McClanahan 
Maria Riker Hume 
Florence Swartwout Thomassen 
Dorothy Wells Seller 
Katherine Wheeler 

Other Life Member: 

Louise Funkhouser Colegrove 
Josephine Woodward Rand 

Total amount contributed: $306.00 
Number of contributors: 14 
Average contribution: $22.00 

L Lucy Aldrich Berston 

xLucy Cox Nelson 
L Julia Crafts Sheridan 
Margherita Dike Hallberg 
Marion Hale Bottomley 
L Julia Hamilton Peters 
L Mary Lumbard Courtney 
xElizabeth P. Martin 
Ina McLean Hunt 
LxMabeth Shuttleworth Turner 
xM. Ella Steenman Bryant 

M. Cornelia Stone 
xHarriet Wetsel Bryan 
L Josephine Woodward Rand 

Other Life Members: 
Nell Carneal Drew 
Mildred Goodall Fairbanks 
Susan Stryker Brown 
Marion Ordway Corley 

Total amount contributed: $55.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Average contribution: $8.00 

Vera Bradley Findlay 
xDorothy Frost Frost 

Kathleen M. Knight 
L Marion Ordway Corley 

Doris Powers Thomas 
xMargaret Thacher Drury 

Eleanor Warner Salisbury 

Other Life Members: 

Elizabeth Brandow Trumbull 
Margaret Jones Clemen 
Ruth Coulter Bierer 

Total amount contributed: $136.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Average contribution: $9.00 

Ruth Bachelder Luscombe 
xBarbara Clark Colby 

Ruth Coulter Bierer 

Orra Hammond Pomeroy 

Marion Joslin Oppenheimer 

Charlotte Lesh Coats 

Berenice Lincoln Beers 
xMay Holdman 

Annie Merrill David 

Clara Parker Colby 

Jane Parsons Westervelt 
xC. Pearl Townsend 

Mary Utter Maxson 

Ruth Vollrath Ross 

Winifred Whittlesey Knowlton 

Other Life Members: 
xGrace Douglass Schindler 
xHaze' Drew Adair 

Florence Jones Allen 
xSara Shuttleworth Houwert 

Total amount contributed: $65.00 
Number of contributors: 6 
Average contribution: $11.00 

Alma L. Bunch 

Georgina Fankboner Roberts 

Mary Fenno Stirn 
xEsther McCrorv 
xEdessa Warner Slocum 

Adelle Wilson Moffett 

Other Life Members: 
Ruth Trowbridge Brown 
Mildred Westervelt Warner 
Mary Quick Dean 

Total amount contributed: $112.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Average contribution: $7.50 

xRuth Adt Stephenson 

Mary H. Bingaman 

Alleda Burnett Arneson 
L Ruth Davis Giller 

Maidie Dealey Moroney 

Elsie L. Doleman 

Myra Eby Craighead 

Marcia Fogg Moore 

Dora E. Goodwillie 

Dorothy Hartshorn Underwood 
xE. Rose Hoefflin 

Ruby Newcomb McCorkindale 

Mary Quick Dean 

Mildred Smith Leach 

Ethel Vance Foster 

Other Life Members: 
Lois Brader Buckner 
Dorothy Canfield Cheseldine 
Evelina E. Perkins 

Total amount contributed: $98.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Average contribution: $7.50 

Irene Ball Sill 

Katharine Bingaman Heron 

Catherine Carter Rasbach 
xMadeline Farmer Ryder 

Frances Johnsen Edwards 

Clara Paton Suhlke 

Evelina E. Perkins 
xEmma Robinson Petrie 
xPauline Rowland Lane 

Martha Schumann Laubenstein 

Doris Waller O'Hara 
xGenevieve Watkins Stecker 
L Nell Woodward Collins 

Other Life Members: 
Myrtle Brix Spangler 
Bess E. Emerine 
Ada F. Patterson 
Susan E. Tiffany (Deceased) 
Gladys Wilkes McCutchen 
Marion Griffin YVolcott 

Total amount contributed: $2-f0.00 
Number of contributors: 24 
Average contribution: $10.00 

xWilda Berkey Cartland 
L Naomi Bradley Reed 
Dorothy Brate McPherrin 
xElizabeth Carleton Stillman 
xEdna Christensen Beckwith 
xConstance Davis Huberty 



Mercie V. Nichols 

12th Annual Alumnae Council Meetings 
April 1 -2, 1960 

L. to r.: Elizabeth Harrington Logan, 

Mr. Edward H. Turner, Priscilla Alden 


Lavinia Fera McKinney 
Adolphia Garnsey Ettinger 
Helen S. Gerrett 
Marion Griffin Wolcott 
Sarah Hammond Brookes 
Ruth Harris Frank 
Lena Hauck Johnson 
Maude Hayden Keeney 
Margaret Jones Gill 
Mildred Libby Kilgore 
Eleanor McCarty Thomas 
Helen Overholser Towle 
Carol M. Rice 
Elizabeth G. Richards 
Madeline Sheldon Herfurth 
Mabel Straker Kimball 
Alma E. Sweet 
Charlotte Whiting Clark 

Other Life Member: 

Helen Merrill Strohecker 

Marjorie Morrison Coburn . 
IJ ii tl» Burnap Jones 

Total amount contributed: $128.00 
Number of contributors: 10 
Average contribution: $13.00 

Ruth Burnap Jones 
xMildred Goddard True 

Helen Lesh Zerfas 
xEvelyn Lincoln Miller 

Marjorie Morrison Coburn 
xCarita Palmer Moffett 
L Helen M. Saunders 

Dorothy Stewart Allen 
L Mildred Strain Nutter 
Mary Taylor Gish 

Other Life Members: 
Helen Bauman Routier 
Florence Bell Merrill 
Fannie Gates Frey 
Jessie Shepherd Brennan 
Helen Stephan Sterley 

Elsie Flight Wuestefeld 

Total amount contributed: $566.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Average contribution: $81.00 

L Lydia Adams Godsoe 
Constance Allen Dunbar 

x Lillian Astill Ainsworth 
Mildred Cary Eaton 
Ruth B. Newcomb 
Helen Smith Stone 

L Gail Wilson Boynton 

Other Life Member: 
Dorothy Barnes Paine 

Total amount contributed: $176.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Average contribution: $13.50 

Edith Abbott Chapman 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe 

Rosenda M. Cabrera 

Olive Chase Mayo 

Frances Coombs 
xMary Eshleman Willauer 

Dorothy C. Hall 

Marguerite Houser Hamlin 
xRuth Lapham Lyle 
xElizabeth Moyer Wilson 
L Mercie V. Nichols 

Edith Vance Nicolson 

Helen Webster Fitz 

Other Life Members: 

xRuth Cody Ball 

Sarah Hopkins 

Freda Griffin Leining 

Total amount contributed: $99.00 
Number of contributors: 11 
Average contribution: $9.00 

LxCarolie Abrams Painter 
Dorothy Burnham Eaton 
Marion Eaton Gumaer 
Lillian C. Grant 
Freda Griffin Leining 
Alice Grimes Griffin 
Ruth D. Hayden 
Caroline Lindsay Haney 
Margaret Perley Downey 
Julia Rankin Welles (Deceased) 
Helen Sanborn Rowe 

Other Life Members: 
Elaine Bass Pierce 
Anna Crane Sherwood 
Doris Crawford Clovis 
Isabel M. Fish 
xKatherine Moss Shriner 
Katherine Rice Broock 
Helen !■. Beede 

Total amount contributed: $341.00 
Number of contributors: 12 
Average contribution: $28.50 

L Helen L. Beede 
L Marian Bliven MacDonald 
xEdith Geeson Seewald 

Jeannette Geist Stanley 

Janet Hannah Gibbs 
xPriscilla Ingraham Lamb 
LxHelen Jacobs 

Mary King Sargent 

Margaret Loomis Collingwood 
L Ruth Rawlings Mott 

Marion Stevens White 
L Esther H. Story 

Other Life Members: 

Celina Belle Isle Forman 
Lillian Doane Maddigan 
Mildred Knight Norwood 
Gladys V. Lucas 
Julia Russell Robertson 
xMary C. Shannon 
Harriette Case Bidvvell 

Total amount contributed: $157.00 
Number of contributors: 16 
Average contribution: $10.00 



Carolyn Badger Seybolt 

Jean Field Faires 
L Grace Gates Brown 
L Helene Grashorn Dickson 
xElizabeth Laughlin Wadsworth 

Helen Libby Staples 

Marjorie Lovering Harris 

Mildred Melgaard Rees 

xMarjorie Norris England 

L Phyllis Rafferty Shoemaker 

L Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt 

Mayno Seltzer Richmond 
L Barbara Smith Huntington 
xMarion T. Weidman 

Louise Weymouth Thompson 

Lilian Wood Wood 

Other Life Members: 

Frances Angel Levenson 
Iverna Birdsall Lutze 
Harriette Case Bidwell 
Ethelle Cleale Collect 
Violet Comley Peirce 
Sarah F. Crane 
Florence Day Wentworth 
Josephine Holbrook Metzger 
Louise Jackson Davol 
Elizabeth Madeira Campbell 
Elizabeth Tarr Benton 
Theresa Thompson Osborne 
Jean Woodward Nelson 


Total amount contributed: $160.00 
Number of contributors: 24 
Average contribution: $6.50 

Arline Allsopp DeHart 
xMarion Austin Hakewessell 

Florence Boehmcke Edmondson 

Helen T. Buettner 

Margaret Bullock Reed 

Elizabeth Chandler Healy 
L Carolyn Colton Avery 

Anne Daugherty Slater 

Ruth Dinsmore Tilton 

Adrienne Fontaine Caron 
xMary Godard Hadley 
L Ruth Hopkins Spooner 
xLisinka Kuehl Dawson 

Helen Lightbody Smith 
L Marjorie Lowell Weeks 

Ida A. Markert 
L Antoinette Meritt Smith 

Jeannette Merrick Moss 

Dorothy K. Millspaugh 
xLouise Orr Daniels 

Claire Parker Everett 

Jessie Watters 

Isabelle Whitcomb Jackson 

Doris Wilde Lobdell 

Other Life Members: 
Ethel Cole Charters 
xRuth Emery 
Ruth Hills Livermore 
Adrienne Smith Stone 
Louise Woolley Morgan 



Dorothy Ballou Collier 

Total amount contributed: $126.00 
Number of contributors: 17 
Average contribution: $7.50 

Elizabeth Anderson Hanna 
L Dorothy Ballou Collier 
Gertrude Bardwell Hall 
Dorothy Barnara 
Adele Bigham Nelson 
Frances Bliss Crosby 
xDorothy Brown Inman 
Matilda Daugherty Linn 
Edith Hadley McLean 

Isabel Lummus 
Florence Merritt Baker 
M. Marguerite Murrav Keene 
Esther Palmer Dwinell 
L Helen B. Perry 
Helen W. Robson 
xBeatrice Tait Henrich 
Katharine C. Webb 

Other Life Members: 
Edith Clendenin Stahl 
Katharine Knox McClaren 
Lucile Norris Leyda 
Maude A. Wilcox 
Alice Wry Anthony 


Helen McNab Willand 

Total amount contributed: $146.00 
Number of contributors: 19 
Average contribution: $7.50 

xAlice Batchelder Powers 

Helen Black Sprague 

Lois Bryant Warner 
xEthel Clow Black 

Dorothy Cook Reynal 

Barbara Cushing Jenkins 

Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor 

Louise Hegeman Whitman 

Ruby Holabird Keeler 

Ruth Mayes Longmire 
L Helen McNab Willand 

Ruth Shepard Parmenter 

Virginia Smieding Fenn 
xEmma Smith Quereau 

Sylvia H. Solari 

Eleanor L. Steele 
xClaire Stritzinger Daller 

Grace Thayer Berkeley 

Martha Wilcox Hills 

Other Life Members: 
Ruth A. Bufnngton 
Eva-May Mortimer Riffe 
Helen Wahlquist Wolcott 



Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth 

Total amount contributed: $134.00 
Number of contributors: 21 
Average contribution: $6.00 

xNatalie Albury Boswell 
Margaret Anderson Gage 
Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth 

xBernice Cunningham Smith 
L Helen Duncan Devereux 

xElizabeth Eyler Crane 
Mary Freeman Wisdom 
L Dorothy Hale Brown 
Mildred Hamlin Mather 
Mariesta Howland Bloom 
Anita Krakauer Doerr 
Hazel Kramer O'Donnell 
Grace Lawrence Groves 

xMuriel L. McLauthlin 
Dorothy Messenger Heath 
Gertrude Moeller Baum 
Emma H. Ockert 
Madeleine Roth White 
Doris Schumaker Walthers 
Elizabeth Smith Lum 
Elizabeth Van Cleve Giersch 

Other Life Members: 
Margaret Beck Hamlin 
Sara Mackay Roblin 
Elinor Stevens Stockman 
Nadine Strong James 
Mary Witschiet Wood 





Esther T. Josselyn 

Total amount contributed: $132.00 
Number of contributors: 18 
Average contribution: $7.00 

LxGertrude Bicknell Harvey 
Rosalie Brightman Rosen 
Sylvia Chandler Hooker 
Minerva Damon Ludewig 
Elinor Day Conley 
. Carolyn Duncan Long 
Lucy Field Wildman 
Vera Hambleton Plunkett 

L Esther T. Josselyn 
Loretta Krause Eyer 
Marjorie Maxfield Smith 
Rosanna McConnell Wallis 
Ethel Noyes Hathaway 
Elizabeth Selkirk Chipps 
Edith Stone Schure 
Evelyn Suor Butterworth 
Katherine Tufts Wiese 
Virginia Wellington Fauver 

Other Life Members: 
Lilly Butters Schwartz 
Alice Crawford 
Lucy MacLeod Helm 
Madalyn Patten Hoberg 
Madeleine Robinhold Leinbach 
Janette Smock Allen 

Lillian G. Bethel 

Total amount contributed: $90.00 
Number of contributors: 14 
Average contribution: $6.50 

Lillian G. Bethel 

Phoebe Dotten Low 

Evelyn Douglass Hooper 

Kathryn W. Forgey 

Mary Goodwin Culver 

Caroline Hopkins McLean 

Edith Hussey Adams 
xBernice Kent Ennis 

Helen Kowalewski Sandback 

Josephine Laughton Hopkins 

Barbara E. Lawson 
xAlice M. Nydegger 

Katherine Paige Colon 

Hester Shaw Gordon 

Other Life Members: 
Margaret Behrens 
Margaret Newman 
Mary Pryor Miller 
Mary Timmins Moulthrop 
Marjorie Winslow MacCuspie 
Harriet Hewins Sanderson 

Total amount contributed: $161.00 
Number of contributors: 26 
Average contribution: $6.00 

Jean Ayr Baker 
Preble Borden Gruchy 
Katherine Braithwaite Woodworth 
Charlotte Brooks Armstrong 
Constance Chalmers Harlow 
Constance Chase Marchant 
Julia Clausen Bowman 
Dorothy Cole MacRae 
Emily Crump Ramstetter 
Isabelle Daggett Wilson 
Florence Fitch Osborn 
Mary Groff Cooper 
Harriet Hewins Sanderson 
Harriet Holt Buker 
Eleanor C. Humphrey 
Mary Korper Steele 

Marjorie Kuehn Brock 
Betty Lyman Zsiga 
xMarguerite Mcllvain Ricker 
Eleanor Pitcher Hansen 
Ruth Rowbotham Strickland 
Mary Thomas Neal 
Louise Thompson Rondelli 
Maude Williams Gittleson 
Barbara Wilson Horton 
Ellen Zacharias Cullen 

Other Life Members: 
xRuth Beckley Brown 
Rosamond Cornell Cannon 
Dorothy Hayward Sutherland 
Marion Kingdon Farnum 
Alice Pratt Brown 
Ruth E. Richards 
Marion Simpson Lunt 
Helena Willson Hanson 
Phyllis Jensen Swenson 

Total amount contributed: $140.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Average contribution: $11.00 

Joan Collier Cooper 
Corinne Cowdrey Murray 
L Clara Dietz Rosenburg 
Jeanette Gessner Somers 
Marjorie Hubler Kiefer 
L Dorothy Inett Taylor 
Phyllis Jensen Swenson 
Harriet Kimberly Coale 
Eleanor McKenney Black 
Elsie Moore Johnson 
Sylvia Morgan Williams 
xRuth Richardson Pease 
Frances Smith Miller 
Karin Eliasson Monroe 

Total amount contributed: $121.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Average contribution: $9.00 

Ruth Bee Jackson 

Mildred Bell Cole 

Kathleen Comstock Lavis 

Betty Condit Kessel 

Dorothy Curtis Ashworth 

Ruth Rohe Smith 

Frances Long Bunnell 

Lenna Lyon Hill 
xjane Porter Brown 

Helen M. Schaack 

Pearl Thompson Hasey 

Dotha Warner Jope 
xElizabeth Way Kendall 

Other Life Members: 

Sarah B. Fletchall 

Virginia Riley Richardson 



Gertrude Hooper King 

Total amount contributed: $159.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Average contribution: $10.50 

Leslie Barker 
Ethel Buchanan Horner 
Mildred J. Guyett 
Katharine Hartman Macy 
Gertrude Hooper Ring 
Gertrude Horner 
Margaret V. Hrubec 
Helane Jones Pressel 
Marjorie A. MacClymon 
xjanet McCartney Abel 
Elizabeth Page Sealey 



Annual Meeting 
June 11, 1960 

Minerva Pritchard Barratt 
Elinor Small Domina 
Barbara Stanley Ulrich 
Marjorie Tarbell Quandt 

Other Life Members: 
Charlotte Cahners Glass 
Julia C. Case 
Edith Parsons Booth 

Charlotte Phillips Wilkins 

Total amount contributed: $89.00 
Number of contributors: 12 
Average contribution: $7.50 

xBette Andrews York 
Helen C. Burwell 
Barbara Edmands Place 
Alice Fernandez Harkins 
Shirley Gould Chesebro 
Anna Mills Koeck 
Christine Murphy Hohner 
Charlotte F. M. Ockert 
L Virginia Ogden Hayes 
Martha Palmer Mack 
Mary Shiveley McNeill 
Ruth Stafford Clark 

Other Life Members: 
xLaura Dietz Rudginsky 
Angelita Santiago Gebelein 



Helen Gibbs Studley 

Total amount contributed: $105.00 
Number of contributors: 12 
Average contribution: $9.00 

Phyllis Atkinson Stone 
Roberta Davis Massey 
xCaroline Frey Anderson 
Helen Gibbs Studley 
Helen Hall Streeter 
L Mabelle Hickcox Camp 
Jane Jensen Bailey 
Marjorie Jones Hopkins 
Barbara Kerr Marshman 
Carol Morehouse Jones 
Bettina Potter Janse 
Eleanor Young Antoun 

Other Life Members: 
Celia Kinsley Percival 
Virginia Leahy Berwick 



Eleanor Gebelein Greene 

Betty Allenbaugh Weller 
xKatherine Argersinger Scheirer 

Barbara Briggs Stanton 

Marion Cleveland Head 

Harriet Colwell Reeves 
xEleanor Dippel Reed 

Charlotte Eames Terry 

Frances Findlay Hall 

Eleanor Gebelein Greene 

Gertrude Heath Kehoe 
L Barbara Iris Johnson 

Margaret MacNaughton Dockstader 

Gertrude Morris MacCallum 

Barbara Ordway Brewer 
L Mary Jane Selby Guerry 

Beatrice Sharpe Arnold 

Caroline Smith Goodwin 

Sally Swanson Dahlberg 
L Molly Upham Menges 

Virginia White Wardwell 
L Priscilla Winslow 

Priscilla E. Wood 

Barbara Young Leach 

Other Life Members: 
Barbara King Haskins 
Sophia Latchis Lyras 
Roberta Morrill Buchanan 
xMiriam Nichols 
Eleanor Ramsdell Stauffer 



Esther B. Sosman 

Virginia Johnston Eoud 

Total amount contributed: $165.00 
Number of contributors: 2 5 
Average contribution: $6.50 

Selma Amdur Aks 

Marjorie Bassett MacMillan 

Hildegarde Baxter Perkins 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson 

Priscilla Colson Lane 

Mary Elton Remig 

Frances Fairbrother Barber 

Phyllis Gunn Rodgers 

Virginia Hall Warren 
xBarbara Henry Kop 

Virginia Johnston Loud 

Jeanne M. Keck 

Elizabeth Kenney Farrington 

Arlene Kerr Sonnabend 

Ruth Keyes Wendt 

Ruth Koritzky Kopelman 
L Margaret Pearl Ide 

Janice Remig Kelley 
xAdelaide Shaffer Campbell 

Janice Shutter Grant 

Jeanne Siff Tapper 

Jeanette Tifft Jeffcock 

Charlotte Weitzman Rogers 

Deborah York 

Carolyn Young Cate 

Other Life Members: 
Muriel Ray Hunt 
Audrey Smith Henderson 
Esther Sosman 



Priscilla Parmenter Madden 

Louise Tardivel Higgins 

Total amount contributed: $157.00 
Number of contributors: 24 
Average contribution: $6.50 

Total amount contributed: $135.50 
Number of contributors: 23 
Average contribution: $6.00 

Frances Austin Ferris 
xAnne Campbell Terrill 
Flora Chicos Theodore 
Dorothy Coffin Amon 
Irene Dreissigacker Brimlow 
Jane Eldridge Meaney 
Ruth Fitzgerald O'Brien 
Barbara Harding Kakas 



Louise Hedlund Mercer 

Marjorie Hills Buffington 

Lucille Huse Chappell 

Jean Meady 

Betty Olson Cooper 

Madeline Orcutt Arthur 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden 

Glennys Preston Allicon 
xMary Ruth Sanford 

Meta Searles Hopkins 

Florence Stetson Pipes 
L Louise Tardivel Higgins 

Evelyn Towle Slotnick 
. M. Virginia Webb Tompkins 

Augusta Williamson Lips 

Elizabeth A. Wisdom 

Other Life Members: 

Betty Harrington Van Huysen 
Margaret Harris Abreu 
Eleanor Kenney Barthold 
Marian Sleeper Hall 



Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

Total amount contributed: $175.00 
Number of contributors: 26 
Average contribution: $7.00 

Jean Allen Bird 
Virginia Amesbury Stone 
Betty Black Boynton 
Olive Boynton Garron 
Ruth Fulton Griffin 
Marjorie Furbush Gledhill 
Ritamae Hinchliffe McCusker 
Mary Holton Bohling 
Barbara Jeppesen Thomann 
Dorothy B. Keyes 
Janet Kunkel Funkhouser 
Elizabeth Leland Kibbe 
Alice Lockwood Leach 
Eleanore Loeffler Olsen 
Margaret T. McEnerney 
Ruth Meighan Gillette 
Elaine Meiklem Sargent 
Carole Myers Lowe 
Harriet Newcomb Stoughton 
Jean Randall Dockham 
Martha Romaine Jones 
L Lee Shepard Wilgus 
Virginia Squiers Read 
Elizabeth Sylvester Robinson 
Virginia Wilhelm Harshbarger 
Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

Other Life Members: 
Priscilla Barker Neff 
Jean Berry Yongue 
Mildred Birchard Pentheny 
M. Adele Brown 
xEleanor Dresser Gross 
Constance Hatch Knowles 
Margaret Jones Howry 
Mildred Royce Moffett 
Alice M. Seidler 



E. Jean Burns Wilson 

Total amount contributed: $135.00 
Number of contributors: 21 
Average contribution: $6.50 

Barbara Albrecht Minnig 
Nancy Allen Schmetzer 
E. Jean Burns Wilson 
Jeanne Daniels Wheeler 
Margaret Fish McElrath 
Helen Forsberg Powers 
Norma Jacobus Riddle 
Louise A. Johnson 
Marjorie Lind Maxwell 
Janice Marr Demer 

Jean Michael Petersen 

Cora Pratt Gillett 

Vyrling Rawson 
xPriscilla Schenck 

Margaret Schneider Thieringer 

Mary Jean Schultz Waddell 

Marian Traxler Crum 

Betty Wallace White 
xEleanor Wentworth Person 

Parthena Whipple 
xjanet Whitten Smith 

Other Life Members: 
Marjorie Dietz Jacobs 
Ruth Shepard Cushman 



Camie Porter Morison 

Total amount contributed: $224.00 
Number of contributors: 33 
Average contribution: $7.00 

Priscilla Aiken Sweet 
Jeannetta Annis Richardson 
Esther Bennett Quinlan 

xEvelyn E. Bishop 
Helen Bogert Home 
Ruth Bowman Burrough 
Frances Britton Holden 
Elizabeth Carlisle Muller 
Priscilla Chappie Lindley 
Dorothy Cooke Leary 
Janice Donavan Neal 
Elizabeth English Anderson 
Adele Friedstein Schaye 
Ruth Fulton Rardin 
Marion E. Gray 
Jane Hutchison Wulfing 
Portia Kieser 
Sybil Lander Fletcher 
Marjorie Minchin Sheldon 
Elizabeth Phillips Dick 
Camie Porter Morison 
Barbara T. Quirk 
Julia Rankin Sprague 
.Grace Roberts Gummersall 

xNancy Rudy Howard 
Barbara L. Schilf 
Priscilla Sleeper Sterling 
Ruth Sullivan Lodge 
Miriam Tappan Gilbert 
Patricia Taylor Henderson 
Dorothea Ulrich Eagleson 
Luceal Welsh Berni 
Helen Woodward Fassett 


Gertrude E. Fischer 

Total amount contributed: $222.00 
Number of contributors: 46 
Average contribution: $5.00 

Jane Abbott Wiederhold 

Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan 

Mary Louise Allyn Ross 

Eldora Anthony Kempe 

Lucille Armand Boyle 

Geraldine Bixby Averill 

Jean Bohacket Pegram 

Nancy Bommer 

Dorothy Brewer Carlson 

Susan Cairoli Peck 

Imogene Caney Fair 

Peggy Card Suydam 

Josephine Caruso Kuchera 

Barbara Clawson Zimmer 

Jean Cooney Leitch 

Virginia M. DeNyse 
xVirginia Dostal Easterbrooks 

Gertrude E. Fischer 

Jane Gray Fisher 
xLouise Greene Davis 

Mary Haller Stone 



Jayne Hein Muth 

Lucille Hooker Paterson 

Janet Jansing Sheffer 
xMargaret V. Jones 

Nancy Keach Paine 

Shirley Lyons Bundy 

Marie MacGregor Woodward 

Dorothy Macomber Vannah 

Nancy Maguire Mackinnon 
xjoyce Master Foster 

Frances McBride Perkins 

Betty McGrath Brown 

Janet Miller Schmid 

Lois E. Newton 

Jeanne Partisch McCall 

Laura Pechilis Apostolu 

Eleanor J. Pfaff 

Elna Pollard Hanson 

Mary Sawyer Philpott 

Grace Sheffer Hendrick 

Marian Timpson Intemann 

Madeline Vivian Murphy 

Virginia Whalen Petrie 

Lucille Wielandt Speight 
xMarjorie Williams Lovejoy 

Other Life Members: 
Ilene Derick Whelpley 
Marian Fitts Sternkopf 
Harriet Hanson Nelson 
Charlotte Lakeman Patt 
Dorothy Stuhlbarg Kopple 


Virginia Robinson Nast 

Total amount contributed: $218.00 
Number of contributors: 35 
Average contribution: $6.00 

L Elizabeth S. Allen 
Marjorie Allyn Merrill 
Patricia Annis Fetters 
Margaret Barry Parker 
Barbara Berkman Sherman 
Ruth Bowlend Eckhoff 
Doris Bracher Jenkins 
June Cherry Bruns 
Helen Cizek Niedringhaus 
Mary Dobson Lincks 
Shirley Egglefield Schless 
Sybil Feinberg Stone 
Mildred Fraser Pauley 
Louise Freeman Coombs 
xMargaret Grover Scott 
Jean Hardy Canedy 
Dorothy Higson White 
Nina Hobson Mellor 
Elizabeth Hutchison Buttrick 
Barbara Kelly Morell 
Nancy Ann Larsen 
Doris Leach Almeida 
Constance Lynch Walsh 
Mary Mallory Carroll 
Margot Moore Harley 
Dorothy Mosher Stone 
Marjorie Ray Blackett 
Elaine Robins Abelson 
Virginia Robinson Nast 
Barbara Rockwell Tweddle 
Gertrude Ruch Kauffman 
Kathryn Starkey Litehiser 
Ruth Turner Crosby 
Barbara Walworth Starr 
Anne Witney Shea 

Other Life Members: 
Nancy Gorton Ross 
Mildred Slaunwhite Straw 



Eleanor Millard Parsons 

Patricia Bixby McHugo 

Carolyn Boyce Richards 

Carol Brumond Allen 

Carol Burns Fitzgerald 

Jean Burroughs Rawson 

Mary Chamberlin Skinder 

Frances Church Sampson 

Dorothy Coffin Bauer 
xjane Cook Cardoza 

Ruth Davenport Walker 

Marilyn Isenberg Barnes 

Elaine Kemp Johnson 

Elinor Kuchler Hopkins 

Nancy Leavis Bailey 

Mary Ledbetter Bastean 

Harriet Lindsey Dinsmore 

Anita Mangels Sampson 

Elizabeth McAvov Marilley 

Arline McKenna Wiggin 

Eleanor Millard Parsons 

Eloise Moffett Harper 

Barbara Pearson 

Jean Perry Thompson 

Ann Preuss Olson 

Ruth Purcell Beatty 

Priscilla Redfield Potter 

Janet Reid Sherwin 
L Jeanne A. Revene 

Anita Scott Wanner 

Barbara Scott Wilson 

Virginia Shaw 

Olive N. Swanson 

Jane Tarbutton Travis 

Elaine Towne Batson 
L Joyce Wagner West 

Other Life Members: 

Gertrude Baninger Duquette 
xPhyllis Edmiston Olstad 
Elizabeth Gorton Collier 
Priscilla Houghton 
Marjorie Langworthy Hegeman 
Martha Maddock Heffner 
Grace Marble Philbrick 
Joan Moller Brown 
Nathalie Monge Stoddard 
Elsinor Prouty Mallory 
Betty Schmidt 



Virginia Wolfe Perkins 

Total amount contributed: $222.00 
Number of contributors: 35 
Average contribution: $6.00 

Total amount contributed: $153-00 
Number of contributors: 26 
Average contribution: $6.00 

Dorothy Annino Iseman 

Barbara Bresette Greene 

Elizabeth Burpee Crooker 

Tean Campbell 

Katherine Cogswell Darnton 

Jodie Coudon McCluskey 

Janet Dean Hannula 

Jessie Doig Clark 

Pat Egly 

Dorothy Fuchs 

Marion Gooding Christensen 

Barbara Goodwin Flint 

Carolyn Hill Plumer 

Elizabeth Hills Eggers 

Lorrayne Hron Hulton 

Suzanne Lange Riddlemoser 

Joe Leroy Bramm 

Jane Maynard Robbins 

Dorothy Nickerson Tehan 
xFrances Pariseau Ouellette 

Ruth Perkins Goodwin 

Audrey Saunders Eisser 

Vivian Snow Ohlhorst 
xBette Walsh Schwartz 
xMaxine Williamson Luther 
L Virginia Wolfe Perkins 

Other Life Members: 

Eleanor Del Bianco Kosow 
Norma Dietz Tarlow 



M. Shirley O'Connor 
Ann Scott Thompson 
Lynn Metzger Pharo 

Total amount contributed: $260.00 
Number of contributors: 47 
Average contribution: $5.50 

June Ahner Gilroy 
Constance Arley Brown 
Jane Baringer Wordsworth 
' Constance Blades Britton 
Patricia A. Bound 
Eleanor Bradway Lammers 
Ursula Burns Keely 
Jane Calderwood Price 
Anne Carlin Schofield 
xjoy Cartland Fowler 
xCarol Colby McLane 
Bernice Coyne Boon 
Betty Curtin Crowell 
Ruth Davis Burk 
Stella Depoian Tatian 
Lillian Feneley Cooley 
Marilyn Ford Sampson 
Carol Hauber Mitchell 
Jean Henry Goggins 
xDorOthy Holman Potter 
Florence Home Bredahl 
Barbara Keene Coan 
xMarilyn S. Keyes 
Rosamond Lees Gow 
Elaine Macdonald Aldnch 
Eleanor MacDonald Thurston 
Isabella McEwen Price 
Marilyn McNie Middlebrook 
Lynn Metzger Pharo 
Jean Mitchell Hunter 
Marion Munro Waitt 
Marjorie Olson Bjork 
Priscilla Otis Drew 
Saunda Pease Taylor 
Constance Pettigrew Edie 
Dorothy Piper Bottalico 
Susanne Ross Westberg 
Monica Ross Duffy 
Annette Saacke Cherry 
Elsie Simonds Follett 
Martha Stonebraker Ely 
L Althea Taylor Goldberg 
Claire Tracy King 
xPriscilla Warner Duncan 
Barbara Wentworth Dean 
xNancy Wilbur Vollers 
Doris Wittman Ruckle 

Other Life Members: 
Emma Gilbert Carver 
xElizabeth D. Knox 
Naomi Lederman Grossman 
Elaine McQuillan Marston 
Susan Slocum Klingbeil 



Marge Norris Harris 

Total amount contributed: $234.00 
Number of contributors: 43 
Average contribution: $5.50 

Barbara Bickley Rieger 
Anne Blake Perkins 
Marilyn Blodgett Hall 
Raemary Chase Duryea 
Carol A. Cooley 
Mildred Day Clements 
Marilyn Dickson Liebenguth 
Rose Emer Bucalo 
Janet Garland Wilson 
Ruth W. Goldner 
xRuth Hancock Hall 
Margaret Harman Salisbury 
Barbara Harris Ryan 
Joan Hodgdon Munson 

Naomi Kahrimanian Kuzoian 
Elizabeth Kendall Hunter 
Patricia Luther Wilkin 
Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz 
Patricia Marland 
Clare McCarthy Caffrey 
Peggy Needham Ellis 
Ruth Nordstrand Emery 
Marjorie Norris Harris 

xElizabeth A. Norton 
Norma O'Shea Delaney 
Phyllis Paige Downes 
Lee Parker McBurnie 
Valerie Pertsch Bartholomew 
Louise Pool Langley 
Grace V. Rayfuse 
Betty Renison Ballard 
Muriel Ross Benshimol 
Margaret Ryan Sullivan 
Jean Schultz Olliffe 
Nan Somerville Blowney 
Claire Stolzenberg Manger 
Jean Thiel Weld 
Joan Walker Doane 
Jean Watson Wetrich 
Barbara Weeks Dow 
Elizabeth Wilks Hulbert 

xjudith Woodbury Berenson 
Kathryn Woolaver Parsons 

Other Life Member: 
xjean Davis Putnam 
Joan Lambert Laffin 

Total amount contributed: $265.00 
Number of contributors: 50 
Average contribution: $5.00 

Ann Alger Ehrlich 
Margaret Beach Otis 
Carol Birath Dennison 
Elizabeth Brady Hickey 
Mary Brown Gorman 
Betty Carter Steele 

xHelen Clay 
Rose Marie Cote Butler 
Clare Dickover Hallock 
Nancy Duclos Krieger 
Sybil Dunn Stevens 
Millicent Entwistle Harmon 
Joan Familton Gardner 
Jeanne Franklin Bates 
Mary Elizabeth Frew 
Gloria Galley Longbons 
Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt 
Carolyn Huntley Gentles 
M. Joan Jones 
Mollie Kendrick Pike 
Marcia Kesseli Allen 
Mary Kinney O'Connell 

xLinda Koempel Tompkins 
Joan Lambert Laffin 
Marcia Landick Desmond 
Margaret Leary Hacker 
Carolyn Lewis Tufts 
Ruth Maxted Mentall 
Dorothy Milkey Cole 
Jean Morgan Koenitzer 
Mary Murray Sutton 
Nancy Noble Ehrman 
Rhoda M. O'Donnell 
Suzanne Pearce Schultz 
Rosemary Quilty Martin 
Meriam Rainey Phillips 
Jean Reynolds Thomson 
Mary Ellen Roberts Gill 
Marjorie Ross Lawrence 
Ruth Small Stott 

xBarbara Somerville Black 
Gloria A. Sylvia Paolella 
Marion Taylor Sanderson 
Susan Voss Harrigan 

xSally Waring Buffinton 
Joan Warriner Ryder 
Elizabeth Waters Harlow 



Sally Waters Manning 
Helen Widenor Bailev 
Elizabeth Williams McGowan 

Other Life Members: 

Nancy Collett Hendricks 
Olga Diamond Lake 
xRuth Park Lanier 
Betsy Curtis Winquist 


Total amount contributed: $379.00 
Number of contributors: 65 
Average contribution: $6.00 

xjacquelyn Abbott Jones 

Margaret Abrahamian 

Jean C. Alexander 

Jane Anderson Calhoun 
xVeronica Aslanian Blacquier 

Dorothy Azadian McKinnon 

Virginia R. Bailey 

Joanne Block Wilkinson 

Elaine Burrell King 

Janet Campbell Woodburn 

Anne Chapman Berl 

Susan Corbin Fusco 

Betty Culver Thomson 

Barbara Cumming Hadley 

Betsy Curtis Winquist 

Barbara Davis Whipple 

Miriam Day 

Helen Dethloff Kinsey 

Mary Detwiler Fides 

Paula R. Drake 

Joanne Eaton Friborg 

Jane Edsall Jacobs 

Barbara J. Ershler 

Laura Frederick Hellewell 

Carol Galligan Massard 

Louise Gleason Chock 

Ardell Goodman Baker 

Beryl N. Groff 

Ellen Grover MacVeigh 
xCharlotte Guptill Norcross 

Virginia Hall Anderson 

JoAnn Hanson Long 

Michelle B. Hires 

Barbara Jewell Allen 

Alice Johnson Thornton 
xLeona Karski Sweatt 

Martha Kennedy Ingersoll 

Carol Kronenberg Stone 

Beulah Kwok Sung 

Antonetta Lombardi Scorziello 

Starr Maxson Winquist 

Janet McLaughlin Merkel 

Carolyn McLay Holden 

Lois McLucas Martin 

Jeanne Meyer Bird 

Shirley J. Miller 

Martha Moyer Anson 

Eleanor T. Munro 

Marilyn Newitt Jones 

Barbara Noel Garvin 

Norma Noyes Bouchard 

Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan 

Dorothy Page Kuehl 

Elsie Paulson Chapman 

Nancy Pettersen Miller 

Jacqueline Pfeiffer Lueth 

Barbara Rymer Cole 

Mary Small Lee 

June Smith Noreen 

Shirley Thorne Brady 

Shirley Tighe Barrett 

Judith Tracy Shanahan 

Muriel Ward West 

Dolores S. Winslow 

Gloria Wurth Harrison 

Other Life Members: 

Elizabeth Bain Hagerstrom 
Margaret Hanson Marion 
Florence Keeney Havens 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 with 

guests, Beryl Schelhorn Frey '55 and 

Joan Wolfe Wickham x-'49 



Nancy Lawson Donahue 

Joanne Molan Wheaton 

Total amount contributed: $403.50 
Number of contributors: 71 
Average contribution: $5.50 

Dolores Anderson McCoy 
Shirley Anderson Daly 
Ann Ashley Sanderson 
Barbara Berry Roberts 
Marjorie Boynton Anderson 
Phyllis E. Burckett 
Jean Cook Jacobs 
Joan DeGelleke Shrewsbury 
Margaret Dobbie LaMarca 
Carol Dunn Burns 
Mary Ellen Fiske Brubaker 
Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley 
Helen Gurski Bulat 
Nancy Hakala Simonds 
Natalie Hall Campbell 
Helen Hamilton Croot 
Elizabeth Harrington Logan 
Diane Heath Beever 
Ann Hollett Munro 
Martha Hurd Davenport 
Louise Keene Mills 
Marjorie Kimball Salter 
Janice Levenson Sherman 
Carolyn Loewe Jones 
Nancy Macdonough Jennings 
Grace Mahoney Schofield 
Lois Mallon Maher 
Meredith McKone Krieger 
xAnn Mitchell Van Deusen 
Audrey Mitchell McKibben 
Joanne Molan Wheaton 
Ellen Morris Phillips 
Nancy Newhall Mackay 
Shirley Olesen Somes 
Mary Anne Otto Nelson 
Diane Palady Barry 
Joan Pauling Smith 
Patricia Penry Van Hoesen 
Beverly Peterson Bentley 
Joan H. Phelan 
Cynthia Platz Latham 



Kathryn Poore" Hamel 

Barbara Potier Grey 

Paulie Quilty Connolly 

Elizabeth Rainville Hallenbeck 

Katherine Raizes Stameris 

Joyce Rathbun Spadone 

Jacqueline Rollat Labarowski 

A. Marilyn Ross 

Josephine Sanborn Cossette 

Mary Louise Schurman Palin 

Carolyn A. Shailer 

Shirley Simonton Foster 

Alice Smales Young 
. Nancy Sondles Janiszewski 

Joyce Stanley Pederzini 

Emogene Starrett Anderson 

Bambah Jean Stephenson Riedel 

Virginia Towe Beck 

Patricia Trammell Swanson 

Betty Vail Morrissey 

Jane Wadhams Hazen 

Jewell Ward Ganger 

Joan C. Warren 

Joan Weiler Arnow 
xKatherine White Lawrence 

Judith Wilson Kelton (Deceased) 
xjoan Wolfe Wickham 

Jacquelyn Word Stallings 

Jeanne Zedren Scott 

Dorothea Zuschlag Torgersen 

Other Life Member: 

Nancy Lawson Donahue 



Sally Hughes Fasick 

Carol Wolcott Godbout 

Total amount contributed: $427.00 
Number of contributors: 79 
Average contribution: $5.50 

Joan Antun Rednor 

Marilyn Bartlett Erratt 

Nancy Bean Lord 

Margot Bergstrom Semonian 

JoAnn Brooks Shaffer 
xDeborah Brush Morse 

Audrey Callahan Cohill 

Anne Carpenter Towle 

Barbara Chipman Will 

Marcia Collingwood Martin 

Joyce Collins Dunkin 
xPatricia Dale Hartnett 

Joyce Davies Harrison 

Elizabeth Depoian Chicknavorian 
xjanet Deutsch Bogue 

Lois Dickerman 

Joan Dorau Hohorst 

Mary Dunham Weyand 

Mary Ellen Edmonds Golden 

Marion Ettinger McDonald 

Janet Foley 

Lois Form Senft 

Clare Gammons McMullan 

Barbara Grills Littlehale 

Lorraine Grontoft Sutton 

Joan Hahn Fern 

Joan Harrington Price 

Marilyn Haynes 

Virginia Hopson Griffin 

Nancy Houde Dyer 

Marilyn Hubner Sherwood 

Sally Hughes Fasick 

Carol Husted Schneider 

Betty J. Jones Bolton 

Helen Kovalinas Ierardi 

Diane Krause Sherman 

Ariel Leonard Robinson 
xMarilyn Maass Eramo 

Elizabeth Maclnnes Deal 

Anne Mastin Egner 

M. Janice McGoughran 

Joan McKinney Aldrich 

Dorothy Mills Graef 

Ruth Mount Ivins 
Marilyn Munson Farrar 
Janet A. Murphy 
Nancy Nelson Weiss 
Marilyn Newhall Kendall 

xjanice O'Brien Almond 
Margaret C. Olson 
Doris Oneal Becker 
Jean Ostrander Lowman 
Helen Panesis George 
Jane A. Perry 
Anne Pomeroy Bailey 
Diane Ramsay Wessels 
Lillian Reese Roche 
Shirley Richman Miller 
Joan Robilotto Gibson 
Ruth Rosebrock Hardie 
Lois Schaller Toegemann 
Barbara Schnelle Orton 
Winifred A. Schulman 
JoAnne Secor Rier 
Clara Silsby Lamperti 
Sally Smith Brothers 
Carolyn Snook Rauscher 
Helen Spackman Wilson 
June Spottiswoode Beaulieu 
Judith St. John Peterson 
Sally Starck Haven 
Dorothy Torner Monahan 
Phyllis Turner Yeager 

xNorma B. Vigerstad 
Joan Wallace Billings 
Barbara Welles Smith 
Helen A. Wetherbee 
Mary Wheeler McKinley 
Nancy A. Wilson 

Other Life Member: 
Elaine Orth Rodey 



Joan Kearney Cormay 

Libbie Fleet Glazer 

Total amount contributed: $395.00 
Number of contributors: 76 
Average contribution: $5.00 

Barbara Adams Borden 
Joan Alkire Behrle 
Susan Baker Chase 
Georgia Bakes Sigalos 
Kathleen Ballard Heck 
Joan Barnett Atwood 
Maureen T. Barry 

xLorna Becker Harrington 
Joann Claflin Campbell 
Marilyn Clark 
Nancy Cusack Smith 
Marjorie Cushing Gershaw 
Dorothy Delasco Sines 
Joy Detweiler Hostetter 
Martha Edwards Whippen 
Lillian Elias Freeman 
Marjorie E. Fager 
Barbara Ferns Becker 

xPaula Flath Hurley 
Libbie Fleet Glazer 
Janet Fornoff Hauber 
Priscilla Freeman McCartney 
Margaret Gardner Larkin 
Nancie Green Curry 
Joan Groccia Cowan 
Shirley Hannafin Adams 
Barbara Harter Pinneo 
Martha Hendrix Williams 
Barbara Hill Breen 
Mildred Hobson Gabron 
Barbara L. Hoffman 
Joan Howe Weber 
Lois Hutchinson 
Frances Hyde Ross 
Jean Johnson Knowlton 

xMaureen A. Kane 
Joan Kearney Cormay 
Charlotte Kelley Campbell 



Jean Kilgore Owen 

Karin Long Ernst 

Dorothy McPherson Wickersham 

Joanne Monahan Garrity 

Roberta Morin Aronowitz 

Patricia A. Morris 

Beverly Pink Reynolds 

Cynthia Porter Horton 

Sarah Poteat Du Hamell 

Elaine Quavillon Tull 

Evelyn Quinzani Kerins 

Patricia Raeder Crone 

Patricia Reynolds Landehr 

Peggyanne Riker Miller 

Nancy Roetting Clifford 
xElizabeth Ruppert West 

Harriet Schwarz Hamilton 

Joan Shinners Barker 

Cynthia Stanley Spicer 

Isabell Stanley Davis 

Anna Stevenson Mangano 

Margaret Stewart Robbins 

Alice Stover Kochline 

Sally Swainson Callahan 

Nancy Topping Heely 
xjanet Underwood Wall 

Ann Van der Veer Lander 

Mary Vogler Greene 

Jo-Ann Vojir Massey 

Mary Ellen Wait 

Joyce Weitzel Flanagan 

Carol Weldon Leahy 

Janice Weyls Moore 

Mary White Miller 

loan Williams Arnold 

Robin Witt Mosher 

Janet Wvman Meade 

Joanne Zeigler Dupen 

Other Life Member: 
Mary Jane Clark 



Ann Rathburn Spadola 

Total amount contributed: $376.00 
Number of contributors: 75 
Average contribution: $5.00 

Ann M. Alden 
Nancy Allen Banks 

xMary Amon Richter 
Jean Aslaksen Podimsky 
Suzanne Baney Berghaus 
Vilma Barbuto Herrick 

xCarol L. Bresnahan 
Betsy Brown Cramer 
Phyllis Cain Benson 
Joyce Carroll Mulcahy 
Joan Caulfield McGean 
Pauline Coady Goodwin 
Mary Comstock Singarella 
Nancy Cool Kaercher 
Suzanne Davis Greenman 
Emma DeFilippo Catalonotti 
Mary Diggs Pearson 
Winifred Domark Moylan 
Joan Dunlap Fullerton 

xMarjorie Dyer Hubbard 
Ruth Easterlind Cederberg 
Louise Easton Morris 

xVirginia Easton Simpson 

xDolores Eck Ellis 
Joan Ellsworth Bateman 
Betty Lou Foy Reid 
Carol Frank Sweeney 
Patricia Giles 

Teresa Giordano Martignetti 
Phyllis Gleason Riley 
Barbara Herzog Burns 
Joan Hess Brand 
Lois Hickey Treacy 
Joan Hockstuhl Wallace 
Judith Horton Koch 

Priscilla Johnson Foltz 
Barbara Kane Mullin 
Sally Lacock Walden 
Jean E. McCambridge 
Audrey McKay Prince 
Eleanor Mekelones Marple 
Mary Moore Plunkett 
Joan Morrison Wilson 
Dorothy Mulhere Barrett 
Marlene Murray Zucker 

xNancy Norton Thalheimer 
Carolie Painter Wildrick 
Merilyn Peck Erickson 
Naomi Peck Kroner 
Frances Peters Dunlevy 

xElinor Peterson Reiffarth 
Marie Piotti Maier 
Carolyn Powers Fontaine 
Colette Powers Davis 
Joanne Purcell Brooker 
Joeyna Raynal Rearwin 
Joan Roberts Limmer 
Marguerite Rudolf Mesinger 
Elsie Salkind Scotti 
Beverly Segerberg Britton 
Nancie Shean Roth 
Joan Siebert Mege 
Rena A. Silverman 
Carole Smith Diamond 
Muriel Smith Favreau 
Eleanor M. Sommer 
Martha Thomas Hasak 
Margaret Thompson Wheatley 
Joyce Wardle Chapman 
Shirley Warriner Randall 
Phyllis Werblow Strompf 
Nancy Whelton Herold 
Mary Woodward Robinson 
Barbara Wulbrede Pacocha 
Pauline A. Zorolow 

Other Life Members: 
Marilyn McGuire 
Dorothy Rich Anderson 



Janet M. Chase Ash 

Elsie M. Knaus Klemt 

Total amount contributed: $355.00 
Number of contributors: 74 
Average contribution: $5.00 

Priscilla Alden Bemis 
Margaret Angus Christman 

xjane P. Bascom 
Nancy Bilezikian Kamborian 
Mary Blackham Kelly 
Priscilla Boggs Killian 
Carol Bridgetts Cadmus 
Mary Burke Alexander 
Janet M. Chase Ash 
Jeanne Christiansen Lucas 
Elaine L. Cowles 
Diane Cueny Harden 
Joan Darelius Chirnside 
Louise Dawe Turner 
Cynthia DeGelleke Cole 
Shirley A. DeMund 
Marie DiSilva Stocki 
Evelyn Earle Lukeman 
Joan Eckert Lowenstein 
Jean Ewart Borman 
Virginia W. Faesy 
Karen Floberg Levis 
Judith Gardner Whitehouse 
Doris Gartner Gould 
Shirley Gibbons San Soucie 

xCarol A. Ginsburg 
Lydia J.Gray 
Martha Guhring Gremley 
Elaine Harper Johnson 

xGeraldine Hawes Pocius 



Ruth Henning Sump 

Deborah Higgins Hergenrother 

Joan Hodgson Kangas 

Barbara E. Howell 

Doris Hungerford Zaenglein 

Althea Janke Gardner 

Joan F. Kelly 

Nancy Kittell Martin 

Elsie M. Knaus Klemt 

Mary R. Krebs 

Claire LaLiberte Adler 

Audrey Lang Clark 

Lois Lubets Allen 

Marilyn Lyons Vanden-Handel 

Kathleen MacGregor Randolph 

June Martin Godfrey 

Molly McBride Kalogeros 

Barbara Morris Louria 

Carol Morse Woods 

Greta Nilsson Masson 

Elizabeth Nuovo Johnson 

Betty Lou Page 

Helen Pearlstein Golden 

Janet Pearson Hauck 
xConstance Peterson Sloan 

Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger 

Nancy Preston Strohmeyer 

Jeanette Roberts Mann 

Gail Robinson Venable 

Barbara Ronan Gallagher 

Donna Ross Wright 

Elizabeth Sleight Dexter 

Eugenia Snow Averill 

Mary Thomas Justice 

Audrey Thompson Riells 

Beverly Thornton Hallowell 
xAudrey Tluck Helming 

Joy Ufford Penderville 

Shirley Vara Gallerani 

Jean Weeks Hanna 

Mary A. Wiedenmayer 

Virginia Wilder Ambard 

Joan Wilckens Pittis 

Lois R.Wilkes 



Sheila A. Collins 

Sandra MacDougall Sullivan 

Sandra Reynolds Grant 

Total amount contributed: $416.00 
Number of contributors: 87 
Average contribution: $5.00 

Mary Atterbury Bradshaw 
Carol Bagley Jackson 
Joan Blackburn Kaffel 
Adrianne Borden Domey 
Betty Born Deacon 
Elaine Budarz Wiatrowski 
Merilyn Budlong Trocino 
Beryl Carron Thellman 
Margaret Cary Waelter 
Beverly Cassoli McCarthy 
Marguerite Chandler 
Ann Chidsey Moebius 
Susan Cluett Stocker 
Sheila A. Collins 
Corinne A. Coyle 
Marion Crossman MacCallum 
Helen Doucette Graves 
Annette Dufton Dagg 
Martha Ellis Brooks 
Kama Erickson Feltham 
Kristin Fernlund 
Patricia Flett Davidson 
Joyce Fuller Brophy 
Lenore Fuller Sherwood 
xWillie Gomperts Hayduk 
xMarcelline Govoni Holtze 
Thelma Greenberg Florin 
Carol Hachman Thurston 
Marjorie Happ Pettit 

Marilyn A. Hardacre 
Frances Hayden Stavnitzky 
Mary Hayden Durkee 
Priscilla Head Davis 
Nancy Hedtler Ford 
Shirley Herold Johnson 
Joan M. Hildebrandt 
Nancy P. Horton ■ 
Roberta Horton Johnson 
xNancy Husted Koerner 
Corinda Johnson Deans 
Susan Johnson Murphy 
Fruma Kaplan Kaufman 
Barbara Kelly Thoresen 
Patricia Kelsey Scharf 
Joy Lanner Bird 
Elizabeth Lindsay Buhler 
Roberta Loud Huh 
Sandra MacDougall Sullivan 
Jane Mackey Matthews 
Ida Marrazzo Mutchler 
Jeanette Marvin Brown 
Jane Master Houston 
Janet McElgunn Flynn 
Carol Meyer LaViale 
Virginia Michelini Parks 
Frances Mitchell Van Alstyne 
Sybil Moore Pinkham 
Ruth Paetz Braun 
Suzanne Palmer Lee 
Nancy Perry Yoll 
Martha Phillips Fearing 
Joan Pickett Morrow 
Bettina Pierce Romaine 
Deborah Potter Waugh 
Joan Rabbitt Downey 
Shirley Read Lupien 
Sandra Reynolds Grant 
Oralyn Rice Emerson 
Carol Rofer Hofmann 
Dorothy Schanberg Goldman 
Eleanor Sclare Mazur 
Maroah J. Shailer 
Elizabeth Shaw Morrison 
Audrey Smith Ruggles 
Harriet Solotist Goldsmith 
Margaret Somerville Beringer 
Janice Sparks English 
Nancy Swanson Horsfield 
Janice Sweet Morsilli 
Priscilla VanDine Redmond 
Penelope D. Thompson 
Jane Urtel McQuade 
Joanna Ward 
Barbara Watts Rubino 
Polly Weeks Cook 
Janet A. Welch 
Mary Wilson Kane 



Ann Harris Hughes 

Mary Sweenor Ruggieri 

Sally Warner O'Such 

Total amount contributed: $491.00 
Number of contributors: 94 
Average contribution: $5.00 

Abby Alderman Kleinberg 
June Anderten Seifert 
Joan Baker Cornell 
Marlene Berman Lewis 
Ruth Birch Bastis 
Elizabeth Boday Fox 
Evelyn Bradley Cochran 
Nancy M. Bray 
Marie Choi Cooper 
Jane P. Clark 
Suzanne Clark 
Rhea Cooney Simonds 
Anne Cranton Mix 
Carol Ann Cunningham 
JoAnne DiPietro DiMarco 



Marion Domber James 
Patricia Downing Card 
Carol Ann Farley Murgia 
Priscilla Fenton Abercrombie 
Patricia Friberg Karnedy 
Donna Gearhart Leo 
Gail Gluck Davis 
Nancy Goodman Cobin 
Amalia T. Gori 
Mary Lee Gowdy Belcourt 
Susan Gray Lichtenstein 
Ethel Griffin Browning 
Patricia Gura Conroy 
Barbara Hammett Mills 
Joyce Happ Campbell 
Genevieve G. Harold 
Marcia Harrington McCarthy 
Ann Harris Hughes 
Elaine N. Heath 
Diana Hendley Cooper 
Charleen Herrling Smith 
Ann Heyman 
Janet Holmes 
Dorothy L. Hunt 
Barbara Judd Ozinga 
Beverlv Kimball Lamburn 
Mary Klipper Singer 
Lois E. Kuhn 
Doris Lachhein Dickert 
Sandra Lally Hovey 
Joanne P. Larsen 
Eleanor Lasky Lapides 
Nancy A. Lincoln Martin 
Shirley MacDonald Biamonte 
Mary Mack Gutsche 
Sally A. McGill 
June McLaughlin Lombino 
Carol Merwin Robinson 
Jean Mills Einarson 
Mildred Monahan Regan 
Valerie Montanez Hooven 
Joan E. Murano 
Linda Nolin Ahern 
L Marion Nutter Bredehoft 
Nancy Peirce Driscoll 
Helen Peters Guy 
Ann Pierson Scott 
Betty Price Scott 
Stephanie Purcell Barton 
Rose Ravalese Ermilio 
Cynthia J. Raymond 
Elizabeth J. Reynolds 
Patricia Reynolds Fisher 
Marguerite E. Roth 
Jean Ryder Tyler 
Beryl Schelhorn Frey 
Maxine Seidel Lindemuth 
Joan M. Shanley 
Audrey Silver Rogers 
Carole Smith Handler 
Carol Jean Somers Irrgang 
Sally Spicer Frazier 
Sandra Stone Myerow 
Dorcas Styles Hodgkins 
Mary Sweenor Ruggieri 
Francine Symonds Paresky 
Angela L. Tabellario 
Susan Thomas Wiard 
Phyllis Thompson Vesey 
Mary Jane Tidman Bridges 
Nancy Tisler Hurley 
Barbara Travis Hendrick 
Cynthia A. Tredeau 
Nancy Tripp Taylor 
Susan Twichell Nelson 
Marilyn Valter Maclay 
Sally Visel Hayes 
Sally Warner O'Such 
Mary Waterman Weaving 



Ann Phelps MacKinnis 

Amy Shuttleworth Jensen 

Sandra Shelton 

Total amount contributed: $578.75 
Number of contributors: 121 
Average contribution: $5.00 

Nancy Ahlgren Tewes 
Alicia Albright Kulp 
Mary E. Augur 
Ann August Marcus 
Nelly Bachand 
Betsy Belsterling Jordan 
Judith Berger Hurwitz 
Louise Bernson Neiterman 
Elaine Bertini Roske 
Joyce Bliss Doyle 
Joan L. Bloch 
Karen Bloom Greenblott 
Gail Boynton Morris 
Beverly Breed Hovey 
Beverly Brown Barkevich 
Linda Brown 
Nancy Bumpus Huntley 
Betsey J. Cairns 
Elaine F. Card 
Judy Caswell Allen 
Marjorie A. Cavallo 
Cynthia Christie Turner 
Jane Churchill Bigelow 
Sarah Churchill Downes 
Dionisia Constantine 
Carol Corning Richard 
Dorothy A. Craig 
Patricia Dahlgard Schroeder 
Sandra Davis Hudson 
Adele DeFrancesco Towle 
Hanna E. Den Hartog 
Mary Dorr LeVert 
Priscilla Driggs Bevin 
Lois Emmert Siebert 
Janice Engstrom Barbato 
Thelma Epstein Lapides 
Dorothy E. Fayan 
Carol Fitzpatrick Harrell 
Natalie Flather Humphrey 
Jean E. Flynn 
Martha Forristall Smith 
Barbara C. Foster 
Gail W. Frank 
Judith Gans Nathanson 
Gail M. Gelinas 
Cleo Giantis 
Barbara H. Gorman 
xPaula Harrigan Farrelly 
Ann Hastings Peterson 
Patricia Hayes Schoeller 
Ann M. Hekemian 
Sally Herman DeRosa 
Joan Hoffman Wark 
Patricia Holland Bird 
Evelyn HolmSen Kertesz 
Diane Jacobson Rosenberg 
Carol Johnson McDonald 
Carolyn Kelley 
Leanne Kessler Skolnick 
Therese Kilgore Mannix 
Mary Laham Shagoury 
Sandra Lavine Kanosky 
Joan LeCaron Gevinski 
Carol LeCompte Cuthbert 
Patricia Lewis Flugel 
Judith Littlefield Clark 
Patti Lockwood 
Patricia Luchka Butterworth 
Kaye Mackler Aronson 
Joyce G. Maroni 
M. Joan Morris Frank 
Marion Nelson Holland 



Frances Nettleton Konsella 

Susan E. North 

Barbara D. O'Keefe 

Reyna Olderman Stein 

Mary F. Panetta 

Gail Papin Hogan 

Sallyanne Parker 

Mary Parmakian Asadoorian 

Ann Pasquale Bassett 

Carolee Pedusey Virgilio 

Bette Perlstein Shapiro 

Carol Phalen Swiggett 

Ann Phelps MacKinnis 

Mary Porter Darroch 

Elizabeth Proud Clawson 

Bette Putnam Prokop 

Sally Quicke Reiss 

M. Patricia Quinn Gamerdinger 

Sylvia Rafkin Hurwitz 

Joan Raymond Healey 

Elaine Richardson Lefebvre 

Barbara H. Richman 

Kathryn A. Rohleder 

Antoinette Ruinen 

Lorraine E. Saunders 

Margaret Schwingel Kraft 

Frances Scott Simmons 

Carolee Scribner Cain 

Sandra Shaw Lipsky 

Evelyn Shear Pinsof 

Sandra Shelton 

Amy Shuttleworth Jensen 

Carole A. Slamin 

Patty Small Godiksen 

Diana J. Smith 

Nancy Smith Marchese 

Sandra Smith Swain 

Audrey Spawn Stockman 

Phyllis Steckler Thomas 

Cynthia Swett Watson 

Katharine H. Taft 

Marylyn L. Tomancak 

Ann L. Tucker 

Suzanne G. Wadsworth 

Carolyn Whitford Knibbs 

Carol Wuestefeld Sampson 

Beverly J. Yaghjian 

Joan Yaghjian Papozian 



Barbara J. Flint 

Marcia Hamilton Killeen 

Gayle Ness McLaren 

Total amount contributed: $412.00 
Number of contributors: 80 
Average contribution: $5.00 

Patricia Abeson 
Magrit K. Babikyan 
Barbara A. Bean 
Edith Berger Kaplan 
Joan F. Bergevin 
xSusan Blake 
Annette Bogdan Ferris 
Camilla Carlson Ellsworth 
Sally A. Collins 
Eileen A. Conradi 
Joyce Conza Swaine 
Carol Crandall Stiles 
Barbara E. Cupp 
Anne Day Smith 
Marjorie R. Day 
Joan R. Deshefy 
Patricia Dessureau Mercier 
Marie A. DiGeronimo 
Ann M. Donnelly 
Barbara Eberhardt Manger 
Marilyn Farrar Ambrose 
Dorothy Fenley Manning 
Virginia L. Field 
Barbara J. Flint 

Sue Garratt Wollard 
Sheila Graham 
Renate Griemsmann Judson 
Muriel Hagerthy Brueck 
Lenore E. Hagopian 
Marcia Hamilton Killeen 
Lorraine A. Hintlian 
Patricia Howe Bassett 
Frances Howell Rodenhizer 
Marcia C. James 
Roberta Jepsky Saltz 
Martha Johnson Wheelock 
Suzanne Jouret Kowalski 
Carol Juechter Dixon 
Ramona Kean Lane 

xjoan Keezer Pecukonis 
Sandra Kettle Rocknak 
Ellen Kienzle Aikins 
Caroline Killam Moller 
Judith Komito Oster 
Patricia A. Koules 
Barbara Letson Weaver 
Judith Leventhal Winer 
Marcia Lipsey Freedman 
Janet L. Lutringer 
Audrey MacAdam Lowe 
Lucile Martel Huggins 
Iris W. Martin 
Elizabeth May Kolls 
Margaret R. McKinney 
Anne L. Mills 
Ann Moulton Hastings 
Judith A. Muncaster 
Christine R. Palluotto 
Marilyn Pearce 
Anita Polcari Hume 
Jane E. Powers 
Carol E. Preater 
Jeanne Rice Morgan 
Marion D. Ruttle 
Charlene Sargent Kiley 
Ann Marie Schneider 
Anita R. Schueller 
Shirley Silverman Kass 
Nancy J, Sommer 
Joan Stanford Chase 
Barbara J. Sturges 
Carol E. Swartz 
Patricia Tarracciano Ciccone 
Barbara L. Thorndike 
Barbara E. Tounge 

xGail Vose Etsch 
Deanne I. Warren 
Margaret Wefer Lang 
Carol White Noerdlinger 
Nancy E. Whitney 



Linda Ferrucci 

Joyce Rutherford Shuey 

Patricia Woolley 

Total amount contributed: $521.25 
Number of contributors: 89 
Average contribution: $6.00 

Virginia M. Ambrose 

Betty Anderson Fairchild 

Ann E. Avery 

Susanne Babcock Edington 

Constance Baker George 

Carole Bartholomew Dusseau 

Barbara S. Batty 

Bonnie J. Beckwith 

Sona M. Bedrosian 

Audrey H. Biggerstaff 

Andrea Bischoff 

Jeanne E. Bradner 

Linda Braslow 

Barbara Bronstein Wolsky 

Judith Brower Heyer 

Cathleen L. Burns 

Juliet K. Burwell 



Gretchen D. Caldwell 

Carol Ann Camillo 
xSallee F. Camp 

Eleanor Christie 

Sally M. Clarke 

H. Laurene Crowder 

Barbara Ann Cummings 

Margo E. Falzone 

Linda Ferrucci 

Peggy Fox Freidman 

Jetta M. Fucito 

Susan I. Greenhut 

Elizabeth Hambro Burnes 
xRochelle Harriet Lipsey 

Marion Heinsohn Mitchell 

Janet V. Hicks McCoy 

Constance E. Johnson 

Marion E. Karasik 

Judith E. Kaufman 

Marianne C. Keefe 

Francine Klein Madison 

Arlene Kosanowicz Hartika 

Mary F. Landini 

Marilyn A. Lanoue 

Nancy S. Maloney 

Nan McAuliffe 

Joan McDaniels Rollins 

Janet S. McPherson 

Judith A. Meehan 

Estaire E. Miller 

Roxanne Miller Socolow 

Barbara Montag 

Margaret A. Moore 

Mary Louise Moran 

Helen D. Mowat 

Myra E. Packer 

Carole L. Paolino 

Carol Ann Perrotti 

Brenda L. Pioppi 

Georgia P. Racheotes 

Harriett L. Rafkin 

Susan Rapaport Paul 

Ann L. Reeves 

Joan Reichert Strother 
xSarah S. Requa 

Mary Riordan McLean 
xKatharine Robertson Campbell 

Kathleen E. Robertson 

Joyce Rutherford Shuey 

Carolee Salowitz 

Elaine Shanken Fischer 

Sandra Sheller Lewis 

Patricia R. Sindall 

Marsha Singer Marshall 

Jacquelyn E. Smith 

Nancy Spargo Goodridge 

Alba M. Spinale 

Leila Kay Steen 

Joyce Stirling Fox 

Bette Ann Stubbe 

Sylvia G. Tchakurides 

Linda J. Truell 

Starr Tupper Shannon 

June E. Valter 

Judith Watson Lewis 
Betty A. Wellington 
Marilyn Welter 
Barbara Wenzel Carroll 

xCynthia Willey McMillen 
Gail Winalski Burd 
Constance E. Wolcott Mason 
Dorothy Woods 



Carol Grieve 

Melisse Jenkins 

Joan Valentine 

Total amount contributed: $543.00 
Number of contributors: 2 52 

Frances R. Albert 
Jean Alesio Johnson 

Sondra Allen 

Junis Anderson 

Martha E. Anderson 

Carol Anderten 

Rosalind Aulisi 

Mira A. Babarovic 

Jean Babcock Watson 

Linda Bailey Bolton 

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Ann Brown Boyle 

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Nancy G. Cunningham 
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Karen L. Daniels 

Marie A. Darrell 

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O. Linda Dazley 

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Ann B. Douglass 

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Dorothy M. Fantoni 

Nancy Ferguson 



Nancy A. Ferguson Chapman 

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Fern Gendler 

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Martha Grearson Herbert 

Elaine Greenberg 

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Barbara Grigely Hitchery 

Elvira K. Grobel 

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Donna G. Grover 

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Marjorie Hoar Sherman 

Lorraine M. Hope 

Martha J. Houle 

Barbara Howell Talbott 

Maryann Hriniak 

Esta R. Hurwitz 

Sandra J. Istas 

Melisse A. Jenkins 

Patricia G. Jenkins 

Beverly A. Juby 

Mary D. Jusick 

Sandra L. Kenney 

Sara Kent 

Alice M. Khachadoorian 

Joanne M. King 

Barbara Kirshman Wise 

Linda E. Kitch 

Mimi Klopp 

Barbara Kneeland Sherwood 

Dorothy M. Knobel 

Lizbeth A. Kocher 

Joanne Kotsaftis McLaughlin 

Carole Kumins Nelles 

Linda Larson Behrendt 

Frances J. Lembo 

Barbara Lewis 

Marcia D. Lietz 

Nancy C. Lincoln 

Roslyn J. Lippman 

Karen Lord Conroy 

Susan McComb Powers 

Brenda McLafferty Manchester 

C. Jeanne McShain 

Patricia McSheehy Hurley 

Carol E. MacLeod 

Judith A. MacVicar 

Elaine M. Marcell 

Joan L. Marino 

Carolyn Matisoff 

Barbara Maurer 

Lyndell R. Mead 

Alice Melvin 

Brenda Miller 

Margo C. Miller 

Marilyn Miller 

Joyce-Helen Mitchell 

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Carol Moskowitz 

Dorothy R. Mulherin 

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Madelaine C. Petralias 

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Elinor Rapaport 

Dolores Raymond Follett 

Frances Reid Kip 

Patricia E. Reilly 

Marcia Rideout 

Dorothy E. Risteen 

Susan D. Robertson 

Judith S. Robinson 

Nancylee Rotman 

Janet F. Roy 

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Barbara M. Sabine 

Claire Salamanis 

Suzanne G. Saunders 

Sandra Scanlon 

Hannah Schmidt 

Bonnie Seibert Hiscox 

Jacquelynn Seth Greymont 

Susan Shattuck 

Judith A. Sherman 

Judith Sias 

Mary Sieracki Nash 

Barbara J. Skolnick 

Carol Slocum Capper 

Joyce M. Smethurst 

Eleanor Smith 

Janet L. Smith 

Elizabeth A. Snyder 

Carroll A. Spelke 

Joanne V. Spiro 

Mary-Ann Stackpole 

Harriet A. Stallings 
-Diane Strawhince 

Maureen A. Sullivan 

Linda Sullo Sanderson 

Beverly Sutton 

Joan L. Sycle 

Ann Talberth Berkowitz 

Mary Teegardin Magee 

Anne B. Telfer 

Judith E. Thayer 

Margaret S. Thomas 

Barbara Thompson 

Joan Valentine 

Christine M. Waible 

Priscilla J. Wakeling 

Julia Chu-Lu Wang 

Karin Weeks 

Janice Whitman 

Judith Whitman 

Nancy G. Wilder 

Marjorie Williams 

Priscilla A. Williams 

Martha M. Winters 

Mary B. Wisenburn 

Carolyn Wood Brox 

Barbara M. Woodhead 

Jane Yeaton 
xPatricia L. Hayes 
xMary F. Howard 
xjane Legsdin McLeod 
xPhyllis A. Smith 



Woodland Park 


High School 


Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 

Faculty and Administration 

Total amount contributed: $53.00 
Number of contributors: 9 

L Katharine M. Anthony 

L Jean Barnes Butts 
Alyce Conary Collins 
Dorothy Fox Hartenstein 
Tevis Huber Mellish 
Eloise Lane Rideout 
Georgianna Taber Lawrence 
Doris Wilson Lehners 
Jeanette Woodruff Fischer 

Other Life Member: 

Bertha McNerny St. Amand 

Total amount contributed: $224.00 
Number of contributors: 29 

Josephine A. V. Andrews 
Harriet W. Atwood 
June Babcock 
Robert K. Brandriff 
Carolyn E. Chapman 
Anna de Monseigle 
Frances K. Dolley 
Margaret Ford 
Margaret W. French 
Ruth W. Fuller 
Blanchie B. Hall 
Elise L. Jewett 
Sophia J. Josephs 
Ruth E. Manghue 
Sebastian F. Mignosa 
Constance W. Milner 
Julia Nelson Diggs 
Lois Nelson Winslow 
Eleanor S. Perley 
Lois D. Polley 
Evelyn Potts 
Ruth H. Rothenberger 
Muriel S. Sheppard 
Amelia Terrazano 
William Tinkham 
Edward Turner 
Dorothy Wadman 
Hazel W. Weden 
Mary S. Woodland 


Many of the nation's leading business concerns support The Council for 
Financial Aid to Education through Matching Gifts. Among those participating 


American Brake Shoe Co. 

Bank of New York 

Burlington Industries Found. 

Campbell Soup Co. 

Chase Manhattan Bank 

Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. 

Continental Oil Co. 

Dow Chemical Co. 

General Electric 

General Foods Fund, Inc. 

B. F. Goodrich Co. 

Gulf Oil Corp. 

Hughes Aircraft Co. 

IBM Corp. 

Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. 

Kaiser Steel Corp. 

Walter Kidde & Co. Found. 

McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. 

Manufacturers Trust Co. 

Maytag Co. Found., Inc. 

National Distillers & Chem. Corp. 

Northrop Corp. 

Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. 

Pennsalt Chemicals Corp. 

Pitney-Bowes Inc. 

Scott Paper Co. Foundation 

Smith, Kline & French Found. 

Whirlpool Corp. 

Young & Rubicam Found. 




Audrey Lynn Bergesen 

Lamp Staff 

Workshop Players 

Linda Gerrard Chiaramonte 

Jacket Winner 

Vice President, Executive Council 

Linda Telfer 

Jacket Winner 

Building Fund Chairman 


(September 10, 1959 - May 27, I960) 

No. in 

No. of 



No. in 

No. of 




Class * 




Class Class * 





1941 183 





1942 168 




up to 

1943 159 









1944 130 









1945 182 









1946 177 









1947 194 









1948 238 









1949 216 









1950 226 









1951 206 









1952 215 









1953 226 









1954 252 









1955 233 


40 ' 







1956 290 









1957 232 









1958 261 









1959 252x 













H.S. & 














Fac. & 














Special — Exch. on Canadian check 












Total 6257 













* * * — Includes 

33 second contributors. 









* The Count: Living 
known addresses p 

graduates with 
us non-graduate 












* * Includes special matching contribution 






from Pennsalt Chemicals Foundation. 






x Includes 248 graduates 

who joi 

ned as a 






class in June 1959, a 







This class is not included in 

the com- 






petition by 

classes this year. 


Change in Constitution and By-Laws 
Voted and Approved, June 11, I960 

Article VI 

Annual Meeting 

There shall be an annual business meeting of the Corporation 
during Commencement Week. 
(To read:) The annual meeting of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. shall be held at the 
time of the Annual Alumnae Council Meetings. 

Lasell Leaves 





Member of American Alumnae Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 

President : 

Second Vice-President: 

Recording Secretary: 

Corresponding Secretary: 

Treasurer : 

Assistant Treasurer : 

Alumnae Fund 

Alumnae Clubs Advisor: 

Scholarship Committee 


Alumnae Secretary: 


Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 
4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Diane Palady Barry '49 (Mrs. James) 

89 Noblehurst Ave., Pittsfield (Hlllcrest 2-9279) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (CE 5-3615 ) 

Lillian Feneley Cooley '45 (Mrs. Duane S.) 
3 Garden Road, Concord (EM 9-3876) 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

170 Harvard St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
150 Hickory Rd., Weston (CE 5-4690) 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 

41 Brentwood Dr., Holden (Pleasant 6-3015) 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 (Mrs. L. P.) 

Box 854, New Hampton, N.H. (Bristol 4-2210) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 

110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale (LA 7-8961) 

Elaine Towne Batson '43 (Mrs. R. R.) 

749 Commonwealth Ave., Warwick, R.I. 

(Regent 7-5540) 
Betty Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F. M., Jr.) 
52 Brewster Ave., Braintree Highlands (VI 3-5097) 
Elizabeth Sleight Dexter '53 (Mrs. C. G.) 
Trim Town Rd., North Scituate, R.I. 

(Niagara 7-5321) 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 



Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 
Winnifred Hill 




NO. 1 


On The Campus 3 

Club News 5 

Engagements and 

Marriages 10 

Births 14 

Class News 16 

Cover: Lasell's new first family. L. to r. Dr. Tewksbury, Mark, Mrs. Tewksbury and Blake 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 


September 1, 1960 

To the Alumnae of Lasell Junior College: 

During the past few weeks many of you 
have sent your best wishes at the outset of my 
association with Lasell Junior College. All of 
these letters have demonstrated one of Lasell' s 
greatest resources: the intense loyalty, inter- 
est, and support of her alumnae body. I am 
deeply grateful for this welcome from former 
students, especially since I was a relative 
stranger to Lasell until last July 1. 

You may be certain that I appreciate 
the Lasell tradition. Through the efforts and 
abilities of her governing officers, her 
faculty, students, and alumnae, Lasell has had a 
rich past and enjoys an eminent present. I 
assure you of my own determination that her 
future may be as great. 

Most sincerely yours, 




Marie R. Kaden '53 

One of the most significant appoint- 
ments to Lasell's administrative staff 
for the year I960- 61 is that of Marie 
Kaden '53 to the post of acting direc- 
tor of admissions. Marie was graduated 
in 1955 from the School of Public Rela- 
tions and Communications at Boston 
University, worked for three years at a 
radio station in Portsmouth, N. H., and 
before returning to her Alma Mater 
in July was a secretary at the University 
Health Services of Harvard and Rad- 

Several new names appear on the 
faculty roster for the current college 
year. A special "Welcome Home" is 
extended to Mrs. Barbara Hildreth 
Parkhurst, who has rejoined the Chem- 
istry Department. Miss Anne G. Tan- 
ner of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is an 
instructor in psychology and sociology. 
A I960 Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum 
laude graduate of Radcliffe College, she 
was a Southwest Regional Seven Col- 
lege Conference Scholar at Radcliffe and 
an Honorary Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 
1960-61. Teaching Clothing Construc- 

tion and Fashion and Personal Design 
is Miss Barbara Baillet, a graduate of 
Cornell University. 

New to the Secretarial Department 
are Miss June C. Fagg and Miss Margie 
Holifield. Miss Fagg, who was grad- 
uated from Salem State Teachers Col- 
lege, attended summer sessions at the 
University of Massachusetts and is 
working for her Ed.M. at Boston Uni- 
versity. Miss Holifield received her 
B.A. from Southern Illinois University 
and her M.A. from Michigan State. 
She was formerly a member of the 
faculty of the Mt. Carmel (111.) High 
School and Michigan State University. 

Miss Aud K. Hammer of Oslo, Nor- 
way is new to the Physical Education 
Department. Miss Hammer received her 
master's in Physical Education in Nor- 
way and is presently working toward 
her English B.A. at Boston University. 
She has held teaching positions at the 
Hermes Women Sports Club at Grorud 
High School and at Teisen High School, 
all in Oslo. Assisting in the library is 
Miss Marie A. Haas, a former member 
of the staff of the Framingham 
(Mass.) Public Library. 

Mrs. Jean E. Copp is instructing in 
Music Methods for the Child Study 
Program. A graduate of the Univer- 
sity of Toronto, Mrs. Copp is a mem- 
ber of the Music Educators National 
Conference and has held many lead- 
ing roles in Gilbert and Sullivan light 

Among the new male faculty 
members is Dr. William S. Sahakian 
of Dedham, Mass. Dr. Sahakian re- 
ceived his B.S. at Northeastern Uni- 
versity, Ph.D. from Boston University 
in 1951, S.T.B. from Boston Univer- 
sity in 1947, and his D.Sc. from Curry 
College in 1956. Dr. Sahakian is teach- 
ing psychology and sociology. Also a 
member of the Social Studies Depart- 
ment is Mr. Robert Margolis, who re- 
ceived his A.B. from Harvard and his 


Ed.M. from Northeastern Graduate 
School. Mr. Margolis was a winner of 
the Albert Walter Swenson Public 
Speaking Medal in 1953. 

Mr. George W. Lane of Boston has 
joined the English Department. He is 
presently working toward his Ph.D. at 
Boston University. While studying there 
he was granted the George Mark Sneath 
Poetry Prize, a graduate assistantship in 
English in 1958, and a teaching fellow- 
ship in English in 1958-59 and in 1959- 

Advertising and Drawing and De- 
sign are being taught under the direc- 
tion of Mr. Charles O. Duke of Man- 
chester, Vermont. A graduate of the 
Massachusetts College of Art and the 
Franklin School of Professional Arts, 
Mr. Duke has contributed illustrations 
for use in the Vermont Life Magazine, 
and in 1959 received the distinctive 
Munsell Award. 


The fourth annual graduation exer- 
cises of the Lasell Nursing Program 
were held on Sunday, September 25, at 
Winslow Hall. Degrees were granted 
to eleven nurses, including Linda Daz- 
ley '59, Sally Brockway '59, Sondra Al- 
len '59, Dorothy Risteen '59, Mary 
Beth Wisenburn Sclafani '59, Margaret 
Thomas '59, Catherine Carver Robie 
'59, Linda Barber '59, Linda Ferrucci 
'58, Jane Yeaton '59, and Ann Pear- 
son Light '58. 

Principal speaker was Miss Muriel 
Vesey, director of nurses at Children's 
Hospital Medical Center in Boston. Fol- 
lowing the ceremony, Dr. and Mrs. 
Tewksbury held a reception at their 
home for the graduates, their families, 
and other students currently enrolled in 
the Nursing curriculum. 

Miss Beverly Hallam 

Miss Beverly Hallam, recipient of the 
first Blanche E. Colman Art Foundation 
Award, sailed on September 30th for 
advanced art study abroad. The $5,000 
scholarship was made possible under 
the will of Blanche E. Colman of Rock- 
port, an artist and art teacher at Boston 
University. Miss Hallam was chosen for 
the award by trustees of the scholarship 
foundation, assisted by many Greater 
Boston art experts. 

In 1957 she was the second prize 
winner in the painting division of the 
Boston Arts Festival, and recently one 
of her paintings was chosen and exhibit- 
ed at the Institute of Contemporary Art 
and will be included in "View I960," 
which will be circulated among museums 
during the season by the Smithsonian 
Institute of Washington, D. C. 

Miss Hallam, a member of Lasell's 
faculty from 1945 to 1949 and former 
chairman of the Art Department, is an 
associate professor of painting and art 
education at the Massachusetts College 
of Art. She plans to tour Italy and will 
settle in France for the winter. 




Mrs. Robert F. O'Such 

(Sally Warner '55), President 

51 Eunice Avenue, Fairfield, Conn. 

Mrs. Lawrence M. Hurley 

(Nancy Tisler '55), Secretary 

20 Sharon Court, Milford, Conn. 


Nancy Rotman '59, President 
57 Myron Street, New Haven, Conn. 

Jo ann Curtis '59, Secretary 
7 Del Terrace, Meriden, Conn. 

A banner attendance was recorded at the 
joint Bridgeport-New Haven meeting on 
Tuesday evening, March 22, I960. Eunice 
Stack O'Connor '31 was the hostess at this 
delightful supper meeting at which Dr. and 
Mrs. Richard M. Packard were the guests. 
In his own and very distinctive style, Dr. 
Packard held the attention of all as he re- 
ported the latest happenings at the college. 

Those present included: Sheila McLaugh- 
lin Dunne x-'54, Joann Curtis '59, Joan 
Granniss '59, Carole Merwin Robinson '55, 
Audrey Silver Rogers '55, Joan Murano 
'55, Frances Bristol '55, Lyndell Mead '59, 
Joan Rabbitt Downey '54, Nancylee Rot- 
man '59, Diane Strawhince '59, Nancy Tis- 
ler Hurley '55, Corinne Coyle '54, Eliza- 
beth Field Smith x-'56, Linda Beebe x-'59, 
Charlotte Ockert '33, Emma Ockert '26, 
Barbara Davis Whipple '48, Geraldine 

Bridgeport-New Haven Meeting 
March 22, 1960 

Dr. Packard, Eunice Stack O'Connor 
'31, Mrs. Packard and Sheila McLaugh- 
lin Dunne x-'54 

Hawes Pocius x-'53, Judy Stone '54, Helen 
Kowaleski Sandback '28, Mildred Munson 
'32, Sally Warner O'Such '55, Ann Tucker 
'56, Betty Yeuell Collins '38, Judy St. 
John Peterson '50, Lorna Becker Harring- 
ton x-'51, Priscilla Alden Bemis '53, Janet 
Doderer Sampson x-'53, Barbara Baldwin 
Smith '50, Sara Parsons Kenney '48, Fran- 
ces Stephan Howells '38, Dorothy Haga- 
dorn Taylor '25, Sally Taylor Murray '49, 
Barbara Watt Rubino '54, Priscilla Free- 
man McCartney '51, Lorrayne Hron Hul- 
ton '44, Charlotte Gilman Kennedy '49 
and Eunice Stack O'Connor '31. 

The New Haven Club held its annual 
spring tea for prospective students and 
Alumnae on Sunday, March 27th at the 
home of Naomi Peck Kroner '52. The hos- 
tess was assisted by Audrey Silver Rogers 
'55, Carole Merwin Robinson '55, Joann 
Curtis '59, Corinne Coyle '54, Priscilla 
Alden Bemis '53 and Barbara Baldwin 
Smith '50. 

Alumnae Secretary Marjorie MacClymon 
'32 represented the college at the Bridgeport 
Club's annual meeting on Tuesday evening, 
May 10th. A buffet supper was served at 
the home of Sara Parsons Kenney '48. 



Mrs. Robert L. Smith 

(Joy Gustavson '50), President 

1329 Rowe Road, Schenectady, N.Y. 

Mrs. Edward J. Downes, Jr. 

(Sally Churchill '56), Rec. Secy. 

1829 Western Avenue, Albany, N.Y. 

The annual spring meeting was held on 
April 12, 1960 at the home of President Joy 
Gustavson Smith. Dr. and Mrs. Richard 
M. Packard were our guests at the delicious 
buffet supper. The business session was very 
brief for we were anxious to hear from Dr. 
Packard, who spoke most enthusiastically 
about the program at the college. Many of 
us decided right then and there to make a 
concentrated effort to return to Auburndale 
— and soon. At the close of Dr. Packard's 
talk, the club presented him with a check to 
be directed to the Alumnae Scholarship 

Those present at the April meeting were: 
Joy Gustavson Smith '50, Joan Shanley 
'55, Nancy Tripp Taylor '55, Jane Glass- 
brook Hamilton '43, Jane Ann Perry '50, 
Joyce Davies Harrison '50, Carolyn Sproat 
Spigner '32, Grace Douglass Schindler 
x-'12, Janet Garland Wilson '46, Ann 


Alger Ehrlich '47, Josephine Caruso 
Kuchera '41, Millicent Horton Hughes '26, 
Nancy Hughes Smaldone '51, Eloise Smith 
Riley '26, Joyce Brandt Francis '49, Sally 
Duncan Connor '48, Angeline Emery Mac- 
Culloch '14, Daisy Gilbert Buck x-'07, Ann 
Winkle Winkler '50, Dorothy Paddock 
Forster '40 and Sally Churchill Downes '56. 


Mrs. Cornelius J. Peeples 

(Mary-Florine Thielens x-'06), President 

523 West Melrose St., Chicago, 111. 

Mrs. Paul H. Dick 

(Betty Phillips '40), Secretary-Treasurer 

1210 Michigan Avenue, Evanston, 111. 

The Chicago Lasell Club met for lunch- 
eon on Wednesday, March 23, I960 at the 
home of President Mary-Florine Thielens 
Peeples. She shared with us some of the 
experiences of her recent trip to Venezuela, 
and Helene Grashorn Dickson commented 
on her winter visit to California and Mex- 
ico. During the business session, Mrs. 
Peeples was unanimously re-elected presi- 
dent and Betty Phillips Dick succeeded 
Carolyn Duncan Long as secretary-treasurer. 

In April Catherine Morley King enter- 
tained a small group of members at lunch- 
eon in her lovely Wilmette home, and the 
May luncheon was beautifully served by 
hostess Doris Perkins Meyer at Skokie. At 

The Chicago Club 
July 20, 1960 

Foreground: Betty Phillips Dick '40 
Seated I. to r.: Bessie Thielens Miller 
x-'OS, Julia Potter Schmidt '06, Mary- 
Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06, Helene 
Grashorn Dickson '22, B. J. Stephenson 
Riedel '49. 

Standing I. to r.: Mrs. Thielens Phillips, 
guest, Cornelia Stone '10, Helen Guer- 
tin Campbell x-'18, Margherita Dike 
Hallberg '10, Gertrude McLaughlin 
Metelnick x-'40, Catherine Morley King 
'29 and Lucille Guertin Egan x-'13. 

this meeting it was voted to send a gift 
to Lasell Alumnae, Inc. and Margherita 
Dike Hallberg, who planned to be in 
Auburndale for her 50th Reunion, agreed 
to take the check personally for presentation 
at the annual meeting. 

Helen Guertin Campbell entertained the 
club for luncheon on July 20th, and we 
were all especially interested in hearing 
first-hand reports of the college from Mrs. 
Hallberg. Helene Grashorn Dickson in- 
vited the members for luncheon at her 
Winnetka home on August 17, I960. 

Local area alumnae present at these meet- 
ings included, in addition to the president 
and secretary-treasurer: Elizabeth Thielens 
Miller x-'06, Julia Potter Schmidt '06, Mar- 
gherita Dike Hallberg '10, Cornelia Stone 
'10, Lucille Guertin Egan x-'13, Helene 
Grashorn Dickson '22, Catherine Morley 
King '29, Helen Guertin Campbell x-'18, 
Doris Perkins Meyer x-'21, Gertrude Mc- 
Laughlin Metelnick x-'40, B. J. Stephenson 
Riedel '49, Eleanor Rinebold Struve '24, 
Carolyn Duncan Long '27, Dorothy Taggart 
Krumsieg '32, Peg Perley Downey '20, Alice 
Wry Anthony '24 and Jean Dickson Tre- 
veiler '49. Guests at the July luncheon in- 
cluded Mrs. Thielens Phillips, a sister of our 
president, and Mrs. Earle Caldwell, Julia Pot- 
ter Schmidt's houseguest. 


Mrs. Raymond J. Moylan, Jr. 

(Winifred Domark '52), President 

274 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. Ronald Godiksen 

(Patricia Small '56), Cor. Secy. 

160 Federal St., Elmwood, Conn. 

Officers for the year include, in addition 
to the president and corresponding secre- 
tary: vice-president, Betty Lee Domijan 
Fournier x-'56; treasurer, Polly Weeks Cook 
'54; and recording secretary, Joan Pethy- 
bridge Thompson '57. 

The club planned a tea in August for in- 
coming and returning students and the an- 
nual meeting is scheduled for October 15, 
1960 at the City Club in Hartford. Dr. and 
Mrs. Blake Tewksbury will be our luncheon 


Mrs. Donald Osborne 

(Theresa Thompson '22), President 

3 Church Street, Belfast, Maine 

Mrs. Ralph Thompson 

(Mary Lou Weymouth '22), Secretary 

33 Miller Street, Belfast, Maine 


The Eastern Maine Club held its annual 
spring meeting and luncheon at the Bangor 
House on Saturday, April 23, I960. Dr. 
and Mrs. Richard M. Packard were our 
guests, and an invitation had been extended 
to the Southern Maine group to join us at 
this meeting. We were sorry they were not 
able to accept. 

Dr. Packard, introduced by President 
Theresa Thompson Osborne, gave a most 
interesting and informative talk, bringing 
us up-to-date with the current college pro- 

At the brief business session it was voted 
to send flowers to Miss Maude Mathews '89 
of Belfast, one of the college's oldest alum- 
nae, on her 91st birthday. It was also de- 
cided that the fall meeting would be held 
on October 8, I960. 

Present at the Bangor meeting were: Dr. 
and Mrs. Richard M. Packard, Barbara 
Stover VandeBogert '33, Florence Wyman 
'91-'92, Faustina Curtis '88-89, Charlotte 
Ryder Hall '08, Pearl Thompson Hasey '31, 
Janis Houston Mountain '53, Theresa 
Thompson Osborne '22, Phyllis Applin 
Howe x-'28, Margaret Anthony Westcott 
HS '32-'34, Marion Roberts Dyer '29, Alice 
Fernandez Harkins '33, Helen Gray Porter 
x-'07, Georgie Duncan Seavey '02, Sally 
Thompson Carr '56, Barbara Tounge '57 
and Mary Lou Weymouth Thompson '22. 


Mrs. Thomas A. Garrity 

(Joanne Monahan '51), President 

49 Richard Place, Massapequa, N.Y. 

Mrs. Thomas H. Jones 

(Carolyn Loewe '49), Secretary 

4 Plymouth Road, Massapequa, N.Y. 

Officers for the year 1960-61 are: Presi- 
dent, Joanne Monahan Garrity '51; Vice 
President and Membership, Joan Wolfe 
Wickham x-'49; Secretary, Carolyn Loewe 
Jones '49 and Treasurer, Ann Hollett Mon- 
ro '49. 

Activities scheduled for the coming year 

August 28th: 

October 15th: 
January 1961 : 

Tea for freshmen and moth- 
ers at the home of Joan 
Wolfe Wickham. 
Luncheon — Stouffer's Res- 
taurant, Garden City. 
Dessert Bridge for benefit 
of the Alumnae Scholarship 

April 1961: Dance at Rockville Country 
Club. Details in the Feb- 
ruary LEAVES. 

June 1961: Beach Party to include hus- 
bands and dates. Details 


Mrs. Arthur Beever 

(Diane Heath '49), President 

R.F.D. #2, Upton Lane, Goffstown, N.H. 

Joan M. Bates '58, Secretary-Treasurer 
Purgatory Road, Mount Vernon, N.H. 

Dean June Babcock was guest-of-honor 
at the annual spring luncheon held at the 
Manchester Country Club on April 30, I960. 
Three 1960-61 freshmen were in attendance, 
including Paulette Sauve, daughter of Char- 
lotte Moreau Sauve '32. 


Janet Holmes '55, President 
3875 Waldo Ave., Riverdale, N.Y. 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

(Mary Jane Magnusson '46), Secretary 

85 West Brookside Drive 

Larchmont, N.Y. 

The annual Spring Luncheon of the La- 
sell Club of Greater New York was held on 
Saturday, May 7, I960 at Frank Cerutti's 
Restaurant on Madison Avenue. Dr. and 
Mrs. Richard M. Packard were special 
guests for the occasion, attended by thirty- 
one alumnae. 

Janet Holmes presided at the business 
meeting and reviewed briefly the activities 
of the club for the 1959-60 season, which 
opened with a tea for prospective students 
at the home of Frances Angel Levenson '22. 
It was also announced that both Long Is- 
land and Westchester were definitely organ- 
ized as "suburban" clubs with scheduled 
regional meetings and both groups would 
combine with the Greater New York Club 
at the yearly luncheon. 

In the absence of Sally- Anne Munns '55, 
the secretary's report was read by Vice Presi- 
dent Maxine Seidel Lindemuth '55, and 
Corinne Schlegel Cathcart '46 gave the 
treasurer's report. A letter of resignation 
from Sally-Anne Munns was read and Mary 
Jane Magnusson Megroz '46 was elected to 
fill this vacancy. 

Janet then introduced Dr. Packard, who 
related all the new and interesting bits of 
information from campus, and we were all 
extremely interested in hearing about the 
new buildings and plans for renovating the 
Castle for classroom use. 



Mrs. Roland SanSoucie 

(Shirley Gibbons '53), President 

2208 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, Penna. 

Helen W. Robson '24, Cor. Secy. 
507 S. 42d St., Philadelphia 4, Penna. 

The Ingleneuk Tea House in Swarthmore 
was the scene of the annual spring meeting 
of the Philadelphia-South Jersey Lasell Club. 
Josephine Laughton Hopkins '28, Josephine 
Holbrook Metzger '22 and Melisse Jenkins 
'59 gave interesting reports of the annual 
Alumnae Council Meetings held on campus 
the preceding weekend. 

It was voted to send a contribution to the 
Alumnae Fund and the girls decided to send 
our annual contribution of handiwork to the 
June Table. Helen W. Robson announced 
the officers for the coming year: President, 
Shirley Gibbons SanSoucie '53; First Vice 
President, Helen Hall Streeter, '34; Second 
Vice President, Louise Crank Graham 
x-'53; Recording Secretary, Earline Spig- 
ner Black x-'53; Corresponding Secretary, 
Helen W. Robson '24 and Treasurer, 
Melisse Jenkins '59. 

Attending the meeting on April 9th were: 
Helen Hall Streeter, Shirley Gibbons San 
Soucie, Melisse Jenkins, Lynn Metzger Pharo 
'45, Astrid Selander Wright '50, Isabella C. 
Clemens '01, Emily A. Clemens x-'03, Jen- 
nie Hamilton Eliason '04, Virginia Chinian 
Alyanakian '48, Betty Cnossen Whitehead 
'47, Libby Stahl Mott '28, Josephine Laugh- 
ton Hopkins, Josephine Holbrook Metzger, 
Anna G. Wood x-T8 and Louise Crank 
Graham x-'53. 

Deffenbaugh Hoop '18, Clara Spinney Colby 
'18, Miriam Bell Bell '19; Katherine Knox 
McClaren '24, Jane Hupman Preston '31, 
Lenna Lyon Hill '31, Marjorie MacClymon 
'32, Mary Fitch Huggett '34, Elizabeth 
Dupka Cupp x-'35, Joan Darwent Ross '50 
and Carol Slocum Capper '59. 


Mrs. Donald P. Chirnside 

(Joan Darelius '53), President 

86 Oak Hill Drive, Cranston, R. I. 

Mrs. Robert B. Davidson, Jr. 

(Marilyn Weeden '49), Rec. Secy. 

103 Pettis Drive, Warwick, R. I. 

The Colonial Room of the well-known 
Grist Mill Tavern was the scene of our an- 
nual meeting on Wednesday, May 11, 
I960. Club officers for 1960-61 were pre- 
sented to the group: President, Joan Da- 
relius Chirnside '53; Vice President, Betty 
Lou Foy Reid '52; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Nancy Gronquist '59; Recording Sec- 
retary, Marilyn Weeden Davidson '49; 
Treasurer, Lois Schaller Toegemann '50; 
and Program Chairman, Marjorie Morrison 
Coburn '17. Guest speaker, Marjorie Mac- 
Clymon '32, brought us up-to-date on cam- 
pus activities and we were all especially 
interested to learn of the appointment of 
Dr. Blake Tewksbury as Lasell's new presi- 

Fifteen members enjoyed a summer cook- 
out supper at the home of Joan Darelius 
Chirnside in early June, and we welcomed 
our newest alumna, Susan Elsbree '60 to 
our group. 


A pleasant social hour and delicious lunch- 
eon preceded the reorganization meeting of 
alumnae in the Pittsburgh area on Wednes- 
day afternoon, September 28th. Lenna Lyon 
Hill '31 and Mary Fitch Huggett '34 were 
responsible for the successful party held at 
The Pittsburgh Club. 

Tentative plans were discussed for a meet- 
ing in the spring and all alumnae in the 
vicinity are urged to contact Lenna — Mrs. 
Richard Hill, 1111 Ingomar Heights Road, 
or Mary — Mrs. John M. Huggett, 318 
Locust Street. 

Former club president, Ida Mallory Lyon 
'03, unable to attend the meeting, sent all 
good wishes to the group. Those pres- 
ent included: Corinne Richter Devol '04, 
Huldah Mathews McKnight '18, Margery 


Mrs. Brett Gutsche 

(Mary Mack '55), President 

171 Raleigh Street, Rochester, N. Y. 

Barbara Foster '56, Secretary 
44 Landing Road South, Rochester, N. Y. 

The final official meeting of the 1959-60 
year was devoted to making yarn dolls, 
which were sent to the college for the June 
Table Sale. It was decided to have an in- 
formal get-together and on June 21st a 
group of the girls met for a Dutch-treat 
dinner. Those present included: Nancy 
Webb Canepa '51, Nancy Hakala Simonds 
'49, Martha Stonebraker Ely '45, Lydia 
Gray '53, Mary Mack Gutsche '55, Doris 
Hungerford Zaenglein '53, Joan Baker 
Cornell '55 and Barbara Foster '56. 



Mrs. W. S. Kane 

(M. Patricia Wilson '54), President 

3419 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville, Md. 

Mrs. J. P. McCusker 
(Ritamae Hinchliffe '38), Rec. Secy. 
3048 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va. 

The third meeting of the 1959-60 season 
of the Washington Lasell Club was held at 
the home of Ellen Grover MacVeigh. It 
was voted to send a contribution to the 
Alumnae Scholarship Fund and our local 
contribution to the Foreign Student Service 

Our April luncheon was held on Satur- 
day the 30th at the Watergate Inn in 
Washington. President Pat Wilson Kane 
welcomed the seventeen members present 
and announced that Janet Payson Dinan 
would serve as treasurer, succeeding Doro- 
thy French Lally, who resigned because of 
ill health. 

Attending the March and April meetings 
were: M. Jeanne Meyer Bird '48, Jennie 
Levanthal Brooks x-'18, Harriet Lindsey 
Dinsmore '43, Catherine Worrall Flint '28, 
Edna May Goodrich x-'33, Jane Master 
Houston '54, Pat Wilson Kane '54, Eliza- 
beth Way Kendall x-'31, Ruth Park Lanier 
x-'47, Carol Weldon Leahy '51, Ellen 
Grover MacVeigh '48, Ritamae Hinchliffe 
McCusker '38, Agnes Neu '39, Charlotte 
Guptill Norcross x-'48, Barbara Bates 
Perkins '47, Marion Taylor Sanderson '47, 
Anne Campbell Terrill x-'37, Janice Marr 
Demer '39 and Pauline Philbrick Gritz '35. 

Edie Roslund '39, Claudia Awad Razook 
'51, Margaret Wefer Lang '57, Suzanne 
Jouret Kowalski '57, Joan Baum Deutsch 
'50, Phyllis Werblow Strompf '52, Corinne 
Schlegel Cathcart '46, Priscilla Johnson 
Foltz '52 and Georgia Bakes Sigalos '51. 

On Sunday afternoon, September 11, the 
club entertained at a Mother-Daughter Tea 
at the White Plains home of Joan Baum 
Deutsch '50. Fourteen freshmen and their 
mothers attended and three members of the 
Class of 1961 were present. 


Mrs. Donald Hacker 

(Margaret Leary '47), President 

34 Highland Street, Longmeadow, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert Miller 

( Peggy anne Riker '51), Secretary 

10 Chestnut Hill, North Wilbraham, Mass. 

The annual luncheon and business meet- 
ing was held on Saturday, May 21st, at the 
Old Storrowtown Tavern in West Spring- 
field. Following luncheon, Carolyn Powers 
Fontaine '52, outgoing president, an- 
nounced the officers for 1960-61. They in- 
clude: President, Margaret Leary Hacker 
'47; Vice President, Jeanne Moseley Frank 
'56; Secretary, Peggyanne Riker Miller '51 
and Treasurer, Virginia Paolillo '56. 

Barbara Baldwin Smith '50 reported on 
the College Night at Storrowtown Music 
Fair. Lasell is one of many alumnae 
groups in the Springfield area to sponsor 
the performance of "Carousel" on August 
29, I960. 


Mrs. John L. Sigalos 

(Georgia Bakes '51), President 

311 Rye Beach Avenue, Rye, N. Y. 

Mrs. Leon H. Kowalski 

(Suzanne Jouret '57), Cor. Secy. 

Dale Drive, Byram, Conn. 

An organization meeting of the West- 
chester Division of the Greater New York 
Club was held in April at the home of 
Georgia Bakes Sigalos '51. In June Mabel 
Fastiggi Fiscella '54 entertained the group 
at her Port Chester home and the girls 
voted to participate in the Christmas 
Wrapping Paper project for the benefit of 
the Alumnae Scholarship Fund. 

Present at the initial meeting were: 
Mabel Fastiggi Fiscella '54, Betty Lindsay 
Buhler '54, Janet Holmes '55, Madeline 


Mrs. Edmund J. Aheasy 

(Elizabeth McCarthy '53), President 

9 Sun Valley Drive, Worcester, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert P. Wolcott 

(Margaret Smith '39), Cor. Secy. 

25 Raymond Avenue, Shrewsbury, Mass. 

The annual meeting was held on May 
17, I960 at the home of Virginia Dostal 
Easterbrooks x-'4l in Dudley, Mass. 

It was voted to have a coffee hour in 
September for the I960 freshmen and their 

The following officers were elected: 
President, Elizabeth McCarthy Aheasy '53; 
Vice President, Betty Scrimgeour Reney 
x-'46; Recording Secretary, Amelia Yankus 
White '41; Corresponding Secretary, Mar- 
garet Smith Wolcott '39 and Treasurer, 
Eleanor Smith Cutting x-'28. 




Rhoda O'Donnell '47 to Carl Walter Erickson. 

Joan FitzGerald '47 to James J. Cole. 

Shirley Ann DeMund '53 to William H. Beard. 

Joan Marie Sevigny '53 to Stanley S. Noble. 

Sheila A. Collins '54 to Robert J. Frank. 

Diane Flynn '55 to Charles A. Passavant. 

Sally-Anne Munns '55 to Stephen H. Patt. 

Angela Tabellario '55 to Carl F. Mitchell. 

Cynthia Tredeau '55 to Paul A. Wegerdt. 

Judith Fish x-'56 to Dr. Melvin Edward Cohen. 

Adrienne Ensher '56 to Dr. Aristaks Kachadourian. 

Nancy R. Nash '56 to Robert Kershaw. 

Virginia Paolillo '56 to John Thomas Lawlor. 

Virginia Reeves '56 to Harry G. Waltner, III. 

Ann Louise Tucker '56 to Joseph Steven Macura 

Barbara Cupp '57 to Roger Stevens Weil. 

Irene Dessureau '57 to Richard Paul Keating. 

Virginia E. Good '57 to Richard D. Gow. 

Barbara Klein '57 to Melvin Goldfeder. 

Anne Louise Mills '57 to David C. Curtis. 

Paula Jane Nadler x-'57 to Jerome Levine 

Barbara Thorndike '57 to Joseph H. Madden, Jr 

Beverly A. Benfante '58 to Robert Arnold. 

Carol Ann Briggs '58 to Peter M. Ten Broeck. 

Judith Butler '58 to John R. T. Weppel. 

Carol Ann Camillo '58 to Richard Sarno. 

Barbara Ann Gunther '58 to Lawrence H. Dallin 

Marilyn Ann Hayes '58 to Bernard F. Meckensturm 

Judith Kaufman '58 to Robert Stephen Brown. 

Mary Landini '58 to Edward Doyle. 

Mary Elizabeth McGrath '58 to Hubert Lacroix. 

Louise Kathryn Mahoney '58 to Philip Reynolds Rolph 

Leila Kay Steen '58 to Alexander Hamilton, Jr. 

Victoria Thorne x-'58 to Stanley Peck Lee. 

Carolyn H. Anderson x-'59 to Charles W. Haines. 

Carol Ann Civetti '59 to William E. Monaghan. 

Katherine Crones '59 to Charles G. Samellas. 

Ann Douglass '59 to Robert Beecher Wood. 

Elvira Karen Grobel '59 to Stephen L. Robbins. 

Anne Hanscom '59 to John F. Pickett. 

Marcia Dianne Lietz '59 to William R. Sweeney, Jr. 

Suzanne Paige '59 to Russell S. Cook. 

Judith Whitman '59 to Frederick Henry Taylor. 

Sarah Anderson x-'60 to John G. Olsen. 

Suzanne Franck x-'60 to John Sherrill Newton. 

Sandra Fruchtman '60 to Joel J. Moss. 

Marcia Lewis '60 to Guy Neilsen Davis. 

Natalie Mills x-'60 to Bernard Elevitch. 

Linda Patterson '60 to Norman H. Huff. 

Emily Ruane '60 to Kenneth E. Hall. 

Diane Shenker '60 to Harvey Walter Lipman. 







Caroline Killam Moller '57 

Caroline is the daughter of the late 

Cornelia Hemingway Killam '22 

Barbara Farnsworth Fairburn '60 

Ruth Richards '29 and Dexter G. Stripp on February 27, I960. 

Marjorie Tarbell Adams '32 and Franklin Quandt on April 15, I960. 

Katherine F. Nannery Carr '42 and Dr. Edward T. Rafferty on May 22, I960. 

Gloria Ann Sylvia '47 and John Ralph Paolella on May 29, I960 at New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Miriam Day '48 and Clyde Trowbridge Butcher, Jr. on July 24, I960 at Needham, Mass. 

Mary Louise Masten '49 and Lt. Charles Noyer Benson USNR in May I960 at Fort 

Meade, Md. 
Lois Weltner Orde x-'50 and Richard Randolph Gills on April 30, I960 at West Hartford, 

Jean Winter x-'51 and Charles Ferris on June 11, I960 at Kingfield, Maine. 
Joan Mildred Prescott '52 and William Stanley Gould, Jr. on May 29, I960 at Denver, 

Carol Lee Moriarty '53 and Lt. Charles Phillip Phleger on May 21, I960 at Belmont, Mass. 
Janet Audrey Sorensen '54 and Berch Onanian on June 16, I960 at Newtonville, Mass. 
Martha Jean McAuliffe x-'54 and Paul Herbert Johnson on June 18, I960 at Belmont, 


Shirley Palmaccio '55 and William Stolfors on May 29, I960 at Maynard, Mass. 
Margaret E. Cain '56 and George W. Sargent, Jr. on February 14, I960 at West 
Roxbury, Mass. 

Ann E. August '56 and Benjamin H. Marcus on April 3, I960 at Greenfield, Mass. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Collins x-'56 and Edward Batchelder Dalton in May I960 at Brighton, 


Margot Patricia Quinn '56 and Peter Edward Gamerdinger on May 7, I960 at West 
Hartford, Conn. 


Betsy Belsterling '56 and John Allen Jordan, Jr. on June 11, I960 at Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Elaine Frances Card '56 and David Philip LeFort on June 25, I960 at West Newton, 

Gloria C. Tessier x-'56 and Francis G. Ouellette on June 25, I960. 
Virginia Zipf '57 and Robert Anthony Metzler on November 2, 1957. 
Rosemary Pellegrino '57 and Samuel Eichenfield on July 26, 1958. 
Joan Pethybridge '57 and Gerald Carl Thompson on May 23, 1959. 
Katherine Leigh Wallace '57 and Wesley Theodore Lott on February 20, I960 at 

Marlboro, Mass. 
Sheila B. Marcus '57 and Carl Bernard Zucker on March 27, I960. 
Caroline Loomis Killam '57 and Henry Gerdes Moller on April 23, I960 at Wallingford, 

Shirley Schools x-'57 and Joseph Veno on April 23, I960 at Waltham, Mass. 
Joyce Dorothy Pendergast '57 and Paul Joseph Maney on April 30, I960. 
Elizabeth L. May '57 and Lt. (j.g.) Thomas W. Kolls on May 7, I960. 
Linda Diane Erdman '57 and Lawrence Kevin O'Mara on May 14, I960 at Wethersfield, 

Patricia M. McAuley '57 and Ens. Craig Bennett Haines, Jr. USN on May 15, I960 at 

Milton, Mass. 
Joan Ruth Deshefy '57 and Dean Jarvis Patenaude on June 11, I960. 
Lenore Hagopian '57 and Lt. John S. Solakian on June 12, I960. 
Ada Jane Whitmore x-'57 and William Thayer Suydam on June 18, I960 at West 

Newton, Mass. 
Ann Marguerite Donnelly '57 and Paul Hughes Murphy on June 19, I960 at Lexington, 

Carolyn Ann LeGoff '57 and Lt. (j.g.) Francis Joseph Hogan, Jr. on July 9, I960 at 

Bangor, Maine. 
Ann Schneider '57 and Frank R. Husted on July 23, I960 at Scarsdale, N. Y. 
Sandra Sheller '58 and William O. Lewis on April 25, 1959. 
Betty Anne Peer '58 and Stanley Brizzie on August 1, 1959- 
Elaine R. Tracey '58 and Paul F. McCarthy on September 12, 1959. 
Dorothy P. Lezon '58 and Laurien A. Levesque in March I960 at Ipswich, Mass. 
Roxanne Miller '58 and Dr. Edward Lloyd Socolow on March 19, I960. 
Nitprapha Aduldej-Charas '58 and Sawad Wattanayagorn on March 28, 1959. 
Marjorie Beryl Guterman '58 and Lester Dembitzer on April 2, I960 at Boston, Mass. 
Mary Elizabeth Danberg '58 and George Avison Nadig on April 2, I960 at Norwalk, 

Sandra Ward '58 and Charles V. Turner on April 23, I960 at Reno, Nev. 
Nina Wachsmuth x-'58 and Daniel Charles Field, Jr. on April 23, I960 at Stamford, 

Janet V. Hicks '58 and Richard P. McCoy on April 30, I960. 
Ruth M. DeLuca '58 and Joseph F. Cornette, Jr. in May I960 at Everett, Mass. 
June Rose Leary '58 and Rudolph C. Gutbier, Jr. on May 14, I960 at Manchester, Vt. 
Deborah Perry x-'58 and Frank Robert Moran on May 14, I960. 

Constance E. Wolcott '58 and George H. Mason on May 14, I960 at Wethersfield, Conn. 
Sandra Jean Chapman '58 and Edward Philip O'Neil on June 1, I960. 
Marilyn Hyatt x-'58 and Robert Lynn Ramey on June 5, I960. 
Barbara Anne Frucci x-'58 and David Agnew Nimmo, Jr. on June 11, I960 at Seaside 

Park, N. J. 
Donna Lois Levine '58 and Harold J. Shurberg on June 12, I960. 

Sharon Ann Abbett '58 and William Charles Boyd on June 25, I960 at Needham, Mass. 
Bette-Ann Stubbe '58 and Charles F. Carcano on June 25, I960. 
Marianne Keefe '58 and Thomas Arthur Papp on July 6, I960 at Wellesley, Mass. 
Myrna Leshefsky '58 and Richard Louis Levine in July I960 at Brookline, Mass. 
Frances Reid '59 and Peter Michael Kip on February 27, I960 at Newington, Conn. 
Mary-Louise Sieracki '59 and 2nd Lt. Michael J. Nash, U.S.A.R. on April 9, I960 at 
Norwood, Mass. 


Christine Bergfalk '59, Sandra Poole 
Adams '59, Lois DeCuollo '59 

Sandra Hall '59 and Frederick H. Oberg on April 23, I960 at Sanford, Maine. 

Linda Bailey '59 and Philip Evans Bolton on April 29, I960 at Newtonville, Mass. 

Sandra Johnson x-'59 and Duane Joseph Hendrickson on May 7, I960. 

Lorraine M. Hope '59 and Martin F. Andic on June 9, I960. 

Marcia Rideout '59 and Jeffrey N. Stevens on June 11, I960 at Lynnfield Centre, Mass. 

Barbara Maurer '59 and John Mazzanovich III on June 11, I960 at Lexington, Mass. 

Elaine Jacobs x-'59 and Maynard B. Albert on June 12, I960 at Hartford, Conn. 

Brenda Moors '59 and Ens. Thomas Norman Sullivan on June 18, I960 at New London, 

Sandra Poole '59 and Frederick Porter Adams on June 25, I960 at Dennis, Mass. 
Louise Ann Ruma '59 and Richard John Ivers on June 25, I960 at Winchester, Mass. 
Sandra Barton '59 and Lt. James Berkley Fairchild on June 25, I960 at Fort Myer, 

Susan Carol Bravman '59 and Arnold Sheldon Uretsky in June I960 at Boston, Mass. 
Joan Marino '59 and Joseph Phillip Moore III in June I960 at San Diego, Calif. 
Catherine Regina McShain '59 and David Arthur White in June I960. 
Harriet Ann Stallings '59 and John Patrick Jarosh in June, I960 at Needham, Mass. 
Florence Jeannette McCabe '59 and Clairmont Arnold Rohwer on July 3, I960 at 

Rochester, N. H. 
Marjorie Jane Borromey '59 and Michael Richard Kiely on July 23, I960 at Dedham, Mass. 
Ellen Marcuson x-'60 and Martin Gordon on January 8, I960 at New York, N. Y. 
Brenda DiBari '60 and Raymond Donald Moore on June 4, I960. 
Deborah Philips x-'60 and Ulv Masing on June 4, I960 at Worcester, Mass. 
Jane Chevers '60 and Frank Wendell Putnam, 3rd on June 18, I960. 
Barbara Farnsworth '60 and David Hadden Fairburn on June 18, I960 at Wellesley, 

Annabel Whitton '60 and David P. Leslie on June 18, I960 at Norwalk, Conn. 
Katharine Thomson '60 and Robert Allen Mitchell on June 25, I960 at Pawtucket, 

R. I. 
Judith Knaus '60 and Lt. Thomas Ellis Kopp, U.S.A. on June 25, I960 at Oradell, N. J. 
Baila Issokson '60 and Stephen King on June 25, I960 at Dover, N. H. 
Catherine Burns x-'60 and Robert L. Maxton in June I960 at Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Louise Meyer '60 and Richard St. L. O'Brien on July 9, I960 at Rutherford, N. J. 
Miss Marie P. Campbell (Fac. 1958- ) and Mr. Thomas S. Lambert on May 15, I960 

at Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Miss Leonie Sulahian (Fac. 1955-59) and Mr. Courtland A. Bennett on September 1, 




To Virginia Webb Tompkins '37, a daughter, Virginia, on February 12, I960. 

To Bettie Ellis Martin '40, a fifth child, first son, Roy Ivar, on April 28, I960. 

To Marjorie Mosher Maisch '46, a daughter, Marcia, on July 16, 1959- 

To Claire Stolzenberg Manger '46, a third child, second daughter, Nancy Ann, in August 

To Joan Hodgdon Munson '46, twin boys, James and Christopher, on March 6, I960. 
To Louise Poole Langley '46, an adopted daughter, Laura, on March 28, I960. 
To Janet Garland Wilson '46, a son, Andrew, on June 10, I960. 
To Sarah Cross Finigan '41, a son, Gregory, on October 17, 1959- 
To Mary Ellen Roberts Gill '47, a second son, David, on January 27, I960. 
To Barbara Jewell Allen '48, a fourth child, second son, Richard John, on January 21, 

To Gloria Wurth Harrison '48, a sixth child, second son, Christopher, on May 7, I960. 
To Barbara Milne Lynch '49, a son, E. Keith, Jr., on October 9, 1958. 
To Carolyn Loewe Jones '49, a second daughter, Nancy Ruth, on October 10, 1959- 
To Kay Raizes Stameris '49, a son, on November 10, 1959. 
To Betty Vail Morrissey '49, a second son, John Gary, on December 19, 1959- 
To Natalie Hall Campbell '49, a second daughter, Bonnie Jean, on February 22, I960. 
To Martha Hurd Davenport '49, a fourth child, first son, Norman, on February 27, I960. 
To Joan DeGelleke Shrewsbury '49, a daughter, Sarah Oldham, in April I960. 
To Nancy Curtis Grellier '49, a son, Richard Alan, on June 14, I960. 
To Joan Robilotto Gibson '50, a second daughter, Susan Elvira, on June 17, 1959. 
To Janice O'Brien Carter x-'50, a third child, first son, John, in September 1959. 
To Nancy Nelson Weiss '50, a son, Christopher Nelson, on November 1, 1959- 
To Virginia Hopson Griffin '50, a daughter, Priscilla Renee, on January 31, I960. 
To Elizabeth Maclnnes Deal '50, a third child, second son, Matthew Warren, on April 

16, I960. 
To Joan Wallace Billings '50, a daughter, Liane Caryn, on May 3, I960. 
To Janet Wyman Meade '51, a second son, William Randall, on February 10, I960. 
To Joanne Monahan Garrity '51, a daughter, Therese, on June 4, I960. 
To Beverly Pink Reynolds '51, a son, Gregory James, on August 17, I960. 
To Eleanor Mekelones Marple '52, a son, Bradley Eric, on June 2, 1959. 
To Geraldine Paulmier Sutphen '52, a son, Stephen Mark, on January 27, I960. 
To Joan Hess Brand '52, a son, Stephen William, on March 5, I960. 
To Nancy Slattery Haskins '52, a third child, second daughter, Mary Louise, on April 

28, 1960. 
To Sue Baney Berghaus '52, a daughter, Jean Suzanne, on June 22, I960. 
To Jean Ewart Borman '53, a daughter, Sharon Elaine, on November 2, 1959. 
To Bettyanne Nuovo Johnson '53, a third child, second son, David Butler, on November 

7, 1959. 
To Carol Leake Bacon '53, a son, Jeremy, on December 16, 1959. 
To Joan Darelius Chirnside '53, a son, Jeffrey Peter, on January 2, I960. 
To Helen Pearlstein Golden '53, a second daughter, Nina Eileen, on February 5, I960. 
To Suzanne Frisch Rubin '53, a daughter, Judith Wendy, on March 19, I960. 
To Molly Bondareff Krakauer '53, a third child, second son, Bruce William, on April 8, 

To Audrey Thompson Riells '53, a daughter, Nancy Maire, on June 11, I960. 
To Sally Garratt Dean '53, a second son, Jeffrey Kimball, on June 28, I960. 
To Suzanne Palmer Lee '54, a second child, first daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, on May 6, 

To Elizabeth Shaw Morrison '54, a son, Jeffrey Philip, on June 4, 1959. 
To Janice Sparks English '54, a second child, first son, Gary Richard, on October 6, 1959. 
To Sandy Davis Mather '54, a daughter, Cynthia, on November 21, 1959- 
To Jeanette Marvin Brown '54, a son, Mark Alan, on January 19, I960. 
To Nancy Hawk Gilbert '54, a son, Alan David, on February 23, I960. 
To Glenna Pofcher Bloom '54, a son, Lloyd Michael, in March I960. 
To Janet McElgunn Flynn '54, a son, Kevin Edward, on March 27, I960. 
To Doris Trumbull Bedard '54, a second daughter, Donna Lois, on April 5, I960. 
To Carol Rofer Hofmann '54, a son, John, in May I960. 
To Beverly Cassoli McCarthy '54, a daughter, Jean Elizabeth, on April 18, I960. 



To Wendy Paul Doughty '54, a second son, James Paul, on June 1, I960. 

To Beryl Carron Thellman '54, a second daughter, Jannene, on July 27, I960. 

To Ann Chidsey Moebius '54, a son, William Ford, on August 17, I960. 

To Mary Jane Tidman Bridges '55, a daughter, Natalie Elizabeth, on September 1, 1959- 

To Evelyn Bradley Cochran '55, a third child, first daughter, Linda, on January 25, I960. 

To Sally Boyce Buswell '55, a daughter, Cynthia Lynn, on March 16, I960. 

To Betty Lalley Nelson '55, a daughter, Barbara Jane, on March 27, I960. 

To Judith Lanese Karazulas '55, a son, Peter Nicholas, on May 27, I960. 

To Ann Harris Hughes '55, a second son, Jon Alan, on June 13, I960. 

To Marlene Berman Lewis '55, a daughter, Hope Deborah, on August 5, I960. 

To Susan Gray Lichtenstein '55, a son, Philip Gray, on August 16, I960. 

To M. Joan Morris Frank '56, a second daughter, Margo Lorraine, on September 21, 

To Joan Hoffman Work '56, a second child, first son, Richard Charles, on October 13, 

To Frances Scott Simmons '56, a daughter, Lisa, on November 4, 1959. 
To Peggy Schwingel Kraft '56, a second son, Christopher Lee, on December 4, 1959. 
To Gretchen Hughes Gilbert '56, a son, Richard Hughes, on January 30, I960. 
To Therese Kilgore Mannix '56, a daughter, Kathleen Marie, on February 1, I960. 
To Carol Fitzpatrick Harrell '56, a son, Michael Philip, on February 14, I960. 
To Beverly Brown Barkevich '56, a daughter, Susan Shepard, on February 25, I960. 
To Lois Emmert Siebert '56, a second child, first daughter, Tracey Leigh, on March 20, 

To Alicia Albright Kulp '56, a daughter, Jan, on April 11, I960. 
To Deborah Farnum Varney '56, a daughter, Jane Windsor, on May 9, I960. 
To Audrey Spawn Stockman '56, a daughter, Maura Anne, on May 18, I960. 
To Sandra Lavine Kanosky '56, a son, Richard Victor, on June 9, I960. 
To Joyce Conza Swaine '57, a daughter, Valerie Lynn, on December 4, 1959. 
To Carol Sealund Reed '57, a second child, first son, Bryan, on February 21, I960. 
To Marcia Hamilton Killeen '57, a second daughter, Kathleen Ann, on June 11, I960. 
To Patricia Tarracciano Ciccone '57, a son, Robert A., Jr., on July 23, I960. 
To Carol Juechter Dixon '57, a third son, Stephen Joyce, on July 25, I960. 
To Martha Wittenberg Plotkin '58, a daughter, Nancy Beth, on August 1, 1959. 
To Donna Purrington Keith '58, a son, David, on December 14, 1959. 
To Barbara Clark Owen '58, a daughter, Bonnie Lee, on February 9, I960. 
To Fran Klein Madison '58, a daughter, Barbara Joan, on June 8, I960. 
To Joyce Stirling Fox '58, a son, Richard, on June 28, I960. 

Valerie, daughter of 
Ruth Maxted Mentall '47 

David Belcourt 
(Mary Lee Gowdy '55) 





In Memoriam: Maude E. Mathews on July 
29, I960 at Belfast, Maine. Miss Mathews, 
one of Lasell's oldest graduates, celebrated 
her 91st birthday on April 1. She is sur- 
vived ■ by a twin sister, Miss Mabel 
Mathews, and several cousins. 

In Memoriam: Nora Burroughs Dilling- 
ham on June 14, I960 in Boston, Mass. For 
many years a resident of Newton, she was 
active in the Trinity Episcopal Church of 
Newton Center and was a member of the 
Algonquin Club. Mrs. Dillingham, presi- 
dent of the Class of 1897, served as a mem- 
ber of the Lasell Corporation from 1940- 
44. She is survived by a brother, Wilbur 
G. Burroughs, of Edwardsville, 111., a niece 
and a nephew. 


It is always a pleasure to visit with 
Mabel Taylor Gannett, and we were espe- 
cially delighted to welcome 1895's class 
president at her 65th Reunion. Mrs. Gan- 
nett arrived in time for morning coffee at 
Plummer, revisited favorite spots on cam- 
pus, and with the Class of 1910 enjoyed 
luncheon at the President's Home. She was 
accompanied by her daughter and son-in- 
law, Mr. and Mrs. John Elton of Bayside, 
L. I. Mr. Elton is a brother of Mary Elton 
Remig '36, and Mrs. Gannett plans to join 
"Luke" at 1936's 25th in June 1961. 

From Mabel Sawyer Rogers: "I appre- 
ciated the gracious invitation of the col- 
lege to attend the Commencement exercises, 
but regret I cannot accept. Time flies 
rapidly and it seems a long time ago since 
my graduation. May the weather be favor- 
able, the exercises a happy affair, and the 
years ahead for Lasell most successful." 


In Memoriam: Edith Tidd Bradley '99-'00 
on November 28, 1959. Among Mrs. Brad- 
ley's survivors is her sister, Gertrude Tidd 
Wellman '99-'00, of Shaker Heights, Ohio. 

Other News: In the spring Eva Raymond 
Perkins wrote to Lasell: "When the invita- 
tion came to attend the reunion of classes 
at the college, I was greatly tempted to 
accept, but I am convinced I cannot join 
the other alumnae on campus in June. I 
was so happy at Lasell and think of that 
lovely spot often. It would be so interest- 
ing to see the splendid progress the college 
has made during the years. My very best 
wishes to all for a happy Commencement 
and a successful year ahead." 

Alice Taylor Potter x-'OO, in nearby 
Newton Centre, planned to be at Lasell for 
the 60th Reunion of the Class of 1900, but 
was unable to do so. 

Mabel Taylor Gannett '95 with Dr. 
Tewksbury and Dr. Packard 


Mrs. F. F. Lamson 

(Lena Josselyn), Secretary 

21 Waterston Rd., Newton, Mass. 


We extend sincere sympathy to Mabel 
Martin McGregor, whose husband, Mr. 
Roy McGregor, passed away in August 


In early July, Kate Wheldon Plumb 
wrote from California: "Have just returned 
home after a delightful three-month trip to 

Laura Chase and sister, Ellen (Chase 
Wood), have a new address: 1530 South 
Del Mar, Apt. B, San Gabriel, California. 


Helen Merriam Parsons x-'03 sent the 
following telegram to Dr. Packard on Com- 
mencement Day I960: "Edith Burke Wells 
x-05 and I send greetings to all Lasell 



friends of 1902 and 1903- Our thoughts 
and hearts are with you all today and we 
both send much and great love to the col- 


In Memoriam: Laura Arnzen Chace x-'04 
in September 1959. 

Marie Darrough Crimm '03-'04 on March 
18, I960 in Kansas City, Mo. 

Other News: On April 25, I960 community 
leaders joined with members of the medi- 
cal profession in a testimonial dinner event 
marking the 30 years of service given by 
Walter R. Amesbury to the Waltham 
(Mass.) Hospital as treasurer and admin- 
istrator. Program features were the unveil- 
ing of a portrait of Mr. Amesbury and an- 
nouncement that hospital trustees and offi- 
cers have designated the East Corridor in 
Sanderson II Building as the "Walter R. 
Amesbury Suite." Mr. Amesbury, a former 
treasurer of the college, is the husband of 
Jane Ford Amesbury x-'04 and father of 
Virginia Amesbury Stone '38. 


The Class of 1905 reported for its 55th 
Reunion via written word and in thought 
only. In answer to the invitation from the 
college to attend the Commencement fes- 
tivities, Eila Patterson Rogers replied: "I 
am a resident head at the University of 
Oregon and our term closes on June 12th, 
and I very much regret being unable to 
come to Auburndale. There are eleven 
members remaining of the Class of '05 and 
we have a round-robin letter which has 
been in continuous circulation since our 

"In 1961 one of my grandsons will be 
graduating from Princeton Theological 
Seminary and I hope to come East at that 
time. He is the son of my elder son, a 
sales representative here in Portland, Ore- 
gon. My daughter, Dorothy, is the city 
librarian in Woodburn, and my younger 
son, Jack, is credit manager for McKesson 
and Robbins Wholesale Drugs in Eugene, 
Oregon. I have eight grandchildren and 
one great-granddaughter. I shall look for- 
ward to seeing Lasell — the college has 
grown and changed a great deal since ou\ 

And from Nell Jones Yeomans in Dan- 
ville, Illinois: "So sorry not to be able to 
accept the very kind invitation. My three 
years at Lasell are a beautiful memory. 

Our class round-robin letter is now on the 
desk waiting to be sent on its way." 

Bertha Aiken Meyers x-'05 writes: "I 
have a very warm spot in my heart for 
Lasell. Its growth has been wonderful to 
watch and I know it will keep going for- 
ward. My very best wishes for a most suc- 
cessful year ahead." 

From Los Gatos, California Barbara Vail 
Bosworth sent word she would not be able 
to come, and very best wishes for a fair 
and happy Commencement weekend came 
also from Grace Rowe Vail, Helen Royse 
Shirk x-'05 and Frances Buzelle Lamprey 


Mrs. Harry Carlow 

(Edith Anthony), Secretary 

60 Church Green, Taunton, Mass. 

At Commencement time Mary-Florine 
Thielens Peeples x-'06 wrote to Dr. Pack- 
ard: "I was on campus for my 50th Re- 
union and plan to surely be at Lasell next 
June. Am looking forward to a short June 
vacation with my son William in Florida, 
and leave on August 24th for two months 
in Europe. There I will add to my collec- 
tions of shawls, fans, dolls and scarfs 
which I use in my lectures with songs and 
dances. Have now added 'Hawaii' to the 
repertoire. Best wishes always to the col- 


We extend sincere sympathy to Class 
Agent Lilian Douglass Heeb, whose hus- 
band passed away in February I960. Mrs. 
Heeb writes: "Am in the process of selling 
the large home and expect to move to a 
new and smaller one here in the Covina 
area. Plan to continue my various civic 


Mrs. Clifton A. Hall 

(Charlotte Ryder), Secretary 

149 Cedar St., Bangor, Maine 


In Memoriam: Glenna Webb Tilton x-'09, 
sister of the late Sibyl Webb Dougherty 
x-'ll, on April 11, I960 at Tilton, N. H. 



50th Reunion Group 


Nothing, not even in the State of Caro- 
lina, could have been finer than our 50th 
Reunion ! If we could do it all over again 
the only change in the entire affair 7 would 
make would have made it possible for all 
our living 1910-ers to be present! 

We graduated a class of 27 and 21 of us 
are alive 50 years later! Alive and alert! 
That "alert" is due to the loyal efforts of 
Olive Bates Dumas, who, as Class Life Sec- 
retary, has kept us in touch with each other 
through a remarkable round-robin letter 
— consequently we really know each other 
in spite of separations. 

Just seven of us were able to return this 
June, and two x-'lO-ers appeared! Our 
fartherest-away gal, Julia Hamilton Peters, 
came first — she lives in Montana and 
California; Reva Berman Batt came from 
St. Louis; Lucy Aldrich Berston from Mich- 
igan; Cornelia Stone and Margherita Dike 
Hallberg motored from Illinois, Cornelia 
bringing messages from the Chappell twins 
(Constance and Mary x-'lO), who are 
teaching in Japan; "Mike" Steenman Bryant 
x-'lO came from Buffalo; Harriet Wetzel 
Bryan x-'lO from Longmeadow; and Julia 
Crafts Sheridan drove down from her cele- 
brated Squaw Mountain Inn on Moosehead 
Lake. Of course, I live in Brookline, so we 
used this place as our headquarters. Eight 
of us slept here the last night and I could 
never express in a few words what fun that 
was ! 

Our Reunion began to "get up steam" 

through Christmas cards. At first, I was 
sure we . would also have Nell Carneal 
Drew, Ruth Kelsey, Mary Lumbard Court- 
ney, Mildred Snyder Grant and Marion 
Hale Bottomley — but we were not that 
lucky! A telegram from Helen Hood, mes- 
sage from Mildred Goodall Fairbanks, pra- 
lines from Mildred Grant and scores of 
notes of good wishes were sent to us. Right 
from the first we had the backing and con- 
stant help of that "Little-But-O-My" Alum- 
nae Secretary, Marjorie MacClymon '32. 
We never can thank you enough, Mac! 

We were the special guests of Acting 
President Dr. Richard Packard and Mrs. 
Packard at a delicious luncheon at The 
White House — there we met the incom- 
ing President and his charming wife. Dr. 
Tewksbury will remind you of Dr. Guy M. 
Winslow. We all felt that Lasell is in very 
good hands, indeed ! 

Every "old girl" is deeply indebted to 
the present Board of Trustees, headed by 
Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19- They have ac- 
complished many fine things for Lasell. We 
were particularly impressed with the new 
buildings, the sound financial background 
and a long waiting list of prospective stu- 

— Jo Woodward Rand 


Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

(Margaret Jones), Secretary 

26 Lilac Lane, Princeton, N. J. 

In Memoriam: Grace Harvey Hall on July 
8, I960 at Coral Gables, Florida. Mrs. 
Hall is survived by her husband, George 
D. Hall, publisher of the Directory of New 
England Manufacturers; a son, George D. 
Hall, Jr., of Miami, Fla.; and three sisters, 
Marion Harvey Pitz x-'12, Nellie Harvey 
Phillips x-'17 and Esther Harvey Switzler 

Sibyl Webb Dougherty x-'ll on April 
5, I960 at Washington, D. C. Mrs. 
Dougherty was a member of the faculty of 
Dana Hall School and Pine Manor Junior 
College. She is survived by two daughters, 
Mrs. Charles C. Glover III, of Washington, 
D. C, and Mrs. Charles D. Waterman, Jr., 
of Davenport, Iowa. Mrs. Dougherty's 
only sister, Glenna Webb Tilton x-'09, 
passed away the following week. 


Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

(Clara Parker), Secretary 

8 High St., Goffstown, N. H. 



Ruth Thresher Jenks '14 
June 1959 


In Memoriam: Ruth Thresher Jenks on 
April 14, I960 in Miami, Florida. Mrs. 
Jenks, Life Secretary of the Class of 1914, 
had been a member of the Board of Trus- 
tees since 1935. She is survived by a 
daughter, Mrs. Roberta Jenks Capek of 
Austria; two sons, Richard A. Jenks of 
Providence and Alvin C. Jenks of Barring- 
ton, and nine grandchildren. 

Other News: Maidie Dealey Moroney 
writes from Dallas, Texas: "Now have two 
great-grandchildren — Patrick and Maidie 
Rutherford, children of my first grandchild, 
Mrs. Patrick Rutherford, Jr. of Houston." 

Charles (Chick) Evans, who won both 
the National Open and Amateur golf tour- 
neys in 1916, was honored at a testimonial 
dinner on his 70th birthday, July 18, I960. 
More than 1000 golf addicts attended the 
Chicago affair, the proceeds of which were 
directed to the Evans Scholars Foundation. 
Mr. Evans is the husband of Esther Under- 

The new address for Class Agent Mary 
Quick Dean is 139 South Broadway, North 
Attleboro, Mass. 


Mrs. A. L. Stirn 

(Mary Fenno), Secretary 

43 East Loop Rd., Dongan Hills 

Staten Island, N. Y. 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

(Nell Woodward), Secretary 

39 Lincoln St., Manchester, Mass. 


Nell Woodward Collins "submits a play- 
by-play account via questionnaires of the 
Class of 1915": 

Irene Apfelbaum Livingstone: Has two 
sons, three grandsons. Could not attend. 

Irene Ball Sill: Has two daughters, seven 
grandchildren. Active in church and politi- 
cal organizations. Due to a recent eye 
operation, was unable to attend. 

Margrethe Bauman: Not able to attend. 

Elizabeth Beach Bierer: A new address — 
39 Johnson Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y. 
Has one daughter and four grandchildren. 
Church, club and garden activities keep her 
busy, and her latest interest is knitting for 
an Alaskan mission. 

Ida Beane Rice: Unable to attend. Spends 
much time, as committee chairman, work- 
ing for the Women's Reformatory. 

Katharine Bingaman Heron: Busy with 
Red Cross, church and club work. Planned 
to spend the month of August at the Cape. 
Has two sons and three grandchildren. 

Myrtle Brix Spangler: Meetings of the 
International Social Service group were 
scheduled at Reunion time. Visited Cathe- 
rine Carter Rasbach in February and "K" 
Hoag Norgren in April. The Spanglers 
have a daughter, two sons and seven grand- 

Catherine Carter Rasbach: Recent change 
of address: 805 East Big Bend, Webster 
Groves, Mo. In 1957 was a member of a 
European Traveling Seminar — studied at 
the UN at Geneva, courses at the university 
in Birmingham, England; government 
courses in Sweden and Switzerland and en- 
joyed living for a short time in a Folk- 
School in Denmark. "Kitten" also men- 
tioned attending Washington University in 
St. Louis and has had recent work in 
Spanish, Religions of the West as well as 
"hobby" courses in water colors and oils. 

Bess Emerine: Office duties kept her 
from joining us. Bess urges all to work 
toward a gala reunion in 1965. 

Florence Evans Valpey: She and her hus- 
band keep busy and happy. Was sorry not 
to be with us. 

Veda Ferguson Purdy: Veda's new ad- 
dress: 105 South Fourth Avenue, Bozeman, 
Mont. Keeps busy with church work, Red 
Cross and Grey Lady Service. Frequently 
visits her daughter and four grandchildren 
in Sacramento, Calif. 



Katherine Hoag Norgren: "Interests — 
correspondence, reading and music. Since 
moving to Mill Valley two years ago to 
live a simple retired life, have restricted 
outside activities to membership in M.V. 
Community Church Club and the American 
Legion Auxiliary." "K" has a daughter 
and two grandchildren. 

Frances Johnsen Edwards: Her new ad- 
dress — 79 Benson Avenue, Sayville, New 
York. Fran's daughter (whose picture was 
in the February '60 Leaves) is to be mar- 
ried this summer. Nancy's fiance is the 
resident surgeon of New York's Presbyte- 
rian Hospital. 

Ida Laubenstein Moyer: At Reunion time 
Ida was in Minnesota visiting one of her 
three sons. She also has three grandchil- 

Ethel Murray Kuykendall: Told of a fine 
trip through the West last summer and 
had plans for an eastern vacation this year. 
Ethel's only daughter, Laura (Kuykendall 
McGehee x-'42), has a son, William Clay 

Clara Paton Suhlke: On a Nassau vaca- 
tion in June. 

Ada Patterson: Her telegram of good 
wishes was most appreciated. "Pat" sailed 
June 20th on a North Cape Cruise, then on 
through Europe and planned to see the 
Passion Play. 

Vilette Peck Crawshaw: Home and gar- 
den occupy most of her time. Also very 
active in church work. 

Evelina Perkins: We can always count 
on Perky, bless her heart! She is truly the 
most loyal member of the Class of 1915 
and a wonderful woman — always doing 
for others! As for her hobbies: "Weaving, 
church and Lasell." 

Martha Schumann Laubenstein: Martha 
has three children, ten grandchildren. 

Susan Tiffany: We shall not forget this 
wonderful classmate whom we were fortu- 
nate to know and to love. Clara (Paton 
Suhlke) and Perk saw Sue at the South 
Florida Lasell Club meeting in February, 
just a month before Sue left us. 

Gladys Wilkes McCutchen: Due to ill- 
ness in the family, Gladys was not able to 
attend as planned. As the wife of a busy 
minister, her life is full to the brim ! The 
McCutchens have two daughters and three 

Madeline Farmer Ryder x-'15: Another 
loyal Lasell girl. Gives a Silver Tea for 
the Lasell Alumnae Building Fund annual- 
ly and helps in many other ways. Made- 
line has a son and a daughter. 

Sara Lane Wilton x-'15: Sara's new ad- 
dress is 33 High Street, Rockport, Mass. 

Her husband, a government employee, has 
just retired from overseas duty. She keeps 
busy with family (a son and two grand- 
children), home and garden. 

We regret no word from Isabel Bradley 
Streeter, Maude Freeman Lombard, Ruth 
MacGregor McLean, Bernice Marx Rosen- 
holtz, Katharine Thorp, Maude Wetherbee 
Wakefield and Doris Waller O'Hara. 

This year husbands and families were in- 
vited to attend Alumnae Luncheon and 
Sara Lane Wilton and husband joined 
Harry and me for that gala occasion. 
Madeline Farmer Ryder's husband was 
there too and Perk was accompanied by 
Myra Davis '95-'97. The eight of us wore 
the familiar little orange and black em- 
blems and had a wonderful time together. 
Auburndale and the Lasell campus never 
looked lovelier and we were indeed sorry 
more of you were not with us. 

— N.W.C. 


Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

(Mabel Straker), Secretary 

79 Carpenter St., Foxboro, Mass. 

Margaret Jones Gill writes from Sao 
Paulo, Brasil, S.A.: "We are still living in 
and loving Brasil — the country with the 
'most modern new capital'- — and in the city 
that is the fastest growing in the world." 
Margaret's address there is Rua Marques 
de Itu, 977. 

Among the spring callers at the college 
was Madeline Sheldon Herfuth, who was 
in Auburndale on River Day. 

Ada Stark Burns '18 and Family 
Seated at extreme left is great-grand- 
mother Stark and beside her, Etta 
Burns Peters '51, with son Wayne. 
Standing is Mary Burns Luke x-'54 
and holding son David is Ada Burns 
Crampton '47. 




Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd), Secretary 

160 E. 48th St., New York, N. Y. 

The College gratefully acknowledges a 
specific bequest in the will of the late Mar- 
garet Powell Weaver x-'17 of Eastland, 
Texas. She was the daughter of the late 
Julia Hogg Powell '94, and a niece of Vir- 
ginia Hogg Wynne '87-'90 and M. Lulie 
Hogg '88, both deceased. 


Mrs. Carl L. Eaton 

(Mildred Cary), Secretary 

5 Grove St., Winchester, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Mary Latham Foss x-'18 on 
May 25, I960. Mary had great courage and 
was cheerful to the end, even though she 
was seriously ill for many months. Her 
sunny disposition and ready smile will be 
remembered by us all. Our sincere sym- 
pathy is extended to her husband, Dr. 
Merton Foss of Brockton (Mass.), and her 
two daughters. 

Other News: Your Secretary spent three 
delightful days in April visiting Helen 
Smith Stone in New Canaan, Connecticut 
and Harriet Fera French in Scarsdale, New 
York. Those two gals do not seem to 
change a bit from the 1918 days, and al- 
though we are all grandmothers several 
times over, the old spark and pep are pres- 
ent when "Lasell girls get together." 

On August 2d I flew to Duluth, Min- 
nesota for a long-promised visit with Gin 
Moore Starkey '17. The young man who 
had the seat beside me laughingly warned 
me I would not recognize my friend after 
forty-two years, but he took back the words 
when he saw the warm welcome Gin 
greeted me with at the Duluth airport. My 
two weeks there I shall always consider 
among the high spots of my life. One eve- 
ning Gin's sister Carolyn (Moore '14) en- 
tertained the two of us and Mary Binga- 
man '14 for dinner. 

Was sorry to have missed the annual 
Lasell Cape parties — ■ at Ruth Newcomb's 
and Mid Strain Nutter's ('17). It is always 
such fun to get together at the summer 

I am still watching the mails for news 
of you '18-ers. The postman has not been 
overburdened with letters. Please!!! 

— M.C.E. 


Mercie V. Nichols, Secretary 
59 Ripley Road, Cohasset, Mass. 

Early in May Rosenda Cabrera was "en- 
joying a wonderful vacation in Mexico." 
She has now returned to her duties at the 
Embassy in Paris. 

Mercie Nichols writes: "Spent a delight- 
ful Memorial Day weekend with Priscilla 
Alden Wolfe and her husband at their New 
Hampton (N. H.) farm. It was fun to see 
Gail Wilson Boynton '18, who stopped on 
her way to Maine, and we had a brief 
glimpse of Olive Chase Mayo in Laconia. 
Wished they, with Ethel Ramage Fisk, now 
living in White River Junction (Vt.), had 
been able to make the get-together Pris- 
cilla had planned. Better luck next time." 


Mrs. S. S. Cline 

(Eleanor Thompson), Secretary 

Amenia, New York 

Ruth Hayden most graciously consented 
to take charge of making arrangements for 
the 40th Reunion of the Class of 1920. On 
Saturday, June 11, she was joined by Mar- 
guerite Hardy Chandler and Charlotte 
Parker Simpson. We share with you news 
gathered from the returned questionnaires 
— and look forward to seeing many more 
classmates at our next reunion. 

Dorothy Balch McCormack: "Very sorry 
I cannot attend our 40th. Doris Crawford 
Clovis has written me but it is impossible 
to get away at this time of year. Would 
love to see our classmates and compare 
grey hairs, waist measures and our lives 
since graduation." 

Elaine Bass Pierce: "My husband and I 
have been away from home for nearly five 
months while he has been recuperating 
from a serious illness. See no prospect of 
returning to Lasell for our 40th. However, 
I am in Boston frequently so that if I should 
find myself there on June 11th, I shall try 
to go out to school for the day. Greetings 
and good wishes to all." 

Doris Campbell Jeschke: 6161 Gulf of 
Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, Sarasota, 
Fla. Two daughters and eight grandchil- 
dren. Sarasota Yacht Club, Kappa Alpha 
Theta Alumnae and Longboat Key Art 

Katherine Forgie Holman: Kay's older 
son Robert was killed in England in 1944. 
Her younger son has four children — ■ three 
of them Lasell prospectives. Kay adds: 
"Would love to be going to Reunion but 



plans were made In the winter for a Ber- 
muda trip and the 11th is departure day. 
It would be so interesting to see the gals 

— I am fat and greying but still keep 
quite active ■ — - the four grandchildren wear 
me down to the knees in about fifteen min- 
utes. Have intended to call Betty Stephens 
Fuller but just haven't done it. Saw Jimmy 
James in the Back Bay Station several 
vears ago and she looked just wonderful. 
Do you ever hear from Lois Perry or Kay 
Ladd? I have been trying to locate Gladys 
Keniston. Please convey my very best 
wishes to all who are at Reunion. I still 
have the dress I wore to the Junior Prom 

— thought my granddaughters would love 
to play in it — it does not seem to fit me 

Lillian G. Grant: "Unless I happen to 
learn of someone from this area who is 
going to Lasell on the 11th, I do not think 
I'll have the pleasure of reunioning with 
you. At present I am first vice president of 
the Manchester Board of Realtors, con- 
nected also with the Real Estate Board of 
Greater Hartford and a member of the 
State and National Associations of Real 
Estate Boards. My business and church 
work occupy most of my time, but garden- 
ing comes in for some attention also — 
both flowers and vegetables. This year, 
however, when the man came to plow, I 
told him to shrink the garden on all sides. 
Please give my sincere good wishes to all." 

Freda Griffin Leining: "Sorry not to 
come. Have been in Europe for two 
months and have just returned home. Give 
my best to all of 1920." 

Frances Heath Thompson: Nine grand- 
children. Garden Club and League of 
Women Voters. 

Bernice Lyon Herrmann: Three children, 
four grandchildren. Saleslady in ladies' 
specialty shop. 

Elizabeth Manville Curtiss: "Have a son 
and daughter and one grandson. Enjoy 
touring the United States and recently 
spent one summer in Alberta, Canada." 

Beulah McFarland: "Would like very 
much to attend Reunion but it coincides 
with the closing of schools here in Bur- 
lington. Remember me to all." 

Mildred Patten: 5 Pinetree Lane, Great 
River, L. I., N. Y. Volunteer Hospital Serv- 
ice, Home Bureau, Gardening, National 
Travel Club, just returned from a flying 
trip to New Orleans. Retired from 28 
years of work with the County Welfare 

Margaret Perley Downey: One son and 
one grandson. Active in Episcopal Church- 
women's organizations; treasurer of DAR 

Chapter and same job in Daughters of 
American Colonists. Hobbies include gen- 
ealogy and giving book reviews or orig- 
inal programs on historical subjects to 
local organizations. Have just retired after 
serving a three-year term on elementary 
school district Board of Education, Glen 
Ellyn, 111. 

Helen Sanborn Rowe: Chief delights are 
the grandchildren — nine-year-old twins 
(Brenda and Glenn) and eight-year-old 
Scott. Knitting, bridge club, hospital 
auxiliary, church and civic clubs. 

Katherine Rice Broock lists under hob- 
bies: Still golf — ■ president of the Michi- 
gan Women's Golf Association and secre- 
tary of the Detroit Women's District Golf 

"Fate plays funny tricks on us some- 
times. Had anyone asked me the day we 
graduated in 1920 if I would return for 
my 40th, I would have said Of Course. 
Now look what's happened: our only child 
and his darling wife are expecting their 
first baby on June 7th. If the little one 
arrives a little early — you know I shall 
be with you. 

"During the past few years I have seen 
several of our contemporaries: Doris 
Rogers Williams in Florida and last week- 
end Edith Vance Nicholson '19 and her 
husband were our house guests. Still in 
close contact with Lillian Doane Maddigan 
'21, Eloise Carey Wadley and Ruth Raw- 
lings Mott '21. Frances Heath Thompson's 
son called on us one day — he was as- 
signed 'on duty' in this area. 

"My four years at Lasell were my most 
precious years — my ideals and standards 
were formed there and I have tried to live 
up to them. I still believe some good news 
is surely coming and I am always 'Well and 
Happy.' My love to one and all." 


Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 

(Doris Bissett), Secretary 

130 Reservoir Road, Wollaston, Mass. 

Celina Belle Isle Forman writes to Helen 
Beede: "The daughter of a friend is very 
interested in Lasell. She will be graduated 
from high school in 1961 and we will 
much appreciate having a catalog sent to 
her. When the LEAVES arrives, I read it 
from cover to cover. I have heard from 
many of our classmates, but the only two I 
have seen in recent years are Marian Bliven 
MacDonald and Lillian Doane Maddigan. 
Does it seem possible next June brings our 
40th Reunion?" 




Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering), Secretary 

3 Lovering Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty), Assistant 

315 San Juan Road, Watsonville, Calif. 

Dear '22-ers, 

For the first time, all class secretaries 
were invited to attend the Annual Alumnae 
Council Meetings held in Rand Hall on 
April 2, I960. I wish each and every one 
might have been there for all phases of 
college life - — ■ academic, financial and phys- 
ical were discussed. 

Jo Holbrook Metzger and I found much 
to chat about between sessions. For news 
of "Kinks" Hemingway Killam's family, 
we are happy to say that Betty will be a 
freshman at Lasell this year, and Caroline, 
a member of the Class of 1957, was mar- 
ried in April. "Junior" was married in 
June, Mallory's first child was born that 
month too, and Luther's third child arrived 
in April. How proud Kinks would have 
been of her fine family. 

Liz and Prudence Jones, daughters of 
Naomi Davis, are in college this year, and 
Linda Collett, Ethelle Cleale's younger 
daughter, received her degree from Lasell 
in June. 

Elizabeth Madiera Campbell and hus- 
band, after three months in Africa, re- 
turned to Vermont via Greece, Italy and 
Morocco. Libby says she is glad she didn't 
wait any longer to make this trip — "sim- 
ply wonderful but strenuous." 

Theresa Thompson Osborne is produc- 
tion chairman for the Waldo County 
(Maine) Red Cross. One of their chief 
projects is working for the hospitalized 
veterans at Togus. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Cherry Buchanan Thomson, whose husband 
Frank passed away on June 5, I960 in 
Syracuse, New York. 

To have Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 
living in the shadow of Lasell is good 
news for all '22-ers who look forward to 
having her always as our "special" guest 
on reunion years. Speaking of Reunion — 
start saving now for June 1962. It will be 
here before we know it ! 

— M.L.H. 


Mrs. Mason H. Stone 

(Adrienne Smith), Secretary 

7 Breamore Rd., Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Wilder N. Smith 

(Antoinette Meritt), Assistant 

110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale, Mass. 

Congratulations are in order for Bos- 
ton's First Lady of Television ■ — Louise 
Woolley Morgan, who celebrated her 11th 
anniversary on Channel 7 in June. Louise 
served as the senior judge of the "Mrs. 
America" finals in Fort Lauderdale this 

Helen Lightbody Smith tells us that her 
daughter, Paula, has completed her first 
year as a junior at the Oak Grove School, 
Vassalboro, Maine. 

The vacation postcard from Jean Mer- 
rick Moss reads: "Enjoying the beautiful 
scenery of the inside passage en route 
home from Alaska. Stopped at Banff and 
Lake Louise on our way out and are re- 
turning via Yellowstone. Just a wonderful 

Carolyn Vicary Krider '24 and Family 


Helen B. Perry, Secretary 
172 Porter Street, Melrose, Mass. 

Mariesta Howland Bloom '26 sends word 
of Bertha Krakauer Ryan, who "last winter 
enjoyed six weeks in Mexico visiting sister 
Anita Krakauer Doerr '26 in Torreon, 
friends in Mexico City and Chihuahua 
(her birthplace), and then on to El Paso to 
visit another sister, Miriam. Bertha en- 
joyed a short stay with her daughter, 
Margie, in Atlanta, Georgia." 


Mrs. George A. Jenkins 

(Barbara Cushing), Co-Secretary 

3 Kent St., Concord, N. H. 

Mrs. J. LeRoy Wood 
(Catherine Beecher), Co-Secretary 
46 Olive Street, Methuen, Mass. 



Reunioners from 1925 


Our long-looked-for 35th Reunion has 
come and gone. It was by far the most 
successful and happiest reunion our class 
has ever enjoyed. The smooth planning by 
Martha Wilcox Hills, Reunion Chairman, 
contributed largely to the success of this 

We held a short business meeting at 
Alumnae Headquarters, and Ruth Shepard 
Parmenter was elected Class Agent to re- 
place Helen McNab Willand, and Cathe- 
rine Beecher Wood will serve as co-secre- 
tary in place of Helen Black Sprague. A 
small sum of money was collected to care 
for any expense incurred at future re- 
unions. Helen Willand explained the an- 
nual giving program and urged the girls to 
acknowledge the initial class agent letter 
each year — a contributor to the Fund is 
automatically a subscriber to the Leaves - — 
and we all agreed the class column is our 
one means of "keeping in touch." 

It was good to have our former class 
president, Jessie Matteson Ray, with us. 
She came from California and was en route 
to Europe for the summer. Letters were 
read from Eva-May Mortimer Riffe, Doro- 
thy Cook Reynal, Christine Chamberlin 
Kenney, Helen Wahlquist Wolcott and 
Florence Harding Hallett x-'25. 

Following this brief meeting, we ad- 
journed to the Recreation Field, had a de- 

lightful box lunch and Martha Fish 
Holmes invited us to her lovely home for 
punch and coffee. It was over all too soon 
■ — ■ we were reluctant to leave and all 
agreed with Annette Durkee Harvey, who 
said that the longer we were away from 
each other and from Lasell, the fonder we 
grew of old friends and college days. 

Present at Lasell on June 11, I960 were: 
Elizabeth Batchelder Doten, Esther Harvey 
Switzler, Barbara Bridgeman McHenry 
x-'25, Annette Durkee Harvey, Martha Fish 
Holmes, Martha Wilcox Hills, Helen Mc- 
Nab Willand, Josephine Miller Berry, 
Estelle Jenney, Ruth Shepard Parmenter, 
Margaret Gordon Ferguson, Catherine 
Beecher Wood, Dorothy Keeler Stewart, 
Ruth Mayes Longmire, Helen Black 
Sprague, Gertrude Kendall Lund, Jessie 
Matteson Ray, Mildred Whyte Goddard, 
Miriam Smith Dawson x-'25, Ruby Hola- 
bird Keeler and Barbara Cushing Jenkins. 

The response to our questionnaires was 
most gratifying. It is not too late to return 
yours, girls — send them along and we 
will print the news in future Leaves. Sin- 
cere thanks to Helen McNab Willand, 
Martha Fish Holmes and Helen Black 
Sprague for their able handling of the 

In addition to news previously printed 
in the Leaves, we have the following bits 
of information: 



Barbara Bridgeman McHenry x-'25: A 
devoted homemaker, paints and decorates 
as a hobby. Has one married son. 

Elizabeth Batchelder Doten: Enjoys two 
young grandsons, who live nearby in North 
Reading, Mass. 

Charlena Clough Long: She and her hus- 
band recently sold their business in 
Albany, Vermont. Charlena teaches piano, 
but her real time-consuming and best-loved 
task is baby sitting for the young grand- 

Annette Durkee Harvey: Has two sons 
and is another devoted grandmother. 

Martha Fish Holmes: A loving home- 
maker — mother of three children, two 
boys and a girl. 

Eva-May Mortimer Riffe: Is now com- 
panion-housekeeper to Jessie Matteson 
Ray's mother in San Francisco. Eva-May 
has three sons. 

Virginia Smieding Fenn x-'25: Lives 
nearby in Marblehead. Has one daughter. 

Jean Smith Stiles: Four children, five 

Alberta Wight Wilson: A busy doctor's 
wife. The Wilsons have two children, 
three grandchildren. Alberta's only daugh- 
ter, Barbara, was graduated from Lasell in 

Isobel Rodier Fair: Active in Business 
and Professional Woman's Club in St. 
Petersburg, Florida. Has one daughter, two 

Martha Wilcox Hills: A busy home- 
maker and enjoys tray painting and copper 
enameling. Martha has two sons. 

Helen McNab Willand: Modestly does 
not list any "occupation" or "hobby." We 
all know how loyal and faithful she has 
been in the work of Lasell Alumnae, Inc., 
having been a member of the Corporation 
as well as our Class Agent. Helen has one 

Christine Chamberlin Kenney: Her ad- 
dress: 16330 Alexander Avenue, Los Gatos, 
Calif. Her husband's recent illness pre- 
vented her coming this year. 

Barbara Cushing Jenkins: Another busy 
grandmother. Her married son has three 
children; #2 son will be married in Octo- 
ber; and #3 son is stationed with the Air 
Force in New Mexico. 

We were indeed sorry to learn of the 
passing of Betty Parker Bridgeman x-'25 
on May 7, I960. Sincere sympathy is ex- 
tended to her husband, Mr. William V. 
Bridgeman, of Winthrop, Mass., her two 
sons, and to her two sisters, Charlotte 
Parker Simpson '20 and Eleanor Parker 
Weldon (W.P. '21-'23). 

— B.CJ. 


Mrs. Elmer J. Bloom 

(Mariesta Howland), Secretary 

415 West Crestwood Drive, Peoria, 111. 

Well, the news gathers over the months 
until a respectable amount of '26 bulletins 
accrues by the July deadlines ! Our class 
president, Molly Witschief Wood, has a 
position with a travel agency and has en- 
joyed trips to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ber- 
muda and the Virgin Islands. Molly's 
older son (25) was graduated from West 
Point in June and is being married in July. 
Her younger son (23) is in college and 
already married. 

Peg Wilding Norton is currently caught 
up in festive wedding plans too — Gra- 
ham, her older son, now with the Air Force 
in Germany, is engaged to a Danish girl 
and is being wed in Denmark this summer, 
and Peg, with Robert (17) and Nancy 
(15), fly to the wedding. 

Dot Denney Edge had an "all home for 
Christmas," for besides Denney, Jr., now 
newly-graduated from high school, young 
Peter (21) had leave from his Coast Guard 
station on Cape May and was with his 
family and fiancee, Drusilla Frazier of 
Catonsville, Maryland. 

Anita Krakauer Doerr, who returned last 
winter from Europe, had her sister Bertha 
(Krakauer Ryan '24) with her in Torreon, 
Mexico for a month and is further over- 
joyed that sister Miriam, long overseas in 
an Italian consulate, has received a transfer 
back to Mexico. 

Madeline Roth White sailed February 28 
from New Orleans with "Herb" to traverse 
the east coast of South America, enjoying 
Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, then flying 
over the Andes to other South American 
cities, and returning to New York by 
plane. "Rothie's" elder son, Curtis, is 
being married July 20 to a charming girl 
named Jacqueline White (no relation) in 
Kansas City. "Jackie" is an occupational 
therapy major in college and intends to 
continue her studies after marriage. 

"Rothie" had a Christmas card from 
1926's Student Council president, Betty 
Day Bracken, who wrote of a '26-er long- 
time "lost" to my files — her roommate, 
Betty Smith Lum. Betty Lum's husband, 
Richard, was one of the aviation officers 
killed in World War II. Ginny Wood Mc- 
Kay's husband too must be added to the 
list of our service casualties — he was one 
of the officers killed in a crash between a 
freighter and passenger liner last spring. 



Betty Day Bracken's own news was that her 
husband has left private-school teaching for 
the utilities business in Fall River and that 
daughter Nancy (14) is now as tall as 

Georgia Parrish Campbell is another 
'26-er from whom it's a pleasant surprise to 
hear. Her husband, Sidney, is a real estate 
broker in California and eldest son, Jack, 
a graduate of Leland Stanford law school 
('58), practices in La Mesa. Georgia writes: 
"He and his family live close by and we 
feel very fortunate, for they have two ador- 
able children, Jennifer and Justin." Of the 
other sons, she adds: "David (22) is a sen- 
ior at San Francisco State. He is an Eng- 
lish major, and wants to write, but will 
probably teach English at a college first. 
Steve (18) is a freshman at the University 
of Arizona, so we have an excuse for lots 
of trips . to Phoenix, which we love." 
Georgia is president of her Woman's Club 
of 500 members and was also planning a 
trip East this past spring. 

And further news trickled in of the '26 
Midwestern group! 

Marion Brown Schlosser wrote during 
the holidays: "I had luncheon in La Porte, 
Indiana, recently with Babs Ingwersen Pope 
x-'26; Charlotte Young Allen x-'26; Jane 
Wilson Beckman; Betty Saxton Wilson — 
a most enjoyable day." Of her own family 
in Joliet, "Brownie" wrote: "Johnny was 
graduated from college in '58 and is busi- 
ness manager of our family drugstore and 
clinic; he is doing an excellent job and we 
plan to open another store in a new shop- 
ping center here. Jane is at Florida South- 
ern and is engaged to a young man from 
Northfield, Illinois. Ann is a senior in 
high school. We are Florida-bound for 
Easter." Since that letter, young Jane's 
wedding announcement to Raymond Ade, 
Jr. (July 2), has arrived. 

And it would not be a proper "colynm," 
without adding news of our indefatigable 
"Andy" Gage. Last winter Margaret An- 
derson sprained her ankle very severely, 
tearing some muscles, but "kept going," 
conducting her classes in a wheelchair ! 
Her whole will was bent toward getting 
absolutely ambulant by June in order to 
carry out the European jaunt she and Dan 
were planning, and sure enough — they 
left Sacramento for Illinois in early June; 
spent a weekend with the Anderson clan in 
Kankakee; then flew to Washington, D. C. to 
see other friends and relatives; spent 3 
days in New York and sailed June 18th on 
a Dutch boat for The Hague. They were 
then to pick up their new car, a Peugeot. 
and proceed to France — the chateau coun- 
try (after 3 days in Paris), Avignon, the 

Basque-land, northern Spain, San Remo, 
Turin, Lake Como, Austria, Switzerland 
and longer stays in West Germany. August 
would find them in Dublin, Ireland visit- 
ing friends and they were to sail for home 
in late August bound for Quebec — ship- 
ping the Peugeot too ! 

Dan's trips are always "just for his will" 
in that he is a seeker of material for eco- 
nomic and travel articles. He published an 
interesting article in the Oregon Business 
Review on the observations he made while 
in the "banana republics" last year. 

Two happy reunions starred my days in 
I960 ! Elmer and I finally got away in May 
for our annual Florida "trek," flying down 
for a fortnight's stay at the Bel-Aire in 
Miami Beach. And after eight long years, 
I saw our beloved Ginnie ("A. Mouse") 
Farrington again! We were dinner guests 
of the Farringtons at their beautiful new 
home in Cutler Ridge, South Miami and 
spent a delightful long evening on their 
patio-terrace reminiscing and catching up 
on the news. Ginnie is as full of fun as 
ever, and this blitheness of spirit after the 
vicissitudes since 1950 — her mother's in- 
validism and death; her wonderful hus- 
band's terrible injuries in a motor accident 
(he was in a cast for many months) — re- 
affirms all the marvelous qualities one felt 
in her always. Bob, Sr. is now fully re- 
covered from the multiple fractures; healthy 
and busy in his profession of administra- 
tive accountancy; Bob, Jr. (23), tall, 
poised, brillianr, a graduate student in Gov- 
ernment at the University of Miami, was a 
companionable co-host, and daughter 
Carolyn (Lasell, '51), though far away in 
Connecticut where she and her husband 
have an enchanting new house, keeps in 
touch and sends pictures of baby Douglas 
Carson, Jr. Gin's 93-year-old father was in 
the hospital with a fractured hip at the 
time of our visit and we missed him from 
the circle. 

The second "happy reunion" was with 
my "Lasell Jr. sister," bridesmaid and fel- 
low-Europe-traveller, Marta Aspegren Parker, 
Lasell '27. Maris and I toured East 
alone in late June (my husband was de- 
toured in Illinois by estate details and 
young Peb had flown to Bermuda for a 
summer job after his graduation exercises 
at Lake Forest Academy) and we paused in 
Pittsford, New York to see Marta and her 
family. During the visit we made arrange- 
ments for Marta and her two attractive 
young sons to drive to Scituate and be with 
us at the cottage for a few days. 

So July 9th the three appeared on our 
doorstep, and we had a real "houseparty" 
of five — picnicking, swimming, and 



launching Peb's motorboat, a task to which 
Maris welcomed the manpower of Marta's 
husky six-foot lads ! 

The only other Bloom news is that Peb, 
after graduating with literary and athletic 
awards, has chosen Williams College as his 
alma mater and will matriculate there Sep- 
tember 19- Maris has finished her junior 
year at Smith with top grades in her major 
of History, and with her twin honors of 
election to president of Jordan House and 
appointee to the college House of Repre- 
sentatives was invited to participate in 
Smith's Ivy Chain on Commencement Day. 

Dorothy Hale Brown has enjoyed re- 
maining closer to Lasell than many of us 
for her daughter, Charlotte, was a member 
of this year's graduating class. The family 
were to leave for California directly after 
Commencement instead of returning to the 
Brown home in Massena, New York. Dot 
and husband Cal were at Lasell for the 
Father-Daughter weekend in March, and of 
that particular occasion Dot writes: "The 
Orphean concert was beautiful. On Satur- 
day I lunched with Dorothy Spooner Cleve- 
land and Eleanor Butterworth, and we had 
hoped Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth would 
join us. However, she and Herb came to 
Newtonville — where we stayed with the 
Clevelands ■ — in the evening. It was won- 
derful seeing her again — still the same 
sweet Dottie." 


Mrs. David Rosen 
(Rosalie Brightman), Secretary 
8 Still St., Brookline 46, Mass. 

Greetings ! 

Word comes that Minerva Damon Lude- 
wig is enjoying her San Francisco apart- 
ment, but adds that she's "an Easterner at 
heart." Besides her golfing, she is taking 
upholstering lessons. Minerva chose San 
Francisco for its fine climate and because 
so many old-time Navy friends were lo- 
cated there. She is planning to tour the 
East soon ■ — visiting "Rothie" (Madeline 
Roth White '26) in Peoria - — and then on 
to New York City, Pittsburgh and Wash- 

An impressive announcement arrived her- 
alding a showing of drawings and water 
colors at the Colony Lounge in Washing- 
ton, D. C. by Mary Etta Williams Sharpe. 
The Washington Post commented most flat- 
teringly saying: "Working both in water 
color and in water color combined with ink, 
the artist shows landscapes and figure 
studies. A fine draftsman, she is at her best 
where line dominates wash. Such ink and 

water-color studies as 'Childhood Pets,' 
which is (shudder) a huddle of mice; 
'Pheasants,' 'Indian Summer,' and 'George- 
town Reverie' show the artist at her best." 

I was delighted to have a phone call 
from Doris Wilson Lehners HS '25-'27, a 
Brookline resident during Lasell days, but 
who now lives in West Los Angeles. Her 
husband John, an attorney for the motion 
picture industry, was attending a conven- 
tion in Chicago and Doris came on to the 
Boston area to visit friends and relatives. 
We had a wonderful time at luncheon rem- 
iniscing and I learned that Doris has been 
very active in the Women's Republican 
Club and is a past president of the Repub- 
lican Club of California. She also devotes 
much time to the Assistance League, which 
maintains and supports girls' and boys' 
clubs in Los Angeles. Doris was so proud 
of the fact that last year the boy who rep- 
resented this particular club won top rec- 
ognition and was decorated by President 
Eisenhower in Washington. It was much 
fun to see Doris after all these years and a 
joy to see her looking slim, chic, most at- 
tractive and with the gayest spirit ever. 

Also learned that Gladys Boardman 
Amos x-'27 was among the summer callers 
at Lasell. Gladys, who lives in Delmar, 
N. Y., was on a vacation trip and was in- 
terested to show her daughter the college 
and campus. 

The summer was wonderful and I man- 
aged to spend more time than usual at our 
heavenly spot on the Cape. Then "Donna" 
arrived and what havoc was wrought. 
Being right on the waterfront, we were a 
target and lost trees, shutters, the dock and 
wharf, to say nothing of all the beautiful 
flowers. However, we were very fortunate 

— the water did not get into the house — 
it came within two inches of the top step 

— and we were extremely grateful to have 
the boat safely at the marina. 

Hope, too, the summer was good to each 
of you — and may the fall bring a writing 
mood to all. 

— R.B.R. 


Lillian G. Bethel, Secretary 
The Waltham Hospital, Waltham, Mass. 

By now, Connie Boudiette x-'28 is set- 
tled in her new apartment in Tudor City — 
only a block from her office in the Inter- 
national Paper Company. Connie's address 
is Woodstock Tower, 320 East 42d Street, 
New York 17. Wish we might look in on 
her — or have been around to carry a few 
fragile items during the "move." 



From a brief postcard message from 
Eleanor McKenney Black '30 we learn that 
she had a whirl visiting her Woodland 
Park roommate and our classmate, Chris- 
tina Finlayson Dana, in Madison, Wiscon- 
sin. Eleanor wrote enthusiastically about 
Tina's lovely home, and more particularly 
of the. children — Ellis and Anne. For all 
who remember Mrs. Finlayson's hospitality 
and delicious cooking, it will be pleasing 
to know that she has a wonderful home 
with her daughter in Madison. 

In August Caroline Hopkins McLean 
flew with her husband to Denver, from 
which point via rented car they toured the 
West, visiting #3 son, Bob, on summer 
hospital duty at the Bluff (Utah) Indian 
Reservation. Hoppie visited Natalie Robbe 
Hemmett when in New York in June to see 
daughter Anne off to Europe. 

Bettie Smith Scollon is now living at 
15403 Second Street East, Madeira Beach, 
Florida. The Scollons were properly settled 
before "Donna" and were understandably 
happy to find things still pretty well in 
order when they were able to return home 
after the hurricane. Janet is in Florida too, 
having had a fine reunion with former 
schoolmates in East Aurora (N. Y.) plus an 
exciting "binge" and enchanting holiday 
with sister Cynthia in the City. Janet is a 
high school senior this year and Bettie and 
Tom are setting up their business in Flor- 
ida — incidentally, they have a wonderful 
line of gift-advertising items. Should you 
want help with Christmas ideas, do drop 
them a line ! 

I can't expect a line every day — but 
when one is far away a line is always so 
welcomed to keep us in touch. Remember 
— we all think of you all. 

— L.G.B. 


Mrs. Allan Van Demark 

(Phyllis Beck), Secretary 
25 Maple St., Lockport, NY. 

This interesting letter came from Flor- 
ence Fitch Osborne in May I960: "I am 
very happy to report that after an interrup- 
tion of 31 years, I took up where I left off 
with my studies in English at Lasell and 
fulfilled all requirements for a B.A. at the 
University of Connecticut last February. In 
June I shall receive my diploma magna 
cum laude. Have already started Graduate 
School, but due to the fact that I work 
every day at' my syndicated bridge column, 
I am not pressing the M.A. 

"Returning to college has been a very 
worthwhile experience and I am indebted 

to Lasell's high standing for every credit I 
earned there was given full value in trans- 
fer even though there had been a lapse of 
29 years! 

"My husband, a teacher, is now a candi- 
date for a Ph.D. at the University of Con- 
necticut; our daughter Lucille is a sopho- 
more at Pembroke College and son Harold 
is in his third year at the Kent School. 

"I want to offer a word of appreciation, 
not only for the many happy hours I spent 
at Lasell but for the profitable work done 
there. Please give my regards to all '29-ers, 
to Miss Beede and Miss Blackstock." 

Damaris Harlow, daughter of Constance 
Chalmers, was graduated from Wellesley 
College in June, and her younger sister, 
Frances, was voted to the National Honor 
Society. Frances will graduate from the 
Orono (Me.) High School in 1961. 

Mary Groff Cooper's new address is 243 
North West End Avenue, Lancaster, Penna. 

Dorothy Cole MacRae, elder daughter of 
Dorothy Cole, became the bride of Mr. 
Louis H. Skinner, Jr., on Saturday, Septem- 
ber 17, I960, at New Bedford, Mass. 

In mid-September Uula Morton Short 
x-'29 and her brother, Ralph Morton, sailed 
for Europe aboard the S.S. Atlantic. They 
plan to visit Spain, Portugal and Italy and 
Mr. Morton expects to teach at one of the 
Roman art schools. Uula is now assistant 
dietitian at the hospital for the Mentally 
Retarded at Stockley, Dela. 


Mrs. Norman L. Miller 

(Frances Smith), Secretary 

17 Lowell Street, Andover, Mass. 

Dear Girls: 

June 11th and our 30th Reunion were 
perfect in all respects. Even the weather- 
man was more than good to us. 

Marjorie Magune Curtis '31 — she and 
her husband were our weekend guests — 
and I arrived at Alumnae Headquarters 
shortly after ten and were soon joined by 
Phyllis Jensen Swenson. As we stood talk- 
ing and drinking coffee our eyes scanned 
the crowd to see who would next appear. 
Sue Morgan Williams and Jeanette Gessner 
Somers emerged through the throng, fol- 
lowed by Bobby Morgan Riederer, Libby 
Day Cook and Frances Smith Miller. Then 
did tongues start to wag! 

We followed the crowd across campus to 
the Recreation Field, where the Annual 
Meeting of Alumnae, Inc. was held and 
there found Evelyn Brownell Inman, Ruth 
Ericson Brown and Joan Collier Cooper. 
Joan was accompanied by her daughter 



Representing 1930 

Carolyn, who attends Framingham State 
Teachers College. There were twelve of us 
gathered at the luncheon table — and 
"Gege" Somers has movies of this highly 
successful party. 

Early in the afternoon we held a class 
meeting at one of the rooms in Plummer 
Library. (We missed you, Eleanor McKen- 
ney Black - — ■ where were you?) A telegram 
of greetings was sent by Helen Roberts 
Holt and she requested we elect a new class 
secretary. Frances Smith Miller agreed to 
carry on for the next five years, and Eliza- 
beth Day Cook has replaced Phyllis Jensen 
Swenson as Class Agent. Our many and 
sincere thanks to both Helen and Phyllis 
for their years of service. 

Phyllis has compiled the interesting bits 
of news gathered from the questionnaires 
— and those items will follow in later edi- 
tions of the LEAVES. We were all delighted 
to learn the good news from Ruth Lenahan, 
who became Mrs. Carl Kask in October 
1959 and now lives in Bellows Falls, Vt. 
Beatrice Alderman was married in 1957 to 
Mr. Austin Nelson and they operate a large 
farm in Waldoboro, Maine. We remem- 
bered, too, our two deceased members — 

Rosslyn Gorney Ginsburg passed away in 
1957, and Natalie Converse Kincaid was 
killed in an automobile accident last win- 

"Gege" Somers showed the movies she 
has taken at each of our reunions since 
1940. This year's film will be added to be 
shown at our 35th. The meeting adjourned 
and we all hurried to the President's Re- 
ception. The White House was open for 
inspection and how I wish you might all 
see this new residence. It was a pleasure to 
meet Lasell's newly appointed president, 
Dr. Blake Tewksbury, and his wife and we 
wish them much success at the college. 

Our happy day ended with dinner at the 
Maridor Restaurant in Framingham. After 
many "see you at the 35th" and "let's get 
together more often," we parted and went 
our several ways. Now how about it — 
can't you plan a New England vacation for 
June 1965 ? Let's plan a weekend of activi- 

Many thanks to you — Phyl and Libby 
— for your generous support and help in 
planning this big day for us. 
Corinne Cowdrey Murray 




Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

(Karin Eliasson), Secretary 

Navy #510, General Delivery 

U.S. Naval Support Activity 
F.P.O., New York, New York 

Ruth Rohe Smith brings us up to date 
with her family: "Our son Robert was mar- 
ried on June 13, 1959 and is now living in 
San Diego, Calif. And on August 23 of the 
same year our daughter Jacqueline became 
Mrs. F. A. Waitley. Jackie and her hus- 
band are residing in Hastings, Nebraska." 

Lucienne Blanchard Appleby was a can- 
didate for the second vice-presidency of the 
Maine Federation of Women's Clubs at 
their June convention at the Marshall 
House in York Harbor. Lucy is a former 
district director, third vice-president and 
chairman of the endowment fund of the 

The Class extends sympathy to Dorothy 
Hall Bottomley and to her daughter, Mar- 
gery Bottomley x-'59- Dottie's husband, 
Malcolm E. Bottomley, was one of the vic- 
tims of the tragic Eastern Air Lines crash 
in Boston on October 4, I960. 


Mrs. H. R. Macy 

(Katharine Hartman), Secretary 

Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden St., Belmont, Mass. 

Cover Girl of "This Week," syndicated 
magazine section of the Boston Herald, on 
August 14, I960 was none other than a 
"Dilly of a Diver" — Joel Dina Lenzi. 
Joel, youngest of three daughters of the 
late Ethelyn Whitney Lenzi, was graduated 
from the Coral Gables (Fla.) High School 
in June and was among the I960 Olympic 
diving hopefuls. The eldest of the Lenzi 
gals, Ethelyn, Jr. — writes: "Joel left Flor- 
ida in July for the National AAU Senior 
Women's Meet in Indianapolis, where she 
placed third in the diving competition. She 
trained a month in Detroit for the Olympic 
tryouts and was so terribly disappointed 
when she missed the Olympic Team by only 
one point. Only the two top divers are 
qualified — and Joel was in the #3 spot. 
In September she will enter Southern Illi- 
nois University and continue swimming 
under the direction of her present coach 
and possibly try for the Olympics again in 
1964. Gail, a senior at Florida State Uni- 
versity in Tallahassee, is a sociology major 

and active on the college newspaper staff. 
I have been a secretary with the local (Fort 
Lauderdale) Chamber of Commerce for the 
past year and am enjoying the work very 

The Alumnae Office especially missed 
seeing Ruth Kniep Blanchard x-'32 and 
Thelma Macfarlane Bates on their recent 
calls at the college. Kniepy was on a New 
England vacation and it had been many a 
long day since she was in Auburndale. 
Thelma was acting as guide for her daugh- 
ter, a Lasell prospective. Later in the sum- 
mer Julia Case stopped en route to a visit 
with Mary Tucker x-'32, who now lives on 
Newmarket Road, Exeter, N. H. 


Mrs. E. M. Clark 

(Ruth Stafford), Secretary 

31 Fairview St., Simsbury, Conn. 

Mrs. Carl I. Hayes 

(Virginia Ogden), Assistant 

196 Wentworth Ave., Edgewood, R.I. 

Most enthusiastic among the spectators 
on River Day I960 were the Andrews twins 
x-'33. Bette, now Mrs. Leslie York of 160 
Carmalt Road, Hamden, Connecticut, re- 
turned to campus for her "first since 
school" visit, and Eunice, now Mrs. Brian 
Brooks of 11 Ridgewood Avenue, Hamden, 
was accompanied by daughter Susan. A 
freshman at Lasell. Susan is enrolled in the 
nursing program. 


Mrs. Raymond N. Garon 

(Dorothy Secord), Secretary 

31 Wesley St., Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Bartlett), Assistant 

Oak Hill Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. 

In Memoriam: Mabel Crowe Sias on July 
29, I960. Mabel is survived by her hus- 
band, a son and a daughter. 


Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

(Barbara King), Secretary 

111 Wilcox Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer 

(Barbara Ordway), Assistant 

19 Fern St., Auburndale, Mass. 



Miss Constance Blackstock '09 with 1935's Delegates 

Not one of us could really believe it — 
but our 25th arrived! In spite of the usual 
June activities — graduations and wed- 
dings — twenty-four of the '35ers appeared 
on campus. We gathered at Plummer for 
coffee and gab in the morning, joined the 
other returning alumnae for luncheon un- 
der the canvas, and several of us adjourned 
to Barbara Ordway Brewer's home for late 
afternoon reminiscing and gossiping. A 
small group ended the happy day with 
dinner at the Pillar House and we were 
happy to have Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ordway 
with us — they have always been a special 
part of our class. 

We are proud to announce that twenty- 
five members of the Class of 1935 contrib- 
uted $285 to the college as a special gift 
to commemorate our 25th Reunion. 

News gathered from the questionnaires 

Barbara Briggs Stanton: part-time secre- 
tary at Newton Junior College. Her daugh- 
ter is now sixteen. 

Eleanor Ramsdell Stauffer: very busy 
with two sons (19 and 9) and a 15-year-old 
daughter. Her husband is a professor at 
St. Lawrence University. 

Eleanor Gebelein Greene: busy with gar- 
dening, golf and country living in Laconia, 
N. H. Her son enters college in Septem- 
ber '60, and her daughter is fourteen. 

Thelma Larkin Richardson: lives in 
Georgetown (Mass.) with her son (24) 
and daughter (16). 

Caroline Smith Goodwin: "keeps out of 
trouble" with volunteer hospital and nurs- 
ery school work, and her spare time she 
devotes to ceramics and furniture decorat- 
ing. Daughter Deborah (16) is a student 
at Dana Hall. 

Doris Jones Hayes: organist and choir di- 
rector in Schenectady, N. Y. Daughter 
Susan is 19. 

Barbara Heath Ramsay: with her family 

— husband and daughters Susan and Louise 

— spends much time boating on Lake Erie 
in their new 27-ft. cruiser. 

Maida Cardwell Atwood: busy Auburn- 
dale housewife. Her three sons are Peter, 
18, Robert, 14, and Jonathan, now enrolled 
in Lasell's Nursery School. 

Betty Allenbaugh Weller: "Just couldn't 
make it." Her sons are now 19 and 16 and 
daughter Judith is 12. 

Annie Niden Small x-'35: joined us for 
the coffee hour, and was accompanied by 
her three daughters 12, 7 and 4. 

Gertrude Heath Kehoe: does secretarial 
work in an insurance office, and with 
daughters Jean, 14, and Ann, 12, enjoys 
summer weekends at Lake Winnipesaukee. 

Marion Cleveland Head: the busy treas- 
urer of her church Sunday School, and is a 
Campfire leader. Her two girls are Alli- 
son, 11, and Elizabeth, 9. 

Margaret Lane Packard x-'35: part-time 
clerk at the Needham (Mass.) Town Hall. 
Has an eleven-year-old son. 

Martha Parsons Lindsay: enjoys year- 
round Florida (St. Petersburg) living, and 
is constantly on the go with sons Stephen, 
16, and David, 13. 

Josephine Moore Gulnac: registrar at a 
Connecticut regional high school. James 
is now 14, Jeffrey, 13, and daughter Jill, 9. 

Polly Philbrick Gritz: secretary for the 
National Symphony Orchestra and lives in 
nearby Arlington, Va. Pamela is now 17, 
and Tanya, 13. 

Elizabeth Swett Mills: busy with her 
duties at the famous Lakewood Theater, 



Skowhegan, Maine. Son Michael is now 

Denise Gile Arnold: unable to join us 
for she was busy becoming a grandmother. 
Her daughters are 21 and 18. 

Cindy King Haskins: 21-year-old Lani 
is a graduate of the Hartford Hospital 
School, of Nursing, and Skip, 16, is a 
student at Cheshire Academy. 

Priscilla Winslow: returned to the Bos- 
ton area and is now a secretary at the Har- 
vard Business School. 

Mary Jane Selby Guerry: works with her 
husband in their insurance agency in. Sims- 
bury, Conn. Daughter Linda, 18, is en- 
rolled at Lasell — September '60. 

Barbara Ordway Brewer: Bonnie, 22, was 
graduated from Springfield College in June 
and is now teaching in Sarasota, Florida. 
Son Eddie, 19, attends Wentworth Insti- 

Esther Joslyn Gross: came from Akron, 
Ohio for our big Day. Older son attends 
University of Colorado and #2 boy is 15. 

Sophie Latchis Lyras: now living in Rye, 
N. Y. Son Dean is ten. 

Molly Upham Menges: semi-marooned 
on Nantucket due to the steamship strike. 
Spends winters in Florida and enjoys the 
summers at their Maine camp. 

Harriet Colwell Reeves: not able to be 
with us for she was attending daughter 
Ann's (Reeves '57) graduation at Mt. Union 
College. Twins Nancy and Alice are now 
14, and Katy is six. 

Kay Peck Dietler: came all the way from 
Charlotte, N. C. to join the celebration. 
Her three children — Katherine, 17, Sarah, 
12, and Edward, Jr. 7, keep her busy. 

Sally Swanson Dahlberg: newly ap- 
pointed executive vice-president of the 
West Hartford School of Music. Daughter 
Susan is a Lasell prospect. 

Rachel Whittemore (Hawes) Bernhardt: 
remarried last December in Yuma, Arizona. 
Daughter Susan Hawes is 19- 

Villa Magune Clarkson: still living in 
Auburn, Mass. Older daughter, Patricia 
McSheehy Hurley, was graduated from 
Lasell in 1959, and Meredith is now 17. 
Her two sons are Carter, 21, and Bruce, 20. 

Elizabeth Dupka Cupp x-'35: busy with 
wedding preparations for older daughter 
Barbara Cupp Weil '57. Other daughter is 
Gretchen, 13. 

Ann Cobb x-'35: devotes her time to oil 

Margaret Weber Hodges x-'35: secretary 
to a Birmingham (Ala.) doctor. Has two 
sons, 19 and 14. 

Roberta Morrill Buchanan: continues her 
teaching in Florida. Son Colin is nearly 

Marjorie Long Maish: active in church 
and hospital affairs in Great Neck, L. I. 
Has two attractive daughters ■ — Elizabeth, 
18, and Sally, 10. 

Anne O'Brien Ryan: social worker for 
the Department of Public Assistance, Plym- 
outh, Mass. Has three sons — James, a 
junior at Northeastern University; Paul, 
freshman at University of Massachusetts; 
and Kevin, 15. 

Pat Meyer Gere: "Never a dull moment" 
— with William, 21, David, 19, and Chris- 
tine, 14. 

Mildred Condon Hart: Our sincere sym- 
pathy to Mildred, whose eight-year-old 
daughter was a victim of cancer. Her son 
William is 18, and Claire is 14. 

Harriet Petz Thompson: has two daugh- 
ters — Katherine, 12, and Emily, 7. 

Hildreth Weigold Grady: employed at 
the Torrington (Conn.) Savings Bank. 
Mary Lou is a sophomore at Central Con- 
necticut State College, and "at home" are 
Peter, 17, and Patricia, 15. 

Margaret MacNaughton Dockstader: was 
accompanied by two of her children. Rob- 
ert is a junior at Penn State, Don attends 
Farleigh-Dickinson, and in high school 
are Margaret, 15, and James, 11. 

Barbara Iris Johnson: with Rick, 14, and 
Karen, 11, enjoying her new home in Na- 
tick. Judy, 18, is a freshman at the Uni- 
versity of New Hampshire, and Kip, 16, 
is enrolled at Mount Hermon. 

Reporting at Lasell on June 11th were: 
Barbara Briggs Stanton, Eleanor Ramsdell 
Stauffer, Eleanor Gebelein Greene, Thelma 
Larkin Richardson, Villa Magune Clark- 
son, Kay Peck Dietler, Anne O'Brien Ryan, 
Pat Meyer Gere, Barbara Heath Ramsey, 
Annie Niden Small, Gertrude Heath Kehoe, 
Josephine Moore Gulnac, Mildred Condon 
Hart, Harriet Petz Thompson, Hildreth 
Weigold Grady, Margaret. MacNaughton 
Dockstader, Cindy King Haskins, Priscilla 
Winslow, Mary Jane Selby Guerry, Esther 
Joslyn Gross, Barbara Ordway Brewer, 
Gertrude Morris MacCallum, Barbara 
Young Leach and Barbara Iris Johnson. 

— B.I.J. 


Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

(Audrey Smith), Secretary 

43 Little Brook Drive, Pittsford, N.Y. 

From Aud: "The Hendersons are once 
again back East, where Fred has accepted a 
position at the Rochester Institute of Tech- 
nology. Living in the West was a wonder- 
fully interesting experience, but must admit 
I am glad to be here — • hope to have a 



Nancy Petremont 
(Ruth Upham '36) 

visit with Wellesley friends soon. Last 
year we spent a fabulous summer in Cali- 
fornia while Fred attended a summer in- 
stitute under a grant from the National 
Science Foundation. The session was held 
at the Monterey Peninsula College. We 
managed five days in San Diego and Esther 
Sosman and Peg Jones Howry '38 enter- 
tained me royally one evening. They were 
the first Lasell gals I had seen since leaving 
New England, and our tongues really 

"These bits of information are a trifle 
late — gathered from Christmas 1959 mes- 
sages but want to share them anyway. 

"Midge Reed Colley: 'As usual we are all 
busy. At present we are putting a cellar 
under the house and working on the inside 
too. I continue to help Bunt at the office 
— ■ the hours are long, but it is a colorful 
job — the building sits on pilings over the 
water at the end of a Provincetown wharf.' 

"Deborah York: 'After a year and a half 
of unmitigated slavery for Horizons of 
Science (a program consisting of a series of 
films on science for school distribution), 
my wanderlust took hold and I enjoyed a 
few weeks in Mexico.' 

"Natalie Hutchinson Germaine: 'We are 
so very proud of Bob this year. He is on 

the Regimental Staff as Color Guard and is 
hoping desperately to be accepted at either 
Annapolis or the Air Force Academy.' 

"Peg Pearl Ide: 'We are all just fine - — ■ 
Tim and Bill are both attending UVM — 
and I am back at the old job of school 
lunch manager — work in the library two 
afternoons a week and sandwich the house- 
work at very odd hours. Mary is a big help 
and we manage very well with our busy 

"Helen Saul Foxwell: 'Don and I attended 
our 25th high school class reunion and had 
a wonderful time — felt like teenagers 
until the next morning. Then I felt every 
one of my years. We have a new address, 
too — ■ 977 Washington Avenue, Ho-Ho- 
Kus, N. J.' 

"Ginny Johnston Loud has recently 
moved from Newtonville — ■ her new ad- 
dress is 12 Jameson Road, Newton, Mass." 

— A.S.H. 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

(Louise Tardivel), Secretary 

150 Hickory Road, Weston, Mass. 

We are delighted to welcome among the 
members of the Class of 1962, "Tillie" 
Parmenter Madden's older daughter, Marcia. 
And we are equally delighted to report that 
Marcia's roommate in Woodland Hall is 
Betsy MacMillan, daughter of Marjorie Bas- 
sett MacMillan '36. Classmates of Marcia and 
Betsy are Carolyn Grant and Linda Guerry, 
daughters of Janice Shutter Grant '36 and 
Mary Jane Selby Guerry '35. 

While chatting in Miss Beede's office one 
August afternoon, Rae Salisbury Richards 
admitted she "couldn't stay away from La- 
sell another second." Rae and the children 
were in the Boston area visiting relatives 
and friends. 


Mrs. W. D. Harshbarger 

(Virginia Wilhelm), Secretary 

80 Mountain Terrace Road 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

(Mildred Birchard), Assistant 

Box N, Humarock, Mass. 

Permission has been granted by the City 
Editor of the Portland (Oregon) Oregon- 
tan to reprint a May feature article entitled 
"Family of Five Chosen Oregon's 'All Amer- 
ican.' " The wife in this outstanding young 
family is our Betsy Bassett. 



"There's a Portland family where the men 
outnumber the women four-to-one; where 
Mom blithely lists 'home repairs' among 
Dad's hobbies; where three boys are plenty 
busy keeping up with two active parents — 
and their homework, too. This is the Win- 
throp A. Wells family — Oregon's Ail- 
American family, who will represent the 
state in the Ail-American Family Contest to 
be conducted May 24 to June 1 at LeHigh, 
Florida.' Announcement of the selection was 
made during the annual convention of the 
Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs, which 
led the search for the Oregon family. 

"Betsy and Winthrop Wells and their 
sons, Peter, 17; Michael, 15, and Stephen, 
13, live in a seven-room contemporary cedar 
house at 5415 S. W. 19th Drive. Wells is 
a civilian engineer with the U.S. Corps of 
Engineers, and Mrs. Wells, who was in re- 
tailing before her marriage, works part-time 
for the Oregon Journal. Portlanders for 
twelve years, the Wellses are transplanted 
New Englanders. 

"As a family they camp together — all 
five took a cross-country camping trip to New 
England — and explore innumerable hob- 
bies, ranging from ceramics to fishing and 
including heme repairs.' 

"The parents are advisers to the Junior 
High Fellowship at the First Congregational 
Church, and their work with the young 
people includes taking them on outings and 
camping trips as well as guiding regular 
church activities. For Winthrop and Betsy 
Wells, the church work has particularly 
deep meaning because they believe one of 
the greatest problems facing families is 
'teaching moral and spiritual values when so 
much emphasis is placed on material things.' 

"In Boy Scouts, Wells is an assistant 
scoutmaster; Pete, a Wilson High School 
student, is a junior assistant scoutmaster; 
Mike, also at Wilson High, is a senior patrol 
leader, and Steve is an assistant patrol leader. 
Steve will go to the Boy Scout Jamboree at 
Colorado Springs this summer. All of the 
boys like to swim and Mike is a golfer as 

"The five Wellses will fly to Florida on 
an all-expense-paid trip to compete with 49 
other families for the title of All-American 
Family. The competition is a General Fed- 
eration of Women's Clubs' search with the 
co-operation of three sponsors — Stude- 
baker-Lark, Westinghouse and Owens-Cor- 
ning Fiberglas. Some of the attributes the 
judges looked for were love, affection, sharing 
of activities and a strong emphasis on family 
freedom so that each member can develop 
his potentials." 

Mary Mehegan Dillon's new address is 

936 Washington Street, Dorchester, Mass. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Arlene Wishart Sylvester, whose mother, 
Mrs. Charles Wishart, passed away April 
17, 1960. 



A Class Secretary 

Please contact The Alumnae 


Jane Forsyth Russell wrote from Levit- 
town, N. J. in May: "Always at this time of 
year my thoughts turn to Lasell — Com- 
mencement — and all my wonderful friends 
and classmates. Had every intention of at- 
tending Reunion in '59, but our daughter, 
Leslie, arrived on May 30th — and she 
demanded priority. We have three other 
children — Lynn, 16, Drew, 13 and Mike, 
10. My husband's work keeps us moving 
about and I have had no word from Lasell 
for some time — please put me on the 
mailing list. In August we plan to move to 
England for a few years." (Janey's address 
in Levittown was 25 Beechfern Lane. Ed.) 

A freshman in the Medical Secretarial 
Course is Karen Smith, daughter of Janet 
Whitten x-'39 of Pittsford, N. Y. 

We were delighted to have recent visits 
with Jeanne Daniels Wheeler and Dorothy 
Carneal Bowles. Jeanne was enthusiastically 
guiding her husband and daughter, Mary 
Jane, about the campus, and Dottie admitted 
she was "really lost" — this was her first 
visit to Auburndale since 1939. She and 
her two daughters were vacation guests of 
her aunt, Nell Carneal Drew '10, in 
Gloucester, Mass. 

Jean Ettershank Brosius writes from 48 
Sunnyslope Drive, Middletown, Conn.: "My 
family is fast growing — our 17-year-old 
son is a high school senior, and our daugh- 
ter, now 13, has entered the eighth grade. 
They are loads of fun and keep me busy." 

Two new addresses: Sarajenny Annis 
Stout: 538 Shenley Drive, Erie, Penna. 

Ruth Wilson Blackwood: 29 Wedge- 
mere Avenue, Winchester, Mass. 


Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

(Priscilla Sleeper), Secretary 

52 Rockledge Drive, West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 

(Ruth Sullivan), Assistant 

17 Hemlock Rd., Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 



20th Reunion 

The 20th Reunion of the Class of 1940 
brought some thirty very talkative class- 
mates to the campus on June 11, I960; con- 
sidering our widely scattered delegation, 
this was a fine representation. 

It seemed so wonderful to return to the 
College — inspect new buildings — attend 
the Crowning of the Queen and President's 
Reception — and the other activities that 
brought back many fond memories. 

Amazing as it may seem — after twenty 
years — we decided that none of us had 
changed very much. One girl's daughter had 
a wonderful time "finding" us in the Lamp. 
Perhaps she saw a change — we didn't. 

We share news from the questionnaires 
and look for many other gals at our 25 th. 

Ruth MacDowell Stonemetz: Working 
part time (secretary). Attempting to make 
uninteresting old house look interesting. 
The usual dabbling in sewing, gardening, 
textile painting, knitting, and trying to keep 
up with a teen-age son. 

Isabel Hughes Smith: Besides the usual 
home activities, I am organist for our church, 
studying piano again, and take part in Com- 
munity Concerts. Seems there are still not 
enough hours in the day to do all the other 
things I would like to do. Will be in 
Massachusetts this summer, but not in time 
for Reunion. My best to all. 

Julia Rankin Sprague: L.W.V. and D.A.R. 
Helping some with Polly's Girl Scout Troop 
and taking an active part in church affairs. 

Jane Hutchison Wulfing: Hospital nurses' 
aid, secretary of the Hospital Guild, Friend- 
ly House Board, Church work, bowl on 

Country Club team. Still working hard on 
this big house we remodelled. Love being 
in a smaller town after St. Louis and living 
right on the Mississippi is lots of fun. Wish 
the Reunion were a bit later for we spend 
July and August in Maine. 

Doris Somerville Krom: Trying to keep 
up with my three "live wires" and their 

Luceal Welsh Berni: Spend most of my 
time running after Wells, but I do find a 
little time to sell real estate and do interior 

Elizabeth Shugar Cullen: Sorry not to be 
able to make the 20th but right now the 
family takes all my time. The twins, born 
in March '59, are very good, and we all are 
having lots of fun with them . . . and we 
finally had a girl. Regards to all. 

Barbara Mayhew Donald: Cub Scouts, 
League of Women Voters, Sunday School 
teacher for high school group. Part-time 
typing and secretarial work for the Arthritis- 
Rheumatism Foundation. 

Jane Jones Freeman: Director of Student 
Personnel, Rockland Community College. 
Sorry cannot come, but reunion is at final 
exam time, and just before the summer 

Betty Lindemuth Hodges: Volunteer at 
the Norwalk (Conn.) Hospital Volunteer 
cancer work. Sorry to miss seeing you all 
this time. Have fun and best to all. 

Doris Ohlrogge Pottle: With four chil- 
dren and a large house, I keep very busy. 
Do gardening, refinish antiques, read a 
great deal but spend most of the time taxi- 
ing my four social children. 



Barbara Richardson Ripley: Secretary to 
manager of Engineering Department of The 
Foxboro Co. 

Ruth Sullivan Lodge: Weekends at Cape 
Cod — a little golf — and lots of P.T.A. 

Patricia Taylor Henderson: Not much 
spare time, but do manage to play bridge 
one in awhile and take an active part in 

Marjorie Williams Eddy: Receptionist and 
secretary at Skidmore College Infirmary, 
Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Jean B. Adams: Please note my new ad- 
dress: 11 West 11th Street, N. Y., N. Y. 

Mildred Baldwin Leigh: Spare time???? 

Jane Bartlett Wallace: Just returned from 
a six-weeks trip to South America with 
my husband and son, spending time in Rio 
de Janeiro, Santos, Brazil, Montevideo, 
Buenos Aires and Cuba. I am an active 
Garden Clubber, and involved in local civic 
activities of which there are many in this 
country community forty miles from N. Y. 
C. We live in an old remodelled farmhouse 
not too far from the Bell Telephone Labs., 
where my husband works. 

Carol Birdseye MacDonald: Secretarial 
work at our church Parkway Community, 
plus all the duties "expected" of a minister's 

Helen Bogert Home: Office manager of 
the Pathology Laboratory in a 365-bed hos- 
pital. We are avid square dance enthusiasts, 
belonging to two clubs and next season will 
be president of one of them. Have a nice 
little home which, of course, requires con- 
stant inside and outside attention. 

Priscilla Chappie Lindley: Volunteer work 
at Somerset Hospital. Friendly visiting at 
Clinton Farms, State Prison for Women and 
Girls. Gardening and running my house. 

Dorothy Dayton Morgan: Part-time teach- 
ing at Holzer Hospital School of Nursing — 
work at the Red Cross Bloodmobile, teach 
Sunday School and in my spare, spare time 
follow my husband around the golf course, 
trump his aces at the bridge table, and watch 
an eleven-room house and four children run 

Ruth Dean Shea: Spend my spare time 
gardening or going on walks with the boys. 
After attending their many outside activities 
such as orchestra and Cub Scouts, school 
plays, etc., I am lucky to find time for a 
good book which I enjoy. 

Betty Dearborn Wick: The boys attend 
Moses Brown so I spend most of the day 
driving to and from school — along with 
household duties my days are full. 

Barbara Donohue Cain: With five chil- 
dren, I am still waiting for the day when I 
shall have spare time. 

Elizabeth Phillips Dick: Have the ideal 
part-time job as clerk at a nearby elementary 
school. Also am involved in a charity group 
which supports a Chicago settlement house. 
My guilty conscience prompted me to volun- 
teer as secretary-treasurer of the Chicago 
Lasell Club. Diana and I live with my 
parents, who have been so wonderful to us 
since I lost my husband. 

Pauline Ditullio Monaco: Recuperating 
from a recent stay in the hospital and expect 
to spend the summer with my family in 
Green Harbor, Massachusetts. Had so 
planned on seeing everyone in June. 

Janet Hayton Jewett: P.T.A. (with four 
children ) , as a deacon at Concord Presby- 
terian Church, I've also been on the execu- 
tive committee of the United Church Women 
of Wilmington, Del. Also the World Fel- 
lowship Committee of the YWCA, plus the 
YWCA Comm. for Refugee Work. We 
have had many visitors from India this 
spring as we are helping with a village 
project in South India — helping to re- 
habilitate a village with proper agricultural 
methods, sanitation, and housing. My hus- 
band spent two years in India during World 
War II working with Indian troops in the 
British 14th Army. 

Jean Shaw Keary: In the winter I belong 
to a women's afternoon bowling league and 
in the summer I play golf. Hope to see you 
on our 25th. 

Doris Barry Ponte: Very busy with civic 
and church organizations, and also devote 
a great deal of time to painting (water 
colors ) . 

Norris Beakes Swaner: Manage and 
operate a dairy farm. Train animals, ride 
and garden. 

Esther Bennett Quinlan: Painting, house- 
work, gardening and gabbing. 

Frances Britton Holden: Girl Scouts — 
Cub Scouts — Boy Scouts and Garden 

Euphemia Burr Gardner: Girl Scout 
Leader, Cub Scout Den Mother, Sunday 
School teacher — Eastern Star — Auxiliary 
of VFW — Grange Member — P.T.A. 

Dorothy Farnum Moore: Trying to keep 
up with three active youngsters and husband, 
and for the past year working in a new 
YMCA branch office in Barrington, R. I. 

Ruth Ann Frost Bricker: Not too much 
spare time being a mother of a two-year-old 
plus keeping up with the activities of a 
typical teenager. Keeping house, but I do 
manage to sew a bit and play bridge. 

Ruth Fulton Rardin: Church and Sunday 
School activities, P.T.A., Cub Scouts and 
Girl Scouts. 



Margaret Gibb Jackson: Most of my 
spare time is spent playing golf. 

Marion E. Gray: Keep so busy — can't 

Grace Roberts Gummersall: Skiing in 
winter — teaching Sunday School — active 
member Nat'l. Society N.E. "Women of 
Nassau County Colony. Chauffeuring my 
children — all day — every day. 

Frances Hodge Dwyer: Spare time. ... I 
don't have any. . . . 

Sibyl Lander Fletcher: Skiing here in 
N. H. and also an annual trip to Davos, 
Switzerland. Trout fishing, duck and grouse 

Lois Linehan Blitzer: Newton-Wellesley 
Hospital Jr. Aides. Girl Scout troop leader. 
Newton Centre Woman's Club. Children's 
Library, Wellesley. 

Barbara Fales Furlong: Cruising on our 
30-ft. auxiliary all summer — vacations and 
weekends. Edgewood Junior Woman's Club 
President '59-'60. Cub Scouts. Plan to be 
in Washington at the Annual Convention 
of The General Federation of Woman's 
Clubs, June 11-17. 

Estelle Friedstein Rand: Busy being a 
"housefrau" and mother. 

Jean Hale Pierce: Spare time, if and 
when, is at home and puttering around the 
yard. Busy with church activities only. 
Children are still small and tie me at home 
right now — which is as it should be. 

Virtue Hatch Stedman: Moved to Florida 
in 1956. Help my husband run a Westing- 
house Self-Service Laundromat. 

Barbara Woodward Hall: Bowling (Offi- 
cers' Wives' League) — Golf. 

Ann Hathaway Kelly: I find running a 
house and family almost a full-time voca- 
tion. However, do spend a little time in 
club work and community projects. 

Mabel Hitchcock Griffin: Recording and 
reading for the Blind. 

Jane Ryder Uggla: Red Cross Volunteer 
— Hospital and driver. 

Marjorie Millard Crooker: Taxi driving 
my two children plus friends from school to 
skating, ski tow, swimming hole — each in 
its season — and husband to golf course, 
the minute the snow leaves. I've managed 
to develop presentable techniques in skating, 
skiing but have not mastered golf as yet. 
Hanover, N. H. offers experts to aid you in 
any field you wish to develop. My main 
hobby is sewing and with a new home plus 
active family, this comes in handy. There 
are always the volunteer jobs at the hos- 
pital and in the community to occupy a few 
moments of one's time. Our town is small, 
the neighbors all join in so the tasks are fun. 

Betty Bell Barry: Attended the University 

of Bridgeport and has been teaching in the 
Fairfield and Westport (Conn.) schools for 
the past six years and has worked with the 
Fairfield Guidance Department. In Sep- 
tember, Betty joined the staff of Fairfield 
Country Day School. 

Ruth Watson Craig: Recently relocated 
in Loxahatchee, Florida, after three years 
in Europe and the Middle East. 


Mrs. J. W. Sheffer, Jr. 

(Janet Jansing), Secretary 

123 Garden Rd., Oreland, Penna. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 

Apt. 12-F, 325 Clinton Ave. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ginny DeNyse forwarded a picture of 
Petie Visscher Taft's four daughters as well 
as Petie's written promise to "see you all in 

Betty McGrath Brown's new home is lo- 
cated at 5833 Headgates Road, Hamilton, 
Ohio; and the new address in Dallas, Texas 
for Marvine Weatherby is 6520 Linden 
Lane. Athena Constantine, now Mrs. Wil- 
liam Anderson, is living at 350 Geary Street 
in San Francisco. And Mary Benner Camp- 
bell has recently moved to 128 Leaview 
Lane, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 

Late in September Gertrude Fischer sailed 
on the S.S. United States to Southampton to 
spend five days in London before joining 
members of the Connecticut Travel Associa- 
tion for a two-week study tour of Portugal 
and a week in Spain. Gertrude is "already 
anticipating June 1961" and her new mailing 
address is 246 South Main Street, New 
Canaan, Conn. 

Sally, Merry, Janie and Peggy Taft 
(Petie Visscher '41) 




Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

(Mary Hurley), Secretary 

4712 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant 
1784 Washington St., Auburndale, Mass. 

In April Barbara Kelly Morell wrote from 
Geneva, Switzerland (162 Ronte de La Ca- 
pite, Vesenaz) : "Charles, our three boys (14, 
12 and 8) and I have moved to Geneva for 
a few years. My husband is with the Flight 
Propulsion Division of the General Electric 
Company. When we arrived last October we 
lived in a pension for two months and 
moved to an apartment just before the 
Christmas holidays. The apartment is in a 
200-year-old house, recently remodeled and 
we all just LOVE it. Geneva is one of the 
prettiest cities in the world — so very clean 
and neat. We are all learning to speak 
French — our oldest son goes to the Inter- 
national School, and the two younger boys 
have been attending a school in the moun- 
tains for three months. Have enjoyed much 
skiing all during the winter and the boys are 
becoming very expert. During the Easter 
vacation we spent a week on the Riviera — 
drove along the coast of France, into Italy — 
all beautiful beyond words. I am enjoying 
the American Women's Club here in Geneva, 
and we are all so delighted with this oppor- 
tunity. Regards to all." 

Also ski enthusiasts are Trudy Ruch Kauff- 
man and husband, who enjoyed the Winter 
Olympics at Squaw Valley. Trudy's father, 
Mr. Emile Ruch, passed away in November 
1959, and her mother returned to California 
with her after the services. 

Constance Lynch Walsh wrote: "All four 
children are in school now — even the twin 
girls. Leo and I had a long-planned trip to 
Bermuda last spring — ten glorious days." 

Doris Fern Musselman recently moved to 
18 Marquette Road, Upper Montclair, N. J. 
And Mary Jane Goodman Miller is now 
living in Westfield (NJ.) — 141 Linden 
Avenue. Mary Jane's husband, manager of 
the Pump Division of American Car and 
Foundry, has been transferred to the New 
York office after thirteen years in St. Louis. 


Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

(Nathalie Monge), Secretary 

28 Juniper Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 

The Marilley Six 
(Betty McAvoy '43) 

Mrs. Joseph A. Marilley 

(Elizabeth McAvoy), Assistant 

9602 Carriage Dr., Kensington, Md. 

Priscilla Houghton has been named an 
assistant professor in the department of psy- 
chology and education at Mount Holyoke 
College. She has been a teacher in the kin- 
dergarten department at Gorse Child Study 
Center, a laboratory school for the college, 
and an assistant in one of the college courses. 
Prior to going to Mt. Holyoke, Priscilla was 
a member of the Community School faculty 
in Fitchburg (Mass.) for nine years and was 
granted a year's leave of absence to study in 
Hawaii and teach at the Paia Maui public 
school in 1953-54. Priscilla, who received 
her master's degree from Wheelock College 
in 1958, is president of the Wheelock Col- 
lege Alumnae of the Pioneer Valley, is a 
member of the American Association of Uni- 
versity Professors, the National Association 
for Childhood Education and the Shakespeare 
Club of Boston. 

A new address for Barbara Littlefield 
Gallo x-'43 is 679 Calle Miramar, Redondo 
Beach, Calif. 


Mrs. William E. Greene 

(Barbara Bresette), Secretary 

18 Hodges St., Attleboro, Mass. 

Mrs. John B. Riddlemoser 

(Suzanne Lange), Secretary 

257 Humphrey St., Seven Islands 

Quebec, Canada 



In Memoriam: Floris Mercer Taylor on 
September 16, I960. Survivors are her hus- 
band, two daughters, Diane, 10, and Susan, 
9, her mother, Mrs. Susanna Mercer, and a 
sister, Mrs. Charles Dunton, all of Framing- 
ham, Mass. 

Other News: Jodie Coudon McCluskey 
writes from 31 Walnut Avenue, Wheeling, 
W. Va. : "Celebrated our tenth wedding an- 
niversary this year. My husband is secretary 
of Block Brothers Tobacco Company, and our 
three sons are now seven, five and one." 


Mrs. Calvin R. Carver 

(Emma Gilbert), Secretary 

5 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

(Jean E. Logue), Assistant 

49 Eaton Ave., Woburn, Mass. 

The day couldn't have been more beauti- 
ful, the welcome couldn't have been warmer 
— and we had a wonderful time! I wish 
everyone could have been there! We didn't 
take survey but just from my personal ob- 
servation (if anyone should ask me!) . . . 
I'd say that Prie Robbins Stahl and Hen- 
rietta Sharpe Smith have changed the least. 
Of course, I don't think Barbara Preuss Rey- 
nolds will ever change! Most of us seemed 
to be thinner than we were during our 
Lasell days — a few of us fatter — and all 
of us seemed very happy! 

Now for the news . . . from you who were 
there and from you who weren't but took 
time to write. In answer to "what you do in 
your spare time," this is what you tell me. 
(I'm skipping all the "what spare time" ex- 
clamations — but we all know what you 
mean! ) 

Dorothy Holman Potter: "Took the I960 
Census in Norwood (Mass.). It was really 
a different routine from being an every-day 
housewife. I could write a very funny book 
about some of the things that happened to 
me on my 500-house route . . . but being a 
government employee, I couldn't do that!" 
Dorothy is also Assistant Den Mother for 
Cub Scouts, does P.T.A. work and was Cap- 
tain for the United Drive in Norwood. 

Jeanne Gilbert Bender: "I've developed a 
great interest in cooking. A group of us 
meet in one another's homes once a month 
and serve unusual dishes. It's a lot of fun! 
My other love is volunteer Red Cross work. 
I've been a 'gray lady' for five years. We do 
our very rewarding work at Lyons Veterans 
Administration Hospital." 

Barbara Preuss Reynolds: "Have a Girl 
Scout troop with my sister, Ann Preuss 
Olson ('43); also do church work, sew, bowl 

Constance Pettigrew Edie '45 
and Family 

— and am just a generally busy housewife." 

Jane Burnham Eliason: "Besides the usual 
chauffeuring for Brownies, music lessons, 
dancing class, etc., etc., I do enjoy Jr. League 
volunteer work and the many local activities. 
Also enjoy sitting down and reading a good 
book — wish that I ever got a chance!" 
Jane tells us, too, that she and Tom are knee- 
deep in new house plans at the moment. 

Barbara Keene Coan: "My spare time is 
well taken care of with three pre-schoolers. 
Do belong to a bridge club and serve on the 
Reader's Committee of the Holy Cross Epis- 
copal Church Mission." 

Priscilla Robbins Stahl: "After the chil- 
dren (four girls) and the animals (two 
collies, bird, etc.) are taken care of, I like 
to paint, preferably in oils!" 

Dorothy Piper Bottalico: "I have thirty 
piano pupils and a Sunday School class, and 
usually manage to get involved in whatever 
play our local theater group is producing at 
the moment. Also belong to a modern dance 
group, a bridge club and a bowling group." 

Ruth Davis Burk: "Active in League of 
Women Voters and on two Recreation Com- 
mittees. Spend our summers and some week- 
ends on Scraggy Neck at the Cape." 

Gretchen Fuller Beers: "Executive Direc- 
tor of the Home Front!" Jeff has five chil- 
dren but also manages to do P.T.A. and Girl 
Scout work, play bridge, bowl, swim, golf, 
garden — and referee a Great Dane, tomcat, 
and parakeet! 

Betty Bagnall Woidyla: "Attended the 
University of Arizona — a second-semester 
junior in the College of Education (Kinder- 
garten-Primary Degree) and expect to grad- 
uate May 1961. Never thought I ever would 
be interested in teaching but I'm very enthu- 
siastic and perhaps if it isn't my lot in life to 



-iV;-* f ^''' 

|3SR ■ 
1 E^B 

The Smiling '45-ers 

rear more children I can at least teach 
them!" Betty has a three-year-old girl, Leslie 

Marge Beebe Dill: "We live year round 
in a resort town so our summers are very 
busy with water sports. Winters I help in 
the local Nursery School." 

Elaine Macdonald Aldrich: "Recently 
joined the Woman's Club and expect that 
will soon fill any spare moments. Have dab- 
bled in some painting and also knitting." 

Elizabeth Groth Johnsen: "My husband 
had polio in 1955 and in the past five years 
has had four post-polio tendon transplant 
operations. Spare time is spent helping him 
with business, and then there is church work, 
Cub Scouts and Camp Fire Girls." 

Miriam Miller Babson: "Between shore 
duty and sea duty, moving, settling down 
again, uprooting, and settling down, have 
managed to squeeze in two years of Cubbing 
and one year of Brownies." Needless to say, 
Miriam is married to a Navy man — Com- 
mander rank. 

Virginia Garth Seavy: "I belong to a 
neighborhood service club, the local garden 
club and do a share of church work." 

Dorrit Gegan Green: "By our twentieth 

reunion I hope to have recaptured some time 
and energy for myself but now I'm just en- 
joying every full minute of child rearing 
and all the activities pertaining to it!" Dorrit 
is the mother of five. 

Mickey Allen Fish: "Belong to a couple 
of local organizations but have no special 
hobbies. Try to keep up with my three 

Virginia Rolfe Guy: "This is my fourth 
year as a leader in Girl Scouting. Am also 
active in church work and the Welcome 
Wagon Club." 

Marjorie McCabe Walker: "I do publicity 
for P.T.A. and church. Also substitute teach- 
ing in California Secretarial School, as well 
as in the local Sunday School." 

Miriam Black: "In 1958 became owner of 
a private employment agency. We specialize 
in placement of executives, technical-clerical- 

Gloria Condon Delmolino: "Keep busy 
with children and their activities and, at 
present, have been doing a great deal of 
deep-sea fishing." 

Jane Barringer Wordsworth: "Golf, bowl 
and play bridge, but with four children there 
isn't much spare time — too many Cub 



Scouts, P.T.A.'s, and taxi calls." 

MariLouise Crosby Buerhaus: "Ski all 
winter with our children — a tremendous 
family sport here in Maine. Do a great deal 
of sewing and P.T.A. work, in addition to 
secretarial duties in my husband's office." 

Jane Calderwood Price: "Most of my 
spare time is devoted to church work and 
charity. However, we still find time for 
bridge, trips to Philadelphia and New York 

Elsie Simonds Follett: "Active in church 
choir, P.T.A. , hospital volunteer work — 
play bridge and enjoy life in general." 

Priscilla Turnbull McGreevy: "Enjoy my 
family, my home and Florida living!" 

Constance Blades Britton: "We are living 
on a ten-acre farm and at present are plant- 
ing an enormous vegetable garden — also 
raising turkeys. In spare time I am painting 
inside of house which we built ourselves." 
(I don't know how Connie feels but I'm ex- 
hausted just reading this schedule. . . . Em.) 

Rosamond McCorkindale Blizard : In Feb- 
ruary, Cork and family left for a two-year 
stay in Saipan. Cork's husband is a civilian 
with the Navy. 

Barbara Mulcahy Witham: "I read, do all 
types of handwork and take courses when- 
ever possible. Also do a little traveling in 
the United States and Britain." 

Dorothy Cagguila Noyes: "I belong to 
the Women's Club, P.T.A., and am a Den 
Mother for the Cub Scouts in the delightful 
town of Ridgefield, Conn." 

Priscilla Mauch Gillespie x-'45 : "We raise 
pure-bred Basset hounds as a hobby — about 
three litters a year." 

Constance Pettigrew Edie: "Have been 
busy with church and school work now that 
the children are in school." 

Marilyn Lichtner Healy: "With my oldest 
in school and three pre-schoolers, spare time 
is practically nil. Have the usual activities, 
though, of P.T.A., child guidance group, 

Lynn Babbitt Cooper: "All the commu- 
nity activities that are required of parents of 
small children. Still love bridge and reading 
is a real luxury." 

Lorraine Anderson Crabtree: "Work part- 
time at the local Methodist Church as secre- 
tary to the minister; am also leader of a 
Campfire group." 

Annette Saacke Cherry: "Raise dogs and 

Edith "Hap" Copp Carey: "Secretary, file 
clerk and 'jack of all trades' at a local manu- 
facturing company." This in addition to the 
usual housework and taking care of her three 
children! "Hap" can truly say: "What spare 

Nancy and Robert Middlebrook 
(Marylin McNie '45) 

Susan Slocum Klingbeil: Sue works with 
the Junior League of Detroit, Delta Gamma 
Vision Screening, Detroit League for Handi- 
capped and is a Brownie leader. 

Henrietta Sharpe Smith: "Teacher of pre- 
schoolers at St. Mary's Episcopal Church 
every Sunday; treasurer of Portland (Maine) 
Lasell Club; help with all local drives for 
funds; member of Portland Junior League. 
Skiing, swimming, golf and reading are my 
bad habits!" 

Jean (Penny) Henry Goggins: "Do 
P.T.A., Cub Scouts, G.E. Engineers' Wives 
Club, two bridge clubs, one duplicate bridge 
group and another group of congenial gals 
with no other purpose than to get together 
and gab!" This is all in addition to raising 
seven children, the five oldest of whom are 

Carol Colby McLane x-'45: P.T.A., Kin- 
dergarten Alumnae Club, bridge. 

Marion Munro Waitt: Lasell Club, Jr. 
D.A.R., church groups. 

Janet Eaton Maynard: Hospital volunteer 

Theresa L. Bergeron: "Travel when pos- 
sible and work, work, work!!!" 

Nancy Bacon Johnson: "Drive for Red 
Cross Motor Corps, work at hospital, and 
was local chairman for the Cerebral Palsy 
Drive this year." 

Althea Taylor Goldberg: "Have a few 
favorite community organizations. Also bowl 
and play golf." 

Lillian Feneley Cooley: "I do some church 
work and at present enjoy serving as Corre- 
sponding Secretary for Lasell Alumnae, Inc." 

Sue Ross Westberg: "Board member for 
hospital auxiliary; advisor for Church youth 
group; Girl Scout assistant leader (nine years 
leader and now demoted! ) ; Junior League 
board member. Next year I hope to say no, 
no, no to everything!!" 

Bernice Coyne Boon: "Spare time now 
being filled with a litter of Labrador Re- 
triever puppies! Also P.T.A. corresponding 



secretary, den mother for Cub Scouts, church 
activities, and am former Board of Education 

Norma Crosby Bolduc: "Read, play bridge 
and go camping." 

Phyllis Kenney Anthony: "Bowl, knit and 
do church work." 

Stelk Depoian Tatian: "Love to golf! 
Also enjoy painting and stencilling." 

Eunice Powers Buxton: "Scout leader, 
church activities, P.T.A. Council, teacher for 
Adult Education program." 

Virginia Jenness Reddick: "Work with 
husband who is cubmaster; publicity chair- 
man for the P.T.A. ; membership chairman 
for the Norwood (Massachusetts) Mother's 
Club; help husband with his Little League." 

Irene Evangelisti: Golf and travel. 

Shirley Frank Kerner: Bowling and 
bridge; Suburban Women's Club. 

Priscilla Peters Cargile: "Bowl with 
church league; work on executive board of 

Elaine McQuillan Marston: "Nurse's aide 
at hospital; bowl; bridge." 

Marjory Dillon Ramsdell x-'45 : "Junior 
League volunteer work; free-lance writing." 

Ruth Sudhoff Sutherland x-'45: "P.T.A.; 
bowl; badminton." 

Margaret (Sis) Morris Smith: "Den 
mother (four years); P.T.A.; Mother's Club 
at church (treasurer)." 

Helen Sherman Crane x-'45 : "An assistant 
to an advertising manager; indulge in books 
and records during those all-too-rare mo- 

Sarah (Sally) Atwater Messmer: "Golf, 
play bridge, Women's Club work, knit, swim 
in summer, ski and skate in winter." 

Claire Tracy King: "Read, garden, and 
Brownie work." 

Doris Wittman Ruckle: "Play bridge, gar- 
den and read." 

Ann Broadhead Johnson: "Church, P.T.A. 
(room mother), community work." 

Joy Cartland Fowler x-'45 : "P.T.A., golf, 
bridge, Officers' Wives Club." 

Shirley Barton Wilburn: "League of 
Women Voters; church work; bridge clubs, 
garden club, Eastern Star; teach one class of 
bridge at YWCA." 

Judy Hackman Igleheart x-'45 : "Girl 
Scouts, Sunday School teacher, League of 
Women Voters, bowl, garden." 

Dorothy Domina Willard: "Church activ- 
ities, P.T.A., Grange, Farm Bureau." 

And, lastly, I, Emma Gilbert Carver: Cor- 
responding Secretary for Maplewood Junior 
Women's Club; Editor of monthly magazine 
for Junior Women; P.T.A. (ballet commit- 
tee) ; community drives; and the Class of 

'45 's happy recorder! Also love to read, sew 
and decorate." 

So this is what some of us are doing 
fifteen years out. A few of us are career 
women; but most of us are wives and 
mothers (with from one to seven children) 
. . . much concerned with our children's ac- 
tivities . . . active in community affairs . . . 
catching moments here and there for enter- 
taining and being entertained, for cultural 
pursuits, for sports. 

What will we be like at our Twentieth 
Reunion? Pretty much the same, most likely 
— only more so! But our Twenty-fifth 
should find us quite a bit different — a 
grandmother here and there . . . well, we'll 
look and see when the time comes. 

— E.G.C. 


Mrs. Payson B. Langley 

(Lee Pool), Secretary 

5145 Harper Rd., Solon, Ohio 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

( Mary Jane Magnusson ) , Assistant 

85 West Brookside Drive 

Larchmont, N. Y. 

From Lynn Blodgett Hall to Mary Jane 
Magnusson Megroz: "Can't thank you 
enough for suggesting my name as a substi- 
tute representative for our class to the An- 
nual Alumnae Council Meetings in April — 
thoroughly enjoyed every minute on campus. 
It was truly a bang-up weekend — with fine 
programs and some grand old reunions! My 
senior sister, Dottie Piper Bottalico '45, was 
the delegate from The New Hampshire Club. 
She, Camie Porter Morison '40 and I 

Kathy and Dory Megroz with blonde 
cousins Cindy, Florence and Phil Mag- 
(Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz '46 and 
Virginia Westerdale Magnusson '46) 



W : 

Kendall, son of Betsy Kendall 
Hunter '46 

drummed up a fourth — and had a great old 
bridge game. Surely seemed like old times. 
On Saturday "Corky" Schlegel Cathcart, 
"Moo" Ross Benshimol, Joan Hanson Blake, 
Camie and I gabbed more as we lunched to- 
gether in Woodland. It was thrilling to see 
the new buildings — especially Ordway Hall 
and the President's Home — and believe me, 
it was an experience I shall cherish for a 
long time. Thanks again to you." 

Lynn and Joan Hanson Blake have of- 
fered their services for plans and details with 
regard to the 15th Reunion — this coming 
June. They are already at work and WATCH 

Edith Ann Avery Todd has recently moved 
to 31 Corte Lodato, Greenbrae, Calif. 

Hazel Koehnline Archambault writes to 
the Recorder's Office from 410 Maple Drive, 
Terrell, Texas: "Thank you so much for 
promptly sending a transcript of my Lasell 
work — I have plans for finishing my de- 
gree in order to teach school. Two children 
plus 'fourteen-years-later' have had a settling 
effect on this carefree schoolgirl. I was born 
in Texas and have looked forward to return- 
ing — finally made it three years ago and 
we love it. Terrell is a lovely little town, 30 
miles east of Dallas, and my Yankee husband 
and children are rapidly becoming real 


Mrs. John R. Paolella 

( Gloria Sylvia ) , Secretary 

411 West 24th St., New York 11, N. Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 
( Lois Kenyon ) , Assistant 
Woodstock Valley, Conn. 

New Addresses: Janice Hayden Cummins: 
331 Butler Avenue, St. Simonds Island, Ga. 
Elizabeth Kirby Bartlett: 7501 Sebago 
Road, Cohasset, Bethesda, Md. 


Beryl N. Groff, Secretary 
Box 1853, San Francisco 1, Calif. 

Mrs. Clyde T. Butcher, Jr. 

(Miriam Day), Assistant 
Route 1, Box 139, Odessa, Fla. 

Of her garden wedding on July 24th, Mim 
Day Butcher writes: "The day was perfect 
and the wedding beautiful. All the flowers 
— lavender and white — were flown from 
Hawaii. Miss Delia Davis (Faculty '43-'59) 
poured the punch, and Lynn Kneller Mix 
and Mary Small Lee and their husbands were 
present. Clyde is a native New Englander, a 
B.U. graduate, and is associated with Sperry 
Microwave in Oldsmar, Florida. Are there 
any Lasell gals in the vicinity of Clearwater 
or Tampa?" 

Elaine Burrell King and family "moved to 
our beautiful new home at 15 Drum Lane, 
Sudbury (Mass.) in March. So happy to be 
settled. Pam and Kim share our enthusiasm. 
Do come to visit!" 

The Harold Harrisons (Gloria Wurth) 
are enjoying their new Georgian Colonial 
home — 315 Runyon Avenue, Deal, N. J. 
And in November 1959 Rosada Marston 
Cole was unpacking at the Cole's new home 
at 48 Winnie Lane, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. — 
"only an hour's drive from Albany when the 
homesick bug hits." 

From Starr Maxson Winquist: "The job 
of being a new mother is time-consuming 
but so wonderful. Do miss teaching but find 
that watching the growth and development 
of one's own is rewarding and satisfying." 

Lennie Chamberlain Hawley "became in- 
volved with Girl Scouts and Sunday School 
since moving to Burlington (Mass.). Have 
been here two years — prior to this we were 
in Illinois for nine months and two years in 
Washington, D. C. Bill is scheduled to be 
here at least four years — on the strength ot 
that assignment, we bought an old farmhouse, 
into which we have poured money and labor. 
But we do love it and it is a wonderful spot 
for the children. Took the girls for a drive 
to Auburndale — the new buildings are 
most impressive and the gals were thrilled." 
JoAnn Hanson Long wrote to Berry: "The 
past winter was filled with happenings. In 


Dean and Wingate Sung 
(Beulah Kwok '48) 

November my dear grandmother died — one 
month after her 90th birthday. December 
brought Rebecca Laurel — blue-eyed, prac- 
tically bald and precious! March found me 
in the hospital with pneumonia, and while I 
was there Ray accepted a new job with the 
Edwards Company, Inc. in Norwalk, Conn." 

Louise Miller Johnston x-'48 sends this 
word: "We are all fine. Bought a 30-acre 
farm in January, remodelled it completely 
and then sold it in June. Celebrated the sale 
by spending a short vacation at the Lake 
Placid Club, where I received a prize in the 
Ladies' Golf Tournament." 

Paula Drake, "desperate in the battle to 
answer correspondence," forwarded a mimeo- 
graphed letter, dated March I960 — 16 
Walnut Street, Portland, Maine: "Upon my 
return from Denmark in July, I found my- 
self at loose ends. It is really difficult to re- 
adjust to old habits and familiar surround- 
ings once again. I became very fond of the 
many people I met in Denmark and the year 
abroad was completely successful. To come 
away fully refreshed about one's own habits 
and values and to feel a satisfaction at having 
learned another language fluently enough to 
fit in with another cukure is worth every 
hour of struggle and hard work. 

"My heart lies in New England when I 
am in this country — so here I am again in 
the State of Maine. My present position is 

Director of Girls' Physical Education at the 
Cape Elizabeth High School. The physical 
plant is very new and I am most fortunate to 
have a private office — complete with bath 
and shower! I have set up the complete pro- 
gram — starting with the addition of field 
hockey, as well as having instigated an active 
interscholastic and intramural program. Now 
trying Danish gymnastics and the girls enjoy 
this very different and unique (to them) 
kind of activity. 

"I have an apartment in Portland and have 
been having much fun furnishing it. My real 
desire is to furnish it in completely modern 
Danish furniture. Enjoy the new contacts at 
the Portland Fencing Club and take advan- 
tage of good weekends for skiing. Have been 
officiating at local basketball games, and 
write a sports column for the Sunday edition 
of the Portland Press Herald. In addition I 
am a member of the Portland Players and the 
Portland Symphony Orchestra. One of my 
deepest interests lies in the field of inter- 
national relations. I am keeping a finger in 
Scandinavian Seminars by doing some public 
relations for them. Have been accepted as a 
leader of a comparative education (physical 
education and recreation) study group co- 
sponsored by the State University of New 
York and The Experiment in International 
Living for this summer." 


Mrs. Walter J. Connolly, Jr. 

(Paulie Quilty), Secretary 

24 Wardwell Road, West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. John R. Shrewsbury 

(Joan DeGelleke), Secretary 

Upper State Street, Guilford, Conn. 

Mrs. Dana A. Hamel 

(Kay Poore), Secretary 
2827 Dellview Drive, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

In Memoriam: Judith Wilson Kelton on 
February 22, I960 in Long Beach, Calif. 
Judy is survived by her husband and three 
children, and two of her sisters are Jacqueline 
Wilson White '43 and Alice Wilson Mc- 
Kinley '48. 

Other News: Joan Kennedy Johnson and 
husband were October weekend guests of the 
Hallenbachs (Betty Rainville) in Patterson- 
ville, New York. And Dorothea Zuschlag 
Torgersen and family entertained Jacqueline 
Rollat Labarowski and husband. Dottie's 
husband is now teaching industrial engineer- 
ing at Oklahoma State University and they 
have recently moved to 1020 West Knapp 
Street in Stillwater. 

We all sincerely hope the summer was 



Chris, Bobby and Kim Daly 
(Shirley Anderson '49) 

a pleasant one for Katherine White Law- 
rence x-'49. Kay was so disappointed not to 
be on hand for the 1959 reunion festivities. 

items from Kay Poore Hamel: Had a 
newsy note from Cynthia Woodward With- 
erell and from a new address: 218B Chris- 
tian Lane, Fort Benning, Ga. Cynthia's hus- 
band, Jack, is taking the Advanced Officers' 
Course at the Fort and Cyn is active in 
Women's Club affairs. Daughter Nancy en- 
ters first grade in September I960, and 
young Andy is "into everything at home." 

Dorothy Bessette was married to Jack 
Young on November 18, 1959 in Chicago. 
Dot's new address is 226 Marine Court, 
Lauderdaie-by-the-Sea, Florida and she wel- 
comes all vacationing Lasell friends. 

Louise Keene Mills, husband Harold, and 
the boys — Jeffrey, 5, Scott, 3 — have the 
camping "bug" and planned summer week- 
ends and vacation with tent, sleeping bags, 
cooking gear, et al., visiting New England 
forests and campgrounds. How about a pic- 
ture for proof? 

Kay also had a recent letter from Pete 
Fiske Brubaker. Her husband Carl, an asso- 
ciate professor of chemistry, has been a 
member of the Michigan State faculty for 
eight years. With sons Pete and Carl, the 
Brubakers spent six months, in 1958, in San- 
tiago, Chile, where the boys learned to speak 
Spanish fluently. 

From Paulie Quilty Connolly: 
Dear Gals — 

Sorry we three goofed and the May issue 
of the LEAVES appeared with a big nothing 

The Young Andersons 
(Marjorie Boynton '49) 

for '49. When the deadline date arrived 
Walter and I were enjoying two glorious 
weeks in the Virgin Islands, "Didge" was 
busy with a brand-new daughter, Sarah, and 
Kay was without word from any of you. 

By the time this issue appears the Demo- 
cratic National Convention will be history — 
but at the moment, I sincerely hope all eyes 
are glued to TV and could be there will be a 
view of Richard K. Donahue 'and wife, 
Nancy (Straw Lawson). Dick, a strategist 
and very active campaigner for Jack Ken- 
nedy, travelled to Wisconsin and West Vir- 
ginia with the Massachusetts Senator, and 
both Straw and Dick were to be on hand in 
Los Angeles. 

The following bits of news — although a 
bit outdated — are "left-overs" from our 
1959 reunion questionnaires — 

Paula Ahner Snyder, "Snytop," Millerton, 
N. Y. Nanci 1/53, Lisa 11/56, Mark 11/58 
and 3 dogs. 

Jane Alford Young, 14834 Dunnet Ave- 
nue, La Mirada, Calif. Gerald 11/57. 

Del Anderson McCoy, 2480 So. Wolff 
Street, Denver, Colorado. Lori Ann 8/58 — 
new state, new house, new dental practice, 
new baby, new dog. 

Ann Ashley Sanderson, 935 Fairlawn 
Road, St. Joseph, Michigan. Peter 5/54, 
Deborah 2/58. 

Katherine Babcock Hansen, 737 Brooke 
Road, Glenside, Penna. Allen, Jr. 9/53, 
Heidi 12/54. 

Janet Bridgham Foss, 1001 Seminole 
Trail, Waycross, Georgia. Randy 2/52, 
Cynthia 3/55. 



Jonathan and Carolyn Hallenbeck 
(Elizabeth Rainville '49) 

Joan Caswell, 1045 Wendell Avenue, 
Schenectady, N. Y. Secretary to the Auditor 
at the Schenectady Savings Bank. 

Barbara Couch Abraham x-'49, 80 Ledge- 
crest Drive, Newington, Conn. John 11/54, 
Betsy 6/57. 

Joan DeFrehn Brown, 484 Fairfield Ave., 
Ridgewood, N. J. Patricia 3/52, Susan 9/53, 
Kathleen 2/55. 

Jean Dickson Treveiler, 1407 Dorothy 
Drive, Palatine, 111. Denise 3/58. 

Dona Fenstermaker Lyon, 15 Marlin 
Drive, Marathon, Florida. Charles IV 10/51, 
James 5/54. 

Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley, 2945 Wood- 
lawn, San Marino, Calif. Jeff 9/55, Jimmy 

Charlotte Gilman Kennedy, High Ridge 
Rd., Sandy Hook, Conn. Rob Scott 12/53, 
Edward 1/56, Karen 6/58. 

Anne Kendall Baldacci, 1513 N. Ridge 
Ave., Arlington Heights, Illinois. Susan 
2/53, David 8/54. 

Elsa Koehler Edwards, 590 Trans. Co., 
APO 154, N. Y., N. Y. Susie 7/55, Nanci 
2/57, Julie 11/58. Bob and Elsa have 
travelled all through Germany while Bob has 
been stationed there, and have plans to go to 
Austria, Switzerland, and the Riviera. 

Nat Knight Rogers, 913 Carrington Dr., 
Northville, Michigan. Teresa 10/51, Jeanne 
11/54, Linda 2/57, Janet 4/59. 

Lois Mallon Maher, 5418 Rutherglen 
Drive, Houston, Texas. Patricia 5/53, Donna 
2/55, JoAnne 10/56, Frank, Jr. 6/58. 

Nancy MacDonough Jennings, Duneland 
Beach, Michigan City, Indiana. Diane 9/52, 
Twins: Deborah/David 7/54, Donna 5/56. 

Elaine McGoldrick McGovern, 98 Shore- 
ham Road, Massapequa, L. I., N. Y. Thomas 
6/54, Andrew 5/55, William 12/59. 

Meredith McKone Krieger, R.D. 1, Sher- 
brooke Road, Manlius, N. Y. Robert 11/53. 

Dode Molan Wheaton, 3704 Woody 
Lane, Hopkins, Minn. Cheryl 4/53, David 

6/54, John 11/55, James 4/57, Susan 
12/58. Dode was Treasurer of the Junior 
League Clothes Horse, and belongs to Amer- 
ican Contract Bridge League. 

Shirley Olesen Somes, 44 Fernald Street, 
Portland, Maine. Barry 9/55, Steven 11/57. 
Shirl now has a new talent for antique sten- 
cilling, when she isn't working for the Port- 
land Lasell Club of which she is an ex-Presi- 
dent, or working for the Community Better- 
ment Group. 

Anne Preston Brush, 33 Southgate Road, 
Loudonville, N. Y. Peter 10/54, Kim 1/56. 

Joyce Rathbun Spadone, 203 Idlewood 
Road, Rochester, N. Y. Donald 8/55, Cyn- 
thia 10/57. Joyce graduated from Boston 
University after Lasell, spent two years in 
Germany while Don was in the service, and 
moved to Rochester after Don graduated 
from Cornell Law School. 

Lillian Reinesch Mallon, 11 Windham 
Crescent, Kings Park, L. I., N. Y. Lil is 
busy working and taking care of a new home. 

Nancy Sondles Janiszewski, Quarter L6, 
U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis. Michael 
11/54, Timothy 6/58. Nancy is moving to 
Hartford where her husband will be the Of- 
ficer in Charge at the Marine Corps Recruit- 
ing Station. 

Joyce Stanley Pederzini, 21 Ocean View 
Road, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Joyce now is 
a great ski enthusiast. 

Phyllis Swett Stern, 6322 N. E. 155th 
Street, Bothell, Washington. Carole Ann 
1/53, Beth 4/55, Charles 7/57. Phyllis is ac- 
tive with the faculty wives, University of 

Patricia Terry Chase, 82 Camp Street, 
Hyannis, Mass. Donald, Jr. 4/52, Timothy 
7/53, Terry Ann 3/56. Pat worked part 
time as a registered pharmacist. 

Cynthia Woodward Witherell, 218-B 
Christian Lane, Fort Benning, Ga. Nancy 
6/55, Andrew 11/57. Cynthia, whose hus- 
band has been a member of the Faculty at 
West Point, has recently been transferred to 
Fort Benning, Ga. 

Helen Gurski Bulat, 21 Merritt Street, 
Springfield, Mass. Helen works part time 
running a laboratory for a local internist. 

Jane Lemmermeyer Thornton, 183 Bed- 
ford Avenue, Merrick, L. I., N. Y. Cathy 

Patricia Penry Van Hoesen, Oakwood 
Road, Watchung, New Jersey. Up until a 
year ago Pat had been a department store 

Sally Priestman Costa, 14 Meadow Road, 
Farmington, Conn. Nicholas 7, Jillian 4, 
Victoria 2. 

Jacqueline Rollat Laborowski, 4944 Rose- 
wood Drive, Mission, Kan. 



Ann Fletcher Wilson, 33 Harvard Road, 
Littleton, Mass. Deborah 10/55, Scott 10/ 
57. Ann has been a newspaper reporter and 
helps her husband with photography work. 

Jean Gilmore Cook, 48 Washburn Ave- 
nue, Greenfield, Mass. Carolyn 5/50, Don- 
ald 5/52, Shirley 6/58. 

Mary Gilmore, 163 Commonwealth Ave- 
nue, Boston, Mass. Mary is Secretary to the 
Dean of the Engineering College, North- 
eastern University. 

Joan Kennedy Johnson, 249 Main Street, 
So. Acton, Mass. Arthur 1953, Diane 1955. 

Pamela Johns Leighton, Crystal Lake 
Drive, Sudbury, Mass. Deborah 11/49, 
Christopher 8/51. Has been working as Pre- 
payment and Insurance Co-ordinator and 
Counselor, Emerson Hospital, Concord, Mass. 

Nancy Newhall Mackay, 20 Winterset 
Lane, West Hartford, Conn. John 12/55, 
Stephen 2/59. 

Judy Parker Haas, Pembroke Hill Road, 
Pembroke, New Hampshire. Richard, Jr. 
11/50, Roger 7/54, Nancy 10/57. 

Kathryn Poore Hamel, 1409 Airfield Lane, 
Midland, Michigan. Kay is able to travel 
with Dana on business all over the States, so 
please drop her a card and maybe she will 
pop in on you. 

Betty Rainville Hallenbeck, R.D. 1, Pat- 
tersonville, New York. Jonathan 6/56, Car- 
olyn 3/58. 

Eleanor Ritchie Elmore, 272 Milburn 
Street, Rochester, N. Y. Lynn Andrea 11/54, 
Todd 2/58. 

Fay Robbins Morehouse, Castle Hill Farm, 
Ipswich, Mass. Lynn 1/52, Lisa 7/54, Kim- 
berly 10/58. 

Norma Pickett Wise, 212 Burgess Ave., 
Westwood, Mass. Jimmy 1/52, Bradley 
2/53, Barbara 4/55. 

Joan Thornton Briand, 17 Lakeview Ter- 
race, Woburn, Mass. Alphonse, Jr. 10/56, 
James 10/58. 

Marilyn Weeden Davidson, 103 Pettis 
Drive, Warwick, Rhode Island. Carole 
6/54, William 12/55. 

Janet White MacLure, 87 Lamberts Lane, 
Cohasset, Mass. Allison 2/53, Amy 2/55, 
Laurens, Jr. 5/56. Jan is still fooling around 
with dramatics, having been an officer in the 
Cohasset Drama Club, as well as playing 
much golf in summer, and skiing in winter. 

Diane Baird Jasset, 96 Nevada Street, 
Newtonville, Mass. Philip, Jr. 3/56, Douglas 

Susan Baer Gluck, 306 Beverly Road, 
Pittsburgh, Penna. Twins, Karen and Mi- 
chael 11/54, David 11/55. 

Barbara Berry Roberts, R.R. 2, Lexington, 
Nebraska. John 8/53, Dan 8/55, Steven 
12/56. In addition to her three boys, Barb 

keeps busy with the Jaycee Wives, PEO, 
Farm Extension. 

Marjorie Boynton Anderson, 20 Knoll- 
wood Road, Morristown, New Jersey. Theo- 
dore 6/53, Audrey 8/56, Neil 4/58. 

Carol Cedergren Henrickson, 225 Hill- 
berg Avenue, Brockton, Mass. Lee Robert 
6/52, Sandra 7/55. Carol is a laboratory 
technician at the South Shore Hospital in 
South Weymouth. 

Carolyn Clark Thomas, 28 Cedar Lane, 
Bristol, Virginia. Clark 6/58. Carolyn's 
activities include being Treasurer of the 
Bristol Speech and Hearing Center, and the 
Border Guild, Inc. 

Miriam Clark Williams, 23 Corliss Ave- 
nue, Gloucester, Mass. David 10/52, Sharon 
Lee 10/55, Christine 5/58. 

Nancy Colman Hill, 359 Potter Road, 
Saxonville, Mass. Daren 3/54, Dana 2/57, 
Eric 6/58. 

Nancy Conners Stoddard, 66 South Street, 
Proctor, Vermont. Philip, Jr. 12/53, Paula 

Corinne Capone McGuiggan, 161 Prospect 
Avenue, Revere. Laurie 7/52, Karen 12/54, 
Brian 10/56. Last year Corinne was Presi- 
dent of the Revere Junior Woman's Club. 

Nancy Curtis Grellier, Pennymeadow 
Road, Sudbury, Mass. Barbara 12/54, Rob- 
ert 5/58, Richard 6/14/60. Arthur and 
Nancy publish a paper called The WANT 
Advertiser, which is a local classified ads 

Pauline Donaldson Converse, Farrants 
Point, Newport, Vermont. Sandra 6/54, 
David 3/56. Up in them thar hills Pauli has 
been doing a lot of skiing these past win- 
ters, and I presume now that she and Mack 
have bought a boat she'll be water skiing. 
Last year she was busy as co-chairman of the 
Hospital Auxiliary. 

Violet Drulie Dhimos, 239 Lincoln Street, 
Lexington, Mass. Robert 4/53, Christine 
8/54. Both children were with Mummy at 
the Reunion luncheon. 

Carol Dunn Burns, Boardman Lane, Tops- 

Gail and busy David Bentley 
(Beverly Peterson '49) 


field, Mass. Mark, Jr. 1954, Sandra 1956, 
Gary 1958. 

Evelyn Frye White, 1454 Lawndale Road, 
Elkhart, Indiana. Douglas 6/54, Samuel 5/56. 

Janice Gray Palin, R.F.D. 3, Newport, 
Vermont. Oralie 12/56, William 12/58. 

June Gray Taylor, 20 Colby Road, Welles- 
ley, Mass. Sandra Lee 8/53, Greg 2/56. 

Elizabeth Honywill Horgan, 83 Elm 
Street, ' Tariffville, Conn. Paul 6/57. Betty 
is active in the 58 Club in Simsbury as well 
as the Junior Group of the D.A.R. 

Helen Hamilton Croot, West Granby 
Road, Granby, Conn. Laurie Lynn 4/58. 

Nancy Hayden Drooff, 6 Kent Road, New 
Britain, Conn.: Saw Nan the last week in 
June for a nice visit. She has a fascinating 
house with many unusual things Gerd had 
sent from Germany, as well as many souve- 
nirs she picked out when she was over last 
year visiting her in-laws. 

Martha Hurd Davenport, R.F.D. 1, Tower 
Road, Shelburne Falls, Mass. Marjorie 12/54, 
Christine 1/56, Barbara 4/57. Marty has a 
most unique new talent: driving a bulldozer 
and collecting and grading eggs. Massamet 
Meadow Farms. 

Ann Hollett Munro, 481 Division Ave- 
nue, Hicksville, N. Y. Peter 10/55, Eliza- 
beth 8/57. 

Louise Keene Mills, 155 Broadview Ave- 
nue, Auburn, Maine. Jeffrey 10/54, Scott 

Eva Laitinen Stromski, Gardner Road, 
Hubbardston, Mass. Donna Jeanne 12/50, 
Karen Lee 4/53, Edward 2/54. Eva has been 
busy since graduation — Assistant Treasurer 
Asnacomet Fed. Credit Union, Clerk of 
Assessors, 4-H Leader V-P extension club, 
plus copper tooling in her spare time. 

Dorothy Lindestrand Magnuson, 122 
Jason Street, Arlington, Mass. Nancy 5/55, 
Carolyn 5/57. 

Polly Martini Everett, 43 Fleetwood Drive, 
Hazlet, New Jersey. Walter 7/54, Ricky 
8/56. Pam was a District Democratic Com- 

Audrey Mitchell McKibben, 258 High- 
land Street, Dedham, Mass. Roberta 1954, 
Donna 1955, Heather 1958. 

Joan Pauling Smith, 185 Spindle Road, 
Hicksville, New York. Scott 5/51, Sandra 

Beverly Peterson Bentley, 62 Concord 
Road, Sudbury, Mass. Gail 8/54, David 
9/58. Bev makes up a news and advertising 
sheet (weekly) that is mailed to neany 
2,000 people in Sudbury. Bev's husband 
started it ten years ago, but in addition to 
his stationery store, it became too much so 
Bev stepped in. 

Joan Phelan, 74 Margin Street, Peabody, 

Mass. Joan is a medical technologist in 
Swampscott, Mass. 

Barbara Potier Grey, 151 Wethersfield 
Drive, Warwick, Rhode Island. John, Jr. 
8/56, Damien 7/58. 

Jean Russell Everson, 3 Bryant Crescent, 
White Plains, New York. In addition to 
writing a syndicated fashion column, Jean is 
a Fashion Director for a resident buying 
office. Extra curricula include Secretary to the 
Fashion Group, Inc., Scarsdale Woman's 
Club and Scarsdale Ski and Golf Club. 

Prilly Randall Hurter, 19 Kappins Path, 
Newton Centre, Mass. Stephen 8/52, Clif- 
ford 8/54, Priscilla 11/57. Vice President 
of the Oak Hill Park Woman's Club. 

Jean Sargent Lee, Box 321 Leather Lane, 
Beverly Farms, Mass. Cynthia 5/57, Peter 
5/58. Jean is taking an evening course in 
oil painting at Boston University. 

Mary Shoemaker Budge, 13 Manor Road, 
Livingston, New Jersey. Bruce 11/53, 
Sandra 2/54. 

Emogene Starrett Anderson, 60 Adams 
Street, Medfield, Mass. Sarah 2/54, Billy 
7/55, Susan 10/57. 

Betty Smales Young, 35 Benson Avenue, 
Seekonk, Mass. Elizabeth 11/52, Judith 
11/54, David 6/58. 

Joan Stowe Pedersen, 40 Wyndwood 
Road, Farmington, Conn. Lynn 6/54, Carl 
6/56, Virginia 6/57. Up until 1956, Joan 
was working as a medical lab. technician. 

Jane Wadhams Hazen, 21 East Maxwell 
Drive, West Hartford, Conn. Betsy 10/52, 
Linda 2/54. I see Jane bombing around 
town, frequently working on a project for 
the West Hartford Woman's Club of which 
she is a Board Member. 

Beverly Wallace Markey, 77 Curtis Ave- 
nue, Marlboro, Mass. Linda Ruth 2/57. 

Janice Wilder Davidson, R.F.D., Canton, 
Connecticut. Susan 12/52, Deborah 3/56. 

Boydes Wilson Smith, 140 Meadowbrook 
Road, Needham, Mass. Bradford 8/52, Clif- 
ford 6/55. 

Joan Wolfe Wickham, x-'49, 32 Hen- 
nessy Drive, Huntington, New York. Keith 
11/51, Mark 4/54, Bonnie Jean 3/58. 

Jean Wormuth Craig, 1 Coburn Hill 
Road, Concord, Mass.: Finally caught up 
with Jean and found she had taught Biol- 
ogy and Chemistry in Athol for a couple of 
years. For five years she was a secretary to 
a Professor in the Chemistry Department 
at MIT, and now is a Group Secretary at 
Lincoln Laboratory, MIT. 

Jeanne Zedren Scott, 145 Harvard Street, 
Newtonville 60, Mass. Leslie Jeanne 2/56. 
After leaving Lasell, Jeanne became a Reg- 
istered Nurse, and a surgical assistant to a 
plastic surgeon. 



June 1960 


Mrs. Peter W. Stanley 

( Jean Davies ) , Secretary 

7 Sherwood Road, Natick, Mass. 

Mrs. Lloyd Stockdale 

(Sabra Turner), Secretary 
118 Haverhill Drive, DeWitt 14, N. Y. 

Mrs. Richard K. Dey 

( Jacquelyn Temper ley) , Secretary 

400 Worcester Street, "Wellesley, Mass. 

Reunion morning, Saturday, June 11, 
dawned bright, balmy, and beautiful. From 
morning coffee and registration at Plum- 
mer to our visit at the White House for 
the President's Informal Reception — the 
hearts of all '50'ers were young and gay 
and more than a little nostalgic. It was a 
day made for strolling on our Alma 
Mater's lovely campus, reawakening most 
pleasant memories and reliving gone-by ex- 

The class business meeting immediately 
following luncheon under The Tent in- 
cluded some facts that those of you who 
weren't present might enjoy knowing. 

Class secretaries voted for the next five 
years are: Jean Davies Stanley, Sabra Turner 
Stockdale, and Jackie Temperley Dey. The 
new class co-agent with Sally is Mary Ann 
Sylvester Tremblay. 

Of the 277 questionnaires mailed to '50'ers 
and x-'50'ers, we received 141 returns — bet- 
ter than 50%, which pleased us. There were 
275 babies — 140 boys and 135 future 
Lasell Lu's and many cherubs due in the 
spring, summer and fall. 

We awarded a few prizes: — 

To the gal with the most children (5) 
Dot Goehring Rourke — a Lasell stuffed 
dog with freshman beanie. 

To the gal who came the greatest dis- 
tance — Phyllis Farr Blanton from Bran- 
don, Florida (1,333 miles) — stationery. 

To the most recently married (December 

26, 1959) — Iris Schofield McDonough — 
in California at reunion time — Lasell salt 
and pepper shakers were sent to her home in 
Burlington, Massachusetts. 

To the gal with the most outside activities 
— Barbara Schnelle Orton — a Lasell pill 

There were a few requests made of all of 
you which I shall reiterate here — because 
they bear repetition: 

When you're sending pictures of children 
to the LEAVES, please include yourself and 
spouse, or at least yourself in the picture. 

When you're moving, please, please, please 
sent a postcard to the Alumnae Office with 
change of address. 

Sally and I would like to take a line or 
two to publicly thank our willing helpers for 
their much-needed help with mailings, etc., 
for reunion: Mary Ann Sylvester Tremblay, 
Carmen Welch, Naomi Cox, Jan Foley, 
Helen Wetherbee, and Janice Halligan 
Maria. We are indebted. 

Reunion dinner at The Meadows in the 
evening with stags or spouses was attended 
by 64 persons. It was a great success — the 
food, delicious; the entertainment, enjoyable; 
and it was good fun to just sit and chat and 
catch up on news. The gals at the dinner 
were given a souvenir pearl bracelet with 
Lasell emblem, and the men received a small 
Lasell mug. 

Marilyn Bartlett Erratt journeyed from 
Michigan to her mother's in Haverhill, 
where her son remained while Marilyn came 
on to reunion. 

Margot Bergstrom Semonian took time 
out from her three daughters and busy Tufts 
Alumnae Association work to meet with 
other Draperites at Lasell and reunion din- 

Marilyn Caterson Zimmerman, now liv- 
ing in Valhalla, New York, enjoyed visiting 
campus again. 

Barbara Chipman Will tells us she man- 
ages to keep busy with two children, and 
community activities, including the local 
chapter of Sigma Phi Gamma International 

Jan Foley's parents opened their Glouces- 
ter beach house for reunion weekend to the 
Clark gals and others. Janet Debbs Waldele, 
Nancy Frank Daly, Joan Antun Rednor, 
Clare Gammons McMullan arrived on Fri- 
day night. During and after a lobster dinner, 
they chattered about Frankie's new home, 
Joan's two moves in four months, and 
Gubby's moving to Texas, among other 
things. They missed Eileen Duffy and 
Margie Gilbert, both in an order of teaching 
nuns. Anne Carpenter Towle and husband 
joined Jan and Gubby at The Meadows Sat- 



Reunion Morning 

urday and returned to Gloucester with them. 

We were sorry Joyce Davies Harrison 
couldn't reunion with us and her twin. 

Janet Deutsch Bogue and Bettie Ann Ker- 
rivan Davidson are two x-'50'ers who strolled 
on campus with us. We enjoyed talking 
with them — and thank them for their in- 
terest and faithfulness. 

Laura Eckert Gatto made the trek from 
Thornwood, New York, and it was good to 
see Barbara Grills Littlehale. 

Phyllis Farr Blanton tells us both she and 
her husband, licensed insurance agents for 
the State of Florida, operate their own 
agency in Brandon. 

Dot Goehring Rourke manages to find a 
little peace and quiet from her five children 
one night a week to attend rehearsals of the 
Worcester Music Festival Chorus. 

Joy Gustavson Smith is the active presi- 
dent of the Capital District (Albany area) 
Lasell Club. 

Janice Halligan Maria and Marilyn 
Powell Driscoll and husbands day-hopped it 
to The Meadows for dinner. 

June Handleman Gilmartin, thoroughly 
enjoying Connecticut living, manages to see 
many of the Broadway shows. 

Rusty Houde Dyer made the eleven-hour 
drive from Maryland to meet with us. 

Phyllis Howard Conner and Marylin Sar- 
gent Babineau, the "Bobbsey Twins" on a 
night out with their husbands, were looking 
forward to being New Hampshire neighbors 
when the Babineaus move to Lebanon. 

Sally Hughes Fasick's husband will attend 
Duke Graduate School of Forestry in the 
fall. They drove from Tennessee for reunion. 

Joanne Kelley Peters, despite being chief 
cook, bottle-washer and healer of all wounds 
at home, manages to do hospital volunteer 

Ellen Key Woodruff, besides being a 
Brownie leader, is secretary to Superintend- 
ent of a Sunday School in Murray Hill, New 

Lorraine LeClaire Ridgway tells us she 
and her husband are avid Sports Car Club 
members and enthusiastic square dancers. 

Pat Lynch O'Brien and family have re- 
cently returned East after spending six won- 
derful years in Aspen, Colorado, where their 
main interest was skiing. 

Anne Martin Egner and husband are ac- 
tive in a local young couples club, which 
takes a large part of their social activity time. 

Marilyn Munson Farrar enjoys a little gar- 
dening when her three children allow her 

Janet Murphy took time out from plan- 
ning her sixth West Indies cruise to join us 
in Auburndale. 

Marguerite Nahigian Sarkisian and Joyce 
Seymour Shaw were accompanied by their 
husbands at The Meadows. 

Nancy Nelson Weiss is a theatre-goer 
when she isn't sewing or knitting for son 

Marilyn Newhall Kendall is kept busy as 
assistant to the manager of the National 
Shawmut Bank. Both Marilyn and her hus- 
band are sports enthusiasts. 

Ellen O'Brien Montemurro and Rosemary 
O'Brien de Belay were seen in the Barn after 
the President's Tea, relaxing, chatting and 
thoroughly enjoying Lasell's beautiful cam- 
pus and their fond reminiscences. Ellen, the 
mother of four, is active in Jaycee work. 
Robbie, charming husband and their three- 
year-old daughter have just resettled in Long 
Island after two years in Vienna, Austria. 

Helen Panesis George held a reunion on 
Friday night at her home. With but four 
hours' sleep behind them, Miggie Olson, 
Bunkie Edmonds Golden, Winnie Olson 
Carlson, Dottie Torner Monahan and 
Leslie Humm Harburg were up and out. 

Jacqueline Paulding Hauser, Tillie Shaw 
Skinner, Carolyn Snook Rauscher, June 
Spottiswoode Beaulieu, Claire Wallis Har- 
ris, Joan Wallace Billings and Ann Winkle 
Winkler — all managed to join us for re- 

Doris Pinkham Collins and husband Bruce 
"Roast Beef" Collins were seen in The 
Meadows lounge before Bruce developed a 
chicken allergy. 

Shirley Reaves Fletcher and Mary Ann 
Sylvester Tremblay enjoyed a bit of "once 
was" resting from the day's activities as they 
sat drinking coffee in the Barn. 

Sabra Turner Stockdale with husband and 
children picnicked under the Tent with the 
Lasell family. 

Sally and I thank each and all for your co- 
operation the past ten years, and "in fare- 
well" we leave you with our love and "finan- 
cial status." 




Class of 1950 — June I960 Reunion 

The Meadows 

Guest Payments $381.00 

Bill for Meadows 284.37 

Balance $ 96.63 


Postage and Post Cards $ 18.10 

Checks .50 

29 Mugs @ $1.00 29.00 

36 Bracelets @ $1.20 43.20 

Prizes 5.45 

Total Expense $ 96.25 

Profit .38 

Bank Balance — Newton Savings Bank 

Deposit June 31/51 $ 66.30 

Interest 18.23 

$ 84.53 

Profit 6/60 .38 

Balance 7/1/60 $ 84.91 

— L.R.R. 

A few Changes of Address from the ques- 
tionnaires : 

Rosemary O'Brien deBelay: 87 Bay Shore 
Drive, Massapequa, L. I., N. Y. 

Ellen O'Brien Montemurro: 64 South 
First St., Meriden, Conn. 

Marilyn Haynes: Apt. 34, 356 Belmont 
Ave., Springfield, Mass. 

Joyce Collins Dunkin: R.D. #3, Dutton 
Mill Rd., West Chester, Penna. 

Joan Antun Rednor: 28-33 42d St., As- 
toria, N. Y. 

Carol Wolcott Godbout: 27 Wellington 
Ave., Warwick, R. I. 

Barbara Palmer Day x-'50: 25 Tremont 
St., Athol, Mass. 

Jane Roulstone Gillis: Cape Rd., Stock- 
ton Springs, Me. 

Nancy Ann Coggeshall Foose: 1205 Oak- 
wood Rd., Haddonfield, N. J. 

Virginia Hopson Griffin: 166 Sturges, 
Jamestown, N. Y. 

Christine Oliveto Davis: 19 West Lawn 
Rd., Livingston, N. J. 

Winifred Schulman: 50 Lafayette Place, 
Greenwich, Conn. 

Joyce Barnett Smith: 54 Quarter Turn 
Rd., West Levittown, Penna. 

Joan Dorau Hohorst: 2420 Gorno Dr., 
Trenton, Mich. 

Elizabeth Maclnnes Deal: 77 Leighton 
Rd., Hyde Park, Mass. 

Barbara McCooe Robbins: 323 Riverdale 
Dr., Rocky River, O. 

Stephany Sandler Kozol: 10 Evans Rd., 
Brookline, Mass. 

Nancy Shaw Foss: 3 Claflin Rd., Welles- 
ley, Mass. 

Cora Wyman Mugford: 13 Cee-Jay Ter- 
race, Wrentham, Mass. 

Priscilla Woods Tremper: 16 Maizland 
Rd., Red Hook, N. Y. 

Mary Ann Sylvester Tremblay: 42 Thorn- 
dike St., Arlington, Mass. 

Dorothy Torner Monahan: 38 Nokomis 
Ave., Oakland, N. J. 

Janet Debbs Waldele: 24 Algonquin 
Ave., Oceanport, N. J. 

Ellen Key Woodruff: 27 Salem Rd, Mur- 
ray Hill, N. J. 

Marilyn Powell Driscoll: 124 Willow St, 
West Acton, Mass. 

Anita Angelus Koulopoulos: 15 Virginia 
Rd, Waltham, Mass. 

Elizabeth Kerrivan Davidson x-'50: 8 Sur- 
rey Rd, Salem, Mass. 

Patricia Dale Hartnett x-'50: 277 West 
St, Paxton, Mass. 

Claire Dodge Davis: 63 Summit Trail, 
Sparta, N. J. 

Phyllis Howard Connor: 88 Maple St, 
West Lebanon, N. H. 

Orilla Shaw Skinner: 22 Christine Rd, 
Bristol, Conn. 

Marilyn Bartlett Erratt: 3810 Boston St, 
Midland, Mich. 

Joan Darwent Ross: 338 Long Rd, Pitts- 
burgh, Penna. 

Jane Abels Eshbaugh: 1282 Wood Valley 
Rd, Mountainside, N. J. 

Dorothy North Zeikle: 156 Pershing 
Ave, Ridgewood, N. J. 

Joyce Seymour Shaw: 52 Conant Rd, 
Westwood, Mass. 

Carol Hanna Neubauer: 7511 E. 19th 
Ave, Denver, Colo. 

Joan Koch Ryan: 18 Pierce Ave, Cress- 
kill, N. J. 

With '50 Under The Tent 



Rusty and Elizabeth Talbot 
(Ann Woods '52) 


Mrs. Robert B. Borden 

(Barbara Adams), Secretary 

12 Myrna Rd., Lexington, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

(Barbara Voorman), Assistant 

303 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Mary Ellen Wait, Assistant 
7 Warren Terrace, Newton Centre, Mass. 

June 1961 brings 10th Reunion. Let's 
hear from every '51-er and soon. 

A not-soon-to-be-forgotten luncheon was 
enjoyed by Barbara Adams Borden at the 
Harvard Club last April. The New Eng- 
land Women's Press Association presented 
one of Barb's famed "painted bricks" to 
Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Recent dinner guests of Sarah Poteat Du- 
Hammell were Carol Bancroft, Joan Groc- 
cia Cowan, Joan's husband and their young 
daughter. Thanks to Sally for sending 
Marion Stupak Bouchie's new address — 
23 State Street, Marblehead, Mass. 

Mildred Hobson became Mrs. Frank Ga- 
bron in January 1958, and is now living at 
14 Division Street, Manchester, Conn. 

Carol Wei don Leahy writes: "When we 
were first married, Mike — then a lowly 
Navy ensign — spent 18 months in Hawaii, 
and then three months in Europe. Now we 
are all settled in a delightful contempo- 
rary house in Silver Spring, Maryland. Sean 
is four years old and Kathleen, two." 

Peggy Dodd Schmidt has recently moved 
to 231 Elvia Court, San Rafael, Calif. 


Mrs. Edward Berghaus 

(Suzanne Baney), Secretary 

13 University Avenue, Chatham, N.J. 

Ann Woods Talbot and family are "en- 
joying ourselves so very much in beautiful 
Hawaii, where Frank is stationed with the 
Navy. Our son, Frank III, or Rusty is 
three years old and Elizabeth Ann, who was 
born in Honolulu, celebrates her first birth- 
day in September I960." 

Joan Roberts Limmer is "on the move 
again — this time to 19389 Brusk Court, 
Castro Valley, Calif." 

From Ruth Easterlind Cederberg: "We 
now are a family of five — Beth, Gale and 
baby Chuck. I manage to see a few of the 
1952 Briggsites every year." 

Donna Silver Carter and daughter Diane 
are now living at 1433 Riverview Avenue, 
Peekskill, N. Y. 

Sarapee Snitwongse Nandabhiwat sends 
word of the arrival of her second son on 
July 13, 1959, and of her niece's arrival on 
December 22d — ■ the second daughter of 
Molly Snitwongse Panyarachun '54. Kitty 
Snitwongse x-'54 received her Ph.D. degree 
from Tufts University in June and her 
father came from Bangkok for the gradua- 
tion exercises. 

New Addresses: Phyllis Gleason Riley: 
1005 E. Madison Drive, Pensacola, Fla. 

Martha Thomas Hasak: 876 Oldfield Road, 
Fairfield, Conn. 

Terry Wingate Machette: Newry Lane, 
Hollidaysburg, Penna. 


Mrs. Harry Gardner 

(Althea Janke), Secretary 

30 Main Street, Emerson, N.J. 

Mrs. Roland A. Nesslinger 

(Sylvia Pfeiffer), Assistant 
3 Mason Court, Delaware, Ohio 

The Burgund Girls 
(Marianna Firebaugh '52) 



Patricia Binks DeLisle writes — "In May 
'59 my husband and I moved to a new six- 
room Dutch colonial home. At the time 
I was employed by the State in the Depart- 
ment of Health and Welfare as a child 
welfare worker. Our daughter, Stacey Ann, 
arrived on July 30, 1959. 

Virginia Faesy's letter came to us from 
Switzerland. After leaving Lasell, Virginia 
studied at Columbia University in New 
York. In June 1956, she went to Europe, 
saw a little of England, France and Italy 
and on to Switzerland, where she has been 
ever since. She worked eight months in a 
children's creche in Zurich. 

Leonora Coronella Kreuger writes that 
she and her husband have moved so many 
times that the mailman had difficulty keep- 
ing up with them. Leo and her husband 
have had a most interesting time in Japan. 
On their return they lived in Oregon and 
now are located in San Diego, California. 
In the late fall of I960 Leo and daughter, 
Karen Lee, plan to visit with her family in 

Marie Low Christensen: The word comes 
of the birth of a fourth daughter, Kamma 
Rae, on April 1, I960. Her other daugh- 
ters are Karen, 5, Kristina, 4, and Karalee, 
2. Marie and her husband and daughters 
moved into a brand-new eight-room Cape 
Cod house on January 16, I960. 

Elaine Crook Birrell writes that she and 
her husband are building a home in Green- 
wood, R. I. She said that she has been 
keeping in touch with Joan Darelius Chirn- 
side, Pat Ripley Petit, Liz Sleight Dexter 
and Nancy Chase Ferguson through the 
Rhode Island Lasell Club. 

Taffy (Barbara) Fausel Warren writes 
that she and her husband, Bob, bought a 
new split-level house about two years ago. 
The Warrens have three children: Kathleen 
(born December 20, 1956), Kevin (born 
December 23, 1957) and Michael (born 
August 13, 1959). Joan Godfrey Emmert 
and Maggie Angus Christman and their 
families (the three gals were "roomies") 
came to the Warrens for a week-end. Con- 
fusion reigned but much fun was had by all. 

Claire LeLiberte Adler writes she and her 
husband, Bob, had a second honeymoon in 
New York City in November seeing all the 
sights and shows. They and their two 
daughters, Lynn and Nancy, are living in 
Simsbury, Connecticut. 

Eva Bunzel is still with N.B.C. in San 
Franciso. She wrote to us on January 6, 
I960 and at that time was planning a two- 
week stint with the Radio-TV Committee 
of the Olympics at Squaw Valley in Febru- 
ary, and a trip to Europe in May. 

Mary Lou Burke Alexander writes that 

she and her husband and young sons (Ken 
and Tom) are looking forward to a sum- 
mer vacation in New England. The Alex- 
anders have a new and beautiful home in 
Ponca City, Oklahoma. 

Cynthia DeGelleke Cole's husband, John, 
completed his residency in Urological Sur- 
gery on July 1, I960. Cynthia and her hus- 
band spent New Year's Eve with Doris 
Hungerford Zaenglein and her husband, 
Eric, at the Zaengleins' home. 

Janet Hart Wilson writes from Florida 
that her husband is a chemist with Pratt 
and Whitney Florida United. Janet writes 
they spend a good deal of time at the beach 
since their home is only five minutes away 
by car. The Wilsons have a twenty-one 
month old daughter, Jana. 

Judy Brewer Campbell's husband is the 
Chief Industrial Engineer at Alan Wood 
Steel Company in Conshohocken and the 
Campbell's home is in Flourtown, five 
miles away. On December 30, 1959, Chris- 
topher Lavino Campbell, was born. 

Barbara Morris wrote to us before her 
wedding on January 23, I960 to Mr. Lee 
Louria. Barbara had been living in New 
York for over two years and was in charge 
of the editorial department at Dennison, 
101 Park Avenue. Barbara's husband, an 
Amherst and Syracuse Law School graduate, 
is in the employee relations department at 
Sperry Gyroscope. 

Audrey Lang Clark is once again living 
in Niagara Falls. Her husband, having 
completed a two-year tour of Army duty, is 
back at his previous job with Union Car- 
bide Metals. The Clarks have two girls — 
Donna Jean and Cynthia Ann. During the 
Christmas holidays, Audrey visited Ruth 
Stockbridge Tolar. 

Priscilla Boggs Killian is working with 
Sylvania in Waltham, Massachusetts, as 
is her husband. Priscilla and John, who 
have some land in Acton, Massachusetts, 
plan to build soon. Priscilla's husband re- 
ceived his Master's Degree in Electrical 
Engineering from Northeastern University 
in January. 

Barbara Bytner Holleran says being mar- 
ried to a funeral director plus taking care 
of two small children (Maureen and Tim- 
my) makes for a busy life. Barbara says 
she is thinking of going back to school — 
but quite a bit different from Lasell Junior 
College. This would be to secure a license 
for the funeral business and the school 
would be McAllister's School of Embalm- 
ing in New York City. 

Carolyn Martin Flahive writes that her 
two children, a son (Chester III) and a 
daughter (Dorothy Ann) forced them out 



of their three-room apartment in Spring- 
field by arriving on the scene exactly one 
year apart. 

Evie Criscuolo Barlow sends a new ad- 
dress: Z-10 Park Lane, Garden Hills, Baya- 
mon, Puerto Rico — and this additional 
news: "On June 13, 1958 I was married to 
Homer Barlow, a native of Peoria, Illinois, 
and at present an executive with the B. F. 
Goodrich Tire Company branch here in 
Puerto Rico. Our daughter Evangeline 
Marie, born March 26, 1959, is a treasure. 
Do hope any Lasell friends traveling this 
way will find time to visit." 

Lillian Medhurst Meiggs writes from a 
new address — 148 Broad Street, Middle- 
town, Conn., where her husband, Bill, is 
curate of The Church of the Holy Trinity. 
Their 13-month-old adopted son, Wayne 
Bradford, is the joy of their lives and the 
pride of the parish. 

Merah Pratt is now Mrs. Restcom E. 
Peabody, Jr., 409 East McKinley Street, 
Tempre, Arizona. Her two daughters are 
Merah Kimberly, 2l/ 2 > and Kristin, l 1 /?. 

Lois Lubets Allen's husband is proprietor 
of Tante's Gift Shop in Newton Centre. 
Lois would "love to see any Lasell friends 
who are shopping in this vicinity." 

Betty Lou Page and her mother spent a 
delightful summer vacation in Scandinavia. 

Diane Cueny Harden writes: "Our son, 
Jeffrey, celebrated his second birthday No- 
vember 25th. He is a little peanut with 
big blue eyes and very active. Roger and I 
spent our vacation on the Cape last summer 
and enjoyed a surprise visit with Stephanie 
Wennberg Conkling on our way. She and 
Jack have two lovely daughters. 

In June, Jean Smith DiLeone's husband 
received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry 
from Rutgers University. 

Jean Weeks Hanna recently joined the 
Order of the Eastern Star, is secretary of a 
church group and does hospital volunteer 

Joan Schur Sommers admits her two 
young children keep her more than busy. 
Her husband, Bernard, is associated with 
the law firm of Becker and Murphy in New- 
burgh, N. Y. Joan would love to see any 
Lasell gals who chance to be in that area. 

Millie Savramis Raizes tells us she and 
her family are now living at 603 Broad 
Street, Portsmouth, N. H. Her husband is 
in the restaurant business, and their two 
sons are Anthony (b. 6/21/56) and 
Nicholas (b. 11/16/57). 

Carol Downes Patterson x-'53 writes that 
she and her husband with their two daugh- 
ters, Debbie and Pamela, spent the winter 
of 1959 in Europe. He was stationed in 


Anthony and Nicholas Raizes 
(Emilie Savramis '53) 

Peter and David Hauck 
(Janet Pearson '53) 



The Averill Brothers 
(Eugenia Snow '53) 

Brussels and they managed a visit or two 
in Paris. Carol's husband is now an execu- 
tive pilot for I.B.M. and they plan to move 
to Poughkeepsie soon. 

To bring '53-ers up-to-date with Ann 
Bernstein x-'53: She was married to Robert 
Talner on June 21, 1953. With their son, 
Stephen, they are now living at 196 Old 
Wilmot Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Elizabeth Keys Gage writes that she and 
Tom have settled with their family at 75 
Lincoln Place, Waldwick, N. J. Their 
daughter, Karen, will be five in April, and 
Peter celebrates his third birthday in No- 
vember, I960. 

New Addresses: Patricia Binks DeLisle: 9 
Olive Road, South Portland, Maine. 

Judy Brewer Campbell: 601 Maple Lane, 
Flourtown, Pennsylvania. 

Mary Lou Burke Alexander: 732 Edge- 
wood Drive, Ponca City, Oklahoma. 

Barbara Bytner Holleran: c/o 89 Orange 
Avenue, Irvington, New Jersey. 

Leonora Coronella Krueger: c/o U.S.S. 
Skagit (AKA 105) F.P.O. San Francisco, 

Eleanor Cowley: 296 Garfield Place, 
Brooklyn, New York. 

Virginia W. Faesy: 42 Main Street, Ridge- 
field, Connecticut. 

Janet Hart Wilson: 619 53rd Street, West 
Palm Beach, Florida. 

Marie Low Christensen: P.O. Box 99 — 
35 Circuit Drive, Stow, Massachusetts. 

Marianne Sinclitico Shibel: 14652 Horger 
Street, Allen Park, Michigan 

Ruth Stockbridge Tolar: 33A East Street, 
Medfield, Massachusetts. 

Donna Rae Thompson Friggle: 1630 
North Edgemont Street, Apt. F-4, Los 
Angeles 27, California. 

Nancy Yager Weller: 36 Castle Way, 
Basking Ridge, New Jersey. 

Martha and Karl Nesslinger 
(Sylvia Pfeiffer '53) 

John and Elizabeth Anne Cole 
(Cynthia DeGelleke '53) 

Brenda English with Brother Gary 
(Janice Sparks '54) 



Lewis Stecker 
(Susan Cluett '54) 

Grandpa Bagley holds Charles and 
Edward Jackson. Behind them is Bill, 
husband of Carol Bagley Jackson '54. 

Mary Atterbury Bradshaw '54 and 

Nancy Swanson Horsfield '54 with their 


The Browns 
(Jeanette Marvin '54) 




Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

(Martha Ellis), Secretary 
169 Lexington St., Watertown, Mass. 

Mrs. Alan W. Coles 

(Ann Lethbridge), Assistant 

82-A Woodland Rd., Short Hills, N.J. 

Mrs. William H. Moebius 

(Ann Chidsey), Assistant 

3370 Paris Street, Beaumont, Texas 

Ruth Murdick Ryba's husband, who re- 
ceived his Ph.D. in metallurgy at Iowa State 
University in June, is now a member of the 
faculty at Penn State. Their new address is 
105 Clinton Avenue R.D., State College, 

Nancy Swanson Horsfield writes from Box 
424, R.D. #1, Coventry, Conn.: "Dick com- 
pleted work for a degree in civil engineering 
at New York University in July and was 
elected to the national Civil Engineering 
Honorary Fraternity. We were delighted 
when he was offered a position in Windsor 
and wasted no time in moving from the city. 
The children adore the country and we have 
enjoyed entertaining our friends this sum- 
mer." Nancy added this interesting post- 
script: "By the way, N.Y.U. night students' 
wives receive a 'degree' too — for faithful 
service in preserving peace and quiet while 
hubbies study." 

From Willie Gomperts Hayduk x-'54: 
"Have been so busy settling in our new 
home — 30 Canterbury Road, White Plains, 
N. Y. We are looking forward to a wonder- 
ful summer — in July we leave for Europe 
and plan to visit relatives in Holland — 
have not seen them since 1946." 

Toni Hayden Durkee has "moved again 
— and do hope this will be permanent — 
for a while. We have a cute brick house in 
suburban Dayton — just five minutes' walk 
from John's work at National Cash Register. 
Surely would love to see a familiar Lasell 
face!" Toni's address: 3671 Tait Road, Ket- 
tering, Ohio. 

New Addresses: Marguerite Chandler: Long 
Pond, Route #2, Buzzards Bay, Mass. 

Marlene Haake Schuler: 8 Station Lane, 
Huntington, L. I., N. Y. 

Jane Hudson Bodin: 48 Walnut Terrace, 
Holden, Mass. 

Constance Quebec: 2215 Beach Street, San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Sandra Reynolds Grant: 357 Windsor 
Ave., Glen Ellyn, 111. 

Dorothy Schanberg Goldman: 705 Im- 
perial Woods Dr., Vestal, N. Y. 


Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

( Carolyn Chapin ) , Secretary 

123 Vadnais Circle, West Springfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

( Ruth Birch ) , Assistant 

2464 Alida St., Oakland, Calif. 

Mrs. Alan Nelson 

( Susan Twitchell ) , Assistant 

Unit 84, 70 Central Avenue 

New Haven, Conn. 


The day of our fifth reunion was a beauti- 
ful one for the seventy-eight girls plus a 
number of husbands who met at 10:30 a.m. 
for coffee at Plummer. It was wonderful to 
see so many classmates and to hear what each 
had been doing since Lasell days. 

After the Alumnae meeting and Luncheon 
on The Recreation Field, we visited the 
familiar houses as well as the new buildings 
on campus, and enjoyed watching the crown- 
ing of the June Queen and attending the re- 
ception on the lawn of the President's Home 

— a spot new to us. 

In the evening, many of us met for dinner 
at Robin Hood's Ten Acres in Wayland and 
took advantage of every minute to visit and 
talk with Lasell friends — not quite enough 

— but it will have to do for the next five 

News of the gals who were on campus: 

Abby Alderman Kleinberg: Secretary to 
Chief, Pulmonary Disease Service, V.A. Hos- 
pital, West Haven, Connecticut. 

Thelma Appel Kaplan: Housewife and 

Joan Baker Cornell: Retailing — buyer of 

Judith Bowen Drews: Housewife — much 
skiing last winter and gardening now. 

Sally Joyce Buswell: Housewife! 

Theresa Brossi Ciarcia: Housewife. 

Patricia Brown Bowers: Clerk in "The 
Book Shop" — Record Department. 

Merna Carl: Medical secretary. 

Carolyn Chase Purcell: "Taught first grade 
for two years in Plainville, Massachusetts. In 
October we were married and lived in Indi- 
anapolis, Indiana until the first of April when 
Dick was transferred to the Park Avenue, 
New York City office of Union Carbide." 

Suzanne Clark: Assistant children's li- 
brarian. Interests — skiing, bowling, travel. 
On the program committee in the young 
adults church group. 

Judith Cohen Kniznik: Housewife — ac- 
tive in organization work and community ac- 



Susan Jeffrey 
(Susan Schofield '55) 

Anne Cranton Mix: Just being a mom — 
gardening, sewing. 

Sally Cranton Nolan: Housewife — typ- 
ing in my home ■ — sewing. 

Carol Cunningham: Kindergarten teacher, 
2Yz years; now buyer of fashion-jewelry de- 
partment in Tilden-Thurber — exporters and 
importers, golfing and bowling. 

Elinor Dana Righter: Housewife. 

JoAnne Di Pietro Di Marco: Housewife 
and mother — golf and bridge. 

Patricia Downing Card: Clerical work 
— Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. 

Priscilla Fenton Abercrombie: Jack attends 
Fairleigh Dickinson — working for a Mas- 
ter's Degree. We miss New England. 

Joan Geddes Grant: Housewife and 

Sandra Gold Leach: Boston University — 
College of Liberal Arts — B.A. Degree. 

Susan Gray Lichtenstein: Busy housewife. 

Ethel Griffin Browning: Junior Chamber 
of Commerce — water skiing. 

Carolyn Hall: Miscellaneous courses, 
Boston College and Boston University. 

Barbara Hammett Mills: Housewife. 

Elaine Heath: Art Supervisor — Hing- 
ham Public Schools, Hingham, Mass. 

Diana Hendley Cooper: Secretary to the 
Director of Purchases, General Motors 
Corporation. Travelling, golf, bridge, Jay- 
cettes, and church activities. 

Charleen Herrling Smith: Arrangement 
co-ordinator for public relations of Smith, 
Kline & French Laboratory. 

Ann Heyman: Teller, Banker's Trust 
Company, Madison Avenue, New York, 
N. Y. 

Janet Holmes: Working for the English- 
Speaking Union in New York City. Plan- 
ning itineraries and trips around the 
United States for British teachers travelling 
on scholarships. 

Eunice Kerkins Monticone: Hartford 
Hospital School of Medical Technology. 

Beverly Kimball Lamburn: Secretary — 
United Aircraft Export Corporation — 

Doris Lachhein Dickert: Housewife. 

(Jody) Joanne Larsen: Teaching Home 
Economics at Kennebunk, Maine. Leader 
Senior Girl Scout Troup. Advisor Jr. Red 
Cross and Future Homemakers of America 
— Schubert Club of Kennebunk (National 
Federation of Musical Women). 

Janice Leavitt McCarthy: Housewife — 
Bowling League — Typing at home — 
Sewing Club. 

Mary Mack Gutsche: Secretary — De- 
partment of Psychiatry, University of Roch- 
ester Medical Center. President — Roch- 
ester Lasell Club, Secretary of the Medical 
House Staff and Student Wives Group at 
The University of Rochester Medical Cen- 

Janet McCormack Garland: Housewife — 
my husband is a Naval Officer and I enjoy 
Navy life very much. 

Carol Merwin Robinson: Secretary at 
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. 

Mildred Monahan Regan: Secretary to 
Dr. T. V. Atwater (Dynaforth Associates), 
Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Joan Murano: Secretary for investment 
firm — ■ Active in Republican Clubs — 
Planning a fall wedding. 

Adeline Neusner Bain: Housewife and 
mother — ■ bridge. 

Linda Nolin Ahern: Housewife — ski- 

Arlene Pariseau Cairns: Housewife. 

Ann Pierson Scott: Secretary for dentist. 

Rose-Marie Ravalese Ermilio: House- 
wife, Church and Social Organizations — 
Broadway Theatre League, Lasell Alum- 
nae, Women's Club. 

Cynthia Raymond: Personnel assistant at 
the Hotel Corporation of America. 

Patricia Regamey Switaj: Housewife and 
mother — love it! 

Anita Royer Martin: Housewife. 

Beryl Schelhorn Frey: Homemaker — 
Love to garden ! 

Susan Schofield Jeffrey: Housewife, golf- 
ing (duffer) and church work. 

Joan Shanley: Secretary in the law firm 
of Shanley and Shanley. 

Audrey Silver Rogers: Housewife — 
Secretary of the New Haven Lasell Club, 



Church Choir — Secretary Local Agri- 
cultural Extension Club of "homemakers." 

Carole Smith Handler: Housewife; Edi- 
tor of B'nai B'rith Chapter's monthly bul- 
letin; President of Woman's American 

Sandra Stone Myerow: Secretary in a Bos- 
ton law office. 

Dorcas Styles Hodgkins: Housewife. 

Francine Symonds Paresky: Secretary. 

Angela Tabellario: Participating in Di- 
etetic Internship at Grace— New Haven 
Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut. Plan- 
ning a September wedding. 

Phyllis Thompson Vesey: Minister's wife. 
Junior Women's Club. Collecting old epi- 

Maryjane Tidman Bridges: A loving 
mother and wife! 

Barbara Travis Hendrick: Homemaker. 

Nancy Tripp Taylor: Housewife — 
mother — bridge — corresponding secre- 
tary of Albany Lasell Club. 

Mary Waterman Weaving: Homemaker, 
hiking, swimming, also like to do garden- 

Beverly Wormwood McVickar: House- 
wife — Secretary Hospital Aid Associa- 
tion, bowling team and evening classes at 
high school. 

News from the gals unable to join us: 

June Anderten Seifert: Fashion designer 
(children's wear). 

Ruth Birch Bastis: Homemaker — bridge 
club — church clubs. 

Ann Bottjer O'Donnell: Housewife. 
Would love to see you all at Reunion, 
just don't see how I can make it. Give 
my love to all the Carpenter girls and 
hope to see you for the 10th — if not 

Sue Cassan Jones: B.S. Syracuse Univer- 

Jane Clark: Stewardess with National 
Airlines, Miami based. 

Lois Dauley Rankin: Housewife. 

Patricia Friberg Karnedy: Just bought a 
home and are in the process of getting 
settled. The Mid-West is fine, but we do 
miss New England. 

Iris Gabel Bellings: My husband and 
two adorable daughters are my interests 
right now, they are my reasons why I 
cannot be with you on our 5th Reunion. 
Regards to all. 

Donna Gearhart Vincent: Secretary, E. I. 
DuPont de Nemours, Inc., Wilmington, 
Delaware — Active in Civic affairs in 

Lorrie Ginsburg Magid: My husband is 
presently in the U. S. Army as a Captain 
serving as an oral surgeon at Ft. Sill, Okla. 

Gail Gluck Davis: A housewife and love 

every minute of it. 

Jane Gray Milne: Housewife. 

Patricia (Tish) Gura Conroy: House- 
wife — outside and inside interest and ac- 
tivities are chasing a very active nine- 
month-old son. 

Joyce Happ Campbell: Occupation — 
totally homemaker: Member of Jr. Fed- 
erated Women's Club of New Jersey — 
Member of church choir and church board 
of directors. 

Florence Iaione: First Grade Teacher. 

Bobbie Jennings: Airline Stewardess, 
Eastern Airlines. Skin diving and explor- 
ing Bahamas. 

Barbara Judd Ozinga: Am presently 
working as secretary for Raymond Inter- 
national Inc. 

Barbara Karasik Davidson: Just a busy 

MaryLee Klipper Singer: Housewife. Our 
special hobby: a "show" St. Bernard. 

Judith Lanese Karazulas: Housewife. 

Nancy Legare deWolf: Housewife. Feel 
more than a little homesick for good old 
New England when I think of Lasell and 
Woodland days! We were in Boston for 
three weeks over the Christmas holidays 
and loved it — ■ snow and all. My best to 
all the girls at the Reunion. If any of you 
vacation California-way, I'd love to see 

Nancy Lincoln Martin: Assistant to di- 
rector of marketing, Raymond Loewy As- 
sociates Memorial Committee — Cardio 
Pulmonary Program at Flower-Fifth Ave- 
nue Hospital — New York City. 

Lucille Marden Randall: Accounting De- 
partment, United Life & Accident Insur- 
ance Company, Concord, N. H. Outside 
activities — reading, knitting and swim- 

Anne Merchant Davis: Medical secretary. 

Sally Ann McGill: Insurance agent with 
Liberty Mutual. Skiing in winter and sail- 
ing in summer. 

Cindy Nicol Peterson: Housewife. 

Marion Nutter Bredehoft: Enjoying 
home life once again after being separated 
for a year by the Air Force. Though I 
cannot be with you in person, my thoughts 
will be with you all at Reunion time. 

Beverly O'Brian Perry: Housewife and 

Nancy Peirce Driscoll: Homemaker. 

Elizabeth Reynolds: Toured the state of 
California last summer. 

Patricia Reynolds Fisher: Officer's Wives 
and Squadron Wives Clubs. 

Jean Ryder Tyler: Housewife, and ac- 
tive in church affairs. 

Sally Sherman Madgett: Housewife — 
church work, bridge club. 

Susan Sherrill Seggel: Housewife. 



Barbara Stirone Nichols: Housewife. 

Mary Sweenor Ruggieri: Manager at the 
family candy store. 

Susan Thomas Wiard: Busy with hus- 
band and children; Officer's Wives Club. 
Play bridge often and keep up with gar- 
dening, sewing and some travelling. Hope 
to be in Hawaii two more years. Have a 
wonderful Reunion! 

Jean Van Buskirk Swanfeldt: Housewife, 
husband is minister of the Warren Meth- 
odist Church so activities revolve around 

Marilyn Wells Stewart: Housewife. 
Naval Officers' Wives Club. 

New Addresses: Judith Bowen Drews: 19 
Woodridge Road, Littleton, Mass. 

Carolyn Chase Purcell: 12 Burlington 
Dr., Norwalk, Conn. 

Jane Clark: 392-C N. Royal Poinciana 
Blvd., Miami Springs, Fla. 

Lorrie Ginsberg Magid: 1623 N. 25th 
St., Lawton, Okla. 

Ann Harris Hughes: 336 Concord Rd., 
Bedford, Mass. 

Joyce Happ Campbell: Box 49, Swarts- 
wood, N. J. 

Jean Phillips: Rock Maple Avenue, Ham- 
ilton, Mass. 

Barbara Schuster Klinefelter: 50 Acker- 
man PL, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Francine Symonds Paresky: 636 Wash- 
ington St., Brookline, Mass. 


Mrs. John A. Jordan, Jr. 

(Betsy Belsterling), Secretary 

1546 D-l Catasauqua Rd., Bethlehem, Penna. 

Mrs. Rudolph A. Kraft, Jr. 

(Peggy Schwingel), Assistant 

4 Princeton PL, Princeton Junction, N. J. 

Mrs. Martin B. Hamilton 

(Gail Swett), Assistant 

1569-A Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 

The Class extends sympathy to Phyllis 
Steckler Thomas, whose younger brother, 
Jon L. Steckler, passed away in April. 

Joan Descheneaux Ormsby is an assistant 
in the Service League Office of the Museum 
of Science in Boston. Joan will assist in 
recruiting volunteers for work in various 
Museum departments and plans the vol- 
untary activities and volunteer service of 
League members. 

Bette Putnam Prokop is "thrilled and 
excited about Jan's new assignment." The 
Prokops' latest and intriguing address is 
c/o U. S. Embassy, Apartado 68, Caracas, 

Karen Bloom Greenblott has moved to 
126 Pearl Street, Thompsonville, Conn. 
Karen has two children — Dawn and 

Betsy Belsterling Jordan's first grocery 
shopping expedition in Bethlehem was a 
suprising one. She found herself facing 
Sally Sherman Mudgett '55, who lives in 
the same apartment building. 

Kay Mayo Hancock is enjoying her new 
home in Natick, Mass. — 95 North Main 
Street. Husband Chuck is now a candidate 
for a Ph.D. degree. 

For the second year, Iris Wolfe was a 
winner of a scholarship award given by the 
Jewish Professional Women's Club of New 
Bedford, Mass. Iris is a student at Boston 

Peggy Schwingel Kraft writes: "What a 
small world it is and I am always amazed 
at finding Lasell friends. One of the con- 
testants on a TV program recently was 
none other than Dee LaMella." Peggy has 
notified the Alumnae Office that she is in- 
terested in organizing a Lasell Club in the 
central New Jersey area, and she would be 
pleased to hear from any friends and 
alumnae in that vicinity. 

Barbara Foster, secretary of the Roch- 
ester Club, had two glorious weeks of va- 
cation in Puerto Rico and "even took a 
flying pass at St. Thomas. Great fun!" 

Thelma Epstein Lapides, husband and 
young son, Jeffrey, "adore living in St. 
Louis." Thelma's address there is 9173 
Wrenwood Lane. 

Alice Paugh Keefer, now the mother of 
two young daughters, is living at 735 
South 46th St.. Boulder, Colo. 

Kathryn Rohleder is a secretary with the 
Walter Thompson Company, a New York 
advertising agency. 

Two new addresses: Louise Bernson Neiter- 
man: 71-1 Middlesex Road, Waltham, 

Adele DeFrancesco Towle: 72 Russell 
Road, Fanwood, N. J. 

Diane and Barry Prokop 
(Bette Putnam '56) 




Mrs. Robert C. Chase 

(Joan Stanford), Secretary 

734 Maryland Avenue, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Patricia Koules, Assistant 
201 Goden Street, Belmont, Mass. 

6 Stanley Oval, Westfield, N.J. 

Bobbi Sturges took time out from a ten- 
nis game — and on the Fourth of July — 
to send these bits of news: 

Janet Lutringer has been appointed buyer 
for the girls' and sub-teen department at 
C. O. Miller's in Stamford, Conn. Nancy 
Sommer, a buyer of sportswear for the 
same department store, has been given the 
additional title of Fashion Chairman. 

Mary Jane Donohue, a second grade 
teacher in the Waltham (Mass.) schools, 
enjoyed her vacation work — July and 
August — at the Shannon airport in Ire- 

Barbara Jorgensen is also teaching sec- 
ond grade. Her class of 27 little boys are 
enrolled at Mt. Loratto on Staten Island. 

Janet Coulter Langmaid received a B.S. 
degree in Education from Wheelock Col- 
lege in June. Her husband is now sta- 
tioned at the Sawyer Air Force Base in 
Gwinn, Michigan. 

Mary Lou Reich Cushner is now living 
at 170 Church Street, Waltham, Mass., 
and Elizabeth May Kolls has recently 
moved to 5661 Sanger Avenue, Alexandria, 


Virginia M. Ambrose, Secretary 
82 Eastern Drive, Wethersfield, Conn. 

Mrs. John A. Fairchild 

(Betty Anderson), Secretary 

6 Arlington Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 

In Memoriam: Judith Fulton Leonard 
x-'58 on August 10, I960 at West Harwich, 
Mass. Judy is survived by her parents, her 
husband, son Daniel, and two sisters. 

Other News: Kathleen Scanlon, a reception- 
ist-secretary with the Continental Can Com- 
pany, shares a Greenwich Village apart- 
ment (11 Waverly Place) with Melanie 

Meade Simpson, Connie Reid and Penny 
Carlson share an apartment at 205 Beacon 
Street, Boston. Meade is working in the 
pediatric ward at Boston City Hospital, 
and Connie and Penny are on the staff of 
Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Barbara Stannard is a member of the 
editorial staff of the John H. Breck com- 
pany magazine. 

Patricia Watson received a B.S. degree 
from the School of Social Science at Sim- 
mons College in June, and Patricia Graff 
is now attending the University of Florida. 
Marieanne Mayer Hereford x-'58 has re- 
quested a transcript of her Lasell work be 
sent to Morris Harvey College in Charles- 
ton, West Virginia. 

Judith Dunbar Cameron x-'58 tells us 
that she was married to John W. Cameron 
on June 7, 1958. The Camerons and young 
son Christopher are now living at 708 
Broadway, Hanover, Mass., and John is a 
member of the faculty at the Marshfield 
High School. 

Barbara Wenzel Carroll, husband Bob 
and daughter Heather Jeanne are enjoying 
their new home at 1528 Robin Hood Drive, 
Charleston, S. C. 

From Linda Braslow: "Since September 
1959 I have been a student at the School 
of Arts and Science at Hunter College in 
New York and am completing work for 
my B.A. degree. Enjoy the work here but 
miss the small, friendly classes offered at 
Lasell. Continuing my work as technician 
in the Division of Experimental Chemo- 
therapy at the Sloan-Kettering Institute 
for cancer research. It is most rewarding." 

Virginia Buonagurio writes to Miss Inez 
Atwater: "Have enjoyed my work as kin- 
dergarten teacher here in Yonkers. The 
'58 Cushing gals keep in close touch and 
we manage to get together whenever pos- 
sible. JoAnne Carrk is a secretary at the 
Albany Medical College and 'retailers' 
Jackie Brown and Wendy Reilly are em- 
ployed in their field. Jackie is with the 
Wilson Company in Greenfield (Mass.), 
and Wendy is a section manager at Sax 
Fifth Avenue. My very best regards to 
Mrs. Weden." 

New Addresses: Harriet Beard Ackerman: 
c/o Barrett, Route #4, Goshen, Conn. 

Mary Danberg Nadig: 14 North Taylor 
Ave., South Norwalk, Conn. 

Janet March Murphy: 137 Gerry Road, 
Brookline, Mass. 


Carol Grieve, Secretary 
340 Gray St., Arlington, Mass. 

234 Riverview Ave., Drexel Hill, Penna. 

Joan Valentine, Secretary 
47 Beverly Rd., Wethersfield, Conn. 



To the Class of 1959: 

We regret we were unable to take a 
group picture of your first reunion in June. 
Please forward black and white snapshots 
to the Alumnae Office and we shall include 
them in a later issue of the LEAVES. 

News from the Questionnaires: 

Jean Babcock Watson — Lab technician 
at Cancer Research Center, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Chris Bergfalk — Simmons College. 

Patricia Bowen White — We are living 
in Hartsville, S. C. where my husband is 
working for Sonoco Paper Products Com- 

Susan Bravman — Harvard Medical 
School — Medical Technician, Department 
of Bacteriology doing virus and cancer re- 

Sally Bridger — Attending University 
of Miami. 

Ann Brown Boyle — Secretary to prin- 
cipal, and alumnae secretary at Walnut 
Hill School. 

Betsy Coulson — Beaver College '61, 
Elementary Education. 

Patricia Claypoole Hill x-'59. Now liv- 
ing in Hanau, Germany with husband and 
daughter, Kimberly Jean. 

Eileen Dahl — Secretary at The Travelers 
Insurance Company in Hartford, Conn. 

Lois A. DeCuollo — Attending Fairleigh 
Dickinson University. 

Angeline DeMasse Maville — Housewife 
and nursery school teacher. 

Kathryn Eckert Bodner — Secretary, 
Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc., Research Labora- 
tory, Cambridge, Mass. 

Linda Gould — Beth Israel School of 
Medical Technology. Plan to take Na- 
tional Registry Boards M.T. (A.S.C.P) 
November I960. 

Carole Grieve — Reservationist for 
United Air Lines. 

Barbara Grigely Hitchery — Husband 
and I enjoy living in Taipei, Formosa. 

Sandra Hall Oberg — Medical Secretary. 

Anne W. Hanscom ■ — ■ Secretary in Elec- 
tronics Corp., Pasadena, California. 

Martha Houle — Training at the Maine 
Medical Center School of Medical Tech- 

Barbara Howell Talbott ■ — I am going 
to Augsburg, Germany to join my husband 
who is there serving in the U. S. Army. 
We will be there for two years. 

Sandra Kenney — Secretarial work at 
General Radio Company, West Concord. 

Jane Legsdin McLeod x-'59 — President 
of Student Wives' Club of Babson Insti- 
tute, Wellesley, Mass. 

Marcia Dianne Lietz — Medical Secre- 
tary. Engaged to William R. Sweeney, Jr. 

Roslyn Lippman Kates — Secretary, 

American Biltrite Rubber Company. 

Patricia McSheehy Hurley — Medical 

Harriet Meyers Dunsky x-'59 — Attended 
University of Detroit, June 1958-January 

Joyce-Helen Mitchell — Stewardess, East- 
ern Air Lines, New York. 

Katherine Moore — Secretary at The 
Gunnery School, Washington, Conn. 

Patricia Moran Crooks x-'59 — Gradu- 
ate Hickox Secretarial School in April. 
Assistant Airport manager's secretary, Lo- 
gan Airport, Boston. 

Sue Paige — ■ Secretary. Engaged to Rus- 
sell Cook of West Medford, Mass. 

Diane Potts Coombs — Busy housewife. 

Delores Raymond Follett — Medical 
secretary — Department of Pharmacol- 
ogy and Toxicology, Dartmouth Medical 
School, Hanover, New Hampshire. 

Marcia Rideout Stevens — Secretary. 
Married Jeffrey N. Stevens on June 11, 

Hannah Schmidt — Information clerk at 
the Somerset Hotel. 

Susan Shattuck — Executive training at 
Filene's in Boston. 

Lillian Sicchio Gallo x-'59 — Housewife. 

Mary-Louise Sieracki Nash — Attended 
American University, Washington, D. C. 
September '59-January '60. 

Carol Slocum Capper — Now living in 
Beaver Falls, Penna. 

Janet Smith — University of Delaware, 
majoring in Elementary Education. 

Harriet Starlings — Attending Simmons 

Linda Sullo Sanderson — Housewife. 

Carolyn R. Swett x-'59 — Westbrook 
Junior College — graduate June 5, I960. 
Trip to Bermuda in March I960. 

Joan Sycle — Student at University of 
Maryland, 1959-60. Engaged to Jim Ba- 
turin of Washington, D. C. 

Barbara Thompson — Receptionist in 
Securities Department of New England 
Mutual Life Insurance Company, Boston, 

Marty Anderson — Medical secretary. 

Rosalind Aulisi — Attending University 
of Buffalo — majoring in Elementary Edu- 

Barbara Baldauf Rice — "Our son was 
born February 14th. Spent a wonderful 
week at Richardson House with Lasell 
nurses training there. Our address is 1144 
Commonwealth Avenue, Allston, Mass." 

Beverly Bigelow Whitman — Medical 
secretary, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, 
Boston, Mass. 

Marjorie J. Borromey — Secretary, 
Alumni Office, Northeastern University, 
Boston, Mass. 



Cynthia Boynton Davis — University of 
Texas, 1959. 

Marcia Bradley x-'59 — Executive sec- 
retary in an insurance company. 

Jean Britton — University of Massachu- 
setts — will receive B.S. degree in Ele- 
mentary Education in June '61. 

Cindy Brossman Ancona — New address: 
Woodland Hill Apartments, Babson Park, 
Wellesley, Mass. 

Catherine Carver — Will graduate from 
Nursing Program — September I960. 

Carol Ann Civetti — Secretary for Moher 
Associates in Wellesley. Planning a Sep- 
tember wedding. 

Wendy Clark: — Medical secretary. 

Joan C. Conradi — ■ Medical secretary in 
the Department of Clinical Investigation 
at Hoffmann-LaRoche (pharmaceutical com- 

Ruth Croland — ■ Executive secretary at 
International Telephone and Telegraph 

Nancy Crowell — Medical secretary, 
Newton- Wellesley Hospital, X-ray depart- 

Joanne Curtis — - Private secretary for 
two doctors. 

Faye Davis — "Am attending the Uni- 
versity of New Hampshire, Occupational 
Therapy major — Junior year." 

Sharon Deiml — September 1959-May 
I960, Rutgers University, Paterson Divi- 
sion, 12 credits, History and English. Sec- 
retary to manager (departmental), Interna- 
tional Electric Corporation, Paramus, New 

Diane Dello Russo — Medical secretary. 

Ann Douglass — Jackson College = — 
Tufts University — 1959-1961. Engaged to 
Carolyn Wood Brox's brother, Bob Wood, 
plan to be married after I graduate from 

Diane DuBois Worringham x-'59 — 
Part-time dancing teacher. 

Ruth Dugger ■ — University of Georgia. 
Entered with Anne Telfer in September 
1959, but had to leave after two quarters 
because of illness. Hope to get my B.S. 
in Education in 1961. 

Noreen Galvin — 1959-1960 Mary Wash- 
ington College of the University of Vir- 

Lillian Goncalo — Partner and Sports- 
wear and Lingerie buyer, Irene's Specialty 
Shoppe, Fall River, Mass. 

Nancy Gotz — Majoring in Business 
Education at Boston University, C.B.A. 

Joan Granniss — Secretary. 

Elvira K. Grobel — Secretary. Engaged 
to Stephen L. Robbins of Newton Centre — 
an alumnus of Harvard College and pres- 
ently attends Yale Law School. 

Anne Hayden — Jackson College of 
Tufts University — Junior year. Am 
pinned to a wonderful mechanical engineer, 
is a Senior and a Tau Beta Pi member. 

Elizabeth Healy — ■ Medical Secretary, 
New York Telephone Company. 

Susan Hearne — "Am going to Wash- 
ington, D. C. in July — have a wonderful 
job with the government." 

Carlene Hintlian ■ — Attending Boston 
University. Secretary-treasurer, Junior class 
of the School of Education. 

Sandra Jean Istas — Attending Univer- 
sity of Hartford. 

Beverly Juby — Aviation clerk. 

Dorothy Knobel — Attending Latin 
American Institute, New York City. 

Catherine (Jeanne) McShain — Nursery 
School Teacher, Guilford, Conn. 

Brenda Miller ■ — ■ Secretary to Resale Sta- 
tionery Department Manager at United 
States Envelope Company, Springfield, 
Mass. Planned to spend summer vacation in 
Puerto Rico. 

Judy Moller — Secretary, Jacksonville 
Area Chamber of Commerce, Jacksonville, 

Kathy Morakis — Secretary to the Chief 
Clinical Psychologist at the Massachusetts 
Mental Health Center. 

Carol Moskowitz — Legal secretary. 

Anna Natsis ■ — • Medical secretary. 

Sandra Nider ■ — Secretary. 

Judith C. Quinn — Legal secretary. 

Judith Rakosky Baskin — Medical sec- 
retary for three obstetricians in Springfield. 

Nancy Rotman — Secretary. 

Barbara Skolnick — Medical secretary 
for two dermatologists in New Haven, 

Diane E. Strawhince — Secretary — 
Bethlehem Steel Company — Sales Branch 
Office, New Haven, Conn. 

Mary Lou Teegardin Magee — House- 
wife and mother of a daughter, Shawn Eliz- 
abeth, born January 7, I960. 

Anne Telfer — University of Georgia 
— - will graduate in '61 — B.B.A. 

Joan Valentine — Clerk stenographer at 
the Hartford Electric Light Company. 

Janice H. Whitman — Data processing 
technician to doctor of research. Mother 
and I plan to visit Bermuda in July. 

Marjorie Williams — Will complete one 
year training period at New England Hos- 
pital in July, then will be qualified to take 
examination given by Registry of Ameri- 
can Society of Clinical Pathologists. 

Carolyn Wood Brox — State University 
of New York, College of Education. 

Barbara Woodhead — Medical secretary. 




Susan W. Ellis, Secretary 
55 Purchase St., Milford, Mass. 

Sallie T. Flowers, Secretary 
240 Harvard Circle, Newtonville, Mass. 

Marilyn A. Senior, Secretary 
34 Robert St., Braintree, Mass. 




Ruth Ackerman Knapp (HS '26-21) is 
director of the Kent Tavern Museum in 
Calais, Vermont. Kent Museum was built 
as a tavern by Abdiel Kent about 1837, 
and in 1944 the late Atwater Kent pre- 
sented the Tavern to the Vermont His- 
torical Society. It was opened to the pub- 
lic in 1953 as a museum, and here the 
visitor may see a mansion of the nineteenth 
century complete with Victorian decor as 
well as many antiques from the Harold G. 
Rugg Collection. New this year at the 
Tavern is the Duane George Collection of 
children's toys. Ruth is also secretary of 
the Vermont Historical Society and a mem- 
ber of the Board of Trustees. Her address 
in Montpelier is 22 Winter Street. 

Brenda Nelson '60 

In Memoriam: Brenda Nelson on July 12, 
I960. Brenda died as the result of injuries 
suffered in a motor-scooter accident in Hy- 
annis, Mass. She is survived by her parents, 
Mr. and Mrs. U. Walter Nelson, and a 
brother, Mark. 



Make your check payable to Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 
Contributions are tax deductible 

CALENDAR 1960-61 


September 15 Registration of New Students 

September 17 . Registration of Returning Students 

September 19 Formal Opening 

November 10 End of First Quarter 

November 23 after classes to") 

, .. . > Thanksgiving 

November 28 for classes ) ° ° 

1961 > Christmas Vacation 

December 16 after classes toi 


January 4 for classes 

February 6 Beginning of Second Semester 

March 10-11 Father-Daughter Weekend 

March 30 End of Third Quarter 

March 30 after classes to ) 

., ,- i ( Spring Vacation 

Apnl 11 for classes ) L 

April 14 Bowdoin Concert 

May 19 Lasell Night at Pops 

June 9 End of Second Semester 

June 10 Alumnae Reunion; Class Night 

June 11 Commencement 

June 13 Beginning of Summer Nursing Program 

September 4 End of Summer Nursing Program 

ebruaru < 

Lasell Leaves 



Member of American Alumnae Council 
since 1947 

Officers and Directors 

President : 

Second Vice-President : 

Recording Secretary: 

Corresponding Secretary: 

Treasurer : 

Assistant Treasurer: 

Alumnae Fund 
Chairman : 

Alumnae Clubs Advisor : 

Scholarship Committee 
Chairman : 

Directors : 

Alumnae Secretary : 


Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 (Mrs. R. R.) 
4 Columbus Terr., Newton Highlands (LA 7-7970) 

Diane Palady Barry '49 (Mrs. James) 

89 Noblehurst Ave., Pittsfield (Hlllcrest 2-9279) 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 (Mrs. Leo J.) 
6 Nobscot Rd., Wellesley (CE 5-3615 ) 

Lillian Feneley Cooley '45 (Mrs. Duane S.) 
3 Garden Road, Concord (EM 9-3876) 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 (Mrs. R. A.) 

170 Harvard St., Newtonville (LA 7-8423) 

Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 (Mrs. C. G. G.) 
10 Laurel Ave., Waltham (TW 4-3366) 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 (Mrs. C. A., Jr.) 
150 Hickory Rd., Weston (CE 5-4690) 

Dorothy Inett Taylor '30 (Mrs. L. D.) 

41 Brentwood Dr., Holden (Pleasant 6-3015) 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 (Mrs. R. A.) 

110 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands (BI 4-3654) 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 (Mrs. L. P.) 

Box 854, New Hampton, N.H. (Bristol 4-2210) 

Antoinette Meritt Smith '23 (Mrs. W. N.) 

110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale (LA 7-8961) 

Elaine Towne Batson '43 (Mrs. R. R.) 

749 Commonwealth Ave., Warwick, R.I. 

(Regent 7-5540) 
Betty Williams McGowan '47 (Mrs. F. M., Jr.) 
52 Brewster Ave., Braintree Highlands (Vl 3-5097) 
Elizabeth Sleight Dexter '53 (Mrs. C. G.) 
Trim Town Rd., North Scituate, R.I. 

(Niagara 7-5321) 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Lasell Junior College, Auburndale (LA 7-0630) 



Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 
Winnifred Hill 




NO. 2 


Modern Dance Instructor 

Summers in Africa 4 

Club News 6 

Class News 18 

Cover: Farrington Hall, latest addition to Lasell's academic facilities, was officially opened 
on November 7, 1960. 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 



Annual Trustees' Meeting 
October 26, 1960 

L. to r. Wilder Smith, Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19, Dr. Blake Tewksbury, Richard 

A. Winslow 

Prof. Harry V. Anderson of Boston 
University and Robert W. Ficken of the 
Old Colony Trust Company were ap- 
pointed to the Board of Trustees at the 
annual meeting on October 26, I960. 
Mr. Anderson and Mr. Ficken, husband 
of Shiela Hand Ficken x-'4l, are both 
Waban residents. 

Also appointed to the Board was 
Julia Crafts Sheridan, a member of the 
Class of 1910. Mrs. Sheridan, owner 
of Squaw Mountain Inn in Greenville 
Junction, Maine, is a past president of 
the Eastern Maine Club and a Life 
Member of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 

"Classes at the Castle" is the ex- 
hausted cry from present-day students 
as they make their way up the steep hill, 
overlooking Hawthorne and Aspen Ave- 
nues. The stately Victorian mansion, 
built in 1870 by Edwin B. Haskell, for- 
mer Boston newspaper editor and pub- 
lisher, was willed to the college by the 
late Mrs. Lucia E. Farrington of Au- 
burndale. Recently renovated, the build- 
ing affords space for two dance studios, 
seven lecture rooms and a student 

Transference of classes to Farrington 
Hall made possible a "New Look" for 
Bragdon's first floor corridors. During 
the Christmas vacation alterations were 
made to provide more space for admin- 
istrative offices, and the former Main 
Office has been transformed to a spa- 
cious reception room. 

Another equally appreciated renova- 
tion, designed to alleviate congestion at 
the Bookstore, was the completion of a 
Snack Bar, installed on the lower level 
of The Barn. 




Where are the girls now, who bounced 
into Lasell a few years ago fresh from 
a whirling, carefree high school career? 
It is difficult to identify them among the 
members of the newest classes of respon- 
sible citizens. Much, indeed, occurs dur- 
ing college to affect the life of a young 
person, but the full realization of this 
change is best apparent to the alumna 
as she looks back over a period of years. 

What high school graduate has not 
approached college with a full share of 
self-satisfaction and confidence in the 
great store of facts she has amassed 
from her preparatory school years? Ac- 
companying this feeling is perhaps a 
great deal of curiosity which becomes 
almost a challenge to the college to 
produce enough new knowledge to keep 
her meaningfully occupied. 

Learning, on the college level, takes 
on an entirely new complexion — more 
interesting and exciting than ever be- 
fore. For the most part students take 
a high school education for granted. 
Teachers more often than not resort to 
feeding the material to students, spoon- 
ful by spoonful. But in college students 
can begin questioning and discriminat- 
ing, rather than merely accepting infor- 
mation as presented. In college one is 
given the opportunity (in fact, the en- 
couragement) to inquire for oneself, to 
cultivate a questioning mind and to 
stimulate a desire to search out the 

In college, to a greater extent than 
ever before, a student discovers the 
"why" of things, as well as the "what." 
In certain fields where many areas are as 
yet unexplored, such as psychology and 
chemistry, it is even possible to push 
beyond the available field of knowledge 
and to experiment with the unknown. 
In every field of study the student will 
eventually be required to examine a bit 
of the subject matter in detail for her- 

self and record her findings in the form 
of a research paper or examination. As 
a result of such exercises and disciplines, 
she learns to question blind acceptance 
of statements at face value, and to con- 
sider all available evidence with an 
open mind before coming to a decision. 

Although the cultivation of the mind 
is the primary concern of the college, 
one cannot overlook the changes in the 
individual's behavior which the society 
of a campus effects. Year after year the 
Freshmen and Senior classes have been 
stereotyped. Often there is more truth 
in these characterizations than one sees 
at first. Students generally spend the 
first year trying to "fit in," to become 
a real part of the college society; the 
second year, in trying to escape from the 
social conformity and to assert individ- 
uality. Though these phases may be 
looked upon with restrained amusement, 
they are no less crucial to each student 
as they are experienced. As a whole, 
the college society, precisely because it 
is based on group participation, helps to 
bring about important changes within 
the individual — increased poise and 
self-assurance, greater tolerance and un- 
derstanding, and generally more mean- 
ingful human relationships. 

Who can generalize when considering 
the facets of individual personal de- 
velopment which result from a college 
education ? Each student reacts different- 
ly and develops uniquely during this 
highly concentrated period. It is possible 
to examine apparent over-all effects as 
we have done, but perhaps the only 
generalization we can make with honesty 
is that most students will emerge from 
college with a greater awareness of 
themselves as persons than they had 
before entering. It is certainly our hope 
at Lasell that graduates will leave with 
greater desire for continuing self-educa- 
tion and resources which will help them 
to derive meaning from their lives. 




By Mrs. Jeanne Cousins 

as related to Joan Brodalski '61, 

Assistant Editor, The Lasell News 

Umtali, Entebbe, Bulawayo, places 
on the map, unknown to me, but great 
modern cities on a great continent; a 
land of contrasts, contrasts of many 
things, of sky and water, mountains and 
plains, merciless sun and snow — these 
are but a few of the many things I ex- 
perienced during a summer in Africa. 
Black against white, man against man, 
lion against zebra, beast against beast; all 
are fighting for their place in the world. 
A continent that will hold all of Europe, 
all of Russia, all of China, and all of 
Texas; this was the playground for my 
short summer holiday. 

My first sight of Africa was Egypt. 
It was easy to recognize Egypt because 
of the smell. Having visited Egypt be- 
fore, I hastened my passage through 
the Suez. Dirty water, dunes, sand, filth; 
heat ! heat ! heat ! An air temperature of 
98° and a sea temperature of 98° added 
up to untouchable bulkheads and blister- 
ing decks. 

In a setting reminiscent of "Beau 
Geste," the ingenious Americans had a 
billboard in the midst of the desert, 
proclaiming in big, bold print "Fresh 
from the U.S.A., Lucky Strike Ciga- 
rettes." It was my thought that it should 
have read "Camels." 

The ship passed through the Bitter 
Lakes, the Red Sea, and the Gulf of 
Aden, finally putting in at the port 
of Aden at 4:30, one dark, humid morn- 
ing. Stumbling over bodies asleep in the 
streets that first morning in Aden 
was enough to chill the blood of one 
lonely school teacher. 

Aden, a shopper's paradise for radios, 
cameras, binoculars, and fishing rods, is 
within a volcanic crater. There is no 
grass, nothing. I visited the Tarwella, 
where the Indians put their dead up on 

a grillwork made of cement. The 
buzzards pick all the flesh off the bones, 
and then the bones fall through the 

After a few days, I was off by cargo 
plane with a load of chad (a stalk- 
like dope used by the natives as a 
toothbrush) into Djibouti, with its 
ground temperature of 126°. Off again 
in a whirling sandstorm our plane 
dropped down in the middle of a 
lush countryside, 8,000 feet high and 
with a temperature of 40°. This was 
Addis Ababa, Ethopia, land of the 
Queen of Sheba, and the home of an 
Amharic speaking, aristocratic people. 
I went shopping here and bought a fly 
wisk, which is a white horse's tail, and 
now the freedom symbol of the Congo. 

Once into the air again, I was initiated 
into the "Ethereal Order of Shellbacks" 
as I passed over Mt. Kenya, the only 
place on the equator that has snow 
throughout the year. As we came down 
in Nairobi, Africans shooed the os- 
triches off the runway, and it became 
most apparent that I was in the "Land 
of Red Dust." 

It was from here in Nairobi that 
I went on the first leg of my safari. 
I stalked game along the Namanga 
River, with Kiprop as my guide. "Kip," 
as I called him. was a member of the 
Kipsi tribe. He had the identifying 
mark of his tribe; the lobes of his 
ears were slit and hung to his shoulders. 
When it was windy, he would twist 
the lobe and flip it over the top of 
his ear. 

It was a frightening experience to be 
charged by a bull elephant. I was 
sitting quietly eating lunch when I 
caught his first movement out of the 
corner of my eye. I turned and saw 
him charge. "Kip" slammed the Rover 
(a convertible-type jeep similar to 
those used in WW II) into reverse, 
and the grinding of the gears, and the 


dirt flying from the skid deflected the 
animal to one side and back towards 
the herd. I learned then that elephants 
are the most vicious animals. They scare 
easily and attack easily. 

I was licensed to shoot but did not. 
The people of Africa say that the 
Americans come over there only to 
shoot their game. I thought it better 
to do all my shooting with a camera. 

We went on, through Mombasa and 
Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanganyi- 
ka, into the romantic port of Zanzibar, 
a smuggler's paradise. Here, merchants 
proudly advertised the sales of precious 
jewels that were actually nothing but 
pieces of glass. The streets of Zanzibar 
are very narrow; you have to lean against 
the walls when a car is going by. Ruled 
by a sultan, Zanzibar is known for its 
brass-studded doors. The smell of 
cloves is everywhere. 

As the guest of the Consulate Gen- 
eral, who incidentally is from New 
Haven, Connecticut, I visited Salisbury, 
Livingstone, and Victoria Falls. 

From Victoria Falls, I moved on to 
Johannesburg, a honeycomb of gold 
mines. This city is ringed by gold. 
Minedups (mines of gold dug out of 
the ground), coppjes, hills of gold 
everywhere! It was here that I got 
mixed up with an African Dance Group. 
I sat in the back during a performance 
so that I could observe the- movements 
carefully and take notes. The producer 
of the show approached me, wanting to 
know what I was taking notes on. I 
became friendly with the dancers and 
they showed me how to do several of 
their original steps. 

After visiting Durban, East London, 
and Port Elizabeth, I arrived at Cape- 
town, one of the loveliest cities I have 
visited in the world. The temperature 
was about 38° in the morning and 
warmed up to about 50° during the 
day. While in Capetown, I went up 
to Sea Point, where the Atlantic Ocean 
and the Indian Ocean meet. Table 
Mountain, with its tablecloth of clouds, 

Mrs. Jeanne Cousins 

was another sight not easily forgotten. 

The charming little island of St. 
Helena, famous as Napoleon's home 
in exile, was my next port of call. It 
is here that you climb Jacob's Ladder, 
966 steps straight up a cliff. The little 
St. Helenans, coming down from the 
mountain, lie across the railing at the 
top of the Ladder and hang on with 
their elbows on one side and with 
their ankles on the other and slide 
straight down. 

It was so good to see the American 
flag flying on the American Airport at 
Ascension, and to know that the missile 
tenders were on the alert. It was de- 
lightful to visit Las Palmas in the 
Grand Canary Islands, go on a rabbit 
hunt, and be able to buy a fur coat for 
$8. Las Palmas is the only real volcano 
that has a farm in the crater. 

Coming home it was hard to believe 
that I had seen so little, and yet so 
much, of a continent wealthy beyond 
our dreams, with oil, diamonds, minerals 
of every sort. 

Plains, mirages, and mountains, 
game hiding in the bush, the black man 
in his crall, and the white man in the 
city — this is what makes up Africa; 
this is what makes me think and say, 



Mid-Winter Luncheon 
March 14, 1953 

Guest Speaker: The Senator from 

Greater Boston Club President: 
Nat Hall Campbell '49 


Mrs. Mason H. Stone 

(Adrienne E. Smith '23), President 

7 Breamore Road, Newton, Mass. 

Suzanne G. Wadsworth '56, Cor. Secy. 
1 5 Norwood Street, Winchester, Mass. 

A tea at the Woodland Golf Club in 
honor of Dr. and Mrs. Blake Tewksbury 
marked the initial get-together of the Greater 
Boston Club. The business meeting was 
directed by President Adrienne Smith Stone 
'23, who announced that the club would sell 
Christmas wrapping paper and candy sniffers 
again this year. 

Nominations for Club Officers for 1960- 
1961 are as follows: President, Adrienne 
Smith Stone '23; Vice President, Sandra 
Shelton '56; Recording Secretary, Joan 
Kearney Cormay '51; Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Suzanne G. Wadsworth '56; Treasurer, 
Judith Greenough Udaloy '46; Board of 
Directors, Three-Year Term: Helen Cham- 
pagne Trook '32, Joan Rycroft Lowell '49, 
Claire Wallis Harris '50, Joan Bloch '56, 
Barbara Clarke Keenan '40; Two- Year 
Term: Helen Richter Hanson '46, Esther 
Josselyn '27, Edith Taccone Kearney x-'51, 
Jacquelyn Temperley Dey '50, Marilyn 
Blodgett Hall '46; One-Year Term: Joan 
Hanson Blake '46, Ann Chapman Brine '48, 
Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth '26, Carol 
Dunn Burns '49, Elizabeth Danker Tren- 
holm '41; Club Advisor, Gertrude Quinn 
McKenna ' '46; Nominating Committee: 
Muriel Ross Benshimol '46, Theresa Brossi 
Ciarcia '55, Margery Snow Buswell '45. 


Mrs. Richard T. Crone 

(Patricia Raeder '51), President 

12 Blossom Heath, Williamsville, N. Y. 

Mrs. Arthur G. Maddigan 

(Lillian E. Doane '21), Cor. Secy. 

738 Lafayette Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. 

A re-organization meeting of the Buffalo 
Club was held on October 28, I960 at the 
home of Mrs. Richard T. Crone (Patricia 
Raeder '51) in Williamsville. 

The constitution was read, officers elected 
and plans made for future meetings of the 
group. It was decided to have three meet- 
ings a year, and the next scheduled is to 
be a luncheon at Williamsville Inn on Sat- 
urday, January 21st. 

Officers for the coming year are: President, 
Patricia Raeder Crone '51; Vice President, 
Annabeth Williams Bergen '34; Correspond- 
ing Secretary, Lillian Doane Maddigan '21; 
Recording Secretary, Frances Day Meyers 
'34; Treasurer, Patricia Mangan Price '48. 

Others present at the meeting in addition 
to the above were: Barbara Edmands Place 
'33, Betty Olson Cooper '37, Carolyn 
Crowell Wallace '46, Polly Swan Balthasar 
'43, Dorothy Tiffany Cochrane, WP '28-'28, 
Mary Jean McLeman Brown x-'54, Shirley 
Manasen Primeau '50. 


Mrs. Cornelius J. Peeples 

( Mary-Florine Thielens x-'06) , President 

523 West Melrose St., Chicago, 111. 

Mrs. Paul H. Dick 

(Betty Phillips '40), Secretary-Treasurer 

1210 Michigan Avenue, Evanston, 111. 

Helene Grashorn Dickson '22 entertained 
the Chicago Lasell Club for luncheon on. 
Wednesday, August 17, I960. We were 
delighted to have as special guests Patricia 
Guthman, who is entering Lasell in Sep- 
tember and Helene's four adorable grand- 
daughters: twins, Susan and Nancy Dick- 
son, and Janet Dickson (and their lovely 
mother, Mrs. George Dickson) and Denise 
Treveiler, daughter of Jean Dickson Tre- 
veiler '49. We were especially pleased to 
have Gertrude Wagner '28 and Eleanor 
Rinebold Struve '24 with us again after an 
absence of several months. 

Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06 gave 
a firsthand account of the Republican Na- 
tional Convention. 

Others who attended this luncheon meet- 
ing were: Julia Potter Schmidt '06, Mar- 
gherita Dike Hallberg '10, Helen Guertin 
Campbell x-'18, Doris Perkins Meyer x-'21, 


Carolyn Duncan Long '21, Dorothy Taggart 
Krumsieg '32, Gertrude McLaughlin Metel- 
nick x-'40, B. J. Stephenson Riedel '49 and 
Betty Phillips Dick '40. 

The September meeting, on Wednesday 
the 21st, was held at the home of Mar- 
gherita Dike Hallberg '10. Among those 
present: Doris Perkins Meyer x-'21, Carolyn 
Duncan Long '27, Catherine Morley King 
'29, B. J. Stephenson Riedel '49, her mother- 
in-law, Mrs. Frederick Riedel of "West Al- 
lenhurst, New Jersey, and Betty Phillips 
Dick '40. Mrs. Hallberg shared with us a 
lengthy letter from our president, Mary- 
Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06, who was 
travelling in Europe. 

In late November, the group met for 
luncheon at Jacques' French Restaurant in 
Chicago. We were sorry to bid farewell 
to Helen Guertin Campbell x-'18 who is 
planning to spend the year travelling 
through the Far West. Her husband has 
recently retired and they have sold their 
lovely Lake Forest home. After lunch, we 
went to the Esquire Theatre to see an ex- 
hibit of studio-size color photographs of 
France, Spain, Venezuela, Alaska and 
Hawaii taken by our gifted president, 
Mary-Florine Thielens Peeples x-'06. Eliza- 
beth Thielens Miller x-'06, Julia Potter 
Schmidt '06, Margherita Dike Hallberg '10, 
Lucille Guertin Egan x-'13, Helen Guertin 
Campbell x-'18, Helene Grashorn Dickson 
'22, Doris Perkins Meyer x-'21, Carolyn 
Duncan Long '27, Catherine Morley King 
'29, and Betty Phillips Dick '40. 

B. J. Stephenson Riedel '49 of Evanston 
will be hostess for the January meeting. 


Mrs. Raymond J. Moylan, Jr. 

(Winifred Domark '52) , President 

21 A Wethersfield Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. Ronald Godiksen 

(Patricia Small '56) , Cor. Secy. 

160 Federal St., Elmwood, Conn. 

Thirty-four alumnae representing eighteen 
classes attended the 54th Annual Luncheon 
and Business Meeting held at the City Club 
in Hartford on October 15, I960. Our spe- 
cial guests were four members of long 
standing: Clara McLean Rowley '02, Bessie 
Fuller Perry '02, Mary Goodwin Olmstead 
'03 and Helen Merriam Parsons x-'03. 

We were most fortunate to have as guests 
of honor, Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury, who 
brought us up-to-date on Lasell's growing 
building program. 

The motion was made and seconded that 
the present Club officers continue in office 

for 1960-61. They are as follows: President, 
Winnie Domark Moylan, Jr. '52; Vice 
President, Betty Lee Domigan Fournier 
x-'56; Corresponding Secretary, Patricia 
Small Godiksen '56; Recording Secretary, 
Joan Pethybridge Thompson '57; Treasurer, 
Polly Weeks Cook '54; Publicity, Sally 
Swanson Dahlberg '35; Nominating, Pa- 
tricia Quinn Gamerdinger '56; Honor Roll, 
Helen Saunders '17. 

The Club's schedule of events include a 
talk on interior decorating to be held in 
January, and a card party and fashion show 
to be held in May. 

It was decided that $100.00 would be sent 
to the Alumnae Scholarship Fund. 


Mrs. Thomas A. Garrity 

(Joanne Monahan '51) , President 

49 Richard Place, Massapequa, N. Y. 

Mrs. Thomas H. Jones 

( Carolyn Loewe '49 ) , Secretary 

A Plymouth Road, Massapequa, N. Y. 

The Long Island Club held a tea for in- 
coming freshmen and their mothers on Sun- 
day, August 28, I960 at the home of Joan 
Wolfe Wickham x-'49. 

Hostesses for the affair included Joanne 
Monahan Garrity '51, Joan Wolfe Wick- 
ham x-'49, Carolyn Loewe Jones '49, Ann 
Hollett Monro '49 and Beryl Schelhorn 
Frey '55. 

October 15, I960 was the date of the 
fall luncheon at Stouffer's Restaurant in 
Garden City. Members of the luncheon 
committee were: June Cherry Bruns '42, 
Evelyn Nurkiewicz Nicholas '43, Ann Hol- 
lett Monro '49, Carolyn Loewe Jones '49, 
Joan Wolfe Wickham x-'49, Kathleen Bal- 
lard Heck '51, Joanne Monahan Garrity '51, 
Barbara Hill Breen '51 and Kelly Mangan 
Putman '51. 

In addition to the committee, the follow- 
ing were present: Florence Boehmcke Ed- 
mondson '23, Jessie Taylor Kellner x-'29, 
Florence Kent Parks '38, Audrey Slawson 
Drake '38, Virginia DeNyse '41, Lucille 
Wielandt Speight '41, Florence Nagel 
Stump x-'AA, Audrey Saunders Eisser 'AA, 
Patricia Smith Flood '45, Virginia Johnson 
Irwin '52, Margaret Angus Christman '53, 
Elizabeth Nuovo Johnson '53, Carolyn 
Simpson Hayden '53, June Weidner Burns 
x-'54, Nancy Peirce Driscoll '55, Suzanne 
Kellner '56 and Jean Warren Tredwell 

Plans are well underway for a dance on 
April 14th at the Rockville Links. Music 
will be furnished by Paul Drake and orches- 
tra; tickets, $6.00 per couple. 



Mrs. Arthur B. Beever 

(Diane Heath '49), President 

R.F.D. #2, Upton Lane, Goffston, N. H. 

JOAN M. Bates '58, Secretary-Treasurer 
Purgatory Road, Mount Vernon, N. H. 

At our spring I960 meeting we were 
most fortunate in having Dean June Bab- 
cock as our guest speaker. We were also 
pleased to have as guests three prospective 
students from the Manchester, N. H., area 
who are now freshmen at the college — 
Paulette L. Sauve and her mother, Char- 
lotte Moreau Sauve '32, Linda Ann Resnick 
and her mother, and Gail W. Hartwell and 
her aunt, Mrs. Gerard L. Lemay. 

During the previous winter alumnae in 
the Concord area held a bridge at the home 
of Betty Felker Hancock '49. Proceeds were 
contributed to the Alumnae Building Fund. 
Alumnae in the Manchester, Goffstown and 
Bedford area held a food sale. 

Saturday, October 8, we met in Laconia 
at The Winnisquam House for our fall 
reunion. Two hundred rolls of Christmas 
wrapping paper were distributed. Every- 
one expressed a desire to invite a speaker 
from Lasell for our spring meeting to be 
held the last Saturday in April '61 at The 
Concord Highway Hotel. We voted to 
again entertain prospective students. Pris- 
cilla Alden Wolfe '19, brought us up-to- 
date on Lasell doings by relating very in- 
teresting facts and figures. 

Mrs. Margaret Hasserjian of Manchester 
provided a delightful program with color 
slides of her recent trip through Europe. 

Those present were: Jane Upton Perkins 
'47, Betty Felker Hancock '49, Dorothy 
Piper Bottalico '45, June Smith Noreen '48, 
Barbara Rockwell Tweddle '42, Eleanor 
Gebelein Greene '35, Iverna Birdsall Lutze 
'22, Frances Royce Johnson '24, A. Katheryn 
Royce '27, Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19, Martha 
Goodwin '60, Judy Parker Haas '49, Connie 
Porter Morison '40, Diane Heath Beever '49. 


Mrs. Donald P. Chirnside 

(Joan Darelius '53) , President 

86 Oak Hill Drive, Cranston, R. I. 

Mrs. Robert B. Davidson, Jr. 

(Marilyn Weeden '49) , Rec. Secy. 

103 Pettis Drive, Warwick, R. I. 

The Rhode Island Lasell Club opened 
the 1960-61 season with a tea for the new 
students and their mothers. It was held on 
September 13, I960 at the home of Elaine 
Bertini Roske '56. 

In November we sent clothing to the 
American Association of University Women 
for their sale. We had excellent coopera- 
tion in collecting used clothing for this 
annual sale sponsored by the American 
Association of University Women. 

A Christmas party was held at the home 
of Elizabeth Sleight Dexter '53, who was 
in charge of the sale of Christmas wrap- 
pings again this year. 

We are all very grateful to Program 
Chairman, Marjorie Morrison Coburn '17, 
for planning a most interesting series of 


Mrs. Brett Gutsche 

(Mary Mack '55 ) , President 

111 Raleigh Street, Rochester, N. Y. 

Barbara Foster '56, Secretary 
44 Landing Road South, Rochester, N. Y. 

The Rochester Club held the annual tea 
for Lasell freshmen, returning seniors and 
their mothers on Sunday, September 11th. 
Among those attending were: Lydia Gray 
'53, Nancy Hakala Simonds '49, Beverly 
Pink Reynolds '51, Nancy Webb Canepa 
'51 and Barbara Foster '56, and we missed 
our "regulars" including Mary Leverone 
Termotto x-'45, Martha Stonebraker Ely 
'45, Mary Mack Gutsche '55. The new girls 
had many questions and Judy MacCollum 
'61, being familiar with the rules and regu- 
lations, supplied the answers. 


Mrs. Louis A. Pipes 

(Florence Stetson '37) , President 

2918 Fourth Street, Santa Monica, Calif. 

Mrs. Stewart B. Anderson 

(Gini Hall '48) , Secretary 

11651 Pickett Lane, Garden Grove, Calif. 

Our fall get-together - was held in San 
Marino at the lovely home of Shirley 
Greenhalgh Fadley '49 on Saturday, Octo- 
ber 22, I960. Shirley had prepared a de- 
lightful luncheon for a group of twenty 
Lasell "girls." Her tamale pie was a hit 
and because so many had asked for the 
recipe, it was suggested that it be included 
in this report. Brown 1 lb. hamburg and 
1 onion; add 1 can chile con carne without 
beans, 1 can chopped olives, 2 cans tomato 
sauce, and a V2 lb. grated cheddar cheese. 
Place in layers: fritos, meat, cheese — and 
repeat with fritos on top. Bake at 350 
degrees till bubbly. 

Gail Gordon Johnson '34 made colorful 
Hallowe'en name tags, and Marty Moyer 


Anson '48 printed clever song booklets 
with Lasell scrolled in blue on the cover 
and with blue yarn holding them together. 

Those attending were as follows: Gini 
Hall Anderson '48, Isabelle Bowers Church 
x-'03, Marjorie Hills Bumngton '37, Cleora 
Brooks Clokey '01, Pat Zeigler Dillingham 
'47, Chris Bilakos Farmasonis '48, Janet 
Pearson Hauck '53, Sandra Lally Hovey 
'55, Peg Jones Howry '38, Trudy Ruch 
Kauffman '42, Doris Somerville Krom '40, 
Doris Wilson Lehners HS '25-'27, Florence 
Stetson Pipes '37, Kate Wheldon Plumb '02, 
Jane Caswell Rossi x-'46, Barbara Harris 
Ryan '46, and Joan Pauling Smith '49. 

In addition to those present, contribu- 
tions were received from: Ida Sisson Craver 
'07, Michelle Hires '48, Christine Chamber- 
lin Kenney '25, Marriott Degan MacDonald 
x-'ll, Jean Bohacket Pegram '41, Mildred 
Melgaard Rees '22, Dorothy Dale Smith 
x-'15, Esther Sosman '36, Sally Spicer 
Frazier '55, Helen Ebersole Swartzel x-'03, 
and Winifred Whittlesey Knowlton '12. 
A check was forwarded to the Alumnae 
Building Fund. 


Mrs. Oliver D. Ellis, Jr. 

(Dolores Eck x-'52) , President 
8 Farm Hill Road, Cape Elizabeth, Maine 

Mrs. Raymond DeLisle 

(Patricia Binks '53) , Secretary 

9 Olive Road, South Portland, Maine 

The fall luncheon meeting of the South- 
ern Maine Lasell Club was held on Satur- 
day, November 19, I960 at the Westcustogo 
Inn, Yarmouth. 

Gertrude Hooper Ring '32, President, 
conducted a short business meeting fol- 
lowing the luncheon. 

The Club again voted to sell Christmas 
wrapping paper for the Alumnae Scholar- 
ship Fund, and the paper was distributed 
to the members. 

The President then spoke of meetings 
she had attended in connection with All- 
College Night in Portland. 

Officers for 1961-62 include: Dolores Eck 
Ellis '52, President; Dorothy Rich Anderson 
'52, Vice President; Patricia Binks DeLisle 
'53, Secretary; Henrietta Sharpe Smith '45, 

In addition to the new officers, present 
at the November meeting were: Florence 
Merritt Baker '24, Elizabeth Laughlin Wads- 
worth x-'22, Mildred Knight Norwood '21, 
Louise Stevens Prince '22, Frances Coombs 
'19, Gertrude Hooper Ring '32, Nancy 
Pryor Baker '50 and Ruth Peterson x-'32. 


Mrs. W. S. Kane 

(M. Patricia Wilson '54), President 

3419 Tulane Dr., W. Hyattsville, Md. 

Mrs. J. P. McCusker 
(Ritamae Hinchliffe '38), Rec. Secy. 
3048 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va. 

The first meeting of the 1960-1961 season 
of the Washington Lasell Club was held at 
the home of Ellen Grover MacVeigh '48 in 
Bethesda, Md. on Thursday, October 6th at 
7:30 p.m. A buffet supper prepared by the 
officers was enjoyed by the eleven members 

At the March meeting a nominating com- 
mittee will be appointed to select the of- 
ficers for the next two years and at the 
April meeting the new officers will be 

Present at the October meeting: Judie 
Gushue Blythe x-'55; Janet Payson Dinan 
'39; Edna May Goodrich x-'33; Barbara 
Hayton '42; Elizabeth Wilks Hulbert '46; 
M. Patricia Wilson Kane '54; Ellen Grover 
MacVeigh '48; Ritamae Hinchliffe Mc- 
Cusker '38; Agnes M. Neu '39; Anne 
Campbell Terrill x-'37, C. Elizabeth Baer 
Tracy x-'ll. 


Saturday, March 4, 1961 

12:30 p.m. 

at Twining Court Stables 

For Reservations Please 


Pat Wilson Kane 


Mrs. John L. Sigalos 

(Georgia Bakes '51), President 
3 1 1 Rye Beach Avenue, Rye, N.Y. 

Mrs. Leon H. Kowalski 

(Suzanne Jouret '57) , Cor. Secy. 

Dale Drive, Byram, Conn. 

The October meeting of the Westchester- 
Lower Connecticut Club was held on Tues- 
day evening, October 4th at the home of 
Georgia Bakes Sigalos '51. Marjorie Mac- 
Clymon '32, the college representative, told 
of the many activities on campus. 



Officers for the . current year include: 
President, Georgia Bakes Sigalos '51; Vice 
President, Joan Baum Deutsch '50; Cor- 
responding Secretary, Suzanne Jouret Ko- 
walski '57; Recording Secretary, Margaret 
Wefer Lang '57; Treasurer, Corinne 
Schlegal Cathcart '46; Program Chairman, 
Barbara Schuster Klinefelter '55; Jean 
Schuster Robbins '51; Nancy Pettersen Mil- 
ler '48; Publicity, Eleanor Mekelones 
Marple '52; Joan Eastwood Heywood x-'52; 
Telephone, Priscilla Johnson Foltz '52; 
Parliamentarian, Virginia Westerdale Mag- 
nusson '46. 

Attending were: Barbara Anderson Kab- 
lack '56, Gail Papin Hogan '56, Justine 
Ransom Goebel '41, Ruth Bee Jackson '31, 
Caroline Farrington Corson '51, Mabel 
Fastiggi Fiscella '54, Virginia Westerdale 
Magnusson '46, Suzanne Jouret Kowalski 
'57, Margaret Wefer Lang '57, Joan East- 
wood Heywood x-'52, Carol Meyer LaViale 
'54, Priscilla Johnson Foltz '52, Jean Schus- 
ter Robbins '51, Laura Eckert Gatto '50, 
Marilyn Caterson Zimmerman '50, Corinne 
Schlegel Cathcart '46, Joan Baum Deutsch 
'50, Lucinda Nolin Quigley '55, Genevieve 
Harold '55, Barbara Verchot Pierpont '47, 
Georgia Bakes Sigalos '51. 

Corby Schlegal Cathcart '46 was hostess 
for the December meeting and in January 
the group met at the home of Marilyn 
Caterson Zimmerman '50. 


Mrs. Donald Hacker 

(Margaret Leary '47), President 

34 Highland Street, Longmeadow, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert Miller 

(Peggyanne Riker '51) , Secretary 

10 Chestnut Hill, North Wilbraham, Mass. 

On October 19, I960 a dinner meeting of 
the Western Massachusetts Lasell Club 
was held at the home of Barbara Baldwin 
Smith '50. We were honored to have Dr. 
and Mrs. Tewksbury and Miss Marjorie 
MacClymon '32 as our guests. President 
Midge Leary Hacker '47 conducted a short 
business meeting and then introduced Dr. 
Tewksbury who gave a very interesting 
talk on the new developments at Lasell. 
Miss MacClymon also spoke briefly con- 
cerning the Alumnae Fund, and on behalf 
of Alumnae, Inc. extended an invitation to 
the annual Council Meetings. 

Those present were: Lynn Peck Erickson 
'52, Sally Bartlett Abel '51, Sue Ross West- 
berg '45, Betty Black Boynton '38, Phyllis 
Kozloski Murphy '51, Betty Carter Steele 
'47, Midge Leary Hacker '47, Eleanor 
Bradway Lammers '45, Helen Breed Sol- 

berg "33, Hortense May HS 24-25, Libby 
Leland Kibbe '38, Bernice Cunningham 
Smith x-'26, Sandra Smith Swain '56, Judith 
Rakosky Baskin '59, Kaye Mackler Aron- 
son '56, Joan Conley Eid '56, Carolyn 
Powers Fontaine '52, Marilyn Ross '49, 
Frances Gay Linford '39, Elda Volpe Van 
Wart '47, Harriet Wetsel Bryan x-'lO and 
Mary Lee Tilton Ayre '56. 

On November 15, I960 we held a meet- 
ing at the home of Eleanor Bradway Lam- 
mers '45, Phyllis Kozloski Murphy '51 was 
co-hostess. Dr. J. Wallace Morgan spoke 
to us on "What's New in Obstetrics and 

Those who attended were: Charlotte 
Bragg Burke '42, Helen Breed Solberg '33, 
Bernice Cunningham Smith '26, Sandra 
Smith Swain '56, Jean Moseley Frank '56, 
Virginia Paolillo Lawlor '56, Sally Bart- 
lett Abel '51, Kaye Mackler Aronson '56, 
Hortense May HS 24-25, Barbara Baldwin 
Smith '50, Cindy Hodskins '60, Mary Lee 
Tilton Ayre '56, Bonnie Jean Beckwith 
Morrison '58, Midge Leary Hacker '47, 
Judith Rakosky Baskin '59, Ma'ilyn Ross 
'49, Phyllis Kozloski Murphy '51, Lynn 
Peck Erickson '52, Carolyn Powers Fontaine 
'52, Eleanor Bradway Lammers '45, Peggy 
Riker Miller '51. 

The annual Christmas program was held 
at the Foster Memorial Church in Spring- 
field, Massachusetts, on December 14th. 
The Madrigal Singers of the Classical High 
School were the featured attraction. Fol- 
lowing the concert, refreshments were 

We invited to this meeting any pros- 
pective students interested in attending 
Lasell and their parents, so that these 
students could more familiarize themselves 
with the college. 

The January meeting was held at the 
home of Libby Leland Kibbe '38. Betty 
Black Boynton '38 was the featured speak- 
er. Betty is Director of Volunteers at 
Wesson Maternity Hospital in Springfield. 


Mrs. Edmund J. Aheasy 
(Elizabeth McCarthy '53) , President 
9 Sun Valley Drive, Worcester, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert P. Wolcott 

(Margaret Smith '39) , Cor. Secy. 
25 Raymond Avenue, Shrewsbury, Mass. 

The Worcester County Lasell Club 
opened the 1960-61 season with a coffee 
party for present-day students and their 
mothers. The party was held on Tuesday, 
September 13 at the home of Betty Jane 
Scrimgeour Reney x-46. 




Cora Lou Buffum '48 to Bruce Albert Hall. 

Ruletta Coats '53 to Carl Stryeski. 

Barbara Van Dine '53 to Guy Charles Robinson. 

Lois Wilkes '53 to David John Morrison. 

Sylvia Barnaby '56 to Dr. Charles Howard Hamilton. 

Barbara O'Keefe '56 to Michael Frederic Fornes. 

Sandra Shelton '56 to Norman P. Fitch. 

Patricia Turano '56 to Julian Christopher Rockmore. 

Eleanor Bowser x-'57 to Robert E. Stacy. 

Barbara Flint '57 to William F. Gerold. 

Mary Jane Gill '57 to William J. Lockwood. 

Iris Martin '57 to Richard G. Rollins 

Judith Smith '57 to Robert Irving Smith. 

Barbara Tounge '57 to Miles C. Tolman. 

Virginia Ambrose '58 to William D. Brew. 

Beverly Bearse '58 to Charles L. Sowerby, Jr. 

Jeanne Bradner '58 to Thomas Edward Cullen. 

Linda Braslow '58 to Irwin B. Lefkowitz. 

Juliet Burwell '58 to C. Thomas King, Jr. 

Edith Cleary '58 to Kenneth A. DeCarolis. 

Marilyn Crowley x-'58 to James Francis Quinn, Jr. 

Marcia Jaffe x-'58 to Eugene Margoluis. 

Joan Plaskon '58 to John Henry Tatigian, Jr. 

Margery Weinbaum '58 to Robert Carl Margiloff. 

Brenda Weinstein '58 to Gerald H. Less. 

Jean Britton '59 to John A. Siano. 

Brenda Denison '59 to Thomas Lang Geers. 

Estelle Eisenberg '59 to Herbert Fine. 

Fern Gendler '59 to Sherman Drutman. 

Nancy Ann Gotz '59 to Myron Cohn. 

Nancy Ferguson '59 to Richard Charnest Hodgson. 

Dorothy Risteen '59 to F. Craig Klocker. 

Judith Robinson '59 to Ens. Andrew P. Kerr, USNR. 

Judith Sias '59 to Lawrence Wayne Fudge. 

Joan Sycle '59 to James Baturin. 

Karen Weeks '59 to William D. Fletcher, III. 

Melissa Wood x-'59 to John B. Stetson. 

Barbara Woodhead '59 to James H. McAloon. 

Jean Anderson '60 to Robert Eric Wederbrand. 

Judith Ann Bowman '60 to Nathaniel Florian. 

Cornelia Clark '60 to Lindsay Warren Smith. 

Carolyn Duncan '60 to Robert W. Perham, U.S.N. 

Diane Frankel '60 to Edward I. Shulkin. 

Nancy Glaxon '60 to Jack Weinrib. 

Carroll McKay '60 to Douglas Stephens. 

Anita Orlek '60 to Morton M. Webber. 

Janet Sawyer '60 to Harrison C. Macomber, Jr. 

Suzanne Spangenberg '60 to Richard Craig Straley. 





Mrs. Robert J. Frank 
(Sheila Collins '54) 

Joan FitzGerald '47 and James J. Cole on May 28, I960. 

Rhoda May O'Donnell '47 and Carl Walter Erickson on September 24, I960, at Wellesley, 

Janet Baumgartner '54 and David Zachary Orlow on August 5, I960, at New York City. 
Judith Stone '54 and Leon V. Grabar on September 24, I960, at New Haven, Conn. 
Sheila Collins '54 and Robert J. Frank on October 8, I960, at North Brookfield, Mass. 
Joan Murano '55 and Philip Kenneth Swanson on September 24, I960, at New Haven, Conn. 
Angela Tabellario '55 and Carl F. Mitchell on September 24, I960. 
Elizabeth Ireland '56 and Anthony H. Ferguson on October 31, 1959. 
Beverly Yaghjian '56 and Robert H. Arabian on July 3, I960, at Providence, R. I. 
Nancy Nash '56 and Robert Kershaw on July 21, I960, at Boston, Mass. 

Virginia Paolillo '56 and John Thomas Lawlor on August 13, I960, at Springfield, Mass. 
Judith Fish x-'56 and Dr. Melvin Edward Cohen on August 14, I960, at Belmont, Mass. 
Sallyanne Parker '56 and Howard F. Hansell, III on August 27, I960, at Philadelphia, Pa. 
Angelo Pennio '56 and Ronald P. Gallerani on September 18, I960, at Arlington, Mass. 
Adrienne Ensher '56 and Dr. Aristaks Kachadourian on October 16, I960. 
Anne Mills '57 and David C. Curtis on July 21, I960, at Winchester, Mass. 
Rosalie Sucher '57 and William Henry Schneider on July 30, I960, at New Britain, Conn. 
Janet Longaker '57 and David F. M. Smith on August 10, I960. 
Barbara Cupp '57 and Roger Stevens Weil on August 20, I960. 



Irene Dessureau '57 and Richard Paul Keating on September 10, I960, at Barre, Vt. 

Barbara Reifenberger '57 and Robert Lee Hudelson on September 11, I960, at Jamaica, N. Y. 

Mary Elizabeth Murray '58 and Philip R. Cass on June 25, I960. 

Ann Lindsey Reeves '58 and John Robert Schmid on July 30, I960. 

Helene Schwartz '58 and Lewis Sheldon Perry on August 7, I960. 

Mary Ellen Davis x-'58 and Richard S. Williams, Jr. on August 27, I960, at Framingham, 

Victoria Thorne x-'58 and Stanley Peck Lee on August 27, I960. 

Mary McGrath '58 and Charles Hubert Lacroix on August 27, I960, at Madison, Conn. 
Carol Ann Camillo '58 and Richard A. Sarno on September 11, I960, at Marblehead, Mass. 
Carol Briggs '58 and Peter M. Ten Broeck on September 24, I960. 

Mildred DiMinico '58 and Robert G. Heiber on September 25, I960, at South Lincoln, Mass. 
Reisa Baylin x-'58 and Joel Roskin on October 9, I960, at Marblehead, Mass. 
Carol Reeves '58 and Thomas Brooke Watson on November 26, I960. 
Carol Slocum '59 and Charles F. Capper on August 8, 1959. 
Judith Sherman '59 and Almon William Babbitt on April 23, I960. 
Myrna Goldberg '59 and Barry N. Davis on June 19, I960, at Maiden, Mass. 
Esta Hurwitz '59 and Erwin Sidman on June 21, I960, at Newton, Mass. 
Priscilla Wakeling '59 and Barry G. Patton on July 30, I960. 
Virginia Good '59 and Richard D. Gow on August 20, I960, at Worcester, Mass. 
Madelaine Petralias '59 and Emmanuel P. Courtelis on August 21, I960, at Worcester, Mass. 
Catherine Carver '59 and Richard Allen Robie on August 28, I960, at Bethel, Maine. 
Karen Daniels '59 and Michael J. Dorney on September 3, I960, at Woodmont, Conn. 
Carol Brett '59 and Pe f er M. Morse on September 24, I960, at Cazenovia, N. Y. 
Carol Ann Civetti '59 and William E. Monaghan on September 25, I960, at Newton, Mass. 
Patricia Joslin x-'60 and Gerald A. Heggie on March 12, I960, at Auburndale, Mass. 
Linda Allen x-'60 and Harvey Alan Brickman in April, I960. 
Natalie Mills x-'60 and Bernard Elevitch on August 13, I960, at Rockport, Mass. 
Minna Golden '60 and Henry Stephen Levin on August 14, I960, at South Brookline, Mass. 
Paulette Goldberg '60 and Morton Holliday on August 21, I960. 
Marcia Lewis '60 and Guy Neilsen Davis on August 27, I960, at Brattleboro, Vt. 
Nancy Kiddoo '60 and Richard A. Malmros on September 10, I960, at Auburndale, Mass. 
Carolyn Farnum '60 and Brian MacWilliams on September 10, I960, at Sudbury, Mass. 
Judith Anthony '60 and Robert Lewis Talbot on September 17, I960, at Braintree, Mass. 
Judith Kleinberg '60 and Herbert M. Shapiro in September I960. 

Mrs. Philip W. Swanson 
(Joan Murano '55) 


- — 



Virginia Paolillo Lawlor '56 



To Louise Tardivel Higgins '37, a fourth child, third daughter, Susan Heald, on October 5, 

To Claire De Conto Trodella '42, a daughter, Carole Marie, in December I960. 
To Jane Cook Cardoza x-'43, a third child, first daughter, Nancy Jane, on May 19, I960. 
To Ruth Perkins Goodwin '44, a second child, first son, Jeffrey Mason, on Sept. 10, I960. 
To Constance Pettigrew Edie '45, a third child, second son, Frederick Pettigrew, on August 

15, 1960. 
To Barbara Weeks Dow '46, a son, John, III, on September 24, 1959. 
To Edith Avery Todd '46, a son, John Odell, III, on August 8, I960. 
To Elaine Reed Simpson '46, a second daughter, Gladys Lynn, on September 21, I960. 
To Claire Dickover Hallock '47, a son, Ben, on December 20, 1959. 

To Mollie Kendrick Pike '47, a second child, first daughter, Nancy Margaret, in May I960. 
To Janice Hayden Cummins '47, a third child, a daughter, on May 13, I960. 
To Dorothy Milkey Cole '47, a second son, James William, on July 10, I960. 
To Mary Murray Sutton '47, a second child, first daughter, Beth-Ann, on Oct. 1, I960. 
To Bette Morton Whelan '48, a daughter, Nancy Marie, on August 15, I960. 
To Jane Hicks Donovan '48, a second daughter, Amy Slade, on Sept. 23, I960. 
To Marilyn Weeden Davidson '49, a third child, second daughter, Janet, on Aug. 30, 1959. 
To Joyce Stanley Pederzini '49, a son, Mark, on April 2, I960. 
To Anita Nicholson Potocar '49, a son, J. Edward, in June I960. 
To Janet White MacLure '49, a fourth child, second son, Henry Goldborough, on July 1, 

To Betsy Barstow Allen x-'49, a fourth child, third son, Jody, on July 23, I960. 
To Nancy Hayden Droof '49, a son, Peter, on August 2, I960. 
To Kathryn Poore Hamel '49, an adopted son, David Arthur, on August 4, I960. 
To Jean Dickson Treveiler '49, daughter of Helene Grashorn Dickson '22, a second daugh- 
ter, Linda Jean, on September 13, I960. 
To Joan Koch Ryan '50, a second child, first son, John Merrill, on August 21, 1959. 
To Audrey Callahan Cohill '50, a third child, second son, Clinton, on March 6, I960. 
To Joyce Collins Dunkin '50, a second child, first son, Bradford Spalding, on March 20, I960. 
To Shirley Richman Miller '50, a second daughter, Cindy Ellen, on Aug. 8, I960. 
To Roberta Morin Aronowitz '51, a third child, second daughter, Susan Carol, on March 28, 

To Barbara Ferns Becker '51, a second daughter, Anne Hutchings, on April 8, I960. 
To Arlene Kelly McCormack '51, a third child, second son, Michael Edward, on May 15, 

To Janet Fornoff Hauber '51, a third daughter, Nancy, on June 26, I960. 
To Lillian Elias Freeman '51, a third daughter, on June 26, I960. 
To Joy Detweiler Hostetter '51, a fourth child, second daughter, Jean Marie, on Sept. 8, 

To Shirley Hannafin Adams '51, a second child, first daughter, Kathleen Ann, on Sept. 19, 

To Meridale Roberts Vasey '51, a third child, second daughter, Jennifer Suzanne, on October 

3, I960. 
To Joan Cardinal MacMurray '51, a second daughter, Ruth Frances, on October 10, I960. 
To Elizabeth Allison Smuts '51, a third son, Kenneth, on October 19, I960. 
To Joyce Wardle Chapman '52, a second child, first daughter, Susan Shepherd, on June 23, 

To Terry Wingate Machette '52, a second daughter, Jill Wingate, on Sept. 9, I960. 
To Nancie Shean Roth '52, a daughter, Carolyne Marie, on September 22, I960. 
To Carolie Painter Wildrick '52, a daughter, Carolie Adele, on October 14, I960. 
To Naomi Peck Kroner '52, a first child, a son, John Christian, on October 20, I960. 
To Judith Horton Koch '52, a son, Douglas, in May I960. 
To Doris Gartner Gould '53, a son, William Todd, on May 15, I960. 
To Diane Cueny Harden '53, a second son, Dwayne Michael, on July 22, I960. 
To Constance Peterson Sloan x-'53, a third child, second daughter, Kim Kerstin, on August 

12, 1960. 
To Joan Hodgson Kangas '53, a second child, first daughter, Kristina, on August 19, I960. 


To Karen Floberg Levis '53, a third child, second son, James Kellner, on August 30, I960. 

To Beverly Thornton Hallowell '53, a daughter, Holly, on October 4, I960. 

To Priscilla Boggs Killian '53, a daughter, Nancy Lee, on October 15, I960. 

To Shirley Vara Gallerani '53, a fourth son, Steven John, on Nov. 2, I960. 

To Judith Hansen Hull '54, a second son, Donald, on January 12, I960. 

To Jane Master Houston '54, a daughter, Kathleen Marie, on February 10, I960. 

To Carole Mattucci Wall '54, a son, George, in April I960. 

To Ruth Paetz Braun '54, a second son, Michael Eliot, on April 21, I960. 

To Priscilla Head Davis '54, a second child, first daughter, Lindsay Anne, on May 16, I960. 

To Janice Sweet Morsilli '54, a third child, first son, Frank Peter, on June 10, I960. 

To Patricia Kelsey Scharf '54, second set of twin boys, Scott and Steven, on Sept. 15, I960. 

To Marion Crossman MacCallum '54, a second son, Jeffrey Stuart, on Sept. 27, I960. 

To Shirley Read Lupien '54, a daughter, Tracey Ann, on November 16, I960. 

To Thelma Appel Kaplan '55, a second child, first daughter, Amy, in December 1959. 

To Patricia Reynolds Fisher '55, a second child, first daughter, Eloise Kathryn, in May I960. 

To Shirley MacDonald Biamonte '55, a son, Mark Joseph, on May 21, I960. 

To Barbara Jean Hilliard Tracey '55, a son, Michael Terrence, on June 1, I960. 

To Barbara Karasik Davidson '55, a daughter, Lori Ann, on June 26, I960. 

To Nancy Lincoln Martin '55, a daughter, Deanna Elizabeth, on July 13, I960. 

To June Anderten Seifert '55, a daughter, Caryl Dee, on July 21, I960. 

To Mary Lee Klipper Singer '55, a second child, first daughter, Debbie, on July 22, I960. 

To Caroline Chapin Snyder '55, a fourth child, second son, Robert Glenn, on July 28, I960. 

To Lucinda Nicol Peterson '55, a second child, first son, Gregory Donald, on August 3, I960. 

To Ethel Griffin Browning '55, a second child, first daughter, Robin Lee, on Sept. 19, I960. 

To Mary Lee Gowdy Belcourt '55, a second son, Kenneth Noel, on Oct. 30, I960. 

To Mildred Monahan Regan '55, a daughter, Elizabeth Mary, on November 11, I960. 

To Ann Hastings Peterson '56, second daughter, Cindy Jean, on April 15, I960. 

To Patricia Hayes Schoeller '56, a second child, first daughter, Vivian Grace, on April 16, 

To Mary Parmakian Asadoorian '56, a son, Paul Aram, on June 17, I960. 
To Elizabeth Ireland Ferguson '56, a son, Michael Anthony, on August 31, I960. 
To Frances Nettleton Konsella '56, a daughter, Laurie Ann, on October 3, I960. 
To Marilyn Hekemian Voskian '56, a daughter, Victoria Ann, on October 10, I960. 
To Sally Quicke Reiss '56, a daughter, Elizabeth Lee, on November 2, I960. 
To Penny Rafkin Hurwitz '56, a second child, a daughter, Laurie Jane, on Nov. 2, I960. 
To Marilyn Sandberg Prolman '57, a son, Mark Douglas, on April 2, I960. 
To Jean Ritter Mason '57, a son, Steven Ritter, in May I960. 
To Lucile Martel Huggins '57, a daughter, Deborah Lee, on August 12, I960. 
To Camilla Carlson Ellsworth '57, a son, David Harrington, on September 1, I960. 
To Elizabeth Liebewein Nyser '57, a daughter, Cynthia Ann, on September 14, I960. 
To Ann Moulton Hastings '57, a son, Robert, Jr., on September 28, I960. 
To Mary Lou Reich Cushner '57, a daughter, Toni, in September I960. 
To Nancye Van Deusen Connor '57, a second child, first son, Stephen John, on October 4, 

To Shirley Silverman Kass '57, a son, Peter Lawrence, on October 17, I960. 
To Marsha Singer Marshall '58, a son, Steven, on March 9, I960. 
To Susan Rapaport Paul '58, a son, Stephen, in May I960. 
To Nancy Sonshine Kerstein '58, a daughter, Lisa Victoria, on August 25, I960. 
To Diane Potts Coombs '59, a daughter, Susan Diane, in May I960. 
To Bonnie Seibert Hiscox '59, a son, Byron Maxwell, on July 28, I960. 
To Cynthia Brossman Ancona '59, a son, Clifford Pryce, on August 11, I960. 
To Barbara Balkus Sgroi '59, a daughter, Susan Barbara, on August 13, I960. 
To Anne Sutherland Rollins '60, a son, David Matthew, on July 2, I960. 
To Sheila O'Brien Farrell '60, a son, Brian John, on July 14, I960. 



Joanne and Sharon Freeman 
(Lillian Elias '51) 

Kyle and Ritchie Dagg 
(Annette Dufton '54) 

Sandy and Debby Morsilli 
(Janice Sweet '54) 

David and Douglas Ellis 
(Dolores Eck x-'52) 

Tommy, Greg and Michael Dorsey 
(Audrey Hofmann, Fac. '48-'56) 



Jeffrey Peter Chirnside 
(Joan Darelius '53) 

John David Florin 
(Thelma Greenberg '54) 

Pamela Fusco 
(Sue Corbin '48) 

Tom and Maclean Ballard 
(Betty Renison '46) 





Mrs. Elizabeth P. Stewart of Cincinnati, 
Ohio recently mailed this thoughtful note 
to the college: "My husband's aunt recalls 
many of her schoolmates and happenings 
of the years (1884-87) she spent at Lasell 
when she was Gertrude Stewart, now Mrs. 
Edward E. Titus of 561 Considine Avenue, 
Cincinnati. She became a champion tennis 
player and golfer, and continues actively 
interested in watching the many sports 
programs on TV. She is 91 and without 
doubt, one of your oldest alumnae. Mrs. 
Titus has a delightful sense of humor and 
retains a keen interest in world affairs and 
her family. Her daughter and a son live 
in Columbus, and another son, married, 
lives in Atlanta, Ga." 


Ruth Seiberling Pflueger '92-'94 writes: 
"When I entered Lasell in September 1892, 
I did not join any class but enrolled as a 
'Special' student. Now wish I had joined 
the junior class for then I would be listed 
as a graduate of 1894. Celebrated my 86th 
birthday in November. Very best good 
wishes to the college for 1961." 


Holiday Greetings from Mabel Taylor 
Gannett: "Christmas 1893 and Christmas 
1894 I spent at Lasell. We trimmed a 
huge tree (both times), which touched 
the ceiling of the old parlors at Bragdon. 
Dr. Bragdon worked so very hard the en- 
tire holiday vacation to keep us happy 
and not homesick. There were eighteen 
girls on campus and we had a jolly good 
time. My very best wishes to all at the 
college, and my lovely day — June 11, 
I960 — will always be a most happy 

From Braintree, Mabel Sawyer Rogers 
writes: "All best wishes to Lasell and to 
the Alumnae Fund. My household these 
days consist of a lovely granddaughter, 
who is with a Boston firm of architects, 
and a cousin, librarian at the Braintree 
High School." 


Mrs. F. F. Lamson 

( Lena Josselyn ) , Secretary 

21 Waterston Rd., Newton, Mass. 


In Memoriam: Jessie McCarthy Hadley on 
November 6, I960, after a prolonged ill- 

Alice Taylor Potter x-'OO on October 10, 


A new address for Harriette Ward 
Walker is 1 Robin Hood Lane, Darien, 


Bessie Fuller Perry has informed us that 
Georgie Duncan Seavey has suffered a 
fracture of the hip and has been incapacitated 
for several months. And from Searsport, 
Maine, Mrs. Seavey reports: "I have been 
somewhat on the shelf. After eleven weeks, 
seven of them in the hospital, I graduated 
to a wheel-chair, which is still my only 
means of locomotion. Am hoping that I 
may, before too long, again graduate - — 
this time to my feet, with the aid of a 
walker, of course. I feel that I am gain- 
ing very well, and am very grateful that 
it was no worse. Keep busy reading, sew- 
ing, knitting and doing any sit-down job 
that may come my way in our large and 
busy family. 

"Theresa Thompson Osborne '22 has 
kept me in touch with the Eastern Maine 
Club, and they sent a lovely and much- 
appreciated card, signed by all present at 
the October meeting. Shall hope to join 
them at the April get-together." 


In Memoriam: Clarissa Halladay Phelps 
'02-'03 on October 16, I960 in Springfield, 
Mass. Mrs. Phelps is survived by a daugh- 
ter, Miss Barbara Phelps, of Agawam, 

Other News: Sincere sympathy is extended 
to Lucia Parcher Dow x-'03, whose older 
son, Harold, passed away in January I960. 
Mr. Dow's widow and daughter, Deborah, 
live in Wellesley, Mass. 


Florence Smith Flint x-'04 writes: "Our 
main interest — grandchildren, of whom 
we have eleven. The oldest was graduated 
from Princeton two years ago, and the 
youngest arrived in August I960." 



Helen Wallace Brown x-'04 recently 
visited Lasell — the first time since her 
student days. She is a member of the Oma- 
ha-Council Bluffs Club and reported that 
nine or ten alumnae continue to hold regu- 
lar meetings. Helen's address in Council 
Bluffs is 31 Oakland Court. 


In Memoriam: Laura Weaver Buxton on 
June 23, I960 in Xenia, Ohio. 

Other News: Barbara Vail Bosworth sends 
"very best New Year greetings to all at 
Lasell. Have had a recent letter from Grace 
Hardy '04, who so much appreciates hear- 
ing from old friends and news of the col- 
lege. Her address is Homestead Rest Home, 
Leominster, Mass., and please direct my 
mailings to P. O. Box 605, Saratoga, 


Mrs. Harry Carlow 

(Edith Anthony) , Secretary 

60 Church Green, Taunton, Mass. 

In Memoriam: Ann Dealey Jackson in 
October I960. Mrs. Jackson is the sister 
of Maidie Dealey Moroney '14 and the 
late Fannie Dealey Decherd '06. 

Other News: From Maude Simes Harding: 
"All in our class and many in classes be- 
fore and after ours extend love and sym- 
pathy to Kathie Washburn Peyser. Harry 
died very suddenly on October 13, I960. 

"Helen Carter Kenway enjoyed a visit 
from Hazel Carey Adam '05. They made 
brief calls on Mildred Peirce Wise and 
myself, and we all discussed 55th Re- 
union. It is time to plan ! Please send 
along ideas !" 

Irene Sauter Sanford is enjoying the 
winter at Ellinor Village, Ormond Beach, 
Florida, and her Lasell roommate, Julia 
Potter Schmidt, is with Mary Potter Mc- 
Conn '05 in California. 


Lilian Douglass Heeb writes: "During 
the summer of I960 I enjoyed six weeks 
touring Africa, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. 
Upon returning to New York, I visited 
Florence Swartwout Thomassen '09, in 
Maplewood, N. J., then on to Pennsyl- 
vania to see a childhood friend, and to 
Vermont, where the Douglass relatives live. 

Florence and I drove to Toronto to see 
Christine Ryrie x-'lO, and en route called 
on Clara Nims in Watertown, N. Y. In 
Buffalo we were entertained by Ruth 
Adams Whiston x'-07, and in Poughkeepsie 
we lunched with Emmeline Guernsey x-'08, 
who now lives alone in the family home. 
Between planes in Chicago I telephoned 
Helen Carter Johnson. I am now estab- 
lished in the beautiful new Royal Oaks 
Manor (1703 Royal Oaks Drive, Duarte, 
Calif,), where I shall make my permanent 
home. Duarte is eleven miles west of 
Covina and I shall continue the various 
civic activities here where I have lived 
since my Lasell days." 

Clara Nims called at Lasell in July and 
"very much enjoyed a pleasant visit with 
Mrs. Mary Blatchford VanEtten. Shall 
spend my eleventh winter in Winter Park, 

Sincere sympathy is extended to Sadie 
Peckham Mayers x-'07, whose husband, Mr. 
Robert R. Mayers, passed away in April 
- I960. 


Mrs. Clifton A. Hall 
( Charlotte Ryder ) , Secretary 
149 Cedar St., Bangor, Maine 

In Memoriam: Louise Morrell Nestler on 
December 14, I960 at Ridgewood, N. J. 
Mrs. Nestler was a member of the West 
Side Church and of it Woman's Guild, and 
of the Woman's Club of Ridgewood. Sur- 
viving are a brother, Mr. Willett R. Mor- 
rell of Asbury Park, and a step-daughter, 
Miss Alice Nestler, of Bristol, Tenn. 


From Maria Riker Hume: "Our two 
granddaughters, ages ten and eleven, are 
very much interested in attending Lasell. 
If all goes as planned, one of them will 
be graduating the year of my 60th Re- 
union. We shall certainly have a celebra- 
tion !" 

Ada Wood Peterson x-'09 writes to 
Alumnae Fund Chairman, Louise Tardivel 
Higgins '37: "Your recent letter relating 
to the idea of a definite development pro- 
gram for the college is a fine idea for 
Lasell. It seems only yesterday that I was 
a schoolgirl there — and Oh, so happy. 
Arrived at the Seminary in September 1904 
and I can recall many of the girls. It was a 
great privilege to have studied at Lasell. 
Fondest wishes for many years ahead for 
many more schoolgirls!" 




M. Cornelia Stone, Secretary 
23 Brewster Lane, La Grange Park, 111. 

In Memoriam: Olive Bates Dumas on 
August 9, I960. Olive, 1910's Life Secre- 
tary, is survived by her husband, Mr. 
George C. Dumas of Hanover, Mass. 
Other News: In mid-August Josephine 
Woodward Rand notified classmates of 
Olive's' passing and suggested a memorial 
in her honor. The response has been good 
and the participation excellent. 

M. Cornelia Stone has kindly consented 
to serve as Class Secretary, and welcomes 
news of all members. 

Notes from letters to Josephine Wood- 
ward Rand: 

From Eleanor Laurens McCrady: "I am 
afraid I am a poor correspondent. Lived 
in Montreal for twenty-two years and am 
now in Charleston. We travel quite a bit 
and I have so many outside interests — 
though have promised myself to retire this 
year and attend to home and garden only. 
My seventeen-year-old granddaughter and 
namesake attends school in Washington, 
D. C, and is looking forward to a year's 
study in Switzerland. Very best wishes to 
all 1910-ers." 

From Elizabeth Martin x-'lO: "Keep 
busy with church activities — make parish 
calls, and also serve as secretary-treasurer 
of a small civic organization." 

From Julia terKuile Brown: "I am sure 
Olive was very happy to have shared in 
our 50th Reunion. May I make one sug- 
gestion for a memorial — perhaps, a clock 
— for Olive did work 'around the clock' 
for 1910." 

From Irma Levi Levy: "It was wonder- 
ful that the Reunioners had a visit with 
Olive in June. Just recently moved to a 
new little apartment — 215 South Wood 
Street, Sarasota. Very best wishes to all." 

From Anita Wilson McAvoy x-'lO: "Very 
pleased to be included in the memorial for 
Olive. I so often think of the wonderful 
letters you write and the time you give to 
keep up our Lasell spirit. Most of the 
time we just don't take time to tell you 
the terribly good job you are doing." 

From Mabeth Shuttleworth Turner x-'lO: 
"The 50th Reunion must have been a lark 
and how I would have loved to have been 
there. I shall always want to thank Lasell 
for what she has meant to me through the 
years. So often I feel the influence of 
Miss Potter, Miss Nutt, Miss Witherbee, 
Frau Heinrich and other instructors. I 
truly feel that the college offers a won- 
derful background and I trust it will al- 
ways be the same. I keep in touch with my 

niece, Amy Shuttleworth Jensen, 1956's 
Class Agent, and I wish for you all much 
success in the 1960-61 Alumnae Fund 

And from Trustee Julia Crafts Sheridan: 
"I am delighted we are doing a memorial 
for Olive. Thoroughly enjoyed the fall 
meeting of the Eastern Maine Lasell Club, 
and had a pleasant ride to Portland after- 
ward with Dr. and Mrs. Tewksbury. The 
following day I flew from Portland to 
Puerto Rico for the 50th anniversary cele- 
bration of the American Hotel Association. 
Took a few extra days and continued on to 
St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands, Haiti, 
Kingston, Jamaica and over the mountains 
to Montego Bay. Now enjoying the warm 
sunshine of Florida. Often think of our 
fine reunion — a very pleasant one to 


Mrs. R. A. Clemen 

( Margaret Jones ) , Secretary 

26 Lilac Lane, Princeton, N. J. 

Elizabeth Brandow Trumbull has retired 
from her duties at Eastern Michigan Uni- 
versity, and her permanent address is now 
411 N. E. Fifth Avenue, Pompano Beach, 

Vera Bradley Findlay is wintering in 
New Zealand. 

From Alma Dumn DeLong: "While 
visiting in Ypsilanti (Michigan) last year, 
I had the pleasure of frequently seeing 
Beth Brandow Trumbull. Also had a de- 
lightful telephone visit with Edessa Warner 
Slocum x-'13." 


Mrs. J. Tracy Colby 

( Clara Parker ) , Secretary 

8 High St., Goffstown, N. H. 

Marjorie Risser Blackwell's letter, dated 
December 19, I960, reads: "This evening 
at seven I start my second trip to the Near 
East. In 1958 I stayed three months in 
Jerusalem — long enough to really feel a 
part of that glorious land where the Christ 
seems so close. 

"This time I shall visit in Bethlehem for 
the three Christmases, then on to Egypt to 
see the many places of Bible interest, in- 
cluding Sinai; and I hope it will be possi- 
ble to revisit Iraq, Babylon and Ur, and 
include Iran, the Persia of our Bible. Shall 
return to Jerusalem for Palm Sunday and 
Easter Pageants. 

"After a tour of the Bible spots in Jordan 
and Lebanon and Syria, I plan to go to 



Israel and then home via the Saint Paul 
route — Cyprus, Athens, Corinth, Crete, 
Rhodes, Malta and Rome. 

"Warmest greetings to each and every- 
one — especially the 1912 Girls, whom I 
hope to see at the 50th Reunion in 1962. 
Please plan to be in Auburndale for our 
special celebration." 


Mrs. A. L. Stirn 

(Mary Fenno) , Secretary 

43 East Loop Rd., Dongan Hills 

Staten Island, N. Y. 

Wilhelmina Joscelyn Swett is "a recep- 
tionist at a Hinsdale (111.) sanitarium, and 
enjoying the work very much. We have 
exchange personnel from India, Hungary 
and other far corners of the world." 


Mary Quick Dean writes from a new ad- 
dress: 139 South Broadway, North Attle- 
boro, Mass.: "Spent the Thanksgiving holi- 
days with son John, daughter-in-law Sally 
(Garratt Dean '53) and their two sons. 
Jeffrey arrived on June 28, I960." 

In early November Dorothy Hartshorn 
Underwood forwarded this bit of news: 
"Just returned from five weeks in London, 
where our daughter lives with her banker- 
husband and beautiful year-old daughter. 
Clint and I spent the Thanksgiving week- 
end in New Jersey with our son, his wife 
and two wee boys. Had a delightful visit 
in London with Charlotte Swartout Quack- 
enbush, and our Round Robin carries news 
of Ruby Newcomb McCorkindale, Marcia 
Fogg Moore, Alleda Burnett Arneson, Ruth 
Davis Giller, Mary Bingaman, Myra Eby 
Craighead, Lena Vee Kelley Stone and 
Carolyn Moore. 

Ruth Adt Stephenson x-'l4, Dorothy Gil- 
bert Eckstrom x-'l4 and Frances Johnsen 
Edwards "had the first reunion in too many 
years this fall and plan to repeat it before 
the Christmas holidays." 

And from Ethel Vance Foster: "My step- 
daughter, Margretta Foster Osborn '40, is 
now in South Pasadena with a family of 
three children, and my son, Erskine Vance 
Morse, dean of Veterinary Science Medi- 
cine at Purdue University, has been nomi- 
nated for Who's Who." 


Mrs. H. B. Collins 

( Nell Woodward ) , Secretary 
39 Lincoln St., Manchester, Mass. 

With the LEAVES subscription check, 
Sara Lane Wilton x-'15 adds: "Always en- 
joy seeing the magazine and reading of 
the many friends of years gone by. It was 
so wonderful to be back in Auburndale 
last June, and I have only the happiest of 
memories of my short stay at the college." 


Mrs. R. M. Kimball 

(Mabel Straker) , Secretary 
79 Carpenter St., Foxboro, Mass. 

Dear Girls, 

Our Round Robin was about to come my 
way last May when I was off for a three- 
month tour of Europe — and at this 
writing I have been unable to catch up 
with the news of our own girls. 

The summer was a delightful one — we 
had a lovely cruise on the Nieww Amster- 
dam, my husband had business commit- 
ments in Holland for three weeks, and 
daughter Florence joined us there. We 
toured Europe by car — the little Hillman 
now serves as my run-around car — and 
the next five weeks found us in Germany, 
Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Luxem- 
bourg, Belgium, and a final two weeks in 
Holland. After a week in London, we 
"did" the countryside for two weeks before 
flying home. 

It is not one bit too early to begin think- 
ing about Reunion and June 1961. I hope 
you are all stuffing the piggy-banks for the 
occasion. Details will come to you in the 
near future. 

— M.S.K. 

Other News: Marion Griffin Wolcott, who 
missed but one annual meeting of the Con- 
necticut Valley Club since 1916, reports 
"the October get-together in Hartford was 
an especially enjoyable one — Dr. and Mrs. 
Tewksbury were guests of the Club." 

Dr. Carol M. Rice is enjoying another 
busy year as resident physician at Sweet 
Briar College in Virginia. 

Esther Alden Hansen x-'l6 has recently 
moved to the Linden Garden Apartments, 
45 Linden Street in Wellesley, Mass. 


Mrs. H. M. Brennan 

(Jessie Shepherd) , Secretary 

160 E. 48th St., New York, N. Y. 

Because of illness this summer, Mary 
Taylor Gish was unable to attend the Mi- 
ami convention for the National Federation 
of the Blind. Margaret Trice Gibbens x-'l6 
was a member of the convention committee. 



From Virginia Moore Starkey: "Pauline 
Fera '18 and Frances Hunter Roberts x-'18 
met me at the Chicago airport on my re- 
turn from Africa in late summer. We had 
much fun recalling our European trip in 
1955. Mid Cary Eaton '18 surely made a 
hit when she visited me in Duluth." 


Mrs. Carl L. Eaton 

(Mildred Cary) , Secretary 

5 Grove St., Winchester, Mass. 

Saturday, June 10, 1961 

Doris Sanborn Adams sends "love and 
best wishes to all '21-ers. I am still Di- 
rector of Homemaker Service of Somerset 
County, and my husband is a research as- 
sociate in organic chemistry with American 
Cyanamid in Bound Brook, N. J. We now 
have three grandchildren — two boys and 
a girl." 


Mercie V. Nichols, Secretary 
59 Ripley Road, Cohasset, Mass. 

We extend sincere sympathy to Janet 
Edgerly Fellows x-'19, whose husband, Mr. 
Harold E. Fellows, has recently passed 


Mrs. S. S. Cline 

( Eleanor Thompson ) , Secretary 

Amenia, New York 

In Memoriam: Elizabeth Manville Curtiss 
on September 24, I960. She is survived by 
her husband, a son, a daughter and one 

Other News: Katherine Rice Broock's new 
address in Bloomneld Hills, Michigan is 
3677 Brookside Drive; and Muriel James 
Morrison is in nearby Wellesley — 27 
Windemere Road. 


After autumn's flare when the year faded — 

gone down in stem and seed, 

gold to gray to almost-white shaded ■ — 

colors of the year were freed. 
Now we know the quiet of our need — 

kindle the hearth in early night, 

in early morning step outside 

to give the birds their feed. 
We think of warmth — 

We think of you 

with starry crystals weave — 
The cool and gentle white comes through 

like Love on Christmas Eve — 

Dorothy Burnham Eaton 


Mrs. Richard F. Bryant 

(Doris Bissett) , Secretary 

130 Reservoir Road, Wollaston, Mass. 


Mrs. George S. Harris 

(Marjorie Lovering) , Secretary 

3 Lovering Rd., West Medford, Mass. 

Mrs. A. B. Shoemaker 

(Phyllis Rafferty) , Assistant 

315 San Juan Road, Watsonville, Calif. 

Dear '22-ers, 

It's lucky we have Christmas cards for 
news of you gals gets mighty scarce. 
Howze about letting me know of your do- 
ings, your grandchildren, your travels? 

One of the most interesting greetings 
came from Peg Reid Perry — a reprint of 
the lovely hand-colored card she and Nels 
did in 1923. They enjoyed a trip to Portu- 
gal last year — on to Africa — down the 
East Coast through the Indian Ocean and 
home via London. Libby Madeira Camp- 
bell, now rested from an African safari, 
is off to South America this winter. 

Helene Grashorn Dickson — and five 
granddaughters — had a truly Merry 
Christmas. Helene and Lawrence plan to 
visit Phyllis and Medico in June — and 
how we all would like to do just that. 
An occasional trip to San Francisco is the 
extent of Phyllis' travels for the care of 
Medico is a great worry. For them both 
we wish much of good health and comfort 
in the New Year. 

Theresa Thompson Osborne, still in love 
with the Down East move, finds renovat- 
ing the Belfast home a fascinating and time- 
consuming venture. Theresa has two grand- 
daughters also — sounds like a fine Lasell 
future for 1922 ! 

Marjorie Gifford Grimm discovered that 
six grandchildren added a hectic but de- 
lightful touch to the holiday season. Louise 
Stevens Prince spent her holidays in Penn- 
sylvania with daughter Marilyn (Prince 
Karcher x-'49). 

A Happy New Year to all and see you 
in 17 months! 

. . . M.L.H. 




Mrs. Mason H. Stone 

( Adrienne Smith ) , Secretary 

7 Breamore Rd., Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Wilder N. Smith 

(Antoinette Meritt) , Assistant 

110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale, Mass. 

Arline Allsopp DeHart '23 
June 1958 

In Memoriam: Arline Allsopp DeHart on 

October 8, I960 after a brief illness. Arline 
leaves her husband, a daughter, Suzanne 
DeHart Lake, a grandchild, her father, and 
a sister. 

Other News: From Class Secretary Adri- 
enne Smith Stone: "We extend sincere sym- 
pathy to the family of Arline Allsopp De- 
Hart. Her lovely smile and cheerful dis- 
position will be greatly missed by us all. 

"As some of you know, your Scribe was 
married on February 27, I960 and many 
former Lasell girls and faculty members 
attended the wedding. My new name and 
address are Mrs. Mason Hills Stone, 7 Brea- 
more Road, Newton 58. If any of you are 
in the vicinity of the college, please drop in 
and see us. The latchstring is always out 
to Lasell girls. Our daughter-in-law is Dor- 
othy Acuff Stone '37. 

"Your Scribe was re-elected president of 
the Greater Boston Lasell Club this year 
and I'd be delighted to have some of the 
near-at-hand members of our class join the 
Greater Boston group. 

"Your Scribe smashed (the doctor's 
term) her right wrist in August and is just 

now beginning to be able to use it. Her 
husband's automobile (through no fault of 
his) was demolished in an accident), but 
he was very lucky to be only slightly in- 

Dr. Ruth Emery x-'23 has been elected 
a member of the Board of Trustees of Nas- 
son College, Springvale, Maine. She is a 
founder and present executive secretary of 
the Conference on British Studies, is presi- 
dent of the Berkshire Historical Confer- 
ence and is a member of the American His- 
torical Association. Ruth, instructor of 
history at Lasell from 1939 to 1948, has 
been a member of the faculty at Rutgers 
University since 1948. 

Mr. Edward T. Steffian, husband of 
Lovina Smith, has been selected as the 
architect for the proposed new building 
on campus. 

Claire Parker Everett reports "a happy 
visit with Louise Orr Daniels and her hus- 
band on one of those glorious Indian Sum- 
mer days last October. Our lives are as 
busy as usual with many charitable organ- 

Marjorie Lowell Weeks, now enjoying 
her annual Florida vacation, sends best 
wishes to all for 1961, and adds: "Now 
have two grandchildren ■ — a boy and a 
girl. Grandma travels from Louisville to 
Chicago quite often these days. Never a 
dull moment!" 

A change of address for Norma Prentis 
Phillips: 224 Marlboro Street, Boston, 


Helen B. Perry, Secretary 
172 Porter Street, Melrose, Mass. 

Peg Lonval Epps finds "living in Boston, 
and working in Boston with my husband in 
his architectural business most interesting." 

Ruth Stoneman Hamilton has moved to 
1611 Heatherwood Drive in Decatur, 

While on a fall vacation trip to Canada, 
Dorothy Ballou Collier and husband en- 
joyed a performance of the Royal Ballet 
of Winnipeg in Ottawa, and "Camelot" at 
the new O'Keefe Art Centre in Toronto. 

From Esther Palmer Dwinell: "Don't find 
too much time for golf these days, but do 
manage to bowl once a week. This past 
summer my husband and I painted the out- 
side of our little home — and we are quite 
pleased with the results. Have been de- 
voting much time to my dear mother, who 
is now in an Arlington (Mass.) nursing 




Mrs. George A. Jenkins 

(Barbara Cushing) , Secretary 

3 Kent St., Concord, N. H. 

Mrs. J. LeRoy Wood 

(Catherine Beecher) , Co-Secretary 

46 Olive Street, Methuen, Mass. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Martha- Wilcox Hills and to Jessie Matte- 
son Ray. Mr. Hills passed away on August 
28, I960, and Dr. Ray died on July 17, I960 
in London, England. 

Ann Holmes, daughter of Martha Fish 
Holmes, was one of nineteen student vocal- 
ists selected from the Hood College choral 
group to make a tour of European military 
bases this summer. During the three-week 
concert tour, the choir sang for American 
troops in Germany, France and Italy. 

Robert Wood, son of Catherine Beecher 
Wood, is engaged to Ann Douglas '59, 
a member of this year's graduating class 
at Jackson College. In September Miss 
Elizabeth Sheltry of Burlington, Vermont 
became the bride of Donald Jenkins, son 
of Barbara Cushing Jenkins. 

Gertrude Kendall Lund and husband 
spent their vacation time on the West Coast. 

New Addresses: Ruth Buffington: R.F.D. 1, 
Box 93, Carmel, Calif. 

Edna Hart Hoyt: 2165 Paradise Drive, 
Tiburon, Calif. 

Mary Saunders Houston x-'25: Apt. 1-D, 
318 N. State Road, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. 


Mrs. Elmer J. Bloom 

(Mariesta Howland), Secretary 

415 West Crestwood Drive, Peoria, 111. 

Summer travelers abounded in our class, 
and doubtless many an impromptu reunion 
too. Audrey Jackson Dade x-'26 and her 
writer-husband; Elinor Stevens Stockman 
and her family (young Marguerite is at 
Lasell) shared a festive dinner together on 
Cape Cod in August. The same month Betty 
Day Bracken and her husband, doing a spot 
of leisurely golfing at a country Inn in 
Maine came upon old "Lasellians," Mr. 
and Mrs. Charles Towne, who, hale and 
hearty, were enjoying the course too. (Mr. 
Towne was vice-principal during our Lasell 

The summer laid rather a strain upon 
globe-trotting "Andy" and Dan Gage. Their 
casual and work-seeking "pilgrimage by 
Peugeot" through Europe took them through 
France and , Italy, then up to Garmisch- 

Partenkirchen, Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, 
Inter laken, Berne, Brussels and Antwerp. 
Here they gave up the little Peugeot and 
flew to Ireland, where they were to visit 
friends and had planned to rent a British car 
to tour to Killarney. But in Ireland stalwart 
Dan suffered a thrombosis and was taken to 
a hospital there! Despite this distressing 
wind-up to a joyous trip, our "Andy" coped 
in fine style — saw Dan through the first 
anxious fortnight — then flew home to open 
the Sacramento house, register for her year of 
kindergarten teaching, and had all in readi- 
ness for Dan when he was finally able to 
make the flight to the U.S.A. I'm glad to 
report that he has made a fine recovery, 
has even resumed part-time duties at Sacra- 
mento College, and during a recent jaunt 
to San Francisco, he and Andy danced a 
turn or two at a local hotel ! 

Anita Krakauer Doerr was (briefly) in 
these United States in July, when she and 
her Phil journeyed to Pasadena to be with 
his family at the bedside of Mr. Doerr, Sr. 

Ginnie Amos Farrington reported a 
rather frightening holocaust in the Miami 
area during September's hurricane. Luck- 
ily her own house survived the storm well, 
save for damage to the patio roof. She still 
yearns to see daughter Carolyn (Farrington 
Carson '51) and the "grand baby," but 
plans after the Jamaican trip she and her 
husband are taking this winter, to travel to 
Connecticut for that purpose, with the 
added anticipation of beholding a second 
"grand baby." 

Edith Jensen White must have had her 
travel appetite whetted in 1959, for May 1, 
I960 saw her launching forth on a six- 
month tour of Europe, with special atten- 
tion this time to Russia and Poland. Ede 
even learned the Russian alphabet so she 
could decipher a few signs ! A month after 
her return she set off to spend Christmas 
in San Francisco with daughter Brenda 
(White Harno '57) and granddaughter. 
Ede's son, Barry, is in the Army, stationed 
in Mainz, Germany. And to the greater 
glory o' '26, Ede also reports that she had 
just "re-uned" with Dode Schumaker 
Walthers, Dottie Schumaker and Dottie 
Aseltine Wadsworth. 

Our own travels followed the inevitable 
east-west pattern — a closing-up at Scitu- 
ate; a trek back in late September to "in- 
sert" Peb at Williams College, deposit 
Maris at Smith to take up her house-presi- 
dent duties; a divine motor trip back 
through the "burning beauties" of the 
Berkshires. Thanksgiving we flew to New 
York for a week at the Waldorf, to cele- 
brate the holidays with our two collegians 
and Nadine Strong James and her delight- 



ful husband. It was special fun to take 
Maris to her first Metropolitan opera — 
the glittering "Aida." The Jameses were 
"between trips" — Europe in October, 
Bermuda in December. 

Friends of Isabelle Africa Rolfe will be 
interested to know that "Afric" is a resi- 
dent of New Hampshire again, now that her 
husband is Director of Dartmouth's ath- 
letic program — and she has the distinction 
of being in charge of the promotion of the 
Art Center of New Hampshire. 

Correction: Betty Smith Lum ■ — was in 
1943 the widow of William L. Boyce — 
is still to be addressed at 151 Fairmount 
Avenue, Chatham, N. J. as Mrs. Richard 

And now back to the addressing of 
Christmas cards; work on another School 
Board referendum; many trips to Chicago 
for the Mayflower Society; and prepara- 
tions for the holiday homecoming of two 
lively young people ! 

— M.H.B. 

Other News: From Chapel Hill, N. C, 
Luanna Eyler Crane x-'26 writes: "This is 
a busy college town. I have a freshman 
son and a senior daughter in the Univer- 
sity. Jack is pledged Chi Psi and Marjorie 
is Alpha Gamma Delta. Both live in their 
respective houses, and it is nice to have 
them near enough to pop in for laundry, 
money, quiet studying and Mom's cooking. 
I am busy in Republican politiking, chair- 
man of the Gray Ladies, and Golf Chairman 
at the club — all of which leaves little 
time for gardening and mending." 

Elizabeth Oppel Morris expects "to be 
on campus for our Reunion in June 1961. 
Two grandsons — Kenny and Larry Morris 
— ages 6 and 2 — keep me busy." 

And from down Louisiana-way ■ — New 
Orleans — Mary Freeman Wisdom sends 
word that she is "always delighted to hear 
of Lasell's progress. Two of the happiest 
years of my life were spent there. Have one 
cherished grandson and another son is in 
his second year at Harvard Law School." 

Natalie Albury Boswell x-'26 "drove 
through the college campus in September — 
and it was a most delightful and unex- 
pected pleasure. The new buildings are so 

Mary Elizabeth Golden, daughter of Eliz- 
abeth Kimball Golden, is a freshman at 
Lasell, and brother Billy, now thirteen, 
keeps the family busy at home with his 
many activities. 


Mrs. David Rosen 
( Rosalie Brightman ) , Secretary 
8 Still St., Brookline 46, Mass. 

Dear Girls, 

The Christmas greetings were many and 
warm — the news rare, which I willingly 

Lucy Field Wildman says: "Our grand- 
daughters are precious ■ — ■ and we are ac- 
tually simple over them ! Jerry is a senior 
at Morris Harvey College here in Charles- 
ton, W. Va." 

From Minerva Damon Ludewig: "An- 
other Christmas finds me in this charming 
city of San Francisco. Keep busier than 
Mickey the Mouse with many old friends, 
much volunteer work, old hobbies, new in- 
terests and play golf like crazy. Hope to 
have a brief vacation in the southern part 
of the state, with a little jaunt to Mexico. 

Elinor Day Conley keeps "well and hap- 
py and busy with her work at the Boston 
Public Library." 

A delightfully long letter from Marjorie 
Maxfield Smith: "For the first time in nine 
years, I was away from Florida this sum- 
mer. As a member of the All-America 
Chorus, enjoyed a good-will concert tour 
of Europe for six weeks. The 100-voice 
group, representing forty states, was di- 
rected by Dr. James Allen Dash of Balti- 
more. It was a wonderful, if hectic, trip, 
and we sang in Italy, France, Switzerland, 
Austria, Germany and Czechoslovakia, also 
in Monaco, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg. 

"A week after returning from Europe, I 
took off for a motor trip around the Gaspe 
Peninsula, first visiting friends in Quebec. 
In September my sister-in-law and I at- 
tended the annual meeting of the Governor 
William Bradford Compact at Kingston 
and Plymouth, and added a tour of the 
Cape. While in Plymouth, Esther Josselyn 
and I spent a Sunday together and it was 
so good to see her again. 

"One of the most pleasant happenings 
of the summer was meeting another Lasell 
grad - — ■ Evelyn Ebert Allen '99- Her cousin 
is a neighbor of mine here in Lake Wales." 

I have just learned that our dear Marcia 
Pinkham passed away on April 16, I960, 
after a long illness. Her sister-in-law, 
Doris, whom many of you remember, wrote 
me the sad news. The Class of 1927 extends 
deepest sympathy to all Marcia's dear ones. 

Early in February David and I leave for 
a Caribbean cruise, which we adore re- 
peating every few years. We are both 
eagerly anticipating this mid-winter vaca- 

— R.B.R. 




Lillian G. Bethel, Secretary 
The Waltham Hospital, Waltham, Mass. 

Evelyn Ladd Rublee writes: "My most 
exciting news is that I am a grandmother 
— for the first time ! My daughter, Cyn- 
thia, has an adorable little girl, Deborah 
Ann, born in late September. In our local 
newspaper I read that Helen Beede '21 
and her' aunt, Mrs. Bertha Hooker Willey, 
were summer visitors in Montgomery — 
only seven miles from our home in East 
Berkshire, Vt. Would loved to have seen 
them both!" 

In October Helen Kowalewski Sandback 
was a patient at the Gaylord Farm Hospi- 
tal in Wallingford, Conn. Helen adds: 
"This unpleasant business has forced me 
to give up my work at Yale for the pres- 
ent. Am having physiotherapy on my spine, 
and will have to stay for a rest cure. Son 
Fred is a junior at Williston Academy and 
is hoping to be an exchange student to 
Heilbronn, Germany, next year." 

Kitty Worrall Flint's present address is 
4200 Cathedral Avenue, N. W., Washing- 
ton 16, D. C. 


Mrs. Allan Van Demark 

( Phyllis Beck ) , Secretary 
25 Maple St., Lockport, N. Y. 

In Memoriam: Clarice Liscomb Dykeman 
on December 29, I960, following a long 
illness. Surviving are her husband, a 
daughter, Susan, and her parents. 

Other News: Harriet Holt Buker is now 
teaching in the department of music of the 
San Diego School System. Her new ad- 
dress: 1817 Mission Cliff Drive, San Diego 
16, Calif. 

And Annette Harvey Jensen is art in- 
structor in the elementary schools of Mid- 
dletown, R. I. Annette's older son is a 
junior at the University of Rhode Island, 
and the younger, a junior in high school. 

Ruth Rowbotham Strickland enjoyed "a 
visit with Preble Borden Gruchy and her 
husband Harold in July. Our son, Free- 
man, is a senior at Georgia Tech." 

From "the opposite coast," Julia Clausen 
Bowman admits: "Hurricane Donna had me 
plenty worried for the safety of many 
'29-ers. Hope all came through okay." 

Ellen Zacharias Cullen exclaims: "At this 
writing, I am now a grandmother — five 
times !!!" 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Wilson (Isabelle 
Daggett) have announced the engagement 

of their daughter, Marilyn, to Mr. Donald 
Murray Lacount of Wellesley, Mass. Mari- 
lyn will graduate from Bates College in 
June, and her fiance, a Bates alumnus, is 
attending Andover-Newton Theological 

New Addresses: Esther Angel Frank: 14 
Linda Lane, Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Katherine Braithwaite Woodworth: Box 
301, Eastham, Cape Cod, Mass. 


Mrs. Norman L. Miller 

( Frances Smith ) , Secretary 

1 7 Lowell Street, Andover, Mass. 

This news from Jeanette Gessner Somers: 
"Marty Adams Hindman and daughter vis- 
ited us during the summer and with my 
mother and daughter, we enjoyed a brief 
Maine vacation. 

"Had a grand visit with Bea Alderman 
Nelson and at Pemaquid Point, we met Sue 
Morgan Williams and husband. On the re- 
turn trip we stopped for a tour of Lasell's 
campus, and in Berlin (Conn.) we called 
on Harriet Kimberly Coale." 


Mrs. H. S. Monroe 

( Karin Eliasson ) , Secretary 

Navy #133, General Delivery 

F.P.O., New York, New York 

Dear Girls, 

Again across the seas we send our fond- 
est hopes that the Yuletide and the New 
Year will bring to all our dear friends 
life's richest blessings. 

This year we greet you from Ville- 
franche, on the French Riviera only a few 
miles from Nice and Cannes. It is truly 
a most beautiful part of the world, with 
interesting and friendly people. Only an 
hour's drive to the North are the majestic 
French Alps, where Ann and Sally hope 
to participate in winter sports. And speak- 
ing of "sports," Hank will be kept busy on 
the "Bikini Watch" along the famous coast 

The Monroes have had a glorious year 
in Naples. Hank found his job as Com- 
mander Service Force Sixth Fleet most in- 
teresting and challenging and enjoyed it 
tremendously. In November he became 
Chief of Staff for Vice Admiral George W. 
Anderson, Jr., Commander Sixth Fleet, and 
while the new position is even more time- 
consuming than the last, he seems to be 



A year ago, we were fortunate to arrive 
in Berchtesgaden, Germany on Christmas 
Eve and our visit there was a never-to-be- 
forgotten one. The spring and summer 
brought visits to Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi 
Drive, Pisa, Capri and Ischia, and in July 
there was a delightful week in Cannes. 

Ann celebrated her sixteenth at Rapallo 
on the Italian Riviera — without Dad or 
Mother. Karin drove across Italy with 
another Navy wife to visit Hank, while he 
was in Bari on the Adriatic. Ann, Sally and 
Karin were fortunate enough to have a 
ten-day cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean 
— after school — and visited Tripoli, 
Athens, Istanbul and Izmir. 

This letter begins to sound like a trav- 
elogue, but believe it or not, life in Napoli 
was quite normally enjoyed too. Ann and 
Sally were busy with usual school work 
and the extracurricular activities — basketball, 
tennis, sailing, much swimming, water ski- 
ing, folk dancing and cheer leading. They 
have made so many very fine friends and we 
are most impressed with the interests, 
standards and attitudes of our teen-agers 
in this part of the world. 

Kay thoroughly enjoyed a very cosmopol- 
itan school for her age group. At four 
years, she packs off in the school bus like 
any oldster. 

Karin is constantly busy with Gray Lady 
work with the Red Cross, meeting ships 
and seeing-off old friends, and driving the 
little Hillman about the local countryside 
like a true Neapolitan (and says a prayer 
of Thanksgiving each evening as she de- 
posits the car safely in the garage — Oh, 
the Neapolitan drivers!). 

Time and time again during this past 
year we have remarked — "If only we 
might share these experiences with family 
and friends." We think and speak of you 
so often and pray that life's very best will 
be yours — "tili we meet again." 

The Monroes 
(Karin Eliasson) 

Other News: Harriet Cole Lewis, secretary 
of the South Florida Lasell Club, writes: 
"Nothing too startling — except daughter 
Christine has been elected vice-president 
of Lasell's Senior Class; and our son is 
a law student at Emory in Atlanta." 

Helen Schaack sends "very best greet- 
ings to all for 1961 — and remember, this 
is Reunion Year." 

From St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Agatha 
Canfield writes: "Am really enjoying teach- 
ing here in the Caribbean — though there 
are many adjustments to make!" 

Ruth Bee Jackson is chairman of the 
Greenwich (Conn.) area unit of the Mul- 
tiple Sclerosis Society. 


Mrs. H. R. Macy 

( Katharine Hartman ) , Secretary 

Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. 

Natalie E. Park, Assistant 
73 Goden St., Belmont, Mass. 

Many and sincere thanks to Miss Muriel 
McClelland, who keeps us informed of the 
doings of the Lenzi Gals, daughters of the 
late Ethelyn Whitney Lenzi. While on her 
annual Florida vacation, "Mac" spent a 
pleasant afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. 
George Whitney and the girls in Fort 

The up-to-date report of Elizabeth Page 
Sealey's family: "Neil is enjoying his fresh- 
man year at the University of Maine, and 
has a part in the Maine Masque production 
of 'Sunrise at Campobello." Mary is busy 
practicing for the Skowdettes, a drill team 
which performs at football and basketball 
games — the eleven girls in the squad do 
a good job — tho' not quite up to the pre- 
cision of Radio City's Rockettes. Debbie 
is now a seventh-grader and has her cap 
set for a cheerleading spot next year. John 
and I enjoyed a week of October in New 
Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and returned 
to Bar Harbor on the Bluenose. A change 
of scenery is always welcome. The winter 
routine is about to set in — Church Fair, 
Girl Scouts and the holidays!" 

Nathalie Mosher x-'32 is enjoying her 
fourth year as operator for the Sudbury 
Telephone Answering Service. 

Marge Tarbell Quandt "keeps in touch 
with the activities at Lasell through the 
busy doings of my niece, Ann Davidson 
'61. After being a widow for four years, 
I was happily remarried last April, ac- 
quired seven grandchildren — quite a nov- 
elty for me." 


Mrs. E. M. Clark 

( Ruth Stafford ) , Secretary 

31 Fairview St., Simsbury, Conn. 

Mrs. Carl I. Hayes 

( Virginia Ogden ) , Assistant 

196 Wentworth Ave., Edgewood, R. I. 

From Anna Mills Koeck: "Our son, John, 
was married last summer, and Bob, now 
eighteen, is attending Curry College. We 
are planning a Boston trip soon and shall 
bring Nancy on a tour of Lasell." 

"Spot" Thomson Hammer writes from 
87 Lovely Street, Unionville, Conn.: "Tack 
and I are so happy in our new home — old 



house, new home. Lee and her five-year- 
old daughter, D. D., and son, Jody, three, 
live in a four-room attached apartment. 
Bonnie is the proud mother of 14-month- 
old Kimberly Sara, and 3-week-old Peter 
Mark. We are grandparents for sure ! Had 
a fine old visit in June with Charlotte 
Ockert, and just learned that one of the 
girls in the office is president of the Con- 
necticut Valley Club — Winnie Domark 
Moylan '52." 

New Addresses: Barbara Edmands Place: 
299 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo 16, N. Y. 

Marjorie Shetland Bates: c/o AOC Law 
Dept., 55 Laan van Meerdervoort, The 
Hague, Netherlands. 

Shirley Swan x-'33: Parker Street, Win- 
chester, N. H. 

Ruth Tivnan Harris: 684 East Evanston 
Road, Tipp City, Ohio. 


Mrs. Raymond N. Garon 

( Dorothy Secord ) , Secretary 

3 1 Wesley St., Newton, Mass. 

Mrs. Robert T. Degree 

(Ada May Bartlett) , Assistant 
Oak Hill Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. 

Barbara Beers Hodgson is enjoying Cali- 
fornia living. Her husband is captain of 
the U.S.S. General Mitchell, a transport as- 
signed to the Pacific service. 

Bettina Potter Janse finds her work at 
the Hathaway House Book Shop in Welles- 
ley "simply fascinating. So glad I had lit- 
erature courses at Lasell." 

From Phyllis Atkinson Stone: "The en- 
gagement of Miss Susan Slade of Hamilton 
to our son, Richard, was announced re- 
cently. Susan attended Bradford Junior 
College, and Dick studied at the Tilton 
School and the University of Virginia. A 
February wedding is planned." 

Joan Wilson, daughter of the late Mar- 
guerite Brandt Wilson, was presented at 
the Debutante Assembly on January 2d at 
the Waldorf-Astoria. Joan, a graduate of 
St. Mary's Episcopal School of Peekskill, 
is attending Finch College. Those of us 
who saw her picture in the Boston Herald 
were all of the same opinion: "exactly like 

New Addresses: Mary Nassikas Tsantes: 
220 Michigan Avenue, Port Jefferson, 
L. I., N. Y. 

Charlotte Newcomb Brophy: 16 Oak 
Street, Brattleboro, Vt. 


Mrs. Barbara K. Haskins 

(Barbara King) , Secretary 

111 Wilcox Ave., Meriden, Conn. 

Mrs. Barbara H. Brewer 

(Barbara Ordway) , Assistant 

19 Fern St., Auburndale, Mass. 

The Class extends sincere sympathy to 
Jane Mittau Kibrick x-'35, whose husband, 
Mr. Herbert V. Kibrick, passed away on 
November 30, I960. A graduate of Phil- 
lips Academy, Harvard College and the 
Harvard School of Business Administration, 
Mr. Kibrick was a prominent Boston in- 
surance executive and active in civic af- 

Kay Argersinger Scheirer x-'35 writes: 
"We are building ! After February first our 
address will be 2528 Elm Street, Man- 
chester, N. H." 

From Virginia White Wardwell: "En- 
joying life these days — from June to Oc- 
tober we are at the summer cottage at 
Duane Lake, and return to Albany in the 
fall to resume church activities, civic and 
social responsibilities." 

On December 5, 1959 Rachel Whittemore 
Hawes married Mr. Kenneth Brooks Bern- 
hardt in Yuma, Arizona. Ray is now living 
at 9323 Woodruff Way, Santee, Calif. 

Roberta Morrill Buchanan reports from 
St. Petersburg Junior College: "We have 
approximately 2200 students in day classes 
and nearly 2000 attending the evening ses- 
sion. In about a year the new branch of 
the college will open near Clearwater to 
take care of up-country students. I spent 
the summer writing and re-writing specifi- 
cations for our Language Laboratory. It 
will contain 30 electronic booths, six dual 
recorders, transcription player, radio, tele- 
vision, overhead projector, filmstrip, slide 
combination sound film projector, map dis- 
play boards as well as individual practice 
and listening rooms. We are excited about 
this pilot installation in Pinellas County." 

Eleanor Hart x-'35 is instructor of Home 
Economics at the Plainville (Conn.) High 

Bernice Silva Davis and family are now 
in Japan, where her husband is stationed 
with the Army. 

New Addresses: Elizabeth Dupka Cupp 
x-'35: 683 Valley view Road, Pittsburgh, 

Barbara Iris Johnson: 36 Brookdale 
Road, Natick, Mass. 




Mrs. Frederick R. Henderson 

(Audrey Smith), Secretary 

43 Little Brook Drive, Pittsford, N. Y. 

Every '36-er will agree with Adelaide 
Seeley Bull: "Plan to be in Auburndale for 
the 25th!" 

Selma Amdur Aks writes: "Daughter, 
Liz, who will be eighteen in February, 
graduates from high school this year • — and 
Lasell is the college of her choice. Our 
son has two more years of high school 
work. Time marches, etc., etc., etc." 


Mrs. Charles A. Higgins, Jr. 

(Louise Tardivel) , Secretary 
150 Hickory Road, Weston, Mass. 

Helen Flint Moody writes: This seems 
to be the beginning of the end of an era 
for the Moodys and a good time to sit 
down and reflect. Jon is a Senior in High 
School this year and will be off to college 
next fall. He has always been a good stu- 
dent and looks forward to the challenge 
of college and after that, Seminary, for he 
plans to go into the Ministry. At present 
he is Senior Councilor of the Melrose 
Chapter, Order of DeMolay and will be 
installed Master-Councilor the first Sat- 
urday of February for a six-month term. 
Jon has played JV basketball for the past 
two years. He also sings in the Glee Club 
and in the Ensemble. Dave is quite differ- 
ent from Jon, he plays the drums and is one 
of two using the drums in the school band. 
Fred has taken on DeMolay work now that 
he is Past-Master at his Masonic lodge. 
As for me — I am Secretary at the First 
Baptist Church here in Melrose. 

Helen Flint Moody '37 and Family 

Tap had a nice visit with Meredith Tillot- 
son Richardson this fall as she and her hus- 
band were "college looking" with their most 
attractive daughter, Pam. Naturally, Lasell 
was on the list. 

Anne Tipton Gardner x-'37 paid me a 
Christmas week visit with her husband 
and their two handsome sons — Chris 
hopes to go to Duke next year and "Tip" 
is a real 10-year-older. In her spare time 
sells real estate and loves it. 

Trithena McFarland Argo '38 says that 
she just loves Texas (Houston) and hopes 
they never have to move again. 

Catherine Laffin Mahoney x-'37 is hav- 
ing a busy time with her big family. The 
oldest, Nancy, a Regis College graduate, 
is with the State Department in Colombo, 
and Shelia, a Regis alumna too, has an- 
nounced her engagement. The four younger 
ones keep Kay hopping — right now running 
taxi service for skiing and skating. Nothing 
like Maine in the winter. 

Janet Owens De Arment sent a grand 
picture of the entire family. Son, Jim, 
graduates in June from Valley Forge Acad- 
emy and daughter, Anne, is looking for- 
ward to Lasell in two years. 

Marge Gilbert Wiggin writes that daugh- 
ter "Rick" is enjoying Washington State 
University. She pledged Theta Sorority, 
is an R.O.T.C. princess, and is a member 
of the water ballet team. Rick ranked #10 
in her high school class and was a princess 
and song queen in both her Junior and 
Senior years. Son, Danny, is a sixth grader 
— an ardent skier, swimmer, scout and 
made the school football team. Husband, 
Fred, is on the Dyna-Soar Program at Boe- 

Helen Williams Hoyt tells of her busy 
life with five children. Her husband's 
spare time activities are devoted to the 
Naval Reserve — is now in command 
of a D.E. newly based at New Haven, and 
spends a week-end each month at sea. 
While visiting at Sheffield Academy, where 
"Weedy" is a student, Billie met Faye 
Wadhams Smith '38 and her twin girls. 
Faye's son is a freshman at Sheffield. 

"We are more than delighted to be in 
Florida again," writes Eleanor Cole Keeler, 
"and if any Lasell friends are vacationing 
in this area, please get in touch with me." 
Eleanor's address: 2540 E. Vina del Mar 
Blvd., St. Petersburg Beach. 

Also enjoying the winter in Florida is 
Mary Ruth Sanford x-'37. She and her 
mother, Irene Sauter Sanford '06, are at 
Ellinor Village in Ormond Beach. 



The Brimlows — 1960 
(Irene Dreissigacker '37) 

Irene Dreissigacker Brimlow's "oldest 
son is a freshman at Gettysburg College, 
and the twins have their hearts set on 

The Class extends sympathy to Evelyn 
Towle Slotnick on the loss of her husband, 
and six weeks later her father. 


Mrs. W. D. Harshbarger 

(Virginia Wilhelm) , Secretary 

80 Mountain Terrace Road 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. W. A. Pentheny, Jr. 

(Mildred Birchard) , Assistant 

Dwight Road, R.F.D., Marshfield, Mass. 

Jean Allen Bird writes: "The accompany- 
ing picture explains why I never seem to 
have time to write letters or do much other 
than pick up everything from teddy bears 
to skiis. Jeffrey, our baby, is a first-grader; 
the twins, Duncan and Gregory, are in sec- 
ond grade; Chris, a high school sophomore; 
and Peter, a senior. Chris plays football 

and Peter, who was a senior finalist in the 
National Merit Scholarship tests, is in- 
terested in mathematics." 

For the year 1960-61, Lee Shepard Wil- 
gus will serve as vice-president of the 
Miami Valley Rehabilitation Association 
as well as treasurer of the Ohio Rehabilita- 
tion Association. 

Ruth Meighan Gillette and family "still 
love Colorado and are enthusiastic rooters 
for the Colorado University football team. 
Even now I am planning an eastern trip 
in 1963 — primarily to introduce the boys 
to New England, and to revisit many of 
my favorite haunts." 

Virginia Squiers Read's son, William, is 
a sophomore at Colorado State University 
and is majoring in Animal Husbandry. 
Next September Priscilla plans to attend 
a mid-western college to begin the study 
of elementary education. 

The Wells Family (Betsy Bassett) re- 
port: "As some of you know, this has 
been a wonderful year for us. In May we 
had the honor of being chosen Oregon's 
delegates to the All-American Family Con- 
ference at Lehigh Acres, Florida. It was 
a tremendous experience, and one for 
which we are humbly grateful. The whole 
family flew from Portland to Florida on 
May 24th and spent a week with fifty fam- 
ilies, representing the states of the Union. 

Five Handsome Birds 

(Mother: Jean Allen '38) 

(Grandmother: Dorothy Stewart Allen 


Hello from Milwaukee 

Nancy, daughter of Harriet Newcomb 

Stoughton '38 





A Class Secretary 

Work at home — no experience 


Write: Alumnae Office 

Doris Benecchi DelColliano sends 
"Greetings to The Class of 1939. We live 
in the country — and just love it! Michele 
is now sixteen and Mike is eleven." 

Janice Marr Demer and husband "en- 
joyed a tour of inspection of Anne Camp- 
bell Terrell's (x-'37) new home in Be- 
thesda. Anne was the only Lasellite we saw 
this summer." 


Mrs. R. D. Sterling 

( Priscilla Sleeper ) , Secretary 
52 Rockledge Drive, West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. H. T. Lodge 

( Ruth Sullivan ) , Assistant 

17 Hemlock Rd., Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 

Priscilla Chappie Lindley recently re- 
quested a Lasell catalog for "the twins 
are interested in mother's Alma Mater." 

Patti Kieser has "taken on a real proj- 
ect — cataloguing an executive office library 
for the Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company 
in the fine new (90%) glass building in 
downtown Toledo." 

Miriam Tappan Gilbert tells us that her 
three sons are Tap, 12, Andy, 10 and Geoff, 
8, and little sister Meg is 4. 

While visiting Wellesley friends in Au- 
gust, Bettie Ellis Martin took time out to 
call at Lasell. Her most important news 
was to announce the arrival of son Roy 
Ivar II on April 28, I960. The four Martin 
girls are Debbie, 12, Pam, 10, Melinda, 7 
and Heidi, 4. 

Laurie and Toni Smith brought the 
warmest of Florida sunshine with them 
when they called at the Alumnae Office. 
These bright-eyed daughters of Sonia Sal- 
gado Smith x-'40 were Christmas vacation 
guests of the Raymond Weden family of 
Auburndale. Sonia adds: "The girls had 
a simply marvelous holiday, and, as it was 
for me so many years ago, the first sight 
of snow was at Lasell ! When I arrived 
from Honduras in September 1937, I was 
sure I had reached the ends of the earth. 
Now there are so many Latin-American 
students in New England. I was married 
to Dr. Frederick A. Smith in 1943, and 
with our two sons and two daughters, 
now live in Coral Gables, Florida (625 

University Drive). My warmest regards to 
Lasell friends, especially Miss Beede and 
Miss McClelland." 


Mrs. J. W. Sheffer, Jr. 

( Janet Jansing ) , Secretary 

123 Garden Rd., Oreland, Penna. 

Virginia DeNyse, Assistant 

Apt. 12-F, 325 Clinton Ave. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

The Class extends sympathy to Despina 
Spring Giftos and to Madeline Vivian Mur- 
phy. Despina's husband, Mr. Charles Gif- 
tos, died of a sudden heart attack in Au- 
gust, and Mr. Frederick W. Vivian, father 
of Madeline, passed away in September. 

Lucille Armand Boyle is "looking for- 
ward to June and Reunion." 

Marian Timpson Intemann describes her- 
self as "a normal, happy home-maker. Our 
daughters are now ten and seven, and we 
all find ourselves involved in church and 
school activities." Jane Gray Fisher's re- 
cent note is an exact repeat of Marian's 
story — but the Fisher household includes 
two sons and two daughters. 

Peggy Card Suydam continues "to be ac- 
tive in community theatre work and in 
November played one of the leads in 'The 
Matchmaker.' " 

Early in October Eleanor Pfaff was off 
on a round-the-world trip. 

From Ginny Black DeLong: "Thought 
you would be interested to know how 
small the world really is and that Lasell 
girls are everywhere. Just the other day 
a neighbor invited me for morning coffee, 
and as we talked about New England, I 
learned that I was meeting Jackie Eldridge 
Harmon '44. Her five-year-old daughter, 
Janie, is a playmate of our six-year-old 
Richard. Our daughter, Marianna, is now 
eight years old and in the third grade. 

"Pat Reader Crone '51 is working hard 
to reorganize the Buffalo Club, and has ar- 
ranged to have a meeting in October. Do 
hope I shall see some of the faithful stand- 
bys like Marge Keller Mayer x-'31 and 
Lillian Doane Maddigan '21. One of my 
neighbors, Fran Day Meyers '34, is also 
interested in attending meetings. 

"Dick and I were married in 1948 and he 
is a research chemist at National Aniline, 
a subsidiary of Allied Chemical. We thor- 
oughly enjoy life here in Snyder, and man- 
age to keep busy in local affairs. We are 
looking forward to a June vacation this 
year — for it is Reunion at Harvard for 
Dick, and I shall hope to see many old 
friends at Lasell." 




Mrs. Vernon F. Cook 

(Mary Hurley) , Secretary 
4712 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Anne M. Lynch, Assistant 
1784 Washington St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Peggy Smitt Frank's family includes four 
children — Harrison III, 15, James, 13, 
Anthony, 9, and Margaret, 5. 

Claire DeConto Trodella writes: "One 
might refer to this year of my life as the 
golden age of Motherhood — or from teens 
to toddlers. Our eldest son is enjoying his 
first year at Lawrence Academy in Groton, 
(Mass.), and we have just greeted our new 
daughter, Carole Marie." 

Perhaps the most photogenic of the "po- 
litical" families during the recent cam- 
paign were the Joseph D. Wards. The wife 
of the Democratic nominee for Governor 
of Massachusetts is the former Priscilla 
Lufkin x-'42, and the mother of seven love- 
ly daughters: Patricia, 14; Catherine, 13; 
Joan, 11; Barbara, 10; Margy, 8; Mary, 7 
and Charlotte, 2. 


Mrs. M. F. Stoddard, Jr. 

(Nathalie Monge) , Secretary 
28 Juniper Ave., Wakefield, Mass. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Marilley 

(Elizabeth McAvoy) , Assistant 

9602 Carriage Dr., Kensington, Md. 

The Class extends sympathy to Trudy 
Baninger Duquette, whose husband, Mr. 
Richard Duquette, passed away on July 
23, I960. The Duquette's four children are 
John, 11; Mary Lou, 8; Nancy, 6; and 
David, 5. 

Helen Getchell Oliver x-'43 writes: 
"Soon our daughter's name will appear 
on Lasell's roster — we hope. She is in her 
junior year at the Jenkintown (Penna.) 
High School." 

One of the most enthusiastic fall callers 
at Lasell was Betty Schmidt, who was vis- 
iting her cousin, Jane Schmidt Alberts '46. 
Shortly after her return to New Jersey, 
Betty sent a gift of candle-shaped bulbs to 
be used in the chandeliers and sconces in 
the reception hall and living rooms at 
Converse House. Senior residents of this 
charming Victorian home sincerely appre- 
ciate Betty's interest and thoughtfulness. 

New Addresses: Cynthia Austin Sharp, 
Broadway, Mantua, N. J. 

Virginia Stupak: 6 Franklin Street, Mar- 
blehead, Mass. 


Mrs. William E. Greene 

(Barbara Bresette) , Secretary 

18 Hodges St., Attleboro, Mass. 

Mrs. John B. Riddlemoser 

(Suzanne Lange) , Secretary 

l^l Humphrey St., Seven Islands 

Quebec, Canada 

Diane Carbulon Poulos is "looking for- 
ward to living on the West Coast. My hus- 
band is with The Dupont Company, and 
with our two daughters, Patrice, 7, and 
Alicia, 4, we expect to be in Seattle soon." 


Mrs. Calvin R. Carver 

(Emma Gilbert) , Secretary 

5 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 

Mrs. George B. Kaknes 

(Jean E. Logue) , Assistant 

49 Eaton Ave., Woburn, Mass. 

In November Theresa Bergeron sent 
"many good wishes for the success of the 
Alumnae Fund project. Too busy to write 
more — several relatives are arriving from 
Europe for the holidays." 

Virginia Rolfe Guy is now in Atlanta, 
Georgia — 260 Forest Hills Drive, N. E. 
— "We were transferred to the South in 
September. I am still busy unpacking and 
settling, but the children — Karen, 11, and 
Kenny, 8 ■ — have adjusted quickly and are 
very happy. Would love to hear from any 
Lasell friends in this area." 

From Penny Henry Goggins: "Early one 
Saturday morning last summer we detoured 
from Route #128 and drove through the 
campus. Everything looked so lovely — 
some old and well remembered; some new 
and so intriguing!" 

Marilyn Lucey Richardson and family 
"moved from Delaware to Massachusetts 
on June 23d. Husband Ed is now associated 
with the William Underwood Company of 
Watertown; and our daughters, Constance 
and Suzanne, are thirteen and eleven." 
Marilyn's new address is 1331 Old Worces- 
ter Road, Framingham Centre. 

Doris Winkemeier Dieffenbach writes: 
"Have been in Oregon three years and love 
it. The scenery is magnificent and we have 
a view of three mountains from the living 
room windows. Two boys and two girls 
keep things humming. Had an extra treat 
when Marge Dillon Ramsdell x-'45 and 
husband Bob spent two weeks of their sum- 
mer vacation with us." 



The Duryea Family 
(Raemary Chase '46) 


Mrs. Payson B. L angle y 

( Lee Pool ) , Secretary 

5145 Harper Rd., Solon, Ohio 

Mrs. Pierre Megroz 

(Mary Jane Magnusson) , Assistant 

85 West Brookside Drive 

Larchmont, N. Y. 

Betty Wilks Hulbert, in Bethesda, Mary- 
land — 4907 Battery Lane, "attended the 
Washington Club meeting in September 
and enjoyed it so very much. Surely would 
love to see other '46-ers at the next get- 

Raemary Chase Duryea's new address is 
3 Heritage Court, Cold Spring Harbor, 
N. Y., and she comments: "Our recent 
move involved a matter of three blocks ■ — 
and it seemed like a cross-country trek. I 
am still busy with fashion show work ■ — 
commentating and co-ordinating. Have 
managed four shows alone this fall." 

Still enjoying life in Morristown, (N. J.) 
is Margaret Harman Salisbury. She and 
Dick are busy in civic activities and are 
members of the local church choir. Daugh- 
ter Joan celebrated her sixth birthday in 


Mrs. John R. Paolella 

( Gloria Sylvia ) , Secretary 

411 West 24th St., New York 11, N. Y. 

Mrs. S. G. Brush 
( Lois Kenyon ) , Assistant 
Woodstock Valley, Conn. 

From Secretary Gloria Sylvia Paolella: 
"The November Leaves carried an an- 
nouncement of my wedding on May 29, 
I960, and I want to add a few details. The 
wedding took place in the First Presby- 
terian Church in New Rochelle where I 
have been alto soloist for four years, and 
the reception was held in the church par- 
lors. Among the guests were Lasellites Jan 
Stearns Gille and Jim, Bunny Widenor 
Bailey and Butch, and my Junior Sister 
Bubbles Davenport Weidmann '48, who 
came from New Jersey with husband Bud 
and three of their four children. 

"John and I had a dream-come-true 
honeymoon — six weeks in Europe! We 
flew to Paris, where we bought our Peugeot 
— drove to Switzerland, visiting Basle, 
Berne, Interlochen and Grindelwald, over 
the Gothard Pass to Lake Lugano — beau- 
tiful country — not exaggerated in calen- 
dar pictures. Never have I seen so many 
lovely flowers, and the Alps are spectacular, 
exciting and frightening. How cold it was 
there in the snow, and then what a surprise 
to arrive at tropical Lake Lugano ! 

"On to Italy — homeland of my hus- 
band's people — and our itinerary included 
Milan, Padua, Venice (at which point we 
went via train to Vienna for a long week- 
end with friends). Then down to Bologna, 
Florence and the 'hill' towns of Perugia 
and Assissi to Rome. We enjoyed a week 
in Sorrento — with side trips to Pompeii, 
Salerno, Ravello, the Amain Drive and the 
Isle of Capri. Returned along the coast 
with stops in Pisa, Genoa and the French 
Riviera. We returned to Paris in time to 
attend the Fourth of July celebration at the 
American Embassy for a wonderful garden 

"John has resumed his post-graduate 
studies at Columbia University, and is com- 
pleting requirements for a Master's in Edu- 

Mollie Kendrick Pike "spent the summer 
in Massachusetts, and had a grand visit 
with Corky Bergen Higgins. We crossed 
the country from Tacoma by car and camp- 
ing trailer. Nancy Margaret is nearly a 
year old now, and Jay is three." 

Rosemarie Cote Butler's "family is grow- 
ing — we have two girls and two boys." 
Clare Dickover Hallock's son, Ben, cele- 
brated his first birthday on December 20th. 

Marcia Landick Desmond writes: "We 
are starting all over again — our home 
was completely destroyed by fire on Christ- 
mas morning 1959. Betsy is now seven and 
Mark, three." The Desmonds' new address: 
37 North Bayles St., Port Washington, 
L. I., N. Y. 



Gay and Jimmy Shanahan with new 

brother, Tommy 

(Judith Tracy '48) 


BERYL N. Groff, Secretary 
Box 1853, San Francisco 1, Calif. 

Mrs. Clyde T. Butcher, Jr. 

(Miriam Day) , Assistant 
605 Yi Milwaukee Ave., Dunedin, Fla. 

The Class extends deepest sympathy to 
Dorothy Azadian McKinnon and family. 
Dottie writes of the passing of their young- 
est son, David: "To everything there is a 
season, and a time to every purpose under 
the heaven. A time to be born, and a 
time to die; He hath made everything 
beautiful in his time." Ecclesiastes 3. 

Sympathy is extended also to Barbara 
Cumming Hadley, whose husband George 
died on September 12, I960, after a long 
illness. An electrical engineer with Wigton 
Abbott Corporation of Plainfield, N. J., 
George was a member of the Plainfield 
Engineers Club, and an associate member 
of the American Institute of Electrical En- 
gineers. George, an alumnus of Rutgers 
University, served with the Air Force 
in World War II and in Korea. 

Berry reports of San Francisco vaca- 
tionists: Ginny Bailey, on her return 
home, wrote of "still remembering the won- 
derful time in California — and the dinner 
in Chinatown." Ann Bradford x-'48 ar- 
rived in San Francisco in August, as did 
Barbara Rymer Cole and husband Bill. 
The Coles' all-inclusive tour included a 
motor trip along the coast (with Berry), 
Treasure Island, Seal Rock, Cliff House for 
dinner, Top of the Mark, Officers' Club, 
Ice Follies and the Gay Nineties Revue. 
Barbara commented : "Don't believe our 

three little ones missed us — I suppose that 
indicates good adjustment, but it is rather 
deflating to the ego! Have resumed studies 
at San Diego State — working toward a 
teaching credential — and shall try to 
compete with the teenagers!" 

Corky Buffum's vacation was spent in 
Europe — and we are waiting for a report, 
please. Via new Volkswagen, Mike Hires 
tripped about the United States — "even 
as far as Boston for M.I.T. graduation, the 
Art Festival and Pops. Have some wonder- 
ful colored slides from Bryce Canyon and 
the Petrified Forest. At Disneyland, rode 
all the rides and walked miles." 

Jane Rehill Howe x-'48 writes from a new 
address — R. D. #1, Box 99, Rhinebeck, 
N. Y.: "Bought a little house in the 
country — about eight years old — and 
are having much fun renovating. My hus- 
band is really handy at this kind of work 
so no building contractors were needed." 
And looking forward to moving to a 
new seven-room split level home is Bette 
Morton Whelan and family. Hope to re- 
port their new address soon. 

A November issue of the Lawrence 
(Mass.) Evening Eagle-Tribune carried a 
fine picture of Roberta Cohan Shack as 
well as a feature story "Presenting Women 
You Should Know." It reads, in part: 
"Mrs. Norman M. Shack of 32 Jane Road 
Methuen, is affiliated with a number of 
local organizations and she makes a 
specific contribution to each of them. She 
is serving as president of the local com- 
mittee of Brandeis Women, whose main 
project is support of the library at Brandeis 

George MacVeigh, husband of Ellen 
Grover '48, with son John 



University and she is a former board mem- 
ber of the Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel, 
Senior Hadassah and the Jewish Com-- 
munity Center Women's Group. Mrs. 
Shack is also a volunteer worker at the 
Cerebral Palsy clinic. The Shacks have 
three children, William, a third-grade 
pupil at Searles School, Methuen, Betsy 
Lynn, who is in the first grade, and Karen 

With her check for the Alumnae Fund, 
Barbara Jewell Allen sent a new address 
and this bit of news: "We are not a 
superstitious family and on Friday, May 
13th we came from California via plane. 
We are now located in Amston, Connecti- 
cut (R.F.D. #1) and thoroughly enjoying 
the country — a marked contrast from the 
desert where we lived for three years. The 
children are fine and adjusting so happily 
to New England." 

We are glad to report that Doris Trefny 
Kennedy is making good progress after 
many months of hospitalization. She adds: 
"You know that old slogan — Don't Give 
Up the Ship — well, I am fighting. Would 
so love to visit Lasell and see the many 
changes, and could be 1961 will be the 
year for me to do just that!" 

Many exclamation marks followed one 
sentence from Anne Chapman Berl: "Col- 
lege was never like this — complete chaos 

— building a new home near Wilmington 

— the eldest of our three is now off to 

Shirley Tighe Barrett is now in Ithaca, 
New York — 5 Renwick Drive — and 
husband "Bob is the radiologist for the 
Cornell Veterinary College, doing both 
teaching and clinical work. The children 
are looking forward to a winter with lots 
of snow." 

Jane Anderson Calhoun is so right! "I 
am sure by now you are all having a time 
keeping up with our many addresses. George 
completed helicopter training in Texas 
and we are now at Fort Bragg — 7 5 -A 
Sicily Drive." 

Jeanne Meyer Bird writes: "After a sum- 
mer in New England politicking, we have 
returned to Virginia, where we hope to 
do more of the same. Enjoyed being a 
member of a seminar for foreign students, 
who came on Ford Foundation Scholarships 
to Washington, and am looking forward to 
another session in mid-winter." 

Shirley Thorne Brady is the "busy chair- 
man of the Ways and Means Committee 
of the Junior Woman's Club of West 
Essex (N.J.). Met Jean Nelson Roberson 
while we were both teaching vacation 
Bible School this summer. Walter and I 
enjoyed our annual vacation on Cape Cod." 

Alan and Patricia Martin 
(Lois McLucas '48) 


Mrs. Walter J. Connolly, Jr. 

(Paulie Quiity) , Secretary 

24 Wardwell Road, West Hartford, Conn. 

Mrs. John R. Shrewsbury 

(Joan DeGelleke) , Secretary 

Upper State Street, Guilford, Conn. 

Mrs. Dana A. Hamel 

( Kay Poore ) , Secretary 

2827 Dellview Drive, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

From Secretary Joan DeGelleke Shews- 

Many close friends of Judy Wilson Kel- 
ton have telephoned or written since read- 
ing of her sudden passing last February 
that I feel I must share the details I know. 
Her husband, Dick, most thoughtfully 
wrote to say she had died of pneumonia. 
California friends were taking care of the 
three small children and Dick was hoping 
to make arrangements for the family to be 
together again. Judy's quiet, happy way 
reached so many of us in the short time 
we knew her, and we shall not soon for- 
get her. 

Sympathy is extended to Cynthia Platz 
Latham, whose mother passed away very 
suddenly during the summer. 

Lil Reinesch Mallon and I are discussing 
ways of crossing Long Island — for that 
is all we have to do to visit each other. 
Lil's husband, Vin, has been appointed 
Town Attorney for the Township of 

News is skimpy — so let me hear from 

And from Paulie Quiity Connolly: 

Had a long chat with Betsy Barstow 
Allen x-'49 (52 Harding Street, New 



Joan DeGelleke Shrewsbury '49 
with David and Sarah 

Britain, Conn.), who tells me that Deborah, 
Jeff and Jay were delighted with the ar- 
rival of brother Jody on July 23, I960. 

We were recent dinner guests of Eunice 
Buell Earle x-'49- She and David are 
now living at 5 Grimmsbrook Road, Sims- 
bury, Conn. 

Enjoy frequent letters from Nat Hall 
Campbell and expect to see her, Roger, 
Ginny Lee and Bonnie at Christmas. Also 
received great news from Nan Hayden 
Drooff — the arrival of Peter on August 
2, I960. Nance, Gerd and young Peter 
spent Thanksgiving in Dayton, Ohio with 
Toni (Hayden Durkee '54) and are looking 
forward to a European trip in the early 

Talked with Straw Lawson Donahue on 
the telephone and caught up with the be- 
hind-the-Democratic-scene action. Dick was 
Assistant Director of Organization for the 
National Committee, and he and Straw 
spent the exciting election night at the 
Kennedy home in Hyannisport. And they 
will be in Washington, of course, for the 
Inauguration festivities. 

Additional news from Kay Poore Hamel: 

Anne Preston Brush would love to hear 
from any '49-ers in the Albany area. Hus- 
band Charles is with Smith, Barney and 
Company, investment brokers there. They 
have two children — Peter, 5, and Kim 
Elizabeth, 4. 

Cynthia (Woodward), Jack and the 
Witherell children are enjoying Heidelberg, 
where Jack is now stationed. The address: 
c/o Capt. J. R. Witherell, Intel. Div., Hq. 
USAREUR, APO 403, N. Y., N.Y. 

As I entered the room at bridge club not 
long ago, someone shrieked — Why, Kay 
Poore! None other than Lois Salomon 
Burns, who has recently moved to Fort 
Wayne. She, husband Robert and daughter 
Sidney, now three years old, are enjoying 
their new home at 4409 Winston Drive. 

Our BIG news is the arrival of David 

Arthur Hamel. David was born July 26, 
I960 and adopted by Dana and me on 
August 4th — straight from the hospital. 
He is a wonderful baby and has not slowed 
down our travels to any extent. In Septem- 
ber we spent several days in northern Michi- 
gan with Jan Bartlett Erratt '50, Dick, and 
their 18-month-old son, Bruce. The boys 
enjoyed fishing; we girls baby-sat. Later in 
the month we drove East to visit our families 
— and, of course, to show off David. Had 
a delightful evening with Carol Dunn Burns 
and Mark, and were so sorry Jean Sargent 
Lee and Bob were not ablt to join us. Back 
home in Indiana, we were so happy to have 
Evie Frye White and sons, Douglas and 
Sammy, as house guests. 

Louise Keene Mills; Jean Sargent Lee 
and I were very saddened to learn of the 
tragic death of our beloved "ex-boss" at 
Children's Hospital, Dr. David S. Grice. He 
was among the victims of the Eastern Air 
Lines crash at Logan Airport in October. 

Nancy Macdonough Jennings writes: 
"Larry joined the staff of Bohn Aluminum 
Corp. and we are now living in Danville, 
Illinois. Have just moved to a new four- 
bedroom ranch house at 1608 Grant Street. 
Diane is now a third grader; twins Debbie 
and David are in the first grade, and Donna, 
now nearly five, keeps me company during 
the day." 

Marge Boynton Anderson "enjoys read- 
ing of friends via the LEAVES. We are 
very fond of Morristown (N.J.), where we 
have lived for the past seven years. Teddy, 
7, is in second grade; Audrey, 4, attends 
nursery school ; and Neil, 2, keeps very 
busy about the house." 

Patricia Trammell Swanson is "looking 
forward to seeing a former Lasell friend in 
Abilene." Identify, please. . . ? 

Ann Ashley Sanderson reports a change 
of address: 181 Plummer Court, Neenah, 
Wisconsin ; and Nancy Sondles Janiszewski 
has moved to 18 Reservoir Road, Newington, 


Mrs. Peter W. Stanley 

(Jean Davies) , Secretary 

7 Sherwood Road, Natick, Mass. 

Mrs. Lloyd Stockdale 

(Sabra Turner) , Secretary 
118 Haverhill Drive, DeWitt 14, N. Y. 

Mrs. Richard K. Dey 

( Jacquelyn Temperley) , Secretary 

400 Worcester Street, Wellesley, Mass. 

Following in the wake of two able secre- 
taries as Sally and Lil is quite a challenge, 
but we'll do our best to make the change 



in administration as smooth as possible. 
However, I hope Sabra and Jackie have re- 
ceived a little more correspondence than I 
have as I've received exactly nothing! 

Lil sent me all the reunion questionnaires 
so I'll try to pass along some news about 
some of the girls who weren't able to make 
it back to reunion. 

Jane Abels Eshbaugh is coaching and 
managing a girls' Little League baseball 

Anita Angelus Koulopoulos keeps busy 
in Waltham with sons, John and James. 

Barbara Baldwin Smith is a Brownie 
leader in Longmeadow, Mass. 

Joyce Barnett Smith is secretary of a Jr. 
D.A.R. Committee as well as mother of 

Nancy Bean Lord and husband, Jack, own 
and operate the Hatchet Mountain Camps 
in the summer near Camden, Maine. Pete 
and I have been there and the housekeeping 
cottages are in a beautiful location. 

Janet Bell Luening keeps house for hus- 
band, one son, one daughter and one dog 
in Pittsford, New York. 

JoAnne Brooks Shaffer lives about as 
far from Lasell as you can get and still be 
in the United States — West Covina, 
California. Another Californian is Debbie 
Brush Morse x-'50. 

Cynthia Butler Barnes is living in Peters- 
ham, Massachusetts. 

"Distance and the dollar" kept Marcia 
Collingwood Martin from the reunion. 
Can't blame her as she lives in Albuquerque, 
New Mexico. She sees Elaine Orth Rodey 

Nancy Copeland is an administrative sec- 
retary in the Director's Office at Harvard 
University Library. 

Roberta Cummings Banks is part-time 
secretary to two doctors in Cheshire, Con- 

Sylvia Cutler Neistadt x-'50 finds time to 
do free-lance photographic coloring as well 
as caring for her daughter. 

Lois Dickerman is an Administrative As- 
sistant at the Protein Foundation, Cambridge, 

Mary Lou Dunham Weyand spends her 
spare time refinishing old furniture, going 
to auctions and antique shows. 

Janet Gadd Doehler's x-'50 husband is 
a major in the U.S.M.C. and they and their 
three children can now be found in Arling- 
ton, Virginia. 

Mary Gamble Holker is Art Chairman for 
the Junior League of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

JoAnne Gilliland MacNeill x-'50 couldn't 
make the reunion but she had a good excuse 
— she was in Switzerland ! 

Nancy Gould Ellsworth x'50 plays golf in 

the summer and skis in the winter. 

Carol Hanna Neubauer loves Denver, 
Colorado, "even though it snows in April" ! 

Ann Holaday Vincent says her main oc- 
cupation is baby-sitting for her four young- 

Betty Jean Jones Bolton is active in the 
Junior Section of the Wilmington Century 
Club. She sees Joan Harrington Price, 
also a Wilmington resident. 

Diane Krause Sherman should win a prize 
as the most frequently moving alumna — 
3 houses in 3 States in 8 months. Address 
is now 30940 Runnymede, Farmington, 

Lois Lincoln Dugdale sounds very busy 
with three children, modelling for hus- 
band's photographic work, on board of di- 
rectors for Church nursery school and 
navigating for husband on sports car 

Natalie Malin Foley enjoys life as a 
Navy wife in Charleston, S. C. Her hus- 
band is skipper of a minesweeper. 

Joan McKinney Aldrich keeps busy with 
Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Junior League, Pough- 
keepsie Tennis Club and Dutchess Golf 

Claire Moriarty Roberts sings with a 
Sweet Adeline Chorus called "Automo- 

Anne Pomeroy Bailey does hospital vol- 
unteer work in Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Winifred Schulman is dietitian at Green- 
wich Hospital, Greenwich, Conn. 

JoAnne Secor Rier is a den mother (she 
has three sons so she can't avoid it) and 
is a "pink lady" at Framingham Union 

Sally Smith Brothers says, "No one, ab- 
solutely no one, from Lasell lives in New 
Orleans or near." If anyone gets down 
that way, please contact her. 

"Sally Sutton" Caulfield is very active in 
Girl Scouting. She is public relations chair- 
man of the Naumkeag area Girl Scouts. 
She met Pat McCarty Romann last year in 

Charmaine Talbot Swartz is active in 
hospital work in Batavia, New York. 

. . . J. D. S. 

Other News: 

Shirley Richman Miller writes: "We are 
typical suburbanites here in Pinefield ( 16 
Bradford Road, Framingham, Mass.) My 
ceramic equipment has been set aside to 
make more room for the growing jungle of 
house plants since I have become an active 
member of The Pinefield Garden Club. All 
that is missing is the backyard swimming 
pool — and perhaps, someday?" 

Joan Robilotto Gibson also finds "sub- 
burban living really delightful. The girls 



The Edward F. Dyers 
(Nancy Houde '50) 

love the freedom and the additional room 
we now have. Margie, four, is outdoors all 
day, and by summer Susie, whose second 
birthday is soon due, will be on her own 

Joyce Collins Dunkin's "daughter Wendy 
will be three years old on March 31st, and 
is enthralled with young brother Bradford. 
We are all enjoying our lovely hillside ranch 
home in West Chester, Penna. — R. D. #3, 
Dutton Mill Road. 

From Audrey Callahan Cohill: "Our new 
son, Clinton, is the best behaved baby 
ever. I am sure the nurses read Dr. Spock 
to the premature babies during their long 
stay in the hospital. Jimmy, 7, and Cathy, 
5, are delighted with him." 

Carolyn Snook Rauscher admits: "It is 
wonderful to have Jean Davies Stanley near- 
by in Natick. Louise Dawe Turner '53 is 
a member of our church, and I was happy 
to find a classmate, Jean Applegate Rock- 
wood, living quite near me. Think we should 
start a West-of-Boston Club." 

Marilyn Munson Farrar "caught up on all 
the news when Art and I visited Laura 
Eckert Gatto and Barbara Grills Littlehale 
and husbands at the Littlehale's Beverly 
(Mass.) home." And in New York another 
1950 dinner party included (with husbands) 
Joan Hahn Fern, Clara Silsby Lamberti, Joan 
Koch Ryan and Jean Hackett Desmond. 

Nancy Houde Dyer sends this news: 
"After living in seven states within five years, 
we have now settled in Maryland and have 
bought a new home at 319 Cheddington 

Road, Lithicum Heights. Enclosing a picture 
of Ted and me with our seven-year-old 
foster daughter — future adoption is our 
greatest hope." 

Jane Ann Perry, a member of the staff of 
the Glenridge Hospital, Schenectady, N. Y., 
is "so sorry to have missed Reunion — 
but I'll make the 15th!" 

To Miss Evelyn Potts, Dorie Oneal Becker 
writes: "In January I960 Ed received a won- 
derful promotion with M & M — - he is now 
market research manager. The new work 
requires some traveling — at least two trips 
a year and to South and Central American 
countries. And next year his inspection of 
cocoa plantations may include Ghana in 

"We are enjoying our new. home very 
much. Ed finished the recreation room and 
my contribution to the project was installing 
the ceiling tile. Have also become interested 
in making and finishing furniture. During 
the warm weather we are busy landscaping 
and gardening. Was sorry to have missed 
Reunion — better luck next time. Very 
best good wishes to all for a happy 1961." 

Pat Brownell Biernacki, a member of the 
Summer Theatre group of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, received most favorable reviews for 
her portrayal of Madame Collins in the 
production of "Payment Deferred." 

New Addresses: Joan Antun Rednor: 
R. F. D. 153, Windham, N. Y. 

Mary Dale Moser: 72 Thorny Apple 
Lane, Levittown, Penna. 

Clare Gammons McMullan: Box 818, 
St. Stephen's School, Austin, Tex. 

Carol Husted Schneider: Rt. #1, Cut- 
lass Rd., Butler, N. J. 

Joanne McDonald: 25 Evergreen Road, 
Natick, Mass. 

Sally Starck Haven: 29 Martin Rd., 
Wellesley, Mass. 

Lois Jean Weltner Gills x-'50: 29 
Boulanger Ave., West Hartford, Conn. 

Doris Oneal Becker '50 




Mrs. Robert B. Borden 

( Barbara Adams ) , Secretary 

12 Myrna Rd., Lexington, Mass. 

Mrs. Walter Perdue 

(Barbara Voorman) , Assistant 

303 Mountain Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 

Mary Ellen Wait, Assistant 
7 Warren Terrace, Newton Centre, Mass. 

Joan Williams Arnold writes: "Andy is 
now fourteen months old and my husband is 
getting all involved in politics — running 
for County Commissioner. The main thing 
on my mind and that is attending our re- 
union this June ! 

Janet Woodward Powers: "Moved to 
Hawaii in October and we love it. We now 
have five children, Sean, 7, Kathie, 5^, 
Matt, 4y 2 , Mark, 2i/ 2 , and Duke 8 months. 
Would like to know of other Lasell girls 
in Hawaii." 

Janet Underwood Wall x-'51: "Spent a 
wonderful weekend with Joanne Vojir 
Massey and Dwight in Ridgewood, New 
Jersey. Looking forward to June 1961." 

Susan Baker Chase: "Moving to a fas- 
cinating 150-year-old restored farm house 
— barn, acres of land and all the fixings. 
My husband now operates an insurance 
agency in Nashua. Our three active chil- 
dren: Robbie, 5, Laurie, 3V2, Bradford, 2." 

Lois Hutchinson: "Working at the Need- 
ham National Bank and like it very much. 
Carol Hess Recco lives in Needham also." 


Christmas Day in Hawaii 
Children of Janet Woodward Powers '51 

Eddy and Beth Hyne 
(Elizabeth Baumbach '51) 

Peggyanne Riker Miller: "Bob and I are 
enjoying our new home. We had a lovely 
summer entertaining and travelling. Bobby 
is a real boy — has scrapes and bruises from 
his blond head to his feet." 

Cynthia Porter Horton: "We are now in 
Farmington, Conn. — 3 Waterville Road — 
where Rog is golf pro at The Country Club." 

Marjorie Kleindienst Guidera: "Bob is 
assistant sales manager for General Electric's 
South East district. Now have three boys, 
two girls and a German shepherd. In 'spare 
time' I do pastel portraits!" 


Mrs. Edward Berghaus 

( Suzanne Baney ) , Secretary 

13 University Avenue, Chatham, N. J. 

Patrica Giles writes: "Nancy Molumphy 
x-'52 and I are happily settled in Berkeley, 
California. Nancy is dietitian in one of the 
residence halls of the University of California. 
I am working at Eden Hospital in Castro 
Valley, California, as a therapeutic dietitian, 
and taking extension work at the University 
of California." 



Pam and Doug Koch 
(Judy Horton '52) 

Betsy Brown Cramer tells us that Barbara 
Sudimack is presently employed as secretary 
to the president of Lanolin Plus, Inc. 

Virginia Snedaker Marschall and family 
returned to New Jersey in early summer. 
Ports of call on their trip from Thailand and 
Indonesia included: Australia, New Zealand, 
Peru, Panama, Miami and Bermuda. 

Rena Silverman and sister enjoyed a seven- 
teen-day Caribbean cruise in the early winter. 
Betsy Lewis has recently returned from a 
trip to the Far East including Japan, Hong 
Kong and Hawaii. 

Mary Anne Amon Richter x-'52, husband 
and year-old daughter, Laura, enjoyed their 
August vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. 

Missy Paulmier Sutphin's new home at 20 
Edgeview Road, Livingston, N. J. is close 
by Sue Baney Berghaus. The girls and their 
children often get together. In September, 
Joyce Kitfield Anderson and family were 
Missy's house guests. 

Lois Hickey Treacy reports a "gay week- 
end with Marilyn Hetzke Moore and hus- 
band, Jack. We gals caught up on all the 

New Addresses: Eleanor DePalma Mc- 
Carthy: 3 La Salette Drive, Burlington, 

Jeannette Maynard Macomber: 5 Gull 
Path, Bayberry, Liverpool, N. Y. 

Marilyn McGuire Levine: 145 Cheney 
Lane, Newington 11, Conn. 

Elinor Peterson Reiffarth, Jr.: 7 Honey- 
suckle Lane, Birmingham, Ala. 

Joan Prescott: 21 Keeney Avenue, West 
Hartford, Conn. 


Mrs. Harry Gardner 

' ( Althea Janke ) , Secretary 

30 Main Street, Emerson, N. J. 

Mrs. Roland A. Nesslinger 

(Sylvia Pfeiffer) , Assistant 
3 Mason Court, Delaware, Ohio 

Helen Pearlstein Golden writes: "Anita 
Orleck Webber '60 lives nearby and we have 
a wonderful time comparing notes on the 
marvelous times we had at Lasell." 

Olga Suro is secretary to the vice presi- 
dent and sales manager of the Caribe Nitro- 
gen Corporation in Santurce, Puerto Rico. 
Her new address: 903 Fernandez Juncos, 
Apartment A-6, Santurce, Puerto Rico. 

From Greta Nilsson Masson: "We've been 
on the move lately. In April I flew home 
from Texas with the children for a short 
visit. Then joined my husband, Dick, in 
Alabama where he was attending Squadron 
Officer School. Dick is now instructing in 
the Political Science Department at the Air 
Force Academy in Denver, Colo., and is 
working on his Ph.D. at Denver University. 
Our house is on the A.F.A. grounds and on 
the slopes of the Rockies. I've been going 
horseback riding regularly and we're anxious- 
ly awaiting the skiing season. With all the 
interesting places to go and things to do 
in this beautiful part of the country, we're 
looking forward to a wonderful four-year 

Ricky and Lisa Masson 
(Greta Nilsson '53) 



Miss Evelyn Potts had a request for 
"that wonderful fruit cake recipe that we 
mass produced" from Doris Hedblom. Doris 
is Administrative Dietitian at the Children's 
Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

An August luncheon in New York City 
was enjoyed by Nancy Davis, Joan Waldele 
Schenk, Carolyn Goodell Hawkins, Donna 
Mumford Boehlert, Barbara Morris Louria 
and Joan Eckert Lowenstein. 

Cynthia DeGelleke Cole writes: "My 
husband has joined the Lexington (Ky.) 
Clinic. We love the climate and our new 

Mary Louise Burke Alexander: "For the 
first time since graduation, my family and I 
were on the Lasell campus this past June. 
Had dinner at Ken's Steak House with my 
former roommate Nancy Chase Ferguson and 

Leonora Coronella Krueger: "After resid- 
ing in Japan, Oregon and California the last 
three years, I plan to spend the next eight 
months in the Boston area. I'll be living 
with my folks while my husband is overseas. 
Hope some of my friends will get in touch 
with me." 

Mary Wiedenmayer is now with B. Altman 
& Company in Short Hills, N. J. 

Virginia Wilder Ambard continues to 
"love life in Hawaii." Husband, Gene, in 
addition to his teaching duties, is working 
for his Master's degree in English. 

Mary Evelyn Criscuolo Barlow sends this 
word: "We are all enjoying life here in 
Bayamon, P. R. The climate is similar to 
late fall or early spring in the States and 
I often think of the days when Olga (Suro) 
and I were at Lasell." 

New Addresses: Joan Antupit Stillman: 
39 Arnold Way, West Hartford, Conn. 

Constance Cullman Broderick: 118 Sutton 
Drive, Berkeley Heights, N. J. 

Mary Ann Donahue: 449 E. 58th Street, 
New York 22, N. Y. 

Dorothy Jepsky: 76 Quint Avenue, Allston, 

Diane Keller Cohen x-'53: 28 Isabell 
Circle, Randolph, Mass. 

Cynthia Lincoln McElhinney: 6501 W. 
Medlock Drive, Glendale, Arizona. 

Carol Moriarty Phleger: Parkway Apart- 
ments, 44-C, Haddonfield, N. J. 

Jean Smith DiLeone: 28 Catoona Lane, 
Stamford, Conn. 

Ruth Stockbridge Tolar: 3 3- A South 
Street, Medfield, Mass. 

Joy Ufford Penderville: Sunset Drive, Mc- 
Donald, Penna. 

Claire LaLiberte Adler '53 with Nancy 
and Lynn 


Mrs. Phillips R. Brooks, Jr. 

(Martha Ellis) , Secretary 
169 Lexington St., Watertown, Mass. 

Mrs. Alan W. Coles 

(Ann Lethbridge) , Assistant 

82-A Woodland Rd., Short Hills, N. J. 

Mrs. William H. Moebius 

(Ann Chidsey) , Assistant 

3370 Paris Street, Beaumont, Texas 

Ann Olsen Schlubach writes: "Herb has 
been transferred to Pittsburgh as sales repre- 
sentative for Albany Products, Inc. Billy 
is nearly four, and Linda Ann celebrated her 
first birthday on October 10th." Ann's new 
address: 120 Vermont Avenue, Pittsburgh 
34, Penna. 

And from California, Joy Lanner Bird 
writes: "At present I am keeping the home 
fires burning while Tom is studying in Hol- 
land. I am looking forward to spending the 
holidays in New England — with snow, I 

Mitzi Somerville Beringer "enjoyed a 
visit with Polly Weeks Cook and her darling 
daughters when they were in Washington. 
Frequently meet Sybil Moore Pinkham for 
she lives in nearby Kensington, Md." 

Betty Born Deacon and husband Bob en- 
joyed a late fall trip to Florida, and while 
there spent an evening with Nancy Hedtler 
Ford and husband. 

Eleanor Sclare Mazur has moved to Ham- 
den, Connecticut (15 Highview Terrace), 
where her husband is now proprietor of a 
camera shop. 

Jean MacDonald Dulude writes: "Hus- 
band Dick was transferred to the Corning 
branch of the Corning Glass Works. We do 
miss our Philadelphia friends but are 
thoroughly enjoying this new spot. We now 



have two sons — Jeffrey and Jonathan. 
Would love to hear from Lasell friends." 
Jean's new address: R. D. #1, Sing Sing 
Road, Horseheads, N. Y. 

Carol Meyer LaViale "enjoys the meetings 
of the new Westchester-Lower Connecticut 

Penny Thompson is now a member of the 
staff of Trinity Institute in Albany. In 
November she enjoyed a fine reunion in 
Springfield with Elaine Budarz Wiatrowski 
and Elaine's three lovely daughters. 

Jane Urtel McQuade reports: "My husband 
is now a Captain with the Air Force and 
we are enjoying life at Westover. Was 
matron of honor for Judith Stone Grabar, 
and Corinne Coyle was one of the brides- 
maids. Judy is Society Editor for the New 
Haven Journal Courier and her husband is 
on the staff of the Register. Their address 
in New Haven is 370 Whitney Avenue." 

Catherine English Poehler and elder 
daughter, Ann, 4, enjoyed a pre-Christmas 
visit with her family in Concord, Mass. 
They returned to Munich, where her husband 
is an instructor at the Technische Hochschule 
and is also studying for his doctorate de- 
gree. For the past three years Cathy has 
been executive secretary to the director of 
news and information for Radio Free Europe 
at its European headquarters in Munich. 

New Addresses: Ann Bowerman Logan: 
43 Bay State Road, Pittsfield, Mass. 

Louise Gracey Hawley: 264 Lowell Street, 
Lexington, Mass. 

Nancy Swanson Horsfield: 250 Oak 
Street, Wapping, Conn. 

Mary Elizabeth Sweeney Zelko: 4089 
Meadowbrook Lane, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Barbara Wilson Beck: 71 Green Street, 
Bath, Me. 


Mrs. Edward R. Snyder 

( Carolyn Chapin ) , Secretary 

123 Vadnais Circle, West Springfield, Mass. 

Mrs. Thomas E. Bastis 

( Ruth Birch ) , Assistant 

2464 Alida St., Oakland, Calif. 

Mrs. Alan Nelson 

( Susan Twitchell ) , Assistant 

Unit 84, 70 Central Avenue 

New Haven, Conn. 

Mia Ysselstyn Broug is now living in the 
Netherlands, where her husband was trans- 
ferred to the office of Shell Oil Company. 
After leaving Curacao, they enjoyed a vaca- 
tion in Austria and in southern Spain. Mia's 
address: Dr. Augustynlaan 69, Ryswyk 
(Z.H.), The Netherlands. 

Linda Nolin Ahern is now dietetics di- 
rector at the Cambridge City Hospital. She 
was formerly assistant to Dietitian Frances 
Austin Ferris '36 at the Symes Arlington 

Mary Lee Klipper Singer writes: "We are 
so delighted with Debbie, who arrived on 
July 22. David was three in January. Bobby 
now teaches mathematics at the Nyack 
Junior High School. We also have two St. 

Carol Egan x-'55 became Mrs. Theodore 
R. Perry on September 25, 1954, and is now 
living in Shelton, Conn. — Box 87, Pine 
Rock, Rural Station. 

From Mary Jane Tidman Bridges: "Re- 
union was just the greatest! How wonder- 
ful it was to see all the gals again. Jane 
Clark wrote that she was en route to Lisbon 
that day for a summer in Europe. Said she 
was very disappointed to miss the party — 
and we missed her too !" 

Valerie Montanez Hooven and husband 
enjoyed their vacation time in the Bahamas, 
and Val added: "A wonderful and beautiful 
spot to get away from it all." 

Marion Nutter Bredehoft "returned in 
September from Michigan for Bruce is now 
attending Harvard Business School. Have an 
apartment at 47 Charlesbank Road, Newton, 
and recently entertained Jackie Cain Shiels, 
husband Jack and their two adorable daugh- 
ters. Also see Sue Clark, and do hope any 
classmates visiting in Boston will call." 

Alice Libby Legare '25 enjoyed the sum- 
mer in California with daughter, Nancy 
Legare deWolf, and while on a visit to 
San Francisco, they spent a day with Ruth 
Birch Bastis and family. 

Joanne Larsen is "getting more involved 
in school activities. Have been asked to serve 
on the Home Economics curriculum commit- 
tee of the Maine State Department of Educa- 
tion, and am co-chairman of the Southern 
Maine Teachers Association." 

Audrey Silver Rogers is now living in 
Barrington, R. I., where her husband is a 
designer with the Gorham Silver Company. 
Aud attended a mid-winter meeting of the 
Rhode Island Club with Eleanor Lasky 
Lapides, her near neighbor. The Rogers' 
address: 12 Zephyr Lane; Elbe's: 122 Gover- 
nor Bradford Drive. 

Elizabeth Reynolds will graduate in June 
from the nursing school of Queens College, 
and Betty adds: "The New York State 
R.N. exams follow." Sandy Brideau Buckley 
is now on the staff of St. Louis Hospital in 
Berlin, N. H. 

Gail Gluck Davis recently visited Barbara 
Karasik Davidson and "her adorable daugh- 
ter, Lori." Claire Quinlan Jackman is the 
mother of three sons — Winthrop, Alan and 



Mary Jane Tidman Bridges '55 

introduces husband Bob and 

daughter Lee 

Peter. Thelma Appel Kaplan's son, Robert, 
was three years old in November, and daugh- 
ter, Amy, celebrated her second birthday in 

Joan Geddes Grant is again in the Boston 
area. Husband Paul attends the Harvard 
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. 

Lorie Ginsburg Magid and two-year-old 
Keith are enjoying life in Oklahoma. Her 
Army captain-husband is an oral surgeon 
stationed at Fort Sill. 

Judy Lanese Karazulas sends a new ad- 
dress: 2595 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. 
She and Gus have purchased a new home, 
large enough to accommodate his dental 

Patricia Reynolds Fisher enclosed a gay 
colored photo of three-year-old Buzz, and 
added to her note: "We are still stationed 
at Myrtle Beach AFB, S. C. an love every 
minute of it. Buzz is very pleased with his 
sister, Eloise, born in May. Look forward to 
reading the Leaves, as well as our sub- 
scription to the Boston daily newspaper, 
and — of course, news of my friends via 
the Leaves." 

New Addresses: Mary Alice Everett: 134 
White Horse Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 

Barbara Jean Hilliard Tracey: 27 Talbot 
Street, West Newton, Mass. 

Sandra Lally Hovey: 22321 Avenue San 
Luis, Woodland Hills, Calif. 

Joan Murano Swanson: 842 Edgewood 
Avenue, New Haven, Conn. 

Beverley O'Brian Perry: 2325 Jolly Drive, 
Burbank, Calif. 

Shirley Palmaccio Stolfors: 3525 Whitney 
Arms Apt., Sacramento, Calif. 

Jean Ryder Tyler: 2309 John Street, 
Pasadena, Tex. 

Marilyn Valter Maclay: 27 Highview 
Avenue, Bernardsville, N. J. 


Mrs. John A. Jordan, Jr. 

(Betsy Belsterling) , Secretary 

1546 D-l Catasauqua Rd., Bethlehem, Penna. 

Mrs. Rudolph A. Kraft, Jr. 

( Peggy Schwingel ) , Assistant 

4 Princeton PL, Princeton Junction, N. J. 

Mrs. Martin B. Hamilton 

(Gail Swett) , Assistant 

1569-A Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 

Betsy was surprised to find another Lasell 
classmate in the Bethlehem area. She visited 
via telephone Pat Hayes Schoeller, whose hus- 
band is employed at Western Electric. The 
Schoellers now have a son and a daughter. 

Audrey Spawn Stockman and husband 
Jerry have returned to New Jersey where 
Jerry is legal secretary to Judge Thomas 
Madden of the Camden Federal District 
Court. Their new address: Wayne Garden 
Apartments, Collingswood. 

Sue North has recently returned to Boston 
.after a marvelous two-month jaunt about 
Europe. Switzerland, Italy and France 
proved breathtaking, fantastic and delightful. 
Sue and a friend drove about Scotland and 
England and their jet flight brought them 
back to Idlewild on Christmas Eve. 

Another '56-er whose vacation included 
a European tour was Patti Lockwood. Patti 
arrived in Amsterdam at the peak of the 
tulip season, and spent the remainder of 
May and a part of June touring Holland, 
Belgium, France and the British Isles. 

Judith Metcalf Daniels will graduate from 
Keene Teachers College in June. Judy 
served as therapeutic dietitian at the Bellows 
Falls Hospital until the fall of 1959 when 
she decided to return to college. She adds 
to her letter to Miss Potts: "Was so de- 
lighted to be accepted as a junior in good 
standing — received full credit for my com- 
plete course of study at Lasell." 

Kathy Taft and Ellen Benner share a 
New York City apartment at 310 East 70th 
Street. Ellen is employed in the Interior 
Decorating Department of the Ladies' Home 
Journal, and they both look forward to June 
and Reunion. 

The 1956 "McClelland Gang" met under 
the famed Biltmore clock on November 5th. 
The get-together included Joan Swanson 
Rice, Sue Kellner, Phyllis Steckler Thomas, 
Audrey Spawn Stockman, Gretchen Hughes 
Gilbert and Carol Phalen Swiggett. 

Carol LeCompte Cuthbert and husband 
Lynn have purchased a new home in Penn- 
sylvania — 476 Old Fort Road, King of 
Prussia. Lynn is with Western Electric in 
Philadelphia and young Kim and Jeff are 
fast making friends. 



In June Sandy Lavine Kanosky and family 
returned to Swampscott, where her doctor- 
husband has opened an office for the practice 
of internal medicine and cardiology. 

And Nancy Ahlgren Tewes is now in 
Indianapolis for Tony is now a sales repre- 
sentative with the American Cyanamid Com- 
pany. Nancy's address there is Apt. 3, 5025 
Banbury Road. 

Barbara Murdock Woods is enjoying her 
new home in South Duxbury (Mass.) and 
often visits with Judy Nielsen Badot, who 
lives nearby in North Hanover. Beverly 
Danks Rieckers planned to move to a 
new home in Short Hills, N. J., and we 
hope to have her new address shortly. 

Not too far away from Lasell's campus 
is Elaine Card LeFort — 15 Hazelhurst 
Avenue, West Newton. After their June 
wedding, she and Dave honeymooned in 
Bermuda, and he is now with R.C.A. in 

Carolyn Whitford Knibbs attended 
Adrienne Ensher Kachadourian's October 
wedding, and Evelyn Holmsen Kertesz was 
a bridesmaid for Beverly Yaghjian Arabian. 

Sally Quicke Reiss writes: "Our Betsy is a 
real doll. Phil is continuing research for 
his Ph.D. degree and we expect to be in 
Champaign (111.) for another year. Our new 
address: 611 West University Avenue." 

Carolee Scribner Cain promises to call 
at Lasell "when the ice and snow goes," and 
Carolyn Kelley, who was on campus recently, 
found "Ordway House is simply beautiful, 
and the proposed Student Union is a wonder- 
ful idea!" 

Janet Parmenter Ellinwood, Carol Scherer 
and Ann Louise Dunkel '58 are in the same 
department at CBS in New York City, and 
occasionally have lunch with Toni Kennedy 
and Gingie Reeves Waltner. 

New Addresses: Nancy Borromey: 22 Rice 
Spring Lane, Wayland, Mass. 

Helen Decker Hillman: 194 Branch 
Brook Drive, Belleville, N. J. 

Priscilla Driggs Bevin: 513 Prospect 
Street, New Haven, Conn. 

Janice Engstrom Barbuto: 144 Phillips 
Brooks Rd., Westwood, Mass. 

Marilyn Hekemian Voskian: 2080 Pine- 
crest Dr., Altadena, Calif. 

Nancy Nash Kershaw: 42 Tyler Terrace, 
Newton Centre, Mass. 

Frances Nettleton Konsella: 1725 Hoyt 
St., Lakewood, Colo. 

Joan Raymond Healey: 201 Benjamin 
St., Pawtucket, R. I. 

Marilyn Smyly Upton: 76 Bradford Rd., 
Watertown, Mass. 


Mrs. Robert C. Chase 

(Joan Stanford) , Secretary 

2802 South Columbus St., Arlington 6, Va. 

Patricia Koules, Assistant 
201 Goden Street, Belmont, Mass. 

Barbara Sturges, Assistant 
6 Stanley Oval, Westfield, N. J. 

Suzanne Jouret Kowalski, secretary of the 
Westchester-Lower Connecticut, writes: "We 
are building our own home in Greenwich. It 
should be ready in May or June and we are 
looking forward to the summer." 

Sandra Kettle Rocknak and Charlie 
have "just bought a one-hundred-year-old 
house — random floor boards, beam ceil- 
ings, much charm and much work ahead." 
Pat Howe Bassett and husband, Don, are 
settled in their 125-year-old home at 4 
Merrill Road, South Natick, Mass. 

Marcia Lipsey Freedman writes: "Would 
love to hear from and see any classmates 
vacationing or living in Florida. Our ad- 
dress: 3701 N. W. 169 Terrace, Miami, 

Marcia James received her M.Ed, degree 
from Boston University in June I960, is 
now on the faculty of the Peter Bulkeley 
School in Concord (Mass.), and continues 
to work for her doctorate in education. 
Nancy Whitney is enjoying her second 
year of kindergarten teaching in Wethers- 
field, Conn. 

Carol Juechter Dixon, Sandy Bristol, 
Eileen Conradi, Carol Braun and Sally 
Barnes attended Joan Deshefy Patenaude's 
wedding in June. Carol's husband is now 
completing his senior year at Fordham 
Law School, and Joan's husband will re- 
ceive a Master's Degree in business admin- 
istration at the University of Pittsburgh 
in June. Joan's address: 1029 Mirror 
Street, Pittsburgh 17, Pa. 

Edith Berger Kaplan is now living in 
Syracuse, N. Y. — 313 Monticello Drive 
North. Lucile Martel Huggins hopes to 
return to the Boston area in the spring. 

Carol Swartz shares a Boston apartment 
with Mary Jane Donahue, and one of her 
co-workers at a local advertising agency is 
Paula Ristau. 

Janet Longaker Smith and Dave drove 
through Lasell's campus on their return 
from a Canadian honeymoon trip. Janet's 
address: 309 Edwin Street, Chittenango, 
New York. 

Jane Stanford Chase and husband Bob 
are now government employees and find 
the Nation's Capitol a very exciting place 
in which to live. 



Martha Whitcomb recently returned 
from a European trip. She enjoyed Hol- 
land and Germany, and via rented car, 
drove on to Venice, Florence, Rome and 
the Italian Riviera. Their exciting itin- 
erary was climaxed by a week in Paris. 

In June, Dottie Ziehler Roettels sent this 
word to the Alumnae Office: "Was mar- 
ried November 1, 1958 to Lt. Donald 
Roettels, U.S.A. After a brief honeymoon 
Don left for France and I joined him a 
month later in Paris. We've been able to 
travel a great deal and enjoyed trips to 
Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Luxem- 
bourg, France, Italy, Austria, and have 
just returned from a marvelous vacation 
in England, Scotland and Wales. Early in 
July we leave for Spain, Majorca and hope 
to include a few days in Genoa. Don's tour 
of duty will soon be completed and we 
expect to return to Dayton before the 
New Year. It seems impossible we've been 
gone two years !" 

New Addresses: Merle Frylinck Craig: 49 
Elsinore St., Concord, Mass. 

Barbara Letson Weaver: 314 Highland 
St., Worcester 2, Mass. 

Anne Mills Curtis: 40 Cambridge St., 
Winchester, Mass. 

Judy Parker Murray: 403 Hillhurst Ave., 
New Britain, Conn. 

Joyce Pendergast Maney: 26 Heath 
Road, Apt. 11, Arlington, Mass. 

Barbara Reifenberger Hudelson: 169-04 
88th Ave., Jamaica 32, N. Y. 

Rosalie Sucher Schneider: 555 Arch 
Street, New Britain, Conn. 

Harriet Wason Carter: 21 Ruth Drive, 
Framingham, Mass. 


Virginia M. Ambrose, Secretary 
82 Eastern Drive, Wethersfield, Conn. 

Mrs. John A. Fairchild 

(Betty Anderson) , Secretary 

6 Arlington Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 

Sandy Fookes Adler writes: "Roy is now 
studying at Submarine School in New Lon- 
don and hopes to be assigned to a nuclear 
vessel. We are living in Groton — our 
seventh home." 

June Valter Owens is living in Oklahoma 
— - (Box 567, Lindsay, Okla.) where her 
husband is working for Western Geophysi- 
cal Company of America and they are hop- 
ing for a foreign assignment next year. 

Brenda Pioppi, a secretary at the Rock- 
land-Atlas National Bank of Boston, vaca- 
tioned with Susanne Fletcher in Califor- 
nia. Marion Oliver now shares a Boston 
apartment with Sue. 

Ann Reeves Schmid '58 

With sister-attendants — twins, Nancy 

and Alice, and Kathryn. Missing from 

picture is mother, Harriet Colwell 

Reeves '35 

Class Agent Patricia Woolley, a mem- 
ber of the Class of I960 at the University 
of Connecticut, is a home economist for 
the United Illuminating Company in New 
Haven, Conn. 

Patricia Watson, now a Simmons Col- 
lege alumna, Class of I960, is a secretary 
and research assistant at the Massachusetts 
Mental Health Center. 

Sally Requa x-'58 is a member of Lord 
and Taylor's executive training program in 
New York City. 

Eleanor Harman Hug enjoys her duties 
in an Atlanta (Ga.) hospital and Kathy 
Barstow is a surgical secretary in the Pa- 
thology Department at the Hartford 
(Conn.) Hospital. 

At present, Barbara Montag is teaching 
kindergarten in the Belmont (Mass.) pub- 
lic school system and loves every minute 
of it. Jeanne Mitchell is the arts and crafts 
instructor in a Waltham private school. 

In June I960, Mary Ann Fuller received 
her B.A. Degree from Connecticut College 
for Women, and is now a child care coun- 
selor at the Judge Baker Guidance Center, 
Boston, Mass. 

Sue Greenhut is a senior at New York 
University's School of Education. 

Leila Kay Steen writes: "Am now work- 
ing in the Darien (Conn.) Branch of the 
Fairfield County Trust Company. Hope to 
attend the University of Maryland next 
fall. Called at Lasell in the early fall with 
Joan Reichert Strother and we had fun 
seeing old friends and places." 

Elaine Shanken Fischer has completed 
her work at Southern Connecticut State 
College, and is accredited to do public 
school teaching. 

Sandi Lerner was married on November 
1, 1959 to Louis S. Holzman and is now 
living at 2 Clifton Heights Lane, Marble- 
head, Mass. 



Myrna Leshefsky Levine and Barbara 
Gunther Dallin are research workers at 
the U. S. Public Health Service Hospital 
in Brighton, Mass. A bacteriologist in the 
same lab is Marilyn Tomancak '56. 

Marsha Singer Marshall reports summer 
visits with Joan Bates, Barbara Stannard, 
Gail Seibert and Barbara Clark Owen x- 

Marilyn Lanoue spent a fall week-end in 
Virginia with Joyce Rutherford Shuey, and 
enjoyed a recent supper party with Sandy 
Fookes Adler, Cynthia Clary Grace, Susan 
Clary De'ahunt and Jean Wynott Delahunt. 

From Mary Elizabeth Murray Cass: "Phil 
and I had a wonderful two-week honey- 
moon in Quebec at the Chateau Frontenac. 
Brenda Holbrook was one of the brides- 
maids at my June wedding." 

Audrey Biggerstaff sends "all good 
wishes to the Alumnae Fund. The much- 
needed Student Union is a fine idea." The 
same encouraging thoughts were sent by 
Barbara Cummings, secretary at a Rye 
(N. Y.) advertising agency. 

Susan Rapaport Paul sends a new ad- 
dress — 42 Silver Road, Bangor, Maine, 
and adds — "Irving and I love our new 
Cape Cod home. Son Stephen is now a 
very active boy. Linda Braslow is plan- 
ning a February wedding. Best wishes to 
all at Lasell." 

Helen Mowat, secretary to the Comp- 
troller at the New England Conservatory 
writes: "Betty Wellington and I had a de- 
lightful November vacation in Jamaica. 
The country is beautiful, the temperature 
was ideal, and our accommodations were 
perfect. We hope other classmates will be 
able to take the same trip." 

New Addresses: Sharon Abbett Boyd: 28 
Wicoma Way, Waltham, Mass. 

Carol Briggs Ten Broeck: 51 Cross 
Street, Apt. AC, Bronxville, N. Y. 

Sandra Chapman O'Neil: A6 Sherwood 
Street, Danvers, Mass. 

Ruth DeLuca Cornette: 277 Concord 
Street, Framingham, Mass. 

Judith George Stephens: 2007 Noble 
Ave., Springfield, 111. 

Barbara Gunther Dallin: 100 Kilsyth 
Rd., Brighton, Mass. 

Myrna Leshefsky Levine: 17 Shanley St., 
Brighton, Mass. 

Donna Levine Shurberg: 4043 Baltimore 
Ave., Philadelphia 4, Pa. 

Mary McGrath Lacroix: 67-35 Yellow 
Stone Blvd., Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Ann Reeves Schmid: 2349 C Newton 
Street, Akron, Ohio. 

Helene Schwartz Perry: P. O. Box 
#1673, Elgin AFB, Florida. 


Carol Grieve, Secretary 
340 Gray St., Arlington, Mass. 

234 Riverview Ave., Drexel Hill, Penna. 

Joan Valentine, Secretary 
47 Beverly Rd., Wethersfield, Conn. 

Sandra Barton FairchUd and "Jim are 
enjoying Army life in Texas and getting 
to see a lot of our fine country. In January 
we will be assigned to Fort Benning, Ga.. 
and then on to California for two years." 

Brenda McLafferty Manchester has a new 
ranch house — R.F.D. #1, Mechanic Falls, 

Carol Brett Morse is working at John 
Hancock Life Insurance, and her husband 
attends Northeastern University. 

Carol Ann Civetti Monaghan writes: 
"members of my wedding party included 
Marietta DeSesa, Nancy Ferguson and 
Carol Slocum Capper. We are living at 
22 Upson Road, Wellesley, Mass." 

Marjorie Williams successfully passed the 
National Examination of the Registry of 
Medical Technologists of the American So- 
ciety of Clinical Pathologists in July. 

Susan Bravman Uretsky and Arnold en- 
joyed a European honeymoon, and are now 
living at 48 Pierce Road, Watertown, Mass. 

Katherine Moore is a secretary at The 
Gunnery School, Washington, Conn. 

Judy Quinn is with the I.B.M. World 
Trade Corporation in New York City. She 
shares an apartment with Martha Anderson, 
a medical secretary. 

Linda Kitch is busy with plans for an 
April wedding, and Joan Sycle, a senior at 
the University of Maryland, will be married 
in June, as will Ann Douglass. Ann's future 
sister-in-law is Carolyn Wood Brox. 

Joanne Curtis, a medical secretary in Meri- 
den (Conn.) is also secretary of the New 
Haven Club. Nancy Gronquist, correspond- 
ing secretary of the Rhode Island Club, is 
employed by the Aluminum Company ot 
America in their Providence office. 

Margaret Thomas is a member of the sec- 
retarial staff at the Boston Lying-in Hospital, 
and Hannah Schmidt is employed at the 
Somerset Hotel. 

Lois DeCuollo attends Fairleigh Dickinson 
University, and Harriet Stallings Jarosh will 
graduate in June from Simmons College. 

Lorraine Hope Andic is now in New Jer- 
sey, where her husband attends Princeton 
Graduate School. 

Jeanne McShain White is now teaching 
first grade in Waterford, N. Y., and her hus- 
band is attending Albany Law School. Recent 



week-end guests of the Whites were Nancy 
(Ferguson) and Dick Chapman. A regular 
visitor at Jeanne's apartment is Rosalind 
Aulisi who lives nearby in Gloversville. 

Cindy Boynton Davis has joined husband 
Ted, a post-graduate student at the Univer- 
sity of Texas. 

New Addresses: Linda Bailey Bolton: 
1298A Commonwealth Ave., Allston, Mass. 

Barbara Balkus Sgroi: 34 Mechanic St., 
Newton 64, Mass. 

Marilyn Beaton: 67 Jefferson Shores Road, 
Buzzards Bay, Mass. 

Marjorie Borromey Kiely: 23 Walnut 
Place, Dedham 1, Mass. 

Esta Hurwitz Sidman: 77 Cotton Street, 
Newton 58, Mass. 

Marcia Lewis Davis: 22 Wigglesworth St., 
Boston, Mass. 

Brenda Moors Sullivan: 10 Walnut St., 
Apt. 6, Portland, Me. 

Madelaine Petralias Courtelis: 122 Park 
St., Brookline, Mass. 

Judith Sherman Babbitt: 642 W. Onon- 
daga St., Syracuse 4, N. Y. 

Priscilla Wakeling Patton: 60 Vandewater 
St., Providence, R. I. 


Susan W. Ellis, Secretary 
55 Purchase St., Milford, Mass. 

Sallib T. Flowers, Secretary 
240 Harvard Circle, Newtonville, Mass. 

Marilyn A. Senior, Secretary 
34 Robert St., Braintree, Mass. 

The College gratefully acknowledges a 
scholarship in memory of Margaret S. Mc- 
Creery from nine of her classmates. It is 
expected that this recent gift will be awarded 
to a senior day student at the beginning of 
second semester, February 1961. 

In memory of 1960's popular vice-presi- 
dent, the L. C. C. A. created the Margaret 
S. McCreery Scholarship Fund; the interest 
from which will be available to future day 

If you care to contribute to the Fund, 
please write to Dean June Babcock at Lasell, 
or to Jill Estabrook, 51 Lunda Street, Wal- 
tham, Mass. 

Other News: Miss Constance Blackstock 
kindly shares letters from I960 Clark res- 
idents, Martha Yerkes and Barbara Bogert. 
Martha writes: "So far this year has been 
a successful one. I am an assistant teacher 
in a small private school for emotionally dis- 
turbed children. In our group there are six 
children and three teachers, which allows 
time for necessary individual attention. The 
two children in my charge I teach academic 

subjects, arithmetic, spelling, language, read- 
ing and then take them out to play or down 
to the workshop. I loved every moment of 
the seven weeks spent in Europe this sum- 
mer. My favorite country was Italy. There 
were innumerable appealing cities, towns, 
and people. I was enthralled by the scenery 
of Switzerland, the cleanliness of Holland 
and the gaiety of Paris. Germany, of course, 
gave us the magnificent Passion Play, and 
we enjoyed the London theatres too. Please 
remember me to Miss McClelland and other 
Lasell friends." 

From Barbara Bogert: 'You can't imagine 
how much I miss Lasell — especially Clark 
House ! I love my work as private secretary 
to one of the managers at Continental Can 

"Have kept in touch with a number of 
classmates and thought you would like to 
know what they are doing. 

"Sue Louis and Jan Caserio: studying at 
Syracuse University. 

"Baila Issokson: married June 18th to 
Stephen King. Her address: 231 Harvard 
Avenue, Allston, Mass. She is studying Med- 
ical Technology at Beth Israel Hospital. 

"Carol Failla: is a medical technician at 
St. Vincent's Hospital, Worcester, and Judith 
Davis x-'60 is now Mrs. Richard G. Weiss, 
1356 Elmwood Ave., Apt. #5, Rochester 20, 
N. Y. 

"Lynn Farnum: She and Brian were mar- 
ried on September 10th and I attended their 
lovely wedding. Lynn is working for a Bos- 
ton doctor, and lives in the apartment next 
to Baila's. 

"Bette Alderman: She and Phyllis Rosen 
are attending Boston University. 

"Barbara Grieff: Barb is working for the 
Connecticut State Mental Institution and 
says her job is fascinating. 

"Nancy Kiddoo: She and Dick were mar- 
ried on September 10th. Jan Caserio was 
maid-of-honor. They are living in Natick 
(36 N. Main Street) while Dick completes 
his course at Babson. 

"Judy Edmondson: Has a fine job in 
Newark, N. J. 

"Pat McCabe: Is a secretary with a New 
York advertising agency. We manage a gab 
on the phone about once a week. 

"Joy Klee: Spent the summer in Italy and 
reports a marvelous time. 

"Mary Jane Sauer: is "most happy with 
life on the campus and classes at Miami 
University, Oxford, Ohio. 

"Mary Jane Hazrick: is a member of the 
junior class at the University of New 

"Charlotte Brown: is a student nurse at 
Memorial Hospital, Albany, N. Y., and is 
interested in attending meetings of the Capi- 
tol District Lasell Club." 





Katherine Anthony (HS '32-'33) writes: 
"My niece, Toni Susan Wescott, is a Fresh- 
man at Lasell, and we are all so happy. Peg 
(Anthony Wescott, HS '32-' 34) is now liv- 
ing in Springfield, Ohio, with us." 

Doris Wilson Lehners (HS '25-'27) "spent 
eight delightful weeks in Boston during the 
summer and saw many Lasell friends." 


Miss Constance Milner, Co-ordinator of 
the Nursing Program, brings us up to date 
with several graduates. Please let us hear 
from you. 

Sonia Altland Griffith '57: Staff, St. Jo- 
seph's Hospital, Bausman, Penna. 

Carol Preater Feldmann '57: Private duty, 
Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston. 

Sally Barnes '57: Assistant head nurse, 
Children's Medical Center, Boston. 

Sandra Brideau Buckley '55: Staff, Berlin 
Hospital, Berlin, N. H. 

Millicent Carlson O'Brien '58: Research 
assistant, Grace-New Haven Hospital, Conn. 

Linda Ferrucci '58: Assistant instructor 
in Operating Room Nursing, Grace-New 
Haven Hospital. 

Barbara Johnson Reid '58: Staff, Massa- 
chusetts General Hospital, Boston. 

Judith Kaufman Brown '58: Attending 
Teacher's College, Columbia University, 
N. Y. 

Dorothy Pearson Proctor '58: Staff, 
Nashua Memorial Hospital, Nashua, N. H. 

Carolyn Reid '58: Staff, New England 
Medical Center, Boston. 

Sondra Allen '59: Private duty, Philadel- 
phia, Penna. 

Catherine Carver Robie '59: Staff, Peter 
Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston. 

Linda Dazley '59: Private duty, Boston. 

Dorothy Risteen '59: Staff, Salem Hos- 
pital, Salem, Mass. 

Mary Beth Wisenburn Sclafani '59: 
Staff, Capiague, N. Y. 

Jane Yeaton '59: Staff, Peter Bent Brig- 
ham Hospital, Boston. 

Linda Barber '59: Staff, Bridgeport Hos- 
pital, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Meade Simpson '58: Private duty, N. J. 

Margaret Thomas Graff '59: Staff, Bos- 
ton Lying-in Hospital. 

Sally Brockway '59: Attending New 
York University. 



All Class and Club Secretaries 

The 1960-61 Fund Issue will be 



in May. The August Leaves will 

carry the 

usual class and club reports. 

Please make every effort to have 



or club represented at: 

The Thirteenth Annual Alumnae Council 


Friday and Saturday, April 7 



CALENDAR 1960-61 


September 15 Registration of New Students 

September 17 . . . . . . . Registration of Returning Students 

September 19 Formal Opening 

November 10 End of First Quarter 

November 23 after classes to") 

, r . > Thanksgiving 

November 28 for classes ) 

December 16 after classes to] 

1961 / Christmas Vacation 

January 4 for classes ; 

February 6 Beginning of Second Semester 

March 10-11 Father-Daughter Weekend 

March 30 End of Third Quarter 

March 30 after classes to ) 

., , , > Spring Vacation 

April 11 for classes J 

April 14 Bowdoin Concert 

May 19 Lasell Night at Pops 

June 9 End of Second Semester 

June 10 Alumnae Reunion; Class Night 

June 11 Commencement 

June 13 Beginning of Summer Nursing Program 

September 4 End of Summer Nursing Program 

Tv/V/ /w 

Lasell Leaves 





MAY, 1961 

No. 3 


Alumnae Fund Chairman : 
Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 


Ruth Turner Crosby '42 

Alumnae Secretary. 

Marjorie A. MacClymon '32 

Alumnae Fund Secretary: 
Winnifred Hill 

Cover: Council delegates from the Class of I960: 1. to r. : Agent Linda Chiaramonte, Agent 
Audrey Bergesen, Secretary Marilyn Senior. Seated : Secretary Sallie Flowers. 

Published Quarterly by the Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Lasell Junior College, Auburndale, 
Mass. Second-class postage paid at Boston, Mass. Acceptance for mailing at special rate 
of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on October 
28, 1918. Subscription $3.00 Per Year Included in the Annual Alumnae Fund Contribu- 
tion. Single copies of this bulletin may be obtained for 75 cents each. 


May 1961 

To the Alumnae: 

Since last July I have had the privilege of meeting many of the alumnae 
of Lasell Junior College and Lasell Seminary. In the months ahead, at Commence- 
ment and at area Club meetings, I hope to have the opportunity to meet many 
more former students. In the meantime I want you to know that the Tewksburys 
are proud to be part of the Lasell family, and are grateful for the very warm and 
friendly manner in which we've been received by so many of you. 

Although you may be able to find much satisfaction in reminiscing about your 
days as a student at Lasell, in order for you to continue to take pride in your Alma 
Mater we must always seek to improve its stature in the educational community. No 
college can afford to rest on past laurels or present reputation, but must continuously 
look to and plan for the future. This year much attention will be devoted to 
long-range planning for Lasell. Far-reaching decisions will be made concerning 
the future growth of the College in the areas of enrollment, academic programs, 
financing, and physical facilities. 

As our "most important product," alumnae play a significant role in the 
present and future welfare of Lasell. You do this in many ways: when you 
constructively mention Lasell to relatives, friends or acquaintances; when you 
urge well-qualified prospective students to seek admission; when you interview 
applicants at the request of the admissions office; when you recommend graduates 
for transfer to four-year colleges or in finding employment; when you offer 
suggestions for improvement of the College to Trustees or staff; when you con- 
tribute financially to provide the facilities we need and when you recommend to 
others that they do likewise; when you support or participate in campus programs 
and activities; and when you work for a more active and effective Alumnae, Inc. 

We want you always to be well informed about the College, its plans, its 
activities, and its accomplishments. Remember that Lasell is your college and you 
have a voice and a part in its future, as you have had in its past. 

Please feel welcome to spend a few moments with us whenever you are in the 
vicinity of the campus. 

Most sincerely yours, 



Nancy Marcus '52 to Dr. Alan M. Golden. 

Joan Hildebrandt '54 to Richard Ballantine Estey. 

Dorothy Hunt '55 to Lt. Carlos J. Spencer, USAF. 

Joanne Larsen '55 to Richard Vaughan Bibber. 

Nancy Argast '56 to Ronald H. Barksdale. 

Mary Panetta '56 to Donald Robert Thomas. 

Carolyn Scherer '56 to Norman William Butler. 

Iris Wolfe '56 to Paul D. Lipsitt. 

Virginia Field '57 to Robert Masters Coburn. 

Barbara Flint '57 to William F. Gerold. 

Sheila Graham '57 to Lt. (j.g.) Carl Owen Foley, USN. 

Floreen Rounseville '57 to John Wheeler Sanford, 3rd. 

Anne Whittaker '57 to Edward Walter Donovan. 

Elizabeth Arnall '58 to Howard Abbe Thompson. 

Andrea Bischoff '58 to David Alan Houser. 

Cynthia Brown x-'58 to Peter Edward Nelson. 

Elaine Jarow '58 to Melville Weiser. 

Barbara Montag '58 to Dr. Harvey Louis Levy. 

Joan Conradi '59 to Robert E. McLaughlin. 

Betsy Coulson '59 to David J. Conrad. 

Nancy Cunningham '59 to Roger Richard Duford. 

Joanne King '59 to John B. Fitzgerald. 

Linda Kitch '59 to John Lester Forand. 

Lyndell Mead '59 to Henry Edward Betzner, Jr. 

Sandra Nider '59 to Mark Challant. 

Patricia Olsen '59 to Midshipman Peter Wheeler Greenwood. 

Mary Stackpole '59 to Elwood G. Johnson. 

Diane Strawhince '59 to Quinn J. Butler. 

Susan Whitehead x-'59 to Briggs Wheeler Buchanan, Jr. 

Susan Ellis '60 to Christopher Knight Bullock. 

Gail Guptill '60 to Roger Alan Carlson. 

Audrey Hemphill '60 to Kenneth William Senior. 

Virginia Humphrey '60 to Donald Davidson Easson. 

Harriet Kipperman '60 to Barry Stephen Davis. 

Sandra Lund '60 to John William Grouten. 

Antoinette Malefakis '60 to Christopher E. Mellen, Jr., USA. 

Nanci Mullin '60 to John G. Kelley, Jr. 

Henita Simons '60 to Stuart F. Meyers. 

Susan Smith '60 to Gerald Alan Kaplan. 

Justine Waite '60 to William Maurice Thompson. 

Ruth Work '60 to Clement Joseph Montagna. 



Miriam Goff '37 and Harold Hilton Macuen on February 3, 1961, at Belmont, Mass. 
Eleanor A. Martel '39 and Robert W. Blaquers in December, I960, at Marlboro, Mass. 
Cora Lou Buffum '48 and Bruce Albert Hall on February 11, 1961, at Manchester, N. H. 
Mary Lucia Leighton Bayne '50 and Kenneth Axford Wood, Jr. on February 23, 1961, 

at Madison, Conn. 
Norah Horsfield '54 and George C. Maling, Jr. on December 29, I960, at Cambridge, 

Norma Shrier x-'55 and Manuel Jay Lipson in January, 1961, at Newton, Mass. 
Sally- Anne Munns '55 and Stephen Hubbell Patt on October 1, I960. 


Mrs. Stephen H. Patt 
(Sally-Anne Munns '55) 

Mrs. Joseph H. Madden, Jr. 
(Barbara Thorndike '57) 

Mrs. Calvin T. King, Jr. 
(Juliet Burwell '58) 

Mrs. William E. Gozzi 
(Mary Alice Maccallum '60) 


Cynthia Ann Tredeau '55 and Paul Allen Wegerdt on October 29, I960. 

Elizabeth Clausen x'56 and Paul Mason Haskell on October 30, I960, at Concord, Mass. 

Gayla Monahan '56 and David Allen Wright in October, I960, at Darien, Conn. 

Virginia Reeves '56 and Harry G. Waltner, 3rd on October 1, I960, at Larchmont, N. Y. 

Paula Nadler x-'57 and Jerome Ira Levine on January 15, 1961. 

Carol Preater '57 and Oskar Hans Feldmann on November 19, I960, at Sudbury, Mass. 

Barbara Thorndike '57 and Joseph Hayden Madden, Jr. on November 26, I960, at Irving- 
ton, NY. 

Bonnie Jean Beckwith '58 and William Stanley Morrison on December 17, I960, at Long- 
meadow, Mass. 

Beverly Ann Benfante '58 and Robert Arnold in November, I960, at Lexington, Mass. 

Juliet Kirk Burwell '58 and Calvin Thomas King, Jr. on February 5, 1961. 

Jetta Marie Fucito '58 and Anthony J. LaCava, Jr. on September 3, I960. 

Grace Goodale '58 and Wayne Ross Myer in December, I960. 

Marcia Jaffe x-'58 and Eugene Margoluis on November 6, I960, at New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Judith Elinor Kaufman '58 and Robert Stephen Brown on December 18, I960. 

Dorothy Ann Pearson Light '58 and Richard Briggs Proctor on December 30, I960, at 

Exeter, N. H. 
Jane Pethybridge '58 and Louis A. Gleim on October 8, I960. 
Mary H. Rasimas '58 and Lt. (j.g.) Donald R. Gavini, USN, on February 4, 1961, at 

Shrewsbury, Mass. 

Judith Ann Smarak '58 and Peter James Stern on March 5, 1961, at New York, N. Y. 

Margery Weinbaum '58 and Robert C. Margiloff on March 26, 1961. 

Brenda Weinstein '58 and Gerald Howard Less on December 24, I960, at Brookline, 

Jean Britton '59 and John A. Siano on March 11, 1961, at Syracuse, N. Y. 

Celeste Brodeur '59 and William Michael Kelly, Jr. on December 31, I960, at Arlington, 

Linda Blumenfeld x-'59 and Arnold Bornstein on March 12, 1961. 
Joanne Curtis '59 and H. Clark Island on February 11, 1961. 
Eileen Dahl '59 and Harry C. Lord, III on October 15, I960. 

Fern Gendler '59 and Sherman Drutman on March 12, 1961, at West Hartford, Conn. 
Holly Engel '59 and Ens. Larry A. Boyer on June 17, I960, at Annapolis, Md. 
Elvira Grobel '59 and Stephen L. Robbins on August 28, I960. 
Martha Jane Houle '59 and Pfc. Patrick Leo Walsh, USA, on December 31, I960. 
Marilyn Miller '59 and Addison Spencer Jennings on January 7, 1961, at Greenwich, 

Suzanne Paige '59 and Russell Stephen Cook in November, I960. 
Susan Shattuck '59 and Fred Adams Abbe on September 17, I960, at Boston, Mass. 
Ina Berkowitz '60 and Ronald R. Karlins on March 12, 1961, at New Haven, Conn. 
Susan Crane '60 and Robert Edgar Pellerin on November 26, I960. 

Suzanne Franck x-'60 and John Sherrill Newton on January 28, 1961, at Garden City, L. I. 
Sandra Fruchtman '60 and Joel J. Moss on March 27, 1961, at Elkton, Md. 
Mona Hutchinson '60 and John McAlmont, Jr. on March 3, 1961, at Providence, R. I. 
Judith Kleinberg '60 and Herbert Shapiro in October, I960. 
Mary Alice Maccallum '60 and William Edward Gozzi on December 10, I960, at Mata- 

moras, Pa. 
Carrol McKay '60 and Douglas Stephens in December, I960, at Medford, Mass. 



To Edith Fitzgerald Arnold '37, a third child, second son, Richard Peter, on January 9, 

To Nina Hobson Mellor '42, a second son, Michael David, on March 24, 1961. 

To Joanne Eaton Friborg '48, a fourth child, second son, Peter Martin, on November 18, 

To Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan '48, a fifth child, fourth daughter, Julie, on September 1, 

To Mary Small Lee '48, a second daughter, Deborah Jean, on December 2, I960. 

To Barbara Berry Roberts '49, a fourth child, first daughter, Virginia Sue, on Novem- 
ber 10, 1959. 

To Barbara McCooe Robbins '50, a third daughter, Penny, on March 12, I960. 

To Joan McKinney Aldrich '50, a fourth child, first son, Raymond C, III, on July 7, 

To Joan Groccia Cowan '51, a daughter, Cynthia Raye, on September 25, 1959- 

To Nancy Pollock Earley '51, a second child, first son, John Douglas, on December 25, 

To Nancy Roetting Clifford '51, a second child, first daughter, Helen Elizabeth, on De- 
cember 10, 1959. 

To Marjorie Dyer Hubbard x-'52, a second son, Bradley George, on October 15, I960. 

To Joan Roberts Limmer '52, a second child, first daughter, Susan Hazard, on Decem- 
ber 7, I960. 

To Margaret Thompson Wheatley '52, a third child, second son, David Owen, on Sep- 
tember 29, I960. 

To Joan Darelius Chirnside '53, a daughter, Jill, on April 12, 1961. 

To Shirley Gibbons San Soucie '53, a third child, first daughter, Debra Ann, on July 12, 

To Joan Godfrey Emmert '53, a second daughter, Lori Ruth, on April 27, I960. 

To Patricia Ripley Petit '53, a son, Charles Winchell, on December 30, 1959. 

To Virginia Michelini Parks '54, a fourth child, third daughter, Nancy Elizabeth, on 
January 23, 1961. 

To Deborah Potter Waugh '54, a fourth child, third daughter, Susan Sanborn, on Feb- 
ruary 8, 1961. 

To Carol Merwin Robinson '55, a son, Jeffrey Merwin, on February 4, 1961. 

To Nancy Ahlgren Tewes '56, a daughter, Jennifer Isabel, on January 18, 1961. 

To Nancy Bumpus Huntley '56, a second child, first daughter, Danell Lee, on Septem- 
ber 5, I960. 

To Joan Raymond Healey '56, a son, Marshall Warren, on March 6, 1961. 

To Anne Day Smith '57, a second son, Frederick DeGarma, on November 15, I960. 

To Sheila Donahue Hutter '58, a daughter, Kathleen Elizabeth, on January 21, 1961. 

To Ellen Mahoney Simmonds '58, a son, John Scott, on July 19, I960. 

To Sandi Lerner Holzman '58, a daughter, Wendy Ellen, on February 4, 1961. 

To Judy Barnstead Francis '59, a daughter, Wendy Anne, on March 22, 1961. 

To Barbara Grigely Hitchery '59, a daughter, Susan Jo, on August 7, I960. 

To Joan Marino Moore '59, a daughter, Melanie Alice, on February 26, 1961. 


Bradley Marple 
(Eleanor Mekelones '52) 

Brenda and Karon Scully 
(Katherine Knowles '57) 

Nancy and David Scheerer 
(Carol Buck '46) 

Susie Kowalski 
(Sue Jouret '57) 


Barbara and Nancy Jones 
(Carolyn Loewe '49) 

Cynthia Cowan 
(Joan Groccia '51) 



Lenna Lyon Hill '31, Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49, Dr. Tewksbury, Mary 

Fitch Huggett '34 

The 1961 Annual Meeting of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. was held on Friday 
evening, April 7th, at Winslow Hall. The well-attended gathering marked the 
first time the annual meeting was held at a time other than Commencement week end. 

President Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49 called the meeting to order at 
9.00 p.m., introduced the members of the Board of Management and read the 
roll of classes. 

The treasurer's report was read and accepted and copies of the report were 
available. The secretary's report was accepted and the slate of officers for the 
Board of Management for 1961-62 was announced. The following alumnae were 
voted to serve for the coming year: President, Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49; 
1st Vice President, Barbara Iris Johnson '35; 2nd Vice President, Jean Davies 
Stanley '50; Recording Secretary, Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37; Corresponding 
Secretary, Lillian Feneley Cooley '45; Treasurer, Ruth Turner Crosby '42; As- 
sistant Treasurer, Ruth Bushwell Isaacson '36; Alumnae Clubs Advisor, Dorothy 
Inett Taylor '30; Alumnae Fund Chairman, Louise Tardivel Higgins '37; and 
Alumnae Scholarship Committee Chairman, Shirley Gould Chesebro '33. Directors 
re-elected include: Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19, Antoinette Meritt Smith '23, Elaine 
Towne Batson '43, Betty Williams McGowan '47 and Elizabeth Sleight Dexter '53. 
Chairman of the Nominating Committee for 1962-63 officers is Corinne Capone 
McGuiggan '49, assisted by Sally Stark Haven '50 and Joan Wallace Billings '50. 

Mrs. Logan then reported the final figure for the 1960-61 Alumnae Fund: 
a total of $14,575.41 from 2027 contributors. The Alumnae Scholarship Fund 
received a total of $800 from regional clubs; $432 profit from the sale of 
Christmas wrapping paper and $368 as gift contributions. Shirley Gould Chesebro 
'33 announced that future candidates for alumnae aid would file the same type 
application as do the college scholarship applicants. 


The May 1961 issue of the Leaves, as will future spring issues, will contain a 
summary of the current year's Fund, and August issues will be devoted to Com- 
mencement and reunion news. 

A motion was made that all class agents, class secretaries and club officers 
shall be Life Members or paid-up members of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. It was 
seconded and passed. 

A colored portrait of the late Dr. Guy M. Winslow was presented to the 
college by the Alumnae, and it now hangs in the redecorated reception room at 
Bragdon Hall. It was agreed to send the floral centerpiece to Lena Josselyn 
Lamson, Life Secretary of the Class of 1897. 

The meeting was adjourned and everyone was invited to President and Mrs. 
Tewksbury's home for coffee. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 

Recording Secretary 


JUNE 1, I960 — MARCH 31, 1961 


Balance on hand 6/1/60 

Alumnae Contributions 

Reunion Picture Receipts 

Alumnae Luncheon Receipts 

June Table Receipts 

Club Payments for Xmas Wrappings 




May issue — Printing and Mailing 
Fund issue — Printing and Mailing 
February issue — ■ Printing and Mailing 

Agent's Business 
Reply Envelopes 
Letterheads and Envelopes 
8000 4c stamps 
Letterheads — Re-order 
Curtis 1000 Inc. — 2nd Reminder 
Postmaster — Boston — Postage 2nd Reminder 


Mary Jane Xmas Wrappings 
Freight — Xmas Wrappings 

Council Expenses 

Dues to American Alumni Council 

(President and Alumnae Secretary) 
Expenses — two delegates to American 
Alumni Council Meeting 

$ 8,513.29 








$ 3,700.72 




$ 1,492.26 

$ 640.00 

$ 653.60 

$ 75.00 

$ 148.00 




Lasell Jr. College — Supplies and 

Topographical Plan for Architect $ 340.00 

Less pymt. to Lasell Jr. College for Scholarship Awards 

Balance in West Newton Savings Bank 3/31/61 
Needham Cooperative Bank — 5 shares 

$ 340.00 


Lasell Jr. College — Vi Pymt.-Tent $ 370.00 

File Tax Report — Comm. of Mass. 3.00 

Bonding — Treas., Asst. Treas., Pres. 37.50 

Robert Nims — caterer — Alumnae Luncheons 548.91 

Reunion Photographs 44.20 

Petty Cash — Alumnae Office 31.40 

Restoration of Antique Lamp 49.50 

Birth Congratulation Cards 10.25 

Christmas Cards — I960 Graduates 25.28 

Mike O'Neil — Photographer 2.00 

Bank Service Charges 7.67 

Farber's-Rug for Alumnae Lounge 473.12 

Curtis 1000, Inc. — Ballots 99.83 

Postmaster — Boston — Postage-ballots 45.63 

Reservation cards for Alumnae Luncheons 45.50 

Telephone calls 12.78 

Kerner Upholstering Co. 30.00 

Lasell Jr. College — Ad in Lasell Lamp 50.00 

$ 1,886.57 


Transferred to Alumnae Building Fund 
Transferred to Alumnae Scholarship Fund 

Total Disbursements 

Total Income 

Less Total Disbursements 

Balance on hand 3/31/61 Checking Account 


Scholarship Fund — West Newton Savings Bank 

Balance 6/1/60 $ 5,822.74 

Dividends — Auburndale & Needham Coop. Bank 45.00 

Interest 189.96 

Gifts from Alumnae Clubs 368.00 

Profit from sale of Xmas Paper by Clubs 432.00 

General Fund — Newton Savings Bank 

Balance 6/1/60 $ 5,115.24 

Interest 180.58 

Balance in Newton Savings Bank 3/31/61 
Auburndale Cooperative Bank — 5 Shares 

$ 8,221.15 






$ 6,857.70 

$ 4,907.70 

$ 5,907.70 

$ 5,295.82 

$ 6,295.82 


Building Fund — Newton Savings Bank 

Balance 6/1/60 



Transferred from General Fund Checking Acct. 

$ 5,343.75 





Balance from Newton Savings Bank 3/31/61 


General Fund Checking Account 

Scholarship Fund 

General Fund 

Building Fund 






TOTAL — March 31, 1961 


Newton- Waltham Bank & Trust Co. (Checking Account) 

Newton Savings Bank (General Fund) 

Newton Savings Bank (Building Fund) 

West Newton Savings Bank (Scholarship Fund) 

Auburndale Cooperative Bank — (5 shares) 

Needham Cooperative Bank — (5 shares) 



TOTAL — March 31, 1961 

Ruth E. 

CROSBY, Treasurer 

The audit of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. books and records was made by Miss Alice May, Bursar — 
Lasell Junior College. 


The Thirteenth Annual Lasell Alumnae Council session opened with a social 
hour and dinner at Woodland Hall on Friday evening, April 7, 1961. Dinner 
guests included Dr. and Mrs. Blake Tewksbury, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Arnold, 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Winslow and Mildred Strain Nutter '17, a former presi- 
dent of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan '49, president of Alumnae, Inc., welcomed the 
group at the Saturday morning meeting, held at Winslow Hall. She introduced the 
members of the Board of Management and guest representatives from the Pitts- 
burgh Club, Lenna Lyon Hill '31 and Mary Fitch Huggett '34. 

Dr. Tewksbury, our principal speaker, discussed the topic "What Share Shall 
the Junior Colleges Bear?" Dr. Tewksbury said in part: 

"If I were to give a flat answer to the question I have posed in the title of my 
remarks, I would unhesitatingly say that the share junior college education has to 
bear in the future of our country is certain to be a great, dramatic and increasingly 
important one. . . . First, it is well to remind ourselves of the developments in our 
society, especially that of the United States, that inevitably resulted in a need and 
demand for the kind of institutions which we now know under the generic term 
'junior college.' Second, we need to consider very carefully the question of the 
objectives the junior college seeks to achieve. And third, I believe we need to 
examine the present and prospective place of the junior college in the educational 
scheme of things. 

"As I read the record, there are four major developments which created both 
the need and demand for the kind of educational service the junior college gives. 


The first of these forces is the dedication of the American people to the principle 
that its welfare depends upon the individual and that the fortunes of the indi- 
vidual and of society rise and fall together. It was dedication to this belief that 
originally led to the development of publicly supported elementary and secondary 
education. It was this belief that led to the development of our great system of 
publicly supported land grant colleges and universities. It is this belief and public 
concern that educational opportunity should be provided for every individual, in- 
sofar as he is capable of profiting from it, that has led to the emergence of numerous 
types of institutions designed to serve new constituencies and to meet emerging 
social needs. If only a single type of opportunity were available to everyone, 
obviously there would be many who would not be either willing or able to take 
advantage of that opportunity and hence would not get their chance. In this con- 
nection it is a matter of historical fact that Lasell was the first 'junior college' 
because it has offered a continuous program on this level of education since its 
founding in 1851. 'Terminal' work in domestic science was offered at Lasell on 
the junior college level as early as 1874. 

"The second social force of impressive magnitude that led to the creation of 
the junior college was the growth of knowledge itself and a consequent vastly 
increased complexity of our society. 

"The third social force, directly related to the second, is the greater demands 
made by the individual person's occupation. The unskilled laborer formed a signifi- 
cant part of the labor market at the turn of the century. The skilled laborer was 
in the minority. But today, on nearly any kind of human enterprise that you can 
name, whether it be a construction project, factory, farm, mine, ship, doctor's 
office, or department store, special skill is required of the employee. As a result 
our schools and colleges have been called upon to give more and more attention 
to developing the skills our society requires in order that the individual may have 
the necessary proficiencies to get a job and to live a useful life. 

"The fourth social need is perhaps the most important of all, that is, proper 
management of our society. The condition of the people's being informed must 
be met by the schools and colleges, for people will surely make judgments and they 
must be made. Whether they are informed judgments or not is the important 
question, for the Tightness of the decision taken will depend upon the wisdom of 
the judgment. 

"These, then, are the major forces that I see which led to the establishment 
of the junior college. The two-year institution was established to provide oppor- 
tunity not previously available for certain individuals. It was established to pro- 
vide a means of improving the skills of those who attended in order that they might 
make more effective contributions to their own welfare and to society's. 

"I am convinced that the junior college student population includes a substan- 
tial number of those whose educational objectives have not been determined, who 
have not yet found themselves. They are the ones whom President Cole of Amherst 
called the 'late bloomers.' An important part of our work is identifying them and 
encouraging them just as the high school should assist the 'early bloomers' to come 
to their decisions. The soundness of any educational pattern should always be its 
concern with the individual. 

"It is abundantly clear that the number of students in junior colleges is increas- 
ing sharply. Last fall Lasell admitted 390 of 1200 applicants, or one-in-three. 
However, the total of applications for next fall is running about 30% ahead of 
last year's so our enrollment will include nearer one-in-four candidates for 1961-62. 



L. to r., Mr. Arnold, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Tewksbury, Dr. Tewksbury, Mrs. Winslow, 

Mr. Winslow 

"There is a great need for expansion of public community colleges and other 
forms of higher education, both public and private, in Massachusetts. In the 
proportion of resources going to public higher education, Massachusetts is the last 
state in the union. Indeed, our private higher education is unexcelled. But with 
education becoming more expensive and with the projected increase in enrollment, 
we desperately need additional resources for higher education. The junior college 
may well provide the solution to filling the need." 

A Question and Answer period followed the coffee recess. The informal dis- 
cussion was conducted by Elizabeth Harrington Logan, Louise Tardivel Higgins 
'37 and Ruth Turner Crosby '42. Mrs. Higgins, chairman of the Alumnae Fund, 
called particular attention to the Matching Gift Program offered by the country's 
leading businesses and industries. She requested that in the 1961-62 campaign 
class agents thank each contributor with a personal note. Mrs. Crosby, substituting 
for Alumnae Clubs Advisor Dorothy Inett Taylor '30, reported on the sale of 
Christmas wrapping paper and the money that had been raised by clubs for the 
Alumnae Scholarship Fund. Mrs. Logan asked the club representatives present to 
report on fund raising projects and public relations efforts within their groups. 
Marjorie MacClymon '32 told of plans for 1961 Alumnae Day activities. 

At the afternoon session, Mrs. Logan served as moderator for the panel com- 
prised of Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Marie 
R. Kaden '53, acting director of the Board of Admissions, and Constance W. 
Milner, co-ordinator of the Nursing Program. Miss Kaden and Miss Milner re- 
ported on their respective departments and encouraged questions from the Council. 
Mrs. Wolfe told of the changes and improvements at the college during the past 
year, and invited all to inspect the architect's plans for the proposed new gym- 
nasium. She also announced that the Board of Trustees have approved funds for 
a secretarial science classroom building, plans for which are now in process. It is 
hoped the building will be ready for use in September 1962. 

A tour of the campus followed the adjournment of the meeting. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Priscilla Parmenter Madden '37 

Recording Secretary 


J he 1 960-61 -^Tlumnae ^jrund 


1910 Largest Percentage of Contributors 

For classes with 55 members or less 
A Golden 100% 

1935 Largest Amount Contributed 

Largest Percentage of Contributors 
For classes with 55-125 members 
$386 with 48% participation 

1921 Largest Amount Contributed 

For classes with 55 members or less 

1956 Largest Amount Contributed 

Largest Percentage of Contributors 
For classes with over 125 members 
$508.50 with 45% participation 

The Class of 1956 holds the unique distinction of 
being a WINNER every Fund year since their gradu- 
ation. Their claim: both categories in 1957-58, 1959-60 
and 1960-61. In 1958-59 they contributed the largest 
amount for classes with over 125 members. 




Note: The number of contributors includes all Life Members who contributed during the 
current year (indicated by an L in front of the name). Other Life Members are 
listed at the end of each class list. The count of each class for figuring the percentages 
includes living graduates with known addresses and non-graduate givers (the latter 
indicated by x). 

All classes before 1906 
Priscilla Alden Wolfe '19 

Total amount contributed: $676.00 
Number of contributors: 43 
Percent contributing: 33% 


Mercy Sinsabaugh Ingalls 


Maud Snyder Davis 


Florence C. Wyman 


Ruth Seiberling Pflueger 


Clara Souther Lingle 


xGrace Dwinal Pushard 
Mabel Sawyer Rogers 
Mabel Taylor Gannett 


Bessie Brainard Schmadeke 


L Edith Howe Kip 

Grace Washburn Hoskins 


Gertrude Watson Linscott 


In memory of Alice Taylor Potter 
In memory of 

Katharine White Wolfe 


Isabella C. Clemens 
Mabel Martin McGregor 
Lelia Walker Saunders 
Harriette Ward Walker 


xMary Buffinton Chace 
Ellen Chase Wood 
Laura Chase 
Georgie Duncan Seavey 
L Bessie Fuller Perry 

Ellen McGrew Hollenbeck 
L Clara McLean Rowley 
xCora Stone Trimmer 
L Kate Wheldon Plumb 


xEmily A. Clemens 

Agnes Drake Foss 
L Edith Ebersole Doud 

L. Marie Gibert Martin 

Mary Goodwin Olmsted 

Bertha Hayden King 

Ida Mallory Lyon 
xLucia Parcher Dow 


L Jennie Hamilton Eliason 
xGrace Ordway Miller 
xFlorence Smith Flint 


Edith Harber Wright 
xArgenta MacDonald Carothers 
xEleanor Percy Irish 

Barbara Vail Bosworth 

Other Life Members: 
Effie M. Prickett '91 
Josephine H. West '91-'93 
Georgianna Adams McElfresh 

Harriet L. Freebey '95 
Emma Aull Duncan '98 
Clifford Dasher Stephens '98 
Evelyn Ebert Allen '99 
Alice Jenckes Wilson '99 
Alice R. Kendall '99 
Elsie B. Reynolds '00 
Joanna Deering Kirk '02 
Helen Ebersole Swartzel x-'03 
Helen Royse Shirk x-'05 



Helen Carter Kenway 

Total amount contributed: $63.00 
Number of contributors: 9 
Percent contributing: 40% 

xLucy Miller Robotham 
xElizabeth Polhemus Rockwood 
Julia Potter Schmidt 
L Irene Sauter Sanford 
L Maude Simes Harding 
Sarah H. Strong 
xElizabeth Thielens Miller 
Lucy Wilson Errett 

Other Life Members: 
Edith Anthony Carlow 
Helen Carter Kenway 
Mildred Peirce Wise 
Dorothea Turner Moulton 
Elsie Young Hayden 



Lilian Douglass Heeb 

Total amount contributed: $116.00 
Number of contributors: 11 
Percent contributing: 50% 

Helen Carter Johnson 

xEdna Cones Prior 
L Fern Dixon Leahy 
L Lilian Douglass Heeb 
Lx Jennie Drew Hinman 

xCarre Fuller Eldridge 

xDaisy Gilbert Buck 

xHelen Gray Porter 
Clara F. Nims 

xSadie Peckham Mayers 

xCarrie Sessions Dodge 



Charlotte Ryder Hall 

Total amount contributed: $85.00 
Number of contributors: 6 
Percent contributing: 54% 

L Grace Emerson Cole 



xElsie C. Fengar 

L Grace T. Griswold 
xAlice Hobbs Worcester 
xEthel McCorkindale Harwood 

L Charlotte Ryder Hall 

Other Life Member: 
Elizabeth Love Macey 



Maria Riker Hume 

Total amount contributed: $50.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Percent contributing: 43% 

Constance E. Blackstock 
xGertrude Leonard McClanahan 

Maria Riker Hume 

Florence Swartwout Thomassen 

Dorothy Wells Seller 

Katherine H. Wheeler 
xAda Wood Peterson 

Other Life Members: 
Annie Crowe Collum 
Louise Funkhouser Colegrove 



Josephine Woodward Rand 

Total amount contributed: $411.00 
Number of contributors: 24 
Percent contributing: 100% 

L Lucy Aldrich Berston 

Reva Berman Batt 
L Nell Carneal Drew 
L Julia Crafts Sheridan 

Margherita Dike Hallberg 

Mr. George Dumas 
L Julia Hamilton Peters 

Ruth M. Kelsey 

Irma Levi Levy 
L Mary Lumbard Courtney 
xElizabeth P. Martin 

Ina McLean Hunt 

Marguerite Murdock 
LxMabeth Shuttleworth Turner 

E. Mildred Snyder Grant 

M. Cornelia Stone 

Julia ter Kuile Brown 
LxAnita Wilson McAvoy 
L Josephine Woodward Rand 

Other Life Members: 

Mildred Goodall Fairbanks 
Susan Stryker Brown 



Marion Ordway Cor ley 

Total amount contributed: $35.00 
Number of contributors: 7 
Percent contributing: 41% 

L Elizabeth Brandow Trumbull 
Alma Dumn DeLong 
xDorothy Frost Frost 
L Marion Ordway Corley 
Doris Powers Thomas 
xMargaret Thacher Drury 
Eleanor Warner Salisbury 

Other Life Member: 
Margaret Jones Clemen 



Ruth Coulter Bierer 

Dr. Tewksbury with 1912's Repre- 
sentatives. Agent Ruth Coulter Bierer 
and Secretary Clara Parker Colby 

xBarbara Clark Colby 

Ruth Coulter Bierer 

Miriam Flynn Speth 

Mary Goodwillie Townsend 

Mildred Hall Leber 

Marion Joslin Oppenheimer 

Charlotte Lesh Coats 

Berenice Lincoln Beers 
xFrances May Holdman 

Annie Merrill David 

Clara Parker Colby 

Jane Parsons Westervelt 

Marjorie Risser Blackwell 

Ruth Vollrath Ross 

Other Life Members: 
xGrace Douglass Schindler 
xHazel Drew Adair 

Florence Jones Allen 
xSara Shuttleworth Houwert 


Total amount contributed: $136.00 
Number of contributors: 11 
Percent contributing: 55% 

Alma L. Bunch 
xMary C. Dill 

Georgina Fankboner Roberts 
xElizabeth R. Farnham 

Mary Fenno Stirn 
xjean Humbird Dickason 

Wilhelmina Joscelyn Swett 
xEsther McCrory 
xMargerie Simes Nickerson 
xEdessa Warner Slocum 

Adelle Wilson Moffett 

Other Life Members: 

Ruth Trowbridge Brown 
Mildred Westervelt Warner 



Mary Quick Dean 

Total amount contributed: $410.00 
Number of contributors: 16 
Percent contributing: 45% 

Total amount contributed: $134.50 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 50% 

xRuth Adt Stephenson 
Alleda Burnett Arneson 
Mary H. Bingaman 
Maidie Dealey Moroney 
Elsie L. Doleman 
Marcia Fogg Moore 
Dora E. Goodwillie 
Dorothy Heartshorn Underwood 
Carolyn B. Moore 
Ruby Newcomb McCorkindale 
Mary Quick Dean 
Helen Rollins Fisher 
Mildred Smith Leach 
Ethel Vance Foster 
Nellie Youngers Henkle 



Other Life Members: 
Lois Brader Buckner 
Dorothy Canfield Cheseldine 
Ruth Davis Giller 


Evelina E. Perkins 

Total amount contributed: $202.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 43% 

Irene Ball Sill 

Katharine Bingaman Heron 
L Myrtle Brix Spangler 

Catherine Carter Rasbach 
xMadeline Farmer Ryder 
xEvelyn Hauser Allen 

Frances Johnsen Edwards 
xSara Lane Wilton 

Ida Laubenstein Moyer 

Clara Paton Suhlke 

Evelina E. Perkins 
xEmma Robinson Petrie 

Martha Schumann Laubenstein 
xFlorence Skinner Anderson 

Doris Waller O'Hara 

Other Life Members: 
Bess E. Emerine 
Ada F. Patterson 
Gladys Wilkes McCutchen 
Nell Woodward Collins 



Marion Griffin Wolcott 

Total amount contributed: $201.00 
Number of contributors: 20 
Percent contributing: 44% 

xRose Baer Trexler 
Marian Beach Barlow 

xWilda Berkey Cartland 
L Naomi Bradley Reed 

xEdna Christensen Beckwith 

xConstance Davis Huberty 
Lavinia Fera McKinney 
Adolphia Garnsey Ettinger 
Marion Griffin Wolcott 
Sarah Hammond Brookes 
Lena Hauck Johnson 
Maude Hayden Keeney 
Mildred Libby Kilgore 
Helen Overholser Towle 
Carol M. Rice 
Elizabeth G. Richards 
Madeline Sheldon Herfurth 
Mabel Straker Kimball 
Charlotte Whiting Clark 
Ruth Winslow Payne 

Other Life Member: 

Helen Merrill Strohecker 



Mar jorie Morrison Cobnrn 

Ruth Burnap Jones 

Total amount contributed: $170.00 
Number of contributors: 12 
Percent contributing: 29% 

xLillian Astill Ainsworth 
Ruth Burnap Jones 
Edna Crane Rough 
xMildred Goddard True 
Helen Lesh Zerfas 
Virginia Moore Starkey 
Marjorie Morrison Coburn 
xCarita Palmer Moffett 
L Helen M. Saunders 

Dorothy Stewart Allen 
L Mildred Strain Nutter 
Mary Taylor Gish 

Other Life Members: 
Helen Bauman Routier 
Florence Bell Merrill 
Fannie Gates Frey 
Jessie Shepherd Brennan 
Helen Stephan Sterley 



Elsie Flight Wuestefeld 

Total amount contributed: $505.33 
Number of contributors: 9 
Percent contributing: 19% 

L Lydia Adams Godsoe 
Mildred Cary Eaton 
Elsie Flight Wuestefeld 
Huldah Mathews McKnight 
Barbara McLellan McCormick 
Ruth B. Newcomb 
Helen Smith Stone 
Roxana Stark Burns 

L Gail Wilson Boynton 

Other Life Member: 
Dorothy Barnes Paine 



Mercie V. Nichols 

Total amount contributed: $100.00 
Number of contributors: 11 
Percent contributing: 46% 

Priscilla Alden Wolfe 

Miriam Bell Bell 

Olive Chase Mayo 

Frances Coombs 
xMary Eshleman Willauer 

Marguerite Houser Hamlin 

Helen Moss Post 
xElizabeth Moyer Wilson 
L Mercie V. Nichols 

Edith Vance Nicolson 

Helen Webster Fitz 

Other Life Members: 

xRuth Cody Ball 

Sarah Hopkins 



Freda Griffin Leining 

Total amount contributed: $43.00 
Number of contributors: 6 
Percent contributing: 12% 

Dorothy Burnham Eaton 
Marion Eaton Gumaer 
Freda Griffin Leining 
Alice Grimes Griffin 
Ruth D. Hayden 
Margaret Perley Downey 

Other Life Members: 
xCarolie Abrams Painter 
Elaine Bass Pierce 
Anna Crane Sherwood 
Doris Crawford Clovis 
Isabel M. Fish 
xKatherine Moss Shriner 
Katherine Rice Broock 



Helen E. Beede 

Total amount contributed: $1,129.00 
Number of contributors: 13 
Percent contributing: 27% 

L Helen L. Beede 

L Marian Bliven MacDonald 



Leonora Conklin Babcock 

Jeannette Geist Stanley 

Janet Hannah Gibbs 
xPriscilla Ingraham Lamb 

Mary King Sargent 
L Mildred Knight Norwood 
L Ruth Rawlings Mott 

Doris Sanborn Adams 
xHazel M. Slockbower 

Marion Stevens White 
L Esther H. Story 

Other Life Members: 

Celina Belle Isle Forman 
Lillian Doane Maddigan 

xHelen Jacobs 
Gladys V. Lucas 
Julia Russell Robertson 

xMary C. Shannon 



Harriette Case Bidwell 

Total amount contributed: $138.00 
Number of contributors: 15 
Percent contributing: 24% 

Florence Archibald Stanly 

Carolyn Badger Seybolt 

Jean Field Faires 

Marjorie Gifford Grimm 
L Helene Grashorn Dickson 
xElizabeth Laughlin Wadsworth 

Marjorie Lovering Harris 
L Elizabeth Madeira Campbell 

Mildred Melgaard Rees 

xMarjorie Norris England 

L Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt 

L Barbara Smith Huntington 

xMarion T. Weidman 

Louise Weymouth Thompson 

Lilian Wood Wood 

Other Life Members: 
Frances Angel Levenson 
Iverna Birdsall Lutze 
Harriette Case Bidwell 
Ethelle Cleale Collett